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on: May 26, 2010 08:17:30 AM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by Bexster
Relevance: 24.8%
I received! and am totally blown away by the whole package, this will be image heavy  Cheesy

ok, when I opened the package everything was wrapped up and numbered and there were notes explaining what was in the packages

Package number one

A sleep mask! the note said "Jasper would like you to chill out into a nice sleep"  Cheesy

Package 2 contained these awesome arm warmer/protectors, based on something off my wist list, I suffer from vitiligo where the pigment in my skin is destroyed and goes pure white and the backs of my hands and most of my arms have no natural protection from the sun so these are perfect!

Package 3 contained a heat/chill rice bag in a very cool breaking dawn pouch, the note for this explained the idea behind it was the opening quote on New moon and fire and ice and it smells lush of lavender and peppermint

package 4 was a "Be Safe" mug, one of my fave quotes

Im so excited about package 5!, my partner and I have a joint love for Muse who have featured on every soundtrack.  We saw them live last year and were both going to Wembely stadium in Sept to see them together again so she made a record bowl clock with a quote from the muse song in New moon "I belong to you"

package 6 contained a tote bag with the flower from New moon on the front and awesome keyrings

my fave thing EVER! package 7 "you better hold on tight spider monkey" she made me a vampire sock monkey!!!  I love him sooooo much

Package 8 contained 2 very cool pillow cases with quotes on

Package 9, the final package, contained an apple broach, a Bella's bracelet and some beautiful forks inspired earings

I absolutly adore everything and totally recognise how much thought and effort went into my package, already said it but thankyou sooooooo much  Grin
on: July 10, 2010 08:41:07 AM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by PrincessJazz
Relevance: 26.1%
Alright - I've charged my camera, found my cord, and finally took all 750 pictures off my camera from the past year so I'm ready to show off the stuff Boo Zombie sent me.

I'll start with the large.  She sent me this fantastically hand embellished cardigan with an Eclipse theme.  It fits me perfectly!


Now the medium.  She sent a tshirt which I LOVE!  I put it on right away and sorted out a whole outfit to match it so i could wear it to work the next day.  From the front it's just a plain red shirt (my fav. colour).

But from the back it's got the Cullen Crest.  I had asked for something with the crest.

One more medium.  A rapunzel scarf that immediately made me think of Forks.

It has Twilight themed charms all in it.

Now my favourite thing in the package - a loaded charm bracelet.  I love charm bracelets.  I'll show you some of my favourite charms.

Then she sent me a ton of extra jewellery.  I like Jasper so she sent me a necklace based on his roots.  
Alice's choker.
More extras.  I forgot too include a pair of red earring, a hemp necklace, and vampire fangs.

And finally two pieces of art she made.  I already have them both hanging up.

Thank you Boo Zombie!  This was a great swap!  Thanks Pinkleo for organizing!

on: June 18, 2010 10:18:37 AM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by tankrgrl
Relevance: 25.5%
 Shocked We took the kids to the beach this am and guess what was sitting on my doorstep when I got back?!  Now I just need the mailman to come back and deliver the envelope that goes with it Smiley

Here is what FaeDaeBelle sent me, so cool I have never gotten glass items in a swap before- and they were totally intact! 

as we unwrapped it all...

half of it all laid out

The other half laid out

A handpainted frame with a Be Safe mirror...I love it!  I just need to figure out where to hang it...

mini me modeling the apron (I think one of the recipes I sent has this very reference in it lol)

mini-mi with her wand (I am so mean I made her wait until I opened everything before giving her the wand, lol...now she is stalking the mail man from her bedroom window waiting for the envelope, a future craftster in the making)

Wait for it...

halfway there...

awww, edward under his cloud cover and Bella enjoying the sunshine! His-N-Hers pillowcases (the husband raised an eyebrow, but I make the bed)

One last thing...

an etched Eclipse glass!  So cool Smiley

Included in the package were also extra craft supplies, 2 New Moon tshirts, Fire & Ice sweethearts and a great note from Carlisle!  I also got a hand drawn picture from the little Victoria in Fae's house, it is now hanging with my kids artwork Smiley 
Thanks so much FaeDaeBelle, this was an awesome swap package!

**obligatory other kiddo shot**
on: June 30, 2010 07:51:44 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by Alchamy513
Relevance: 25.8%
Since bewitcheddaughter79 is having issues with pictures and I actually found my camera, I thought I'd upload a few photos that I took. I didn't really take any detail pics, but this is what I sent:

The bag:

Close up of front:

Close up of back (Excuse the cat hair, I hope I didn't send that much!):

Keychain on bag:

Alice doll (her dress isn't quite as see-through in real life):

Alice inspired arm warmers and matching finger knit scarf (I had leftover yarn):

Close up of arm warmer:
on: August 11, 2010 03:38:58 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by Alchamy513
Relevance: 27%
Alright, finally getting the pictures up... I received on Monday and my sister absolutely loved the package (more than what I usually make her!)

I only got one picture of Cass, she loves to have her picture taken usually, but she tore everything open so quick I didn't get a chance! She absolutely loved the hat (Bella's hat from Eclipse) since she's on a hat kick at the moment.

And she loved the pillowcases too, she received some as an extra from my partner in the Alice swap, and she fell in love with these ones too! She said she needed more pillows now!
Jacob's pillowcase:

Edward's pillowcase:

They are both on her bed already

An amazing mirror that she held sideways at first and was very confused until she rotated... the she squealed a little bit!

The dazzle cream also went on immediately, she was like "now I can sparkle too!" Very cool idea, something I would never have thought of!

Finally some cool little extras: a hat and some wrist bands. She loved those too, she likes Twilight merchandise despite liking the books better. She HAD to have the Burger King water bottles when they came out, for example.

Thank you so much for being an angel, PrincessJazz, everything was wonderful!
on: September 15, 2010 05:13:40 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by PrincessJazz
Relevance: 27.8%
So Canada Post's website finally says that Boo Zombie received her package.  Apparently it was stuck in Australia's customs.  Boo must be away on vacation or something though because I haven't heard from her, but I'm going to assume it's okay for me to post photos of what I sent.  My pictures aren't great but here they are.

Large:  Bella's mittens

Medium:  a bear bag.  This is a bit of a stretch....Emmett is her favourite character, and his favourite food is grizzly bears...so this is a grizzly that he drained of blood and I turned it into a little bag for Boo Zombie to keep stuff in.  He even has little blood drops on his neck like from vampire fangs (even though the Cullens don't have fangs).

Medium: coasters and apple candle holder
These have photos of the three main characters and a quote from each character from Eclipse glass etched on top.

Small:  Dazzle Cream

on: June 17, 2010 04:57:49 AM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by pinkmichk
Relevance: 25.4%
righty-ho eclipse fans get your wisting fingers ready cos i recieved a insanely awesome package from bexster today
everything came wrapped individually with little notes on each and she included extras of sweets & a copy of wuthering heights (which i havent read) i didnt take pics of these as its already gonna be a very pic heavy post

first up is this amazing Edward & Bella embroidered pic in a twi colour button frame

next is this I love forks keyring

then there is cullen book box

inside the cullen box was a bracelet in the twi colours 2 pairs of earrings (forks and little hearts ala Edward) and a ring like the one bella wears

then there was these candle tarts (they smell lovely) the note for these made me giggle it said "been hanging out with Jacob? Stink like a dog? Use these candle tarts to neutralise those nasty niffs" Cheesy Cheesy (the fabric they on is also inside the cullen box and the bag which is coming up next)

black messenger bag with a awesome bite me heart embroidery on it

this is a cd clock inspired from our night at the fan event (its the moon from the screen they had there) with the opening quote from new moon film on it

i have a bit of a thing for Charlie esp movie Charlie i also love comedy taches  Cheesy so she made me a tache on a stick which was sent with a pic of charlie (this will provide me with tons of giggle worthy pics Cheesy) the note with this said "famous ladies man" which is a charlie film quote i love

and the last thing which is amazing is a t shirt with my fav quote of the whole saga "penguins lovely" ( i adore penguins and this is getting worn tomorrow)

thank you so so much bexster for spoiling me with such a awesome package Grin
on: June 23, 2010 01:57:15 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by Minusxl3lindfold
Relevance: 25.6%
YAY!! I got my package from tygermane today and it's soooo awesome. I'll be back with pics in a bit!! <3

-Edit to add pics!
So excited that it's here!

Everything wrapped pretty.

First is a sparkly twilight apple tin! I'm keeping all my twilighty jewelry in here. Grin

Next up is an alice inspired necklace!! I <3 alice! The stars and blue remind me of her too. This is great.

A team jacob bracelet/anklet. Awesome! It matches the next thing I got. Smiley

A bella's bracelet bookmark.. Cheesy YAY! I wanted a bookmark soo bad. It's got a crystal heart for edward and a carved wolf for jacob.

Here it is in my Eclipse book.

Next is a Jacob amigurumi! He's got a wolf pack necklace and 2 little friendship bracelets on. He's soooo cute and his hair is soo soft!! hehe I <3 him.

Here he is from the back.

And last, a present from my little jacob.. a matching friendship bracelet with an angel charm and one that says create.

Thanks so much tygermane!! I love everything you sent me. <3
on: June 29, 2010 02:36:32 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by pinkleo
Relevance: 25.8%
here is my package
 a little shrug...
i also got a
earrings and a tote

tiny pic is down right now i will put the rest up in a little bit!
BabyCakes8510, I just had to share your pics of the twi-crafts you sent julie!  Forgive me! Kiss

(Pics and info is derived from BabyCakes' posts on Craftster.  Click titles to go to her project threads.)

Eclipse Inspired Jewelry

Pearl Vampire Bite Wrap Bracelet.

Action shot.

Eclipse inspired keychain.

Forks, WA inspired jewelry set.

Close up of the green and wooden beads

Eclipse Inspired Shrug

Eclipse Quotes Totes

I purchased the tote at Hobby Lobby and then wrote a ton of quotes from the Eclipse Book all over it. There is at least one quote from each chapter. In between each quote is a little heart or paw print if its Jacob.

It took about two hours but I thinks its cute and I like the subtleness of it.
on: June 15, 2010 01:15:36 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by FaeDaeBelle
Relevance: 25.4%
Can you tell it's been "one of those days..." Here is more from TankGrl!
SUPER AWESOME Cook book for all of Bella's Human needs!

LOOK at that- it's an index full of YUMMYS and they are MINE!

Next is my new book- I didn't even know this existed. I left it at my mothers house to be read first... I have house work to do and I would have read the WHOLE thing in one sitting I know.

Then some more goodies. A "Wolf sized Muffin Tin" from Emily, a scarf and clutch from Alice, and Tankgrl is SO AWESOME she even stuck in some liners for the hugemongous muffins!

A close up of the clutch

My cute model... Sister got to put on stuff and get a picture she wanted to too. And she tried to claim the clutch. NO WAY SISTER!

Last but not least my fav of everything... my personal TEAM shirt
(My team is "Whoever Has His Shirt Off" haha WHHSO)

Looks like i didn't get  a pic of the back of the shirt... oh but i will Smiley

JEALOUS? Yeah, you should be i got majorly spoiled to the point of almost tears. Thnak you again Tankgrl. You are awesome and I hope you enjoy your package half as much as we have enjoyed mine!!!!!!
on: June 16, 2010 06:11:59 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by JolieMcNamarra
Relevance: 25.4%
YAY I Received my package!!!! I love everything about it!!!!!

So here is my loot in no particlar order since yea like bella things dont go so great and everything is not organized:

My Jacob/Edward necklace (like her bracelet but necklace form:)

My letter from Beth:

My box decorated so awsomely:

Cullen Crest:

Stupid Lamb Shirt:

Wuthering Heights Journal:

Inside Cover:


I hope that you love yours as much as I love mine
on: June 17, 2010 08:02:12 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by Minusxl3lindfold
Relevance: 25.4%
Tygermane asked me to post some pics for her because she's going on vacation in the morning and she's gotta pack and everything still so here we go! Smiley I took the pics inside the night before I sent so the quality isn't GREAT or anything. She said her favorite was the tote bag and necklace!

Here's the totebag.. There's a La Push Cliff Diving Team iron on, paw print pocket, and some pins that say team jacob, wolf pack, and pictures of jacob.

Some little notebooks, ones jacob the others alice.

Polymer clay tree pin.. inspired by Forks..

Twilight book box..

Lined with paw print fabric and batting so it's all cushy..

Overall shot.. I also made a little pawprint drawstring pouch for the necklace and tree pin. I didn't get a good pic of the necklace but it's in the pic below. I think there was a paw print charm, one that says werewolf, one that says i love werewolves, a bead, and a moon charm.

on: June 19, 2010 10:18:54 AM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by beffielou
Relevance: 25.5%
Just got my package full of awesome twilight treats.  Thanks Jolie!!!!  Without further ado....

Here's my haul all together:

A cool pillow-- looks like it was up-cycled from a t-shirt.  Yea for reusing!

Cool fabric on the back too:

Then a mug reading Team Edward.  I guess I've been outed on whose side I fall  Wink:

An awesome Cullen pocket mirror--- which I am so curious on how it was made.  Very well done.

And finally, my very own Edward poppet!

A closeup.  Complete with unruly copper hair, a touch of glitter and rosy lips!

Thanks again Jolie!  I will cherish everything.  Thanks for making my first swap great! Grin
on: June 26, 2010 01:03:40 AM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by pops
Relevance: 25.7%
ok ok! i recieved for super-ted_cullen who had to remake her large bless her Smiley postie woke me at 8am and i had the boys *help* with opening and taking pictures Cheesy

the first thing i opened was this laser cut cullen crest necklace, the chain has red embroidery thread woven through it - she stalked me!

then a superstar April Draven slouch hat!!! in Twilight colours! Cheesy the boy is modelling it, it does fit but my face is not really camera safe this early!

next up 3, thats THREE twilight tees -  Shocked 
1st breaking dawn, 2nd "more than my own life" and 3rd (watch for the stupid grin!) a quiluete shirt *squeeee*

yup, that's the one i'm weraing to the cinema next sunday!

then there was a pair of bella's mittens, you clever girl, i cannot do cabling Wink

and finally, i can't believe she did this! a Volturi cloak!!!  Grin

oh my girl i love it ALL! so well done, and thankyou for being a wonderful partner! (((((superted))))  Cheesy
on: July 11, 2010 06:49:16 PM 
Started by pinkleo, Message by bluwave06
Relevance: 26.1%
Here is what I recieved from ojy!

A messenger bag she made with the quote "True Beauty is timeless" and alice:

The image she used:

Slides, with "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb":

Fire and Ice, my favorite chapter:


Charm bracelet:

Thanks ojy for the awesome package!!
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