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on: October 16, 2010 07:33:51 PM 
Started by sazzra, Message by TheMistressT
Relevance: 33.9%
So I had to be away from the house today for WAY more hours than I expected  Undecided and when I got home (way after mail delivery time) I was a bit saddened that there was no package on the porch and no package brought in by The ManFlesh.  Oh, well... there's always Monday, right?  RIGHT!?  So, a bit later I mentioned this to The ManFlesh and he said he never checked the mail... could it be?  Oh, it could all right!  My package was so tiny that it fit into the mail box!  SQUEE!

So I open it to find this:

Uh-oh... this is going to be too awesome (swap anxiety)

Inside was a letter (that I dutifully read before opening the rest of the package, because my mama raised me right):

Here I'm told how the sender, a Dr. Illegible, has found the Vampyre's lair, etc.  OooOOoo!

Followed by an inventory of the contents of the Vampyre's house (squee!):

Oh my, oh my, oh my!  I was a bit nervous to open the package fearing the awesomeness would kill me.  It almost did.

The exterior front:

Did you stalk me so thoroughly that you learned my love of ticking or was that just a happy accident?

Exterior back:

Notice the little shutters! 

Interior front:

Uh-oh... things are not looking good for our Vampyre hunter!  Yes, the walls are spattered with blood.

Interior back:

Yeah... this was definitely not a good result for Dr. Illegible. 

Attic front:

Just like the inventory describes! 

Attic back:

I haven't checked it yet, but I'm guessing that that moon phase map glows in the dark.  WHEE! Notice the shingles are pages from a book?  Notice they mention Nazis... the most vampyric persuasion?  Yup... it's THAT detailed.

So I LOVE IT!  And now the swap anxiety has bumped up a couple notches.  EEK!

on: October 06, 2010 12:41:51 PM 
Started by sazzra, Message by cackle
Relevance: 33.7%
Okay, I hope you are all ready for some awesome Halloween goodness! I just received from teag and I am  so thrilled. So much imagination and care went into this tiny little thing.
My husband and I have been playing with it since I unwrapped it! Teag, I can't thank you enough for such a special and wonderful house!

First, the front........

The back just cracks me up.......

You pull the little bones out of the sides of the house and voila!

The top two floors come out and all the cute little figures are movable. The lid of the coffin comes off and there's a
wee vampire inside. I love the top floor sewing room. So cute! And the three bats flying around the attic sewing room, perfect. Think twice before you use the facilities in this house!!



Love it, love it. Thank you so much, teag!

on: October 17, 2010 01:12:08 PM 
Started by sazzra, Message by rvladams
Relevance: 33.9%
Just got home from a trip Up North and found a mysterious brown package on the stoop upon my arrival.  Because I had been anticipating the arrival of one (1) tiny haunted house, I immediately vaulted through the front door with the package, leaving my fiance to unpack most of the car.  Here is what I found when I filtered through theMistressT's ingenious internal wrapping:

One incredibly fine flat-packed house!

Here is a close-up of the house's wonderful stone exterior, with a quarter for scale:

The house wraps into a square, holding a crowd of ghostly revelers in behind the front door.  They seem far too serene to be the source of all the blood that coats the walls, but then--Victorian photo-taking does seem to demand a polite exterior...

Here's a picture of the house all lit up and with the wonderful gold-lined roof on.  Note the ghosties buzzing about the upper story:

There are even some medieval demons lurking in the basement!  

I cannot believe how eerie and beautifully detailed this house is.  Thank you SO MUCH, Tara!! I LOVE it (how did you know I love old medieval stone things???) and can't wait to display this in my house--it evens looks disturbingly similar to some of the haunting buildings I admired recently while in Ireland...

on: October 26, 2010 06:15:23 PM 
Started by sazzra, Message by barbolot
Relevance: 34.1%
Sazzra sent me the perfect house.  This is seriously how I would imagine my haunted house to be. . . .

pumpkins, growing wild amid the mossy grounds. . . .

the walkway, still wet from a recent autumn rain, leading to the door... and the resident ghost hovering just outside with the black cat. . . (the rocks and ghost glow in the dark, btw!)

AMAZING stained glass windows let autumn evening light peep in. . . .

or candlelight seep out. . . . (there's a little flickering battery-operated candle inside!!) Cheesy

all while the stern owl and the little bats keep watch.

I seriously love this!  You put so much time and thought and stalking into this, and it really shows.  Thank you SO much, sazzra!  Smiley
on: November 04, 2010 10:42:04 AM 
Started by sazzra, Message by sazzra
Relevance: 34.3%
And finally, pictures - sorry for taking so long Sad

Barbolot got me perfectly - I vaguely remember typing things like Addams Family and Amityville in my questionnaire, and here's what I got:

Squee! But it gets better - it came wih an LED flashlight keyring and an invitation to a ghost hunt to take place outside the house. What was lurking inside, I wonder?

I think they might have a problem with damp in this house Undecided

Ewww... what are they keeping those flies for?

Ever get the feeling you're being watched?

They'll never get those stains out

What happens at 3.15 then?

You'd have thought they'd want a family photo rather than a mugshot...

(Unfortunately you can't see these in their true awesomeness  Sad)

And I love the siding!

Thank you so much! I had it at work yesterday (the leaves are in our office car park) and it properly freaked a colleague out - she was convinced we were forever going to be cursed Grin The others were just wandering around with it going 'Ooooh, look in this window!'
on: October 18, 2010 04:56:12 PM 
Started by sazzra, Message by Blackstitches
Relevance: 33.9%
I received from petskin today.  It's such a great house.  I love all the details she put into it and the cool different mediums that she used to compose it.

The pictures aren't the best, since it was late when I took them and the lighting was not good.  I may try and take some better ones tomorrow.  

The outside of the house.  I love the cute red door and little witches broom on the front

one side, with a cute little feather pumpkin

another side with a bird and scary spider!

the roof, which seems like it is made somehow out of a doily that is painted, I might be wrong so maybe petskin can tell us.

The awesome inside, there is a little black and white rug, a picture on the wall and the word "enchanting"

And finally, my favorite part, this cute little fellow.  My kids love him and so do I, he has so much personality!

Thanks so much Petskin!  We all really love this great house and it will have a place of honor in our Halloween decorations for years to come.
on: October 20, 2010 07:53:24 AM 
Started by sazzra, Message by NiinaMaria
Relevance: 34%
I received from batgirl! She was worried that I wouldn't like it because it isn't "standard" tiny house but no worries...I love it!
The packaging

The back

Detail shots

In it's full glory

Thank you to batgirl for being a great partner! Recommend!
on: September 30, 2010 06:20:36 PM 
Started by sazzra, Message by cackle
Relevance: 33.5%
 Sorry about my messy table!


on: October 22, 2010 06:54:36 PM 
Started by sazzra, Message by cyndy225
Relevance: 34%
greenfaerie's having computer troubles, so here are some pictures of the house that I sent her! Sorry for any blurriness. I had my dad take pictures the night I finished (way too tired to), he's used to shooting weddings, not minis!

The front:

The back:

Lit up:
You can see some of the different things that glow in the dark here. The ghost girl and the grout (just cause I could) are the main things you can see in the photo. Also, the cat has glow stripes and the moon and stars should glow too. And yes, I am super happy with those windows!  Cheesy It took 3 tries to figure out how to get them right!

One of the inside glow in the dark ghosts (there are other things on the inside, but they're hard to photograph):

I realized just now that I forgot to take pictures of the house separated. The tower part pulls out from the rest of the house (held in place with 2 notches) and then the roof comes  off the tower. This lets you put a light (or anything else you want) in the main house, and you can use the tower for little items. Here's an "in progress" picture that kind of shows the two different pieces:

There's also a story behind the ghost girl Mary, but I'll have to do some hunting to find it. Undecided greenfaerie, can you guess how she died?

Also, Craftster is not letting me preview my post (not sure if that's an issue there or just with my computer at the moment) soooo, hopefully the message turns out OK!
on: September 30, 2010 02:29:49 PM 
Started by sazzra, Message by teag
Relevance: 33.5%
WooHoo I received the most wonderful tiny haunted house today from cackle- I am sure you will all be jealous once you see it

Cackle thank you so much for the most wonderful tiny haunted house- I love it!
on: October 12, 2010 11:46:45 AM 
Started by sazzra, Message by blupaisan
Relevance: 33.8%

I think aisy is swamped with Life right now, so i am going to post the house I sent to her.  Here is a pic of it lit up at night.

This is the front view. I had two requests to work with - red glitter and a Mickey Mouse pumpkin.

view of red roof.

the back.
on: December 31, 2010 06:39:30 PM 
Started by sazzra, Message by cyndy225
Relevance: 35.5%
After an unending mess with an evil post office, I finally have a house! I was interested in something a little different than just a haunted house, so Shadeweaver sent me my very own haunted jail!

The texture is amazing, and it comes with its very own graveyard! And if we take a look around back, you can see the little cell window (my favorite part, gives it a great antiquity feel) and the wire tree. The tree looks like its been there for years, has no life left in it, but refuses to go anywhere.

Taking the roof off shows the insides. The prisoners kept here must be the most violent and evil because all they get it a hard bunk to sit and sleep on. If you look really closely in the lower left corner you can also see little hooks on the walls. Theyre there to shackle the prisoners to the walls, a great little detail! 

And one more picture, just for fun.

Thank you so much Shade! It's a great peice, and I love how unique it is!
on: October 08, 2010 11:02:02 AM 
Started by sazzra, Message by blupaisan
Relevance: 33.7%
i got the neatest house from aisy!  I love to touch it - it just begs to be handled. My favorite parts are all the shroomies (she got me down pat!) and the wicked cool iron fence that surrounds the place!

the grass is fuzzy!

the roof has a carved edging.

there are adorable ghosties living here!
thank you so much, aisy! It will be my featured Halloween decoration on my kitchen table.  I love it!
on: October 19, 2010 10:32:20 PM 
Started by sazzra, Message by Nodsu
Relevance: 34%
I`m finally able to post pics of the wonderful house i got from Blackstiches:
The beautiful front with 2 supercute`n`supertiny pumpkns and a tiny skull Smiley love the windows too Smiley

he back with this cutie black widow (OMG- last year, the same time, i killed 38 in my backyard / under sandbox and tricycles, scooters and inside my babys stroller...hate those things so bad, but this one is adorable Wink )

and the beautiful tree with this shiny owl and spider web:

It`s so beautiful, the whole house and every single side of it Smiley - i also love the glitter and purple undertone of the house (my DD`s fav color, she was so excited).

I`m very happy Smiley

and i know (after snooping around on her blog, which is beautiful!) that my partner just MUST have Really Beautiful photos of the house, so, please, post better ones, `cause it`s dark now 24/7 /rain/ and i only have a phone to use Sad

EDIT:  especially now, that i noticed, taht the lil bat guy is totally missing on the pic- all bent down behind the house  Angry - those mailmen... i think i fixed it AFTER taking pics, ugh* sry!

on: October 29, 2010 03:45:27 PM 
Started by sazzra, Message by batgirl
Relevance: 34.2%
I received from my partner! It's the sweetest little haunted house. A little background: I told NiinaMaria in PMs that I had visited Finland and fallen in love with Moomins. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moomin Wonderful NiinaMaria made me a haunted Moomin house!!

It is delightfully Moomin-y on the outside:

AND it has Moomins on the inside!!

It's really special that Niina made this so particularly for me. I love it so much. Thank you, NiinaMaria!!!  Kiss Kiss
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