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on: July 19, 2010 04:44:30 PM 
Started by kayrun, Message by udhillb
Relevance: 28.7%
Get ready to be jealous! Miss Barbara truly spoiled me rotten! I adore adore adore everything! We couldn't have been matched more perfectly! (Picture Obese)

H - Zebra/Cherry Handbag! Vanilla Handcream (I absolutely adore Bath and Body Works) & 2 frames from the Happiest Place on Earth (Disney!)

I - Crocheted iPhone Holder (fits perfectly), Ice cream Lip Balm (yum!) and an Ice Cream Pencil

LL - Lunchbox decorated with buttons, A long lollipop, A little Green Notebook, a little snowman ornament

A - Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer (I'm obsessed with sanitizer) with a nifty container to attach to my purse, A toy story alien bag (great for grocery shopping!), A hallmark appointment calendar, an Alice in Wonderland Frame

R - Red Cotton Yarn (Sugar N Cream..love it!), Red Tissues

Y - Bowl made out of Yarn, a yellow mario star!

Extras - Pen Holders, Post Cards and Alice in Wonderland Stickers!

on: July 13, 2010 03:06:09 PM 
Started by kayrun, Message by Juicebox29
Relevance: 28.5%
UGH! I typed out my whole thing and i was on the last letter and i hit the wrong button and deleted it all!:( Take two...
I received from Yumjello today and i totally needed this pick me up! im having surgery next week and my bf and I have been at each others throats so this was a much needed pick me up! and let me just say she COMPLETELY spoiled me.. [PIC OBESE]

Opening the [18lb!]box.

J is for Just incase bag! We both have an obsession with having tons of stuff with us just incase we ever need it!
I love hello kitty!

Contents: Brush, elastics, hand sanitizer, tissues, advil, tide to go pen, I<3NY mints, finger nail clippers, edward and bella bandaids!,team edward sewing kit!

E is for epoxy resin kit! I've wanted to learn this for sooooo long!

Contents: Mold, resin, mixing cups and brushes, colorant, things to embedd, mold release spray, gloves, and instructions and tips!

S is for supplies and stuff! HOLY MEGA spoilage!
TONS of fabric, Leathers, Fur, scrap boox stickers, finger puppet monsters, tic tac toe thumb tacks, serta sheep plushie, subway map of NYC,luggage tag,post its

FANFREACKINTASTIC zebra print leather!!!!

S is for Scrumptious lip gloss. She painted kawaii fruit on to tell me the flavors! sooo cute.

I is for inspired by your wist ribbon organizer. I LOVE THIS! she even included three rolls!

With some of my ribbon in it!

C is for candle with school spirit!

A is for awesome anklet! I lovee this and it will be worn to my best friends beach wedding friday! Smiley

Perfect fit!

Jessica you went way above and beyond and I love everything! Best swap ever<3<3

on: July 19, 2010 04:53:52 PM 
Started by kayrun, Message by udhillb
Relevance: 28.7%
Since Miss Barbara can't post pictures! I will! I loved making everything..probably one of the best swaps ever!

All packaged up and ready to go!

B - ABC Box (I'm making one for my classroom too!)

A - Assorted Stationary - Cupcakes - Teaching - Thank you..etc..

R - Roll for Hooks - Crochet Hook holder

B - Sliding Bookshelf - Painted like Pencil

A - Awesome Comma lesson

R - Rubber Ducky Soaps (My friend from the special needs home made these!)

A - The Amazing Miss Barbara

Extras - See and Learn DVDS, Cupcake Notebook, "B" Notecards, Cupcake Tissues, Cupcake Holders, "Crocheted By" tags, School Themed Buttons, Ice Cream Stamp, Apple Buttons, Lady Bug Push Pins, Cupcake Stickers, Cupcake Ribbon!

on: July 24, 2010 09:07:45 PM 
Started by kayrun, Message by YumJello01
Relevance: 28.8%
I got my package today!  Hooray! (Let's see how long I can rhyme) It's my favorite of all time!

Okay, enough of that.  BEHOLD!  The pic obeseness that is the awesomeness that is my package from Juicebox29

Everything in the box...

J - is for Joyful PMS Kit!

I have been dying for one of those microwavable heat pad things, and doppelJess took the task on wonderfully!  There's also cute tissues (I tend to cry A LOT, LoL) and the little square is filled with the same feed corn, it's something I can throw at John!!  HA!

And a close up of the fabric that we both agree is so perfect for me,  Grin

E - is for Enjoy A Relaxing Evening

Yummy Bath Gel, Apple bath salts that smell SO GOOD and a bath bomb!  Now if only I could get the cats out of the tub...*edit* Oh, and a great book thong with red dice on each end that got caught up in the tissue paper!

S - is for Supplies

Craft brushes that were totally on my OWS list, big blue glitter, and bold colored star confetti!  Perfection!

S - is for SNACK ATTACK!

A wicked awesome Sundae Kit, a water bottle with a filter in it (PERFECT, 'cause the water here needs filtered), Reese's Cups and a reusable snack bag (that I will now be using to keep John's hard candy and the like in my purse in case his sugar gets low).

Here's John with the candy he's not really allowed to have, LoL

I - is for Irresistible Extras

Nemo and Sponge Bob band-aids, Spray hand sanitizer, and a keyring bottle opener!  As prepared as I am for "everything" on a daily basis with my giant bag, I don't have a bottle opener!  And I love that it's from your school, I'll never be able to forget you Twin!

C - is for Cute Magnets and Cat Toys

The felt food kawaii magnets

And the cat toys - felt decapitated rats heads and a rope!

I am telling you, she is possibly watching us through a hidden camera - the cats have these toys called squirrel tails, they're basically long fur tails with a little bit of a hard face with eyes...they tear off the little heads and ignore the tails!  Now they just have heads, perfect!

A - is for Accessories and Awesome note cards

"Candy" raver-type braclets (fun!) and adorable stamped Thank You cards.  

Everything is perfect and amazing and I'm SO glad kayrun partnered us up!  This swap was a blast!  Thanks to kayrun for organizing and doppelJess for being such a great partner!

Oh, and shots of the cats playing with everything, they're thumbnails in case you don't wanna see my cat craziness, LoL - please ignore the messy futon mattress on the floor, we only have one A/C unit in the apartment, and it's NOT in the bedroom, heh.

on: July 27, 2010 12:01:32 PM 
Started by kayrun, Message by missapril
Relevance: 28.9%
Finally back from cheer camp (an odd thing for someone who's 8 months pregnant to do, I know) and I have goodies to post!!

A - Attractive Bookmarks

Karen got my love of Hello Kitty so well!!  The one on the left isn't crafted, but the other two are.  I just LOVE ladybugs too.  Bookmarks are awesome because I usually have a ton of books "going" at the same time, and I use receipts as bookmarks, and then I can't find my page and it defeats the purpose Smiley

P - Pink cloth & yarn

I love making dishcloths for others, but I had never made any for myself!  Pink is my favorite color!  (And as I am posting these pics, the mailman delivered another package with yummy alpaca yarn!  Pink too!!)

R -Round soap

Plus 2 other natural soaps.  I looove handmade/natural soaps, especially to use with the babies.

I -Important craft supplies

I just got into mosaics the last few months, so this is grout and some really great cool colored mosaic tiles.  I have the PERFECT project for these too!!

L -Leaf bookmark and pattern

This is so cool, I've never seen anything like it before! It can be a bookmark or a necklace (or a headband!) and it's adjustable with a button.  Thank you for including the pattern, I have a feeling I'll make lots of these for Christmas presents.


All kinds of Hello Kitty goodness!  And cool tattoo themed buttons!

Thank you for being such a wonderful partner Kayrun!! It was so much fun to craft for you, and I LOVE everything that I got!! Thank you so much!!

Oh, here's a picture of the inside of the accordion book that I made for Kayrun.  This was a project in my Psychology of Art class, where it was suggested that it could be used for the steps of recovery.  I made my mom one with Bible verses in it.  I just left this one blank on the inside:

on: July 24, 2010 03:43:59 PM 
Started by kayrun, Message by JessySihk
Relevance: 28.8%
I received from Gamemom42! =D I love everything! Thankyou so much! Now i feel bad because i did not send you this much stuff =S

Anyway here are photos!

J- is for Japanese symbol needle book! =] I love this! so cute! Its machine embroidered.

E- is for Embroidery floss and hoop! I needed these thanks!

S- is for Sewing supplies in a sewn bowl! =] This is so cute! I love the bowl and the supplies will come in handy!

S- is for Snacks! i have never had either of these things but they are both very tasty thanks!

I- is for Illustrated quilting books! OMG! Thankyou so much for these =D i didnt even ask for them and never thought to, but they will totally help me in my quest to make my first quilt for my boy friend.

C- is for Collection of Fabric scraps! I love every single scrap too! =D almost all of these will go into my boyfriends quilt thanks!

A- is for Apron, this is so cute! I love the music note pattern! =] (for anyone that saw the apron i got in the OWS-59, can you notice im putting weight on finally? and Where? ;] lol The booty!, there is a definite difference if you go look at the photo i took of me wearing that apron from behind, Yay! Finally some weight gain!)

on: July 24, 2010 10:37:06 PM 
Started by kayrun, Message by quaggy
Relevance: 28.8%
After a very long day I finally managed to post the wonderful package my partner notknit sent to me.

1st this super cute card.

Now for all my letters:   ROBIN

R = Retro style apron, retro looking buttons, recipe cards and ribbon.

This girl did some major stalking.  My kitchen is retro 50's pale yellow and aqua.

The buttons are so cute, I have never seen any of these and will have to look for the perfect project to use then on.  I also received some cute cherry recipe cards and cute bird ribbon.

O = Owl, crocheted hotpad

I love this little fellow!  The shape is super cute, I love the color combo and I have a love for hooties!!!!

B = Baked goods as in a crocheted cupcake hat and mini cup cake cards.

The hat is perfect!!  Straight from my wist.  I so admire people who can crochet, and this was made without a pattern, she just made it up as she went.  Amazing!   I have been holding it an looking at in awe!  I just never got past a simple granny square.

I = Ichthyoid ( You clever girl)   A fish hotpad!

This one will make a trip to the lake where we have a trailer and be hung up on the wall.  I love the yarn that was used, so soft and pretty!

N = Nifty monogram note cards.  These are so cool!  I have needed these for a while,  I don't know why, but I never have any paper in my purse so these will come in handy.

notknit Thanks you so much for such a wonderful and well thought out package.

Yep!  This is still my favorite swap! Will be here for the next round, and thank you kayrun for such a great partner and organizing this swap once again!!!!

on: September 11, 2010 09:00:53 AM 
Started by kayrun, Message by thenorm02
Relevance: 30%
YEA YEA YEA!!! I got my swap Angel Package!!  Grin
Now, I know my name is fairly short (norma) however I crafted for someones name who had 9 letter so my last name was what was crafted (N.Renteria)

as a small side note Megz was my partner for the IYP swap Smiley we are friends on facebook because of craftster and we love all the same things. Kayrun asked her to angel for me and didnt know we were in another swap together so it was so awesome when I got my box. I was so excited when she told me why the box was so big that I didnt get a group shot of my things before I tore them open cuz there was sooo much stuff in my box  Grin

ok so the AWESOMENESS that is my package!!! .....

posties with my name  Grin

N-Needle Book (very fitting seeing as how it is my dear sweet meaghans fault that I am addicted to embroidery now! lol)

R-Relaxing Things! (this will be used asap because my hubby is about to be deployed and life is super stressful right now!)



T-Travel Sewing Kit (which every girl needs)


R-Really cute embroidery

I-Inspirational Book (which I really love!) everyone should check out www.operationbeautiful.com

A-Assorted Awesomeness Smiley (a little metal N, some purple N Cards, purple N journal)

incase you all were wondering... we share a LOVE of Hippos and Purple  Grin

THANK YOU SO MUCH MEAGHAN!!! you are so awesome!!
on: July 21, 2010 06:18:34 PM 
Started by kayrun, Message by NotKnit
Relevance: 28.7%
Here are my super-spoilage swap goodies from Quaggy!

K = Owl keychain (prominently featuring my favorite color blue and I love owls)

A = Artistically decorated letter K, perfect for my craft...er, guest room Smiley

R = Red retro kitchen towel, so cute and I love the cherry applique using the yo-yos and buttons

E = "Empty" box to ship all of my extras in! Seriously, it is decorated with paint and paint chips in blue (of course) and filled with an assortment of crafty goodies and candies to spell out my name. My husband claimed majority shares of the Rolos and Now n' Laters Smiley

N = New monkey pillow for Liam (my 2.5-year-old)! My son loves all things monkey. Plus, I was in a Mommy/Toddler swap last year and got a mini-blankie for my son that uses some of this very same fabric. He saw it, squealed, "monkeys!" and hugged it. Big hit Quaggy! Oh, and one side has a monkey-head silhouette made from chalkboard fabric.

You should all petition to get Quaggy in the next round Smiley I hope she likes my package half as much as I like mine!
on: July 24, 2010 12:58:11 AM 
Started by kayrun, Message by BoyceMachine
Relevance: 28.8%
Spoiled doesn't even nearly cover how I feel just now.  I can just say that if you're ever in a swap with jadore-le-rose, cross your fingers that you get her 'cos she's AMAZING!   Grin


Cupcake fairy box, containg a cameo necklace and a fabric covered necklace

Handy drawstring bag

Reversable bunting

Instuments of sewing pincushion

Stripey handle bag

I couldn't be happier with this swap and it actually the only time I've ever in my life considered using my "Sunday Name" so I could I could have wangled more items...I've LOVED this.   Grin
on: July 24, 2010 10:03:51 PM 
Started by kayrun, Message by tangemeenie
Relevance: 28.8%
I am feeling totally spoiled by my swap partner Mary, aka angelofmusic!  She really outdid herself! 

First of all, she wrapped everything in pretty paper and ribbons with stickers for each letter of my name (she even included the "G" since I go by Lori G!).  She also included a bunch of yarn and the biggest knitting needles I have ever seen.

PLUS she spelled my name a second time in CANDY!  L is for lemon drops (they are sugar free, which is perfect for my pre-diabetic husband), O is for orange slices, R is for Razzles (first it's candy, then it's gum!), I is for Icebreakers Mints, and G is for GIANT lollipop!  My son has already claimed it for himself, but he's gonna have to pry it away from me.  Smiley

Here's a pic of my son opening one of the packages:

L is for LITTLE Green Scrubbie -- crocheted out of cotton yarn and recycled plastic bags for the scrubbie part.  Ingenious!

(pic shows cards, magnets and the scrubbie)

O is for OLD-Fashioned Dishcloths -- so pretty!

R is for REALLY Scary Monster Tote for my son -- the cutest thing ever!!  The puzzle piece fabric is so adorable, and the mouth has slots for crayons (and the crayons stick out like sharp teeth!).  She also filled it with a couple of coloring books.

I is for ITTY-Bitty Magnets to add to my ever-growing magnet collection -- with cute things like frying pans and Legos.  Love them!

G is for GIFT Cards -- beautifully decorated with flowers.  Gorgeous and handy!

I love everything so much!  I only hope angelofmusic is not disappointed by my package.  I was encouraged when I saw her return address label:

So I know I was on the right track.  Wink

Lori G. aka Tangemeenie
on: July 27, 2010 07:19:55 AM 
Started by kayrun, Message by gamemom42
Relevance: 28.9%
glad you are back, gamemom!
LOL on your dtr teasing you about the swap pkg waiting on the table  Smiley

Thanks, I'm going to have to get myself a laptop because being away from Craftster for days at a time is simply not okay.

And as for the daughter... she'll get hers... eventually Wink

As promised, here are the pics of the wonderful spell-my-name goodies I rec'd from Jessysihk.  

My name is Teresa:

T :  A perfect Tote for my knitting works in progress.  I needed this so badly, and what a great bonus that its just too cute.  It also has a pocket inside!  One of my favorite things about this bag is that it matches my living room furniture perfectly so I don't feel as if I need to hide it in the closet when I'm not working on my project.

e : Embroidered Wall Art in one of my absolute favorite themes... owls!  This is simply gorgeous in real life.  I wish you could see it.  the textures are amazing too, the background fabric is kind of suedey.

r : Really Cute Stitch Markers.  These are made of poly clay and are so adorable.  They represent another favorite of mine... bees!

e : Earrings!  And not just any earrings, I got sushi earrings!

I couldn't manage to get a decent photo of my earrings.  I only took about 30 photos before giving up.  Hopefully, Jessy can post a better one because they are wonderful.

Next Up, s : A Stitch Marker Wallet!  This is such a great idea and its so cute.  You'll notice it matches my tote.  The blanket stitch on this is absolutely perfect!

a : A very pretty Artsy Tin.  One can never have too many boxes, tins, and assorted containers and I love this one.

Wait, there's more!  She also sent these extras:

Thank you so much Jessy!  I love each and every thing.  I hope we're partners in another swap some day.

on: August 11, 2010 03:32:41 PM 
Started by kayrun, Message by mrsjimenez678
Relevance: 29.3%
Hi Everyone.  I asked Crystal to post pics for me of the wonderful package she sent as i have been on bed rest for quite some time now... I am happy to say that although my recovery has been slow - everyday i get to spend more and more time out of bed!  I wanted to post pics of everything Crystal sent and comment on those items:

Day of the Dead IPOD cozy... so beautiful!  Love it love it love it!

check out my beautiful necklace!  i wore it yesterday when the family came by for a visit and all my nieces loved it! 

I collect picture frames - and this is now my favorite!  I plan on putting a pic of my great grandma and grandma (now in heaven)... the quote is beautiful!  it reads "The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity"

Cute Magnets, these are being put away till the little guy understands they dont belong in his mouth - but i love the bright cheery colors!

Yummy Candy - as you can see the hubby wasted no time getting into the goodies... we loved seeing the way things are packaged in Canada.

and there was a cute orange flower pen, but my son took that one over and i have yet to find it. 

Crystal, thanks for the awesome swap and for being so understanding about my injuries.  You should be receiving any day now, as my husband sent it out a few days after yours was sent!

Karen, you did an awesome job organizing and also just wanna say thanks for your patience with me! 

Everyones work has been fabulous!  Thanks for reading!
on: August 02, 2010 02:47:02 PM 
Started by kayrun, Message by thenorm02
Relevance: 29.1%
my swap partner is in the middle of a move and hasnt been able to post pictures of the things I made/sent her. Im super proud of them so Im going to post some pics Smiley

G. Glee books marks with gold star backing

A.Assorted awesomeness: 4 food erasers (pizza, coke, doughnut, and something I cant remember! lol) a pack of 4 sushi erasers, a candy necklace, a pack of rice candy, and a wooden do it yourself dragon

B. Bag with embroidered sushi on the side

R. sewing roll in asian print fabric

I. Initial journal (bought at michaels Smiley )

E. embroidered Chamsa (jewish symbol of G-ds love)

L. Learn To Kit : yarn, crochet hooks and
L. a Learn to Crochet book for leftys

E. Embroidered my partners Avatar!

hope you guys like them! Smiley
on: August 08, 2010 11:30:30 AM 
Started by kayrun, Message by kwality570
Relevance: 29.2%
As always, this was an amazing swap.  I haven't gotten around to posting because I've still been under the weather, but here is what I got:

My Name in felt letters.

L - Lots of kits.  Check it all out.  I got a travel kit, medicine bottle pin cushion and pins, needlebook, chalk pringles can and chalk for writing notes, a tea wallet, punch needle kit, corn on the cob, peach, and bell pepper stuffie kits, bottle cap pin cushion kits, and water bottle drink stick holder kits.

E - Egg full of knitting and crocheting accessories.  I got a row counting bracelet, a counter, and stitch markers.

A - Angels

N - Nifty Buttons

N - Night scene postcards of Atlanta and a new item - a cool Georgia dog tag keychain.

And she also gave me a stuffed owl that she had gotten in another swap, but decided to give to me since I love owls and she thought I'd like it more. 

Thank you so much Koalascout.  I absolutely love all of it!  Thank you for spoiling me so. Smiley
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