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on: April 09, 2009 12:53:42 PM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by Dolly Mixx
Relevance: 12.5%
Prepare for a pic overload, i recieved my MYB from Persephone Hazard today, and it was super amazing!

Firstly, a group shot before I unwound the ball! " sets of Candy notecards<3, chocolate, a match stick drawer and some interesting looking packets.

Inside the matchstick drawer were tonnes of cute charms and bits and bobs..

Look at all the pink! I love the bow charms so much!

In one of the interesting looking packets was this gorgeous smelling and looking soap! A pink heart with glitter! How adorable-I don't want to spoil it by using it!

In another packet was this soap, which smells equally as nice, and reminds me a little of flan!

My favourite thing though, was in a packet made of recyled plastic bags, and turned out to be these gorgeous bath bombs!

Look at the petals! They are so lovely, I am really envious of anyone who can do bath stuff, and seriously, this made my day, and I hadn't evene started on the MYB yet!

I started unwinding the lovely wool(pictures do it no justice!)..

..to find some lime grean shimmery nail polish! Mmmn, called watermelon.

A bit further on I got these lovely self injury awareness earrings!

And a lovely yarn ball pendant!

In procress of unwinding..

Some bugle beads, in yummy colours!

A gorgeous pink kawaii themed charm bracelet...

complete with an ice cream charm and this adorable glittery bear charm, amongst others!

More nailpolish, entitled blueberry!

A cute little stamped brown paper bag and a deer on a stick? (I have to confess, I have no idea what it is-sorry!) But it is cute!:P

More seed beads, in turquoise and raspberry pink, yum!

My favourite of the nailpolish..bubblegum!

A polymer clay cookie earring and ring set, which look super realistic!

In the centre was a cute little handpainted dolly (I love dolls, esp wooden ones!), which graced my shelf immediately.

The chocolate, yummy!

Included were chocolate crayons. Having never seen such extraordinary things I immediately opened a packet , and out spilled these paper tubes filled with chocolate, yum!

And a final picture of the wool, which I am going to turn into a lovely hat or scarf or something for myself, because I love the colours and it is remarkably soft!

Thank you so much for the awesome package Seph, I really enjoyed swapping with you! And I feel very spoiled, so the swap anxiety wasn't needed, at all!

George xx
on: June 15, 2009 11:55:00 AM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by lovesclutter
Relevance: 12.5%
I have been on here long enough to know that if you do a swap with Edelc you are going to get the most beautiful items. I have two partners in a swap and was just clearing my workspace when my nephew says, "Oh yeah, there is a package for you". and as soon as I saw it I knew it was from Edel. Oh yipee is all I could think. So I got out the camera immediatly and set to open this package. How she got all of this in that tiny bag, I'll never know. Your rock.

On with the pictures. The first is an ariel shot so I could try to get it all. I warn you this post is image intensive.

Here are some of the fabrics close up:

You can see the embroidery floss, the black feather and the red leaf, and I love those little touches.

The lovely yarns

The most amazing pewter pendant, needle work, celtic bookmark calendar, small journal and bracelet. I will use that journal as a swap journal.

This is a close up of the detail on the bag, with the little chickies that hatched out of the egg. This is too cute. These are for my golden goose hanging on my cieling.

And of course an action shot with the pendant and bracelet. I may have a hard time Edel with giving that to Sis.

I really hate taking pictures, but this was so sweet a package. I hope you can figure out your new camera soon. I'm sure I didn't top this, but I am so happy with everything.

lovesclutter (as you can see in the background)
on: May 15, 2009 12:46:42 AM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by Dolly Mixx
Relevance: 12.5%
Awww yay, I'm so glad it all arrived safely:)
I hope you don't mind if I post a few pics of my own, I have some WIP and macro shots that I took.

I can't wait for my package to arrive, I am so excited!
on: April 28, 2009 10:40:21 AM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by acidtrix
Relevance: 12.5%
I am in a personal swap with the lovely corduroy cat this month and I received from her on Friday! Cheesy

After bouncing around a few ideas on themes, I spotted krissykat's 2-headed kitten on Cat's wist and totally fell in love with it. I've always wanted something needle felted, so she offered to make me my very own siamese kitten, only "siamese" in both senses of the word. That spun off into a sideshow/twisted carnival type theme.

Meet Ming et Ting. The name is both a play off of Chang and Eng, one of the most famous sets of siamese/conjoined twins in history, and my own Siamese cat, Ling.

I particularly like that she chose to do her with a conjoined face (a rarer congenital disorder called diprosopus) instead of two separate heads. Hehe, it just appeals to the bio nerd in me ^_^

Ming et Ting now lives in her jar, safely preserved from the ravages of time, but corduroy cat has posted pictures of her sans jar here: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=301825.msg3447216#msg3447216

I have to say that the reactions to kitty have been really interesting. A few people have actually been somewhat horrified by it, and a few others have been just generally uncomfortable around it, but for the most part, people LOVE it Smiley I think it's completely badass, and it looks awesome on my mantle!

Corduroy cat also sent me a who bunch of fantastic extras - bits and bobs to use in my collages and other generally awesome little bits.

Thank you, corduroy cat, for making my first overseas swap an awesome experience, and for sending such a thoughtful and amazing package! I really hope you like the package I'm sending you as much as I've enjoyed yours!!! Cheesy
on: May 14, 2009 02:19:49 PM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by princesspimp81
Relevance: 12.5%
I received an amazing package of jewelry from DollyMixx today!  Be prepared for tons of pics lol  All my new goodies are sweets related and the pics totally don't do them justice!

Four pairs of earrings and a ring!

Four yummy bracelets!

Two keychains, two cell phone charms, and a bunch of beads!

And four necklaces!

You totally spoiled me!  Thanks so much and I can't wait for you to get your package!

on: June 18, 2009 08:24:39 AM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by edelC
Relevance: 12.5%
Today I got another fabulous package in the post.

AlteredMommy and I agreed to do a personal swap. She very generously sponsored a prize for a craft challenge, which I won, so since she was sending that, we topped it up with a personal swap.

I couldnt believe all the incredible stuff that arrived today. The prize was a cigar box filled with all sorts of whimsies/collage elements etc. I sent her a weekend bag and she sent me some artwork...but there was so so much more.
This is the whole lot ( i am tall, but had to stand on a chair to get them all in!)

My daughter dived on these charms, which are brilliant.

(the chocolate bar has unaccountably vanished.)
I love these loteria cards and vintage paper elements.

More fabulous paper stuff.
(my DD wants to know what the white 'cards' are in the lower part of this picture)
Great steampunky stuff and more metal elements. Cool paper flowers!

Brilliant creepy doll limbs and face, (I love the card btw!) Domino/bingo tiles.

and the art work she sent is fabulous.

This piece is sanctuary, isnt it wonderful, i really love this, the design, the colours.

And this wonderful little goddess figure, designed to be held in the had, like the venus of willendorf, I love it, she is on my household altar now

Thankyou so much AlteredMommy, I love everything
on: May 15, 2009 07:30:07 AM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by Dolly Mixx
Relevance: 12.5%
Eeeh I recieved my package today!

My super yummy cake box! I love it so much, thank you thank you thank you!

Complete with a yummy fuzzy cakey lining! This cake is a crochet replica of one of my baking experiments, it looks very much like it!

Also recieved a tonne of sweets...yay for american candy!

There was also a creme egg (ooh you have different packaging-how odd:P), but it go slightly melty in the journey, and wasn't looking very photogenic! Tongue And the cherry hershey kisses are actually nicer than I expected them to be..Smiley
Thank you so much for a fab swap, I really enjoyed it!
on: June 16, 2009 10:48:08 AM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by edelC
Relevance: 12.5%
I have finally got a working camera and learned how to use it. So prepare to adore the great package I got from lovesclutter. We agreed on a stash swap and she sent me a ton of stuff. (this is most of it!)

notice the great printed fabric she did of my name and some images I really like.

 Awesome fabric, including gorgeous silks and brocades,

 the colours of these are amazing, she also sent me some great stretch fabrics as I am working with those at the moment. Some beads and an exquisitely delicate vintage lace hanky, Some great fun yarn (I think this might be a future poppets hair)

best of all is these two bags, one for me and one for DD they are fabulously wild and fun, we love them!

This is DD posing (reluctantly!) with hers

thanks so much LovesClutter. This was an awesome package and I've loved swapping with you.

on: June 23, 2009 07:19:28 AM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by cookimistress
Relevance: 12.5%
I have received form SugarySweet, for whom I made the cupcake scarf she posted earlier, my very.first.POPPET!!!!! YAY!!!

Why, she's Alive Cullen of course!!! Cheesy

SugarySweet even made her sparkle!!! Here she is posing in the sunlight so you can see ;P

Here she is with Jasper Bear <3 [signed by the actor who plays him]

And SugarySweet even made her necklace!

I adore her, and I can't wait to make her an entire wardrobe lol Poppet addiction, here I come! Wink

She is SO coming to the Twilight Convention with me next week! Oh yes, there will be pictures! hehe. The actress that plays Alice will be there, so hopefully I can get a photo or autograph with my Alice Poppet Smiley

Thank you so much SugarySweet! She's perfection in glitter form, just like a true Cullen hehehe
on: April 15, 2009 08:56:09 PM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by phoenixfiredesigns
Relevance: 12.5%
From phoenixfiredesigns I received this GORGEOUS hand-made Tree of Life pendant. The wires are all hand-twisted and the "leaves" are made of rose quartz gemstones.

*snip image*

Thank you both for being willing to trade and for my WONDERFUL gifts!
No, thank you for being so awesome and willing to swap in the first place! I think the Tree came out SO lovely and I'm glad you think so too. When it was done, it just reminded me of Spring and Cherry Blossoms. Please enjoy.

Now, I've been horribly remiss. I pm'd giddygirlie to let her know her wonderful package arrived last week but sadly, my posting hasn't been anywhere near as quick. whooosh! - there's the sound of the last week going by me in a blur. So forgive my terrible tardiness in posting, but here are some images of the amazing Ghosts I received from her.

I've already got them on my wall next to my computer. Forgive the poor photo, my CF light bulb may be great for energy savings but my poor camera has no idea what to do with the color. And given my poor time frame for posting anything this past week, I didn't want to wait until tomorrow to get photos. (For fear another week would go by.)

But the close-ups look a little better photography-wise...

I just adore them. And they're just so perfect. THANK YOU giddygirlie for such a wonderful, unique trade. Cheesy
on: May 12, 2009 05:40:53 PM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by DanniQuee
Relevance: 12.5%
EdelC and I just did a personal swap (my very first one!). Her package is in the mail, but I received some gorgeous items from her.

First she sent me a pocket shrine with the theme of heart over mind:

She sculpted that heart and skeleton!

Next up is a piece of altered art titled Bad Decisions. This was her first go at a large Zetti themed piece:

She's going to be hanging in my craft room. Smiley

She also sent me a shirt with an embroidered sugar skull:

and, the original reason for the swap, inchies!

Thank you so much Edel for such a lovely package! I hope yours reaches you soon.

on: May 15, 2009 06:51:50 AM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by dark.star.88
Relevance: 12.5%
Im not part of this swap but I keep seeing pictures of polymer cookies and they are making me hungry... you guys did a very good job...

on: May 16, 2009 02:21:21 PM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by DanniQuee
Relevance: 12.5%
EdelC has received the goodies I sent to her, but her camera is out of commission so she asked me to post photos. Here's what I sent her:

A Calavera Painting:

Altered Art titled "True Passion"

and the piece I was really excited to send her, a Shrine to the Goddess Hestia:

This is a mixed media piece which included dried herbs (bay and sage), moss, amethyst, doll house miniatures, paper and a brass key.

Extras included tea, some funky fabric fat quarters and some inchies:

Thanks again Edel, for an excellent swap!
on: June 04, 2009 11:35:21 AM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by malmow
Relevance: 12.5%
Bewara and I did a personal swap for four inchies. We're both pretty new to the art, but you'd never guess by looking at hers. I got the most amazing package from her.

She packaged her inchies in the little wax paper envelope, then sewed separate compartments so each inchie would have a safe home. She also sent me some pretty papers, an explanation for how she made each inchie, and a little silver pouch.

Filled with trinkets! I love the little chess piece. The problem with me having little things like that is that I never want to actually use them for fear of wasting them on some inferior project.
All four inchies are amazingly done. I love how the coffee is shiny, and the bat really flies out of its cave. I tried to get a good action shot of the dimension but this is the best I could do.

Please excuse my inked up inchie making fingers and my awful photography skills. Bewara, if you have better pictures I hope you will post them. Thank you SO MUCH for making my first personal swap so amazing. I love love LOVE it all.
on: April 09, 2009 01:56:49 PM 
Started by bushbaby, Message by gamemom42
Relevance: 12.5%
I received the most amazing messenger bag ever from Barbolot today.  I made her an apron in exchange, but believe me, there's no doubt that I came out way ahead in this swap.  I feel like I need to send her something else.  Get ready, here comes the latest item on your wist...

Here's a close-up of the bee adorning the front:


and the inside which is just full of useful pockets:

And if that weren't enough, she sent along a little extra gift.  A great zippered pouch that will perfectly match a purse I received in the craft my theme swap:

I wish I could have taken pictures outdoors for better lighting, but that Georgia pollen is just too bad for my allergies right now.

Thanks Barbolot.  What a wonderful package!

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