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Become a Friend of Craftster Today!

What is a Friend of Craftster?

Friends of Craftster are paid subscribers who get access to special perks and features for supporting us. Friends of Craftster not only encourage us with their warm and fuzzy love, but their subscription fees also assist in supporting Craftster with everything cost-related including hardware, software, prizes, postage, craft events and beyond.

Special Perks for Friends of Craftster

  • Purchase a Fanatic Subscription and TURN OFF ADVERTISEMENTS on Craftster!
  • Exclusive product giveaways, contests, announcements and swaps
  • Private discussion boards with the Mod Squad for off-topic chit chat about movies, books, pets, music and more
  • Special features (see details below!)

Special Features for Friends of Craftster

  • Save your favorite projects on Craftster and get notified instantly when someone else adds a project of yours as their favorite.
  • Make crafty connections with other members of the Craftster community with an expanded profile reserved for Friends of Craftster only. This includes creative space for your bio, your favorite crafts, crafts you'd love to learn and your pet peeves!

    small profile
  • Pick a special icon to appear next to your name in each of your posts.
    icons with border
    These icons are reserved for Fanatic Friends of Craftster! You'll recognize a fanatic by the glitter in their hair... or by one of these icons...

Select a Subscription:

Payment is handled through PayPal.
If you don't have a PayPal account and don't want to open one,
you can enter your credit card info
Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I become a Friend of Craftster?

To become a Friend of Craftster choose your subscription and complete the transaction with PayPal. We offer a one year Friend of Craftster subscription for either $12 (standard subscription) or $24 (fanatic subscription). If you break it down, it's only $1 or $2 per month for everything you get out of Craftster!

In one year, will you automatically rebill me?

No. We will not automatically rebill you. We will just send you an email reminder when your Friend of Craftster subscription is about to expire.

I'm already a Friend of Craftster, but I want to give more! Can I do that?

Wow, that is very kind of you. We applaud your generosity, glue hands and all! Yes, if you are already a Friend of Craftster you can donate more at anytime. Just choose a subscription as your donation and complete the transaction with PayPal. We'll update your yearly subscription from the date you make this donation.

More questions? Contact us!

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