Please keep the discussion on the topic of crafting. Off-topic discussion is only allowed on the Friends of Craftster Off-Topic Chit Chat board. Off-topic discussion outside of this specific board may be subject to Moderator edits or deletion without warning.


Craftster is a community where crafters can freely share ideas and inspiration. We do not allow self-promotion on the boards. When you post subtle or blatant advertisements, it dilutes the usefulness of Craftster, and, if you sell your item, it increases the risk that someone will copy your idea rather than buying it.

If you would like to advertise your product, service or website to the community, feel free to purchase an advertising package. We have many options available, including some that are perfect for smaller businesses. Read more information here:

Don't post to promote items or services you are selling

Please don't post a message that is blatantly trying to get someone to buy items or services you sell. Messages that are blatantly advertising will be deleted. Furthermore, please don’t post hints or subtle statements in hopes that someone will see your item and buy it.

Moderators will take action on messages that appear to be subtle or blatant advertising. If you did not mean to subtly advertise, please don't take offense to these actions. We have developed these rules to be as fair as possible to all members. Out of fairness to the entire community, action will be taken in all instances, regardless of intent.

How is a post determined to be subtle or blatant advertising?

When you post something you have made:

  • Do not mention that it is, was or will be for sale
  • Do not include a link to where this item, or other items of yours, are, were or will be sold
  • Do not edit your image to indicate this item, or other items of yours, are, were or will be sold. This includes, but is not limited to, adding website addresses or pricing information of any type. Copyright information is permitted.
  • If you adhere to rules (a), (b), and (c,) but have a link to your sales website in your signature, you must attempt to share information about your project in a way that indicates you are sharing with others not just fishing for sales

If you are looking for feedback from a business perspective, logical exceptions can be made to the rules above, but posts of this nature must only be made in the CRAFTY BUSINESS ADVICE > Get Product and Website Opinions board.

What will happen if my post is seen as subtle advertising?

If possible, a Moderator will edit your post to remove the section(s) that do not comply with the rules. If removing a section of the post will affect the grammar or continuity of your message, then it will be moved into a folder called "LIMBO" and you will be sent a Personal Message asking you to correct the issue in the post. To do so:

  • Go to the LIMBO folder
    NOTE: Only you and the Moderators can see your messages in the LIMBO folder
  • Select your message
  • Select the Modify button to edit it
  • Select Save to apply your changes

A Moderator will return your message to the applicable community board shortly after your message has been edited to comply with the rules. If a week has passed and the message has not been corrected, it will be deleted.

Rules about Other Types of Self-Promotional Posts

In an effort to ensure Craftster remains a source of endless crafty information, some rules have been established regarding members posting in a way that directs people to their own blogs, websites or other endeavors outside of Craftster.

Including blog or website addresses in your posts

If you post a project on Craftster, and include a link that directs members to your blog or non-sales website for more information, please read the following:

1. Projects posted on Craftster must include pictures and project details. Projects posts should not consist solely of a photo or a message directing people to your blog or website for more information. External blogs and websites may expire over time. Including pictures and details on Craftster will ensure that project information is always available to the community.

NOTE: To insert pictures on Craftster, you must first have 10 posts on your account. If you have not posted 10 times, you may include a direct picture link.

For example, posts like this are not permitted:

Hey! I have a tutorial on my blog about dying with grape juice! Check it out:


Hello. Look what I made.


2. You must provide a link that goes directly to the blog entry or website page that contains additional project information. Do not link to the main landing page of a blog or website.


3. Do not edit your image to include the URL to your blog or website. Copyright information is permitted.

What will happen if my post doesn’t include enough details?

If your post requires editing by you, it will be moved into a folder called "LIMBO." You will be sent a Personal Message asking you to correct the issues in the message:

  • Go to the LIMBO folder
    NOTE: Only you and the Moderators can see your messages in the LIMBO folder
  • Select your message
  • Select the Modify button to edit it
  • Select Save to apply your changes

A Moderator will return your message to the applicable community board shortly after your message has been edited to comply with the rules. If a week has passed and the message has not been corrected, it will be deleted.

Exceptions to the rules

Craft fairs and craft meet-ups

We love and support craft-related events! We do allow posts about craft fairs and craft meet-ups on the City Guide boards.

Requirements for posting craft fairs:

  • You must post in the appropriate board within the City Guide boards and not in any other boards.
  • The event must be a craft fair or craft-related. Swap meets or other events where commercial or wholesale items are available are not to be posted on the boards.

Seeking vendors

Craft fair organizers seeking vendors can post in the applicable City Guide board. If your craft fair is in a small state, or near the border of a neighboring state, you may also post in the adjacent state board. Please keep your postings within reasonable distance to the event. For example, a Rhode Island event posting could also be posted in the Massachusetts board.

Please click Report to Moderator on the lower right-hand corner of your post, and ask to have your thread removed when your call for vendors is complete.

Adding a craft fair to the Calendar:

A craft fair, or other craft-related event, can be added to the Calendar. To list an event on the Calendar, there are two options:

If the event does not have a thread already posted within the City Guide boards:

  • Click CALENDAR on the tape measure menu at the top of the screen
  • At the bottom of the calendar, click Post Event
  • Complete the Post Event screen and click Post

If the event already has a thread posted within the City Guide boards:

  • Locate the event thread
  • Complete the Post Event screen and click Post

This listing will show up on the Calendar, in the City Guide you selected on the Post Event screen, and in the Info Center on the Community Home page for 10 days leading up the event.

Promoting special sales or events at your locally-owned brick and mortar craft business

If you would like to promote a sale, class or event at your locally-owned brick and mortar craft-relatedshop, you can post in the City Guide board where you are located. Please click Report to Moderator on the lower right-hand corner of your post, and ask to have your thread removed when your promotion is complete.

The Opportunities for Crafters Boards

There is one set of boards on Craftster that allows exceptions to the self-promotion rules for very specific circumstances:

Posting Pictures of Crafted Items That You Sell

Please keep in mind that Craftster is about freely sharing ideas and techniques. If you do not you want people to publically dissect how something is made, you may not wish to post your items. If you're totally comfortable sharing the technique, feel free!

There is a folder in the Crafty Business Advice category called Get Product and Website Opinions. On this board, you can post to get opinions on crafted products you have for sale. Messages in Crafty Business Advice are filtered, to some extent, from the rest of Craftster. They do not appear in the following areas: Hot New Topics, Recent Posts or Recent Posts with Pictures.


We strive to maintain a friendly, welcoming and supportive atmosphere for our members and the projects contributed by our members. Constructive criticism is always welcomed, but insulting or demeaning comments will not be tolerated within the community. In the words of the great and wonderful Thumper, "If you can’t say something nice, don't say nothing at all." Bambi, 1942.

Don't Post Demeaning Comments

Luckily this rarely happens, but please don't post demeaning comments. If you don't appreciate a project someone has posted, please consider keeping this opinion to yourself. Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

Don't Flame Newbies Who Make Faux Pas

If someone makes a faux pas on Craftster, such as asking a question that has already been asked 100 times, please do not flame or make fun of them. Again, Craftster is a very supportive community and this extends to all members, new and old. It's great to let other members know about tips and etiquette, but please be friendly in your communication. Craftster members are of many ages, technical backgrounds, and cultures. Please keep this in mind as you reach out to assist members in learning the ropes of Craftster. If someone has broken a rule, please click Report to Moderator in the lower, right-hand corner of their post, and a Moderator will help them in the right direction.

Please Don't Demand Tutorials

If someone posts a project and does not include a tutorial, please do not respond with demanding messages such as, “Tutorial please!!” Feel free to ask specific questions related to the project, but do not reply only to demand a tutorial.

Don't Post Drug Paraphernalia Projects

Projects that display illegal drugs, illegal drug paraphernalia or drug test circumvention materials are not permitted on Craftster. Examples of drug paraphernalia include, but are not limited to, pipes, bongs and other equipment intended for use with a controlled drug. For additional information regarding this topic, please review our Terms of Use.

Discussing How Items Are Made That Someone Else Sells

Craftster is all about do-it-yourself projects, but please be mindful when asking how to recreate a piece you’ve spotted online, in a craft shop, etc.

  • Are you asking about recreating something that is the main source of income for a fellow crafter?
  • Are you asking for help dissecting a copyrighted technique?

Put yourself in the shoes of the person who created the item and ask yourself whether you think it would be fair, if someone discussed it in a DIY forum. The answer will vary depending on the item.


Don't Post the Same Thing Multiple Times

Don't post the same thing multiple times. If you have a question or project that could fit in more than one category, please pick just one board to post in. This keeps all the relevant information in one thread.

The exception to this is posting in a thread such as a swap gallery or a craft-a-long and also giving the project its own thread. This is completely fine, but it may be best to put the majority of the project details in the project thread.

Don't Hotlink to Other People's Images

Don't hotlink to an image on someone else's site without their permission. It can cause a bandwidth drain for them, and it also may be a copyright violation. Post a link to the image instead.

Don't Post a Message When Someone's Pictures Won't Show Up

If the pictures someone has posted aren't appearing in a post, please send that person an Personal Message instead of replying to the thread to state this. Also keep in mind that they may not be appearing due to a temporary issue (such as they’ve exceeded their daily bandwidth allowance for that particular day).

Don't Quote Images

Please don't quote images from other posts. Quoting an image increases load time for that thread. When quoting another post, please remove the [IMG] tag from within the quote to disable from image.


We rely on community members, such as you, to assist us in maintaining the community. Please alert the Moderators of any post you feel might need our attention. To report a post, click the Report to Moderator button. Reported posts in the swap folder are reported to the Swap moderators, and all other reported posts go to Global Moderators and any applicable Category Moderators to that board.

Couldn’t find your answer here? Check the Craftster Help Page for further information.