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on: March 08, 2009 03:47:44 PM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by silverhart
Relevance: 33.3%
Beware my many pics.....
my cross...

my geisha...

My science and art hearts (that need some touchups  Tongue )...

ankle wings...


Sister fleur de lis...

my rose...

one divorce later...

family  Cheesy ...

first one i tattooed on myself...

and last, my turtles 25th annivertary tattoo!
on: July 15, 2008 03:38:33 PM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by sf craftster
Relevance: 33.3%
finally getting around to posting my tattoos. i was waiting until my latest, large piece was finished.

this is my first tattoo. 18 years old, what can i say? it's on my lower back. i think they call them a "tramp stamp" now? at the time, i was obsessed with stars and like everyone, i thought i liked stars before stars were "cool", right??

(tattoo revolution, redlands, ca. artist unknown.)

this was my second tattoo. it's the flame from the movie foxfire. i was a big angelina jolie fan, back when she was actually doing decent films. the movie and the book, which is better, really spoke to me about female independence. this one is on the outside of my right breast. sorry it's so blurry!

(location and artist unsure. remember when you used to just walk in??)

third tattoo. i actually folded the crane and my roommate drew it in illustrator to get just the lines. she has one too, on the inside of her right wrist. slightly smaller. i love japanese imagery and my mom, who lived in japan, taught me to make cranes when i was young. it was both a friendship and a good luck tattoo.

up close

and to show location:

(everlasting tattoo, san francisco. henry - he's no longer there.)

and the latest and greatest. this is a very very symbolic one for me. it's representative of my family. my mom learned ikebana when she was in japan (she's my crafty inspiration) and this is a traditional ikebana design (though the flowers aren't, really). the calla lily is for my grandfather who passed away at 101 years old and was truly the patriarch of my family. the rose is for my mom. it's a 'double delight' rose - my mom's favorite. the five morning glories are for myself and my four siblings. and the blossoms are mostly filler, but my niece and nephew have already decided which ones they get to be Smiley

sorry for the awkward image, it's a, um, sensitive location. and i had to brighten it up a bit, so i hope it's not too weird.

and this is to show a different view...

(everlasting tattoo, san francisco. justin http://www.everlastingtattoo.com/)
on: February 05, 2009 05:21:48 AM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by PonyHuetchen
Relevance: 33.3%

on: May 14, 2009 04:29:45 PM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by ElizabethR11
Relevance: 33.3%
okay A.  I'm obsessed with Craftster... Wink
and B.  This is my first post...so i hope this is right!!  Grin
and C. this may be a looong post  Grin

okay, we shall start with the first tattoo!!

My daughter was born 2 months premature in 2004 and only weighed 3 lbs....so i decided to get her name tattooed to my back with little pink angel wings around her name, since she is my little angel!!  Her name is Trysten (thanks to the movie 'Legends of the Fall' Cheesy and my Ma...if she wouldn't have stepped in and suggested that name, my daughter would have been named Baby...yep--i was having a hormonal 'Dirty Dancing' moment, and would have named her Baby... Huh)

Then my son was born in 2007, and he is the exact opposite of my tiny little daughter...he weighed 9 lbs, and currently isn't even 2 yet, and is heavier than she is!  His name is below hers with blue angel wings around it... His name is Kemper (thanks to the new (new being 2003) 'Texas chainsaw massacre' movie  Cheesy)

Then quite a few years ago, someone very close to me passed away, and i got this tattoo in remembrance of him, its a lyric from Keith Urban's song 'Tonight I Wanna Cry'

Then last year, my Lovely and I went to visit my bestest friend in the whole world-who moved to Texas-and she and I got matching tattoos on our feets (the most painful thing I've ever experienced  Cry !!!!!!)
*mines on the left*

In 2006 I got married-that was my first mistake....-then I got the tattoo, in a drunken stupor, that every sane person will tell you not to get....one with evil's name on it  Lips sealed  and to make matters worse, it was a horrible tattoo ANYWAY!!
But luckily i met someone who is a fabulous tattoo artist, and told him that i liked the idea of having the horseshoe tattoo...but wanted the name GONE and i just let him go at it all freehand, and i am very pleased with the way it has turned out!!

and then i got this tattoo which is by far my favorite!  My Nanny aka Grandmother, is 92 years old and is as crafty as they come!!!  for her last birthday, everyone in our family each made our own quilt blocks (which showed off everyone's personalities for sure!) and we gave them to her, and she ended up making two quilts with all the blocks, because lots of us made several quilt blocks.... my Nanny is my hero

and this is MY most recent tattoo, my cousin, who has lived with my mother and us most of our lives (he was more like a brother to me) and I had the same birthday, well he recently passed away and so i got the roman numerals for our b-day  11-4 and found a font i liked online and printed it off, and got them tattooed to my wrist in hot pink..his favorite color, this picture was right after it was done so its not the best picture...it hasn't healed yet

those are all MY tattoos, and i am currently working on a sleeve tattoo, which will also be dedicated to my cousin who passed, and i will post it as soon as its done.

but these are tattoos that i had a hand in designing or picking them out...they make me proud
my sister's, in remembrance of our cousin....The Eye of Bast?
I'm not sure what it is for sure, but i know it was something they both love-Egyptian stuff

this is my Ma's in remembrance for him...(FYI-he was a hair dresser, and he had his own shop called 'Hello Gorgeous' and lips was the signature look for the shop)

then this is my friends tattoo that we both designed together, she is in LOVE with elephants, and she is very musically talented...so we decided on this adorable pink elephant- blowing music notes out her trunk and they flow up her back to a bigger musical note tattoo she has that looks like a heart...

and then this is my Ma's other tattoo she got that i picked out...its supposed to be a hummingbird but he doesn't really look like a hummingbird anymore--blue bird i guess?...but i just love his little Mohawk on the top of his noggin!
on: April 21, 2008 09:12:59 AM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by Radmom
Relevance: 33.3%
Ok always start with the first tattoo since that gives the addiction. LOL
Note: images really suck. I took them in bad lighting. sorry.

11 years ago...last minute when my best friend was supposed to be getting ready to go to the airport back to NY. She decides lets get ink'd, I agree. We get same tat reversed colors. We ended up having to call her ex b/f to get us from that tattoo parlor to get her at the airport within 15 minutes. He had a sup'ed up mustang. Got there in time..I should say running through airport and she hands ticket has they are ready to close door to  plane. LOL

Big mistake...had an ex b/f during the time my husband and i were seperated for almost a year. He still has my name across his chest in a heart. I had a friend color out the names. This one was 10 years ago.

This turned out to be a sad tattoo...This was a tribute to my deceased brothers. They both commited suicide with same gun 2 years apart. Ricky was 17(the oldest of us three) I was 16 and Robbie was 15 when he died. Then when Robbie turned 17 he shot himself, and I was 18. When I was 28 my mom asked what I wanted for xmas and I said I wanted a tattoo for my brothers, but it would be expensive. she never thought twice about the money. The tattoo artist is no longer in business from to many complaints. He placed neosporin on it right after all the work. So it leached out almost all of the ink. Cry

The celtic symbol was a random i want a tat day... My son was 8/9 at the time and he picked it out. The Cross was a year ago. It reminds me that Jesus died for my sins (I'm Catholic) and the wings are St. Michael who helps me in times of strength.

here is what it looked like just finished.

I grew up in the 70/80s so shrooms were always around...Then I became vegetarian so it all seemed to make sense: Cheesy

This is my husbands' name in Kanji. My daughter has a friend who is chinese very smart girl. She wrote the symbols for me. His name is Mark. I do intend to add much more to this arm. I want a whole asian inspired piece put on it.
But that is all mine for now. I know I will get more. Thanks for looking!

on: June 06, 2008 06:10:30 PM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by Altair
Relevance: 33.3%
I've got three, but good pictures of only two. 

This is my first, on my ankle:

My second, it took 3 and a half hours:

Crappy picture of my third one.  It's a blacklight tattoo, so it has no color in normal light.  It glows under blacklight.  It's red in the picture because it's two or three days after I got it.

Hope you like!
on: June 29, 2008 10:40:54 AM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by thingwraith
Relevance: 33.3%
Wow, there are some really beautiful tattoos here on craftster!!   Shocked

I'm pretty sure I posted in the original "show your tattoos" thread, but I've gotten several new tats since then (with several more in the works...) and thought I'd just post again Cheesy

From oldest to newest:

This is one that I drew myself.  It's on my right shoulder blade.  It's a cover-up of an old home tattoo.  13 is my lucky number, and I like bats, so....yeah. ^^

This is another cover-up (underneath it is my first-ever tattoo...a tiny ankh done at home by an old boyfriend when I was 16...lol).  It's the Zanarkand Abes symbol from Final Fantasy X and X-2.  I'll be getting this covered with a half sleeve before too long.  It's not that I don't like it, I'd just prefer to have the whole area covered, and what I want doesn't really go with the Zanarkand tat. ^^  This is a really old pic, btw...I've lost a lot of weight and had breast reduction surgery since then. lol.  sorry, TMI. ^^;;;

My Dark Mark, and "myaku" kanji.  Myaku is a song by my favourite band, Dir en grey.

There's a tattoo on the back of my neck of a raven wearing a crown, but I can't find a picture of it.  My husband did this as his first tattoo when he was apprenticing a few years ago. Smiley

My knuckle tattoos!  I love these so much!!  The text reads Amor Fati, which you can read about here if you are interested:

Here are some pics of the half sleeve on my right arm:

The geisha with the lion is from an ukiyoe tarot deck, and is that deck's depiction of the strength card.  I have read tarot for almost 20 years, and the strength card has personal significance to me.  Also, I've been in love with all things Japanese for as long as I can remember. ^^
All of the cherry blossoms and branches were free-hand drawn right onto my arm by my tattoo artist.

The text here reads "oboete iru no deshou?" and means "don't you remember?".
It is a line from the song "OBSCURE" by Dir en grey. Smiley

Above my old myaku tattoo, left to right:
"saku" (new moon)--another Dir en grey song.
Next to that is the symbol for the band MUCC. 
The kanji below the myaku tat is "kodou" (heartbeat), and is also a Dir en grey song.  Yes, I really love Dir en grey.  Grin

Finally, here is my "tramp stamp" (haha...and please disregard my enormously swollen backside...I had just had the tattoo done when this pic was taken!):

My tattoo artist designed this image of a traditional Oni crossed with a hannya.  I brought her several reference pictures and a lengthy, rambling verbal description of what I wanted, and she came up with this on her first go, and it is exactly what I wanted!  The text underneath reads "Oni ni kanabou", which means "Oni with an iron club", and is an old saying meaning to be undefeatable, or to possess strength beyond strength.  I was very excited to get this tatoo, and it's probably my favourite of all of them.  However, the kanji on my banner is wrong.  Why is the wrong kanji now permanently on my body? Long story. I'll try to be brief.
When I first discussed this tattoo with Kristie (my artist), I had the sentence written with two different kanji. Both read "kanabou", and as far as I can tell, both mean a metal rod. I gave them both to her with the reference pics, and said I wanted to ask my friend (who lives in Japan and is a renowned Japanese-English translator) which kanji should be used for the sentence. I did, and he told me, and the next time I saw Kristie I told her which one we should use. I watched her take the incorrect paper out of her folder, and I thought she threw it away. Guess not. But anyway, when I went in to get the tattoo done my dumb ass was so excited about the drawing she did that I didn't double check the kanji...I just assumed it was correct because I thought she got rid of the other paper. And then I never got a good look at the kanji in the tattoo until I looked at the picture above, which my husband took the day after it was done (cause, y'know, it's kinda hard to look at your own ass Tongue). Had I taken the time to actually look at the text on the drawing I would have known right away it was the wrong character (it's only the first half of kanabou that's wrong). So yeah. It could be A LOT worse. I mean, it could say something totally incorrect or just nonsensical. But, dang. I'm dumb as hell.  Roll Eyes

Anyway, sorry for the excessively pic heavy and rambly post...I felt I ought to explain the wrong text on my Oni tattoo.  When I got this done and posted it on Livejournal, a number of people were pointing out that it was wrong (which I already knew), so I just thought I'd explain in advance here. ^^;;
on: June 29, 2008 08:25:56 PM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by Krafty_Karasu
Relevance: 33.3%
my favorite kind of topic  Grin

very first tattoo, a butterfly (how clich):

second, a pentacle (I think you can guess why...):

third, a fairy, fourth, an ankh:

fifth, leopard spots (anyone who is a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series might be able to spot my homage to the game):

sixth, a Greek key armband (homage to the video game God of War and my love of Greek mythology):

seventh, a...thing (homage to the manga/anime Chobits and 2000 [00] is my graduation year from high school):

eighth, a half sleeve representing my favorite season (fall) and an homage to another video game I love called Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.  plus, the butterflies each have a letter representing my parents and I (I've had more done on this since this picture was taken, but it's just not quite done yet):

on: January 12, 2009 02:32:46 PM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by tvelez
Relevance: 33.3%
Wow, all of the tats here are beautiful! Love the Made in China! I went to college with a girl who had made in the usa tattooed on her neck complete with a barcode lol

I have 6 in total, and am itching for another Wink

my fave is my 5th tat left shoulder- angel & dove Not sure how long i will leave this pic up bc its personal and i don't want anyone to take the design.... i'm sure ya'll understand. This was my healing tat after dh passed.
day of (March 2008)

inspired by this drawing by Stacey Louise Bailey, an artist i found online. I asked her permission before i brought this to my guy (he's done all 6 of my tats)

all healed up

Other tats:
1st tat right hip- sorry coloring sucks, bad lighting- its purple, lavender & white

2nd tat: lower back piece

3rd & 4th: left ankle- husband was a pisces, i'm a cancer. date is our wedding date. In latin faithful, hope & love ( it was supposed to be faith lol oops) The wedding date was done after the angel piece, the other person in the shop was wide eyed when my guy put a new stencil on.. lol.. like "getting everything done at once?" haha

6th tat- father was in the navy and the spot was too small for a sailors cross, so i did a cross and an anchor

on: February 13, 2009 06:36:01 PM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by ryepie
Relevance: 33.3%
alright here's my latest! i didn't draw this, but i got my best friend to and told him exactly what i wanted (based off a poster he made)... he is an AMAZING artist.

i sat for nearly 5 hours for an outline in august before i started going into shock:

second round i sat for 4.5 hours before my body started going into shock:

my tattoo artist is my close friend casper, and the boy holding my best friend, dean, is the artist.

it needs a LOT of work...all the small flowers will be blue and green with white tips, and the purple in the big flower needs to be touched up a lot, and the black sketchy lines need to be added in...
on: March 03, 2009 06:37:56 AM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by JadedOne
Relevance: 33.3%


Devotion in Chinese

Calla Lily - one of my favs

purple faerie - another fav

paw prints...

my first professional tattoo

I have one more that I need to get a decent pic of before i post it.  It's tinkerbell sitting on the word mommy
on: July 22, 2008 02:30:22 PM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by misscleary
Relevance: 33.3%
I have too many to post all but these are some of my favorite pieces.....

The best.. Babak!!!

on: March 21, 2009 01:34:23 AM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by spixie139
Relevance: 33.3%
Yesterday I just got a new tattoo! In celebration of being 1 year out of the hospital (read more about that here https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=296310.msg3372932#msg3372932) I got this tattoo! It says "no power in the 'verse can stop me". The quote is from the show Firefly, and it's to remind me that nothing can stop me!
It's in the Harry Potter chapter heading font with the Harry Potter page number stars. Heehee. Combining a bunch of my favorite things!
By Cory at Capital City in Madison, WI

Just finished!

The Harry Potter page number stars.

on: May 10, 2009 04:20:53 PM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by cupcakecarnivore
Relevance: 33.3%
These are tattoos that I have done. (THEY ARE NOT ON MY BODY)
I have been tattooing for about 3 weeks, and have done like 10 or 11. expect more pictures as time goes on....

on: June 30, 2008 03:43:49 PM 
Started by bubblegum_phoenix, Message by Songs4Drowning
Relevance: 33.3%
Finally got pics of it so far. I got in for another sitting on July 13th to finish the shading and colors. The roses were done in the style that I'd drawn them in my sketchbook (with seriously cleaner lines than how I draw) and the bears are based on what I had sketched out but she made them look about seven billion times better.  I asked for a locked zombie heart and I'm totally in love with it, too. I can't wait to heal so I can see the lime green in it's glory. I took these pictures this morning, the piece is a few days old and scabbing over. I'll definately be posting when I get the rest colored/shaded and then when the whole thing is healed! It's a memorial tattoo. My mother's first tattoo was of two tiny teddy bears that look like the Snuggle bear holding a red heart between the two of them. I took the basic premise and made the design my own, so that me and momma have the same first tattoos, with just a bit of a vision discrepancy, which was always the case between the two of us. =P As prim as I thought my mom to be, I think she'd really like my first ink.

My tattoo artist, Samantha at Mystical Illusions in Oklahoma City. We caught her in a goofy moment.

My chest before the ink:

And this morning!
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