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on: September 27, 2008 02:17:00 PM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by SugarySweet
Relevance: 33.3%
Whoohoo my package came today!! I am so in love with everything!!! Get ready for tons-O-pictures.We did 7 towels instead of 3 & I have show all her hard work!!  lol Here we go...  Wink

Two adorable puppy dogs.

Hey Kool-Aid!

Pretty purple silverware.

I love these veggies.

This towel has embroidery in all four corners.

And last but not least, my extra goodies.

Thanks you so much beckster!!!

on: October 02, 2008 02:26:40 PM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by la la laurrenn
Relevance: 33.3%

Guess what I received after a long grueling day at school? TEA TOWELS!! Yipee!

First of all - HUGEEEEE thank you to Nicole! They are beyond adorable and I love them to pieces!

I took a lot of pictures!

the cards:

the whole package:

my little extra!:

Towel #1 (and a little note!):

Towel #2:

Towel #3:

THAT WAS SOME MIGHTY FINE STITCHIN'! Did you see the eyes on the pinup?!    :]

And my Card....

Our birthdays were 3 days apart and Nicole sent me a little card as well! Sweetness!

I am totally in love with them!

on: September 23, 2008 10:28:54 AM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by Lilyvanilli
Relevance: 33.3%
I received the best set of towels of all time from elvissatx today! I'm just about the biggest Flight of the Conchords fan and one of my favorite songs is Ladies of the World, which is what she based my towels on. Just in case you're not familiar with FOTC here's a link to their Myspace page, and one to the HBO site cause they have a show on HBO, and a link to some YouTube videos. They are awesome! Okay, so on to the goodies! There's a part in Ladies of the World where they say:

If every soldier in the world
Put down his weapon and picked up a woman
What a peaceful world this world would be...
Redheads not warheads
Blondes not bombs
We're talkin' about brunettes not fighter jets
Oooh Oooh it's got to be Sweet 16's not M-16's
When will the governments realize it's got to be funky sexy ladies?

Here's the first towel, the redhead:

And the back:

The blonde:

The back:

The brunette:

The back:

Here we've got the whole set, all together, front and back:

She was also kind enough to include a few extras! A beautiful doily, a magnetic notepad, and a magnetic mood sheet with a bunch of Mr. Men on it (I love Mr. Men!):

THANK YOU so much elvissatx!!! Really I can't thank you enough! I love everything so much! My boyfriend is also very happy because I don't usually receive stuff that he can enjoy too! Cheesy Thanks for being such an awesome swap partner!! Grin

And just because I love spreading the word about the FOTC, here's a video for that song, enjoy!

on: October 02, 2008 12:53:56 PM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by camelama
Relevance: 33.3%
Ahoy the deck!  Treasure Tea Towel Island sighted on the port bow!

All hands to admire the towels!  Smiley

Yarrrr!  PerachYafeh sent me a pirate-y tea towel package, and Great Conger Eels, it's a good one.

The lovely wrapped presents, including one for the Pirate Cat!

I got an action shot of Phoebe the Pirate Cat and her treat:

The first towel!  Jibbooms and bobstays, will you look at the detail on this?!  And the trim!


Second towel!  Shiver me timbers, but it's gorgeous!

Closeup of the pirate wench and her parrot pal:

Third towel!  Well I'll be a marlinspike, it's the cap'n!


And to top it off, me treasure haul included some chocolatey booty:

PerachYefah, you are hereby promoted to First Class Seawench in me piratey crew fer yer embroidery skills and swap package!  Smiley  This was all so incredibley wonderful!!  Huzzah and an extra ration of rum for ye today!    (I want a pirate smiley!)

ps - posted pics in me crew forum and me Puzzle Pirates pals are very very jealous!  Yarrrr!

on: October 19, 2008 03:09:44 PM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by psoupdesigns
Relevance: 33.3%
I received from diablita earlier in the week. Get ready for lots of pics!

Here is a group shot of everything she sent, everything was wrapped so cute too! She even sent me some extra towels, thread and a cute little needle book - fully stocked and ready for my next project!

The first towel.

Close up of the pie, her stitching is beautiful!

The second towel.

Close up of the owl...

The third towel - lots and lots of stitching!

Close up of the bird...

Close up of music notes...

and she even put these in the upper corner of each towel.

Thank you so much diablita, your stitching is amazing and i love everything!
on: October 02, 2008 04:37:46 PM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by sixblueirises
Relevance: 33.3%
As I mentioned before, I received my package from 85%confusion today. I'm pretty crummy with photos, so if you would like to post better ones I certainly won't be offended. I must search the embroidery boards sometime and figure out how everyone gets such nice shots of stitch detailing.

Anyways, here goes!

All her tea towels are this really neat kind of towel that is smooth on the side the  stitches are on and more of a terry on the other side. I think I need to hunt down her supplier.  Grin

The stitches are just gorgeous (so tiny!) and her stitch choice is great. Her snail towel uses a bunch, especially- stem stitch, french knots, couching, fly stitch, lazy daisies, and split stitch were the ones I identified in a quick glance. Even the back looks lovely.

I just tried the soap out, and it's pretty wonderful, too. I think I'll have to try soap making for myself!

Thanks again, 85%confusion!
on: October 03, 2008 12:36:05 PM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by zombiekilla
Relevance: 33.3%
prepare to have your socks knocked off! I got my awesome towels today!
Towel #1 was based off a design by an Angelique Houtkmp book I had wisted:

Towel #2- zombie pin up! I love me some zombies! and the quote is from one of my favorite songs

Towel #3- Im obsessed with the fat acceptance movement! love it!

wist away ladies!  Grin
on: October 03, 2008 06:33:38 PM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by beckster
Relevance: 33.3%
I finally got around to posting pics of the awesome towels I got from SugarySweet!  I can't decide which one is my favorite, so they all are!! Smiley  I would like to mention that I don't know what SugarySweet did to her towels, but they smell sooo good!  Totally swap un-related!  Oh, and the towels she used are really good quality!

The extra goodies:

Thanks a bunch SugarySweet!! You are an awesome swap partner!! Smiley Smiley Smiley
on: October 04, 2008 02:48:29 PM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by AllieStar
Relevance: 33.3%
I recieved my towels yesterday, but haven't been able to get online until now to post these pictures! I'm soooooooo in love with my towels that SampsonsLynnie made me! They're all so cute!!! Cheesy

Everything together: all 3 towels, a super cute letter on Hello Kitty stationery, some tea that I can't wait to try (my partner is a tea-aholic, and I'm a coffee-lover.. but I've been wanting to try some new tea for awhile now! All I've really tried before is green tea! I'm a newbie when it comes to tea!), some AWESOME embroidery patterns that I forgot to take a picture of (they're folded up in this picture grr!), and some pretty sequins that I'm going to use on something pretty!

Yes, that's right ladies..... "COOKING MAMA"!!!! Grin I mentioned to SampsonsLynnie that I've been playing "Cooking Mama" on my Nintendo DS lately and I'm addicted to these types of games, and she surprised me with this adorable design!! I love it so much and I'm sooo wanting to invite people over just so they can walk in my kitchen and check out this cutie! It's perfect!


A CUPCAKE! My own little "home sweet home" to dream about! This is too too too cute for words!!


This design is sooooo beautiful! I love the colors she chose for this one. Everything is so perfect and you wouldn't believe how pretty the BACK of this towel is too! She did a really beautiful job on this! I love the birds!! Cheesy

Close-up of her perfect stitching..

Kiss  Kiss  Kiss  Kiss
I love everything, thank you!!!!!!
on: October 04, 2008 02:54:27 PM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by 85%confusion
Relevance: 33.3%
I always feel that what I make is so insignifigant and ugly.

For the record... If I ever see you type something like that again, I'll have to hunt you down and kick your hiney!

Why, might you all ask? Because today I received my towels. This morning (actually, all day) has been a pretty awful day, culminating in my son jumping onto the couch and accidentally kicking my cup of tea, which was heading for my mouth. Now this tea was VERY freshly made and VERY hot, so my face and chest were soaked with boiling water... and I was crying on the bathroom floor because I was burnt and sticky and still had to get ready to go  out with friends tonight and I just don't want to because I'm tired, dang it! I get up at 6 every day to get my kids ready for school and stuff, and then watch a baby in the evenings, sometimes until 1am...

Ok, enough griping...

So bad day. Then I opened my package. AMAZING towels. So perfectly me. So wonderfully coordinated to my kitchen. The stitching is exquisite. I am blown away by how professional these towels look! Sixblueirises is an absolutely fabulous swap partner, and I think I truly got the better end of the deal in this swap!

Take a look:
I folded the towel funny, because it has a designs on opposing corners - I wanted you to see both! I just adore flamingos.

Close up the adorable little guy... Look - even his beak is perfectly colored!

Next (also folded funny so you can see opposing corners)
and a close up...

Waterlilies really are the prettiest flower ever...

I can't even begin to say how delighted I am with these towels! I am utterly spoiled, here!

And let me add... the BACK of the towels looks as good as the front! Seriously, they do. Awesome through and through!


Bad day(scalding x exhaustion + cranky baby to care for) + package from sixblueireses = absolutely wonderful day

Thank you sixblueirises - I LOVE them sooooo much!
on: October 06, 2008 02:52:12 PM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by trampycouture
Relevance: 33.3%
Okay--so I'm GUSHING with enthusiasm since I've received my items from Jessarama.
It's hilarious because I'm all by myself at my apartment and have no one to physically show the goodies to!

Reasons why I am IN LOVE with these towels.
1. The tomatoes are feminist. (Woman symbol in her hand, and check out the peace sign and boots she's wearing!!)
2. Jessarama DESIGNED these JUST FOR MEEE!
3. The rick-rack borders are just awesome!
4. The fact that the lettuce and tomatoes are gabbing on the phone!

And just wait--it's not over yet.

Meet Tilly!

She has sparkly red lips, high heels, an umbrella and a purse.
But not just ANY purse... a purse filled with her OWN MINI EMBROIDERY, John Milton's Paradise Lost (I'm an English teacher) and guess what else? A MINI TAMPON!!!

Jessarama, thanks for making my first swap experience SO WONDERFUL! How can any other swap partners follow this? YOU ROCK!

Also, thank you AndreaDeniell for being such a cool partner (that I sent to.) To anyone who didn't know, we were all in a 3-way swap.

on: September 24, 2008 03:43:25 PM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by santacruzsugar
Relevance: 33.3%
I received 3 freaken awesome towels from my partner Sewsew-a-gogo yesterday!

I think I should have given Lily a lower rating of my skills so I was matched up with someone who didn't do such perfect stitches!

All three together:

Owl #1-

Owl #2-

My favorite part of these is how colorful they are!

this was my favorite of the three- "I am not a paper towel"

Amber defiantly did some stalking and discovered I am an environmentalist, so this fits me perfectly!

Thanks so much! These are so wonderful and your stitches are excellent!!!

on: October 02, 2008 08:50:16 AM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by jessarama
Relevance: 33.3%
I got my towels from AndreaDenielll ! I had such a great time opening the box and I was really blown away by the care and attention she put into this; she is a great artist. I told her that we are all book addicts here so she sent a sweet, crocheted "book thong"

And then the first two towels very much reflect my obsession!

I am sorry that this photo is so blurry, I have a lousy camera- If you have a better camera AndreaDeniell you should post it! I hope you can see the beautiful tinting around the stitching.

I love this one because the reader reminds me of my son Harry!
I also told her that I love Mexican art. I was kind of expecting a simple day of the dead thing, but here is what she  sent:

Look at this stitching! I am so blown away by how beautiful it is! Is it adapted from a Diego Rivera painting? I really love it! How did you achieve the tinting on your pieces? Are they safe to wash?
I am now a swapping addict!

(once more)
on: October 03, 2008 11:29:58 PM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by classy broad
Relevance: 33.3%
i got my package from la la laurrenn 12 hours ago, and i still have a ridiculously huge smile on my face!  Grin

lucky me, i got *4* towels, and some extra goodies!
pretty present!

towel 1:

towel 2:

towel 3:

towel 4:
[this one makes me feel all warm & fuzzy!]


funny, we both used the blender in our projects!
she couldn't have chosen better patterns for me!
i'm so glad that we got paired up!

on: October 04, 2008 04:25:30 PM 
Started by Lilyvanilli, Message by elvissatx
Relevance: 33.3%
Prepare to be dazzled, folks!  I have received the world's most awesome towels from our fearless organizer Lilyvanilli.  Having seen her work, I knew they would be spectacular, but I couldn't have imagined this in my wildest dreams!

Lilyvanilli chose my favorite theme ever, and I'm so tickled that she did!

All 3 towels together.  Where on earth did you find that great image?  I just love it!:

A close up of one of the towels:

And a super close up so that you can see how beautiful her stitching is, for reals:

And the backs!  Yes, this is the man's actual autograph!:

Proudly displayed in my kitchen already:

And as if that wasn't enough, awesome extras-- a reflexology chart, the cutest little bag ever, a Sublime Stitching mirror to make, and Burt's Bees lip balm.  And she didn't even know that the Burt's Bees is my favorite!:

What a great swap this has been, and I feel like I've been well and truly spoiled!  These towels are about the best thing I've ever received in a swap and I'm just utterly blown away.

Thanks, Lilyvanilli, both for being a great organizer and a super-great swap partner!
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