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on: July 02, 2012 12:09:07 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by MadHatteh
Relevance: 52.7%


This is what I pulled out of a carefully packaged and bubble wrapped package

I quickly decided I better get some help opening the chest!


This was on the inside lid, Slytherin pride already I see. Smiley

The first thing I pulled out was a little scarf, how dashing!

A scarf AND THE ELDER WAND?! It even fit in Draco's teeny hand which is amazing because I didn't tell anyone I had HP action figures

A friend for Draco, pfft like he needs friends. I think we'll name him Bradley. A snitch of our own and a cauldron to brew up trouble!

CANDYYYYYYYYYYY. It fits on my fingertip it is so small! There are teeny little botts in there!

School supplies! Books and parchment!

There was even a wonderfully stitched Slytherin Robe with a small clasp on it! Magic Madamn Malkine must've slipped in and measured, Mr. Malfoy!

This is where it will be displayed! On my top shelf with a portion of my Harry Potter collection! These are my favorite action figures and such I have!

THANK YOU SO MUCH, FIBER! I ADORE IT SO MUCH! I always super wanted a little HP chest <333 This is so awesome!

There was also a Slytherin house pin in there, I had the same one years ago but it fell off my bag strap, this one is going on the side of my lucky Cubs hat! Best first HP swap!

Edit: I don't know whats wrong with my pictures, they aren't lik ethat when I upload them and check their previews! Help
on: June 20, 2012 04:37:37 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by pinkleo
Relevance: 52.6%
Prepare to pin (and be jealous Wink)...

I present to you, my OTHPT from WhistleFish...

The Most Awesome Coasters Ever! Grin

4x4x4 State...

In all their glory!

Closeup Time

Okay, didn't want to overwhelm you with awesomeness, so click on tiny pics for larger view...
I wonder if I will ever be able to put a glass on these; right now I am just admiring them.

on: July 06, 2012 06:23:24 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by bubblegum_phoenix
Relevance: 52.8%
I received today and seriously, I bow down to my amazing partners skills!

The only clue I had was that the customs slip said I was getting a board game

cute wee box

the box itself is actually the board! and look at all of the wee pieces!!

the object of the game is to go around the board collecting all of the horcruxes

these are the teeny little playing pieces

and so amazingly detailed!

the cards, die and snakes (I'll have to get some glue out, the posties werent gentle)

the spell and potions cards, have spells or potions written on the back!

and the owls have everyday actions

a teeny little snake

amazing isn't it!
on: June 21, 2012 06:43:34 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by dinkime
Relevance: 52.6%
prepare to be amazed!!  i received from pottermouth today -- and i now have a tiny RON of my very own!  he is fully posable & comes with a trunk of goodness Smiley

here is how it was in the box:

just ron (& the stand):

ron sitting by his trunk Smiley :

the goodies in his trunk -- including a Chuddly Cannons poster inside the trunk:

close up of trunk items -- a Weasley family album, another book, movie poster, Scabbers, ink bottle, wand (with spell-o tape Wink, tiny box of goodies from mum -- the box actually opens! -- Ron also has a hat & scarf:

to show the size -- ron used my iPhone as a bed:

ron with his hat & Scabbers:
on: July 05, 2012 10:46:52 AM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by patty_o_furniture
Relevance: 52.7%
Received from chrmisha!  And wow!  Awesome!
It's a concealment kit from the Weasly Bros.

You open it up to find potions, scroll recipe list, and my own mauraders map.

Tons of mini pictures.  How the scroll comes out.  Each of the potions, and the map.  Each are wonderfully detailed.

And its new home.  Next to our wands in the movie room.

Thank you so much!  I love it! 
And I want more Weasly Kits!
on: July 05, 2012 02:44:58 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by chughes225
Relevance: 52.7%
Now prepared to be amazed and Im going to apologize now that my photos do not do it justice.  Jennieingram out did her self. 

Dumbledore sent me this to keep it safe.

So in a way he made me the secret keeper and I am letting you all in the othpt3 swap in on the secret.
I am now in charge of keeping the sorcerer's stone safe from He-who-must-not-be-named.  He thought it had been destroyed but the order of the phoenix hid it and has sent it to me by muggle post.  The death eater would never guess that it would be sent that way.

Now along with it came a bracelet with 7 obstacles to help me keep the stone safe. She used the reducio spell so I can keep them with me at all times.  If I need them all I have to do is use an engorio spell.

The 7 obstacles are a three headed dog aka Fluffy, devil's snare (branch charm), Winged keys, Wizard's chess ( knight charm), Mountain Troll (club), Snape's riddle (7 potions), and the mirror of erised.  There are also a gyffindor lion and a trap door.

It all came in this beautiful box with the Hogwarts crest and runes on the sides.

I will do my best to keep it safe.

  Grin Thanks again Jennie  Grin I can't say it enough you did a amazing job.  Please post more pic if you have them so they can see all the detail you put it to it.

on: July 05, 2012 09:07:54 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by v3nu5
Relevance: 52.8%
Got my package from Critter today. My thanks to your owl.  Wink
I got my very own History of Hogwarts book. Along with things from Diagon Alley.

Letter and front of my miniature book.

The first two pages, along with the adorable swag that came with.

The next three pages. Weasley's Wizard Wheezes! Also my favorite quote and scene from the movies. <3

Thank you very much Critter, I am a happy muggle. Cheesy
on: July 07, 2012 07:42:25 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by tankrgrl
Relevance: 52.8%
I received from whenindoubtsew today, and it is awesome.
She sent me Eeylops Owlery, it had an unfortunate shrinking accident, which is fortunate for me!

Everything all together

Trinkets, owl ring, 2 prs earrings, felt badge, and a Hufflepuff bracelet, there was much huffing and puffing from an 8yo who thinks she can claim these when I am not looking.

Closeup of the felt badge (in my favorite colors)

Oh look- they've left the lights on in the emporium!!

I think the blue owl is in cahoots with the nargles, he seems to have on Miss Lovegood's spectrespecs! There is plenty of counter space, I am sure before opening term at Hogwarts these counters are full of little owls in cages.

There's more! Check out the sides of the emporium! Someone's been tagging...

They've also plastered those dreadful wanted posters...such dark times...

The walls of the emporium are textured, so they look like stucco, it's such a cool OTHPT, thank you so much!! I need to go find a shelf...mischevious youngins are about!!  Grin
on: July 17, 2012 12:03:06 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by seeuudee
Relevance: 52.9%
I know AmyCavy has received, but she has been caught up, so I thought I would post pics of what I sent her. They are not the best photos and the flower insisted on being included!!  Roll Eyes We have both been sorted into Hufflepuff and Herbology is both our favourite class. On browsing through her pinterest page, she had lots of art journals, so this started life as in idea for a herbology art journal.

I made the little box and decorated it and stitched, assembled and covered the 3 little books. I did start off hand writing the pages, but after doing 2 I realised that I was never going to get it finished, so I created all the pages in photoshop. It took me about 4 evenings research to gather all the information.

The little box and the books - each little book is about 3.5" square.

The side of the box has the Hogwarts crest and the front has the crest and name and the following text "Awarded to first year students who show outstanding ability in Herbology".

The three volumes are Trees, Fruits and Plants. Each book has a general pic, "Study of Muggle Herbology" and the volume number and name, which is also repeated on the spine.


Just a couple of the pages - I didn't take photos of them all! Each page has the common name and latin name and family, a botanical style print, a "normal" pic and sections on general uses, health uses, magical uses and mythology. It would take me forever to list all the websites I used, but a lot came from wikipedia.  Grin  Where there are more than one "type" of the tree or plant, I chose the latin name for the one that we generally find in the UK.

I had so much fun researching and making these little books, but by the end I had looked at them so much, I wasn't sure whether I liked them or not!! I gave my partner the option, if she didn't like them, that I would craft something else, but she did like them, so all was good. Now, with a bit of space, I have realised that I am actually quite proud of how they turned out.
on: June 23, 2012 10:50:08 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by Audania1
Relevance: 52.6%
I got my package from Eiseldora yesterday! I would have had these up sooner but I've been experiencing some serious internet sucking issues  Angry.

Anywho, I give you.....


She got All of my favorite characters and books! And the Half Blood Prince paper its attached to is my fave book - hooray! Thank you so much, you fab partner you!
on: July 07, 2012 12:02:23 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by Mistress Jennie
Relevance: 52.8%
I received my second OTHPT!  the_essence signed up for the swap after sign-ups had closed and our fearless leader was already in the partnering phases, so I agreed to take on an extra partner as a sort of personal side-swap so she could still participate.  Here's what the lovely lady made for me...

A school trunk, full of objects from my days at Hogwarts.  Shrunk down into charms for easy transport.  Here's the tiny trunk:

And all its contents laid out:

They include (clockwise from top: crystal ball, snitch, Remembrall, bottle of Amortentia, Hogwarts letter, House tie, Basilisk fang, Floo powder, wand, Skele-grow, Veritiaserum, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, and the Sorting Hat.

Here are some detail shots of the charms...
Basilisk fang, House tie, and Hogwarts acceptance letter:

Bottle of Amortentia:

The Sorting Hat:

And my favorite, the bottle of Skelle-Grow:

Thank you the_essence!  What a lovely and thoughtful OTT!
on: July 13, 2012 02:53:34 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by pinkleo
Relevance: 52.9%
I received my OTHPT from Lilak Tygress. Grin

Behold, my Monster Wallet

treasure within...

just imagine the sales clerk face the next time I go shopping...

click on tiny pics for larger view

Kiss Thank you Lilak Tygress for a fabulous OTHPT! Kiss
on: July 19, 2012 02:22:43 AM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by whenindoubtsew
Relevance: 52.9%
seeuudee, your herbology books are FANTASTIC!
Firstly just want to say - I agree

Pre-warning - I went crazy taking pictures of my goodies from tankrgrl

Next - be prepared to be awesomised!! (sure it's a word)  Grin

I received my wonderful package finally from tankrgrl - we both were very patient and crossed our fingers it hadn't got lost in postal space!!

She drew inspiration from chughes225 and I am blown away - hopefully my photo skills do the items justice

On my questionnaire one of my favourite characters was Luna Lovegood and now I have some Luna Lovegood-ness of my own in the form of a My Little Pony!  Grin

Look what greeted me as I opened the box! Cuteness

Complete with her own radish earrings, cork necklace and Luna outfit (nicely sewn and fitted)

Rockin some cool spectrespecs

Gryffindor Lions Head Hat (go Gryffindor)

Arty close-up  Cheesy

With her very own wand, issues of Quibbler, picture of patronus and felt tote

There were some extras - lovely Alaska postcards and fridge magnets

Thank-you so much tankrgrl - you are amazing!!
on: June 17, 2012 01:14:18 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by Mistress Jennie
Relevance: 52.5%
Ok folks, get your Wisting/Pinning fingers ready for the most glorious start to our gallery!  Chuges225 has done a stunning job with this first OTT of the round.  I mentioned that I really prefer useful objects, so she started there.  After digging through my Pinterest, she created a truly one-of-a-kind item... Hogwarts Castle in a Bubbling Cauldron!  And that cauldron just happens to be a pin cushion, full of decorated straight pins which blend seamlessly (pardon the pun) into the potion.

The castle and cauldron are both made of polyclay, and hand painted.  Here is the a full view of the front of the castle in its cauldron.

Detail shot of the front of the castle

Here is Hogwarts from behind, where you can see the courtyard. Cheesy

Detail shot of the back of the castle

Detail shot of the pins!  For scale reference, the star beads are about 3mm across!

Thank you so much chughes!  I adore having my own private Hogwarts.  It's an absolutely wonderful little treasure, that is now living on my crafting table, where I can see it and smile everyday!   Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss to you!!!
on: June 28, 2012 04:42:12 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by AugustBell
Relevance: 52.7%
I received my OTT from bobbinalong today. Prepare to be blown away! She crafted based on my favorite shop: Honeydukes. She made me a tiny Honeydukes cart from the Hogwarts Express!!

Anything from the trolley, dears?

Look at the amazing detail! On the top shelf we have Acid Pops, Droobles Best Blowing Gum, Cauldron Cakes, Lollipops, Pumpkin Pasties, Pumpkin Juice, Licorice Wands, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.

This is the best photo I could get of the bottom shelf. This shelf includes: Doughnut, Cockroach Cluster, Chocolate Frogs, Honeydukes Chocolate, and Sugar Quills.

This is the back of the trolley. You can see there's a tiny Honeydukes towel hanging on the back. It's so nice!

And here's the whole lot! She had to package it in a tin so it wouldn't get smashed. She sent me a fabulous Sorting Hat card, and the scroll is a list of all the things on the trolley.

Thank you so much, bobbinalong!! I can't tell you how much I love it. I feel so lucky to have been partnered with you. THANK YOU!!!
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