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on: January 03, 2009 08:33:10 PM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by Molly.Connelly
Relevance: 33.3%
I'm way scared of needles but there are several tattoo ideas that I've been tossing around for awhile.
first I would like this one (don't know where). it's the symbol for the Shriners. I had my back surgery done at the Shriner's Hospital in Houston when I was 14. I thought it would be a good homage to them.

second I would like this one on my back. I'm not sure about the spine in the middle though. I would have to tweak it to fit around my scar if I did keep it. but I think I'd like it better without it.

and so that you can see my scar better:

I would never ever tattoo over that scar.
I heard that back tattoos hurt more but I also heard that since they cut alot of nerves for my surgery that it shouldn't hurt very much. you could touch my back near my scar and I would barely tell that you where touching me.

and possibly the most important one that I am REALLY considering getting is this one. a friend of mine drew it for me. I've definately decided against the letters though and I want it smaller but I really love this tattoo. it's for my grandfather who died in Vietnam. he's the only family member I have that I look anything like.

my grandpa:

and a old not so great picture of me with no make-up and looong hair, but it best shows how much I look like him:
on: July 19, 2006 08:44:58 PM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by RCKFELLA
Relevance: 33.3%
Maybe if you have Matilda's book pile spill out around her a bit more you could change the shape, or add some colors behind her, a bit of blue or something?

awwwwwww that's the bestest idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i can have her sitting cross legged? well i dunno about that, i really dont' wanna distort the original drawing. but my friend said as long as her face looks the same? hah i dunno. but it still a while until that. i have like 8 tattoos i have to get before that. haha i'm doing the first come first served, here's my list,

1. pi sign inside heart behing left ear
2. the word "life" behind my neck
3. an elephant. i wanted a realistic one covering my entire back, but i dunno if that's too much. but yeah i want a realistic one and a cartooney one
4. the number 5, my fave and lucky number
5. capricorn sign of course i like this but i think the sign is enough
6. something along the lines of this
like with a needle, and maybe have it "sewing" some shape. obviously not this, because i dont' want to copy no one's tats. and i'd like the string in green, my fave color!
8. i don't know about this one. i like the pattern and the idea that it's hearts. but i've showed it to some friends and they say that it looks like a bunch of "S"s.

what do you guys think?? i'd love some input, since these ARE permanent! heh.

on: July 13, 2005 07:17:46 PM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by artsy_lola
Relevance: 33.3%
i'm planning on getting a tattoo soon (December 9th, my 18th bday), its something i've wanted to do for sooo long and here are a couple of the possibilities:

this one i've worked on a little bit, but i couldn't find my camera to take a picture.
what do you guys think?

oh and madamedefarge i love the violin one! what is that from and what is the significance behind it? I play violin among other intsruments.
on: July 25, 2005 10:34:14 AM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by destroyed_sweater
Relevance: 33.3%
I randomly got a tattoo of a peace sign on the top of my foot a few months ago, and now I'm planning my second tattoo.  I made some mistakes with the first tattoo, it wasn't something that was planned and I did no research on the artist first.  My roommate had a large tattoo by the same artist first, but he didn't do such a good job on my peace sign, since it is uneven and the outline is really thick.  I don't regret the actual tattoo, I am a political science major and I'm a pacifism and nonviolence activist, but the actual execution of the simple tattoo wasn't impressive.

Anyway, for my next tattoo, I'd like something larger and more detailed.  I would really like 3 argyle diamonds going across my lower back.  However, instead of shading them normally, I'd like them to look like they were knitted with little stockinette v's visible.  I'm a knitting instructor, and I wear argyle every day so this is a really fitting "Kate" tattoo.  Since I am a knitter, I'd like the knitting to look correct, I'm going to knit up a sample of what I want, try to draw it out, and bring sample drawings of argyle and of stockinette to the tattoo artist.  I don't want little outlines of v's in black ink, I want the knitting to be shaded with the same color as the argyle diamond so it looks like it was actually knitted onto me. 

However, I am having trouble picking out an artist.  I live in San Diego, and while we have several well known tattoo artists, I can't find someone who is really "right".  Most of their portfolios show very traditional tattoos; Japanese style, skulls, pin ups, flames, or sparrows.  I haven't seen anyone with a tattoo of textured shading like I want, every artist just has the basic fade out shading in all of their work.  Also, while the basic shape of argyle diamonds and stockinette v's is pretty basic, I'm looking for someone who is very precise and can give me an even and lined up tattoo.  I am willing to save up for an artist who really can deliver my dream tattoo.  It would also help if that artist was a knitter and understood the construction of the knitted stitch.  Also, I am willing to travel since I will be graduating from college soon and I'm going on a huge road trip immediately after. 

Does anyone have thoughts or suggestions for my knitted argyle tattoo?  Cool design ideas?  Ways to convey what I want to the tattoo artist?  Or a tattoo artist that you think could do this piece?

Thanks for the help!

Stockinette Stitch


on: July 31, 2006 10:57:39 AM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by sapphire_distortion
Relevance: 33.3%
okay, so I need the help of the craftsters...it's kind of a moot point since I probably won't be getting the tattoo for a while, but it's bugging me haha. anyways, I was doodling and came up with this rough heart design, that I liked, and wanted to combine it with a quote. I can't decide what way looks better, though, or if there's other ways I'm not thinking of. So far I think the one I like best is with the words running up the sides, but I think that might look awkward actually tattooed. What do you guys think? (and excuse the funky marks in the background, like I said it got doodled on a random piece of paper...) also, sorry it's a little crooked. could not get it straight for the life of me.

on: May 08, 2007 09:06:42 PM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by keaskrii
Relevance: 33.3%
Found this peacock feather image just through a google search

I've always wanted a tattoo that has some music aspect to it so I personalised the image a bit by incorporating two bass clefs.
So here it is, my question to you guys!
To you think the bass clefs should be a little more defined as in picture one below, or more subtle like picture two?

I apologise for my dodgy drawing skills! And any other suggestions would be welcome!
on: August 03, 2005 07:09:28 PM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by Emmi-Licious
Relevance: 33.3%
So far, I only have a kanji character for "passion" on my right shoulder blade, and an "E" on my right hip that I'm going to get covered... someday, I hope to have most if not all of these...

1) same thing and same place as http://www.vanishingtattoo.com/tattoo/celeb-hudson.htm
2) down the side of my thigh http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v364/Emiling/fallingleavesidea.jpg
3)haven't decided exactly where yet, but maybe on my arm or inside of my wrist http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v364/Emiling/thisisthemusical.jpg
4) on my inner hip/groin-ish area http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v364/Emiling/kittykat.jpg
5) again, not sure where yet, but maybe back of my neck http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v364/Emiling/MYLEO.jpg
on: March 09, 2007 01:59:05 AM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by JessicaShaleena
Relevance: 33.3%
A few ideas:


on: February 06, 2008 08:07:23 PM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by PhunkyThreads
Relevance: 33.3%
I have thought long and hard about my first (and likely only) tattoo, and  I have decided I want a lower back (yes, I want ass antlers) tattoo. I want a heart with wings that looks exactly like my lucky belt buckle, with sparrows on eaither side, holding a ribbon that shows on either side of the tattoo, and just above the top of the heart. I want it to say "love only me"  with one word on each of the 3 sections of ribbon. I also want it in color with a red heart, white wings, and blue and yellow (with a hint of red) sparrows. I wish I could draw and show you what I am talking about. but here are the pics I used for inspiration.

my buckle:

I like this sparrow for my tat, I can easily picture two of them on either side of the heart, holding the ribbon in their beaks

I could also do these sparrows, but I really like the first one

I just saw these and I LOVE THEM!
(exactly what  I want)

any ideas on where to find an artist who can draw out my tattoo idea?

on: March 24, 2009 10:46:01 AM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by LittleJoi
Relevance: 33.3%
Hey everyone this is my first time posting in this thread. I have posted a few times in the finished tattoos though. I have an idea for a tattoo that I've been thinking about for awhile now. I have a major sweet tooth but diabetes runs in my family so Im really not supposed to eat alot of it so I wanted to get a sweet treat tattooed on me to show my love for sweets. Tell me what you think I'd love some feedback so I can continue to get ideas on how to make it better.

Here it is with a cartoon effect. I like it like this.

I like the picture with the tootsie pop better but I think I should have drawn it smaller.
on: April 26, 2005 12:44:21 PM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by vampirebunny
Relevance: 33.3%
You should probably have a go at drawing it yourself first or getting someone you trust to draw it unless you want it photo realistic like. I've been designing the one I plan to get in a few years -

And here it is on random woman, I was too lazy for hands and feet but there's another flower on the foot the leaves are headed for-

on: June 07, 2005 01:05:19 AM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by shannon1981
Relevance: 33.3%
I can't draw either so I'm having my husband help me design my second tattoo.  I want it to be on my foot kind of in henna style.  But I want the flowers to be more tribal style.  It will have forget-me-not flowers, the alaska state flower because that's where I'm from and I miss it sooooooooo much.  Here's some pics of the ideas.  I'll post more when hubby finishes my drawings

on: June 15, 2005 10:12:16 PM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by asveraluz
Relevance: 33.3%
You should probably have a go at drawing it yourself first or getting someone you trust to draw it unless you want it photo realistic like. I've been designing the one I plan to get in a few years -

And here it is on random woman, I was too lazy for hands and feet but there's another flower on the foot the leaves are headed for-

have you seen "Santa Sangre"? anyhow your idea reminds me of the contorsionis(sp?) lady, cause she's got vines also, beautiful idea though!
on: August 15, 2005 06:55:47 AM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by kylieultra
Relevance: 33.3%
My idea is basically this:

repeated from my hairline down my spine, approx. 1 & 1/2 inches wide.

the picture is kinda crap; a throw together MS Paint job.

I want to make my 18th birthday something positive to remember for a long time, considering the last year of my life and my 17th are full of pain etc that I'd like to not remember.

It's an anomalous motion illusion I found on Artcyclopedia. It looks likes it's moving.

Op Art on my body!! *squeals* I'm so excited. Maybe it'll up my grades in tech and design in my BA Vis Arts degree Tongue

What do you think?

Great ideas everyone else; something so exciting about contemplating new tattoos!
on: October 04, 2005 06:27:31 AM 
Started by mycatisnosferatu, Message by april_cocaine
Relevance: 33.3%

This is the next one i'm hoping to get. It's lryics from a bob dylan/ joan osbourne song called 'man in the long black coat'
I just really love this line, and i truly believe it too. I want it on my right shoulder, going around it, if that makes sense?

I already have this taurus , in memory of my dad as we're both tauruses.

I'm hoping to get something in Japanese too, as i'm obssessed with Japan, but i'm not sure what.
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