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on: September 18, 2016 02:13:20 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Mistress Jennie
Relevance: 64.2%
~*Headmistress Tower & Badge Station*~
:::password: Pumpkin Pasties!:::

~*Magical ME Challenge!*~
January 16th - 31st

My dearest fans,
The month of January marks an event I'm sure you've all been awaiting with bated breath, my birthday!  And as a special treat to all of you, I am extending an exclusive invitation!  Please do your very best to craft a little something for Yours Truly, and I will graciously accept the gift. 

And if you include just 10 Galleons, I'll send you back an autographed copy of Magical Me along with one of my signed portraits! 

The Incomparable,
Gilderoy Lockheart
Order of Merlin, Third Class
Honorary Member of the Dark Forces Defense League
Five Time Winner of Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award

Oh dear!  Professor Lockheart is back, and he's giving out extra work.  For this mini-challenge, please craft something for yourself, because let's face it, you totally deserve it!  You may use any medium, and create anything that strikes your fancy, provided there is a place for that item on Craftster's boards.  This challenge closes with the rest of the Yule Term on January 31st.

~*Headmistress Challenges*~
This semester I will be offering extra Challenges.  Each Headmistress Challenge will last approximately 1 month, and will earn 15 House Points just like Classes.  So what's up next?

Philosopher's Stone Challenge
January 1st - 31st

The philosopher's stone (lapis philosophorum) is a legendary alchemical substance capable of turning base metals such as mercury into gold or silver. It is also used to create the elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation and for achieving immortality; for many centuries, it was the most sought-after goal in alchemy. The philosopher's stone was the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy, symbolizing perfection at its finest, enlightenment, and heavenly bliss. Efforts to discover the philosopher's stone were known as the Magnum Opus.  For this challenge you have several options:

-Craft something in which a major component of the materials is stone.
-Craft something made of metal, such as a jewelry project.
-Craft something that is primarily gold or silver in color.
-Craft something that will enable your immortality, such as a scrapbook for future generations to peruse.
-Craft something to help you find enlightenment in 2017, such as a yoga mat bag or mindfulness journal.
-Craft something very grand in scale that takes more than 8 hours in crafting time OR is larger than 3'x3' in size.  

Post Owl Challenge
December - CLOSED!

Post owls carry letters and packages, everywhere in the known Wizarding World, without needing directions!  For this challenge you have a few options:  
Craft stationary or notecards to mail to friends & family
Craft a gift that something that you will pack up and mail to someone else (cannot be delivered in person)
Craft something simple, that doesn't require you to follow any directions

Broomstick Challenge
November - CLOSED!
Many Hogwarts classes take place outdoors, yet none require good physical fitness as much as flying does.  Strength, flexibility, and concentration are all needed to be an excellent flier.  To excel in this class, you will need to keep your body in good health. Please present a project which will help you to achieve this.  Some good examples include:
~a healthy meal to keep you nourished
~a new gym bag or yoga mat carrier to encourage your visits
~painted/decorated walking shoes to encourage you to walk more
~an illustrated bullet journal page to track your progress
~homemade candles encourage meditation and mindfulness

Wand Challenge
October - CLOSED!

"The wand chooses the wizard... it's not always clear why." - Garrick Ollivander
Wandlore tells us that the wand chooses the wizard, though no one is quite sure how or why this happens.  As crafters we are all sometimes chosen by a particular craft supply, one that speaks to us, begs to be taken home and crafted with.  A fantastic handspun yarn at the craft fair, a gorgeous designer quilting fabric, a bushel of shiny apples from the farmer's market.  For this challenge you must create something with a supply that chose you.  When you post your projects, please be sure to tell us what about that particular item drew your eye.

~*Hagrid's 12 Christmas Trees Challenge Series*~

November 2nd - January 15th, 2017

Each year Hagrid brings 12 trees to the castle to decorate the Great Hall for the Christmas holidays.  This year we will be taking inspiration from items typically used to decorate Christmas trees, for a mini-series of challenges.  Each challenge is worth 15 points, and each may be done once.  Deputy Headmistress noodle-bug & I have tried to keep the prompts very broad, so that you can fit them to any number of autumn & winter holiday projects. Please note that while the theme for this challenge series is based on Christmas, you are welcome to fulfill these prompts for any holidays, or gift giving reasons, including for Thanksgiving, St. Nicholas Day (Dec 6), Winter Solstice (Dec 12), Yule (Dec 22), Chanukah (Dec 24-Jan 1), Christmas (Dec 25), Kwanzaa (Dec 26), New Year, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other events you may celebrate!  (Ive tried to hit all the major holidays in my list, but feel free to message me with any I may have missed!)

Star - Stars shine the brightest in the darkness. For this challenge please craft something that lets one of your talents shine.  This can be any craft or medium you excel at.
Angel - Each of us has someone in our lives wed consider our real-life Guardian Angel, be it a parent, partner, spouse, grandparent, care-giver, or best friend. Craft something for the Angel in your own life.

Lights - What would a Christmas tree be without lights?  Without these twinkling little wonders, we would be hard pressed to see the lovely ornaments decorating the boughs.  For this challenge please craft something that will light up the holiday (or heart) of the recipient.

Ribbon - Ribbon is such a handy craft supply, great for literally tying everything together, or putting a finishing touch on a project.  Create something that ties other items together.  This could be literally connecting different components in a gift, such as decorating a basket you plan to fill with baked goods for your neighbor, or more figuratively uniting things, such as making a meal or special recipe that draws your family  and friends together.

Garland - Traditionally garlands are made from leaves and flowers.  During winter evergreen boughs and holly are used to bring color into the home. Craft something inspired by the wintery natural world local to you, and tell us about what in your area sparked your imagination.

Icicles - Craft something that needs to be kept at just the right temperature for at least for some portion of the time.  This could include a snowman, frozen margaritas, baked cookies, or crisply ironed fabric.

Tinsel -  All that glitters is not gold... But it probably is pretty awesome! Craft with glitter, or another sparkling medium, as exuberantly as you please!  (Other sparkling items could include AB finished beads, sequins, glass or prisms, or even sparkling wine!)

Fake Snow - Fake it till you make it!  For this challenge please craft something simple with a purchased supply to give as gifts. You must still take min 30 mins for the project! Some ideas including making some oreo truffles or Faux Turtle Candies for your co-workers, or you could create hand stamped & painted envelopes to present purchased gift cards in.

Candles - Candles give our homes a soft warm glow during the short days and long dark nights of winter. Please craft something that will give the recipient a warm & happy glow.

Baubles - Baubles can be simple glass spheres or intricate blown glass creations, depending on the style you are aiming for. During a season where we are often crafting so much to please others, its also important to please ourselves too, lest we lose our joy in the season.  For this challenge please craft something that reflects your personal style, even if you arent able to keep it for yourself.

Bells - Bells are visually beautiful, but they also please the ears by tinkling any time you brush past the tree. Craft something that appeals to two senses at once: this could be a meal that looks as good as it tastes, beautiful and scented bath products, or a sewing project that combines a pattern that is pleasing to the eye with luxuriously textured fabric.

Tree Skirt - Tree skirts are used to make a functional object (the base or pot of a tree) look good, and creates a welcome surface to place gifts on. For this challenge please craft something that is both functional and decorative, OR that welcomes folks into your home!

~Badge Station~
To claim your badge, just left click the image; it will open another window with a larger image, which you can right click and save to your computer or you can Pin it with Pinterest Button in your browser. Ideas on how to use your badges: as an avatar, put it in your profile under Brief Bio, or create a Pinterest board for all your badges.

Class Badges

House Unity & House Pride Badges

Headmistress Challenge Badges

Hagrid's 12 Christmas Trees Challenge Badges

on: December 20, 2016 11:42:42 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by midkiffsjoy
Relevance: 64.4%
Class/Challenge/House Pride: Charms Class
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: AnnoyingBabySister's  Socks
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: I've been learning to knit tube socks for my family.  This is the pair I knitted for AnnoyingBabySister.  I learned that there really is such a thing as "sock yarn", and some yarn just doesn't have the necessary stretch for making socks.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Detention in the Dungeon: October
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Wildlife Christmas Tree
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: First off, it's really hard to craft a project without knowing what you're doing.  But, I accidentally managed.  Last semester I made an apple tree to feed the deer in the woods, but something kept stealing all the apples without setting off the deer cams.  They took pictures of crows, pigs, rabbits, a coon, and even a snake, but when it came to the apples one picture they'd all be there and the next they were all gone.  Well that was just too creepy.  I tried tying a apple by a string and it was ripped off without triggering the deer cam.  So, at Netchez's suggestion, I drilled holes in the apples and we tied lengths of paracord through them and I hung them from the tree.  When I stood back I realized I had accidentally crafted a really awesome Christmas tree for the wildlife in our woods.  
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Detention in the Dungeon: November
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Predator proof chicken tractor
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: After making the pig shelter from pallets I started on one for my chickens.  It wound up looking like one of those iron clad submarines from the civil war, but nothings getting through that to them, which is awesome because we've already had a large cat sighting. Took me weeks to finish it hence it's my wip.  Smiley
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Flying Class
House:  Hufflepuff
Project Name: Washouse Window
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: I've been trying to patch up an old outbuilding so we can put the freezer it in like when I was a kid.  I boarded up two of the three windows and needed to trim out the third window, but I've been putting it off.  It wasn't a straight forward trim job, the frame had to be built out.  I put it off, and put it off, then on my birthday I woke up and the sun was shining after over a week of rain.  I vaulted out of the house and attacked the project with gusto.  I got half of it done, then the next day had no energy.  All the dust I'd breathed in had wore me out. I'm allergic to dust, which makes haying season a nightmare.  I still managed to get a bit done on it.  The third day I finished the window, but not before I put up the door header and the boards for shelves above the door and window.  Rofl.  Cause sometimes the path from a to b swings by z.  
Project Picture:


Class/Challenge/House Pride: Herbology Class
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Youpon Tea
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: ALL MY LIFE I've been told that the waxy leaf tree with red berries is deathly poisonous.  Well, it turns out it's the Youpon tree, The ONLY native caffeinated plant in North America, and our farm is COVERED in it.  The leaves make tea.  The leaves from the female tree, identified by its bright red berries, make the best tea.  The girls and I set out with a Halloween bucket, those things are so useful, and picked leaves from female Youpon trees, brought them home, and roasted them.  For a coffee substitute, it tastes a lot like tea.  
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Muggle Studies Class
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Hanging Drying Rack
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: Netchez has wanted one of those hanging, Amish built, drying racks for a while now.  Recently we were watching Shaun the Sheep, and the farmer had one in front of his fireplace.  I had to build one.  Just as I was slipping to sleep my brain slipped out of the box and an alternative design hit me.  For several years I've had a discarded crib in the back barn.  It had been AnnoyingBigSister's crib, but when I lent it to my sister, she broke it.  She wanted to throw it away but I knew I could use it to build SOMETHING.  And so it sat.  I took the two long sides, trimmed the ends, and screwed them together using brackets I salvaged from another project.  I added 4 eye bolts, and dog chain to hang it from the ceiling.  It holds more than the drying rack she originally wanted would have held, and we immediately tried it out drying 3 loads of towels.  Smiley Pretty awesome for something that almost got thrown away. *perfect*
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Potions Class
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Socks for ALS...er...I mean ABS.
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: With a fire in my belly I picked up a set of double pointed needles and proceeded to knit a pair of socks for AnnoyingLittleSister.....  but they didn't stay little girl size socks for long and wound up being socks for AnnoyingBigSister.  Opps.  The boggart turned into exactly what I feared.  At least I can turn it in for a project. *headesk*
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Study of Ancient Runes ( SoAR)
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Halloweenie Socks
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: I had to try making orangie socks for the season.  It's actually hard to find Halloweenie yarn without ordering hand dyed yarn, and while I cried over some, the budget just couldn't swing it.  Luckily I found a hank of orange and black yarn in a local store (Love me a 40% off discount coupon).  I knitted 7" of ribbing and then 8 1/2" of knit stitch.  I knit the first sock in a day, but the second sock took 3 days.  I finished it with a cheer, then realized it didn't match the first one.  I'd screwed up the toe.  I'd forgotten to knit rows between the decrease rows.  Well mumble.  So I frogged the toe and reknit it correctly.  It took discipline but I'm really proud as there isn't a single mistake in this pair of socks.  Smiley
Project Picture:

on: January 15, 2017 09:40:49 AM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Moonflame
Relevance: 64.5%
Thank you, Audania! Smiley

Class/Challenge: Alchemy
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Sasha Dress and Hat
Project Description: I love knitting, and I'm getting better at it as I practice. This Sasha doll dress and hat was so fun to make!
Project Link: I used this pattern from Ravelry. Smiley
Project Pic/s:

Class/Challenge: Apparition
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Blue Star Bloomers
Project Description: Here's a tip on sewing for dolls: binding and elastics are easier added BEFORE you stitch the closing seams. Although this is counter-intuitive for people who sew for normal-sized folks, it's really the easiest way to do it for tiny garments like this.
Project Pic/s:

Class/Challenge: Arithmancy
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name:December Daily Album
Project Description: A friend goaded me into doing a December Daily album, and in order to feel inspired, I converted an IKEA notebook (with lovely watercolour paper!) by changing the cover.
Project Pic/s:

Class/Challenge: Astronomy
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Twin Hats
Project Description: When I studied the meteor showers, I was drawn to the Geminids (prolly cuz I'm a Gemini.) According to Professor Wikipedia, "The meteors in this shower appear to come from a radiant in the constellation Gemini," so I made these twin, but not identical hats
Project Pic/s:

Class/Challenge: Care of Magical Creatures
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Banned Bag
Project Description: Christmas has been banned be various people in various times, from the 17th century Puritans, to the 20th century Soviet Union and beyond. This dolly bag celebrates all that is Christmas with traditional green, red and gold.
Project Pic/s:

Class/Challenge: Charms
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: A red hat for Durango
Project Description: In studying blood charms I was drawn to this red yarn. I'm still working on a good BJD hat pattern (knit OR crochet.) This one was another trial and error, but D seems to like it.
Project Pic/s:

Class/Challenge: Defence Against the Dark Arts
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Fiona Cosplay Pants
Project Description: I made a Fiona (from Tales From the Borderlands) cosplay. The fabric paint had to be heat set in the dryer.
Project Pic/s:

Class/Challenge: Divination
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Yellow Bloomers and Flower Bloomers
Project Description: After making the star bloomers, I decided to try modifying the pattern to get some longer bloomers. These are something I'd like to make more of in the future to sell in my Etsy shop. I think I'll make some with wider knees that I can gather and edge with lace!
Project Pic/s:

Class/Challenge: Floo Powder - Grimmauld Place
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Dolly Uggs
Project Description: MyFroggyStuff made some great Uggs, and I shrank the 18" doll patt a bit to fit My Sashas. The secret element here is that rather than sewing from a thick fleece, the boots are sewn from felt and then a thin strip of stretched fleece (to make the edges curl and hide themselves) is glued on to give the illusion of shearling boots.
Project Pic/s:

Challenge: Hagrid's Twelve Christmas Trees -Bells
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Star Plushie
Project Description: I wanted to make a sweet pastel doll plushie that was a soft colour AND a soft texture. Here he is! The wool od SOOO soft, and is felted over magic eraser for max squishiness. Cheesy
Project Pic:

Challenge: Hagrid's Twelve Christmas Trees - Candles
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Toasty Warm Socks
Project Description: My eldest gets a warm glow and warm tootsies, too, from these socks!
Project Pic:

Challenge: Hagrid's Twelve Christmas Trees - Garland
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Snowy White Dress
Project Description: We had some lovely snowfalls this December, and Pippa got a fluffy white dress inspired by the mounds of snow. I love the way our cardinals look sitting in the bushes with a backdrop of pristine frozen glory, so she got a red and white hairbow, too!
Project Pic:

Challenge: Hagrid's Twelve Christmas Trees - Lights
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Bright white Christmas Bag
Project Description: This bright red and white bag with a glittery star is a fun way to light up the holidays. It's also very light(weight!) *GROAN*
Project Pic:

Challenge: Hagrid's Twelve Christmas Trees - Ribbon
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Hat and Belt for Fiona Cosplay
Project Description: Fiona really isn't Fiona without her hat, and the belt that she wears half under her coat and half over is very much Fi, too. Here's what I made to tie my costume all together. Cheesy
Project Pic:

Challenge: Hagrid's Twelve Christmas Trees - Star
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: You're a Star Bloomers
Project Description: Somehow I've gotten pretty decent at sewing, so often, I feel that's one of my "shining" crafts. (Other times, not so much, LOL!) Yet another pair of Dolly Bloomers as I try to perfect the bum size, knee bands, etc.
Project Pic:

Challenge: Hagrid's Twelve Christmas Trees - Tinsel
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Glittery Watercolour
Project Description: For the title page in my December Daily, I decided to try my hand at watercolour. This is TOTALLY new to me. I used one of those water-pen brushes (LOVE!) to make a little scene, and used a GLITTERY snowman diecut to flesh it out. I had SO MUCH FUN!
Project Pic:

Challenge: Hagrid's Twelve Christmas Trees - Tree skirt
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Put a Lid On It
Project Description: With so many girls in the house as well as guests who sometimes need to avail themselves, we have quite a supply of pads. They were living in a basket in the bathroom, but I thought it might be nice to disguise them a bit and pretty up the basket as well. Now that I know what I'm doing, I could probably make another in MUCH less time, but this was my first go-round. I cut a piece of cardboard to fit into the top of the basket. Since the basket is fabric lines, it has a wire frame just inside, hidden by the fabric, and the lid fits perfectly on top! I covered the lid with fabric, hot gluing it in place. I wanted a handle, but I didn't want to just glue it to the fabric, because I knew that eventually it would pull the fabric away from the cardboard, so I used a needle and thread and ran it through a smaller bead on top to secure it. Afraid that the threads might pull out on the bottom, I knotted them, left a tail and hot glued them down with another strip of carbdoard to hide the ends and help secure things. I have to say that every time I see this silly thing it makes me super happy. Each to their own, LOL!
Project Pic:

Class/Challenge: Herbology
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Very Berry Sasha Slippers
Project Description:Hebology was a joy this term, as I simply ADORE teas of all kinds. I focused on berry teas when making these.
Project Link: I bought the pattern on Etsy for $1.88 Cheesy Here's the link.
Project Pic/s:

on: September 18, 2016 01:48:23 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by noodle-bug
Relevance: 64.2%
NOTE: Once you propose, please go forth on your Advanced Studies projects.  Your Examiners will PM if they have any inquiries.

~Everything O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s~
---Ordinary Wizarding Levels, OWLs, and Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests, NEWTs, are advanced crafting projects.  OWLs and NEWTs are supposed to be more complex and challenging projects.
---OWLs and NEWTs are more time-consuming than HPC classes and challenges.  There is no hard and fast rule on how many hours a project should take, because speed and difficulty levels are too subjective.  What we are really looking for is a project that will be a personal challenge to you.
---OWLs should take 3-4 weeks to complete.
---NEWTs should take more than a month to complete. (Please see post below for more on NEWTs.)
---Projects that do not take the allotted time of crafting will not be counted as complete; keep that in mind when you post your completed OWLs and NEWTs.  If you finish your OWL or NEWT earlier than expected, then craft an additional item(s) that correspond with your subject.  Add notes on how you finished earlier than expected and details about your additional crafting in your Completed Project post.
---You must propose your OWL or NEWT before starting so that we may be your cheerleaders and help encourage you during this more challenging craft adventure.
---You may only do 1 OWL & 1 NEWT at one time.  (Dont want you to be stuck with a ton of OWL & NEWT WIPs!)
---You may propose an OWL or NEWT any time during the semester.
---OWLs and NEWTs can carry over to the next semester.
---If you decide to abandon an OWL or NEWT project, notify your OWL Examiners, and they will erase that log from their records.  Once you have submitted to have an OWL or NEWT erased, you can propose a new one.

1. Select which OWL you would like to complete.  You may only do one OWL at a time so select carefully.
2. Propose what you plan on doing for your OWL project.  You may do this by PM to your OWL Examiners or by posting in the HPC thread.  When making an OWL Proposal, please use the header below, and make sure you give details such as methods using, materials using, plan of action, timeline.  These details will help us cheer you on and inspire future OWLs.
3. Begin work on your OWL project.  Feel free to add progress pics in the HPC thread.
4. Once your project is complete, post a picture of your project in the HPC; make sure to use the OWL Header provided below.  Once you post a completed OWL, your OWL Examiner will notify the Headmistress, and you will earn your OWL Badge for that subject.

OWL Subject & Option(if available):
Project Name:
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, materials using, plan of action, expected timeline, etc.)

OWL Subject & Option (if available):
Project Name:
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, any fun tips, etc.)
Project Picture:
Feel free to also include your house and any storycrafting you've created for your project.

--Alchemy:  Option 1-Alchemists have, through their mystical quests, made significant contributions to our world.  These include metalworking, production of inks, dyes and cosmetics, ceramics and glass manufacture, preparation of extracts and liqueurs and the invention of gunpowder.  Honor the work of these alchemists by creating something from one or more of these contributions.  Option 2-The Four Elements of alchemy are Fire, Earth, Air and Water.  Craft a project that represents all four of these elements.
--Arithmancy: Bridget Wenlock was a famous thirteenth-century Arithmancer, and the first to establish the magical properties of the number seven.  Your OWL quest is to turn in something that involves the number seven.
--Astronomy: Option 1-Craft a star chart.  Option 2-Interpret the solar system into a craft.  Option 3-It is believed that we can only see 5% of the universe, the rest is made up of Dark Matter and Dark Energy which is invisible to us. Create something where at first glance you can only see a small portion, but when you look closer you can find the rest of the details.
--Care of Magical Creatures:  Option 1-Even in the muggle world, we are surrounded by fascinating and breathtaking creatures.  Craft something inspired by an everyday animal you find magical.  Option 2-Dragons are terrifying yet awe-inspiring; craft something inspired by these magical creatures.
--Charms: Research the different charms and show your mastery of a particular charm by crafting something inspired by it.  For example, Alohomora is an opening charm; craft something that open or has an opening.  Another example, Confundus is a confusion charm; craft something you find a bit confusing.
--Defence Against the Dark Arts: Option 1-The patronus is an effective charm against dementors and to call for help when in need, though difficult to master. Craft something using or inspired by your patronus animal.  Option 2-Craft something inspired by one of the DADA professors.
--Divination: Option 1-Create at least 4 items you need for a successful reading.  Option 2-Create a dream item.  Option 3-Create something inspired by the zodiac.
--Herbology:  Research magical and mundane plants, and show your knowledge by creating something inspired by one or more plants that could be found in a wizards or witches garden.
--History of Magic: Option 1-Create 4 different items, one item for each house, these items should reflect your interpretation of the characteristics of each house.  Option 2-Craft 3 items which represent 3 characters with Harry Potter.   Option 3-Craft something using a vintage pattern, material, or technique.
--Muggle Studies: We all know the Tales of Beetle Bard, but did you know that muggles have a vast array of fantastical stories?  The most fascinating are known to muggles as fairy tales.  Study these tales and craft something inspired by them.
--Potions: Option 1- Show off your ability to work with many ingredients by showcasing at least 3 different colors/pattern/textures.  Colors can be monochromatic.  A variegated yarn or one fabric swatch with various colors within it count as one color.  Option 2-Research different potions and show your mastery by crafting something inspired by it.
--Study of Ancient Runes: Option 1-Use an intricate charted design; you may create your own design for this project.  Option 2-Create something that contains 7 or more letters/symbols.  Option 3-Create a set of runes; these can be presented in one or more pieces.
--Transfiguration: Option 1-Practice your vanishing and conjuring spells by taking a large amount of supply and crafting one piece.  Option 2-Craft something with a dual purpose.  Option 3-Craft your Animagus.

Abbeeroad: Transfiguration, Sept. 6, 2013
butterflyangel: Potions, Option 1 July 23, 2014
dwfan10: Arithmancy, Apr. 30, 2013
IsikkahJai: Herbology, Sept. 6, 2012
Melissaurus: Divination, Jan. 28, 2013
Mistress Jennie: History of Magic (Option 3), Feb 11, 2014 (On HOLD)
Mistress Jennie : CoCM option 1, Nov 12th 2016
pinkleo: Muggle Studies, Dec. 23, 2013
rockmygypsysoul: Transfiguration, Dec. 5, 2013
sakuracat23: Transfiguration, Jan. 22, 2013
spikefan: Transfiguration, Sept. 4, 2012
The Mad Quilter: Transfiguration, Sept. 3, 2013
tiamatfire: Herbology, April 08, 2015
ttsaria: Study of Ancient Runes (PM Proposal), Sept.15, 2012
whenindoubtsew: Care of Magical Creatures, Sept. 23, 2012
whistlefish; Astronomy option 3, July 29th 2016

Acadian Driftwood: Transfiguration, Option 1, September 05, 2014
BringMeKnitting8: Astronomy, Option 2, June 11, 2014
blupaisan: Arithmancy, Jan. 27 2014
CraftLadyMJ: Potions, Option1 (PM Proposal), Mar. 25 2013
fatewineroses; SoAR, June 29th 2016
gaudiknight: DADA option2. 25th Jan 2017
jillybeans: Transfiguration, Mar. 27, 2013
J_Kieviet: Transfiguration Option 1, October 24, 2016
Kit the Brave: Arithmancy, Dec. 1, 2012
midkiffsjoy: Divination, June 4, 2013
patty_o_furniture: Defense Against the Dark Arts, December 09, 2016
seeuudee: Charms, June 20, 2014

Audania1: Arithmancy, March 01, 2014
AugustBell: Transfiguration, Jan.16, 2013
BadWolf314: Potions, Option 1, March 02, 2014
bluejanuary: CoMC Option 1, Feb 22nd 2016
consultingcorsair: History of Magic, Jan. 9, 2013
Flip-floP: Charms, Apr. 10, 2013
krashromance: Potions, Mar. 19, 2013
kstaron: Charms, Sept. 6, 2012
Listessa: Potions, June 17, 2013
Magpirate: Astronomy, Option 3, June 14, 2014
Natasjadreams: Study of Ancient Runes, 2012
nerdplusneedle: Charms, October 03, 2016
noodle-bug: Potions option 2, 27th Jan 2017
PenguinSoup: Care of Magical Creatures, Jan. 18, 2013
SenatorOrgana: Tranfiguration, Oct. 20, 2013
ShardaeDobby: Muggle Studies, Sept. 11, 2012
SiakelA: Alchemy, Jan. 5, 2013
Swimswamswum: Transfiguration (PM Proposal), Sept. 2, 2013
the_essence: Charms, Dec. 9, 2012
Treemoon: Charms, December 19th 2015
vincentvanbuck: Alchemy, Dec. 3, 2013 (ON HOLD)
vincentvanbuck: Arithmancy, December 24, 2014

Ant Bee: Transfiguration, Sept. 8, 2012
audio: Arithmancy, June 11th 2016
bookie0013: Charms, Sept. 1, 2013
calliemae: Care of Magical Creatures, Option 1, August 24, 2014
coulsenl: Potions, Dec. 2, 2013
DragonChilde: Transfiguration, Option 1 April 01, 2014
ErinAquaheart: Study of Ancient Runes, Option 3, October 03, 2016
FreakieGeekie: History of Magic, Apr. 26, 2013
Inselaeffchen: Charms, July 02, 2014
Ladychris2010: Potions, option1 Jan 01 2016
lightninglisa: Astronomy, Sept. 3, 2012
Naantje: History of Magic, June 4, 2013
Samash90: Alchemy option 1, Jult 1st 2015
SKooKum: Potions, Apr. 2, 2013
travelgirl: Arithmancy, July 23, 2013
TechnicolorAquahearts: Transfiguration, September 09, 2016

Completed Owls
Noodle-bug: DADA option 1
patty_o_furniture: Potions, Option 2
jenleahlynn: Transfiguration
gaudiknight: Potions
Moonflame: Transfiguration option 1
jellybean89: Defence Against the Dark Arts, Option 1

~*OWL Certificates*~

on: September 18, 2016 01:54:26 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by noodle-bug
Relevance: 64.2%
IMPORTANT: To be eligible to take your NEWT, you must have completed one OWL.  If you have not completed an OWL, you cannot propose a NEWT.
1. Select which subject you would like to complete for your NEWT.  You may only do one NEWT at a time so select carefully.
2. Propose what you plan on doing for your NEWT project.  You may do this by posting in the HPC thread or if you'd like to keep the project a secret for a swap you can propose it by sending a PM to Mistress Jennie & noodle-bug.  When making an NEWT Proposal, please use the header below, and make sure you give details such as methods using, materials using, plan of action, timeline.  These details will help us cheer you on and inspire future NEWTs.
3. Begin work on your NEWT project.  Feel free to add progress pics in the HPC thread.
4. Once your project is complete, post a picture of your project in the HPC; make sure to use the NEWT Header provided below.  Once you post a completed NEWT, your NEWT Examiner will notify the Headmistress, and you will earn your NEWT Badge for that subject.

Project Name:
Brief Description: (explain how your project relates to your subject, pattern/techniques used, materials using, plan of action, expected timeline, etc.)

NEWT Subject:
Project Name:
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, any fun tips, etc.)
Project Picture:
Feel free to also include your house and any storycrafting you've created for your project.

So, whats a NEWT?! A NEWT is impressive! A NEWT is just enough crazy that youre not totally sure you can make it to end, but not so crazy that youll land in the padded wagon on your way to the finish line.  A NEWT is much like a thesis.  You are to choose the course of study you wish to take in a particular subject.  Research your desired subject, find a facet of that subject that you wish focus your advanced studies.  Form a plan of action, and make your proposal.  Remember your NEWT should be detailed and should be a craft endeavor that take you 1 month or more to finish.  This is Advanced Studies so make sure to stretch yourself and your crafty magic.  You may take NEWTs in the following subjects:
--Alchemy: Students are expected to show extensive knowledge of basic elements, as well as the transmutation of substances.
--Arithmancy: Students display their mastery of all things magical and mathematical.
--Astronomy: Students should demonstrate knowledge of the celestial heavens.
--Care of Magical Creatures: Students should demonstrate extensive knowledge of magical creatures and their proper care and handling.
--Charms: Students are expected to have total mastery over charms.
--Defence Against the Dark Arts: Students must demonstrate the ability to defend themselves in magical combat.
--Divination: Students should have a sound knowledge of a variety of techniques of foretelling the future.
--Herbology: Students should have a vast knowledge of magical plants and be able to easily manipulate complex organic creations.
--History of Magic: Students must produce evidence that they did not sleep through all of Prof. Binns lectures.
--Muggle Studies: Students should demonstrate their knowledge of all things muggle and have the ability to blend into muggle society with ease
--Potions: Students should exhibit full knowledge of all potions and a mastery at mixing complex potions.
--Study of Ancient Runes: Students are expected to decipher obscure markings with ease.
--Transfiguration: Students will demonstrate the ability to transfigure and vanish.


jenleahlynn: Arithmancy, March 6, 2015 ON HOLD
Jenleahlynn: DADA, October 27, 2015
MamanTattoo: Astronomy April 07, 2014
Melissaurus: DADA, Feb. 9, 2013
Mistress Jennie: Potions, Nov 12th 2016
pinkleo: HoM, Dec. 23, 2013
rockmygypsysoul: Care of Magical Creatures, July 03, 2014
whistlefish: Charms, 25th Sept 2015

Acadian Driftwood: CoMC, March 7, 2014
CraftyLadyMJ: Transfiguration, July 10, 2013 (PM Proposal)
gaudiknight: COMC april 8th 2016
J_Kieviet: Arithmancy, October 24, 2016

Audania1; MS, 22nd Jan 2017
BadWolf314: Alchemy, March 02, 2014
Elliot-Anne; Arithmancy, June 9th 2015
FiberAlchemist: Transfiguration June 10th 2016
indigo_roses: Ancient Runes, Mar. 4, 2013
jellybean89: Potions, Option 1, October 05, 2016
magpirate; COMC, June 7th 2015
netchez: CoMC, Sept. 1, 2013
noodle-bug: Muggle Studies, January 10, 2017
PenguinSoup: Ancient Runes, Jan. 17, 2013
pottermouth: Arithmancy,  June 30, 2014

DragonChilde: Divination, Oct. 12, 2013
ErinAquaheart: CoMC, March 4th 2016
margaron: Potions, August 17, 2014
TechnicolorAquahearts; Alchemy June 4th 2016

~*Completed NEWTs*~
Mistress Jennie: Astronomy
edelC: SoAR
patty_o_furniture: Divination
Mistress Jennie: SoAR
Noodle-bug: SoAR
Abbeeroad: Arithmancy
Plaidpineapple: Potions
patty_o_furniture; Arithmancy

~*NEWT Certificates*~

on: December 09, 2016 08:14:58 AM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by patty_o_furniture
Relevance: 64.4%
Class/Challenge/House Pride: Hagrid's Star
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: M&M Illusion cupcakes
Project Page Link: -
Brief Description: Something that I shine at and lights me up everytime anyone asks me to do, is making cupcakes.  Made cupcakes for my nephews 3rd birthday and after asking what kind he wanted he yelled "m&m!" so he got m&m based cupcakes.  These are made with the illusion of the candies pouring from the bag.
Project Picture:

See?  I really excel at cupcakes.  There are 5 different kinds! lol

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Hagrid's Angel
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Graham Cracker Houses
Project Page Link: -
Brief Description: Made ten graham cracker house bases for a girl scout group that I am in charge of.  Those little angels are so fun to have come over to my house to learn skills and sometimes just to have fun.  Like make gingerbread houses! 
I made the houses cutting up graham crackers and then 'glued' them to cardboard cake circles with melted sugar 'caramel'.  You just put plain old white sugar into a heavy bottom pan and heat on medium until it looks golden.  Dip cracker edges in it and put together.  Holds much faster than royal frosting when you are trying to make a bunch at once. 
Project Picture:

Some finished houses of theirs and my 3 year old nephew's.

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Hagrid Icicles
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Christmas Layer Finger Jello
Project Page Link: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=442375.0
Brief Description: I love making this finger jello because kids love it and it looks so festive.  It is simple as in open a box and stir, but takes hours to create so you have to stay near your fridge.  The only picky thing about it, is you have to keep everything at the right temperature.  You have to heat the liquids to boiling to get the gelatin to melt, but then let it cool enough so you wont melt the layer under it after it has been kept cold.
Project Picture:
Took these to a neighborhood party and a whole two tier tray was empty by the time I made it through the dinner line!  lol.  Kids adore them.  I served them in muffin cups so they were easy to grab and go.  These four sad ones were the "broken" ones I saved for my girl's lunches.  Glad I did because I forgot to take a pic of the first stack!

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Hagrid Fake Snow
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Lego Potter Earrings
Project Page Link: -
Brief Description: I used purchased lego Harry Potter heads as a fun purchased supply to use to make earrings.  These went to my partner in the HP Holiday swap.  She asked for some small HP gifts to give to friends.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Hagrid Baubles
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Dobby Card
Project Page Link: -
Brief Description:  I wanted to do a Potter themed Christmas card this year and got inspiration from an etsy card with dobby saying he got a birthday card. So I drew Dobby in my own personal cartoon style and then painted him in photoshop.  I thought there wasn't enough color so I went back and added a hat and holly.  For our family pic we all got our Hogwarts houses quidditch team shirts and are going to stand in front of our HP Christmas tree.  It'll be fun!
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Hagrid Tree Skirt
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Countdown Stockings
Project Page Link: -
Brief Description: These Christmas stockings are both functional and decorative.  They are very festive above my kitchen table, but as the month goes by each day my girls will get to take one down and find a mini present or activity to do for that day. 
This wasn't going to be one of my projects because it was storebought stockings with easy handmade shrinky dink tags, but this dumb project cost me a whole morning setting up!  Crazy.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Transfiguration
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Baby Potter Pegs
Project Page Link: -
Brief Description: Made my HP Holiday swap partner some Potter Peg friends and she talked about having an American Girl Doll that she was trying to make potter friendly.  I had these miniature peg wooden babies and thought it would be fun to try to make her doll some baby pegs too.  It required precise calculations to paint them scaled from Big Peg to baby peg.
Project Picture:

Completed OWL
OWL Subject & Option: Potions 2 (PM proposal)
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Potter Peg Ornaments
Project Page Link: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=450969.new;topicseen#new
Brief Description: Here I showed proficiency in the shrinking potion learning how to shrink Harry Potter and his crew by just making them small and not go back in age.  I made them small enough so I can hook them up and let them be cute decorations on my HP tree.
Project Picture:

OWL Subject & Option:  Defense Against the Dark Arts - 1
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Temple Painting
Brief Description: The patronus is a useful spell for ridding your area of dementors.  It is a difficult spell to master however, so be prepared for a back up plan.  One plan is to go to a highly spiritual place, like a religious temple.  For this OWL I would like to paint one of those sacred dementor free zones.  It will be a large 24X36 painting that I will hang in my front room, hopefully ridding my home of dementors while I continually practice and master the patronus spell. I hope to have this finished by the end of january.
on: December 10, 2016 02:18:07 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Mistress Jennie
Relevance: 64.4%
Class: Divination
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Link: Deathly Hallows Ornaments
Brief Description: For my Divination homework I took wooden squares, acrylic gems, glitter, and ribbons from my stash.  I used them to make Christmas ornaments, something that gives me joy every year as I make them for friends and family.  This improves every Christmas to come as my friends, family & I get to enjoy them over and over. 
Project Picture:

Challenge: Trees - Baubles
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Link: Rockstar Quilter Pendant

Brief Description: This pendant was commissioned by a former student of mine, for her aunt.  She didn't give me much in the way of guidelines, so I got to let my imagination wander free while making it.  I took the idea for the feel from Jessi, who is a bit of rock n roll rebel, but the color scheme and design is very much in my style.  Ugh, it is so me, but I had to mail it away.  I had a really tough time packing it up and sending it off, and have thought about trying to recreate it, but I don't have any more of the gold thimbles or the finding I used as the pendant base.
Project Picture:

Challenge: Trees - Star
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Link: Rockstar Quilter Earrings

Brief Description: To go with the pendant, I created a set of matching earrings.  Jewelry is probably my default craft, and I liked letting my skills shine through with this pair.  I used tiny Swarovski crystals in an ombre pattern, and finished them with thimble & threaded needle charms.
Project Picture:

Challenge: Trees - Ribbon
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Link: Gift Baskets

Brief Description: Earlier this year I did a lot of canning to make holiday gifts.  Now I've been putting them together into gift baskets, and in some cases, boxes!  When I went to Target to find some inexpensive baskets, I could only find 2, but I had 5 gifts to put together, so I had to get creative.  I used 3 boxes that Mason jars came in, wrapping them in black tissue all origami style (no cuts), and filling them with crinkle filler from my stash. Laying the items down in the boxes, made them much easier for friends who came over, to drive home with them.  The baskets look like I've just thrown everything inside, but really they have some engineering involved, with layers and layers of hidden bubble wrap, camouflaged with tissue, and using extra tissue to pad the jars so they wouldn't clink into one another. 
Project Picture:

Challenge: Trees - Lights
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Link: Hogwarts House Owl Ornaments (Gryffindor & Hufflepuff)
Brief Description: I made two Gryffindor and one Hufflepuff owl ornament.  One of the Gryffindors will stay with me, but the other two are off to warm the hearts of friends for the holidays.
Project Picture:

Challenge: Trees - Tinsel
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Link: Deathly Hallows Ornaments

Brief Description: These ornaments are each edged with glitter, to match the ribbons at the top!  They also incorporate wooden flat squares, book pages, and acrylic gems. These three went to lindyv321, Ant Bee, and MissingWillow in the HP Holiday Swap. 
Project Picture:

Challenge: House Unity
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Link: Hogwarts House Owl Ornaments (Ravenclaw & Slytherin)

Brief Description: For House Unity I created a few more House Owls, two Ravenclaw and one Slytherin.  They also went off in the HP Holiday Swap for lindyv321, MissingWillow and Ant Bee respectively.
Project Picture:

on: November 08, 2016 06:50:33 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by patty_o_furniture
Relevance: 64.3%
Class/Challenge/House Pride: Alchemy
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Patronus Wreath
Project Page Link: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=450732.0
Brief Description: You have to think of a wonderful memory to make a patronus.  My memory is when I had the local girl scouts come over to paint their own wands.  It was delightful to see their faces so wowed that I made wand bases for them with nothing but paper and hot glue.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride:  Arithmancy
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Face Paint Poster
Project Page Link: -
Brief Description: One of my ambitions is to become a professional face painter.  I feel my talent is there, but I lack the enthusiasm to create the business aspect.  But I can still practice for that day!  I created this paint poster for a Halloween Carnival where I painted with some friends.  Each character is hand drawn and then inputted into the computer and colored and pasted onto the poster.  I made this sign large for everyone to see and then a few copies for the painters at their stations.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Astronomy
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Spider Cookies
Project Page Link: -
Brief Description: For this class I made multiple spider cookies!  Each spider also has multiple legs.  Used the eyes I made many many multiples of last semester too.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Charms
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Brain Jello Jar
Project Page Link: -
Brief Description: This jar is housing a jello brain.  I used a blood red color of cranberry jello for the brain and set it in a lemon yellow.  It was a fun table decoration for the kids and everyone thought it was very disturbing the way it jiggled realistically. 
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Detention - October
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Alien Drawing
Project Page Link: -
Brief Description: This improvised project was done by my girls each drawing simple shapes for me to make into a larger drawing.  I didn't know what I was going to draw until the shapes were set in front of me.  And I made sure to use pen so I could not erase anything.  It just had to be what it was going to be.  Turned into a snake pining for its alien girlfriend out in space!
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Herbology
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Professor Trelawney Teacup
Project Page Link: -
Brief Description: Family wanted to all go as Harry Potter characters and decided I would be Professor Trelawney.  Needed the iconic cup to go with it though!  Got a basic plastic teacup from the second hand store and used a paint pen to dot the picture inside. Placed it on a string and wore it as a necklace.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Mini Challenge - Put a  Pumpkin on it.
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Emoji Pumpkins
Project Page Link: -
Brief Description: I used lots of mini pumpkins to make emojis for my porch. (you can see some other wands ready for the girl scouts to paint in the back of the pic too!)
Project Picture:

on: December 27, 2016 11:10:10 AM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by TechnicolorAquahearts
Relevance: 64.5%
Oh my Pygmy puffs everyone's projects are so amazing! I don't have time right now to comment on each one but this has been one of my favorite terms because of all the inspiring work I've seen so far!

Major project dump ahead!!!

Class/challenge: defense against the dark arts
House: Slytherin
Project: cookie decorating demo
This project fits the assignment because cookies require the application of heat to bake an also if the icing is too stiff to work with you apply a subtle amount of heat with your hands to soften it up a bit.

Class/challenge: Floo: treehouse
House: Slytherin
Project: weird cat drawing
This project fits the assignment because I set out to draw a regular cat but ran into difficulties and made a weird cat, but instead of giving up I exercised my independence from the norm by go with the weird and completing a wonderfully weird cat drawing.

Class/challenge: house pride
House: Slytherin
Project: dinosaur dress
This project shows house pride because it's largely green, but also it showcases the T-Rex one of the fiercest reptilian creatures, Slytherins get a lot of inspiration from reptiles, may we channel the fierceness of the t-Rex! Raaaaawr!

This dinosaur dress also leads me to show off another "project" I've been working on for two years: I've lost 100lbs

Class/challenge: Hagrid's trees: star
House: Slytherin
Project: post modern textile art mask
This project fits the assignment because it lets my talent for theatrical design shine. I studied theatre design in college and I haven't applied it that much to my life until now. This mask is one of many that will follow that will be a part of some music videos I will be making to go with my music project.

Class/challenge: Hagrid's trees: angel
House: Slytherin
Project: a holiday dress for my mom
Working at a fabric store lends to all kinds of desire to have whimsical seasonal clothing and I made myself a fun holiday dress which will be pictured further down. When my mom saw it she wanted a fun seasonal dress as well so I made her one too. She is definitely an angel in my life because she allows me to use half of her house as an art studio and supports me while I make music.

Class/challenge: Hagrid's trees: Lights
House: Slytherin
Project: embossed ornament ATCs
These fit the assignment because they hopefully lit up the hearts of the people who received them inside Christmas cards.

Class/challenge: Hagrid's trees: Ribbon
House: Slytherin
Project: cookie decorating demo
This fits the assignment because every time I get to demonstrate cookie decorating the resulting cookies are then shared with my coworkers which ties us all together as a community.

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on: December 31, 2016 01:44:34 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by FiberAlchemist
Relevance: 64.5%
Now that all of my swaps are completed it's time for the end of the year project dump...

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Apparition
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Pecan Pie
Brief Description: Baking has always come easily to me and sometimes it surprises me how simple some things that seem complicated can be.  I think pecan pie is a good example of this.  All you do is mix everything and dump it in the crust!  Easy Peasy!
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Astronomy
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Christmas Earrings
Brief Description: For my partner in the Mini 12 Days of Christmas Swap I made two set of Christmas themed earrings.  One pair is Christmas trees and the other pair are clusters of Christmas lights.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Defense Against the Dark Arts & Iron Hogwarts - Coffee
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Mocha Chip Cookies
Brief Description: Hoping to impress this years DADA professor I used my fire summoning charm to bake cookies.  You must apply head to the dough for the exact right amount of time for cookies that are crisp on the edges and chewy in the middle. To make these cookies mocha flavored take your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (I use the one on the back of the bag) and add 4 TBSP of coffee liquor, 3TBSP instant coffee crystals and 1TBSP finely ground coffee beans.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Divination
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Plush Brontosaurus
Brief Description: When I found out my 12 Days of Christmas Swap partners son loves dinosaurs I knew I had to make him a dino plush.  After searching around online I found a pattern on Etsy called Sam the Dinosaur and was able to sew him up using fleece I already had in my stash leftover from another project.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Quidditch - Headmistress Challenge - December
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Plush Phoenixes
Brief Description: This year I packed up and sent baby phoenixes to each of my HP Holiday Swap partners.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: 12 Christmas Trees Challenge - Star
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Hermiones Christmas Socks
Brief Description: I used the Hermione's Everyday Sock pattern in Christmas colored yarn to make my 12 Days of Christmas Swap partner a cozy pair of socks.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: 12 Christmas Trees Challenge - Garland
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Pine Wreath
Brief Description: Where I like there are many evergreen trees, so I took inspiration from outside my window to create this wreath with added (faux) evergreen branches.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: 12 Christmas Trees Challenge - Bells
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: GingerWookies
Brief Description: These cookies appeal to multiple senses at once.  First they look pretty darn cute, second they have a lovely aroma, and third they are delicious - spicy and sweet at the same time.
Project Picture:
on: January 02, 2017 09:07:44 AM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Abbeeroad
Relevance: 64.5%
I have some post-holiday (and holiday break) crafts to post!!! Woohoo!

Challenge: Hagrid's 12 Christmas Trees: Angel
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name: Dad's Sign
Project Page Link: N/A
Brief Description: I made this sign for my dad, who I definitely consider my personal "guardian angel." He liked it! Cheesy
Project Picture:

Challenge: Hagrid's 12 Christmas Trees: Lights
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name: Homemade Limoncello
Project Page Link: I used this recipe.
Brief Description: Inspired by Mistress Jennie's awesome limoncello xmas gifts, I decided to make a batch of my own for all the Aunts and Uncles on my list. Everyone I gave a bottle to certainly "lit" up with joy. Smiley
Project Picture:

Challenge: Hagrid's 12 Christmas Trees: Icicles
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name: Rolled Holiday Sugar Cookies
Project Page Link: Recipe
Brief Description: Every year at xmas time, kiddo and I make sugar cookies. This year, I tried a new recipe, and they came out great! The kitchen aid sure got a lot of use this past December!
Project Picture:

Challenge: Hagrid's 12 Christmas Trees: Fake Snow
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name: Mandala Tote Bags
Project Page Link: N/A
Brief Description: For these bags, I started with purchased bags from the craft store. On each one, I drew a different Mandala with a fabric marker.
Project Picture:

Challenge: Hagrid's 12 Christmas Trees: Candles
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name: Kiddo Ornaments
Project Page Link: N/A
Brief Description: Each year, I make tree ornaments that feature my son in some way. Each grandparent receives one and always say how much they love seeing what the year's ornament will be. They always have a happy glow when they open it. This year's ornament featured kiddo's pink hair and love of Pokemon.
Project Picture:

Challenge: Hagrid's 12 Christmas Trees: Baubles
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name: Tea-dyed and painted coil rope bowl
Project Page Link: N/A
Brief Description: Made for one of my favorite aunts, this bowl is cotton clothesline stitched into a bowl, tea-dyed and then painted mandala style. Inspired by Alisa Burke's online fabric bowl class, this craft reflects my own likes and developing style, but was given away with love. Smiley
Project Picture:

Challenge: Hagrid's 12 Christmas Trees: Bells
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name: Fabric wrapped coil rope bowls
Project Page Link: N/A
Brief Description: Using some pretty awesome fabrics from my stash, I made several smaller rope bowls as gifts as well. The fabric makes these bowls fun to look at, and the stitching and coils make them fun to touch and feel. There is a second tea-dyed bowl thrown in this pic as well - bonus, the cotton clothesline in the tea-dyed bowls smelled like a big, warm sweater. Wink
Project Picture:

AND...dun, dun, dun......FINALLY, I present my completed NEWT:

NEWT Subject: Arithmancy
House: Gryffindor
Project Name: Quilting by Numbers
Project Page Link: N/A
Brief Description: The final dimensions for this quilt are (roughly) 72" x 42". Not quite by originally proposed calculations, but it will do. I also altered the 9-patch pattern to something that suited my available material, current quilting ability, and patience level. I went with a "strip" design, alternating t-shirt squares and navy blue fabric. Lots of measuring and calculating ensured that even though I changed the plan as I went, the project still came out (relatively) quilt-shaped. A yellow binding around the whole thing finished it off.
Project Pictures:

Close up just because:

Kiddo loves it.

Now to contemplate my next NEWT....and work on that darn OWL!
on: January 15, 2017 05:35:47 AM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Inselaeffchen
Relevance: 64.5%
Class/Challenge/House Pride: Astronomy
SPEW: n/a
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Family Pumpkins Galore
Project Page Link (if available): n/a
Brief Description: Every year I'm carving pumpkins for Halloween. And since the Hobbitses got older, the requests got more and more elaborate! This year I carved 3 things into each of their pumpkins (3-4 large pumpkins is the most I can manage to put up in our street, plus the girls carve one each themselves). So this year Supergirl got a pumpkin with Harry's Glasses and the Thunderbolt scar and of course her Logo,  and Miss Martian got her logo and Thor's hammer! Smiley Then I made a pumpkin with Wonder Woman & Blue Beetle logos (for hubby and me) and the last pumpkin had the Miami Dolphins and the Minnesota Vikings logos on it. Cheesy
Project Photo:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: DADA
SPEW: n/a
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Wookie T'shirt
Project Page Link (if available): n/a
Brief Description: I was asked if I could make a Wookie T'shirt by one of my customers. Sourcing a kid size brown t-shirt is not that easy, but once I got it I managed to get my silhouette working on the bandoliers without problems. Smiley  ETA: Done with HTV (heat transfer vinyl) = heat applied.
Project Photo:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Hagrid's 12 Christmas Trees Challenge - ANGEL
SPEW: n/a
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Doug's DC Superhero Quilt
Project Page Link (if available): n/a
Brief Description: I had the panels for this quilt for ages (but as I didn't take photos of the pre-sewn quilt I can't use it for the FLYING prompt) and have been pushing it back and back. This year I finally managed to get the quilt going (a month later than planned, as I originally wanted to have it ready for hubby's birthday in November). The quilt is not 100% finished, I still have to sew on the applique to make sure they don't come off - currently just on it with heat 'n bond.
Suppose I could call hubby my "guardian angel" more often than not... even though he can be a "devil" from time to time! Wink
Project Photo:
on: January 29, 2017 05:42:05 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by jenleahlynn
Relevance: 64.6%
class/challenge-detention october
project-chevron pillow

I whipped up this throw pillow cover as a gift for my daughter. I didn't have a pattern, and I wanted to be able to wash it, so i wrapped it around so that the fabric overlaps on the back.  no zipper!

class/challenge-detention nov wip
project-fleece pillow case

going through my stash, i found this piece of camo fleece that my son had picked up as a remnant last summer. He had wanted it as a pillow case in his room. Of course i forgot about it until the weather turned colder. the sides were done on the sewing machine, and the open end has a blanket stitch done in yarn.

project-paint by number

Last winter, I bought a paint by number kit to have something relaxing to do while our house was being worked on. once we were home, it got put aside for awhile, so this fall i got it out again to finish up. the colors in it look great with my new wood floors.

class/challenge-floo powder-corner shop
project-minecraft sword

In our free time, we are a family of readers. my son is also into minecraft, so I made a shrinky dink sword for him and attatched it to an lanyard. he loved it!

class/challenge-head mistress philosopher's stone
project-mcgonagall ornament

I started this for the harry potter christmas swap. it's a shrinky dink,but I ran into trouble with paper sticking to the back when it came out of the oven. I evened it out with a layer of gold paint and decided to keep it for my own tree.

class/challenge-magical me
project-owl bookmark

I made bookmarks as christmas presents for the kids, and i decided to make one for myself as well. I traced the owl onto shrink film and colored it with colored pencils, then attatched it to a lanyard. the lanyard goes between the pages with the owl dangling from the spine.

project-giant pink donut

I'm trying to encourage my family to eat less sweets, so cookies and donuts are my bogart lately. This one transformed into a giant pink pillow, cuddly and fun with no sugar! it's hard to see in the picture but I even embroidered it with blue and purple sprinkles.

project-in class painting

our library had a beginners acrylic painting class. I usually do colored pencils, but this is something i've been wanting to try. the teacher led us through the sky, clouds, and trees. i actually found it really hard to work quickly, and know when to stop. i was happier with it when i looked at it at home then when i was staring at it in class.

project-mcgonagall shrinky dink

This is the on I actually sent in the swap. with some experimenting i found that larger shrinky dinks do better if they are round instead of square. I also made the cat as a seperate piece so it would look more 3d. it took a bit of planning to be sure that the 2 pieces would fit together after shrinking.

on: September 18, 2016 02:49:00 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by noodle-bug
Relevance: 64.2%
He took a deep breath, scattered the powder into the flames, and stepped forward; the fire felt like a warm breeze; he opened his mouth and immediately swallowed a lot of hot ash.

Mistress Jennie & Deputy Headmistress Noodle-bug are trying to get to Honeydukes, but something has gone wrong.... Where are they?

A Pinch of Floo Powder
Every 2 weeks (usually on a tuesday) A new challenge will be posted, taking us to explore a different place
Students may complete and post a craft based on that theme to earn 15 House Points, and a badge.  Once a new challenge is posted, you have until midnight Central time that day to finish posting the "old" challenge.
As with all things HPC, you are welcome to do any, all, or none of these challenges.  They are just a way to inspire your own magical crafting adventures!

keep your elbows tucked in, shut your eyes, dont fidget, dont panic, and take care to get out at the right grate
This week we are in...
A Corner Shop!
Corner shops are so useful for picking up little bits on your way home, or just nipping out to grab whatever you forgot - they let you have your creature comforts without being too much of a diversion! For this project, craft something to make free time at home more enjoyable!

Previous Floo challenge badges this semester;
on: September 19, 2016 01:25:24 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Abbeeroad
Relevance: 64.2%

Welcome to the Yule Term of the Harry Potter Craftalong! I hope that you will all carry the excellent crafty momentum from last term into this one! This term, we will be exploring the Gryffindor Tower and the Gryffindors within it! We'll start in the common room, where work, play, and students mingle. Explore and enjoy!

Test your HP knowledge: Harry Potter Emoji Quiz

Keep good company: Famous Gryffindors


Who's that Gryffindor?

Ever find yourself wandering the halls of Hogwarts, spotting other students with a gold and red scarf, and thinking to yourself, "who is that Gryffindor?" Well, wonder no more! The common room is a place for all Gryffindor students to mingle and get to know each other! If you are a little shy or intimidated, I'll introduce you to some. Wink

Allow me to introduce Gryffindor student (and our esteemed Headmistress), Mistress Jennie!

You may recognize Mistress Jennie by her beautiful face:

Or by her beautiful personality! Read on to learn a little bit more about your fellow Gryffindor.

What do you feel makes you a Gryffindor?
That is an excellent question, especially since I'm not sure many who meet me would call me bold or daring.  I always had fantastic grades and was an overachiever in school, like my Ravenclaw friends.  I worked very hard to get a full scholarship to graduate school, and my fierce ambition paid off, like it often does for our Slytherin members. When I taught college, my goal was to make sure all my students were included, like any loyal Hufflepuff.  But when the Sorting Hat asked who I wanted to be, I knew in my heart it was Gryffindor. Gryffindor House represents everything I want to be, and try hard to hold myself to being.  To me being a Gryffindor means standing up and speaking up when you see wrongs or injustices happening.  It means risking death (or worse, expulsion!), to make sure evil doesn't take root.  It means that you keep going, even when things seem darkest, because in the end that's the right thing to do.

Which Gryffindor student do you think you most resemble?

If I were to name which Gryffindor student I am most like, I'd have say a mix of Hermione and Neville.  I might not be the first one to decide to go on a quest, worrying over the possible consequences, and sometimes I need to dig deep to find my courage.  But that didn't stop either of them from fighting for what was right, and it won't stop me either.

What drew you to the Harry Potter Craftalong?
Our former Headmistress pinkleo, asked me to join during the first semester.  I had seen her post the Craftalong, but at first I didn't want to get involved, because I felt so busy with work.  But since we are Crafster BFF's, I decided to stop in and say hello in an effort to support her new endeavor.  Since we usually co-organized for one another's swaps, it was natural to offer to help her when the Craftalong started to grow.  Soon, I was her Deputy Headmistress, and the rest as they say, is history!

What is your favorite project you've ever submitted as part of the Craftalong?
I keep a Pinterest Board with everything I've submitted to the HPC, and in thinking about this question I scrolled through it.  It seems I've submitted 500 projects since the HPC began, so it was hard to narrow it down.  I'd say my top three are the Gryffin-ghan that I made for pinkleo, because it was the first large scale crochet project that I took on. The inspiration from folks who were making large scale projects here really gave me the confidence to try something so big. 

Next was my Muggle Studies NEWT, a home canning extravaganza in which I taught myself about canning by making 20 different preserved food recipes, resulting in 105 jars of food in just 36 days!  I think this was my first NEWT, and the incentive to complete a large scale project to earn lots of House Points was a great inducement to try something I was initially frightened of.

But my absolute favorite project that I've submitted here was my Shrine to the Goddess of Crafty Inspiration, which was also made for pinkleo.  While it is physically small, about 7" square, it took a full week of painting, crackling, sanding, distressing, stamping, gathering bits and bobs, and gluing items in layer by layer.  I used lots of items I had been hoarding for years including antique buttons, wooden spools, and tins, found objects like the burnt out headlight from my car, broken jewelry, and a licorice root from Knickertwist's garden.  I think the ongoing nature of the project, in which only a bit could be done at a time, is a great parallel to the HPC, where we are each sharing a bit of our crafting with one another each and every day.

What is your favorite Harry Potter-themed craft (can be yours of someone else's)?
I think my favorite HP craft that I've created is my Silver Doe Shrine Ornaments for the HP Holiday Swap in 2014. It was one of those rare instances of a 'Eureka! Moment' of inspiration, coupled with the fact that they came out even better than I had imagined them. 

As for HP crafts from other folks, I've long been in love with ofenjen's Harry Potter Quilt.  It's my Everest.  The thing I'd most like to conquer some day.

How has the Harry Potter Craftalong influenced your life (inside or outside of crafting)?
The HPC has had a huge influence in my life.  I came to know several members who I consider close friends out in the Muggle world, and have even had a chance to meet a few including Abbeeroad & Magpirate.  (And I'm looking forward to meeting edelC this summer!)  It has also taught me to look for inspiration everyday.  Since I'm the one planning so many of the challenge & class prompts, I keep a running list of ideas, so that hopefully the craftalong never feels stale.  I want everyone to continue to be inspired here, which in turn, inspires me.

Anything you'd like to say to your fellow HPC Hogwarts Students?
Thank you for inspiring me!  Each time I see someone excitedly propose an OWL, proudly post their completed NEWT, or even just commenting on someone else's work, it gives me a warm glow in my heart.  Craftster is such a magical place of sharing and creativity, but the HPC is even more special to me because it combines that creative spark with a deep and abiding love of story, helping to keep the magic of that story alive in our hearts every day.

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself to your fellow students, Mistress Jennie!
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