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on: June 26, 2016 02:23:10 PM 
Started by aisy, Message by aisy
Relevance: 47.7%
I am very lucky to have two awesome partners this year, lindyv321 and phoenixfiredesigns!

Here is my sweet baby Squid staring longingly at my boxes  Cheesy

Day 1
lindyv321 sent a whole bunch of extras in the box that we have been enjoying for the past few weeks!

and a jar of candy for the first day which my boyfriend and I shared over a bottle of wine

phoenixfiredesigns sent me this stunning Haunted Mansion Bat stanchion necklace! I will absolutely be wearing this year round, and when I go to Disney later this year

Day 2
lindyv321 sent some days unmarked, so I decided to make this day a kid's day! Both my sister and brother loved painting the suncatchers and my sister has started making a bracelet and the shrinky dinks

phoenixfiredesigns sent me these awesome coasters! I'll be moving in with my boyfriend this year, so these should come in handy

Day 3
I got this awesome Haunted Mansion bracelet and necklace set from lindyv321! I'll be wearing this year round, and to the parks

phoenixfiredesigns sent this cute t-shirt that I had on my Pinterest

Day 4
lindyv321 sent a spider garland that my siblings had fun painting and a witch!

phoenixfiredesigns sent these amazing decoupaged flats!They are perfect! Not only are they comfortable but they are cute  Smiley I just bought a Quija board dress and these will go perfectly

Day 5
I got a skull washi tape and this cute apothacary shelf from lindyv321! at some point
i want to make a haunted dollhouse, so this will fit right in!

phoenixfiredesigns gave me this cute bat doll!

Day 6
lindyv321 sent a notepad, some pencils, and ghost venti sticks that I am excited to use!

I switched around phoenixfiredesigns's day order because I could tell that she sent jewelry and I wanted to see what they were because I love jewelry and couldn't hold back

How cute are those necklaces? I layered the Quija one with a bat necklace today and got compliments

Day 7
lindyv321 sent this awesome Haunted Mansion cup! I may be starting a new job soon, and this will be perfect for bringing in iced coffee!

phoenixfiredesigns sent some more jewelry!

I got another very cute Haunted Mansion necklace and pretty camio

I wore the necklace phoenixfiredesign and lindyv321 sent me and it looked very cute together. I also wore the bracelet but its not pictured

Sorry for posting these photos so late, this week has been difficult!

Day 8
lindyv321 made this amazing haunted mansion sign that will be up year round!

phoenixfiredesigns also sent me a sign and some cute extras!
(also the tombstone didnt offend me dont worry!)

Day 9
lindyv321 sent this spooky hoop

phoenixfiredesigns sent this cool jewelry box of madam leota

Day 10
lindyv321 sent these cute hair accessories that my sister loved!

phoenixfiredesigns sent some socks and a cute hand towel

Day 11
lindyv321-my brother loved the ghost!

phoenixfiredesigns sent this stenciled bat shirt

Day 12
lindyv321 sent these elegant towels

phoenixfiredesigns sent some Halloween peeps and a very cute pyrex that has been in use

Day 13
lindyv321 made me this awesome Haunted Mansion shirt! I'll wear this after Halloween and to Disney

phoenixfiredesigns sent a Quija jewelry box!

Thank you so much ladies for an awesome swap!!
on: June 26, 2016 02:51:56 PM 
Started by aisy, Message by MissingWillow
Relevance: 47.7%
My gifties from Killam Creative!  I love how she did the day tags with chipboard numbers.

Day 1
A trio of sweet felted pumpkins, I love them so much!  Seriously, Killam Creative, is there a craft you can't do??

Day 2
Unicorn socks!  Halloween socks that fit my feet are as rare as a unicorn.   Cheesy

Day 3
An ATB decorated with an apothecary theme. The details are beautiful  This is going to be displayed all year.

Day 4
A color changing day of the dead skull (with a few extra photos taken in a dark room).  This is so very cool!!!

Day 5
YESSSSS!  I put in my swap questionnaire that I'd love a supply package.  Killam Creative is one of the best papercrafters I know, I'm so happy she decided to share some of her fabulous stash with me!  I can't decide what my favorite is, I love it all!

Day 6
I've always admired her crystal stick pins and she sent me two gorgeous skull ones.  These will not be worn just at Halloween.  Smiley

Day 7
Fabulous Halloween fabrics with a vintage vibe.  I can't wait to use this!  

Day 8
A Halloween themed mini altered book which was also on my wish list.  I am getting a ton of crafting inspiration from this little gem, so many creative techniques!

Day 9
Today I opened the most beautiful card ever.  Words can't express how much I love this.  It's like a master class in composition.  I'll never use this for a card, it's going to have a permanent spot in my art display.  Thank you so much!!!   Kiss

Day 10
I received a stunning papercraft bunting featuring Graphic 45 papers.  I can't imagine how long those paper medallions must have taken.   Shocked  Just gorgeous!

Day 11
Today I opened an incredible mix of fun stuff.  She sent me some of the most gorgeous handmade papers, some have embossed images on them.

Supplies!  Chipboard cutouts!  Haunted houses, clock faces, spooky trees, honeycomb, swirls...  I can't decide which I like the best.   Smiley

This absolutely blows my mind.  A fully articulated skeleton!  I can't imagine the amount of time it took to do this.  Wowza!

Day 12
I put on my questionnaire that I would love a chunky Halloween house to add to my ever-expanding neighborhood and boy, did she deliver!  It's so texture-y and sparkly and shiny and amazing.  I love it!

Day 13
For my last day, Killam Creative sent me the sweetest felted pumpkin with a 'carved' face.  It's amazingly creative!  I couldn't resist photographing him with the three felted pumpkins she sent me for day 1 in front of one of my spooky chunky house neighborhoods. 

Thank you so much, Killam Creative, you have spoiled me rotten!   Kiss
on: June 27, 2016 02:43:17 PM 
Started by aisy, Message by JoyfulClover
Relevance: 47.7%
*pointing* 'Claimed!' - Daryl, TWD

Day One:
Each gift has a sweet sketch on the outside package.
Neat Halloween brads, try to imagine more candy (totally ate them), and a pumpkin sketch with swirling fall leaves:

Sederick painted a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde skull! He even painted the inside, and secured a rotating color light with an on off switch. And by secured, I mean it looks as if he did some mini soldering, and then fastened into place so it won't move.

I love the incredible duality of this skull. What a steady hand! It will be staying out year-round:

Day Two:
A wonderful CHARM LADEN bracelet. I think just about every link has something dripping from it, yet is relatively light. Sederick included these neat orange/fall beads. It kinda reminds me of a harvest moon. And I'm pretty positive each of the tombstones are handmade. Well done!

Also, fish hook earrings with sepia tones skulls. Yummmm!

Today's package is a sweet witch (matches the bracelet), dimensional stickers, and...more candy I already ate.

Day Three:
It's best to start with the package for this one. I listed loving gargoyles as one of my Halloween items. I know it's not standard, but I wrike what I wrike, right?

So when I saw the bag I tried NOT to get too excited. Hello, sweet gargoyle bag and pretty ghost white kitteh! Also...look. We all know I just ate the candy. But it was there. For real-sies.

 But in this case, it was the BEST kind of foreshadowing:


What up, little monsterous cutie!? He's cranky and crabby, just like I like em! He's super textured, and can you see the slight redish transparency of his front horns? He's even grasping his wings in dramatic intimidation. Swooooon!

He's cute coming AND going. Check out his rumpus:

Look at that little whippy tail! And the little cutie stamp. Reminds me of My Little Ponies (originals) which speaks to my 80s worshipping heart.

Minor bad news was he arrived in bits. Tail, horns, and one ear were all popped off! After my first moment of panic, I realized it was just at the connection point. Whew! I used all my epoxy, so instead broke out my glue gun and resecured his needed appendages.

Man. I do love this little guy. Thank you, Sederick. Totally nailed this one. He's in a permanent place on a mini ledge.

Day Four:

I'm starting again with the package as Sederick is King of Foreshadowing:

Looks like..are those insects over Mister Mummy? I also received more Halloween brads. And never forget about the invisible candy I ate. Like a child, no control.

THEY ARE! Bugs! Insects! I posted these individually instead of collage style, because the labels are hi.ste.ri.cal. for serious!:

Harry Grosseum Arachnis
Mulan Province 1911

Toomanyleggs Antbiteum
Morocco 1909

Disgustingus Beetleus
South America 1912

Scorpiones Buttpokerus
Nevada 1908
This specimen bit my companion
causing him great distress

Musca Domestica Biggie
gross - Saskatchewan 1902

Arachnida Arthropoda
Bigassium Harryus
Virginia 1904
This specimen seems to be very
common but hides quite well.
Extremely poisonous you
never know when they
will resurface

Each is mounted on black with gold burnishing. The insects are a beautiful copper, with sepia washed identifiers. I will be hanging these as a group. Welcome to my home! Here, look at my neat bugs!

Intermission: Bonus!
Sederick sent bonus items! The first is (I believe) his own artwork! Nice, digital print.

And then extra flat Halloweenie items. I have wanted to try out some book mods:

We now return to our regularly scheduled program
Day Five:

This bag features a sweet mouse with gobs of candy. Bet nobody can guess what happened to all of those. What's funny is, I'm not even a candy person! Swear! But your couldn't tell by the complete lack of sugary goodness here. Shameful, really.

Also, extra skellies. Niiiiice

Sederick made a Day of the Dead themed skeleton with Autumn leaf wings.I REALLY want to know how he bent the knee without snapping him like a toothpick!

Narrow brush marks with repetitive, colorful dots.  Even tiny little beads on the wrists. And he has a hook at the back of his head for hanging.

Evil little pixie!

Day Six:
I was a little puzzled by today's artwork package.  But since I love aliens/space stuff, I didn't question it too much. I just figured, SWEET! I bet I can use him for something later!

Also, little dimensional skeletons.

BUT SNAP! Check out this sweet piece of altered art!

THAT'S RIGHT, PEOPLE! THE ALIENS HAVE ARRIVED!! And en masse! What is a group of UFO's called, anyway? A murder [of crows?] A knot [of frogs?]  probably just something boring. You know like, a fleet....


Anyway, here is an angle shot to show his 3D affect. 4 of the fleet are secured with foam to lift them off the cow pasture. The larger, mother ship is mounted just underneath the glass, also giving the frame a bleed affect.

I love this piece! I have an altered art pin board, but I am also currently hosting the Aliens and Robots Swap (y'all should come check it out. It's gonna be A.Time.!). Sederick definitely stalked me, because I didn't list this on my Q, and my package came way before I posted!

Thank you!

Day Seven:
Werewolf sketch and ghost sticker. Hummmmm...interesting

Until you see these suckers!

Seasonal dog collars for my puppers! Gah! I tried them on, and they both fit great! It's too dark at my house to get action shots, but I will do so tomorrow!

I love my puppers so much, I am thrilled beyond words to get something for them! I think these are the ones your wife made? Please make sure to tell her I said thank you!

Day Eight:
CANDY. Halloween brads (in plotting a craft for these guys) and a bag with dancing skeleton

A PIRATE shrine candle in really heavy glass!

Okay, it might not have been intended to be a pirate, but there ARE crossbones, and one of the things I listed was how I decorate for Halloween with some pirate motifs. Random, I know, but it works for me. So...I'm claiming pirate shrine candle. Already sitting out.

It finally stopped raining so I was able to take the puppers out in good light. Little Girl sat still as a statue (or a gargoyle!) and posed, Little Boy was a smidge more difficult. His groom is growing out and when looking at me, his drapey ears and fur completely covers the collar, so he has a profile shot.

Halloween prepped puppers:

Day Nine:
Super fun faux wine label stickers. I'm thinking about using these in papercraft project:

The bag features a graveyard, and I received a mini, painted coffin. The stippling is really well done, in mossy colors:

Inside the coffin is a creeptastic vingette! A scientific la-BOAR-ah-tor-ee (say it with a British accent. It sounds more legit.):

My favorite is the gazing globe and they ghosts with different eyes. Nice!

Day Ten
Happy little pumpkin on today's bag, and cardstock stickers:

A neat, Go Away box, FILLED with insects. Man, these need to be made into something, alright:

And buried underneath the crawlies...were these little gems:

That's right. Sederick made original art for me! I knew it was a stretch, but in my Q, I listed wanting to see what Halloweenies did in the off season.

So, he modded some table top cards into snapshots of mundane life moments:
Confused Dracula posting a dating profile on CandyConnections
Disgruntled Mummy, selling burgers and fries at the mall
Creature from Black Lagoon sweatin a wide awake baby
Ghost thrilled to get his soft serve ice cream at the carnival
Miami Vice Werewolf, pushin a grass cutter in his jorts

I can't express how much I love these little pieces of art. They are so bright and clever. These will be going in a frame.

Day Eleven:
Sederick is funny:

I should have taken a photo as to how he wrapped this gift. It was so intriguing! I both fiddled with it, and didnt, scared I would break it. I'm so glad I quit, because I may have snapped something.

This is Skinny Skeleton. 'Skinny' for short:

If you've ever seen Flat Stanley, you will get Skinny. His body is flat, black jean material, with a painted skeleton. His hands and feet are black SPOONS! His head is...I think it's lightweight pressed wood, but Sederick gave him dimension with perpendicular pieces, so he could fit a rotating color light inside. He's fun! I've already hung him in my kitchen.

I'd just like to give a shout out to my partner here. I mentioned loving assemblage. Sedericks wheelhouse is miniatures! The smallest I could get were peg people and mini plushes! Thank you so much for pushing outside your zone. I LOVE Skinny, and really appreciate your efforts.

Day Twelve:
Annnnnnd now I see why the dogs kept walking by, smelling the air!

Sederick - can you send me the tutorial you used for these? My puppers went bananas for them!

Day Thirteen:

Sederick wrapped up the package with some final sketches in my note:

There was a wee ghostie, too, but it's buried in the letter.

For a partner who said he didn't do extras...methinks his ' Not doing extras' and my ' Not doing extras' differ greatly! GOBS OF EXTRAS in the package and on the last day. And I love them, so I'm not complaining! But man, I shoulda sent extras!

And the gift!

Reuseable ghost bag, HUGE burgundy coffee mug (this is BEAST!), New teeth with my own bagged blood, a hand on a stick (who doesn't need to eat one of those in a lifetime?), neat magnetic container, dog biscuits for the puppers, candy corn coffee (are you kidding me with this??? Gah!), and, well, look. I'm nothing if not consistent...a missing bag of multi-chocolate coated coffee beans that's we're FRACKIN AMAZEBALLS.

Sederick - you (and Shannon) were wonderful to swap with. I'm sad it's over, but so happy we were paired, and hope you feel the same!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, and Blessed Be!

\m/   JoyfulClover
on: June 28, 2016 11:56:36 PM 
Started by aisy, Message by calixita
Relevance: 47.7%
I plant my spooky flag here!
My goodies from the fabulous KittyKill!!!

DAY 13
A sweet altered birdhouse!  I love the spooky portraits and crows!

close up

Day 12

Today I opened an awesome candle melt/scent diffuser!!

and check out these scents!

I've already tried the "Mike Meyers" - fresh fallen leaves, fireside and vanilla bean.  I love Dia de los Muertos skulls and it's a beautiful addition to my kitchen!!  And will be staying year round!!

DAY 11

Today I opened the coolest Halloween ornaments!  A pretty witch's boot, cheeky pumpkin and dapper skeleton face!!!

DAY 10

I didn't see a package labeled "10" but then noticed that 2 were labeled "9".  Ha Ha!  I randomly chose one to open and found a glorious disembodied hand holding a spooky sign!!!!

I love the black fingernail polish!  So dramatic!  My mantel is starting to look so cool with it's decorations!!


Here he is!  The coolest (in a fabulous dorky way!) Halloween cat!!

Look at that face!

And the little skull in his hand!

I love him!!!


Today I opened a super pretty orange and black necklace!

I think the beads are Czech pressed glass which I love for it's vintage feel.  It's really a perfect Fall necklace!

day 8

Today's present was bulky and now I realize it was because it is of deep scientific import!  Check out my specimen box!!!

close ups:

My latin isn't what it once was (oh no wait!, I never learnt Latin!) but I think they're of the 'sharp toothed' variety pixie.
I'll cherish these very rare specimens!!

Day 6

I opened a brilliant monster wallet!!!

It's so cool!  Frankenstein on one side and the Mummy on the other.  


Today has been dark and rainy but luckily I got to open a present!!!!!!  I got a fabulous spider web!!!  complete with a sparkly spider!!!  The lighting doesn't do it justice!


You guys, this is the loveliest Frida Kahlo day of the dead doll ever!!

She's even ready with her paints to create another masterpiece!!  I love her!!!


Today is a truly sweet cross-stitched witch!

She's cooking up something spooky for Halloween!!  I love the little buttons decorating the side!!



Mike and Ike's vampire mix! (already broke into those bad boys!)  2 bags full of lollipops, gummy eyeballs, KitKats and more! and a wax mustache and wax vampire fangs!  Such fun!


last day - :-(
but what a day!

This is amazing embroidered pillow I unwrapped!!!

I absolutely love those creepy plague doctors and I absolutely love this pillow!!  And I'm so proud to have an example of KittyKill's fabulous embroidery skills!!!
Thank you so much for a wonderful swap, KittyKill!!
and here is a photo of my cat Loch sitting in the box, now bereft of Halloween goodies.
on: June 29, 2016 08:50:20 AM 
Started by aisy, Message by kittykill
Relevance: 47.7%
I forgot to take pics of all of my stuff together. Anyhoo! Here is my first day. Per my partner's instructions, I am starting with 13 and working my way down to 1.

Here we go! Yummy candy! I LOVE gummies and these are the best. Sour and gummie! I am dying over the card. I plan on saving them all and framing them. Also, this beautiful crow bookmark. I am using it right now. Thanks for an awesome first day!

I have been out of town for a few days so I am catching up:

Day 12:
The monster and his bride! I put this on my mantle, I am trying to figure out a way to have both sides show. I will probably put a little mirror up to do it.

Day 11:
The picture does not do it justice. This uber cool crow skull necklace! I can not wait to wear it!

Day 10:
A little pumpkin ornament for my tree. I love his little expression.

Day 9:
Another awesome ornament! I LOVE this style of Halloween cat. Awesome felt stitching skills!

Day 8:
Another wonderful ornament! I love crows so much. This one is going to stay out all year long.

Day 7:
My very own Frankenstein's monster cozie! He is so stinking cute!

Day 6:
I am over the moon with these towels! They will stay out all year long. The star witch ornament will go on my tree.

Day 5:
These earrings are the BOMB! Look at how tiny the beads are? And FRANKIEEEEE!!!

Day 4:
OMG! I am a monster when I sleep! I can not wait to see what the dogs do when I wear this.

Day 3:
Stir sticks for my spooky cocktails! These are the best! I think I might use them in a dried floral design.

I think I lost count of my days! Anyhoo, I got this AMAZING altered book that is full of beautiful pics, recipes and stories. It is so much fun!

Day 2:
CROOOOWWWWW! This little gal is the best and will stay out all year long.  I can change her hat to fit the season. Look at the cutest little pumpkin!

Day 1:
The most amazing beaded cuff ever! It is stunning!

I also received a little extra Halloween banner and Frankenstein napkins. Thank you SOOOO much for everytyhing, Calixita! You are an amazing partner!
on: July 04, 2016 05:45:05 PM 
Started by aisy, Message by phoenixfiredesigns
Relevance: 47.8%
There's 999 Happy Haunts here...but there's room for 1,000! Wink

aisy decorated the outside of the box:

20161002_113202 by May Turner, on Flickr

And all the packages are so NICELY wrapped! (Man, I feel like a slacker compared to hers LOL)

20161002_113322 by May Turner, on Flickr

So I spent Oct 1st at the Magic Kingdom celebrating the 45th Anniversary of WDW and didn't get to open my first package until today! Which meant I got to open two!

October 1st

20161002_113518 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161002_113643 by May Turner, on Flickr
Hatbox Ghost and Madame Leota from Haunted Mansion hand painted glasses!

October 2nd

20161002_113522 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161002_113807 by May Turner, on Flickr
All kinds of awesome Halloween washi tape, the world's cutest little pumpkin with a witch hat eraser, and stickers for seasonal crafting!

October 3rd

20161003_123443 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161003_123550 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161003_123555 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161003_123605 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161003_123622 by May Turner, on Flickr

Wow! What an amazing bag! It's a "saddlebag" style and it's just so nicely sewn. I LOVE the fabrics too. There's even a zippered pocket inside. Impressive. The note on the outside said aisy thought it was her favorite item for the swap and I can see why!

October 4th

20161005_015715 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161005_015744 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161005_015749 by May Turner, on Flickr

Cool, wood burned spoon with bats!

Even my fluffy girl, Ginger, was interested:

20161005_015812 by May Turner, on Flickr

October 5th

20161005_113859 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161005_114109 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161005_114030 by May Turner, on Flickr

Really neat Trick or Treat banner made from canvas!

October 6th
Thankfully, Hurricane Matthew didn't do any damage to us here in Tampa Bay!

20161007_162509 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161007_162602 by May Turner, on Flickr

Cute witchy sign! I tried to get a glow in the dark pic but it's hard to do:

20161007_162759 by May Turner, on Flickr

October 7th

20161007_162616 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161007_162700 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161007_162720 by May Turner, on Flickr
This is really hard to photograph! It's a clear zipper pouch and in between the layers of the plastic, are all kinds of Halloween glitter and confetti! Thankfully, it's all safely contained so you get all the look and none of the craft herpes!  Grin

October 8th

20161009_104744 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161009_110110 by May Turner, on Flickr
It's a pillowcase for a 12x12 pillow and it has bat wings! How fun! I don't have a pillow on hand to model it at the moment, but hopefully you get the idea.

October 9th

20161009_104751 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161009_104939 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161009_105002 by May Turner, on Flickr
This little bat was curled up inside this cute vampire coffin box. Cheesy

October 10th

20161010_231158 by May Turner, on Flickr
A phoenix bird magnet!

October 11th

20161012_000515 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161012_000634 by May Turner, on Flickr
Bat necklace! The bats are made with shrink plastic but it's hard to see just how detailed the drawing is of them! Super creative!

October 12th

20161013_110229 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161013_110306 by May Turner, on Flickr
Two super cute mini clay pumpkins! One says, "Eek" and the other says, "Boo" Love 'em!

October 12th

20161013_231038 by May Turner, on Flickr

20161013_231132 by May Turner, on Flickr
Two cute pairs of earrings; owls and Mickey pumpkins! (One of the pumpkins popped off the backing in transit but that's an easy fix)

Thanks aisy for such a fun swap!
on: July 06, 2016 06:46:07 AM 
Started by aisy, Message by Sederick
Relevance: 47.8%

Day the first. My partner has graced me with these amazing Hallmark tea light holders. As my wife said.. they are totally me. Smiley

Day 2. Someone has been checking my pinterest Smiley I opened a beautiful cut out tree picture. It is already hanging up

Day 3. I recieved this very cool bat and pumpkin. They are going on the tree and the butterflies are going in our room with the Fairies Smiley

Day 4 Joyfulclover really outdid herself. My wife immediately squeed upon seeing this Sam Hain pillow. it is definitely a year round couch item.. LOVE

Day 5. I really like this and it will be staying out all year. It is the phases of the moon made in felt and will probably be going near our altar. Thank you SOOO much. Smiley

Day 6. I love love this sign. It is woodburned (I am pretty sure) onto a wood round. It is amazing and fits perfectly in our home. Thank you thank you Smiley This is another year rounder

Day 7 today I received 4 awesome kitchen towels. I love the stripes and Shannons fav is the cat with the feathery tail

Day 8. Not Halloween but holy crap do I not care. I LOVE this shirt. The art is very cool and she must have stalked me. I love Wonder Woman and not in a weird way. She is an amazing andpowerful character and I think this art really catches her. Thank you so much

Day 9 Nightmare Before Christmas Peg Dolls! I love the movie and actually have a collection of NMBC items. As the pictures show they went straight on the tree. The Sally is my fav.. she is very well done Smiley

Day 10..What? already?? Well.. I was wondering why my cat kept sniffing the package.. now I know. Catnip cat toys and an awesome flask for me!

Day 11 - in my pinterest are these amazing painted cats and joyfulclover captured one perfectly. I love this. Check out the amazing detail. Thank you for being an amazing partner

Day 12 I LOVE pin-up art.. and witches.. so this is perfect. I love this art (and so does Shannon) Another Hit!

Day 13. also known as the saddest day. I saved the largest box for last and it was awesome. I am a huge Stephen King fan and these bookends are pretty sweet. They are free standing and very heavy

Thanks so much for being my partner JoyfulClover. I am sure we have all been flaked on once or twice but we were both very happy! Most of the items I received from you are staying out all year.. no joke.
I seem to recall I was the one who said no extras.. mostly because I didnt need any Smiley I had not planned on sending any either but all the items that were included were things we already had around the house so I felt no guilt *L* Traditionally I send a box full of candy on the 13th but you dont do candy but liked coffee.. so coffee Smiley
Thank you to the organizer.. we couldnt have this fun without your hard work so it is much appreciated
on: July 13, 2016 11:12:53 AM 
Started by aisy, Message by KarenLouiseM
Relevance: 47.8%
Mine  Grin

I received a wonderful package from FiberAlchemist!  Sorry for the delay in posting, just arrived back in town last night - and am having internet issues!  So, hope I can get this out there using my phone as a hotspot.  Packages are all super cute - love the black and white paper and the twine (and candy corn fabric!)

Day 1 - this is SO nice in person.  The fabric is fantastic and the banner is really well sewn.  Fully reversible too!

and Day 2 - great alchemist label magnets - these are super thick - like very heavy duty chipboard.  Putting them on my spice shelf baskets!

Day 3 - check out the cuteness!  Enough washcloths to last the whole month (there's another layer!) and a lovely bar of soap.  I have no Halloween decor out yet - these make me want to get everything else out and really spook the place up - well, at least for now my bathroom looks festive.

Day 4! Totally love this, immediately hung on the wall!  
Day 5 - Super cute Halloween cup and yummy looking cocoa - chocolate, mint & raspberry!

Day 6 is perfect for me - I love me some Scrabble - and even though I have crafted tons of stuff with Scrabble tiles, I never got around to making any decorations for myself.
Day 7 just might be my favorite so far.  Something about these little pumpkins just pegged my "adorable" meter all the way up  Grin  (BTW, much cuter in person, the colors are better.)  FiberAlchemist - it's like you're in my head!  A few years ago I made a LOT of small pumpkins for the Thanksgiving table, mostly in velvety fabrics.  Every year when I get them out I think, I need to add some cute, cotton Halloween pumpkins to round this out for October!  
Oh goodness, I got distracted and forgot to post.  So, here are days 8, 9, 10 and the "extras" I opened on day 7.  (Sorry for sideways pics - having trouble with uploading.)    These are the extras - the only treat I absolutely have to have at Halloween - candy corn!  And a kit to make a Putz style house - a real favorite of mine.  Can't decide whether to make Christmas or Halloween style!  Next, a cauldron - this will go with my apothecary stuff for sure!
And look at this!  Really, really love it.  You can sure tell that my partner knows her way around a sewing machine.  And her fabric selection is like she was looking with my eyes :-)
And, this morning's gift - a candle that I have already starting burning.  My house smells pumpkiny yummy.  This is an October must have for me - a candle smelling of pumpkin.  Since we were gone and then I was a little sick I haven't had time to find one this year - so happy this was in the package!
I've been walking by him all day saying "nevermore".  I crack myself up ;-). Isn't he cute?!  
My partner did an amazing job of stalking - she really got into my head! These are SO me.  They are tiny - 1.5" or so.
I even love the box they come in.  Box full of adorable.

I sew just enough to know how incredibly skilled my partner is.  I cannot believe how much she got done and how gorgeous it is.  Here is my 13th and most amazing item.

And in action (grandma's bowl & candlesticks on top).
on: June 28, 2016 06:24:08 AM 
Started by aisy, Message by Killam Creative
Relevance: 47.7%
Here's the package from Missing Willow!

I finally got to open the first 3 days!

Day 1: The table is set for a ghoulishly good time!

Day 2:  An art doll witch! I admit I squealed and got a little happy-teary when I opened her.

Day 3:  A wee trick-or-treater in true vintage costume style!

Day 4: OMG. A fantastic selection of homemade goat milk soaps. They smell SOOO good!

Day 5: A batty bar set and 3 gin recipes.  SQUEE!

Day 6: Ooh, this one is super special. We spent hours doing pottery together last summer. I love knowing the space she sat in while making this wee shrine.  This brings back fun memories!

Day 7: A wicked little mantle!

Day 8: A mug, mug rug, and a little bit o' sweet! I love this glaze, MW. ...Wait a minute. There are pockets in my mug rug!

Day 9: A pewter serving tray with a rat! It has candy on it now. Perfect! The Halloween coasters are reversible - I'm in love wth the dancing skelly. Smiley

Day 10: Ok, so this altered tin made me weak in the knees. MW, you win. I adore this scene. No lie - I stared at the moon last night wondering if he really *does* see me. Sigh.

Also - The green felt grass is fantastic, the ceramic moon is perfect, and the bunny melts me.

Day 11: These bowls! I'm so fancy now. And hungry for Pimento Cheese! Yours is so good and I appreciate that you sent your recipe. Yum!

Gah! I just realized the gold paint doesn't show well -- the houses and bowl base are all gold. Fancy!

Day 12: Spider Scarf! Eek! I love it so much.

This morning in bed I watched a spider walk around a small area above the bed. It looked to be making a web on the ceiling surface... why? Is it going to have babies and the web helps them from falling in their first hours? ::shudder:: I should go back in there and check, right? I mean, it's over my bed.

Day 13: Halloween kitchen towels! I was secretly hoping MW would send something embroidered. Killam Manor makes me so happy!

Missing Willow - thank you SO MUCH! This has been a fun swap with a special partner. ::smooches::
on: June 28, 2016 07:20:42 PM 
Started by aisy, Message by Whistley
Relevance: 47.7%
I claim this spot for spooky goodness from audio!

And they've arrived! I can't wait to see what's inside!

Day 1
Some super cute Halloweeny bracelets. The colors are great. I love them! My 4 kids have claimed theirs but the Mickey one is mine. Wink

Look how fun they are all together!

Day 2
A Hitchhiking Ghost vinyl sticker. Love it!

Day 3
A book of masks to color and wear. My kids are excited to have a monster party.

Day 4
A piece of Disney Halloween fabric. I'll definitely make good use of this.

Day 5
A fun wreath. I love the colors!

Day 6
Welcome Foolish Mortals! I love everything about this. I think it will sit atop my craft room door.

Day 7
A cute, rolly-polly bat!

Day 8
A positively perfect pumpkin man! I love him!

His bum has a magnet attached so he sits perfectly on my Halloween jar light.

Day 9
A cute bat tin full of goodies.

There's a design your own Frankenstein, a funky Halloween hair tie, a fuse bead Mickey skull, a loom band bracelet, and some Haunted Mansion shrinky dinks.

Day 10
Oh you guys! It's a big FrankenMickey tsum tsum!

He is so awesome!

Day 11
a Disney Halloween button charm bracelet

Day 12
A nifty crocheted Halloween button/charm bracelet

Look at all the teeny tiny stitches!

Day 13
Some Disney Halloween totes and stickers

Thanks for swapping with me audio! And
Happy Halloween!
on: June 29, 2016 12:23:15 AM 
Started by aisy, Message by Glamis
Relevance: 47.7%
I finally received and could open three days at once. Yeaj. Grin Cant really understand smeddleys swap anxiety  Huh She wrapped everything eco friendly in fabrics scraps, love it.

First there were some awesome extras:

zombie duckies! Their eyes crack me up  Cheesy

Some zombie bubbles (that I entertained the bus stop with and that made some bypassing hardcore looking truckers smile very big), supercool zombie stitch markers, and really pretty..eh..horrible "Refleshmints". The mints inside are tiny brains <3

And the (hopeyfully infamous by now) book of explaining for each day

Smeddley and I are making this a horror movie swap and every day is dedicated to one of our favorite movies

Day 1: Shining

Magnificent magnets with the carpet design, the creepy twins, the redrum door writing and the all work and no play makes jack a dull boy pages. Can you ever have too much magnets?

Day 2: 28 days later

A kreepy key chain.That is way too pretty to become scratched and dented on a keyring and screams to be a pendant. Plus it reminds me of the tunnel scene in the movie

Day 3: The silence of the lambs

a nifty movie poster necklace and a beautiful bracelet that has subtle references to the deaths head moth (the shades of brown, the skulls and the moth closure)

bracelet close up

Day 4: Zombieland

Snazzy zombie socks to keep my toes toasty during the zombie apocalypse. They even fit my chubby calves!

Day 5: Ringu (The ring original)

Can you spot it?

Its a dreadful Sadako doll. Smeddleys friend Cryssoleil painted the face and she made the shift dress. Thankfully there was no video to watch...

Day 6: What we do in the shadows

So today I was so clever to open day 9 instead of day 6  Undecided
Nevertheless, there was this viscous viago peg doll in his casket. The details are very delicate. As smeddley already said, if you havent seen this movie yet, you really should!

Day 7: Texas chainsaw massacre

Was this chunky terrifying texas chainsaw massacre magnet that is joining the shining magnets on my fridge

Day 8: Hellraiser

A blood-curling cenobite. I always wanted to make a pinhead pincushion but now I am glad I never did because my stitches would not have been half a neat as Smeddleys.

Days 9: Shaun of the dead

A spooky Shaun funko pop. He is so much more handsome than the real thing. Is it wrong to be attracted to a funko?

Day 10: Texas chainsaw massacre

A truculent tiny creepy crocheted chainsaw. Made with cotton yarn. Look at all the minuscule stitches. And the grey saw part is armed with wire to keep it in shape.

Day 11: Night of the living dead

My favortie movie. Yeah! A
"horrible" hoop with the iconic quote from the movie. The stitches are so perfect. Love it

Day 12: Evil dead

A nasty necronomicon needlebook. How cool is that?! Best needlebook ever

Last day (sniff  Cry): Return of the living dead

A gruesome needle goblet. Such a cool idea.

Thank you Smeddley for an awesome horror movie swap. I love every single item and you really should not be so insecure about your crafting skills.  Wink
And thanks to the moderator of course!

on: July 03, 2016 06:18:16 AM 
Started by aisy, Message by Smeddley
Relevance: 47.8%
Days 1-9 arrived! The tags all have little had-drawn clues on them, some I think I know what movie they're referring to, others...  have me stumped (though I'm sure it'll be obvious when I open them!).  C'mon, October 1st!

Aaaaand, the rest of the days arrived and my partner received so it's time to binge-open and catch up!  Cheesy

(all of it, except the candy - gummy bears in the first batch, some awesome chocolates in the second... you can't expect that to last around me!)

Day one - MegaPiranha!  Seriously fun, ridiculous movie about huge mutant fish.

Look at this!  How pretty is he?  Except, you know, those teeth!  Glamis said she thought I might sew it on to a Bellydance costume, and I really want to!  What fun would that be, the audience staring and going... "is that a... piranha?"  Hehehehe!  (we're a humorous troupe, so it would very much go with our themes...)

Day two - Coraline!  I know, I know, but it IS listed on some lists as one of the scariest movies ever, so I went with it because it's an awesome movie!

And I'm so sorry about the quality of the picture, but it's super cloudy/rainy out and my house is dark at the best of times... you can't see the details so well, but each flag on the bunting has a different pattern.  Really well done and super cute!  I'm going to hang it off a shelf in my office at home, but I couldn't take a picture of it there because it is super super dark in that room... (it's my cave!).

Day three - What We Do In The Shadows - if you have not seen this movie, you need to.  It's Spinal Tap meets Dracula.

I love things to hang on my wall, and I'll chuckle every time I look at the lineup from the movie!  It's definitely going up on the wall in my craft room... as soon as I can get into my craft room (there was a cleaning binge in the rest of the house that resulted in everything being dumped in that room...).

Day four - I'm not going to say what movie this is from, because it's a HUGE, MASSIVE spoiler.

It's also one of my worst nightmares, being buried alive!  And what great artwork!  Also going up on the craft room wall post-haste... well, post-cleaning... Cheesy

Day five - Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness.  Who doesn't love Ash?  Who doesn't love Ash with a chainsaw hand?!?!

Sorry for the bad photo, raining again here, no outdoor pictures...  you can't see the details too well, but his chainsaw is marvelously constructed!

Day six - Grabbers.  If you have not seen this movie, you need to.  It's Richard Coyle, who played Jeff on the British (really, should have been the ONLY version of the show) Coupling, on an island, with tentacle monsters who won't eat you if you're drunk.  Really drunk.  I know, I know, it sounds like a super cheesy monster movie but it's awesome.

And so is this.

Hold on to your hats, people, this is really one of my favorite things EVER.  I mean, okay, I have a lot of favorite things I've gotten, but this really is great.

Shot glasses!  Which, okay, yes, awesome, but if you could see them in person!  I'm about to spam you with some pictures, but really, they don't do them justice (I've seen a lot of swapped etched glass, I know it's tough to get a good picture, and I'm amazed at the people brave enough to send glass - I'm also currently drinking out of one of my Dr Who glasses sent to me by Calixita!).


Seriously, this would have been enough (not that I'm sending the rest of the stuff back, because I love it too and want to keep it, but... I just want to convey my true appreciation of this... ).  I'm not worthy! (but I'm still keeping them, and will have a celebratory tentacle-monster repellent shot tomorrow to celebrate - it kills me not to have one now, but I'm donating blood tomorrow and can't be dehydrated...)

(Sorry about not posting, family emergency/near tragedy this weekend, thankfully only ended with the loss of material things, but it was iffy)

Day seven - Psycho! I'd never actually seen this movie until recently, and I have to say it holds up very well (why a remake, why?!?!). Glamis scaled this down to half size and I'm so impressed, it's so tiny and adorable!

Day eight - Zombieland! One of the best zombie movies out there, for sure! And look at these tiny tiny tiny stitches! My eyes cross just thinking about stitching that up!  And I do have a love of Twinkies...

Day nine - shark movies... I honestly can't remember what I listed, I think there were a few... Sharktopus, Bait, Ghost Shark...  so many...

OMG, OMG, how awesome is this? I looooooooove this bag! Love it! I seriously am not worthy of my partner!

Day ten - Nightmare on Elm Street - a blast from the past that has held up remarkably well! Glamis said she's not done a lot of paper crafting, but I think this is awesome, and I wouldn't have the patience for all those cuts...

The back:

Day eleven, from my questionnaire I mentioned I loved Bunnicula...

A coffee cup cozy! Perfect for at work, where we have very thin paper cos that burn your fingers...

Days twelve and thirteen, which I'm posting together because... SHAUN OF THE DEAD!

She said they were supposed to be half the size, and I know that feeling... the number of times I've crocheted or knitted something and you're just... "whoa, how did this get so BIG?!"  And look at the details!  The red on Shaun, the Stubble on Ed...

Thank you Glamis, you have been an AWESOME partner!!!!
on: July 05, 2016 07:56:03 PM 
Started by aisy, Message by halblingefrau
Relevance: 47.8%
Mine.  My own.  My.... gallery!

Day 1:  COOKIES!  Om Nom Nom.  These were awesome.  I ate too many in one sitting.

Day 2: Wall art!  I seriously love these, and they're living in my office cubicle helping to make me feel more festive.

Day 3: More art.  I am so jealous of woodburning skills.  I mostly just burn my hands.  This is also at my office, and this will stay up year round because this is so me.

Day 4: Socks and Glow In The Dark Nail Polish (what?!)

Day 5: Coffin box with cool skelly guy rising from the grave

Day 6: Coloring book (for slow work days) and sweet wall bats that are so going on my wall for my halloween party

Day 7: Pumpkin sour candy and little ghosties!  I so love the trio of little guys.

Day 8:  Nosferatu.  Nuff said.  He's looming over my cube wall these days, reminding my neighbor what a weirdo I am.

Day 9: Movie night!  She sent me her favorite halloween movie, Trick R Treat, which I've never seen but I'm super stoked to watch.

Day 10: Tentacle shot glass.  I collect shot glasses, and this thing is bada**.  I love how the tentacles go around and over the lip of the glass.

Day 11: Rising full moon dream catcher.  This thing... THIS THING!  IS AWESOME!

Day 12:  Fudge!  Get in my belly.  Dunno if she made it, dunno if she bought it... don't really care.  Awesome.

Day 13: Blingy skull door knocker.  Yep, this is living in my cube year round as well.

Thank you so much chase_acow!  This was an awesome swap package.  My roommate was impressed and jealous.  He'd never heard of craft swaps before.
on: July 08, 2016 12:39:50 PM 
Started by aisy, Message by FiberAlchemist
Relevance: 47.8%
All the lovely things KarenLouiseM sent...

Day 1
Some yummy fall inspired treats!  A mini pumpkin bread and pumpkin spice chocolate truffles.  There was also a small book to keep recipes (the pumpkin bread one was already inside!) and the card is from the outside of the package.

Day 2
It's a calendar for the month of October.  All of the tags from the packages are the first 13 days to use on the calendar! Clever Girl!! And when you open the back days 14 - 31 are inside!

Day 3
A teeny tiny candy corn under glass. So freakin' cute!
*quarter for scale

Day 4
A quartet of goodies to "deck my halls".  Two buntings, that I hung my kitchen, a door hanger and a decorated spool!  My house is starting to feel spooky.

Day 5
Today I opened this amazing haunted house picture.  It is a glittery house with little three dimensional pumpkins and a spider.  I love the details of cats and bats in the windows and the whole scene is under a clear dome.  So cool!

Day 6
A little skeleton holding a halloween bunting. He even has a little lacy collar and a golden crown.  He came with a little placard that reads "Once Upon an Eerie Tale" adorned with owls and spiders.

Day 7
Today blew me away!  Karen sent a beautiful Halloween shrine! Each of the cubbies contains different little bottles, pumpkins, books (that actually open!), and general vintage goodness. Thank you so much, this is a work of art!


Day 8
Two fossils, a bat and a spider, mounted on chunky canvases. I'm not going to lie, the spider kind of gives me the creeps.

Day 9
Day nine brings a miniature graveyard scene in a little coffin box.  There's so much detail from the skeleton to the little headstones perched on top of the coffin.

Day 10
One of my favorite things is Harry Potter. Karen made two baby mandrake roots in tiny pots. I think Professor Sprout would approve. Smiley

Day 11
Today is three faux candles.  The outsides are decorated with different patterned burlap, rick rack, ribbon and trim with the little pompoms.  They each have a cool vintage style paper label on the front. The center of each one lifts out so you can turn on a batter operated candle.  Vey cool.

Day 12
A Burtonesque wreath! The body of the wreath is covered in black feathers with bits of white and silver sparkle mixed in.  There is a Christmas ball painted to look like Jack Skellington! And the black and white tube ribbon reminds me of the sandworms from Beetlejuice.

Day 13
So far I have been so impressed by everything Karen has sent; but today she blew me away! She sent an amazing miniature apothecary cabinet inspired by my love of Harry Potter. The amount she included and the detail of every object is impeccable; from the potion bottles, to the little cauldrons to the Olivander's box complete with a tiny wand. 

Karen, thank you so much for being such a wonderful and generous partner!
on: July 08, 2016 04:43:24 PM 
Started by aisy, Message by rockingbearranch
Relevance: 47.8%
These are my goodies from Thimbles71.
I love the tags. I'll have to find a way to display them.

Day 1
Some cool coasters. These are on my list of things I need to make!

Day 2
Next are these spooky towels. I always need more.

Day 3
Today's package had these little peg people. Too cute!

Day 4
These hanging towels have great fabric. You don't realize at first that it is halloweeny.

Day 5
These adorable pot holders have applique witch hats!

Day 6
Cute kitty in a pumpkin costume! Heehee.

Day 7
Four awesome ghost themed kittybutt mats, err, placemats.

Day 8
Today was this cool pillow. Love that red fabric. I have a funny feeling I can guess what tomorrow might be.  Wink

Day 9
These are so cute together. Awwwe, true wuv.

Day 10
Cute quilted pumpkin cards with envelopes. Yay! These will be used immediately to send atc's.

Day 11
A braided, stuffed wreath. I have made the tiny version of these for Christmas. I'm so happy to have a big one.

Day 12
Fun tiki god wall hanging but I'm going to use him on the table so he is looked at more.

Day 13
And finally this softie tic tac toe board with a scary cute pouch. Thank you Thimbles!
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