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on: January 24, 2013 07:34:59 AM 
Started by susanab, Message by susanab
Relevance: 55.2%
pinky_penguin-----are you KIDDING ME??!!!
i'd be hard pressed to guess which is the extra so lets start with one of my favorite themes in the world...a girl and her cat:

i'm just astounded. these art dolls are truly breathtakingly beautiful
audrey (pinky--great names!)

look at her face! she is LOVELY!

mr. swiggles:

thank you, thank you...enOURMOUSLY! your talent and generosity truly overflow.

happy endings:

on: January 28, 2013 04:55:47 PM 
Started by susanab, Message by noodle-bug
Relevance: 55.2%
So, Mondays suck, right? Especially after sending your weekend knee-deep in textbooks and coursework that you cannot understand, and you're running late for work because of the stupid trains and the stupid tourists all walk sooooo slowly in front of you ... but then you get in to find a parcel waiting for you! HURRAH!

I had to wait til my break to open it, since I was already late, but oh.my.word it was worth the wait.

This is gonna get picture fat, so prepare your pinning buttons now:

so many accessories!

Her little bag
and in in the background you see her inkwell, because I love to read so now I have my very own mini author to write stories for me
And, look what's in her bag...
Her book of dreams to write in and a packet of quills

My little writer also comes with her own elephant (well, how else would she have travelled to me??)
She is obviously from India, so I decided to call her Likhanā, which is the Hindi word for write. Her elephant is called Saraswati, after the goddess who created the Sanskrit language. I hope neither of them miss India, and I promise to take them to visit when we go to see my SOs family every couple of years

at the risk of being a terrible terrible show off... my small (which apparently wasn't the bag and writing gear!) is also BEAUTIFUL. I have been truly spoilt

I'd say they are like some that I had on my pinterest but they are SO MUCH BETTER than the ones I pinned. I have a blank charm bracelet that I inherited from my great aunt, that I have been looking for something suitable to put on for ages.

I am so spoilt, and so blown away by your generosity,  (ohh.... there was quite a lot of chocolate too... but that somehow went missing during the day Lips sealed my colleagues and I thank you) all the exquisite little details and the amount of thought and talent on display - Thank you so so much puamelia

(oh, and you have the most beautiful handwriting!)
on: February 11, 2013 11:34:48 PM 
Started by susanab, Message by bambam91
Relevance: 55.4%
3rd time lucky, lets see if it will work

Kevin wonders who is this strange creature in my tree


I love her rose and pearls!!

Look at the few blue bits Smiley

And Zero!!!!

He is amazing!!!!!

This is where they will sit, with my other creepy cute items!!

I love them soooo much, I do not think my pictures do justice of how amazing they are!!

I also received some eyes for poppets and freezer paper, but the computer will not let me add them. As well as a beautiful card!!

I can not wait until Lovesclutter makes them their own post so I can hit "this rocks" Smiley
on: January 31, 2013 01:34:14 PM 
Started by susanab, Message by alwaysinmyroom
Relevance: 55.3%
lol Kookaloo!  I am also scared of clowns and scarecrows! Cheesy  But, I really loved the patchwork on the scarecrow and the cute hat...

Love the scales on the Siren and her hair is wonderful!

Now, be prepared for my own awesome package from Wendiek!!!

First, all the goodies at once--TWO dolls, a Dutch calendar with cows, a cow postcard, a needlebook, and some stickers for fun!

The main attraction---awww...a doll made from saved clothing--some of it is so soft, so maybe from pj's!  It is funny how I think it could be related to the doll I made for her...same shape and coloring! The heart is special also because it has buttons!  One of the arms is attached with a wooden button that actually says "wooden button" ha ha ha! Cheesy The back has her tag and more patchwork!

Whoa!  A second scary doll made from a child's drawing...the little arms and the big mouth are my favorite!

Next is the doll showing off the cute needlebook...which I need for my embroidery! (and there are those creepy arms again! Cheesy)

Finally, the extras---the calendar has pictures of sites in Holland, which is what I wanted...I was surprised at how many of the months are just like ours with very little change in spelling---so I guess we all speak Dutch a little! Cheesy

Thank you for my fun and crazy package, Wendiek!  I had a blast with this swap!
on: January 07, 2013 02:35:01 PM 
Started by susanab, Message by WingsOfClay
Relevance: 55%
OMG!!! I just received from LesliesHappyHeart, and all i can say is WOW!  Shocked Shocked Shocked

I literally started screaming with joy when I saw the doll and the extra!  Grin Even the package she shipped it was so colorful and cool!
I am literally IN AWE of what you made for me, Leslie!  Smiley

The doll plus the extra:

First of all, even the "extra" is swap-worthy on its own!!! This pillow is SO well made and precious! I love bunnies, this goes with my house, and again, photos cannot capture the details and polished finishing of this extra pillow:

THE DOLL...OMG! "Fluffy" is this perfect JJ style bunny, holding its own LITTLE bunny, sewn from a really cool palette of cotton prints with stripes, dots, tiny bunny images, etc. The teeth (clay?) are so textured and really just complete the piece. Long floss whiskers, tiny buttons, a singed ear (poor bunny)  Wink, lines of stitching, and details galore:

Photos totally do not capture the beauty of the doll and the extra. Fluffy and the bunny pillow are gonna be two of my most treasured possessions...thank u SO MUCH Leslie for making so cool items for me.

on: January 19, 2013 11:37:34 AM 
Started by susanab, Message by rachel.in.rainbows
Relevance: 55.1%
Hey everyone!! I received from Susanab earlier this week, but haven't had a chance to post until today! I has aid in my questionairre that I thought a carnival/circus theme would be fun, and she definitely took that to heart. Most of all though, I love the little buddy that came along with him. Smiley He's so soft and cute and cuddly!  Thank you so much Susanab!!!! I love them both!

Eeps! I hope I did this right! My first time using the Craftster image uploader!

Monsieur Cloune

Face closeup!

And his backside!

And his little buddy!!

Side 1!

Side 2!

Thank you susanab!
on: January 23, 2013 10:22:40 AM 
Started by susanab, Message by wendiek
Relevance: 55.2%
Yes, yes more dolls entered the gallery!

that squid is creepy and cute AND useful! Who wouldn't want a squid with a pocket, hahaha! And a chenille worm to warm your neck? Oh yes, please! Hahaha, oh wait, my worm just got ready for use...  Roll Eyes

And I have lots to share with you! I received yesterday, took pictures and wanted to upload but my camera cord went missing in action, my card reader got lost too and when I tried to e-mail the pics to myself with my partners computer, that went wrong too!
Good news, I found the card reader... buried under fabrics and stuff on my desk. Okay!

WARNING!! BIG SPOILAGE!! alwaysinmyroom stuffed so much extras in the box she sent me, no us.

A complete box with the doll, crafted items, candy of all sorts, origami paper and pretty Japanese fabric!!

AIMR told that she has a Japanese mother and chose that as her theme. The doll is Japanese orientated, I love her!

She is made from old Japanes Kimono-fabrics! How cool is that?! Her lips are very chic and make me think of a Geisha! She wears Japanese slippers and holds a fan made from Origami paper! She also has a gold knot-closure on her tummy.

Her back side is very pretty too:

With a piece of paper with Japanese characters from an old crochet book, love it!
AIMR has written her Craftster name and name on that paper, see?

She made me a pretty pincushion too, from a jar lid and Japanese fabric, a small purse with Japanese fabric and covered three pencils with pretty origami paper! And she made me a knitted hat. She liked a comment of mine on the Blythe doll hats Leslie made and decided to knit me a hat! Here is a picture of all the extras AIMR made me:

I found vintage postcards, origami paper and some old Japanese fabric in that box too!
AND she stuffed in several sorts of candy too, we tried them all (of course) and they are yummy!!
My boys were sooooo happy to see gum tape in the box! Especially the youngest (Joris is his name) is in heaven! He carries it around with him all day long, hahaha!

Here is a picture taken by my oldest (Thijs) of me and Joris. I'm wearing that cool hat and Joris is holding (and chewing) his treasure, the tape gum. He calls it Bubba Bubba instead of Hubba Bubba.  Cheesy

THANKS, THANKS, THANKS Linda!  Kiss You spoiled me way too much, but we LOVE it!

(My partner thinks the doll is odd, hahaha what does he know! He thought the same thing of the dolls I made for you  Grin )

I hope yours will arrive soon too! And that you love it! Completely different, that's for sure!

A hint: blues, patched. The other: red, child's drawing.  Huh
on: January 23, 2013 11:20:41 AM 
Started by susanab, Message by pilarfarmer
Relevance: 55.2%
i got my dolls sharalee they are wonderful!!!  Grin i asked for a mermaid JJ doll

the tails are removable,

close up of large doll, the heart is made out of fused plastic bags, and she is wearing jewelery, her hair is made from ribbons and fibers,

close up of small doll she is so cute  Wink

she drew a copy of her doll on the card she sent... Cheesy

i just love them, i wasn't sure if i would like JJ inspired dolls but i LOVE the ones sharalee sent me  Grin THANK YOU!!!!!!

(i tried to rotate the pictures but it's not happening for me)
on: January 23, 2013 07:05:13 PM 
Started by susanab, Message by sullengal
Relevance: 55.2%
I just got a package from my hubby. My package has arrived!!!!

And my Swap Partner, Smmarrt has sooo spoiled me!!

Here's the amazing loot!

(Missing from the pictures was a load of Ghirardelli Chocolates!

First off, Isabella the ballerina Pirate! I love her sooooo much!!!

And s Side shot.

Then, the most beautiful hand-painted silk scarf I could ever want in life!!!

And the scarf and an amazing refurbished pendant made of a domino and some San Francisco postcards.

A close up of the pendant.

Seriously, I am bowled over by the package and I can't possibly even begin to say how much I love EVERYTHING!

Thank you, Smmarrt SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!
on: January 24, 2013 07:36:15 PM 
Started by susanab, Message by Smmarrt
Relevance: 55.2%
Thanks for the shout-out, Wendie. Yes, you are a bit crazy but that's just normal here on Craftster!

In other news, I received a doll-filled package today from sullengal. Two, count'em, TWO JJ-Style dolls.
And since I'm crazy, too, I've named them Lorelei and Penelope.

Here is Lorelei:

And here's a close up of her face:

The stitching is cool and different and I love the fabrics you used. And her curly yarn hair is just right.

Her best pal is Penelope:

The pigtails (?) ears (?) remind me of my little sis when were young.

Her face up close:

I love that her body is patch-y and I think it's funny that we both made a collar on our dolls.

And my extra, you ask? Well, it's a JJ-inspired bird!

Such a fun package to come home to. I will take a group shot tomorrow in the daylight so you see the awesome fabrics and details better. Thanks so much, Traci. And thanks to Leslie and Susan for organizing.
on: February 06, 2013 12:43:18 PM 
Started by susanab, Message by puamelia
Relevance: 55.4%
Omg, ok, take a deep breath, here we go...

This cute little gal is so very JJ. A mere 6 tall, she popped out of the package and said helloooo! And she was named Abby, because Sally was already taken by the geckos.

And she brought out a friend

 She unfolded herself and shook out her dress and her ribbons and my daughter said l she smells like raisins! And so she was named Raisin.

But wait, there was one last gal, oh so shy, who finally blossomed and came out to play. A sweet geisha, she's so beautiful! Says my daughter, but she doesn't know any Japanese names,  and the sweet geisha was way too shy, so we all looked up something in my books and decided on Kashiwagi, and my daughter says she is an angel. Chances are we'll have to rename her something easier down the road. Wink

Thank you also for the beautiful post card and the bookmark... I shall go online and check it out! The only bad thing is trying to keep the girls away from my dolls he he!

Thank you Noodle-Bug!!! They are all so awesome! Dunno what you were worried about, I can't even decide which is my favorite! xo
on: January 05, 2013 09:04:53 AM 
Started by susanab, Message by Leslieshappyheart
Relevance: 54.9%
I'm blown away by this package I just received from WingsOfClay. I can't get over how awesome it is!!

This first picture shows everything.  She sent me a cat doll!  And the cat wrote me a note! 

Here's the cat wearing her hand-painted skirt.  Isn't it all so wonderful?  The arms actually move; they are held on by buttons.  This doll is such a work of art.  I will have to try fabric painting in the future; this doll will serve as inspiration for that.

Here's the face.  All the fabric on the doll is painted and crackled-looking; you can see that in this picture.  How cool are the eyes? And there is stitching to define the nose and mouth.

I ADORE these tiny polymer clay bowls!  I told WingsOfClay that I like little bowls to hold beads and buttons when I'm sewing...but the CAT says she made these with her own paws!  I flipped one over so you can see the underside. These are so tiny and wonderful, I can't get over it!  The colors are perfect.  I love them!

Thank you so much, Adrienne!  This package makes me so happy! I want you to know that I truly appreciate your talent, and the time and effort you put into making this doll and these bowls for me...I love them so much!
on: January 07, 2013 06:49:36 PM 
Started by susanab, Message by Sharalee
Relevance: 55%
WOW "WingsOfClay" You did an amazing design on your JJ doll!  Cheesy  Yes please give all the details of what you did.

Leslie your JJ doll is is so cute too & the pillow is cute!   Cheesy  I love the little bunny & the name tag is a nice touch. The fabric is great!! Great job!!

Oh my gosh I received from "pilarfarmer"  today!!  She made 2 of them!  They are so Awesome!!   Shocked  I love them  pilar you did such a fantastic job!  I love the the steampunky details!  I also like the one with the cat, the jewlery is so cool!!   Thanks so much!!
Here are the pics:

They are so cool!!

The steampunky doll has a Kitty pet & so many details like earings, her hair is cool. Her cat has a shinny necklace. The Floral doll has earings & a bracelet on each wrist. Also on her painted shoes has pretty fasteners.  I love them so much!!  Thank you so very much. Yours wil be coming soon!!
on: January 19, 2013 08:03:49 AM 
Started by susanab, Message by CraftyMamaBee
Relevance: 55.1%
Well I received yesterday, but with this cold I got recently I was finally able to take an afternoon/evening nap... so opps I forgot to rush into the office and post pictures... but here I am this morning (thanks to my morning cup o' joe!)

I received from gozer yesterday! She sent the most adorable doll!

She put in her note that her cat really loved it too! I could tell! I had to lint roll her ... only because I have a cat allergy... but it totally makes for this awesome story... she a cat lover and me, sworn enemy of them and somehow we live in harmony together in my studio! Hee hee! I love it!

Me extras, yes plural was this awesome little felt Narwhal, because they are like my absolute favorite and an ATC ... my FIRST ATC to be exact! It all goes to perfectly in my Living Room/Studio! I'll get to see it all everyday when I sew or just hang out in there!

The absolutely funny thing is the fabric she used for the arms and legs I had purchased to use on hers, but changed my mind! How funny is that? I thought it was too me and not enough of the things she has said she liked! Ha ha

Thank you so much for swapping with me! I love her and the little extras! I only hope you like mine as much!

I just checked the tracking on yours... I hope it gets there today... otherwise Tuesday because of Monday's holiday...
on: January 19, 2013 12:34:54 PM 
Started by susanab, Message by lovesclutter
Relevance: 55.1%
Wow, exploded again. I love the one gozer sent with the pink faux fur. It is fabulous.

And pinky_penguin, love your doll and really love the dog.

I received yesterday as well, and took some pics while the light was good inside.

I think that bambam91 was really thinking big. LOL, She is so fun and fabulous. She stands 26.5 inches without the hanger and 28 with. She also sent some extras, the last pic will blow you away (well, it did me anyway)

Front That fabrics are awesome, and I love love the heart on the skirt. I also love her curly ribbon hair. She hasn't told me her name yet.

Back Bambam signed this and it is all embroidered, and she has such skills. She looks as great coming or going, so I think she will need to be hung from the ceiling so I can twirl her around and around.

Floss The floss is metallic and I hope I captured the colors.

Earrings These are so amzing as they are JJ style and beautiful beading. I love them.

Thank you so much bambam91 for being my partner in your first swap. Your items may take some time, but I think you will like them.

Thank you Lesliehappyheart and Susanab for organizing. This has been a swap that I feel like I did as great a job as the rest of you, keep the dollies coming.

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