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on: July 14, 2011 09:15:42 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Oodelally
Relevance: 47%
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Noxika for the BEST swap package EVER! This is my first swap, and as they say, the bar has been set high Cheesy We agreed to spoil each other, hence the ginormous package I received Smiley

Sorry this post is giant, but it totally needs it! Each item came with a personalised message from a character...I've kept all the little tags Smiley Noxika addressed practically every thing I mentioned in my questionnaire, and then also gave me some surprises from my Pinterest.

To start with, I opened my giant box to this exciting sight...

There was much squeeeing and squealing throughout the 45 minutes it took me to open and treasure each precious thing Noxika made for me.

My favourite part of DH pt 2 was the story of the Deathly Hallows, and look what the first thing I opened was...

But wait, there's so much more!!!

The inside contains the whole story of the Deathly Hallows! I can't wait to read this to my kids one day Smiley This is my husbands favourite item of the swap as the DH animation is his favourite part of the series.

The next thing I opened was from my fave teacher Remus Lupin...

The Grindylow that sat in the corner of his office when Harry first went in there Cheesy On the top it says "MoM Classification XX" So much attention to detail and thought has gone into everything.

Next was my awesome SNITCH necklace (just what I asked for Tongue ) from Harry. It opens up so I can put some secrets inside Cheesy

I'm wearing it right now Smiley

Then from Xenophelius Lovegood something to identify me to other believers...

A Deathly Hallows Ring! How unique Cheesy

And from Professor Slughorn, a vial of felix felicis as a charm so I can carry it around with me everywhere Cheesy

From Dumbledore I received the most BEAUTIFUL hand made journal. It is so soft to touch! I LOVE it!

And on the inside my favourite quote...

From Hagrid, so I'll never lose my way...

an awesome wood-burned sign for The Leaky Cauldron! It's already hanging on my kitchen wall Cheesy

From Ron to keep me occupied on the Hogwarts Express, an AMAZING bag of treats Cheesy The bag alone is super! Yet alone the yummy smells that came out of it when I opened it Cheesy

I got Ton-Tongue Toffee, A Chocolate Cauldron, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, Drooble's Best Blowing Gum and Blood Flavoured Lollipops. Check out the labels! Aren't they spectacular Cheesy

This next thing I think I actually shrieked when I opened it. Something from my Pinterest! You know how you put things on your Pinterest and think that no-one could ever make that for you, but it's nice to look at.....well look what I got!

From Professor McGonagall an ABC's of Harry Potter tote! (It's black in real life, the photo is a bit off). Doesn't it ROCK!

And for mine (and apparently Neville's too) favourite magical creature...

A baby Mandrake! This thing is so tiny and petite! The bottom of the base is about 1.5 inches!

From Hermione, a GIANT wish granted, a BEAUTIFUL Gryffindor Scarf! It's so perfect and the Best! I'm wearing it today (gotta love that it's winter in Australia). It's so long! Put's my crochet scarf for Noxika to shame  Undecided

Well, you know how I squeeed and squealed for everything....this next item made me speechless....Let me show you, my very own WAND!!!

It's from Ollivanders, coz that's where the best wands come from... It's Rosewood, 11.25 inches, Mandrake Root Core. This wand is springy, willing and practical. It exceeds in protective spells.

Last but not least, in fact, last but BEST!!!!

Her fingers move so she can hold her wand and her very own copy of Hogwarts: A History!

Look at her beautiful face Cheesy

She is actually really big! I give her gentle cuddles and I get the biggest smile on my face when I see her Smiley I haven't had a doll since I was a girl and I have to tell you, I don't remember loving a doll so much.

And coz I have to....here is a pic of me wearing my scarf (so you can see how long it is!) and holding my wand! (My wand!)

This was like Christmas and my Birthday all at once! THANK YOU SO MUCH Noxika You are such an amazing, talented and sweet Craftster! I'm so glad I had you as a partner and that now we are friends Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy
on: July 02, 2011 11:36:25 AM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by SKooKuM
Relevance: 46.7%
I received from Quinndustrious P. on Wednesday. I had company over and it felt like it was my birthday lol I am such a dork. I did take a picture of the awesome brown wrapping paper, but after thinking, I doubt we need our real names and addressed just out in the open lol.

Anyways on with the gratuitous swap opening pictures

This is what I saw first Cheesy

Then I started to unwrap. Its bad I knew I was gonna get a slytherin scarf?

Mmmm Licorice wands. After this shot, my friends Husband ate like half the bag. He claims he doesn't like black licorice.

Oh yeah!

They even have wings. With the flavors on the wings. If Quinn was a slytherin and not a gryffindor, she would has mislabeled all the wrappers for a laugh.

More candy! Yay and my fave! Jellybeans!

And inside the boxes

A crocheted snitch. Was in a pretty box...then my maine coon stole it. Its now a "fetch" toy.

This is going to be part of my slytherin costume!

The lovely hallows stamp that covered the wrapping of the box

And last but not least, Quinn found this by chance at a flea market.

Thanks for the awesome package. I wish I was as patient to make pretty boxes XD
on: July 04, 2011 06:00:01 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by birdak
Relevance: 46.8%
Alright! So Cherry_Blossom55 and I swapped the other day but I just haven't had the time to post the pictures yet because it was Canada Day weekend!

So she made me the most awesome package - sorry it's pic heavy.

First is this AH-MAY-ZING Hand stitched Hufflepuff patch. I swear - I compared it to my store bought Hogwarts one and this one is better. No word of a lie. - The woman is crazy.

Next up is this necklace that I definitely wore to work today. It's a DH themed necklace! It has beads for the four houses - a Hallows charm, and a bottle filled with Snape's memories.

This part was a holy-hippogriff-wow moment for me. I made a deck of HP cards for ~amc in the last Deathly Hallows swap, and I loved them and was too lazy to make my own set (because I KNOW how time consuming they are to make).
Cherry_Blossom55 has totally outshone me and made me the best HP deck of cards ever!

She hand drew the pictures on the face cards so here are some close ups - These are seriously great.

And of course - the joker

But wait! That's not all!
BEHOLD! The WWW skiving snack box to end all skiving snack boxes.

Stocked with Cockroach Clusters, Chocolate Frogs, Peppermint Toads from Honeydukes
And Puking Pastilles, Fainting Fancies, Ton Tongue Toffee, and even candied Peruvian Darkness Powder on a stick! (Clever)

And some homemade Butterbeer fudge for good measure, of course.

We had a great swap - and now we're sitting and watching Harry Potter 2 while her Fianc knits her a Ravenclaw scarf - times are good. Smiley
on: July 04, 2011 08:19:48 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by cherry_blossom55
Relevance: 46.8%
Aight, so here's a look at all the loot that birdak made for me!

First up, a nice couch-sized pillow in Ravenclaw colours with adorable blue owls Smiley

next an embroidery hoop for my office wall to go with the AVPM hoop I got in my last swap. I think it's very pretty and the somewhat messy stitching is very charming. lol

A thrifted blue flower pot that she drew on with (I'm guessing) ceramic pens. The Ravenclaw eagle and "Wit beyond Measure" on either side!

Jewelry! Birdak knows all too well my obsession with earrings so she made me TWO pairs, along with two necklaces~the round bead one was purchased at a craft show

A Ravenclaw tie! I've been looking for a decent one for ages and she found me one and added a little Hogwarts felt patch!

My very own potions kit! All the little jars are filled with loose leaf tea (like I don't have enough lol) and they're packed into this cute little tin that she picked up at Value Village WHILE I WAS THERE under false pretenses of keeping it for herself.

This is more for my cat, but just made aesthetically wonderful in an HP kind of way. A Laser pointer wand!

My letter sealed with a deathly hallows symbol and complete with a lovely drawing of Luna and her patronus on the second page!

Finally, this is me modeling one of three t-shirts that birdak made for me with extra owl cutouts from the pillows. I only have pics of the one because they are all essentially the same but in different colours.


Myself and birdak happy with our new HPDH crafty goodness!!

dear god I look stoned, hahaha.

Aplogies~ I don't have the picture, so I'll get her to post it, but my edible was two AMAZING butterbeer cupcakes baked in these super cute (very Weasley-ish) earthware mugs. The frosting was just about the best thing ever. Seriously. We are going to make a regular cupcake version (in paper liners rather than mugs) for our premier party

Thanks for a great swap!
on: July 05, 2011 01:53:16 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by ZombriNation
Relevance: 46.8%
I got spoiled!! I mean, I really got spoiled! PirateColey is amazing!! My post might be picture obese so sorry!!!

The box! My boyfriend felt the need to put Perry in my pictures.

The first thing I opened

((if you can't read it, it basically says I named him Snout))

Chocolate frogs and Candy wands! Keeping these alive around my sister and boyfriend is going to be a task!

A close up on the frog in the bag! I really can't wait to eat it!

The coolest earrings I now own! The main thing is now which pair I will wear for the DH2 premier!

The first shirt I saw.. my jaw dropped!! I wanted to put it on right then and there!

The second shirt! Super amazing!!

The glow in the dark Wizards are already on my walls and ceiling. And those tissues will get so much use!

That picture of Hogwarts is a real picture that she took from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The last thing I opened, and possibly one of the coolest things in my room now.

You can't see it because of the words, but there is a snitch in the corner.

Snout ridding in the car!

PirateColey went above and beyond for me! Thank you so so so much! Best swap ever!
on: July 05, 2011 03:47:04 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by edwards1
Relevance: 46.8%
I got the most amazing package today!!!!! You would never believe my partner was a first time swapper, she did amazingly! My husband and I were like kids on christmas opening these! I wish I would have gotten a picture of how awesome she wrapped everything and packaged it, but I was too excited that I....well....forgot!!!! Sorry for the really horrible cell phone pictures =[

Every item came from a character in the book, which made it even better!

First is a deathly hallows bag, I already packed it for the premiere with my other goodies!

Next is a Polyjuice Potion bottle with really pretty smelling wax inside. This was my husbands favorite, he loves the bottle!

Next is this little guy, who I might put on a keychain so I can always have him with me, he is oh so adorable!!!

A plush padfoot so I can always remember my favorite character=]
And I couldn't resist this: Here is my dog Lupin, with the Sirius plushy. Padfood and Moony are reunited once again!!!! It took me FOREVER to get this picture! haha Lupin tends to think that anything plush is his, so I am going to have to hide padfoot! lol

A cute little key chain to show off my house pride!!!

And these adorable bow clips!

Some yummy wands. Upon seeing that there was two of each edible, my husband decided that she must have made some for him too. haha so spoiled!

And lemon drops,Dumbledore's favorite!! haha

Adorable Radish earrings! Which is so funny because I sent her a pair as well =]

And (warning photo heavy!) this amazing box with swoon worthy pictures, and favorite quotes. Even a quote that I am about to get as a tattoo! =]

Inside the box was a great trivia game for me and the hubs to play while we are waiting for the movie to start!

My second favorite thing, my Gryffindor necklace! sooo pretty! And the perfect length!

And my favorite speaks for itself!

Thank you thank you thank you! I cant wait to see how you liked your stuff!!!!!!

on: July 07, 2011 01:56:18 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Lrigrem
Relevance: 46.8%
Well, I meant to post these last night, but didn't get home from work until 11...  So here they are now!!!  Really, really amazing swap package from sdelnegro514!  I'm going to try to hold myself back just a tiny bit: I'm not posting every pic I have, and I'm trying to post a bunch of thumbnails to not overload anyone too much.  But it's really hard.  Too much cute stuff to show off.  Cheesy

The package itself:

Treats first!

Honeydukes Best Chocolate Shortbread: This is nearly gone.  I only have a photo of it wrapped, because it didn't stay home long.  Smiley  Yummy.

Chocolate Frogs: The drawing on the front is just adorable.  These I'm saving for the movie.

SUGAR MICE!  These are so damn adorable.  I brought a bag to work because I had to show them off (ok, I actually brought the entire swap package in today, but the mice have been tagging along with me the last 2 days...  Honestly.  They've been hiding out in my purse.).  Seriously adorable.  If you don't usually click on thumbnails, you should still click on the following two, they are really that cute.


My very own Pygmy Puff!!!  S/he's so cute!  I haven't decided on a name yet, but it's red, so I'm thinking something Weasley-worthy.  But I don't know.  Like someone else, I'll gladly take suggestions.  Smiley

Cutest Feet EVER:


Deathly Hallows Tissue Holders: Definitely going to come in handy.  I'd totally forget something like tissues, and now with these adorable little guys, there isn't a chance that'll happen! 

Monster Book Of Monsters: So cute!  He's holding a notebook at the moment, but I kinda wish I had a smaller laptop, because this would totally become my new laptop sleeve.  I'll just have to find something else cute to use him for!

My Wearable:

Slytherin Scarf: Wow, is this gorgeous.  It's ok, you can be jealous. 

I love how the ends were finished:
The tag:

Everything was just so great.  I feel totally spoiled.  And the tags were such a great touch.  From the puff to the scarf tags, and the hand drawn mice & frogs - too cute! I'm not sure what my favorite is (although I have to admit, I have not actually tried the scarf on yet - it looks so pretty all tied up, I kinda don't want to change that quite yet.  Although with the AC on, I'm starting to think I might change my mind by the end of the day...).  My favorite treat is easy - those sugar mice are the cutest things!  But my favorite over all?  I'm not sure - it's a 3-way tie between the Puff, the Monster Book of Monsters, and the scarf.  But wow.  I feel so lucky to have had sdelnegro514 as a partner.  She's really awesome!
on: July 07, 2011 02:02:14 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by pinkleo
Relevance: 46.8%
I received the most amazing package from the very talented luckdragon!  I am in awe and in love!!!!  Without further delay, my treats!  (WARNING: You will be jealous!)

The Monster Book of Monsters nook Cozy!!!!! 

Is it not the most amazing cozy ever?!!!!  I can not tell you how much I squeeeed!

A Fab GryffindorTee

Perfect size! 

A Gorgeous, GORGEOUS Sorcerer's Stone Necklace

Much more gorgeous in person!

A Gryffindor Self-Inking Quill

This is a beautiful version of a quill pen with it's gold accents.  I just love using Self-Inking Quills!

My Yummy Sweet Treats: Mrs. Weasley's Double Ginger Cookies & Butterbeer Blondie Bites

They truly are magically delicious!

Extra bought Goodies: Rainbow Twizzlers (which my kiddos stole!), Wooden Knitting Needles (aka Magic Wands), and HP Schoolbooks (Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them )

Last, but definitely not least....
My Game!!!  Potion Master

Amazingly detailed & looks beyond FUN!  I'm playing it tonight; I didn't want to play until I posted pictures.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything! 
You are so very talented and generous!!!!!
on: July 08, 2011 07:50:31 AM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Nyxika
Relevance: 46.8%
So I've been moving and waiting ..and waiting...and waiting for my internet to be connected and now I can post pictures of the absolutely phenomenal package Oodelally sent me! I am sorry if I kill your internet with the picture overload but the awesomeness deserves to be shared in all its glory!  Ready your wisting fingers! Wink

Each little item was wrapped up in brown paper with a delightful little fuzzy ball type yarn (that my cat absolutely adores). Each item had a little tag noting who it was from, but it's been awhile since I opened everything so if I mess up/forget one feel free to jump in and correct me Lauren!!  Wink Cheesy

Annddd...the whole package unwrapped! We agreed to spoil each other, hence the gazillion extras. ^__^

Cho Chang sent me the "M" sporting Ravenclaw colours! <3

From Snape, the most amazing cross stitch of Chibi!Snape from my wist!! <3

From Luna, a butterbeer cork necklace and radish earrings! I am so wearing these to the cinema.

From Mrs Weasley -- my first ever crocheted anything!! I adore it to pieces. It's so thick and warm. My camera kind of skewed the colours, it's perfect Ravenclaw Blue & Bronze.

And then moreeee crocheted goodies -- the most adorable snitch EVER. Look at it's fluffy lil wings. Aww, so sweet! It's going to hang proudly from my car's rear-view mirror. ^_^

Hagrid gave me a beyond incredible drawing of Diagon Alley -- the details on this blow my mind. From the name signs to the cauldrons to the spider in the corner. I am in such awe over this!!

From the Hogwarts Express trolley was some Every Flavour beans and some magical sugar-free sweets in a gorgeous bag that I spent much time admiring.

And..ooh, I forget who sent me this, *cue remembrall turning red* -- a sweet little pouch with amazing beadwork!!

and a brilliant tea pouch!! Seriously, this woman's sewing skills made my head spin.

and these cute little beanie bags with my favourite spells embroidered on them!! The one turned over is so you can see the pretty fabric on the back, they say Accio, Nox and Alohamora.

And this ...when I unwrapped it my brain just about exploded, it looks so authentic and brilliant.

When I opened it I saw the plushie chocolate frog which is *fantastic* ...and then I saw the card. Oodelally had asked for a photo of me and I never gave it too much thought...until I was confronted by my face on my very own wizard card!! (I'm on the front, which I've omitted to show Tongue but is just like the ones from the movie!) In my questionnaire under the 'your favourite characters' part I had mentioned I rather fancied Movie!Lucius, for purely shallow reasons, and the back of the card, along with info about my favourite treats, and the fact I am an active S.P.E.W. member, said "Rumored to have been romatically involved with Lucious Malfoy during their time studying at Howarts". I was crying tears of laughter for ten minutes straight. Such an amazingly clever idea, I love it!

Andddd if that wasn't enough, I even got some kawaii japanese extras!! I am fascinated by Japan and am beyond jealous that Oodelally was just there!  Cheesy

Lauren you were the most amazing swap partner ever, I love every thing you sent me, and I hope you feel the same when you get your parcel!!
on: July 09, 2011 11:41:16 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Lilak Tygress
Relevance: 46.9%
My partner received, but she hasn't had a chance to post yet... and I'm super anxious to show you what I made.

So, here's the whole package:

The edibles included:

Licorice wands:

Pumpkin Juice Mix:

And I threw in some Muffin Cups based off one of her wists:

For the wearables:
She said she'd like a Quidditch jacket, so I made her one!

I also threw in a throw pillows based off one of her wists also:

And the game!! This was by far the most time consuming of all the crafting.  I took an Trivial Pursuit game, recovered it, made 100 new Harry Potter Trivia game card (with 6 questions each! I didn't think I could make up 600 questions!!)  Click on thumbnails for more detailed look at everything.

It was really hard to give up that Potter Trivia game.  But of course, no one would play with me!  I wrote all the questions, so I know all the answer.  If someone wants to personal swap with me, I'd be glad to make a new one for them if they care to make one for me!!  I'd really REALLY like my own copy!
on: July 11, 2011 11:20:48 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Krafty_Karasu
Relevance: 46.9%
can I throw up now?  the swap anxiety has REALLY gotten to me now.  Undecided  Undecided  Undecided  Undecided  Undecided  Undecided  Undecided

as you have all read in the discussion thread, I got a beat up box from my mailman today (well, yesterday now).  the good news is, EVERYTHING (else not including the trunk everything was in) survived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  get your wisting/pinning fingers ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first up, I should probably upload the pictures...  >_<

ok  pictures uploaded 30 minutes or so later.  Cheesy

this is what the box looked like when my mailman set it on my countertop (it weighed 19 pounds.  I'm not allowed to lift more than 10 so he brought it in.  he's super nice):

yeah.  those [email protected][email protected]  Angry  Angry  Angry

Hagrid sent me some fun things.  a baby dragon I've named Nyx, a "book" called Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit, bottles of brandy and chicken blood (which leaked a tiny bit), and a little trunk full of mice to feed my little dragon:

from Ginny and Ron I got lots of goodies from Honeydukes (the first picture is the little box I received DAYS ago):

do the Starbucks Frappucino drinks come in 4 packs?  that's what the bottles look like to me...

a few odds and ends:

and Mrs. Weasley cleaned my socks and another item after the battle of Hogwarts, they got so dirty and all:

I NEED to make my legs thinner so I can wear these with short boots and other shoes (my legs embarrass me.  I need to lose weight).

this is the other thing she cleaned for me and the BEST thing in my package.  actually, best item EVAR!!!

seriously?!?!?!  SERIOUSLY?!?!?!  MY OWN ROBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't freaking believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  this thing puts my sewing skills to shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  but I worked really hard on that thing...ANYWAY!  lol.  oops.  slight giveaway...

and lastly, what I wound up with after emptying the trunk:

 Angry Cry Angry Cry Angry Cry Angry Cry Angry Cry Angry Cry Angry Cry Angry Cry

I was seriously spoiled rotten!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH SARABUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on: July 12, 2011 09:47:54 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Lilak Tygress
Relevance: 47%
Got my package!!  It may be a bit pic obese.

First, an adorable delicate feather snitch!

A Gryffindor keychain:

Awesome Alohamora hoop!!

A wand from Ollivanders!!

Vanilla Pretzel Wands

(Peanut Butter) Fever Fudge!!

And how clever is she?  A Guess Who game!  How fun!! It's SOOOOO cute!

And if all that wasn't enough, the Quibbler sent me 3D Luna glasses!!

And an Occulus Reparo spell with them in case they get damaged! Lol.

Far more than I ever expected.  Totally awesome!!!
on: July 14, 2011 09:04:14 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Foxy Sam
Relevance: 47%
I have just recieved the most awesome package from Craftzooprgrl...so here are the amazing things she has made...

Here is Rupert my visiting LV opening the parcel to find the goodies within

YUM strawberry shoe laces otherwise known as candied dragon heartstrings

Monster Book of Monsters food, good job this was in here, it was great for calming him down when I first opened up the parcel...

Brilliant Monster Book of Monsters and his snacks, lucky they were there immediately for him as he was ravenous...and helped me to become his best friend straight away...he is so beautifully soft and gorgeous I LOVE him!

Monster Book of Monsters!...Beware he may bite! Though not me, cause we have made friends already...

RAAAAA! lol...absolutely totally and utterly brilliant! I love him so much I can't stop stroking him he is so soft!

Dobby's sock necklace! I love Dobby and his delightful socks!

Dobby's sock back...awww...Dobby is FREE!

A Dobby sock for my Doggy...

Here is my dear Doggy wear his dear Dobby sock...he said "I miss Dobby"

OMG!  Wait for it...wait for it...Yes, here he is the most amazing knitted Hagrid ever...HAGRID!

Sorry some of his photos are a bit blurry, I was finding it hard to stop jumping up and down and stand still...

He even has a pink umbrella pin too...brilliant!

He is so incredibly amazing...look here is his back...

A close-up of the most delightful Hagrid!

Side-shot of Hagrid...can you tell I am in love...hehehe...lol

Monster Book of Monsters, Hagrid and Rupert, now the best of friends...

A cool trader joes bag for me to use to do the shopping

Steph, Thank you so so so Much, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything, you are a legend!
on: July 19, 2011 10:25:09 AM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by chughes225
Relevance: 47.1%
I had a extra partner for this swap because you cant get enough Harry Potter crafts and even though we weren't members of the swap Jennie said that it was ok for us to post picks.  My partner zigg13pra hasn't been able to post so I thought I would. Sorry there is a lot of pictures Wink
For the edibles

A emergency Weasley's Wizard Wheezes Skiving Snack box with double ended chews

Eeylop's Owl treats

And sugar quills in a ravenclaw box


She lives in a warmer climate and I wanted to make her a scarf so instead of one you wear around your neck I did a beaded scarf bracelet with a ravenclaw crest

One of her favorite characters is Viktor Krum. So I made her a Krum Quidditch Shirt.


(my mom wanted to keep it she liked it so much)

Also Deathly Hallow earrings inside a crochet snitch in a clear Christmas ornament.


I made two a Pygmy Puff and a ravenclaw penguin

I also added some extras for fun. Bumper stickers, a ravenclaw crest magnet and fake polaroid photo magnets of her favorite characters

I had so much fun making everything. And this gallery is so inspirational. Can't wait for another Harry Potter swap!

on: June 19, 2011 04:17:09 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Mistress Jennie
Relevance: 46.5%
I guess I get to start the gallery!

I received a very lovely package from amor_fati.  She definitely went above and beyond on this swap!

Let's start with the edible goodies.  amor sent all kinds of magical goodies, including several kinds of Pop Rocks & a Pop Rocks Expirament Kit, some Drooble's Best Blowing Gum, a bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, and a creepy little gummy tarantula!

Next, let's go to the accessory.  Dear amor decided to make me an accessory for my home instead of something to take to the movie.  Look at my awesome new Deathly Hallows painting.  I actually might take this to work to hang in my office, since the whole office is red & black, and is already heavily influenced by Harry Potter.

(Coincidentally, the little owl overlooking the painting was a gift from Andromeda007 in round 1!  My husband named him Hootles.)

And now onto the absolutely jaw-dropping wearables!   Shocked

Hedwig earrings!

amor tried to convince me that she wasn't any good with clay.  I beg to differ. 

And a Hedwig Cuff bracelet:

The little owl is made of silver clay.  How neat is that?!?!

Here's a close up of the little guy:

Next, an awesome Gryffindor Necklace! 

I'm planning my outfit for tomorrow specifically around it.  Cheesy

Close up:

Finally, a splendid Steampunk Owl Necklace.   Roll Eyes

I think I'm going to call her Artemis.

And a close up of the pendant:

And as if that wasn't enough, amor packed all my jeweled goodies up in this box:

It's hard to tell in the picture, but the blue paint shimmers in the light.   Smiley

And she included some fun extras.  A CD full of Harry Potter Fonts, some Dark Mark tattoos, and some Chocolate Frog cards! 

I think I'm going to use the cards as bookmarks.  Cheesy

Thank you for such a lovely and thoughtful package amor_fati!  Now I just have to finish making yours!!!

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