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on: August 08, 2011 07:01:35 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by 1DreamOnRepeat
Relevance: 26.9%
Soooo after a long weekend at a 2 day concert, I came home to an ammmazing swap package from Griminspirations! They are seriously some of the best gifts I could have ever received and everything was of the highest and lovliest quality. There were so many great references and I feel so appreciative and grateful to have had this experience!!! Smiley

The letter I opened with some very cute illustrations, plus a bat cut-out (I looove bats)

The first things I opened were some of my favorites! Well, everything was my favorite so I guess that I am lying... Roll Eyes
A stake stuffie and and ammmmazing Jayne hat! I am so impressed!

And an extremely unattractive action shot, but hey I had basically just rolled out of bed and hadn't even put my jewelry or glasses on yet hehe

Next we have a fabulously made "Hush" themed box. SO much bloodiness and gore. I am in love

A very cool Angel bag

Hand drawn buttons that I can't wait to put on my bag

Some great clay and jewelry peices!!!
So many epic earrings as well

A closeup of my favorite, Angel with his game face on

A stake pen

More necklaces, of which the "bored now" necklace from my wists in my favorite. Although the other two are just as spectacular

A Mr.Gordo keychain, and a vamp themed book mark

And finally, the item that totally made me feel the love-a buffy/angel logo combination pillow. I mean, do you see that amazing detail?

Thanks so much to Grim, so much amazingness and love and fabulousity I can't even take it, more pics to come (she forgot to send a few things) but everything was just too great
on: August 24, 2011 08:09:54 AM 
Started by spikefan, Message by ChameleonHound
Relevance: 27.2%
Warning: Lotsa photos 'cause I got totally spoiled by Super-Ted Cullen!

I had heard on my way home from Maine that I got a box from the UK and I may have driven a little faster than necessary because of it...

And boy what a box!

Everything was wrapped in toy story wrapping paper, which I didn't get a photo of because my pup thought the paper was for her...

The first item was rather serendipitous; somehow we each decided to make the other a Sunnydale HS yearbook!  Grin Except SuperTed made hers with blank paper, which is perfect for sketching future projects...

And tucked inside were a mutant enemy logo transfer, a Jayne postcard...
And all of these!

She saw that I'd been in some inchie swaps and decided to give 'em a try. These are awesome! Considering that it takes me an entire swap to come up with a mere 10 inchies, and that she made 26 amazing inchies in the first go, I am highly envious of her micro-scale skills Smiley I'm thinking I'm going to have to make something to display these on.
Here are some of my favorites:

Next is a Buffy-themed clock that she made with a CD. What an excellent idea! If I ever get a computer with light-scribe, I might just have to try it for myself Smiley. But for now, this is proudly displayed on my wall.

Then was this excellent bracelet, where she somehow managed to incorporate all of the best of Whedonverse:

  • Woody for toy story
  • Umbrella for Penny's Song and Kaylee's parasol
  • Teapot for Giles "Tea is soothing, and I wish to be tense"
  • Chinese symbol for Firefly
  • Firefly charm for Firefly
  • Bag to highlight Buffy's girlishness, despite slayerness
  • "Bunnies, bunnies, it must be BUNNIES"  Grin
  • Moon and stars for space exploration in Firefly
  • Wings for Angel <3

I'm thinking she's hooked on Firefly.  Wink

Next were these excellent Firefly and Angel shirts. I'm wearing the Firefly one as I write this, and I must say I LOVE the fit and it's amazingly comfortable. I would post an action shot, but all the pics I take seem to be coming out poorly. Boo.

The fronts:

The backs:

That's right, everybody, "Because real vampires don't sparkle". I do enjoy that the font does sparkle though. I absolutely love this - it's one of the things I requested before I knew my partner was a twilight fan. But she made it anyway and did such an awesome job that she says she'll be making one for herself too Wink

And next, and possibly my favorite of all, is a tote featuring the thoroughbred of sin himself!

EEEEEeeeeeeee I love it. And whenever I look at the letter I start singing the song to myself.

Last, but certainly not least, is my very own Billy/Dr. Horrible ami! I think he looks like he's up to something... or love-struck. Or both.

Thank you Super-Ted Cullen! for the best swap yet!

on: August 06, 2011 07:08:43 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by Griminspirations
Relevance: 26.9%
Hello, I had misplaced my camera and found it today and was able to download my package Photos..:-) and here is my awesome package of awesomeness from 1DreamOnRepeat..

First off I got home and this is what was waiting for me at the door...Squeee!!!

and of course I carefully opened the box up and Tada... GOODIES!!!!

Now here comes the reveal...

This is the Buffy/Angel Lot

woot, woot!!
A few details...

A Lovely Buffy Staple The Vampyr Book..

She did such a fabulous job on the outside ...

Then I opened it ... Ahhhhh....

I love the decorations and decoupage.

These were soooo awesome love the Quotes used too.. Wink

She also added some Very cool Vampire Lore Inspired Jewelry. He he the fangs make me extra happy. Cheesy

I have to Give 1DreamOnRepeat big Kudos She saw Firefly is one of my favorites, and she had yet to see it.
She took the time to do a little research and surprised me with a couple of items Grin...

This My the Firefly Lot

Now some details...

The Cutest little Mal rice bag, cause as we all know "Captain Tight pants" can run hot and cold.. Roll Eyes

A Very, Very Awesome decorative Quilt... Already hanging on my wall. Love it!!  Cheesy

Some sweet Firefly inspired Jewelry...

As if that didn't make me feel spoiled.  There was one more Way awesome beyond words item that quickly became my favorite..

Some Dr.Horrible LOVE!!

It rained the next day after some seriously dry weather and I got to use it..Cheesy People at work loved it,
as I pretty much got everyone there to watch the sing along...lol !!

I love Everything and I feel extra spoiled. This was a really awesome first swap thank you!!
on: August 17, 2011 04:38:53 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by Super-Ted_Cullen!
Relevance: 27.1%
Hi! So I'm finally going to try and post what I received for like the 5th time; the only internet consnection I've had since I received on Monday has been a shoddy one at a camp site, which kept dropping out every time I tried to post. But I'm home now, and trying again! Wink

I received an amazing package from Chameleonhound; one which I keep saying is the best I've ever received. I opened up the box to see the soles of some shoes right at the top, which was an item I had an idea might be coming. But I was certainly not expecting something this amazing! When I got them out I found these Toy Story shoes (Yes, Toy Story is Whedonverse, because he wrote the screenplay. Wink) I think it was here that I new it was going to be a truly awesome swap. Cheesy

Right, Featuring Buzz and my fave quote;

Left, featuring Bo (another of my fave characters!);

(By the way, ChameleonHound; if you have better pictures, feel free to post them. My Camera is down at the mo, so I had to make do with phone pics, which did not capture the detail!)

Next up were some wonderful Toy Story Pez dispensers and some yummy maple candies, which I'm not sure are in any of the photos;

3rd, was this really detailed Rex necklace; I cannot understand how you are so good with Polymer Clay! My attempts are extremely terrible... I have literally only taken this off to sleep and swim since receiving it; I love it!

(^^ His teeth look like something from a toothpaste advert in this pic!)

I then opened up this great Sunnydale yearbook (with a handpainted front cover!) complete even with every Sunnydale student of Buffy's year;

And Last but most certainly not least; Anya's Butterfly shirt from Once More with Feeling!!! It was the one wish item I mentioned in my Questionnaire, and as Chameleonhound said she wasn't much of a Sewer, I wasn't expecting it at all! As my mum and sisters will attest, I actually teared up whilst opening this one. I've worn it twice since, and been given several compliments! (Including to a musical quiz yesterday, where one of the questions was to identify the Buffy Theme tune. I got unbelievably excited about that one, Wink)

Unfortunately, I've yet to get a good action Shot. Nor will the picture actually show up! Until I do manage to get it to work (tried both craftster and flickr) it has been uploaded on my Flickr photostream; http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ I will keep trying though!!

Thank you so, so much Chameleonhound and Padfoot; this has been a truly amazing swap and I've made some fantastic new discoveries in terms of Firefly and Dr Horrible. Wink

Hope we can do it again!


By the way, Chameleonhound and I had a wonderful moment of Serendipity on this swap; I hope her package arrives soon so she can see how! Cheesy
on: August 10, 2011 05:38:09 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by theboywonder
Relevance: 27%
My package from megancrafts arrived today!
It's awesome.
First there was a framed 8x10 cross stitch of Jayne with a quote:

Then there was this awesome bag for my daughter with a Buffy logo on one side and Fred from Angel on the other and this super cute headband with a strawberry on it:

And a box with the Angel logo on it:

And inside that....

Sorry that the pictures aren't that great. They are so shiny that it's really hard to take pictures of them!


Dr. Horrible


... and last, but not least, a Dr Horrible ami!

 I am going to have to fight my daughter for this one. She is at camp for the next week and a half and I can't wait to show her everything when she gets home.

Thanks, Megan. I really love it all. I was so psyched to get home and find the package waiting.
on: July 31, 2011 02:33:07 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by MeganCrafts
Relevance: 26.7%
First poster!  Here's the awesome package that I received from theboywonder.  He wrote me notes on origami paper, which I intend to reuse and fold into something awesome.

The first thing I pulled out of the box was this amazing blackwork Dr. Horrible quote.

It's on my mantle with my dinosaur collection.

Next was a bookmark with one of my favorite Mal quotes.  I'm a big reader, so this is perfect and will probably get a lot of use, since I usually use little scraps of paper as bookmarks

He also sent Wash dinosaur magnets. 

And last, but definitely not least, are the Jayne and Willow dolls.  (Yes, I have a Power Rangers pillow case.)

I love them and will probably sleep with Jayne all the time.  His little hat comes off.  That made me smile.

Thank you so much for everything, Max.  This package was very very me and I love all of it.
on: August 14, 2011 04:41:51 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by Kochopia
Relevance: 27%
Okay I got my ridiculously fun package from Padfoot a few days ago (I've been taking care of a new kitty and haven't been able to post!)

Here they are!

ooooh look at them....!

I went for the circle one first because I was excited to get my first embroidery hoop!

And it is Jayne!! With one of my favorite (if not my favorite) quote by him!

The next one I opened was THIS

Mini-Mal! But wait...is this..OMG THAT'S SO CUTE! HE HAS A MINI GUN!

The next one I opened was my very own Captain Hammer shirt!

It fits friggan perfectly. I'm very very pleased. And I love the size of the logo...It is perfect...

and finally,

My very own Jayne hat!! Yay! I was so spoiled this swap. I love everything I got and I can officially start a wall of Craftster swap gifts!

Thank you so much Padfoot! Everything is great! (Also...I turned those pictures...but they wont stay straight)
on: August 25, 2011 10:15:27 AM 
Started by spikefan, Message by Jasper Illusian
Relevance: 27.3%
Aha! New addict! Welcome to the browncoat army, Super-Ted.  Cheesy Cheesy

Warning: a bit pic heavy, and a lot word heavy. I guess I'm still a bit hyper about all the awesome stuff I received.   Cheesy

I was going to post pictures sooner, but I just didn't get around to it until yesterday. But, finally, here are the uber-awesome crafts from estar23! Yay!

First, an awesome hoopla of the same quote I sent her! Also, her very first hoopla! Wow, I'm impressed! And it looks way better than mine. Especially with the cute little birds. I gotta say, I love the addition of the little hearts. I was considering adding some to mine, but I wasn't sure how to do it. estar23 beat me to the punch, all right. XD

Another fabulous Dr. Horrible quote: "Laundry day, see you there. Under things, tumbling." I love the cute little washer and especially especially the teensy tiny underwear, which hopefully you can make out. So awesome.

Sadly, this picture did not turn out as well as I had hoped, but the quote should be familiar enough that most, if not all, of you know what it is. The wonderful Wash quote about inevitable betrayal. One of my favorite funny parts of the whole series. One of many. XD She turned it into a pillow! I cannot wait until I have my own place so I can set this on my couch to show it off to all my guests. 0=)

AND! Last, but most absolutely not least: the traditional, held in high-esteem, fan-favorite, the manly man hat of the Hero of Canton! (aka Jayne Wink) Definitely my favorite. I received it first, the day before my birthday (coincidence? I THINK NOT! =P j/k). Uber awesome. =) Originally, she forgot the pompom, but she is just so awesome that when she realized she had forgotten it, she sent me one along with the rest of my lovely loot, and it's so beautiful that I've only put the yarn end into the hat so it's on there, but not officially attached it. (It's too much fun to play with. XD)

All the loot! (The Dr. Horrible picture is a calendar page which she wrote her message on the back of! So awesome.  Cheesy)

Thank you so so so so so so soooooo much, estar! I didn't deserve such an awesome partner as you and you really didn't have to make me so much to make up for being late. I'm really touched that you did, especially since the lateness wasn't really your fault. Thank you so much for everything. I love it all.

Oh, and she also sent me some extras (crafting supplies), which also included a cute little plastic T-rex! Mr. T-rex (who I really should come up with a better name for, but that was just spur of the moment) likes looking fierce:

on: August 15, 2011 09:37:23 AM 
Started by spikefan, Message by spikefan
Relevance: 27.1%
I'm glad you liked everything Kochopia! Grin

I received my awesome package today from heatheres76!

First a BTVS loaded keychain with Spike pics, mini stakes and vamp book! Love it!

A really cool Dr. Horrible embroidery that is already up on my hoopla wall.

A BTVS Guess Who game which I can't wait to play. So cool!

And some amazingly detailed Firefly clay figures.  Shocked You have some mad clay skills heatheres76.

Thanks for the awesome package heatheres76! Grin
on: August 22, 2011 06:40:28 AM 
Started by spikefan, Message by estar23
Relevance: 27.2%
i received an awesome package from Jasper Illusian - exactly what i wanted!

stenciled totebag with dr horrible on one side

and captain hammer on the other

two wrapped packages?

hahahah i put this one up at work by my computer. sadly, no one recognizes it. i feel just like dr horrible.

a second hoopla. i'm seriously envious of the stitching ability.

thanks to my amazing and patient partner and organizer. this swap was hard to get through but crafting it kept me sane in an insane time.
on: August 06, 2011 06:44:16 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by spikefan
Relevance: 26.9%
Here's my awesome package from Kochopia.

First is this awesome painted Dr Horrible shirt! I absolutely love it and can't wait to wear it. Grin

Next is some Mudder's Milk!  Cheesy Too funny! The details on the labels are amazing! She also sent me some extra labels.

And an amazing layered paper cut Spike picture which is already hanging on my wall of craftster art.  Shocked This is a close up, I couldn't get a good pic of this any other way. Kochopia, if you have a better pic please feel free to post it.  

And a group shot so you can see the Spike picture better.

Thanks so much for the awesome package Kochopia! Grin
on: August 18, 2011 05:11:15 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by heatheres76
Relevance: 27.1%
I got my fantastic package from padfoot today!

First, a great Dr. Horrible hoop with one of my favorite quotes:

Next, straight from my wish list, my very own Mr. (not so) Pointy!

In action:

And finally, a trio of adorable amigurumi dolls of some of my favorite characters-- Dr. Horrible, Jayne and Spike:

Thank you again for the wonderful package. I love everything!
on: August 20, 2011 10:08:15 AM 
Started by spikefan, Message by AnarchyCupcakes
Relevance: 27.2%
Received a great box from Sandroo yesterday!

First  a world in a box! You can't see it but it says "Can't stop the signal" around the rim.  Also featured are some honeysuckle candles and beads! 

The glass ornament the beads were in sadly didn't make it, but they are beautiful beads.

Next, a beautiful necklace, earring and keychain set:

This rice pillow sampler is my favorite item... wish I could get the pic rotated:

Tote with my favorite quote and beautiful ornaments:

Thank you for a great swap!  I love everything.
on: August 07, 2011 04:04:51 PM 
Started by spikefan, Message by Kochopia
Relevance: 26.9%

I'm so glad you liked everything. I'm sorry about the crazy packaging...I could NOT find a box that would fit that frame ANYwhere...soooo I improvised Cheesy

I honestly couldn't take any good pictures of that cut out either..it is not a very camera friendly project haha

I do have a few progress shots of the shirt though,

on: August 10, 2011 08:36:44 AM 
Started by spikefan, Message by Sandroo
Relevance: 27%
I received from AnarchyCupcakes today!  And boy, oh, boy am I spoiled!!
First off, she and Kaylee went shopping for something snuggly for me:

And then, there was this absolutely AMAZING bust of the lovely Spike:  I can keep him as my pet!!

And finally, a lovely barrette, enchanted by my favorite witches, Tara and Willow, and a "leaf on the wind" necklace that Wash and Zoe picked out especially for me!  (modeled by someone we shall call "the destroyer" for this Swap's purpose.)

I'm doing the happy dance, Rachel! I hope I can match your creativity!
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