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on: June 01, 2011 08:01:29 AM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by SevsOnlyGirl
Relevance: 46.1%
I received from mandykaye late last week and wouldn't open it until I sent!  So here are all the awesome pictures: (I screwed up some of the photos, things are together that don't go together...but I'll list everything and then post all the photos)  Sorry!!!

1 -Something essential to her favorite craft - beads (her first time making the polyclay beads!) and paper embellishments.
2 - Something with her fave animal - cat patch and stickers (my fave animal too!)
3 - Something edible - chocolate!
4 - Something she thinks smells good - incense (hubby has confiscated it already)
5 - Something you wear on your body - tee with iron on tree (have already worn it!)
6 - Something that reflects her personal style - fabric and necklace
7 - Something related to yarn or thread - two spools of variegated thread (so pretty!)
8 - Something she always keeps in her purse - gum and mints (my fave kind too)
9 - Something with her fave design/pattern on it - red/white/blue glitter candles
10 - Something related to her fave holiday - Wall hanging for Halloween (in my office right now Smiley)
11 - Something related to her fave craft supply - paper pack
12 - Something related to her non-craft hobby - garden solar light (in my planter on the deck)
13 - Something fave not listed yet - super glittery pads of paper (YAY!!)
14 - Something that helps her stay organised - magnets
15 - Something drinkable - iced coffee

And now the photos:

Sorry, I had a photo issue - I'll be more careful next time, I was just too excited and didn't think! Cheesy  I think that Mandy and I are very different and that makes it fun to discover what we both like!  I have loads of ideas for the next package already!!
on: June 02, 2011 07:30:12 PM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by Faux_Valentine
Relevance: 46.1%
Here is a close up picture of my ant eater im very proud of it so i hope redstar13 doesnt mind me hijacking the post for a few moments:

So after almost killing myself with some dried red chillies while making dinner tonight i thought it'd be a good idea to post some pictures so here it goes. i recieved from redstar13 yesterday a truely awesome package  i cant believe how similar we are!

Heres the whole shebang!

so to begin with she sent something edible: Runts they arent her first favorite candy but they are delishious and i have finished off half of the box already
next some something with yrou favorite color in it: magenta and black are her favorite color combo and featehrs is her favorite trim so she made me a feather hair acessory I love it! i'll have issues wearing it because i will want to sit and pet it all day and people might think of this as weird but who cares!
and something that smells good: apple cinnamon incense with cinnamon incese thrown in. I love apple cinnamon in fact im burning it right now my room smells delishious!

here is the feathers in my hair I love them

Next is her favorite character or my like the iconic image of her favorite character head bands! i wont give away her dirty little secret  (as i have my own i wouldnt want broadcast) but i will say these are fabulous! there was one more that didnt get into this pictuer but i have it on in another one below.
the second peice of this picture is something local. not only is the ocean local for her ( i am so jealous) but the magazine is from her home town and has an awesome picture on the front!

the first picture is my favorite! it reminds me of this nurse from silent hill she's at the end of the movie and somewhere in the games but i havent played in a while and couldnt tell you which one I have almost a complete outfit to cosplay her now even have the right hair color! the second is a better shot of the flower head band.

Next is her favorite hair acessory which are hair flowers! this reminds me of my grandmother who wears flowers on her blouse it warmed my heart to see them.

This is her favorite game. She sent me her favorite game! This is so awesome! i cant wait for my friends to return to town so we can play it.

this is the summer essential: flip flops and pinwheels. I love the pinwheels i need to figure out a place to put them and since my flip flops tried to kill me last sumemr and i have  yet to buy new ones this is just what i needed.

Kitchen stables is Cinnamon and baking tools. she loves baking and i can never have too many measuring cups! i used them in my killer dinner tonight.

Okay so how did you know i LOVE true crime?! i am super excited for this book i have atleast 12 hours a week of pure reading time i cant wait to get started on this book

and finally as an extra she sent a recipie book that has each theme as a recipie! its awesome i cant wait to try some of them

This was a beautiful package and i cant wait to get to know her better ( and recieve more package Hehe)
on: May 26, 2011 09:43:47 AM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by whats_her_name
Relevance: 45.9%
I received yesterday from Onyxnox!  I think we have a lot in common too - we even received on the same day!  Grin  I didn't have the sense to put the items together that were from the same category - oops!  So everything is in no particular order...

First up a picture of all the loot.  So fun!

My favorite item - I put it on immediately as I read her letter and browsed the goodies.  A beautiful beaded flower.  

Next up, a little Christmas knome to represent her love of knit/crochet.  

For organization, a clinique makeup bag.

Always in her purse, are reusable shopping bags.  This little bear is home to a tote bag that unzips from his back.

Then for her favorite holiday, the reindeer gel window clings, and then from her favorite store the monkey key ring ID tags (from IQLiving):

Something edible (almond bark - mmmm) and something drinkable (Tazo Sweet Wild Orange tea).  Looking forward to trying them both:

Another something for organization, this cute little pad of lists (To Do, To Buy, To Remember):

Something made of paper.  Some handmade cards with favorite pictures on the outside and favorite recipes on the inside.  Really looking forward to trying these!!

Another favorite holiday (Christmas) and also something she collects (Kitchen Gadgets) as well as something always in her purse (tissues).  I must confess; I too love kitchen gadgets!

Another item for her love of knit/crochet is this cute lavender bookmark.  I think it's adorable and I'm definitely going to be using it!  Also, a coaster that her DH cut from clear cedar, and then Onyxnox wood-burned it with one a quote that is PERFECT.  "Time is a drug.  Too much of it kills you."  I love it.

And then finally, we have something local (free publication from her area), more organization (clips), favorite craft essentials (beading needles) and finally another something always in her purse (lip balm).

Thanks so much, I'm looking forward to getting to know you even more with parcel #2!
on: May 27, 2011 01:43:44 PM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by sweety28303
Relevance: 46%
Package 1

Here's My Package From CleanFeelin!

Everything Wrapped Beautifully!

Paper Stars! They Are So Beautiful And Look Much Much Better Than The Ones Ive Made.

A Small Clutch In Her Favorite Color Gray!

Summer Essential! Cotton Cozies! I Can't Wait To Use These.

Something To Wear- An infinity scarf! I Love this and can't wait to wear this!

It's A Mario Star! It's Soo Adorable!

A Book WITH Bookmarks! I Will Start Reading This Tonight.

An Apple Cozy! And I Will definitely use it with an orange! lol

Fluff!! Yummy! Something Local.

Favorite Store- Some Lovely Earrings From Forever 21

How Cool Is This!?! It's A Calendar With Different Crochet Stitches For Each Month!

AND She Sent Me And Early Birthday Present! I Got 2 Headbands, A Frame With Crochet Stitching AND A Super Huge Bag Of TWIZZLERS! Yay!

I Love Love Love Everything! Thank You So Much Colleen! I Was Super Duper Spoiled!

on: May 29, 2011 07:16:28 AM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by CleanFeelin
Relevance: 46%
I am so glad you liked everything Sweety!  I totally forgot to include a bio about myself, so I will make sure to write something up in the next package.  We sent very similar things to each other which was really funny.

I received from Sweety as well and here are my goods:

The Lot of things I got

A kitchen essential- A washrag and ninja cookie cutters which I can't wait to use!

Favorite color is green - A cute green box with buttons and origami stars, this is going to brighten up my computer desk

Made out of paper - Note cards and a small jar of origami stars

Smells good - Two small bottle of body spray (these are going right in my purse)

Related to yarn - Summer slouchy hat (I immediately put this on and loved it)

Something to wear - A green scarf and super cute necklace (that I immediately put on when I saw it)

Favorite character - Hello Kitty pencils and tattoos

Summer essential - Water bottle carrier and lip gloss (which will also go right in my bag)

Edible - Twizzlers, I am totally bringing these to work to snack on

Sentimental value - Breast Cancer flip flops, her mom passes away from breast cancer, this was really touching.
on: June 10, 2011 12:05:01 PM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by Ratfinkz
Relevance: 46.2%
I received about a week and a half ago -b ut have been soooo busy I havent had time to do the photos etc!!!! So sorry Whitesheep!!!! And it was an amazing package that really should have been shared earlier!

It all came wrapped in pretty wrapping paper - which made it feel like christmas - and I dont think you could know how happy I was with the note paper the letter was written on - it was Diddle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've loved Diddle for about 15 years -ever since a school trip to Germany where I saw him - longggggggggg before he was available over here!!!!!! Now he is available over here I keep meaning to start collecting him -b ut haven't got round to it yet! (Also -as a pet rat keeper it's right up my street - although I wanst a keeper when I first fell in love with him!)

Anyway without further ado - onto the pics!!!!!

All the packages were labelled - and explained in the letter in the order I open it - so will put the pics up in the order  I opened them.

1) Something which relates to yarn or thread: I looooove this!!!! My first ever hand dyed roving - as I'm just learning to spin - and masses of beautiful purpley yarn to knit with! Cheesy

2) Something local - an Isle of Man badge (I'm soooooooooooo jealous of her living there btw have always wanted to visit!) and a pen (Which isn't in the pic as I've already put it in my bag for using!

(Sorry for blurriness!)

3) Something you always keep in your purse - Tea!!!! Am not a big tea drinker - but I do enjoy trying different flavours - and have been looking at these 'Tea Pigs' for ages! And this flavour does look rather yummy - will be trying some after i've done this I think!

4) Something relating to your favourite craft! A gorgeous piece of fabric - and an interesting looking magazine I shall have a read of while I drink my tea shortly!

5) Something edible! Reversey percey's - which I'd never had before but which are GORGEOUS - there's not much left in the bag as you can see! and a bar of Isle of Man chocolate shaped like the island:

I must say this girl knows how to make a friend - buy me chocolate and I'll love you forever! Cheesy

6) Something relating to your favourite non-crafting hobby:

Isle of Man TT book! I've enjoyed the TT for years (though missed it the last few!) so really looking forward to reading this!

7) Something which helps keep you organised! Well - 2 somethings! An awesome pincushion - really want to know how you made this! And a fab fabric basket which will be great for keeping scraps of fabric and off cuts of wool in while I'm crafting -a s at the moment they get spread around the livingroom floor and drive my fiance mad!

and the inside of the bowl and other side of pin cushion - (have needed a pin cushion for sooooooo long - but dont like the boring shop bought ones!)

Cool Something you consider a summer essentail! Seeds Smiley I'm not a gardner - but am really interested in growing these - going to get some pots shortly - and plant them! Love the idea of growing my own veg!

9) Something else which is your favourite. This AMAZING art yarn!!!! So excited by this - it's just my cup of tea!!!!! Whitesheep says it reminds her of wet winter nights which she loves - and I can see where she's coming from - but it reminds me of a stormy sea - which I love - am obsessed by the ocean! So - I'm sooooooooooooo chuffed with this! Whitesheep says she cant wait to see what I knit from it - and I've been humming and harring -b ut think I'm going to settle on a scarf - to keep me warm when I walk my dog by the sea during the colder months (11/12th of the year here in the UK!) Look - isn't it stunning?!

10) lastly - something which is a kitchen essential - a cup cake holder! Never seen these before -b ut it's soooo cool!! Need to bake some cupcakes now to go in it!

Thanks again Whitesheep - I love love love it all!!!!
on: June 18, 2011 09:30:45 PM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by SilentMynerva
Relevance: 46.4%
Well... after the long wait for my lovely Australian Partners Package 1... Here is how the box looked when I got it...

So I'm just gonna list everything and then put pics up... Mainly because I had to take multiple pics of what I got because it wouldn't all fit in one picture...

Something w/favorite animal: kangaroo fabric in bright colors and a koala for my car!!
Something that you think smells good: Lavender body wash/scrub and lotion!!! I love lavender too!!! And Strawberry Incense... sadly I can't use it but my family loves it (I have asthma)
Something that you wear on your body: lipgloss pack and I think there was supposed to be nail polish but I didn't see any...
Something that reflects your personal style: a mini canvas with random things (which will look cool pinned to my wall of randomness!) Also a list of quotes she likes.
Something related to Yarn or Thread: Cotton yarn in a pretty blue and a Crochet HOOK....  it's a 6mm so I gotta figure out what letter that represents here Smiley
Something local to your city, state or country: Random things from her cities visitor's center!!! I can't wait to fully go through it and put them up on my walls!! Also two postcards... there is one of a church that she can see from her house...
Something you always keep in purse/bag: enviro-bag... or a re-usable bag that is awesome!!! And it can be zipped up so compact... the reason I don't use them is because it's hard to keep in the purse, but this is definitely staying attached so I can use it.
Hair Accessory: blue clips that mod35tbabe personalized and a lacy/gauzy flowery hair comb... which is currently in my hair.
Favorite Design: Leopard Print Tissues!!!!
Something drinkable: Peppermint Tea and Camomile & Spearmint Tea... can't wait to try it.
Something related to non-craft hobbies: two bookmarks... On with a quote on it about reading and one that has a short history about her last name!!
Consider Summer essential: Seeing as how it is winter over there! She got me a flip flop keychain that will go on my car keys!
Kitchen Staple: An Awesome Sydney Australia tea towel!!!
and last but not least....
Essential to your favorite craft: A MINI CARD SET!!! it's got cards/envelopes, small markers, some stamps and some ink for the stamps and sea shell notepad...
There are also some Sydney Australia Coasters that probably fall with the tea towel and a notecard that is yellow and has flipflops on it and blue flower... I think that falls in with the summer essential.... Smiley Enjoy the pictures!!!

on: June 30, 2011 08:14:11 AM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by SevsOnlyGirl
Relevance: 46.6%
Oh my goodness - such cuteness from thisbirdsabsurd and MissingWillow! Smiley

I received Package #2 from Mandykaye!

First up are two journals with covers, I love them!  The smaller, darker purple one is my favorite!

A tote from her local library:

Then a set of fabric gift bags - so cute!  They were all full of fun too!
First - watermelon bag with candle, lipbalm and samples from Avon!

Second - plaid bag with tons of beading supplies

Third - tiger bag with Sour Patch kids candy, Betty Boop tin with Betty Boop playing cards and a lovely necklace!

Fourth - ladybug bag with more beading supplies!

Fifth - flowered bag with beading supplies and findings!

Sixth - Christmas bag with a handmade ornament (love ornaments!!), pretty pens (I collect pens) and little animals for my desk - I keep a menagerie on my desk, the college students like to play with them while they talk to me. Cheesy

Thanks Mandy!  That box was super heavy, I was worried about what was in it!lol
on: July 19, 2011 07:48:53 PM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by tattooedcrafter
Relevance: 47.1%
Sorry its taken me so long to post pics, life has been crazy. I have recieved all 3 packages from my awesome partner princesspimp81.
Package 1
turtle stuffie (fave animal) zero stuffie (fave movie character, its mine too) sun hat and matching slippers (summer essential and wear) big bang wall hanging (fave tv show, mine too) hair clips (fave flowers) soap (smells good) candy (taste good, super yummy) lip gloss (always in purse)

Package 2
Awesome crochet purse

super long mobius scarf

ruffle apron kit

package 3
the most awesome crochet cake ever, it look so awesome on my craft table

thank you so much princesspimp for agreeing to be my partner and sending me such awesome packages
on: May 26, 2011 07:21:48 AM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by Onyxnox
Relevance: 45.9%
Package 1 - RECEIVED

I received yesterday from whats_her_name.  What a great package!  She started her own business making papercrafts for brides/weddings and I am impressed and envious!

First, here is the whole shebang.  Look at how beautifully wrapped it is.  I should have done that and labelled, but so many of mine overlapped topics category, so I am afraid she got quite the mess in comparison to the box I send her  Embarrassed

and unwrapped....

Here is the gorgeous front of the notecard she sent me.

Her bio on the inside and back - so beautifully done around the image.

Her favourite character(s) - she loved to many to pick just one.  These two are magnets, already on my fridge.

Something that keeps her organized -  a beautifully made little fabric pouch she sewed herself - love the little heart bead on the zipper!

A summer essential - a lovely beaded anklet.  When the rain lets up and I can wear sandals again, this will be on!  I love anklets too Cheesy Something from a favourite store - Chapters gift card.  I love books too - but funnily enough, I never thought of it as a favourite store - to me it is like going to the grocery store - it is such an essential part of my life (there is one in my hospital lobby) Cheesy  So I love both of these too.

A favourite scent - she loves berry scents and this berry scented cologne and lotion - yummy!  I am more a citrus or spice gal myself, but I don't think my arm needs to be twisted to try this out Cheesy   Something always in her purse - Soft lips lipbalm in a berry scent/flavour.  It already is in mine too Cheesy  I also sent lipbalm in my box.  Something to drink - hot apple cider.  She is not a tea or coffee gal, but she loves hot apple cider.  Have you ever tried cranberry cider???  I love spiced mulled ciders too, and if I can find the cranberry one, I may have to send you some (usually it is around in the winter though :/ )

Something edible - chocolate covered pretzels she made - she loves chocolate (me too!) and the combination of salty and sweet.  Look at the packaging!!!  I presume you made the label too.  So pretty.  I'm going to wait to share them with DH - he probably will like them too.
Something made from paper - personalized notecards she made for me!  I love the brown and blue floral pattern and it is just so beautiful!  No wonder you started a business, these are so beautiful!

Finally something local - She is from Regina and sent me a travel mug with the new campaign to promote her city.  I love it and can pretty much guarantee that no one else at work will have one, so it will be my work cup - thanks
on: May 31, 2011 01:17:01 PM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by Eveamlizya
Relevance: 46%
 I received from tapestrymlp today! 
1. Favorite Animal - Red Panda...I've never even heard of a red panda...lol

2. Something Sentimental - nest made from willow trees

3. Something that keeps me organized - memo board...love this and so needed one.

4. Kitchen Essential - sea salt...never really tried it actually

5. Favorite Color - Blue...love owls ^_^ yay

6. Random Song - Jar of Hearts...lol she didn't know how to make 3d hearts so she made stars...love it!

7. Book - May Bird...guess this is for favorite hobby other than crafting...the artwork is cute I'll have to read it.

8. Something with thread - embroidered inchies...sooo cute! love the mushroom!

9. Something with Paper - black book...I"M IN LOVE WITH THIS!!!  it's like velvety and so cool!

10. Favorite Craft Supply - glass bottles...she makes these super cool potion bottles from harry potter...YAY I GOT SOME!!!!  the polyjuice potion even looks all murky and icky...and she designed the labels herself!!! so cool.

Thanks again for all the awesome stuff!
on: June 05, 2011 02:12:55 PM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by bellyjewel
Relevance: 46.1%
I recieved from my lovely partner icebyrd67

Something relating to your favorite fashion or hair accessory - a couple of sweet deco pendants to match with Sweet Lolita outfits!
I love these so much

 Something that is essential to your favorite craft - There are a bunch of fat quarters in the box

Something you always keep in your purse/bag - a couple of pens and a flash drive
the pens so cute and i will be guarding them from people in my office lol

Something drinkable - a few teas. 
Something you like to collect (non-craft related) - shot glasses

Something that you think smells good - lots of soap. 
Oh these all smell so yummy!!!!

combined two off the list: Something related to reading/literature AND Something related to your non-craft hobbies (like reading- 3 books and a bookmark

Something you consider a *summer* essential - WATER BALLOONS

combined two off the list:Something related to yarn or thread AND Something relating to your favorite craft supply (like yarn, fabric, tools)
I now have no reason not to start crochet

my partner sent an awesome package- thanks a bunch!!!
on: June 06, 2011 05:15:48 PM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by AttieNichole
Relevance: 46.2%
Received from ollieorange last week and just had the time to post pictures.  Whew what a week!  First let me start out by saying that I loved everything I received.  She really nailed down my interests and sent things I would really use often!
Package One

Here is everything together.

I received:  a madison post card (cannot find, will post later), three kinds of tea and a wonderful teacup inspired by my wists, decorated clothespins, lavender hand sanitizer, a pouch sewn from leftover wedding fabric, water bottles (which she collects), water bottle cozy with her favorite musican's (The Jicks) album art on it, kitchen staple of curry powder with a recipe, a rapunzel scarf, crystalized ginger, leopard print nail file, fused glass tree pendant, fused flower magnet, and lots (and I mean lots) of coupons (!!!  Smiley   !!!)

Close up of the tea cup

Close up of the clothespins

Rapunzel Scarf and waterbottle and cozy

tree pendant

Thank you so much ollieorange!!!  Can't wait for package two!!!

Package Two

I received package number two a few days ago.  I am really happy with this package.  I received an embroidery kit (which I've wanted for several years now), AND a stenciling kit.  Altogether, I received, a tee-shirt, socks, embroidery supplies (lots of embroidery floss, fabric, a hoop, scissors, a small embroidered butterfly project to try out, recycled cardboard holders for the embroidery floss, embroidery needles...I hope I'm not leaving something out), and a stenciling kit (acrylic paint, medium to mix with the acrylic paint to make it permanent, freezer paper for stenciling, and a sponge brush), and check out the card she sent!  It's so cute and I'm very happy with all my lute!

package three
I received the final package a while ago and am now just getting around to posting pictures.  I received new additions to my wardrobe which really made my day.  Here is everything!  I received a black fight club tee, which is wonderful because the only one I had was white and I really needed a black one.  I not only like the design, but she chose an amazing shirt for the transfer to go on.  It has ribbing on the arms which conceals flabby arm, and the collar of the shirt is a looser fit, reminding me of french style tees.  She also made me a cotton skirt with a large/thick waistband, which helps it to stay in place and hides tummy bulge.  I really enjoy how flattering this skirt is.  The pictures don't do justice,  but it's a skirt that can go with pretty much anything and be classsy, cool, professional, etc, whatever I need it to be.  I also received a cool headband which is really fun.  It brings out my natural side Smiley 

Thanks so much OllieOrange!  You totally rocked these packages and I'm so happy with them!
on: June 06, 2011 07:07:32 PM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by A2JC4life
Relevance: 46.2%
Package 1

I received Saturday from Southern Flower, and am just now getting to post pictures. 

Something to do with thread: tatting thread and book with DVD (also some shuttles that show up in a later picture).  My partner and I both want to learn.  (This was definitely bigger than a small, though! lol)

Something always kept in her purse: a library card wallet (we're both avid readers), and paper soaps.  (With young children, these will definitely come in handy!)
Kitchen Staple (part 1): pinch bowls  (Can you believe these are made out of bamboo?  So cool!)

Something drinkable: tea
Something to wear: jewelry she made - it's beautiful!

Closer pic of the jewelry

Bonus favorite: t-shirt with sparkles and perfume

Something that reflects her personal style: Project Runway pattern represents fashion taste and love for fashion innovation
Something edible: chocolate!  (This is already gone. Cheesy )
And the tatting shuttles

Something sentimental: The Red Tent (which she gave to her mother, who never read it - but her dad did. lol)
Bonus favorite: book of trivia (This looks like a lot of fun.  My poor hubby is constantly getting random "why" questions from me - I ask bizarre questions like a 2-year-old would ask! lol)

Kitchen Staple, part 2: tea mug.  This is absolutely gorgeous!  I think the symbol on it says "happiness," since the tag calls it a "happiness mug." And it has an insert for steeping the tea without getting leaves in your drink.
Something local: yummy-smelling soy candle  (This is great!  I have been cutting back on candle usage because I don't like having the paraffin fumes throughout the house.  But soy is perfect!)

Better photo of the candle and...
Something to do with paper/related to her favorite flower: Jasmine inchies!

Thank you for a fantastic package (and I am so glad it really did arrive safe)!
on: June 23, 2011 12:45:20 PM 
Started by RebelTrendsetter, Message by thisbirdsabsurd
Relevance: 46.5%
I got the most fabulous packages from the talented MissingWillow!  The first is my DIY - since we are both sinfully jealous of Craftster's amazing paper crafters she sent me a box FULL of everything I could possibly need to make zillions of nifty creations - check this out!!  Two old books,(and I am a sucker for old books) one is fairy tales and the other a catalog from 1901!!  Hilarious in that you could buy everything from saddles to underwear to living room furniture out of that thing!

The rest of the box is filled with all sorts of papers and ephemera - a goldmine!!  I'm so excited to dive in!

And you might have noticed those shiny blank Altoid - like tins with all the cool doo dads inside.  Here's another way too cute item - holy crap - look how tiny these are!!

On to box two - which smelled fabulous before I even opened it!!  A box full of MissingWillows wonderful handmade soaps!!  Are these cute or what?? The bright pink one is a felted soap and the duck one glows in the dark - tee hee!

Then we have a sweet little locket ...with a solid scent inside - yum!  It came in this pretty little tin -way to go with the paper crafting Connie!  Wink
And speaking of yum...honey from her bees!!  I've already had some!  Smiley (But didn't take a picture!!)

And last but not least...two things from my wist - these adorable little felted owls (in their very own nest) and teeny tiny animal cracker earrings - cuteness overload!  Cheesy

OH!!  And wait - I got two bags of delicious wooly fleece from her very own sheep - can't wait to incorporate it into a project!

So there you have it - pretty awesome don't you think?  Thanks a million MissingWillow!
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