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on: April 28, 2014 04:15:00 PM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by artsycandice
Relevance: 59.5%
Okay, I knew that my partner was talented, but I did NOT expect this. She blew me away.
I received from The Raging Sloth today. Be still my beating heart. It's like we're soul crafters or something.  Grin

The Raging Sloth describes her as a "sort of burlesque dancer red knobbed hornbill. ... she took awhile because she is small so had to be hand sewn. Definately a labor of love."

*deep breath* Okay, brace yourself...

A bird in the hand:

Check out her amazing feet!

In all her glory:

Her skirt can be removed to reveal some serious lady curves:

There is a door to her heart:

That can be opened:

Attached to a chain are her heart and a feather representing her love of beauty and of flight:


As a bonus she came wrapped up in a beautiful piece of material...

And in her new home with a fellow bird-headed woman (A ceramic sculpture I made in a figure sculpture class many years ago):

Thank you, thank you. I am blown away by this creation and can't believe that you were able to put her in the mail to me! That must have been hard. She has found a good home here.
on: May 14, 2014 02:42:40 PM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by P_E_S_T
Relevance: 59.6%
It appears that perhaps my partner has met some life stuff, I hope that shes ok and that we will hear news of whether or not she liked what I sent her when she is able.
My partner is a vegan and lives in a village where her "alternative" way of life is not met with much support. I on the other hand live a fairly alterntive life style with much support and so I wanted to send some of the love I receive - overseas.
My partner also requested no materials from animals, so no wool etc etc.
First of all, I sent her a good quantity of my friends hand made and dyed nettle yarn. Though a little rough for knitting, it is fabulous for textured sewing.
I also sent her some vegan chocolate
The first doll I made was a "seed" doll, she is a little creature who you may find wandering around the woods gathering stray seeds and replanting them. She carries a little bag - knitted from sari yarn and containing some hand made paper seed bombs (you can plant them and they will grow cornflowers )

The back says "sowing life" Smiley

Ok - so then, because I wanted to really spoil her, and because there was loads of talk about an up and coming spirit doll swap - I also made her a sister moon and mother earth spirit doll for her alter.


Then, we had loads of walk about her being in love with alpacas, so I made her daughter some little play alpacas.

Im a little sad to not have any feedback from my actual partner - but I trust that life is where it is for her and I so hope she enjoys the pieces.
Feedback would however be really valued from you all.

on: April 21, 2014 08:54:07 PM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by Sharalee
Relevance: 59.4%
Can't wait to see the doll you made "lovesclutter"!!

I received from my partner "Felicitybaby" & it's amazing, It's a recycled doll she got from the thrift store. She's a Steampunk Art Doll that was one of my themes. I just love, loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee...............Her so much, she did a fabulous job!  Love all the details! Her outfit is so cool & her boots & cap is made so well. "felicitybaby" YOU ROCK!!!!!
OK with out further ado:

This is everything she gave me a cute bookmark with a dress with a hanger & some yummy candy & my beautiful doll!

The lovely boots!!

Up close of her newly painted face, very lovely & a great job!

Sorry the pic is so blurry it's a small pic. this is what she looked like before.

Her face before close up but still blurry.

I really love her so much you just can't imagine! You are very great seamstress & up cycling old things to new! YOU ROCK!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU....................So Much! also for being my partner!

And by the way, THANKS "Smmarrt" for organizing YOU ROCK TOO!!

on: April 27, 2014 05:55:08 AM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by LovelyMiss
Relevance: 59.5%
I received my doll from meowari!  It was for my computer/technology theme.

I love her stitched face!

And all the different elements used for her "hair!"

She's about 10" tall and stands all by herself!  She looks very cute on the shelf above my computer desk.

We agreed to send some extras, too...and meowari sent a bunch!

Lots of stickers, fun papers, some cool biology slides, old maps, an awesome Russian fashion/pattern magazine.  The guy with the helmet is the cover of a neat paper sampler.

More stickers, two different fabrics, tissue paper, and the rest of the keyboard membrane she used on my doll.  I'm excited to incorporate that into a craft at some point!

Lots of fun postcards, plus two resin pendants she made!

Thank so you much for everything, meowari!  I love it!  This was such a fun swap.  Thank you to Smmarrt for organizing, too!
on: June 06, 2014 08:42:54 AM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by P_E_S_T
Relevance: 59.8%
From such a knightmare couple of days - to a moment of pure joy.
my parcel arrived today.
I was a very good girl and opened my letter first, and Candice, what lovely words you wrote. THankyou for noticing and valuing my generosity, it is certainly part of myself that is recognised sometimes and abused often x It is often the plight of a therapist that we breathe out often, and it is essential that we remember to breathe in - Candice, your beautiful gifts find me on the second day after our fire, and after a night of limited sleep.
Im going to make you all wait till the end to show you my doll, but I was spoiled well and truly, each little parcel had a clue label on it which I made the children read - we all sat there with mouths open as we peeled back the layers of wrapping to find.......
Firstly, I was given these buttons which apparently were made years ago and Im to find a use for them. I reckon I am going to make a prayer flag called "receive" and pop them all over it. Im also making myself an re-loved art book, and they will go in there Smiley

Then there was this little parcel which indicated it needs a little stuffing and sewing.... OMG LOOK !!! Little gnome homes Smiley

Another parcel promised something for a sacred space, and contained a patchwork goddess, some sage and the most gorgeous scarf !

THe next was a parcel for the boys to take travelling Smiley Kayden exclaimed "oh mummy she is a true crafter, shes way better than you" HA ! Love him !

(I so know you all want to see my doll but be patient - I had to be !)

THis was a little parcel entitled "for your honey", My husband is a bee keeper, and here is a lovely card which Candice made - I reckon you made the stamp too right ". Im going to save this card and give it to him on his birthday which is in 2 weeks

OK ----- Are you ready------ Described as "to celebrate femininity and creativity" was....... this.......

Guys I cannot begin to tell you how gorgeously wonderful she is. Shes the length of my lower arm, so quite big. Shes shiny, shes wild but calm. And most of all, I can tell she was made with love.
She is BEEEEEUUUUTIFUL.  You most certainly were an angel Candice.

on: April 17, 2014 02:42:27 PM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by thisbirdsabsurd
Relevance: 59.4%
Okay - brace yourself for awesomeness! Cmarion sent me the most fantastic Crow Goddess, guardian of baby birds, bunnies and small beings. She also protects seedlings so they can grow.  (Boy am I ever going to need her with the late spring we're having here!)
  She came with a removable cloak (she only needs it for ceremonies) and a basket of seeds, a tiny skull and a scroll that tells all about her.  And look at the amazing staff.  Everything about her is so wonderful!  Thank you so much cmarion!!

That last one is a picture of my cat who was so enthralled with the Crow Goddess that I had a hard time taking pictures!!! Wink
on: April 26, 2014 03:41:39 PM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by suereal
Relevance: 59.5%
The goddess dolls is super cool Grin And the Bride doll is very sweet Grin

I got a delightful package from  WiccadWitch full of spoilage....

Firstly, she sent me a very cool Octopus art doll....

The eyes, suckers and (my favo part)the wee beak are made from poly clay it looks like

The eyes are super sparkly and I love the eyelashes.  And look at all the beading she did.  It helps to bring the octo to life I think.  And the fabric is that wonderful Minky stuff, so it is very fun to pet Grin

She also painted me that very cool black Poodle art piece...I forgot to get a separate pic of it though. And THEN she also made an adorable little 3 eyed snail, using a real sea shell...


She also sent me 3 different kinds of chocolate (one of which is in a Whitman's sampler box,which is my favo tin to craft with....they are taller than  and a beautiful scarf in oranges, which is one of my favo colors.  It's also one of the long thin kind, so it won't be super bulky either.

Thanks so much WW!  I love everything.  I am feeling a bit sheepish though as I didn't send any extras along with my doll.  Hope your not too disappointed Grin
on: April 26, 2014 04:15:27 PM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by waggonswest
Relevance: 59.5%
My doll is here!!! She is the sweetest thing.  I absolutely LOVE her.

She is made out of some sort of clay with lovely jointed arms and legs. 

Isn't that the sweetest face.  And that butterfly...  Adorable.  I love her hair.

But that isn't all  Lanikins added some extras.  Look at this DRAGON. I like dragons!

He is sooooo cute.  He is flying from a stick.  It is also adorable. 

But wait, there is more! Catch a glimpse of this wee flower fairy.

Thank you so much Linakins.  I love everything.  You took my random list and turned it in to awesome. 
on: April 01, 2014 06:20:40 PM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by cmarion3
Relevance: 59.3%
I received the most amazing dolls from thisbirdsabsurd. She did them with machine embroidery and they look hand sketched. Embroidery on canvas with colored pencil shading. So elegant, so awesome. Thank you!

The detail is amazing. Meet.....Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.

She made them to stand, but the bottoms are a bit wonky, so they have a tendency to lean on each other...I always wondered about those two! I simply love them. She took my fairy tales with no Disney theme and ran with it.

Picture blast! I am very happy.

on: April 22, 2014 08:25:44 PM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by felicitybaby
Relevance: 59.4%
Thank you everyone for your compliments!  I had been wanting to try painting over a doll and this swap was the perfect excuse to actually do it!  I wasn't sure what she would turn out to be until I was mostly done!  She is a porcelain doll that I painted over, I even painted over her glass eyes.  Here are the before pictures:

I was surprised at how nice her hair came out when it looked so bad to start with!
on: April 25, 2014 09:01:08 AM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by lovesclutter
Relevance: 59.5%
I received the most amazing earth mother goddess doll, so be prepared to be envious. I am so enamoured of all the texture and I love her Angielou1. Here are pics, and you can see she lives right next to pinkyboo on the shelf. She has her own pillow to sit on and some extra fabric.

on: April 26, 2014 09:56:38 AM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by Linakins
Relevance: 59.5%
I got my package from Waggonswest the other day and am pleased with my package:

She made me a bride doll!!!

And it kinda looks like me!

I love her from her veil down to her pink felt shoes. She has found a home on my mantle along with her little blanket to keep her clean.

And then for an added treat she gave me an alterable tin and some unicorn patches!!!!

I plan on making good use of these things in  the near future!

I love everything, and am soooo very happy.

Thank you again waggonswest!
on: March 29, 2014 07:06:55 PM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by The Raging Sloth
Relevance: 59.2%
OKAY! I am posting! YAY! Are you all ready to see THE MOST AMAZING BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS SPLENDIFEROUS ART DOLL EVER?! Okay, here you go:

It's a beautiful Tapir art doll! She has a polymer clay head with lots of little fun details like the swirls or the awesome way she put the poly clay head on the fabric body.

She came with lots of accessories and outfits! She has a lovely victorian style and has a cape, a coat, a tiny tophat, three necklaces, a purse, and a squid buddy/stuffy! Her squid is named Artemis.

I tried to take as good of pictures as I could but I couldn't find my camera so... these are the best I could do. artsycandice, if you want to post your pictures to do better justice go ahead. I named her Premala. She is seriously one of my most cherished possessions. I am so pleased to have a tapir art doll and she is so well made and I am just so happy!  Thank you artsycandice! So much! Thank you!
on: March 30, 2014 01:43:36 PM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by meowari
Relevance: 59.2%
That makes me want to find out more about tapirs! What a beautiful doll!

Well, I received something equally as awesome from LovelyMiss, but in a completely different style...

Meet Saint Pigeonella:

We did extras for this swap and she sent along the cutest fabric cat, some cool fabric, a pen that I can totally use at work (people are always stealing my pens and this one will be easy to spot if a coworker takes it!), some stickers, and a bracelet:

LovelyMiss has much better pictures than I do, so I recommend checking her post out: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=432456.0#axzz2xTpriZkQ

Thank you so much for my doll, she is hanging in a place of honour above my sewing machine!

**I just noticed that my pictures are sideways, and I don't know why. I can't use picture hosting because an ad is covering up the "upload photos" tab, so please follow the link to the post that LovelyMiss put up.**
on: April 23, 2014 07:52:43 PM 
Started by Smmarrt, Message by angielou1
Relevance: 59.4%
You gave "good face" Cheesy "felicitybaby"! She's beautiful! How did you do the eyes? And the materials you used are very nice.

Well, now on to what I received from "lovesclutter"  .
A Mermaid!! She went with my Lost Lore category. Smiley

Thank you "lovesclutter" She's already a part of the family!
You should be receiving your doll Thursday according to tracking. I hope you like her. She went through several "changes" before she settled on this form.
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