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Topic: Postsecret Swap Round 3 GALLERY!!  (Read 140232 times)
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The Muffin
« Reply #270 on: February 18, 2008 05:16:02 PM »

I'm not in the swap, but I wanted to comment on a few cards. I hope no one minds!! :

American's Forgetting the World: I tend to forget that everyone outside of my -city- exists. There's just so much to worry about even in such a small place, I can't worrying about everyone else in the -world- let alone my whole state. It's not so much as totally forgetting there's no one else in the world. But when you're not experiencing something first hand; a war, a famine, whatever, it's hard to view it as "real" because you don't have the experiences to allow you to even know what it's like. I sort of think the card (not to assume what the sender is feeling or anything!) really means that American's forget the rest of the world exists in that they feel superior and such (like how American's manage to use 25% of the world's resources and produce 25% of the pollution)...

Watching an Overweight Friend Eat: There's this over weight kid who eats lunch with me a lot. He always is eating chicken sandwiches or hamburgers with TONS of fries, and it sort of grosses me out too. It's not just what he's eating (which is totally unhealthy) but also just that he eats so much... but then again, I get grossed out watching (and hearing..) most people eat.

"I sucked my thumb until I was in seventh grade": I sucked my thumb until I was 7 and had to share a room with my brother and sister. I didn't want to keep them awake with the noise (that sounds so wrong...) so I stopped. I think my parents thought it was because of what my dentist told me though (about getting crooked teeth). I still, however, have my baby blankets!

"I don't like the person I am. I wish I was different, but every time I try to change, I always become me.": I constantly struggle with who I am too. I guess we both just have to learn to accept our flaws and love what's good about ourselves. Maybe you really just dislike who you are when you're trying to change who you're meant to be?

Judging Non-recyclers: I do too. My best friend's family doesn't recycle their soda cans, and I HATE having to throw cans out when I'm there. Where I live recycling is PICKED UP just like trash. How hard is it to keep an extra container for recycling under the counter?!

Hating Projects: I seem to always zoom through projects without stepping back to see if what I'm making looks good. After wasting hours and hours, I finish and think "How horrible!" and never use whatever it was I made.

Hating Emos: I don't think a person can be "Emo." I think there are over emotional teens who need better things to spend their time on then whining about how awful things are, and people who cut themselves because they don't have a better way to get emotions out, but I think real emo is just a style of music. Just like people can't be "pop" or "rap" people can't be "emo." I do, however, joke about emos all the time with my friends... I guess people who appearance wise fit the normal "emo" look are really scene kids. *shrugs* what do I know?
« Reply #271 on: February 18, 2008 05:32:42 PM »

emo--scene kids are total jackasses, (and i'd call jew indie rock...but that's just me.) having been involved in the local scene for over 15 years i've seen these kids come and go, and 95% of the kids who annoy you will grow out of it in the next year.

the sex dream--my friend told me once that she fantasized about jesus...in church...i didn't know what to say. that seems almost as awkward! i can't remember ever having sex dreams about men in my family, and for that i'm thankful!

i haven't seen any of my secrets posted yet either, and the anticipation is running high. i don't want to say i'm excited for comments, but the affirmation that i'm not the only who's felt that way would be nice.

« Reply #272 on: February 18, 2008 05:53:11 PM »

r anyone elses secrets being completely ignored?  Cry i poured my heart and soul into each of my cards and no one has said anything about a single one.... im starting to wish i hadn't joined this swap.... Undecided

I haven't been commenting much because either I can't relate to the secrets and therefore have little to say about them or I can relate to them but I'm not willing to admit publically that I'm hiding the same secret. For me the point of this swap was to tell people my secrets anonymously and by commenting on secrets I relate to people would find out things about myself that I don't want them to know.

This might not be an issue for many people on here but I have several 'real life' friends who visit the forums and I would hate it if they found out some of my secrets.
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« Reply #273 on: February 18, 2008 05:57:43 PM »

Watching an Overweight Friend Eat: There's this over weight kid who eats lunch with me a lot. He always is eating chicken sandwiches or hamburgers with TONS of fries, and it sort of grosses me out too. It's not just what he's eating (which is totally unhealthy) but also just that he eats so much... but then again, I get grossed out watching (and hearing..) most people eat.

This secret was mine.  I think it is the sheer quantity of what he eats that really disgusts me.  His favorite thing to order is a "heart attack on a plate" - 3 fried eggs, chicken fried steak, a side of hash browns and pancakes, and cover the entire thing in gravy, please.  Ugh.

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« Reply #274 on: February 18, 2008 06:15:27 PM »

I have a comment about the emo card...i agree the emo thing is stupid...but to be honest i have never met a single person who would lable themselves emo...people want to lable anyone who cuts themselves emo and i think that that is way uncool...but yes in general i agree with this card...i wish this "lifestyle" or fashion statement or whatever it is will go away...

*holds out hand to shake*

Hi, I'm emo

I don't cut, I don't spend days crying, I don't think I'm in any way the height of fashion

I have, however, liked the same sort of music for the past 10ish years, and the term emo is applied to music going back 20 years, which seems to point to it staying around a little longer

What, hopefully, will go away is badly dressed teens looking for an identity and latching on to a music sub-genre and causing the media to go ballistic

see above re marylin mason = school shooters, black sabbath = devil worshippers, pink floyd = drug taking

and, having just come back from an emo gig, I can reassure you that all types of kids/adults were there, and most of us you'd not look twice at in the street.  We just enjoy the music

This is different. I'm referring the to high schoolers/middle schoolers who believe the world doesnt get them or whatever the stereotype says. thats silly. music on the other hand is not silly. i can assure you you are not the type of "emo" i meant  Wink
« Reply #275 on: February 18, 2008 06:46:35 PM »

Overweight eating - I agree completely. I'll admit that I'm about 30 pounds overweight, but I am in no way obese. There is this one girl that sits with us sometimes at lunch, and it is pretty disgusting. She's diabetic, but you wouldn't know it by what she eats. The worst part is how she covers everything with ranch dressing and uses her chest as a napkin. She honestly needs a bib. *shudders*

Dream about father - in psychology, that's known as the Electra Complex. It's the female equivalent of the Oedipus Complex.  According to Freud, it is completely natural, and everyone is in love (sexually) with their opposite parent. We repress this, of course, to fit in with society. It's been said to explain why girls tend to marry guys that are like their fathers, and for guys to marry girls that are like their mothers. They really want to marry their mother themselves. Also, because of the complex, you tend to view the same-sex parent as a competitor.

And, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the kind words a while back about the insomnia card. That'd be me.

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« Reply #276 on: February 18, 2008 07:23:40 PM »

@,@ massive post ahead...

Card #10 i haven't seen the movie, but best of luck?
Card #11 i've seen a lot of my guy-friends have relationships that ended because of WoW, sad isn't it? to get so sucked up in a game, but i can't really look down upon it since i get the same way with crafts and anime xD
Card #12 :3 that must be a wonderful feeling!
Card #13 if you want each other then shouldn't you explore that a bit?
Card #14 i always cry when there's the hurt animals that eventually get attacked... but that's life, and if they didn't die then others wouldn't be able to live.
Card #15 while i'd be a big fan of having a nicer body, at the same time i really like eating whatever i want and not stressing out over my looks. Really, i think that too skinny is really not that alluring for guys or girls, i think everyone looks better with some padding :3
Card #16 haha i always end up borrowing pens and post-its from work. worst thing i've taken, printed a book off on the printer over 100 pages ^,^;; i think that it's fine as long as it's nothing big, like a computer xD
Card #17 while i respect your choice to smoke weed at the same time i hope that you don't become dependent on it. I have a friend who was brilliant until he had to smoke weed everyday.
Card #18--already commented on xD( pg Cool
Card #19 don't worry everyone gets into relationships like that, just be glad that you got out of one.
Card #20 o.O i've never given a hand job...
Card #21 insomnia is hard to deal with. i only got rid of mine after starting a rigorous schedule where i go to bed everynight at the same time and wake up at the same time every morning. good luck with it.
Card #22 while i don't know what situation this was in, the important thing is that they love you, and always will, even if you hate them for it.
Card #23 i think i have that same green yarn! however i've never spent more money on yarn than food in a month... i think...i can see how a person easily could though!
Card #24 there's a song along these lines, it always made me cry.
Card #25 no matter what you end up doing with your life your parents will only want you to be happy. freedom now doesn't always equal happiness.
Card #26 personally i would never want to put anything into my system that will put me out of control of myself. and while i can see the medicinal purposes of marijuana, at the same time i can see the rather large negatives that come with it. it makes me think of the chinese and their problems with opium in the 1800's
Card #27 you should never apologise for doing something that you like.
Card #28 that would make me smile :3
Card #29 i was only 6 when he died... so i have no idea who this is ._. ...
Card #30 smile, step out of your comfort zone, ponder things irrationally and don't be afraid of what others think :3 and most importantly jsut be yourself
Card #31 just continue to love him i think that's more important than feeling sad about him not being around.
Card #32 i've had professors like that! xD
Card #33 now that you mention it... he is a little too enthusiastic about selling his friends down
the river (har har har xD)
Card #34 i had a friend that was addicted to watching porn online. when she finally started hanging out with us again we asked her why she had finally stopped, she said that she realized that it was taking up too much of her life by jsut sitting and gratifying herself, she felt hollow, and felt like life was passing her by. She made a break for it and so can you as long as you have the willpower, good luck!
Card #35 :O i am SO doing this the next time i fly!
Card #36 haha i have peed myself from laughing so hard from being tickled  :x so at least noone saw you pee yourself, they only saw the aftermath?
Card #37 it's good to know that you have the confidence to think that :3
Card #38 haha, well either way as long as your happy what does it matter?
Card #39 I've met people that do that and it can be really confusing!
Card #40 oh i'm the same way, i have a guy friend that gives the BEST head massages (i have a lot of hair, my scalp gets kinda tired form it all xD) he's probably one of the greatest guys i know.
Card #41 it's ok, because you can't ever really give up fully on a person that you love, even if they are dead.
Card #42 heh when i was a management major i really wanted to do something outrageous so i wouldn't be able to continue with it. I ended up failing enough classes to justify me switching to history. I'm LOADS happier :3
Card #43 because, sparkly things make people happy. even if they are expensive sparkly things
Card #44 i have two friends like this. I hope that i'll always be friends with them, forever is a long time though.
Card #45 sometimes it's hard to publicly express such private feelings :3 as long as HE knows, that's all that matters.
Card #46 a boy friend that cheats would be no boyfriend of mine. i hope that since the new year you've gotten better.
Card #47 terrified of it or not it's inevitable.
Card #48 i know the feeling
Card #49 i love flowers! i always try to bring my mom flowers when i visit because she always has told me to bring her flowers while she's alive and not to bring them to her grave when she's dead.
Card #50 hopefully you can help him find a way out of drugs. i'd be devestated if i lost my brother
Card #51 it's good to know things, even if it will hurt you eventually.
Card #52 just unpack it all little by little.
Card #53 it's hard to get a person you love to quit smoking. i wish i could tell you a way but i don't know one. i never met my grandparents because they died of lung cancer due to smoking. i hope that you can help your loved ones.
Card #54 if you tell them now they'll be crushed, if you had told them earlier they would've been upset. honesty is the best policy because you have to live with your lies.
Card #55 it's hard to get started when you're lazy.
Card #56 lies never pay in the end.
Card #57 me too! aside from back problems i love my boobs!
Card #58 you can let him go, but you'll never fully forget. but it's not a bad thing.
Card #59 i used to hate Ohio, when i moved there from kentucky i was devestated. When my parents moved to Georgia a year ago i cried for days because i was moving away from all of my friends. eventually your hate may turn into love for the place.
Card #60 this made me really sad. because while i don't always have a good relationship with my mother i know that whatever she does or say is done or said because she loves me.
Card #61 it's hard when you're bouncing around. especially when you get to the point where you close yourself off from meeting others because you know you're only there for x amount of time. but when you think about it even if they're far away and you never talked, you've still changed each other from knowing one another. don't give up! you'll be able to make friends as long as you just be yourself!
Card #62 wow this could be one of my cards too. I'm always pushing people away before they get too close because i'm afraid that i'll be hurt by them or that i'll hurt them. But that's a consequence of being in any sort of relationship and you just have to take the good with the bad. i've gotten better about this myself, but it's still hard to let others in.
Card #63 but isn't it better now that you're away from all of that? it wasn't a waste, it was a learning experinece. Time that you spend doing something that you, at least at one time, wanted to do is never a waste.
Card #64 my roommate does this :3 but she usually become sick because of it xD
Card #65 whenever i get this way i got on a fast for 2 days. after the time is up i start by eating only rice and then gradually add things from there, it's amazing how much better food tastes and how much less i eat
Card #66 i used to have really bad teeth. my parents bought me an electric toothbrush for christmas. my teeth glisten like ivory now. maybe an appropriate hint is needed to progress the oral hygenie of the one that has gross teeth?
Card #67 it'll happen, hint 1 is pretty good, wouldn't know about hint 2 though
Card #68 i've wished things like this. but ultimately they should know what they want, sometimes it's hard to accept that.
Card #69 ME TOO! harrison ford <3 although the 70 yr old prof i have who married his 20/30 something grad student and has a 2 yr old... that's a bit too much.
Card #70 i don't follow celberities at all, but if i knew more about their lives than my best friends, i'd be rather sad. maybe them not contacting you is their way of severing ties?
Card #71 haha pop is sometimes just what i need to pep me up
Card #72 heh i still sleep with the same stuffed animals that i've slept with since 2 or 3rd grade :3
Card #73 so would i! but i think that i'll be able to be a 2000+ wonderful housekeeper and breadwinner :3
Card #74 yes, yes it is. don't be afraid to report it.
Card #75 hehe i had a fellow hostess like this :3
Card #76 i abhor drama, and it makes it worse that people can only ever think about themselves when it's such a large world and there's so many people that are so much worse off.
Card #77 it sounds to me like you need to find each other. i wish you and your husband the best of luck.
Card #78 sometimes you can't expect to be reimbursed for everything that you do.
Card #79 someone always has to be first. distance can hurt realtionships but it doesn't meant that they've forgotten about you.
Card #80 heh that HAS crossed my mind, but at the same time... childbirth=pain, and i don't like pain @,@
Card #81 heh candy addiction much? but those things are really good when they're fresh
Card #82 i hate looking at hands with chewed nails they're kidna scary O.O but i really don't like manicures either :/ but i can assure you that the manicurists have seen it all and can probably help you with stopping.
Card #83 o.o wow i can't really relate
Card #84 it's ok to keep the prying people away :3 and it's good that you know!
Card #85 >.< i really don't like tatoos, i like the art aspect of them, but on people i can't help but think of how they'll look when they're 80 years old and wrinkly :x
Card #86 good for you! i would steal my cat back too
Card #87 phones are personal but at the same time impersonal, i hate ordering food over the phone the most though!
Card #88 being yourself will always be enough for all the people that love you. even if you don't like certain things about yourself, they're still parts of you, and you can't easily split up a package deal. Hopefully one day being yourself will be enough for you.
Card #89 i wish my ex's sent me things, although they probably wouldn't be ex's if they had sent things in the first place.
Card #90 upper right corner, it'll all make sense soon, you've just got to keep trying
Card #91 patterns can be tough! my advice, read the directions, even the ones that seem to be plain as day and so easy an ameoba could do it.
Card #92 not everyone sees you as unequal. don't let their prejudice knock you down there are many people on your side.
Card #93 even on a really good day i could eat the whole thing. i usually compromise and keep a can of frosting in the fridge/cupboard. a spoonful of frosting makes the day seem better :3
Card #94 so am i! good thing that there's always adoption
Card #95 things are easy to say and hard to do. but if you do your best that's the most anyone can ask of you.
Card #96 most of my profs are men in their 70's xD
Card #97 it's beyond your imagination and i hope that it's an experience that you never go through
Card #98 i used to work for the dorm post office and i'd always read the postcards that went through :3
Card #99 falling in love i take it? don't be too afraid to fall in love. it's nothing too horrible
Card #100 if only more people felt this way D:
Card #101 the person who loves you, already thinks that you are perfect.
Card #102 i agree, don't they realize what their inaction is doing to the world?!
Card #103 i think that her fame came too much too fast and she got caught up with the wrong things.
Card #104 look back at you? there will be many people that remember you for things that you most likely will have forgotten all about.
Card #105 :O they scare me too but i love the golden girls!!
Card #106 i cry when i'm angry too :/ which puts off less angry vibes and more of an upset vibe. some people can't grasp that i'm angry and want to be left alone. most of the time it's because i'm angry at myself :/
Card #107 i hope that you are happy with your choice.
Card #108 Be glad that your mother knew that you cared about her. I hope that you help her through this rough time and show her how wonderful life is.
Card #109 i can't fully relate o.O but i'm glad that you've gotten it under control.
Card #110 paris isn't so great, it's a rather smelly city, but to have love and be in europe, that would be quite grand indeed.
Card #111 there seems to be a lot of cards about weed
Card #112 i agree, stupid us. i hate that we're all judged by their actions :/
Card #113 it's something that women have been struggling with for centuries. i hope that your desires can be fufilled.
Card #114 it's great that you can be so open with your friends! it seems like you had a great time!
Card #115 get a friend to teach you! it's never too late to learn!
Card #116 i was horribly unimpressed by the ending the first few books were so much better than the rest.
Card #117 i've done this too! but spinning out is a scary experience @,@
Card #118 xD i would be scared of the financial aspects of a family that big! O.O
Card #119 as bad as smoking is it's much better than cutting. i'm glad that you don't do either anymore though :3
Card #120 There are shameful moments in every countries history. on the plus side though, most people don't know about the worst parts.
Card #121 this is so cute!
Card #122 I hope that you can forgive her for her lateness in realizing what was happening. i can't understand fully your pain.
Card #123 this kinda made me giggle since most faces that people make during sex are rather humorous
Card #124 i'm glad that you're enjoying the honesty of your relationship!
Card #125 i can't really relate o.O
Card #126 jsut because she's rich doens't mean that she didn't work hard to get that money, stealing it from her is rather like slaping her in the face.
Card #127 locker rooms scare me because of the nakedness in them @.@
Card #128 what a cute puppy! and i've never really felt like death was better than life. because even if this is all there really is to life, isn't it better than nothing?
Card #129 i've been there. maybe it's time to take a break from projects.
Card #130 i'm glad that you have that brightness to lead you!
Card #131 it's never too late to start over, even if you've made a huge mistake, it'd better to speak up that to be unhappy about things.
Card #132 i hope that you are happy with your choice.
Card #133 women aren't toys. and i'm glad that ther partner that you're with now has helped you understand that.
Card #134 weird sex dreams are... weird. i've had many of them myself o.o
Card #135 good luck! i'm hoping he cried in a good way :3
Card #136 no, i for one, can understand where you're coming from.
Card #137 i've felt this way around family members with diabetes. :/
Card #138 it'll find you eventually, don't give up hope yet!
Card #139 haha my mom stalks me on facebook D: it's not a very good thing.
Card #140 heh, most emo people that i've encountered are so slef centered about their issues that they can never realte to anyone elses issues :/ it can be annoying
Card #141 this is so sweet. you should tell her everyday how much you love her.
Card #142 i've pondered this before, but i don't think that it's a bad thing to be asexual, in fact i think that it may give you a greater insight into people.
Card #143 this is probably true, many people can't see very far outside their bubble. i pity them, the world is an amazing place.
Card #144 i don't know where to go with this one.
Card #145 i miss my best friend. it's a hard position to fill.
Card #146 it's hard to compete with video games. let him know that you need more time together.

i have a few that i got on Saturday but i need to find my camera first...

As grad school eats my soul and time, i slowly begin to craft again...

Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right thing. -- Oscar Wilde
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« Reply #277 on: February 18, 2008 07:36:32 PM »

holy smokes! 146 cards posted! Can you see how some (a lot) get lost in the thread....eep!


I still sell my clay crafts...email me if you are interested in ordering something. kishcrafts@gmail.com
« Reply #278 on: February 18, 2008 08:19:23 PM »

I received two over the weekend...

I cry in my car because that is where I can be alone.
I cry because I am so angry.
I cry because I am so afraid.
But I don't want anyone to see.

I can fully relate to this card. When I'm home, after I finish hanging out with friends at night, I'll usually just drive around for a while and cry.

Should you really be wearing that?
The back says: Sometimes I can't get out the front door because I think my presence will bring down the overall beauty of this city. I probably have no grasp of what I actually look like but I can't tell.

and i act like a child, and i'm immature,
and i'm filled with doubt, and i'm insecure.
sometimes it creeps up on me,
and before i know it i'm lost at sea.
but no matter how far i row,
i always find my way back home.
but i don't know what i've been waiting for...
Mostly harmless
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« Reply #279 on: February 18, 2008 08:51:51 PM »

scared of telephones: Wow. I'm not alone on this one?? While I'm not scared of the phone anymore, I really used to be. It would take me forever to work up the courage to call people, and when I finally did call, I had to be in a room by myself. The thought of being overheard when I'm on the phone used to be just.... awful.

I'm the same- I just can't handle people overhearing me when I'm on the phone, I have to go to a room by myself. It makes phonecalls a bit difficult when I live with four other people. Undecided

To the people who can't ride bikes: I'm 21 and I only learned to ride a bike last year. Over the years I've had horrible times on school camps when one of the activities has been bike riding and I've had to try and explain that I couldn't ride a bike, and a few times they tried to make me do the bike riding anyway, which was awful- trying to ride it in front of everyone and not even being able to start moving before I fell over. On one camp I had to walk 9km pushing the stupid thing because I couldn't ride it. Cry Sometimes some kind person would try and teach me but as soon as they saw how hopeless I was they'd give up, which left me feeling worse. Then last year my closest friend, who is fanatical about exercise and is always on at me to exercise because it helps with depression, announced one day that he was going to teach me to ride a bike. After about a month I was able to ride one. Not amazingly well- I have this inconvenient problem that if there's something I'm trying not to hit, such as trees, parked cars, people, then I tend to veer straight at them. Roll Eyes Cheesy (I plan to keep practising and fix that little problem!) I was excited to finally be able to ride a bike, but what meant the most was that my friend didn't give up on me, he kept persevering and kept assuring me that he knew I could do it with enough practise.

You probably didn't need to know all that but it's nice to be able to share that story with people who understand how embarrassing and upsetting it is not to be able to ride a bike. But if you want to learn then with enough practise I'm sure you'll be able to- but wear a helmet! Learning in colder weather is also a good idea, that way you can wear long pants and cover up the bruises you'll get on your legs. Cheesy And according to my friend, willingness to fall and knowing how to fall without hurting yourself are the most important things. (my first lesson consisted of him getting me to sit on the bike and repeatedly topple over. Roll Eyes)

I cry because I am so angry.
I cry because I am so afraid.
But I don't want anyone to see.

I can fully relate to this card. When I'm home, after I finish hanging out with friends at night, I'll usually just drive around for a while and cry.

I can relate to this too, I've been doing it a fair bit lately.
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