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on: August 28, 2015 11:49:33 AM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by phoenixfiredesigns
Relevance: 57.3%
Spooky things from quaggy henceforth shall be here!

D'oh! I'm a dork. I totally forgot to share a pic of my boxes of goodies!!

In an attempt to give you scale, this is my COUCH!!!

Here is a sneak at some of the SO PRETTY wrapped gifts! I haven't taken them out because my cat will very likely eat the wrapping paper. She's done it with Christmas presents before so...I'm trying to help her avoid temptation by just not giving her the option! Grin

Sept 30th
I took them all out of the boxes (except for the one box which is it's own day) and stacked them up. Look at them all!!

October 1st

Two awesome pillows!! The bats are flying past full moons. And the back has more bat fabric. They're so perfect!! Grin

October 2nd

A spooky book to read with two handmade Halloween themed bookmarks! Grin Perfect timing too! I just finished my book and need something to read. Cheesy

October 3rd
sorry, I wasn't home Saturday to post

A Mr & Mrs bat magnet set and an embellished bat kitchen towel! I love bats and the fabric on the towel is so cool!

October 4th

Inside is an awesome tote bag and a BUNCH of goodies!

The tote, ghost hand soap, ceramic owl, ceramic owl toothpick holder, tic tacs (orange!), mellowcreme pumpkins and two "perler" bead kits in pumpkin and witch.

Here's the back of the tote! Such awesome fabric!!! Grin

October 5th

Inside the box was a cool, patchwork mug rug, pumpkin almonds, and Halloween paper straws...and a wrapped item.

...and it's a cute pumpkin mug!! Grin

I also forgot that inside one of the boxes was four bags of popcorn:

There are only three here because one bag has gone mysteriously "missing."  Wink Cheesy

October 6th

Oh it's so cute! It's a memory tray full of fun Halloween details. It might be hard to tell in the pic, but it's big; about 12x12. Super cute!! Grin

October 7th

It's an adorable owl wall quilt! It's so nicely done. And it's hard to judge the size here but I'd say it's about 2.5 feet long by about 2 feet wide. A really nice size. The owls are outlined in stitch too but you can't really tell in the pic. So cute!

October 8th

quaggy hand painted this glass block with the cutest scene!! And she included a light kit so you can light it up!

OMG it's adorable! Such a great job on the painting too!!

I had a show this weekend so I'm behind in posting!!

October 9th

Wow it's a CERAMIC pumpkin with ghost! quaggy handpainted the whole thing too!

And it even lights up! She included the light kit for it. Even my husband who is notoriously "not impressed" by a lot of things looked over when I was opening it and said, "wow, that's cute" which is a massive ringing endorsement from him! Grin

October 10th
This day was it's own HUGE box. Here it is taking up part of my couch. Wink

It's a totally neat, nontraditional wreath. Instead of being round, it's a frame!

And it totally lights up!! quaggy must be psychic because I LOVE things that light up and she's sent several now! Grin It's so neat with the bow and bats and lights. I love it! And again, my husband was like, "you should put that on the door" which is two thumbs up from him! Grin

October 11th

Oh it's so cute! It's a hand embellished sign. But holy crap you might not be able to see but each one of those little accents is STITCHED ON. WOAH. That is a LOT of work. I would have glued it and that would have been a ton of work but they're all stitched!!

So cool!! And sparkly! Grin

October 12th

(Have I mentioned how nice the wrapping was on all these packages? Man, I felt like a slacker compared to quaggy on them!!)

TWO huge bunting banners! They read "HAPPY" and "HALLOWEEN" I had to string them across my couch to try and get them all all! Grin

It's the cutest fabric too!! I just need to figure out where to hang them. I think it's longer than my living room wall! Grin

October 13th

This is it...final day. I'm so sad. It's been such an amazing swap!

Holy...! Shocked Shocked Grin Grin WOW. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this quilt is. I was speechless when I opened it. To say it's amazing is like the most understated comment ever. It's just...breathtaking. quaggy...it's too much!

The details...the kitty, the leaves, the pumpkin...I'm just in awe. This is beyond beautiful.

The back is a pretty autumn-y paisley with gold in it. So nice.

This pretty much made me cry. I can't believe the time and effort you put into this! I just don't even know what to say or how to express how amazing it is. It's just so much. And it's so beautiful.

Thank you for being an absolutely amazing partner! This has been such a wonderful experience for me and I hope you've enjoyed it too. (Although I think I owe you a FOREST full of trees for the amazing quilt!)
on: August 28, 2015 04:47:35 PM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by quaggy
Relevance: 57.3%

Eeekkkkk!!!!! Excitement has set in!  BF asked me well aren't you going to open them.  Then I had to explain the madness to him about this swap.


OMG just look at my 1st gift!  PFD stalked me well and even went in search of the original artist for this necklace.....talk about dedication to pleasing her partner (me).  She added the crystals and included a pair of earrings to match!


A collectible resin napkin holder. I collect these and have about 25 of them....owls are always a plus.....these are getting harder to find and way more expensive than a few years back.  I also received 2  towels and some fun napkins to use in my napkin holder

Day 3

Big squeal here.....I love Frankenstein so much and PDF sent me this awesome Frankie shirt.  The white stitching is hand sewn and just makes this t-shirt perfect.  I sported him around today while running errands.

Stickers from Day 3 and the cute bag that my frog/candy corn necklace and earrings came in.

I also finally got my tree put up.


A pumpkin that PDF decoupaged with pages from a vintage Poe book.....she then added the ribbon and fall dcor...this is amazing and so me....It is staying out through Thanksgiving!

Having issues with pictures tipping over.  They appear right when I upload but somehow keep falling on their side


I have had these on my pinterest forever and was so pleased when I opened up my package today.  PDF used a vintage dolly for one.  I love the fabrics she chose.  One for now is decorating my ceramic owl that my Halloween tree is sitting on.


Oh so cute candy corn........Love these and I am gonna use them in 2 separate places...look how neat the yarn is and perfect application!  I do not think I would have the patience or the ability to get these to come out looking store bought.  Mine would appeared to be a gluey mess......


Winner!!!!  It's me....I love Frankie and I have my very own super cool Altered Book Box!  Love the Frankie image and so well made just look at the inside, the page edges and the binding......Inside was also a super cute Frankie suncatcher.....eek, he is holding a spider!

I wish I could figure out why my pictures keep laying on there side.....


I was super spoiled today......bummed that I left for work this morning forgetting to open my gift......when I finally was able to open I found not 1, not 2 but 3 fabulous necklaces.....and yes one is a piece that had made PDF famous on craftster.

2 tile necklaces and PDF made the clasps as well.....gotta love her skills

A spooky Halloween scene

Christine from Stephen King a favorite author of mine

and drum roll please!!!!!!!

A Halloween Moon pendant.......I love all three......just look at her artistic skills!!!!!!!!!

Lucky me!!!!!


I love this cute ceramic pumpkin house.  PDF was stalking me pretty good as she saw my love for fairy doors and this pumpkin house has one.  She also knew of my love for frogs and the cute little fellow on top makes it perfect.  This is headed to work with me to adorn my desk.

Day 10

I knew PDF has some mad jewelry skills but just look at this Frankenstein head that she painted.  He is so cool and she did a super job....he looks so real!  Can you believe he made from Styrofoam...this blows my mind!

DAY 11

Loving this wreath!  Just look at all the spooky detail!  So bright and fun!!!!

When I opened the box inside I found my last 2 gifts!!!!!!!

Pictures look better on your phone at least they post right side up...  Wish I could figure out way they are sideways this is driving me crazy!!!

DAY 12

Super excited about todays gift.....PDF shared that she had ordered something that was broken when it arrived.....She managed to use it to make this terrific piece of wall art, then went in search of finding another one to send to me in the swap.  I LOVE THIS.  I also added a few photos to show how well it fits my decor and my napkin holder collection

I have had a amazing partner.....it is as if you got into my head and saw my house through my eyes!!!  Knew exactly what I needed and where to put it!

Day 13

What a wonderful ending to such a fun swap!  My gift today was a beautiful tapestry Halloween pillow!  Loving the pumpkins and crows,,,there you go again PDF was lurking my home to see what I needed.  Although the swap is over I will treasure my gifts for years to come!

PDF also sent me some fabric.....this is awesome.....it amazes me that I have never seen this print before and Frankie is so freaking cute.... just look at all the cute characters.....hmmm....this will actually be sewn up into something special for me!

on: August 28, 2015 03:19:31 AM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by Glamis
Relevance: 57.3%
Here is my whole loot:

Day 1:
a superpretty pin cushion for my collection of DIY fancy pin cushions

the back is pretty too!

Day 2:
two skull blocks that are quite heavy. I thing they are intended to be decoration but I think they make handy fabrics weight too. Plus some skull charms and a nice little skull bracelet.

Day 3:

A beautiful charm bracelet. In one of my favorite color combinations! The beads are all so interesting.

Day 4:

A beautiful bunting. In one of my favorite color combinations again! Love the writing on it.

Day 5:

A rad bat scarf (I desperately needed but couldnt find a nice one), bat jewelry and a wooden bat badge

close up of the jewelry

Day 6:

2 beautiful pieces of artwork . Did you make/paint these artsycandice? And if, how are they made? They are somehow applied to wooden blocks.

Day 7:

A wonderful, spooky lantern. When you turn on the electric light inside it looks like the graveyard is burning. Even the picky SO liked it!

plus a nifty carved bat pendant. It looks like some kind of gemstone...

Day 8:

A lovely painted coffin/pincushion with an anatomical heart magnet inside. I cant tell if it is DIY  Huh

Day 9:

A great, wooden figurine. I think it is supposed to be a cat but it also looks kind of like a lemur

Day 10:

An awesome skull towel and three equally awesome small, spooky trays. Bat brains!

Day 11:

A painting with a quote from Army of darkness and an Ash shadow. I now want to watch it again!

Day 12:

A supercool Halloween mantle miniature scene. So much details!

A cheese platter in the right corner

A crafty scene it the attic. You cant see it very good but there is a tiny oldschool sewing machine in the back

A tiny sphere tree and poisonous beads

And this really cracks me up: there is a sceleton hand on the mantel, wearing a diamond ring...I am getting hitched this Halloween so this is perfect!

Day 13:

On the last day I received a posh dressed puppet. She is wearing a gown and a fancy sash and jewlery. I named her Cecil and she is going to live with my Lady Gaga and Poison Ivy poppets.

look at her awesome fringe hair

Thank you artsycandice for an awesome and fun swap and lots of pretty and spooky things. I admire your crafty talent and maybe we are able to swap again in the future. My SO just looked at all the presents I received and said: She made a bunch of cool stuff, didnt she? There's nothing else to be said....

on: August 28, 2015 03:23:59 PM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by artsycandice
Relevance: 57.3%
My boxes arrived, all three of them! See the three presents in the front? Glamis sent things for my kids too!! Talk about swap anxiety!

Pictured here with my three-year old, Lily.

Day 1
A countdown to Halloween calendar! Why didn't I think of this? What a great idea to start a gift extravaganza like this. Grin I love all of the little details. She even included the chalk and wipe and started the countdown for me...

Day 2
A trio of luminaries. These look handmade too, they spell out the word "boo", are trimmed and painted in festive gear. The little lights inside are electric.

Day 3
Oh my goodness! Look at this amazing little cross stitch! It is whimsical and precious and will hang on my hoopla wall year-round. Grin

Day 4
Look at this amazing vinyl crow key ring! OMG! I love this! I will probably hang it in my work space though so it doesn't get damaged out there in the world. Grin

Day 5
Today I received a wonderfully embroidered pumpkin pin. The detail is so amazing. My partner is blowing me away. She really did some wonderful stalking. Thank you!

Day 6
I have to head out early tomorrow, so I will post this tonight. Grin This is an adorable garland of little paper ghosts! There was a note with them that said they were painted with glow-in-the-dark paint, but that it did not work very well. Grin That's okay with me, they are super cute and my family will enjoy them, glowing or not.

Day 7
Brace yourself for this awesomeness... Look at this miniature scene! Isn't it fabulous?! There were some bits that had wiggled loose so I glued those down. But... here it is... There is teeny writing on the paper, little eyeballs, rolled scrolls, bits of feathers, all kinds of little mysterious things. I keep finding new things. Thank you!

Day 8
Today I received this reversible table runner. I love the skeleton material on the front. The purple trim is a nice touch too. My table is currently covered in the kid's things so this image will have to suffice. Grin

Day 9
Today I received some great coasters and some bird-shaped paperclips.

Day 10
Look at this adorable little amigurumi ghost! My daughter fell in love with it.

Day 11
*gasp!* OMG!! Look, look, look!!! I can't believe this. This is hand-painted and fabulous! I don't know if I will be able to bring myself to write in this journal. This is really wonderful.

Day 12
I am blown away. Check out this amazing feathered owl mask! The action shot was of me last night, the light was bad so I re-took the today. This time with Lily as the model. This is awesome.

Day 13
Wow! I am not worthy. My partner clearly spoiled me. This is my first poppet to receive. (I hope that she has opened today already, because that is the first poppet that I've ever made.) Hers is so amazing. I see how mine could be improved on. She clearly stalked me well. Anyone who knows me knows that if it's got boobs and a bird head, I'm good. Grin But really, this is quite fabulous and will sit in a place of honor with other art dolls and sculptures that I keep out of reach of my children.

Glamis clearly spoiled me. I think that she crafted for every day. I am floored, and humbled. There are direct inspirations from my Pinterest boards, inspirations from my interests, and clever takes on other things that tickle me. I hope that you like what I made/sent you in the end. I have never done a multiple item swap of this size and it was an interesting challenge, for sure. Thank you again. You are an amazing swap partner. I hope that our paths cross again down the road and I can blow you away then. Oh yeah, congrats on gettin' hitched soon! Grin
on: August 30, 2015 05:25:35 PM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by Thimbles71
Relevance: 57.3%
My packages from Bow and Sparrow arrived!  YAY!  Look at all the Halloween fun!

Day One!  YAY!  How fantastic is this hoopla?  VERY.  VERY.  I love it!


Day TWO!  This great bunting!  And a jar of gorgeous potpourri!

Day THREE!  Really snazzy jar filled with chocolate eyeballs and these fantastic coasters that I'm totally in love with!

Day FOUR!  An adorable, adorable, adorable throw pillow cover with a great bowl for my kittens and treats for them, too!  They will be so excited at snack time!

Day FIVE!  Lovely painted candlestick holders complete with Halloween tapers!  So lovely!  Already up on my mantle. Smiley

Day SIX!  I think this might be my favorite so far.  I have such a love for practical items!  Two hand towels and a pot holder!

Day SEVEN!  Smiley  Snazzy mug rug and instant VIA pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks!  These are delicious!

Day EIGHT!  Great little Halloween hair ties.  So fun!  And a really cool mini coffin and these great polymer clay bat earrings.  SO freaking cool.

Day NINE!  Snazzy, snazzy supply day!  Great Halloween ribbon, stamping blanks and number and letter stamps!  And some great smelling soap petals, too!

Day TEN!  Goodness, how did we get to day ten already?  GEESH!  Today was a really fun one!  A great little half-apron!  I just love it!  Snazzy little wooden spoon and a pumpkin cookie cutter to go with it.  Just so fun!  The little animals dressed up as Halloween ghouls and goblins is so freaking cute!

Day ELEVEN!  A hodgepodge of awesomeness!  Complete with Frankenstein monster gift bag!  Embroidery supplies, fantastic pumpkin pin cushion with a spool stem!  Fantastic pumpkin felt needle book, too!  Such cool stuff.  Smiley

Day TWELVE!  Today's special gift was a gorgeous, gorgeous wreath!  I'm going to put it up on my front door!  I haven't done that yet, so I don't have an appropriate action shot, but I will try to do that soon.  It'll go up on my front door tomorrow.  It's really lovely.

Day THIRTEEN!  I'm late, I'm late!  But, yesterday, I got the coolest haunted house/bird feeder!  It needed a little repair gluing, but nothing that wasn't easy enough to sort out!  Check out how awesome this is!

on: September 01, 2015 10:06:05 AM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by calixita
Relevance: 57.4%
All of my goodies from EdelC!

Some fun and fancy straws as extras (we share a love of cocktail hour!)

There was also some chocolate but that is long gone!  Hee Hee!

Day 1:
an awesome skeleton fabric pouch containing Halloween cookie cutters!!  The pouch is going straight to my craft corner to help me organize!  I love the fabric!

Day 2
on Day 2, I found the cutest skull pouch.  
And when opened, it contained sweet vintage Halloween magnets and more chocolate.  Yum!  It''s as if you knew that the other chocolate bars had already been consumed!   Grin

Day 3

I asked for some mini ornaments for my small Halloween tree and boy, did EdelC deliver!!!!
First up is a wonderful trick or treat bag!

Mmmmmm!  Candy!  and a pumpkin carving knife!
Then I opened a wonderful Dia de los Muertos ornament!

Such lovely designs painted on the face, glittery eyes and white teeth!  I love it!
And last to be opened but I think it's my favorite is a wonderfully detailed haunted house!

A cute ghost is peeking out the front window.

And a bloody trail out the back door to a fresh grave!  The roof came a bit loose in transit but a bit of glue will fix that easy peasy.
Here's my decorated tree!

I'm definitely getting into a Halloween mood now!!!

Day 4 (already!?)

Another awesome pouch!  (these pouches are going to help me get more organized, something I really need!!)  I adore the Mexican skull on the flowery background!  It even has skulls inside!

And inside, 2 fabulous bangle bracelets with skull charms!  I love their funky look!

My goodness, I love this swap!

Day 5
I'm opening my presents promptly when I get home form my evening shift job!  It's technically first thing in the morning at 1am!   Grin

Today, I unwrapped a wonderful little shrine!!  I love miniature things!
A wonderful graveyard scene crawling with sweet spiders!  I have a mild obsession with old cemeteries!

close up.  I love the spooky moon in the background!

The pedestal and the back are decorated with spiderwebs!

It has taken up residence next to my festive Halloween tree!

Day 6

Day 6 answers the question:  whatever happened to Count Dracula?

I unwrapped an elegant coffin.

Once opened, a dapperly attired skeleton with a wicked stake in his heart and a rope of garlic to prevent his return to un-natural life!!  So so cool!!

Day 7

I opened the most beautiful spooky bunting tonight!  

and it's 2 sided!  on the other side, anatomical hearts!

(forgive the pictures. My living room is currently in flux!)
Truly beautiful!  And once I get my living room in order, it will have a better setting!

Day 8

My cup runneth over with awesome pouches!!!

This one is perfect for taking projects to work!  I love the colors!!  Day of the Dead skulls never fail to make me smile!!

Day 9

Today's package was soft and when I opened it - behold!!

fabulous pillow covers!

Such wonderful crow and feather images!  I'm in love.  Please tell us how you created them, Edel.  I'm assuming you printed the fabric yourself and it's beautifully done.  I should dig out my iron to do them justice but frankly it's too late right now and I was in a hurry to show them off!  I love the beautiful crows and these will be on display year round, not just in the Halloween season!  They work so well in the brown and green colors of my living room!

Day 10

More Dia de los Muertos goodness!!!  Today I opened a beautiful table runner!!

This picture shows off the back as well as the cool skeleton images.  So colorful!
The only shot of my new table runner that the cat didn't completely ruin!

Day 11

I got the most fantastic painting for Day 11!  Edel recreated a wonderful image of Nosferatu from my Pinterest.  I love it so much!!

I love his ratty face and creepy long fingers and the blood splatters at the bottom!  He is so awesome!  You've got mad skills, EdelC!!

Day 12

Almost over!!   Cry  
Today I opened a fantastically sweet tshirt adorned with Jack Skellington!  It's wonderful!  So soft too!  


Day 13

Alas, the last day!  But I've enjoyed opening such wonderful presents over these last 13 days!
And today's is wonderful!
A beautiful and spooky handmade journal!

It's made out of soft, buttery suede and has such lovely, curious eyes peering out at me!

and the back:

I love the patchwork!  And the paper inside is wonderfully thick!  What a wonderful way to close out this fabulous swap!!!  Thank you so much, EdelC!!  You've been such a fantastic partner for this swap!!!
on: September 18, 2015 05:24:18 PM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by QueenNinjaMonkey
Relevance: 57.4%
My spot!! Smiley

Day 13
Very good, and soft

Day 12
Homemade Corn Cob Jelly with spreader
I haven't tried this yet

Day 11
Knit Hat
This will be warm!

Day 10
Painted Wine Glass
Very cute

Day 9
Wiener dog friendship necklaces
Very cute

Day 8
Little Halloween Bowls
Like the colors and design

Day 7
Matching plates

Day 6
Wiener dog corn cob holders
Love these!

Day 5
Dog toy
Lola loves this, she's been sleeping with it

Day 4
Whimsey Pumpkin

Day 3
Crochet towels

Day 2
Scarf to match the hat

Day 1
Octopus Friendship necklaces

on: October 01, 2015 03:30:57 AM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by edelC
Relevance: 57.5%
Edel's gallery of AWESOMENESS made by Calixita


I couldn't trust myself to open the box before today as it would have been such a temptation, but these are my goodies all laid out

I simply adore the tags, each one is different , skulls, skeletons etc...they look briliant. It is taking me all my resistance to not rip into all of the packages...

and she sent me two lovely FQ and some tiny skull beads as an extra.

and about my partner first off let me say that she is such a liar..there is no way that this first item is a small..it must have taken ages to make and it is frigging incredible...

Day 1

fabulous fabulous countdown calendar, it not only has a brilliant paper art page for each day, but it also has a spooky quote on the back..I love this!

Day 2

Candy, amazing!! so far the salted caramels are epic, and unaccountably gone Huh the little tin is sweet and I will definitely use that for something.

if that weren't enough, there was the sweetest little necklace a kind of a skeleton angel, She is so cute! and I love the colours. And there is a gorgeous crow bookmark. As with all of the packages, epic gift tags.

Day 3

this is gorgeous, a crocheted peace lily for my mexican DOTD corner.  Lilies are also about new starts and renewal, things have been a little tough lately and this was a perfect perfect thing to open today.

This is it in situ. lots of other swap goodies in this corner too

Day 4

now this is darling, the cutest grim reaper ever, I know he is supposed to be all grim and reaper-y. But he is so sweet, reminds me of squeak from terry pratchett. He is made of fimo and on a wire so he can be used in a plant pot...

this is him in his new home.

Day 5

I freaking love this, it was large and heavy and clinked and then I opened it...!!!

Calixita and I share a love of cocktails, so she sent me this, it is awesome and if that weren't way more than enough by itself, she added three shot glasses. It is really difficult to see in the picture, but there are sparkly skeletons on each one. I love this so much.

Day 6
I can't believe that we are almost half way through. Today is so pretty and delicate, a gorgeous skull crocheted bracelet, made from very fine yarn.

Action shot...

Day 7

I love today's haul. I was sitting drinking a cupof tea when I opened this, The mug cozy immediately got transferred to the one I was drinking out of. I wish you could feel the texture, it is so warm and soft and with more crocheted skulls on top. And if that weren't enough there is this wonderful mug rug with autumn leaves on it, so pretty.

Day 8

OK folks prepare to be the most jealous that you have ever been when you see what today brought me, Obviously my partner is generous and talented..but she has insanely clever crafting skills, look at this. This is freaking epic. I adore it!...

raven on a ouija board back ground with a key, this is just fabulous, words fail me...And the raven is glittery. I just couldn't take a good photo of it, so Calixita, if you have a good one, please upload, this is just great.

Day 9

oohhh pretty, today's goodies are pretty and delicate and currently being worn at work. A gorgeous set of necklace and earrings, beads surrounding a turqouise skull (turquoise being my very favourite)

action shots to follow.

Day 10

ack, day 10 already, but it is gorgeous a beautiful skully scarf, I love the colour and it is so soft and snuggly

I have been wearing that scarf all weekend, so cosy.

Firstly I lost my charging lead and then my phone decided that it wouldn't charge, but it is all OK now and I can add my three final-stunning- items.

Day 11

This gorgeous, gorgeous bracelet, I tried and tried to get a decent pic, but these really don't do it justice..it is so sparkly! the centre bead is a crystal skill, so pretty.

Day 12  second last day..

this wonderful teeshirt..it fits perfectly, I love the colour and it is just brilliant!!

action shot...if you look closely you can see my raven taxidermy hanging on the wall behind me..perfect spot for him,

Day 13 final day and I am feeling blue about it, this was amazing. I have been dealing with some crap in my personal life and opening these gifts every day gave me a real boost. Also my partner provided a friendly ear. A huge thank you to her.

this came today..it rocks. Mexican shrine. Unfortunately the heart and crown came loose in shipping, so I think this is the right configuration, they will be a cinch to reglue..but if you have a photo Calixita, will you post it?

I love everything about this, the colours, the poly clay flowers, teensy cut paper garland and the anatomical heart is so well done..not to mention the chair from a bottle of fizz...just wonderful

on: August 26, 2015 11:29:29 AM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by MissingWillow
Relevance: 57.3%
My spot!  Is it October 1st yet??  Check out these adorable tags Ludi made!   Shocked

Ludi embroidered me the most perfect Jack O'Lantern!  I'm going to display it with the embroidered zombie she got me in a past OTT swap.  Both will displayed all year (!)

Ewww... Gross Ooze!  I think there's a hand in there.  Guess I need to open it to find out for sure.   Cheesy

DAY 3  
Hooray!  I am the proud recipient of one of Ludi's adorable pumpkins.  Lucky me!   Smiley

Today's treat is jar of the most realistic eyeballs I've ever seen!  

The most delicate, most awesome plant specimen!  Perfect for my curiosity cabinet, even though there's a magnet inside which will allow me to display it lots of different places!

Today's treasure is a perfect TM style patch that's the perfect size to be a coaster.  I'm not sure I'll be able to use it as a coaster, it will probably go into my curiosity cabinet, too.  

Just last night my husband and I were discussing locating a large-ish tote bag to take on vacation and look what I opened this morning!  It's the perfect size that we were looking for and she also sent luggage tags from Bat Conservation International.  So cool!

I'm including both tags in today's photo because I forgot to include day 7's in yesterday's photo.  I neeeed a Halloween tree to display all of my tags!  Today I received a TM style zombie patch and fun zombie card!  Love them!

Today's package features two amazing treats.  A really cool book on mummies that has lots of photos inside (along with a spider bookmark) and, you guys, a beaded hanging cat skull adorned with fish and snake vertebrae!  

DAY 10
Ludi graciously agreed to be part of a project I have going on which is an altered puzzle.  I sent her the piece and she sent me back this awesome altered art!  The piece is like 1/2 inch thick now with how the castle is built up.  It's not like anything else I've received and I LOVE it!

DAY 11
Yay!  Ludi sent me a jar market Body Parts that has body parts inside!  Included are a few of the ones she features on her website, which is uber cool!  

DAY 12
You guys... the stitching on this witch is amazing!  I had to take it outside in the sunlight to see if it truly was stitched (it of course is) because it's perfect.  One of my themes was a witch flying in front of the moon.  This is my first Halloween pillow ever.  Love it!

DAY 13
Did Ludi make me a zombie sheep to add to my collection?  You bet she did!  I can't wrap my brain around how it's made and I love it!  Thank you so much for everything, Ludi.  You're amazing!
on: August 26, 2015 12:11:02 PM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by Ludi
Relevance: 57.3%
The goodies!  Including extras; a keen Old Dark House poster, candy corn, and some hot pepper flakes from MissingWillow's farm!

Cute card:

Day 1:  A wonderful Halloween party scene!

Thank you MissingWillow!   Kiss

Day 2:

Day number is indicated on card by the number of bats!  Here is the perfect teacozy, snuggled around my teapot!

It just couldn't be any better.  Thank you MissingWillow!   Cheesy

Day 3:



Day 4:

Deliciously scented home made soaps using milk from MissingWillow's favorite goat, Hermione. (I have a cat named Hermione!  Cheesy)

Day 5:

Keen TV fridge magnets featuring motifs from "The X-files,""The Outer Limits,""Nosferatu," and "Dead of Night"!

I got a little behind yesterday, so here's

Day 6:

A beautiful tiny scene of a witch's workroom!

Day 7:

A spooooky scene!

I love these tiny scenes!   Cheesy

Day 8:

MissingWillow made these hilarious coasters from spooky fabric:

and this beautiful mug!

Day 9

OMG!  Gormenghast bunting!!!!!  

(sorry for the murky pic, the room is dark and flash looked even worse)

I'm so thrilled to get anything Gormenghast!  Cheesy  Thank you MissingWillow!   Kiss

Day 10

Today's wonder is this teeny tiny (approximately 2.5 inches tall) swordswallower shrine!

Day 11

These super kitchen towels!

They might get used in the Cabinet of Curiosities instead of the kitchen, though...

Day 12

A great little bit of Ernest Thesiger fan art, this tiny drive-in scene of my favorite movie "The Old Dark House"!

Day 13

These amazing, fantastic, omg-I-love-them spooky placemats!!!

Thank you so much for everything, MissingWillow!  This was such a fun swap.   Kiss
on: August 28, 2015 05:41:10 AM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by Smeddley
Relevance: 57.3%
The whole kit and kaboodle, a whole MONTH before I can open it!!!

Such adorable tags! I'm going to have to up my wrapping game!

Luckily, she sent me an extra that I got to open right away, some lovely soft fabric that will be perfect for my red and black costume!

And now to wait... Sad

Day 13!

Yarn, you say? GLOW IN THE DARK yarn, you say? Cheesy I immediately thought... I need to make a knitted scarf with glowing eyeballs. NEED to. Cheesy

Day 12!

MY FAVORITE THING EVER!  Reusable shopping bags, in such cute Halloween fabric (these puppies will be used all year, though!).  Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

Day 11!

How perfect are these?  I'm thinking I'll be using them for the zombie walk this coming weekend, they look very Victorian, and I do love a costume with a ton of lace... Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy  The fit perfectly, as well (and my nails aren't well done, but they match!).

Day 10!

A travel sewing kit!  Smashu said the fabric looked like candy corn, and it does, but I was eating Doritos this morning (breakfast of champions!) and now all I can think of is "Nacho sewing kit, MINE!".  Cheesy  It's wonderfully made with needle pages, a zippered pouch, and lots of nooks and crannies to tuck bits into!  I'm amazed with anyone who can sew such things with that kind of precision!

Day 9!

A needlebook!  You can never have too many needlebooks, but this one is extra special...

Pockets! Seriously impressive sewing skills! It's going straight into my project bag... Well, one of my (many) project bags... Cheesy

Day 8!

Okay, admittedly I'm a little mixed-feeling about these, because I LOVE them, but really think I should wait until Shark Week next year!  How awesome with that be?!  All my friends know how crazy I am about it, and this would just be the icing on the cake... and go well with all my Shark Week buttons...  Cheesy

Day 7!

Okay, I thought it was my phone's fault, but I can't seem to post pictures to Craftster right now, it's hanging up on "Process Image".  We're going to see if I can remember how to get into my Photobucket account... wait, it's in my uploaded photos even though it is still "proccessing"?  Whatever, this has NOT been my day technologically!

MINI CANDLES!  The most adorable mini candles.  I looooooooove them and have grand plans for them!  First, I'm going to use them in a photshoot for my little peg people comic, THEN they're going in my curiosity cabinet!

Day 6!

Oh my goodness, I don't know what I love the most about this.  The skull is AMAZING, but that little jar... I love tiny jars.  The spindles she said might make good scrolls, but I also think they'd make amazing tapestry hangers.  So many choices!  Again, these will probably go for the photoshoot, then straight into my cabinet!

Day 5!

Ahhhhhh! How cool are these skull earrings?  And the necklace is the perfect length and soooooooo sparkly!  They will both be getting a lot of use in my costuming and Bellydance!

Day 4!

More... what do you call these? Gauntlets? Bellydance floofy wrists? Wink  I love them, whatever you call them. Having stuff on my wrists/hands always makes me more aware of them so I don't suffer from droopy hand syndrome. Cheesy  And the lace is beautiful!

Day 3!

I'm sure most of you are looking at this going... Whaaaa? And I wanted to get a picture of it in use, but yesterday at the RenFest was crazy and dusty and I ended up with a horrible allergy-induced migraine, so I never got a picture of it. But what it does is, the black part loops over your belt/hip scarf, and you pull a piece of fabric up near the bottom edge of your skirt (large circle skirts with ruffles or tiered 25 years skirts) and cinch it through the two metal rings (like some belts).  It securely hold the skirt without damaging it!  Brilliant!  This will get a TON of use, because I've never had luck just tucking my skirt into my waistband, and pinning them can cause damage...

Day 2!

ANOTHER BAG!!!!  I LOVE REUSABLE BAGS!!!  Sorry, I'll stop yelling now.  But I really, really, really love these bags.  Cheesy

Day 1!

An informational monster book, and a coloring book...

...but wait, there's more!  A movie list for each creature!  You know I'm going to have to watch movies until they're all checkmarked!  How fun will that be?!

Thank you so much for an amazing swap, smashu!  I'm only sorry it's over now, and wish I'd signed up for the Christmas one... Cheesy
on: August 28, 2015 11:02:34 AM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by Bow and Sparrow
Relevance: 57.3%
This spot shall heretofore be known as thine.

Me and the Derps, with our presents from Thimbles under the Halloween tree.
Major swap anxiety is on my face, though you may not be able to tell. All of thimble's tags are the most fantastic fabric ornaments/patches with vintage monster movies and bottle labels. They are so cool!

Day 1
AHHH, I had this seahorse skeleton pinned and never expected to actually receive it. So generous and sweet. And that would have been enough, but she also made a wonderfully apt (it has skeletons on it) zipper pouch as well that will come in so handy. So fun, AND IT'S ONLY JUST BEGUN.

Day 2
Velcro snack pouches! So handy! And I love the fabric. They also came preloaded with treats!

Day 3
This is so SO me. What an adorably scary wonderful little creature! I don't know if it's supposed to be, but in my mind it's a sloth. I'm not sure if the picture gets it across, but he's big too. I am in love with this guy!

Day 4
These guys give me the giggles. These are hilarious and will make the most wonderful, unexpected Halloween decorations. I'm looking for places to stake zombie heads all over my house now, I may need more. So well crafted!

Day 5
I know how many fellow Nightmare Before Christmas fans there are here, so prepare to be jealous! ... A knitted Jack mug cozy!! All the mornings are about to get so much better.

Day 6
A really clever and beautiful pillow cover. I'm really lacking in these types of Halloween decorations, so this is perfect!

Day 7
A *fabulous* mug rug AND coasters? Yup. I love crows so this brought a big smile to my face. These will def be used all year round. The coasters are day of the dead styled, which I also love. Have all these out already!

Day 8
Holy. Wow. A beautiful heart wall hanging. Everything so far has been amazing, but this just blows me away. Really incredible artistry and stitching. I love love LOVE it!!  (swap anxiety setting in strong here)

Day 9
2 zipper pouches in the most fun fabrics. (These are already coming in handy). One was filled with washi tape (which I might be slightly inappropriately obsessed with) and the coolest painted day of the dead dog. Thimbles stalked me well. So many wonderful treats!

Day 10
AHHHHH! OMG!! This is tied with the heart wall hanging for my favorites so far. There may or may not have been squeeling only dogs can hear upon opening this. My very own splat cat mat. I have been pining over this forever, but I can't make it myself. Love. It!!!

Day 11
Placemats! My goodness, these took so much work. Love the fabrics and really love the spider silhouettes, they look great on my dining room table.

Day 12
I must have misordered something, I'm not sure if these go together, but I had more gifts than days left! So, here are the next two. An array of (crocheted? knitted? I don't know how to tell the difference) anatomical body parts! Excellent additions to my collection for my curiosity cabinet. They are all great, but the heart is my fav. I don't even know how you get all those wacky parts on there. I need to learn to do this.

NEXT, two fantastic pot holders! they are almost too pretty to use, I don't want to get them dirty!

Day 13
An epic voodoo doll that can be used as a pincushion, how fun is this guy?! I just love odd little creatures. These yarn skills never cease to amaze me. He is perfect, I love it!!

I feel sooooooo spoiled, there wasn't a small in the whole lot. This swap was a blast. I love everything so much and am so grateful to you, Thimbles, for all these beautifully crafted items. I can tell how much thought and work went into it all and it is greatly appreciated!
on: August 30, 2015 09:21:59 PM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by gotgrey
Relevance: 57.3%
Singing me, me, me!  My Halloween hoard from rantyhippie:

Day 1: Adorable little spooky/haunted house that came w/an electric tea light, so that it lights up.  Love it!

Day 2: A cute pumpkin box that made me smile.  Inside a sheer spider web cowel?

Day 3: Cross stitch witch.  I so admire cross stitching.  My eyes have gotten too bad to do it anymore.
Day 4: Another cute cross stitch, a sparkly soft headband, and a necklace.  I'm loving the soft headband.  I can't wear hard headbands, they give me a headache.
Day 5: Felt pumpkin coaster
Day 6: Owl decorations.  I love owls!  My husband, not so much.  But, that's another story.  Wink

Day 7: Another cute cross stitch, "Things that go bump in the night" ghosties.

Day 8:Halloween oven mitt and 2 hot pads that will be used all year round and much appreciated

Day 9: Cute Happy Halloween pumpkin hoopla

Day 10: Say Boo! A fabulous cross stitch

Day 11: A cute wooden scarecrow.  

Day 12: Cute boo sign

Sadly, the last day, day 13: 2 pairs of uber cute socks!  I love cute socks.

on: September 03, 2015 07:53:13 AM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by Whistley
Relevance: 57.4%
Whistley's Gallery of Halloween Treats from Sweetyetevil

I waited to open the box until day one because one of the items wasn't wrapped so it became day 1. Smiley

All together

Day 1

I love all things Disney and this Nightmare Before Christmas/Halloween pillow is perfect! I've been snuggling with it all morning. I love it!

Day 2

A cork Mickey Pumpkin (I'm calling it a pumpkin)! It was wrapped in the Disney Halloween fabric. Fun!

Day 3

A cute Halloween Kitty box filled with cold process vanilla bourbon soap. It smells great and is cute to boot!

Day 4

Coasters! I think they look like spooky tree branches.

Day 5

I'm dying over this one. I mentioned that I love all things Disney. When it comes to Halloween I'm all about the Haunted Mansion. I even have the Hitchhiking Ghosts peeking out of my home's windows for our decorations. This amazing plate says "Gracey Manor Hitchhikers", has my favorite ghosts on it and is my favorite color! I adore it!
It was wrapped in the cute stripey fabric. Smiley

Day 6
(Tilt your head for a better view.)
Wrapped in this nifty little coffin is a playful little ghost swinging on a swing! It's a necklace and it glows in the dark! Love it!

Day 7

It's a poisoned apple. THE poisoned apple. Snow White's poisoned apple! I am so excited!
My new Halloween shelf is filling up with amazing things! And there's still more days to go!

Day 8

A very cool painted ceramic pumpkin! I love it!

Day 9

A sweet BOO wall/door decoration. This is not its final display place, just the first hook I had available. Smiley

Day 10

A Bat-Mickey mug! And paint pens so I can make my own ceramic mugs and plates and things. I'm so excited and with Christmas coming I have plans for these.

Day 11

A cork board covered with Disney Halloween fabric! I have some Halloween Disney pins that are going to be displayed on this. Love it!

Day 12

I love the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland and with this bracelet I can show it off! Each link is a picture of one of my favorite Mansion ghosts. So perfect!

Day 13
And on our final day 2 presents. (Tilt your head to the right.)

A Nightmare Before Christmas zipper pouch! I'm a bag nut and I love it!

And a patchwork Halloween bag! Did I mention I'm a bag nut? Love it!

Thank you Sweetyetevil for a wonderful swap. Even though our tastes are different you knocked every item out of the park! Thanks again and Happy Halloween!
on: September 04, 2015 04:04:15 PM 
Started by artsycandice, Message by lindyv321
Relevance: 57.4%
I received today

JoyfulClover made me a lovely skully jewelry set! I love the colors!

Today I got dark Halloween colored nail polish. I love to paint my nails and haven't heard of the brand before!

The most amazingly amazing sugar skull. I love the technique she used. It appears to be Mod Podged stickers or papers. I am going to use this in the future since I can't draw or paint well

And in its new home

A sugar skull tray and the coolest coasters ever! I adore the black and gold

Two altered kitchen towels. I love the colors!!

Some goodies for my kiddos and cute ornaments for my tree. I will try to get them put up tonight and get an action shot.

Here is an action shot with the ornaments from Joyfulclover, some I received from quaggy last year, and a tree skirt I got in the stocking swap last year.

This amazing Rug!!!  It's so fabulous! Is it stenciled

Since I will be out of town until late Sunday night I cheated and opened the next few days early.

A sweet sugar skull cookie and skully washi tape.

Oh my goodness!!!! Oh my goodness!!!! It's a shawl!!! I have no words for how wonderfully beautiful this is!!!

DAY 10
I got my own Booozy gift! Love this flask!

DAY 11
Oh another super fabulous gift! I LOVE this shirt. My daughter is probably going to try to steal it!

DAY 12
This is the most amazing and awesome bag!!! Joyfulclover has outdone herself in this swap. My package pales in comparison

DAY 13
OMG!!!!! Look at this fabulous Edward Gorey shrine with the Gashlycrumb Tinies!!!!!

Each tiny even represents a letter of my name!

Thank you for an amazing package JoyfulClover! It was amazing and so thoughtful.
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