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on: September 05, 2013 03:58:24 AM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by Glamis
Relevance: 49%
On Day 1 I received:

Three ghouls to keep me company. You cant see it in the picture but they have red (bead) eyeballs.
They now guard m garden fence!

plus: sticky eyeballs (glow in the dark!) that run down windows. The cat is very fascinated

On Day 2 (zombie day) I received:

a handprint sticker (goes to my front door) and zombie paper doll chains!

plus a mystery walking dead figure. Who might it be?


a corporate zombie. Nice  Grin (in my opinion he has a rather "healthy" skin tone for a zombie  Grin)

On Day 3 I received:

delicate beaded bat earrings

the awesomeness continues:
On Day 4 I received:

I received two felt patches and some skulls beads for my collection. The skull patch is going to go on my jacket (as a pin)

On Day 5 I received:

"the glass Lizzie Borden drank from just before her death in 1927" Very hard to photograph but you hopefully get the impression that there is an etched hand print on it..

plus caution tape. I may put it on the toilet door...

On Day 6 I received: (I realised I have to use more adverbs to properly appreciate calixitas work)

Books <3
two supertiny ones: one with beautiful pictures of Mount Auburn Cemetery, one with tiny horror film poster (beginning and ending with one of "night of the living dead"   Grin) and a very inspiring "Book of skull"s with pictures of artwork that involve skulls.

I love that font and it is free!

plus a neat magnetic bookmark

On Day 7 I received:

Seven more tiny books:

One with spooky images (it also has googly eyes on the cover)

One with poetry, containing "Tourist Season" by David R. Gluck (cracked me up) and "untitled" by Michael Nguyen (creepy )

One with pictures of "Northhampton State Hospital" and "Danvers State Hospital" (so cool)

One Skizzenbuch (sketchbook in German) with blank pages

One Zeitschrift (magazine in German) with also blank, lined pages

One leather bound with blank pages

and one labeled "My Dolls" with creepy doll face pictures

plus a mini woodland  library,lined with horror movie posters and a library gargoyle to watch them all

I am quite overwhelmed and cant even imagine how much work went into all that tiny books and the bookshelf
love them all!

On Day 8 I received:

An altered "model" (I dont know the name for it) house plus this story that goes with it (Read it!!):
A tiny zombie house:
A minor earthquake hit a small new england town and caused an explosion in an unused mine. A black cloud of dust settled in a 30 mile area surrounding the old mine. It was mostly woods and 1 building, The Wooden Nickel Inn. All the animals quickly died and the humans at the Inn soon fell gravely ill themselves. Two elderly tourists were there the first to die but doctors were baffled as to treatment. Then police received a 911 call that the dead tourists were attacking the other inhabitants. No one has come out of the house since....

look at that tiny bloody axe, and the bloody handprint in the window!

isntt it supercool !?!

On Day 9 I received:

A necklace with three different shrink plastic pendants:
Momento mori, Black caviar for zombies and The black broken heart of an ex-lover   Grin Grin Grin Grin
Had a good laugh before I had to go to the dentist, thanks!

(sorry for the bad pic, it was the best out of 20..)

On Day 10 I received:

A felt oogie boogie stuffed with bugs. He is awesome and will join my collection of handcrafted pin cushions.

you can even take the bugs out. Look how tiny they are  Shocked (compared to my giant finger) and each one is different

calixita, you are such a delicate crafter

On Day 11 I received:

A beaded werewolf artwork. Calixita originally wanted to turn it into a cuff bracelet but thought Id find the colors too drab, thoshe briefly considered giving him a rainbow background  Smiley I think all ideas are good. I think it is beautiful anyways..

On Day 12 I received:

A bloody bathtub pin cushion with bone, hand and eyeball pin. It was Calixitas first time working with poly clay. Very creative!

On the last Cry Cry Cry Cry day I received:

Four awesome beaded bracelets. I love bracelets. The eye one is sooooooooooooo cool and the other have really pretty color combos

Action shot

I am so sad it is all over now. Calixita you have been an incredible partner. Everything I received is so thoughtful and well made. I hope to swap with you some time in the future again. Thank you.  Smiley
P.S. Due to your awesome bead work I got hooked up on beading again. And I blame you that I ordered 50 worth of what the internet says are the best beads (miyuki) and a loom  Wink

on: September 15, 2013 02:18:43 PM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by calixita
Relevance: 49.1%
Good golly!  I nearly forgot to grab a spot!!
This space is for meeeeee!

My goodies!!

My cat got a special package that smelled so good, he dug into the box, pulled it out and tore it open 2 days early!

the skull is stuffed with catnip (hence the cat attraction).  Loch has been batting both toys all over the place over since and chewing the heck out of the skull (it's looking quite battered now!).  The treats are also obviously delicious (although I'm limiting him to only a few every night) and he is a very happy cat!!

I also got some lovely extras:  alphabet stamps, felt alphabet stickers, spooky decals and candy!  The chocolate eyeballs didn't survive the trip across the Atlantic very well.  They look terrifying tho'!   Grin

bone magnets that make a whole skeleton!  Very cool!  He now guards my fridge.

Glamis made me a funky Halloween wreath!  

She "tried to make it spooky and a bit odd".  Check out the teeth on these critters!!

mission accomplished!  I love it!  (I'm just sorry I couldn't get better pictures!)
link to a better picture courtesy of Glamis https://www.craftster.org/pictures/showphoto.php?photo=608715&size=big&cat=&ppuser=62245#axzz2gmadFaS1


I unwrapped a cool old book.  (I love old books!)

But look what you find when you open it up!



I received the most awesome Halloween banner on day 4!

It is the perfect length for just over my mantel and I love the vintage images she used!

I've always admired the Halloween banners I've seen on this site and now I have one of my own.  I feel spoiled only 4 days into the swap!!


Today I opened an awesome Halloween tote!

I love the colors!!!
and also a fabulous necklace with a bird skull charm!!

So cool!!


Glamis, you are a most amazing crocheter!!!
Take a look at this wonderful work!

She found this on one of my pinterest boards and I'm in love with it!  And this is also precisely why I gave up trying to crochet anything for you, Glamis.  Your skills are leaps and bounds above mine!  The hand reaching out of the grave is so well done!  
Now I must find the perfect place to display it!


Fabulous raven candles!!

They are so lovely!  I have no idea how Glamis created them but I need another pedestal candle holder to display them both properly!


Amazing embroidered haunted house!!

I admire embroidery work so much and I love this spooky house!!  The delicate colors in the moon, the spooky trees, the ever-so-slightly unbalanced look of the top floor that makes me imagine that one good stomp of Frankenstein's monster's boot would send it plunging into the cavernous ravine that the house is perched above...   It is simply fabulous!!!


I received a wonderful set of creepy forest coasters!!

Glamis said she hopes they are versatile enough for round the year use.  I will definitely be using them all year!  My favorite one right now is the scene with the antlered creature!  She also made a perfect coaster holder to keep them in!

DAY 10

Halloween towels and brain soap!

to help me stay "creepy clean"!  The towels are so neat and perfect for when my niece comes for a visit!  (which will give me the perfect excuse to use them other times of the year besides October!)  The brain soap is awesome!  I'm suffering my first head cold of the season so I can't tell just what they smell like (except pleasantly sweet!).  I've put one next to the sink already and will try to save the other for next Halloween!

DAY 11

a pretty jewelry holder!

such a pretty cat silhouette!  It's perched in the living room for now so I can enjoy it!

and German candy!!

lots of chocolate and caramel goodness, fruit toffees and gummy-looking eyeballs!!  I'm looking forward to tearing into this stash!

DAY 11   Cry

It's a dreary grey day in Boston but today's gift has brightened it considerably!!  I am now the proud owner of a beautiful cat pillow!

And not just any cat!  Glamis did some serious stalking because she got my handsome Loch's face perfectly!
I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this!  I am only 4 cats away from being the stereotypical crazy cat lady and I love my new pillow so much!!
It's perfect for Halloween too because on the other side.....

Loch thinks the new sofa pillow is fabulous!  
Thank you so much, Glamis!!!!!

DAY 13

And on this day, I unwrapped a spectacular Day of the Dead owl stuffie!!!!  She is too fabulous for words!!!

Just look at that face!

We bonded instantly and she has taken a perch on my mantel where she will help keep the cat in line.  (Loch has gotten a little uppity now that he has been immortalized in pillow form.  He struts around like a little dictator!)
Thank you so much for absolutely everything, Glamis!!!!  The amount of work and care you put into this gorgeous owl and all the wonderful goodies in my package is unbelievable and much appreciated.  I will continue to work on my crochet skills and if we are ever partners again, perhaps I'll be ready to share with a crafter of your abilities!!   Wink
Thank you again!

on: September 24, 2013 07:41:26 PM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by deadsweaters
Relevance: 49.2%
First, a photo of the whole lot from lindyv321!

Second, I must show the adorable card she sent!  It's a cut out skeleton.  This will be on the wall in my room, year round, more than likely.  So cute!

Lindy only labeled the Day 1 item, so I get to pick what to open each day!  AWESOME! Smiley

Day 1.
I got a 3D wooden tree!  I've always loved these, but have never gotten one.  It's black and glittery and she sent ornaments and garland to decorate it.

I wanted to get a close up of the little ornaments which I believe she made, because I love them so much!

The raven kills me, it's so cute!

Day 2.
This banner is awesome!  I don't do many paper crafts, but this makes me want to.  I have the perfect place to hang this over the cabinets in my kitchen!

Day 3.
Well, it's 5:30am on day 3, and I can't sleep...SO I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF!!!  Somehow, I opened the PERFECT package for insomnia!  An awesome anatomy book with some great stock images, some adorable cardboard decorative shapes, a science fiction magazine cut out (which is going on my inspiration wall as soon as I finish posting), and the BEST THING EVER!  A book of zombie feltie patterns!!!  I've already flipped through it, and I want to make them all! Smiley

Day 4.
This is possibly the most awesome thing I have ever seen!!!  I got a totally amazing shrine!!!  I'm so glad this survived shipping!!!  It's my favorite Halloween thing that I have at the moment!

Every little room is so perfect!  I love the skeleton guy...and I adore the gargoyle bead!!

oh and the angry women on the bottom are great!
She also sent a little shrine kit....with a skeleton which I already put together!!

Day 5.
A present for my little man!!!  It was wrapped up so lovely.

A beautiful little no sew blanket!  Orange on one side, black on the other.  He loves it, btw!

Day 6.
I got some great spooky embellishments, a little pumpkin clothespin, a super cute necklace, and some beautiful pumpkin earrings, which I am wearing right now!  There was a pumpkin candle in the box as extra, so I pulled that out too!  I wanted my house to smell delicious!  Smiley

Here's the necklace and earrings a little closer....so wonderful!

Day 7.
Today, I got a little Halloween sign, a BOO tiny clothespin, and a super adorable key chain!!!

The bat is so cute, I can't stand it! Smiley

I can't wait to put it to use!  I love everything so much, so far!!  I can only imagine what's in store for the next six days!!!! >-<

Day 8.
I found some amazing bottles for 1000 year old gargoyle drool and bottled ghosts!!  So awesome!

Day 9.
Some adorable supplies to make delicious Halloween goodies!!! Smiley

Day 10.
The most beautiful wrap bracelets ever!!

I can't take them off!

The caldron is my favorite part.
Also, there was an adorable skeleton necklace, two squishy rats, and a little spider clothespin!!

Day 11.
I found some super cute trim/ribbon, some awesome bone erasers(which I collect funny shaped erasers! win!), and a beautifully put together little book!

Here's the inside:

It looks so good next to the shrine...and I cannot get enough of those little dapper gentleman skeletons!!  They are just the best.

Day 12.
I got a great little lot of things!!  Some Halloween dcor tape, super cute stickers, and fun staches!!!  Which is too great, because I have an obsession with putting sticker mustaches on my son, or drawing a mustache on my finger and taking pictures with it under his nose...SO THIS IS PERFECT!! Smiley

Some awesome zombies were sent along with the package, which are already hanging up in my window, which perfectly enough, is zombie themed!

and my favorite part are these holographic pictures.  I've always wanted some of these, but have never gotten them, mostly because I can never find one that is actually more spooky than corny...but these are definitely spooky and not corny at all!!!  They are going straight on the wall!  (and staying up year round like most of these awesome things Lindy has graced me with! Smiley)



I can't believe tomorrow is the last day!  I'm not sad....I'm not sad.....errrr....."mini -we can't get enough 13 days of Halloween - December edition", anyone?Huh  Haha.

Day 13.
For the last day, I received a beautiful hoopla!

and some awesome double sided postcard type things.  Smiley

other side:

The end is bittersweet, but I love everything so much.  THANK YOU, LINDY!!!  Can't wait for next year!.  <3
on: September 04, 2013 03:49:08 PM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by gotgrey
Relevance: 49%
My spooky spectacular space!

I received from Ffrogg yesterday.  Sorry, I didn't take a pic of how pretty she wrapped everything.  Each package has a cute little saying on it.  I was a good girl, and waited till today to open.  I made myself wait until I got my morning chores done 1st.  

1st up: AWESOME stitchery!!!!  I'm going to put this in my studio, so it will stay out all year long.  How did you know that I actually do have night mares almost every night Ffrogg?  Smiley  It says: I am the Shadow on the moon at night   Filling your Dreams to the brim with fright.  
2nd Day: I saw the orange ball poking out of the top of the package.  So, that's why I chose to open it today.  As soon as I saw the white part, I knew it had to be Zero!!!  And, it was!!!  Ffrogg sent me more than 13 packages, so I took the awesome Halloween bag out of the box too!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything!!!  Thank you so much Ffrogg!!

Day 3: Don't let the outside of the box fool you!  When you open it, there is an adorable miniature witch's living room!  Soo, soo, soo cute!

Day 4: Awesome, loooong bunting!!!  I had to switch which wall I was going to hang it on, because the previously chosen wall was not long enough!  Fun candy corn socks!  I LOVE fun socks!  And, beautiful Halloween fabric.  I needed to refresh my Halloween fabric supply.

Day 5: Bootiful painted/decoupaged paper mache letters that spell out B O O.  

Day 6: A beautiful earthen ware mug that I plan on drinking my coffee and hot apple cider out of.  I even love the colors, because I consider myself a, "close to the earth" kind of girl.  Smiley

Day 7: An adorable crocheted frog and a mini palm reading book.  I plan on putting the frog in my studio after Halloween.  

Day 8: 2 spooktacular plaques.  I love the vintage look of both of them.

Day 9: 5 delicious Halloween themed fat quarters!  Raggy quilt, here I come!

Day 10: The cutest crocheted pumpkin zippered pouch!  The zipper even has a clay leaf on it!

Day 11: Wonderful smelling apple bath bombs, that are the BOMB!

Day 12: A fun coffin.  It even has a vile of blood!  The little bat hanging upside down is my favorite part!

Day 13: Boo hoo, the last day!  A Day of the Dead Sugar Skull.  I got one in a Day of the Dead swap, and they look wonderful together!  Thank you so much Ffrogg for making my Halloween spooktacular!
on: September 04, 2013 03:50:43 PM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by MissingWillow
Relevance: 49%
Day 1
I am now the very proud owner of one of Ms. kittykill's creations.  She made a headless horseman cross stitch that's just perfect.  Isn't it awesome?

Day 2
Today's goodie is an eyeball candle in a spooky severed skeleton's hand.  Love it!

Day 3
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous (and spooky) embroidery in the most amazing oval frame!  Just wow!

Day 4
Socks!  And they totally go with the jammies I was wearing when I opened them.   Grin

Day 5
Candy Candy Candy!  Can't wait to try the gummie body parts.  We're having company over tonight, I'm going to serve them.   Shocked

Day 6
EEP!  Spider girl!  She's vintage perfection!  I love her!

Day 7
Halloween ornaments!  I am going to have to get a Halloween tree to display these.  I received a few in last year's swap, too, so I think the universe is telling me to get one...  I love them so much.   Smiley

Day 8
The most perfectly stitched 'Trick or Treat' kitchen towel!  Just gorgeous!  

Day 9
It's a box full of fun!  I love the images she chose to embellish it, and the skull on top is fantastic.

Here's another view:

Inside I found this adorable 'snow' globe.   Smiley

and classic monster movie goodies.  Yahoo!

Day 10
I am seriously in love with this key fob.  Dude.  Seriously.  I want to learn how to make these myself because they're so cool!

Day 11
Two gorgeous chunky houses to add to my Halloween chunky house neighborhood.  I love these so much!  If I'm not mistaken I think they are kittykill's first attempt.  She's a pro!  

Day 12
The most darling raven on a fence mug and some yummy tea and chai to try.

Day 13
Boo!  Last day... kittykill sent me the most beautiful, fluffy, warm, amazing throw.  My cat Bindi immediately tried to claim it as her own.  Not so fast there, missy!  Thank you kittykill for the most amazing swap.  It's been wonderful opening my treasures from you every morning.
on: September 04, 2013 04:25:56 PM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by lindyv321
Relevance: 49%
I got my package from deadsweaters today!!!!

Day 1 is an awesome Halloween Advent Calendar!  It was one of my big wishes Smiley  I filled it up with little Tootsie Rolls for the kids to eat each day.

Day 2 is a super cute Jack O Lantern pail that is glow in the dark, my favorite treat, and a cute coffin that makes noises when you open it.  Not sure how I am going to embellish it yet.

Day 3 had the cutest skull shot glasses, pumpkin picks, and a cute glass bottle.  All of these are now on the top of my stove.

Day 4 is an amazing spider web hoopla.  I tried to take a photo of the delicate details of the beaded spiders on the web but they don't show up very well...

Days 5 I found some Dia De Los Muertos window clings, some lovely damask fabric, and a skeleton who is now hanging by my front door

Day 6 a super cute fall dish with some Halloween bone candy

Day 7 A mummy treat box with a Halloween charm bracelet inside!  I love all the charms Wink  Also some reflective bracelets that I am saving for the kids to wear trick or treating

Day 8 has brought me some squee worthy fabric ghosts.  Love the fabric!

Day 9 is an amazing shadow box!  I just ADORE this spooky creation!  Had to move some other decor around to make a spot for it this morning

Day 10 I got these Frankenstein and his bride boxes.  They are up on the shelf for all to see! Also some cute stickers.

Day 11 A cute sign that is now up on the bookshelf and a Jack O' Lantern that lights up.

Day 12
A creepy cute feathered owl, ghost peeps, and cute stickers

Day 13 Sad
3 skulls and a Halloween Jar of Whimsies!

Thank you so much for swapping with me deadsweaters!
on: September 04, 2013 06:08:34 PM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by RaraAvis
Relevance: 49%
My gallery of Halloween goodies received from cadet120433!

October 1st
A super cute bat wreath!

Unfortunately, it arrived in two pieces from shipping, but I was able to put it back together. I alreday have it hanging on my door!

October 2nd
Yummy candy corn and a cute candy corn dish!

October 3rd
A Halloween birdhouse wind chime!

October 4th
My partner picked up on my love of birds, skeletons, and plushies!!!!

Soooo cute! I love it

October 5th
A nice little web covered lantern!

October 6th
Another nice candle holder made from a jar! For both today and October 5th my partner included awesome little battery powered tea-light candles. I tried to get pictures of both days with the candles on.

October 7th
A cute owl witch!!!

October 8th
Halloween socks!

October 9th
Two candles!

October 10th
Fun ghost ornaments! My partner had this pinned and I pinned it from her. We each ended up making some for each other!

October 11th
A really nice owl mug and tea! I can't wait to take the mug to work to use for my daily tea.

October 12th
An awesome coffin box which opens to reveal some tiny treasures! A neat little wire spider, a hanging witch ornament, a jack-o-lantern bead, and three cool little bottles, one filled with eyeballs, one with bones, and one with candy corn.

Bonus Day!
Some nice supplies!

October 13th
Last Day....I got a really lovely bag!

Thank you so much cadet120433!
on: September 04, 2013 08:21:30 PM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by phoenixfiredesigns
Relevance: 49%
My Halloween Gallery of goodies from michelleandbean

Here's everything (except for day 6 which is in a separate box that has not yet arrived despite being mailed the same day as the other box. Darnit, USPS!)

~*~ Day 1 ~*~

Yum, yum, yum!! All pineapple goodies. Pineapple jelly, pineapple gummies (in a hysterical "specimen" bag!), pineapple lip balm and pineapple gummy bears! Pineapple is my all-time favorite but since I hate coconut, it's nearly impossible to find JUST pineapple things. Yay!! I've already sampled the gummy bears and they're quite good! Grin

~*~ Day 2 ~*~

Awesome bat shadowbox! It has a bat flying by a full moon, a spooky tree and mossy ground. Love it! Grin

~*~ Day 3 ~*~

Two glass potion bottles! "Wool of Bat" and "Grounded Bones." The kitty is little Ginger who literally would not let me take a photo without her "help." Wink

~*~ Day 4 ~*~

Adorable Mickey Ear fleece pillows in orange and black and Mickey Ear banner in black and orange. So cute! (I am a massive Disney fan so this is great.)

~*~ Day 5 ~*~

Framed bat art. I love the ornate frame on this!

~*~ Day 6 ~*~

An awesome black and orange ornament wreath! So festive!!

~*~ Day 7 ~*~

A cute felt owl and a neat ceramic owl. The ceramic one opens and is hollow inside so he can hold things.

~*~ Day 8 ~*~

A basket full of pumpkins! I've artfully spilled them out so you can see them here but they all fit nicely in the basket to make it full.

~*~ Day 9 ~*~

Cat day! There was a "crinkle mat" which has an orange full moon and bats on it and it's fuzzy with a crinkly center so when the cats lay on it, it makes noise. Ginger was quite taken by it which is why I couldn't get a shot withOUT her on it! Also, four felt cat toys; Mickey Ears, Bat, Mouse, Fish. I also could not get a photo without Ginger's "help" in testing them out. Plus, Mika and Gracie wanted to play too.

~*~ Day 10 ~*~

A really lovely little bag in a fun orange/red/yellow fabric with a elastic button closure. Fully lined with a little pocket inside too.

~*~ Day 11 ~*~

6 crochet washcloths (2 each, black, orange, white) plus Halloween cupcake liners and Halloween cookie cutters!

~*~ Day 12 ~*~

A really pretty rose barrette, a skeleton key, steampunky gear necklace and earrings, lock and key earrings and ring that looks like it was made from an extremely detailed old button.

~*~ Day 13 ~*~

An awesome stitched "Tomb Sweet Tomb" sign! (It's from Haunted Mansion ride at Disney.)

Yay! What an awesome swap. I had SO much fun and the range of items were so very thoughtful and creative. Thank you, michelleandbean for an excellent swap!!
on: September 05, 2013 07:37:30 AM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by themuppet
Relevance: 49%
My fabulously fantastic QueenNinjaMonkey awesomeness:

Day 1/13/whatever:  WOO CANDY CORN

Seriously.. I love candy corn enough that it is probably considered illegal in several southern states.  And Starburst candy corn is the best!  Woo!  Terraria and candy corn has been my agenda all evening.. lol


These completely adorable pillows with painted zombie silhouettes on the front and cool skull fabric on the back.  So so awesome!

Day 3!!

Wee felt ornaments!  SO so so cute.  They make me ridiculously happy.  Also, candy corn duct tape! <3

Day 4!!

This poor adorable candy corn zombie hoop.  I think it's needle punched?  It's thick and awesome and bumpy.  

It looks fantastic on my "favorites" wall, too! Cheesy

Day 5!!

More zombie felties!  Squeeeee!!  And a Zombie Apocalypse book that my 16-year-old shockingly stole.  Double bonus!

I bought this glittery halloween tree last year to use in my craft booth, but my ornament production outgrew it pretty quick, so it's been sitting on top of a shelf looking fancy but bare.  Bare no longer!

Day 6!

This day proves that Madame Ninja Monkey is a psychic.   First, socks!  I love weird socks, and my candy corn socks are tied for favorites with the eyeball socks and the striped socks.  But now candy corn striped socks?  winner!

The coasters are awesome with foam skeleton feet, but, most importantly, they have Chris Mars paintings on them, and he is one of my favorite artists of all time.

The kicker: I didn't tell her I loved both of these things, so she must be psychic!!

Day 7!!

Holy crap it's a soap skeleton!  I didnt even know this skeleton mold existed.  I am so excited to be washing my hands with a bony foot. Cheesy

Day 8!

A pile of fun stuff!  An adorable candy corn (wheee!), a light up lantern, and some monster pills that I might be nice and share with my kids. Wink

Day 9!

OMG MORE FELTIES.  I don't know how I lived my life without these things in it, for real.  I have looked at my little zombie tree 197591875 times over the last week.  SO FREAKIN CUTE.

Day 10!

and even more!!!  I don't want to ramble on like a maniac any more than I already have, so suffice to say they are fantastic.  Love love love.  Plus another zombie book!

Day 11!!

This cool spidery book box!  I have always wanted a book box, and I always need storage, so even more awesome.

Inside I found magnets and cool vintage postcards!

I can't believe there are only two days left! Ack!

Day 12!

This super awesome skully shirt!  I am so excited about this thing!

day 13!  waHHHH

This beautiful Halloween shrine.  I have hung it already in a place of honor - I absolutely adore it.

Thank you so much for everything, QNM!!  You were the best partner ever.
on: September 05, 2013 07:49:43 AM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by QueenNinjaMonkey
Relevance: 49%
1st Day

Cute packaging

Chocolate brain balls (cake balls lol )

They were delicious!!! Chocolate cake topped with raspberry and covered in white chocolate  Grin

2nd Day

themuppet is an incredibly amazing painter!! Check out this super awesome Marcelene painting she made for me!!  Grin Can you tell by the !!! I'm in love?  Cheesy

3rd Day
My partner knows I want to learn to crochet so she sent me the supplies to get started! Smiley I can't wait to learn and I've been eyeing that Creepy Cute Crochet book for a while now. Plus, even better, she sent me the pattern for her zombie bunny slippers  Grin

4th Day

Adorable Day of the Dead bunny. I love this little guy and how bright he is! Also I love that themuppet's son calls them sugar buns.  Grin

5th Day

So I am seriously in awe of themuppet's painting skills!! I asked her for a Marcelene painting which you saw on day 2, but she went above and beyond by painting me a set of pictures from the same episode of Adventure Time! Here is Princess Bubblegum and Beemo, and I am in heaven.  Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

6th Day
My partner wasn't sure if this idea translated well or not, but I freakin LOVE it! It's a voodoo doll wreath, awesome!

7th Day
Creepy little candy corn, this guy is so sweet! I love his expression!

8th Day
I love pretty much anything thing Day of the Dead, so of course I flipped when I opened this couple!

I love the texture/coloring of their skulls and the tiny roses!!  Grin

9th Day
It's Jake! I can't wait to hang these all up together!  Grin

10th Day
Zombie Lumpy Space Princess! This is seriously awesome, she's going to look great on my hoop wall!

11th Day
Supplies  Smiley Things I definitely need, felt, hoops in all sizes, embroidery floss and a cute felt sugar skull. I am in the process of making felt ornaments of every Adventure Time character so this will really help!  Grin

12th Day
It's Finn!  Smiley Smiley I'm so, so in love with these paintings!

13th Day
Skeleton dry erase board, love this! It's going next to the fridge.  Grin Also lots of Tootsie Rolls, which I also love. They were everywhere in the box and I have eaten tons.  Cheesy

I am so sad this swap is over. Thank you so much themuppet, I loved everything and I would happily swap with you again in the future!  Smiley Smiley Smiley
on: September 05, 2013 08:02:55 AM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by kittykill
Relevance: 49%
My amazing day one from Missing Willow! I love the image and the eyes are the best. Thank you!

Day two and I have a mini me in witch form! I LOVE HER! The bat bra is the absolute best! She is sitting in my Halloween tree. Thank you SOOOO much!

Her wings

I was too excited about my little witch, that I forgot to post the yummy goodies I received. Mmmm....gummi eyeballs.......POP ROCKS! The m&m's are funky but good.

Day 3! I LOVE these towels! They are in my bathroom making it super spooky!

Day 4-I tried to get an action shot but I couldn't. I LOVE the Bride of Frankenstein and this necklace is perfect! Great length too!

Day 5-super yummy smelling soap! The pecan pie one smells so good! We decorate our whole house so these will be perfect in our bathroom with our towels. They came in this great tin which I will use in my kitchen.

The most beautiful mug ever! I love this color and the arts and crafts feel to it! Perfection!

It's a rug, for me mug!  Cheesy And some wonderful, blurry tea! I will get a better picture of the tea tonight but look at the most awesome spooky mug rug! I love it!

Super duper cute coasters! They are the best! They go perfectly with my haunted house!

How funny is it that we both made eachother boxes and we both opened them on the same day! Look at this amazing box!

And oh my goodness! Look at what is inside! A mama crow sitting on her babes! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Oh yeah! Got me some farm goodies! Honey! Prize winning jelly and some yummy hot chutney. I know you're totally jealous!

Looky looky! I love my little evil Halloween girl! She is on my Halloween tree right now.

My bedroom is a sideshow/circus theme...spooky circus, so this is just absolutely perfect for my sideshow room. I wish I could paint like this.

Holy macaroni! MissingWillow saved the best for last! The cutest Halloween curio ever! It is stay in my collection all year round. I love miniatures and all the little knick knacks are just as great at the cabinet.  Thank you so much for being an amazing partner and wonderful crafty friend.
on: September 05, 2013 09:13:01 AM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by sweetyetevil
Relevance: 49%
my spot!

My awesome partner was La chapa!
Day 1
A cute treat bag and some hand made chocolate pretzels. Her oldest son helped with these. Chocolate and pretzels are soooo good. I did not even mention that in my questionnaire.

Day 2
Super cute votive holders, one with bats and one with zombies! Her youngest help with the project and they came out great. There are some good smelling candles inside for me to try too. Grin

Day 3
My fav horror movie is Phantasm and I got a sweet key chain and two spooky pendants on ball chains.
The Phantasm project almost did not get sent but I am sooo glad it did! I love it!!!

Day 4
I got some great supplies today...  Skeleton fabric(so cool!), tombstone ribbon and some gummy boogers to snack on while I create!

Day 5
A beautiful crochet Skull scarf. I know a few of my friends who will want this, I love it!!

Day 6
A beautiful cross stitch made with vintage stitch fabric. She said this was only her second one but I would have said she has been doing this for years!! Every elements in this is sweet.

Day 7
Eyeballs!!! haha these are too cool! I especially like they are two different colors. Smiley

Label for eye jar

Day 8
A bloody candle. I am not sure if I want to burn this lol spooky!

Day 9
Supply day!!!
I love the skull ice and finger ice trays! I use these for making resin items. I actually ruined my finger tray last year so I was jazzed to see a new one. I use e 6000 a lot too, for a while it was out of stock at every place I checked. Also a coffin and some skelly hands. These will get used! Grin

Day 10
A vintage inspired pumpkin. Oh I love this so much!!! He came with some gummy candies which I am eating right now. nom nom nom

Day 11
OMG these are the coolest hair clips I have ever seen! I cannot wait to wear them.

Day 12
an Owl!! He reminds me of woodsie the owl. he will go in my craft room when completed!

Day 13
I am so sad this is the last day of goodies. I did get two really fabulous wall hangings to wrap up my 13 days!

I love this eye wall dcor. I have a pendant pinned that this must have been inspired by. I will love it much more on my wall since I can see it everyday!

Skull and bones wall dcor. Perfect, I love the skull and bones!

Thanks so much for the Halloween greatness LaChapa! I really enjoyed everything you made and sent to me!!!
on: September 05, 2013 05:05:02 PM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by gala_apples
Relevance: 49%
My wrapped loot from GrannysAnnie- all purple and lime green  Grin

My card- it's Sooper Skeritly a Doctor Who thing, I'm sure, because it's a Van Gogh and that was one of my favourite eps, and it says SPOILERS!! inside, like River always tells 11.

Day 13- a anatomical heart! Now me and my girlfriend both have one (it's a in-joke about our relationship) Cheesy

After a quick conversation we've figured out our crossed wires and I am to be opening counting up instead of down. So I give you...Day 1- candy I've never seen before!

Day 2- Lock Shock and Lipgloss! It's a pretty red colour with the lid off.

Day 3- a bunch of stickers

Day 4- A slit throat choker in zombie green! (I only have like 4 zombie shirts to pair it with  Cheesy )

Day 5- supplies. I've never seen marble painted chain like this. I already know what I'm doing with the black and white one.

Day 6- orange-lime bubble bath. I literally can't think of two smells I love more than orange and lime, so this is FANTASTIC.

Day 7- orange bath salts

Day 8- a slit wrists and throat set (only took a picture of the wrist, since the throat looks the same as the zombie one)

Day 9- I really reeeeeally wanted a bat necklace, and after a few failed attempts to make one, GrannysAnnie bought me one. Thanks for making sure I got one!

Day 10- A TARDIS, that, when you open....is full of zombie Doctors!

Day 11- a block of fall themed scrapbook paper. Here are some examples:

Day 12- Saw magnets! These are so gory cool, they instantly make me want to rewatch the movies.

on: September 05, 2013 10:38:51 PM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by mthrasher138
Relevance: 49%
My gallery of gory goodies!  Grin

On the first day of Halloween Lo{ve} sent to me:

A bunch of Halloween candy! A delightful mix of twix, 3 musketeers, snickers, and milky ways. Alas, the people in my household ran off with the goods before I could snap a pic.

On the second day of Halloween:

A set of lovely Halloween bookmarks! I still read REAL books (shocking I know) and can always use another bookmark. They are so cute and well made. Jealous of Lo{ve}'s sewing skills already!

On the third day of Halloween:

Supply day! A bunch of Fall/Halloween buttons!

On the fourth day of Halloween:

An awesome set of perler bead coasters! Frankenstein and his bride are kind of like mascots for my husband and I. We even had them on our wedding cake! I can't wait to use these!

On the fifth day of Halloween:

A lovely tea wallet and a box of green tea!

A shot of the inside of the wallet and Lo{ve}'s awesome sewing skills!

On the sixth day of Halloween:

Super cute Halloween socks and some crocheted scrubbies!

On the seventh day of Halloween:

Gifts for my husband (a skull candle and skull shot glasses) and furkids (treats and a Halloween collar)!

On the eighth day of Halloween:

A jack o' lantern hoopla! She said it was her first one ever and I'm impressed!

She also included this cute spider decoration that glows different colors.

On the ninth day of Halloween:

Glitter! I love the orange and green ones especially!

On the tenth day of Halloween:

Creepy letters! Lo{ve} says she doesn't really do paper crafts, but I think she did a great job!

On the eleventh day of Halloween:

Halloween baking supplies!

Cutest spatula ever!

On the twelfth day of Halloween:

A cute ghosty mug rug! She quilted around the ghosts to give it a neat texture!
on: September 09, 2013 10:22:01 PM 
Started by lindyv321, Message by mandykaye
Relevance: 49.1%
My packages from ChameleonHound, I love how she used leaves for the numbers!

DAY #1...lovely chocolate!

DAY #2 (technically Wink) A cute little clothespin witch!!!! Love her little broom and painted cape! LOVE her!

DAY #3...Lots of spooky and cute Halloween printed book pages! So cool!!!! (There is <top to bottom>...witch, raven, deer, fox, cat, forest)

DAY #4...An amazing leaf mobile! I believe the leaves are melted crayon in between wax paper? They are so pretty! It hangs so nicely too! LOVE it!!! Not sure what kind of wood she used for the top but its really pretty!

DAY #5..OMG! I got this really super cool set of elemental/apothecary glass vials! These were definitely pinterest inspired Wink LOVE these!!!!! They read "Snake's Charm" with a snake skin, "Wind Spirits" with feathers, "Ocean Gifts" with sea glass and shells, "Earth Jewels" with dried herbs and flowers, and "Sea Breezes" with sea breeze of course!

DAY #6...I am totally getting spoiled! She made this amazing hoop for me! The triple moon design on top is cut out and there is a shimmery silver colored cloth behind! The tree is so perfect! LOVE everything about this!!!!

DAY #7..a pair of birch candle holders and some cool taper candles! These are soo pretty! I love birch trees!

DAY #8...Some fabulous fall/Halloween themed scrapbook papers!!! Love them all! There are some pages with metallic accents that the camera just doesn't want to capture but they are all really nice!!

DAY #9...My DH's b-day so this one was for him!  He collects eagles so she sent this really neat and realistic eagle ornament! He loves it!

DAY #10...LOTS of cute little fabric pumpkins!!!!! So SWEET!!! I will have to keep the kitties out of these! Tongue I love all the different fabrics!!!

Day #11...Halloween-ish Wall Decals! So Cool! I didn't know these existed lol! Now I will have to find just the right place......... Wink

DAY #12...Oh No! Only one more day left! Sad BUT....I got this super pretty wreath!!!! I LOVE this!!!! Thanks so much Robin!

DAY #13...I'm a day late posting and I really didn't want this swap to end! ChameleonHound (Robin) Made me this really awesome yin/yang, totem type drawing of my two dogs!!! This is so special!!! I love it!!! Thanks so much for the great swap!!! This has been one of my favorite ever swaps!~~~~

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