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on: March 31, 2009 12:09:23 PM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by koola
Relevance: 23.8%
Woooo i recieved my package from Beki! It's truly awesome!

eee a really nice big, soft bag with what i think is (very well done) hand stencilling in black and sexy gold paint Smiley

2 awesome hand-binded books with uber shiny card *eee* and inside lots of pics from the Twilight manga books. I think that's the scene where Bella faints during blood typing, you can see Mike's annoyed face in the background Smiley

She very kindly made me a copy of the Twilight album, can't wait to listen to it! Apparently making CD's is kinda frowned upon (which sucks a bit, for reasons ull soon see), but don't worry i won't distribute the music around or anything, and i would've downloaded it anyway cos i don't buy CD's anymore.

Apple!!!!! i warn you, there's a Twilight esque pose coming up in the future using this apple!!!

Badges! Stupid Shiny Volvo Owner!!!

The most gorgeous, amazing Twilighty phone/bag charm. Really don't know where to put it, it's so awesome that i don't wanna lose or break it!

and lastly, but by no means least, APPLE PILLOW!!! it now sits on my bed alongside my cupcake cushion, Sulley and various other stuffed things! Dunno if you can tell but the apple is super sparkly, it's gorgeous. So squishy too!

Ta Beki, best swap partner ever! Smiley Oh, and she's in Russia...right about now i think, so i shall be posting pics of her package when her sister recieves it for her.

on: April 03, 2009 01:17:21 PM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by koola
Relevance: 23.8%
Woop Beki's sister has recieved the package i sent. So i'm good to post up piccies!


Lacy apple headband. There's 2 pics cos the first one doesnt show what it is and the second one came out all funny. I know it's very girly and OTT but i kinda did it with the idea of wearing it at like Twilight cosplay or a Twilight convention Cheesy if such things exist (which they bloody well should!). So i hope Beki likes it!

...yes i know. It's spring, and too warm for a scarf, but it was very cold when i started making it! Her 2 fave books are Twilight and Breaking Dawn so i did the one cover on one end and the other on...erm, the other. They were done with felt and embroidery, could've done them an awful lot better but never mind Smiley I suggested she could use it as a wall hanging if she wanted! she could swap sides around according to which book she liked best at what time. Oh, and one more thing, i chose a houndtooth (is that what u call it?) scarf because it reminded me of Jacob and co. Smiley

Apple broach! I made this our of polymer clay and i'm really proud of it! Have to fess up though... i didn't paint it. My wonderful, super talented, artist boyfriend did, and he did an amazing job. I told him what i wanted it to look like and he did it exactly right. I wanted it to look vintage and precious, like Edward could've bought it a century ago and then gave it to Bella Smiley

I made Beki a mixed CD of Twilighty tracks, before i found our ur not really supposed to do CD's, but by then it was too late and i couldn't bare not giving it to her, i've been working on it for ages. There's 3 songs for each book, with the exception of Midnight Sun which has 2 songs cos it's unfinished Smiley Then i chose a quote from the song which i felt related to a moment in the books, then added a quote from the book to back this up (am i making sense?).

Tracklist (If i can remember it all!)


1. Strange and Beautiful - Aqualung

2. Come Here Boy - Imogen Heap

3. #1 Crush - Garbage

New Moon

4. It Doesn't Matter - Alison Krauss

5. Broken Wings - Flyleaf

6. I Miss You - Incubus


7. Hunter - Bjork

8. Which Will - Nick Drake

9. Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley

Breaking Dawn

10. Strong - Velvet Chain

11. My Never - Blue October

12. Wild Horses - The Sundays

Midnight Sun

13. Closer - Kings of Leon

14. Never Think - Robert Pattinson

obligatory Bella Bracelet! Tried to make mine as accurate as possible to the description in the book. Well...visually anyway, i can't carve wood! So i made it from polymer clay instead, and yes, my boyfriend painted it Cheesy He's awesome! I liked the bracelet and apple broach so much that i made another set for myself and forced my boyfriend to paint mine too (he pretends it's a task but he loves painting really). The heart is real swarovski crystal and twinkles in the light!

...think that's everything, sorry this post was so long! Hope y'all and Beki likes everything!
on: April 06, 2009 10:38:12 AM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by pjhamel
Relevance: 23.8%
I was expecting my package today, but when the mail ran it wasn't there. Sadly, I went into the other room to watch tv. Suddenly, a knock sounded at my door. My neighbor was there; the mailman had accidently given her a box that was addressed to me. Stupid mailman!
After thanking my neighbor and running inside to wrestle with the tape on the box, I discovered these wonderful goodies inside:

A La Tua Cantante box:

Inside the box I found these adorable note holders:

An incense burner and strawberry incense. I don't burn incense because the smell is too strong for me, but I love the burner and plan on using it for something else.

the other side of the incense burner. It's a bit blurry. It says "and the third wheel wolf plotted the death of the lion"

A framed Cullen crest. It's gorgeous, and it sparkles:

A Cullen crest t-shirt: it is the perfect color of charcoal that I absolutely love. I am so going to wear it next weekend on my mini vacation to Marco Island

A Jasper tote, straight from my wists:

the back:

An Alice keychain: Sorry about the blurry image. My camera's batteries are dying again.

A mini volvo: Don't ask me where she found this. I've been searching for the mini Cullen cars for months.

And finally, my favorite items: Twilight Magnets:

They say "Team Cullen: Pale is the new tan", "Alice Cullen: I know what you did next summer", "Twilight Addict", "Twilight", " Be safe" page from book, "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb...and the third wheel wolf plotted the death of the lion", "If I could dream at all, it would be of you. And I'm not ashamed of it."-Edward Cullen, "Jasper? Oh Hale yes!", "I heart the Cullen boys", "Team Switzerland",  and "When you can live forever, what do you live for". There is also another magnet about jasper, but it has a naughty word on it so I have to keep it hidden away.
Thanks Kharizzmatik!!!!
on: April 09, 2009 03:58:57 PM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by Malbert
Relevance: 23.8%
I received from Edwards1 the other day and HOLY COW!  I was spoiled and everyone should be super jealous.  There was so much in the package that I think I forgot to take pictures of a few things because everything has already found its place in my room.

i think this is my favorite...

no wait this is my favorite... amazing crossstitch!

and i love this shirt, but its a little small (i gave her the wrong size) so my bestie claimed it.

other goodies...

knitting place holders...

awesome tote...

wall paintings... there were 2 others

super amazing edward mixes...

yeah, be jealous!  Cheesy

on: April 04, 2009 12:35:28 PM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by pjhamel
Relevance: 23.8%
kharizzmatik's camera is dead, so she asked me to upload pics of what I sent her.
This is the first thing I had an idea for. Inside the box is a manicure set that includes nail polishes in  the color of Bella's Blood and Edward's Eyes. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of those.

Then I stenciled both sides of a tote:

Next I did two t-shirts:

The Cullen Crest Up-Close(it glitters!!!):

A sleep Mask that Kharizzmatik said her four year old stole and now uses it as a superhero mask:

A blanket(forgive the dog; she got jealous):

And some slippers:

I also made some bookmarks and some buttons, but didn't get any good pictures of them. The clothing/fashion items were from Alice, whereas the rest of the stuff that is supposed to help her relax is from Jasper. I wrote her a letter from them, but I forgot to take a picture of it.
on: April 17, 2009 08:20:12 AM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by brunette_bombshell
Relevance: 23.8%
Ok, here are the pics if some of the stuff I sent to rira. Rira, if you find your camera, could you please post pics of the rest? Sorry I don't have everything here.

A box I made out of the Twilight conversation heart box

A bunch of iron-on patches

The Cullen Crest tshirt

A Newborn vampire bracelet

A bunch of marble magnets

Here's some closeups of some of my faves:

Alice's bracelet

Edward's Eyes necklace and earrings

Again, sorry for the poor quality pics, I am still missing my normal camera. Rira, if you have better ones, feel free to post them. I know there were some other things I added. I think there was a lavender scented neck roll heating pad from Jasper, a keychain, and some other earrings.

I had so much fun with this swap that I couldn't stop crafting. Now I'm debating on whether or not to join rd. 7. I just said yesterday that I wasn't going to do any more swaps for a while, but I've said that before, so I guess we'll see.
on: April 20, 2009 07:06:54 PM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by rira
Relevance: 23.8%
FINALLY! Got the camera, the battery and the cord..its a rare glorious occasion!

Here's my awesome pacakge from brunette_bombshell, I dont really know how to make them bigger from webshots. THEY ARE CLICKABLE though...

The iron-on patches:
I REALLY need to find somewhere awesome to put these...


The Jasper Says Relax pillow, very very useful for moving roomates in and out.

The Wonderful Jewelry:

Those are all completely wists inspired and I love them!

Some really cool magnets:

The Cullen Tee Smiley

and an alicey/twilighty keychain that I LOVE!
on: March 24, 2009 07:02:19 PM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by kirstilynne
Relevance: 23.8%
Prepare to drool at the awesome Twilighty goodness that Kurtzie sent to me. She is AMAZING!

Here is the whole shebang.

what an awesome twilight colored blanket. I love it! Its on my bed. The neat thing is its so soft, and I like to snuggle with a little blanket while being under all my big blankets and this is the ideal size for that! Love it!

Three awesome smelling soaps. Jacob, Edward, and Bella themed by scent and color. Very nice.

all kinds of little goodies. A nice I prefer brunette's case, which im putting on my desk at work for my paper clips, its covered with polyclay i think. really neat. It was stuffed with jewellery treats. Forks earrings(these are so cute), alice crystal ball earrings, a really really really nice bella's bracelet, and three pendants. one cullen, one eclipse, and one of the beautiful edward. I love the I drive like a cullen keychain which is going on my car keys immediately. Its true... i drive recklessly and crazily and fast. Smiley The bookmark is really pretty too. all sparkly and twilighty.

some note cards. Sparkly and pretty. Love em.

A great notebook/journal with twilight pics and pics of edward all over it. I was needing a new journal. This is the perfect size.

She also included some special treats for my furry babies. They love you forever now. Normally I don't buy them fancy treats, we just get medicinal catfood and give it to them as treats...they arent the brightest cats in the world. They adore the soft chunky treats. In fact when I was opening the package my intellectual cat Norton came up to the blanket...sniffed it coyly and then smelled the treats. he reached in the box grabbed the package in his teeth and took off down the hall... he was trying to tear a hole in the package to eat them all!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful swap expierence. I need to get cracking to complete the items for your package. I feel pretty close to done. Just some finishing touches on everything but the large item...which is TAKING ME FOREVER. I may have to send everything else ahed and send the large item later...we shall see...


on: April 12, 2009 04:46:21 PM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by Addie Marie
Relevance: 23.8%
I haven't seen the two disc version yet! So I missed out on a bunch of bonus features...but I'll buy it soon, so it's all good. Smiley

Sad news: Looks like Feast Your Eyes's package got stolen after it was delivered! (She was out of town.) I am so sad for her! But I'll fix it. It's just such a bummer, and not fair to her at all!

But she said I could post the pictures that I have (I forgot to get pics of everything!), and maybe the person who stole it will feel really bad when they see the things meant just for her & read the note. (I feel a bit sad posting the pictures, because... oh, it's just such a rotten situation.)

Anyway, here's what I have:

I made a record purse, with a diamond & wolf print on the labels. It had a cell phone pocket inside, with a chocolatey surprise.

I didn't get good photos of this, but I made a v-neck shirt and stenciled Edward onto it, with the text "Edward Cullen" in the background (sparkly paint) and "Exactly my brand of jailbait" on the foreground, per her request. Cheesy

Then there was this bookmark, with a little diamond & wolf and a few other pretty beads.

That's all I have pictures of, but I made another little bag with the diamond stenciled onto it, & threw in a few other goodies... which I won't name because they just might be in a different package with different goodies... not to hint or anything. Cheesy

Medley, I am so, so sorry this happened to you. And like I said, I feel bad posting the pictures because you don't actually have the package... but we'll work this out. <3
on: April 15, 2009 02:28:13 PM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by tiffyp89
Relevance: 23.8%
my package from danaisradxcore!!
it came on the perfect day too...i was in a crappy mood this morning and this totally brightened my day Cheesy

the package Smiley


uber cute bag

keychains...seriously could Edward be any sexier??

I love this necklace and all of the charms! I'm allergic to metal jewelry so I never get to wear it that often...this one i can actually wear Cheesy

cute little box with a frame on top...she also told me that she used chalkboard paint on it..how awesome is that!?


ahhh! i love it all!!

thank you dana! Smiley

on: April 16, 2009 06:49:42 AM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by brunette_bombshell
Relevance: 23.8%
Picture time! Here's the awesome stuff that rira sent me:

An awesome stenciled bag that I couldn't wait to use!

A really cool painted book box:

It was full of jewelry goodies!

And my favorite... a Forks High School sweatshirt!

Please excuse the dumb look on my face, and the crappy quality of the pics. I seem to have misplaced my camera, and I took the pics with my camcorder that apparantly takes horrible still pictures. Tongue

Thank you so much rira, I really do love everything.

I'm working on getting pics up of the package I sent to rira. Should be up soon!
on: August 15, 2009 03:37:33 PM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by AprilDraven
Relevance: 23.8%
Ok here is what I sent to my partner
(I waited so long because my partner said she was going to post pics)

a wall hanging (sorry it is a bit dark)

a big cookie tin

glittery necklace

another necklace with Bella and Edward plus one of my partner and her man

a little Edward figure and a bracelet that just has the heart and not the wolf LOL Team Edward.

A crochet Edward doll

and I turned my partner and her man into vampires Cheesy

Here is half the package my partner sent. She told me to wait to post till she sent me the rest of it but she never sent the rest so here is the stuff she did send.

on: September 09, 2009 02:11:44 PM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by AprilDraven
Relevance: 23.8%
I received yesterday. I had such a wonderful Angel. Thank You beki710!!! Everything is so wonderful.

I received the package and went to open it, my daughter grabbed the wrapped package so quickly I didn't have time to stop her. It was open in 2 seconds flat and the candy was all over the floor. She ate a piece of the candy before I got pics. LOL sometimes I think I have a wild animal instead of a beautiful little girl. Anyways the wrapped package was for her anyway (so sweet to think of my daughter too) There was candy, a stenciled shirt and bracelets.

She also made me a wolf painting, ear plugs with E and C on them (I have gauged ears), Bella's bracelet, a fork necklace (LOL FORKS), a bag that is awesomely stenciled, and last but not least.....SHOES.

Also beautiful cards to accompany everything for me and my daughter. All I have to say is WOW and thank you!
on: April 13, 2009 01:30:42 PM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by edwards1
Relevance: 23.8%
I received an AMAZING package on Thursday right before I left for Easter. So the Easter bunny (Malbert) was so good to me!
P.S if these pictures don't work its because I am an idiot and don't know how to do it right!
First, was an amazing box shaped like a book. She made it into Breaking Dawn!!!

Here is a picture so you can see the side! It looks like pages!

Then, a lion and lamb! Already hanging up on my wall at home along with the frame coming up!

The frame that already has a great picture of me and my bffs molesting an Edward cut out!

An adorable badge like chief Swans!

And a cute little apple!

She also sent me rubber bracelets (red, black and white of course!) but my 8 year old sister already claimed them! And there was also a baseball magnet that is on my frig!

THANK YOU SO MUCH MALBERT!!! You were truly amazing to swap with!
on: April 09, 2009 10:19:31 PM 
Started by Kurtzie, Message by sewkrafty
Relevance: 23.8%
Ok, finally figured out how to re-size my pics.  I was so excited this morning to see that my package had arrived.  My daughter and I tore through the box like little kids opening presents on their birthday!  Omg, Haylie... you really did spoil the heck out of me!  You set the bar really high for my future swap partners, especially with this being my first swap!  Tongue  Ok, now on to the pics!

A reversible Twilight bag (patchwork on the inside!)

A beautiful art frame & bulletin board/wall decoration (which my daughter already claimed is hers!)

Stitch markers and a Bella necklace

A gorgeous charm bracelet and "Forks" earrings!  (A couple of my favorites btw!)

Last but not least, personalized etched glasses for me and my kiddo PLUS a few of my partners favorite fantasy books for my 10 year old (since I won't allow her to read Twilight just yet!)

Haylie, you are absolutely amazing!  Thank you SOOO much from my kiddo and I!!  I wish you could've seen her face when she realized that you had sent some goodies and a hand written note, just for her.  Too cute! Oh and for the millionth time, I really do feel awful for not going over the minimum.  I had no idea you were going to spoil me like you did!  I'm not complaining, no way...hehe... but please do expect another package (from the little one and I) because we really do feel like you deserve more!  *Note to self* Will add a little extra to all my future swaps, just because I know how good it feels to be the recipient who was spoiled by their partner!  Haylie, thank you for being the best swap partner one can ever have.  You totally made my week!   Cheesy
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