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on: March 27, 2012 10:56:18 AM 
Started by spikefan, Message by ifallthraindrops
Relevance: 32.7%
FaerieCyn has received my package but cannot post pictures. I took copious pictures because I have a blog. Here's what I sent to her:

One thrifted long-sleeved tee + acrylic paint + fabric medium = Buffy tee! Im pretty please how this came out. I freehanded the B.

One thrifted tee + acrylic paint + fabric medium + Freezer paper = Dr. Horrible Tee! I made a stencil for Horribleness and hand painted I have a Phd. in.

I painted this Sunnydale High logo. I was going to make it into a notebook but then it didnt fit and whatnot. So I just put it in a frame. This was lots of fun to paint since I dont usually paint. And I think it came out pretty well.

Felt/hot glue Browncoats pin! I whipped this up pretty quickly. I may make one for myself to stick on a knitting bag or two. I like pins.

Tiny Willow with her tiny computer! I used patterns from Teeny Tiny Mochi Mochi (the groom with some mods and the computer).

I used a variety of sock leftovers and crochet cotton. I think they are super adorable.

My favorite piece is the one I did first, this cross stitch:

I really love cross stitch. And Buffy quotes. And Giles! Look at Giles:

I used the  pixel set of Buffy characters someone linked and zoomed in until I could see individual pixels. Then I cross stitched that, with some slight mods. I basically adore how Giles came out and now I want to cross stitch all the quotes with Buffy characters. So yeah.
on: April 04, 2012 09:34:14 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by whenindoubtsew
Relevance: 32.9%
Warning - picture chunky

Man I just typed half a post and lost it somehow  Cry Will start again

I got back into work this morning after a client visit and what should I see on my desk but a parcel of crafty goodies - super excited because I wasn't expecting this until a whole other week! (sorry queenofmarigold - if I had posted mine a couple of days earlier you might have had yours before Easter rather than explode from waiting  Undecided)

Anyway on with the most important bit - piccies. I cannot believe how great this package is. Picture my smile getting bigger and bigger as I open each lovingly wrapped parcel. Craft swaps with awesome partners are the best!!

What could it be

Something knitted in browncoat brown and cream

Oh..... My ......Goodness an incredible hidden image "Can't Stop The Signal' scarf - I <3 Mr Universe and I can't believe how crafty creative queenofmarigold is

A decoupaged serenity box for all my shiny's - but wait there's more inside!! Grin

A letter from Bad Horse HIMSELF!! It even rhymes proper

The status is not quo hoop - queenofmarigold assured me I should watch Dr Horrible and that I would love it and now I have another addiction - where the heck is Season 2!!

On my hoopla shelf

Extras - gorgeous coloured knit/felted wrist wrap (from my pinterest - gotta love that website)

Extras - beautiful crochet flower clips in my favourite colours - sorry about the dodgy picture of me wearing 2 of them - they look fabulous in IRL

Extras - earrings inspired by one of my pins.

Phew - I am so blown away by my parcel of goodies queenofmarigold - you did a stellar job! I got spoiled rotten.

I will let everyone be envious of my loot and go put on my scarf and chuckle at the fact that no-one but me (and you guys of course) can know what it says (very browncoat of me)
on: April 11, 2012 04:05:14 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by calixita
Relevance: 33%
I received my wonderful package from thehappycrochetchic!  The box was chock full of goodies!!  She totally indulged my love of Firefly!
First from Kaylee
Inside the pretty strawberry container were more strawberries (the one on the left is a shopping bag!), a cute seashell necklace, pretty fabric and a "shiny" magnet (my favorite one!).  And a lovely potholder and a fabulous "I love my captain" mug!!

Jayne and Vera - a match made in heaven  Wink,  a great card and more magnets and a wonderful notebook from Simon!
  Inside it reads "Dear Diary, today I was pompous and my sister was crazy."  The cross charm is from Book, of course.
Inara sent along some beautiful Asian-themed fabric, a pretty barrette and a charming keychain. 
My absolute favorites are my very own needlepoint Mal (he's still trying to pretend that he's a mean old man!) and a shadowbox from Wash!

And I also got my own Mr. Pointy stake to slay some vampires with (along with more pretty fabric!!)  And an Angel comic book!  (didn't get a photo of that)

Sorry for all the pictures but I think I got a bit spoiled!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
on: April 16, 2012 03:49:33 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by Murple
Relevance: 33%
After an agonizing wait (stupid, slow Canada Post) I received my package! Everything is beautiful! The elephant and the altoid tin will come to work with me Smiley The Serenity silhouette will be hung on husband's office wall.

What's peeking out at me?


Stickers for thieving little hands!

Beautiful Memory box



And this sweetie!
on: April 09, 2012 08:06:27 AM 
Started by spikefan, Message by thehappycrochetchic
Relevance: 32.9%
I recieved today from calixita.  I love everything she sent and I feel soo lucky to have had such a talented partner..Thank You soo much calixita:)

This beautiful beaded bag, the beads are super tiny...this is so well done. love the images on it too.

A buffy comic book. YAY

A Mr. Pointy to hang from my rear view mirror, or maybe i will keep it in my craft room, i have yet to decide.

A magnet with a picture of Spike burning on a cross, it was hard to get a good pic because it is shiny.  Also some extras, Easter eggs filled with candy my son took those and ran off..Oh yeah, inside the beaded bag there were beads for me to play with too.

This is something I told her that I liked and she made me one!! I have been wanting a nest necklace for a while but I didnt want to buy one and I dont think I could make it myself as I dont make jewelry, she said this was the first nest charm she has made...I think it is soo lovely I really love this.

And my favorite item---A Spike tote bag with a quote.  I am going to use this as my 'whatever i am currently working on' bag, which means it will be taken everywhere with me... i really love this..it rocks!!

on: April 11, 2012 05:51:26 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by spikefan
Relevance: 33%
Great packages!

I received my awesome package today from JennaDickes.

She sent not one but two embroidery hoops done in french knots.  Shocked A Jayne hat and Spike both of which are already on my art/hoopla wall.

Next she sent a really cool Dr. Horrible drawing on a wood plaque with a favorite quote.

And an amazing Giles quote drawing. It has some neat details like the Sycthe, crossbow, stake, amulet and a piece of Lethe's Bramble from Tabula Rasa.

Next is a Spike keychain and a bookmark with my favorite Buffy characters: Buffy, Spike, Angel, Giles and Oz. Such cute drawings, which she also put on the last thing.

A Buffy themed bag which is absolutely perfect for me! The Buffy 'B' logo and Buffy, Spike and Angel artwork on the outside. On the inside she painted fangs and one of my favorite quotes.  She also included a mini slayer kit in the pen holders which has some stakes, cross, and a yellow crayon for Xander's speech to Willow in the Dark Willow episode Grave.

Everything is awesome and I absolutely love it all! Thanks JennaDickes!
on: April 11, 2012 09:20:16 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by titaniumhip
Relevance: 33%
My turn!

I received a LOVELY package from Moriwen today!  We seem to be on the same Spikey wavelength....heheheh
(though she hasn't received yet)

Anyways...on with the show

First up...it all came in a box/book that looked like a Watcher's diary..

We then open it up and voila!! pressies!!

A Spike (for spike)

Some potions...you know...just in case..

A bracelet with all things British...because...I love All things British...

and finally a little notebook which I love sooooo much!

Thank you SOOOO much!!!
on: April 11, 2012 10:49:51 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by queenofmarigold
Relevance: 33%
Ok - pictures! Everything whenindoubtsew made me is so great - let me show you Cheesy

After finding out about my "dedicated source box" (ie, Kindle!), she made me this nifty case/stand in just the kind of fabric Wash would approve of. On the other side there are also a bunch of quotes from Wash - he gets all the best lines! There's also a few extra things - some stickers and a cute USB dude.

This framed Dr Horrible pic is perfect for drawing all over - with the provided whiteboard markers! It's such a cute idea, I love it.

Amazing etched glasses, four of Dr Horrible and four of Captain Hammer. They look so great! I'm glad they held up in the post - thank god for bubble wrap!

My personal favourite - a Kaylee and Inara-esque hand bag with a cute floral print. I was so impressed by this that I wasn't sure it was hand made until I read whenindoubtsew's letter! It's so sturdy, and fits everything - I have already migrated my stuff into it from my old, no-longer-exciting handbag.

As you can see, there's a bunch of handy compartments. So well made, I'm impressed every time I look at it Cheesy

And, as an extra -

It's Steam Pug! I had a picture of this guy on my Pinterest, but he looks so much more excellent as a hoop. I love it.

So as you can see, I was COMPLETELY spoiled! Everything is so shiny Cheesy

on: April 16, 2012 07:08:28 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by Moriwen
Relevance: 33.1%
Alright, this took way too long and I feel like a wretched person, but it's been hands down the worst possible week. (Family drama at the party, the chemo and attempted break-in made it so this package was my only highlight!) So belated yet spectacular, behold my pile of epic shinies!!

My Spike Noodle!!

This lil stuffie has not left my side since he came out of the box. Yes, that means I chatted to the police about the break-in with a plushie William the Bloody friend. He's the perfect nuzzly size and the perfect snuggly fabric! I LOVE HIM, SO MUCH!!! <3<3<3

The next one, is a four-fer...

I got Russian Core Four dolls!! I swear, I have never seen something so absolutely fantastic! The detail on these is Incredible! And look at the little Giles! LOOK AT HIM! Luffles Him! He's so cute, wif his lil glasses!!!!





And next we have, MY FIRST HOOP!!! OMG, and it's a Spike hoop! It's hanging over my bed next to the pic I have of James and me at the Skyline Lounge in NYC. <3<3<3 I love it, I love it so hard!

And a new journal! With a picture from one of my favorite episodes, Hush!! :pictures Buffy gestures wildly at not being so frumpy looking: Oh, and it needs to be stated... my journal IS A STUFFIE!!!

And last, but far from least, A plushie Mr. Pointy!!! It's the exact size of a stake with actual wood graining on it!!! I'm stunned and super giddy and I love every single piece!

Hands down, best Swap ever! I feel so spoiled! <3
on: April 27, 2012 12:35:58 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by ifallthraindrops
Relevance: 33.2%
Okay, let's try this for the 230975th time and see if I can actually post pictures of the TOTALLY AWESOME haul I got from FaerieCyn earlier this week.

A sweet painted mug that says "Love isn't brains, children, it's blood" around the bottom. One of my favorite Spike quotes.

Willow Rosenberg <3 Winnifred Burkle! Because seriously, this is my personal Titanic of ships. Really Will, you went with Kennedy over the hotness of Fred? Tsk tsk.

More embroidery! And satin stitch! I hate satin stitch (satan stitch--as an aside, Firefox wants me to capitalize Satan) so kudos for you, FaerieCyn! This also fits my big love of Willow, who is easily my favorite Whedonverse character.

And finally...

This TOTALLY BITCHIN Serenity hoodie. Please ignore my... face. Or whatever. The hoodie is TOTALLY SWEET. Also ignore the cat hair because I put it on immediately after opening and then later wandered off to snuggle a cat.

on: March 27, 2012 03:38:34 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by Ryn
Relevance: 32.7%
Here's the epicness I received from fancybutch. Took me a bit longer to post pictures than I expected, you'll see why below.

First off some awesome Wolfram & Hart Stationary

A super cool tic-tac-toe game that proved very complicated. This is the reason I couldn't post yesterday. The box itself was stuck shut! Took a while to open it as I didn't want to risk cracking the wood.

Here's the box open, showing the cool grid and tiles.

It's vampires versus humans, so the red tiles have vampires on them and the white ones have humans on them. Also, the grid has quote in it!

Lastly this amazing Fred cross-stitch hoopla! Definitely my favourite item!

Here's it up on my hoopla wall, kinda blurry. Oh well.

on: April 05, 2012 03:51:35 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by Eiseldora
Relevance: 32.9%
My partner also received today, and she asked that I post pictures.

I sent her a Janye's Hat

Magnetic Poetry

A Joss Whedon Guess Who (play tested by my game group and game design husband)

Some buttons

I also made a bag to store the Guess Who game, blank so she can stencil it herself, and a knit bag with the Angel logo that I pinned the buttons to.
on: April 06, 2012 03:08:13 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by JennaDickes
Relevance: 32.9%
I received an awesome package from Spikefan today!
First this great semi-silhouette of Mal in felt. He's my favorite character in the whole Whedonverse so I'm super happy I now have something of him  Grin

A bunch of detailed carved stamps from the various shows that will get much use.

Another silhouette hoop, this time of Buffy and Spike (sorry for the blurriness). I like how you can tell it's so them just from the shapes, hehe.

A Jayne hat! I've wanted one for the longest time. There was also a little Kaylee inspired crochet ring that I forgot to get in the pics which I'm wearing already.

Aaaand my favorite thing I've ever gotten in a swap, a handmade firefly sketchbook! The book is made so well and it's even real leather. The embroidery is based off an illustration from my pinterest. It looks sooo good in needlepoint (better than the original!) that I think I'm going to copy it so there can be another on my wall  Cheesy

Thanks so much for everything, Spikefan! I'm so impressed by everything.
on: April 10, 2012 03:54:16 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by Kochopia
Relevance: 33%
I received from theboywonder awhile ago...and after what seems like an eternity, I finally got my camera back from work (which was being used in a project)....and of course...I get my camera back...with a dead battery!

I was tired of waiting and waiting and waiting, so I took dark dreary pictures with my phone. I tried to brighten them up a bit on the computer, but they're not as good as I'd like.

SO HERE IS MY AWESOME PACKAGE (well, half of it and I'll explain why) FROM THEBOYWONDER!!!

I also received another Jayne shirt and another bracelet but my boyfriend took them home with him before I could take pictures :[

This is MY Jayne shirt, (which I have already worn) theboywonder was awesome and made a matching one for my boyfriend with a slightly different color blue which I think is a great idea (but of course my blue is much better Cheesy! )

He also made a Blue Sun shirt (That came out amazing by the way). He says its too big, and I say nothing Blue Sun is ever too big.

Here's my awesome necklace that I put on immediately and wore for the rest of the day. I changed the chain to a bigger ball chain after I was warned that the original liked to come undone. I am sometimes near bottling machinery at work, but still wanted to wear my necklace, so I changed the chain.

My boyfriend also receieved a similar bracelet so we can match!

So, three shirts, two bracelets, and a necklace later...I'm a happy girl.

Thank you again theboywonder (sorry the pictures are dark :/)!! Everything is perfect!

on: April 15, 2012 04:49:26 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by The Raging Sloth
Relevance: 33%
I received my wonderful box of Whedonverse goodness from Murple a little while ago but hadn't been able to post until now. I love my stuff so much! Murple did such a good job. You should be very proud! It was funny because it was all shoved in such a small box. I was amazed!
First off I pulled out two wonderfully done amigurumi dolls of Spike and Drusilla from Buffy!

They are just wonderful!

Next I pulled out this beautifully embroidered little pillow made out of a vintage handkerchief. I was so amazed at how wonderfully delicate the writing looked! It's a saying Drusilla says from Buffy.


Next was two boxes. The first little box had this gorgeous Drusilla inspired necklace!

and last but CERTAINLY not least I received a amazingly hand crocheted rock necklace right off my pinterest! I was so amazed by it! I've been wearing this almost every day. I'm in love!

Thank you SO SO MUCH, Murple!

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