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on: October 10, 2008 09:04:55 PM 
Started by mandustries, Message by lairsa
Relevance: 19.8%
I received from iggy.boy.

Good timing, actually. I just found proof that my instructor dislikes me and I'm cramping like hell. Imagine my surprise when I found the delivery notice on my door. Smiley

I'm grinning from ear to ear, and you're all gonna see why. Smiley

(Some of the pics are dark because all you can see is white when I have the flash on) Smiley

(This is going to be a looooong post, because I am camera-happy) Smiley

Okay, here we go!

Box reception:

My dad wanted me to just tear off the package right away, but I wouldn't let him because my partner told me to look for something that USPS covered...(I'm good with a blade. Smiley)

Jasper = <3

So, I ripped the paper open, opened the box and found...

FORKS! Smiley And a chess piece. Smiley (I'm kinda slow today, so I spent a few minutes wondering why the heck there were silver forks inside. Then I picked one up and realized they were plastic. Smiley And then I got it. Smiley)(<-- I actually was afraid that the post office broke something, because I shook the box around and there was tinkling. Smiley)

There were stuff on the side, and I took them out one by one...

...and another...

There's actually two more pictures of the layers being removed, but I seem to have lost them, which sucks.  Undecided But onward to more pictures! Smiley

The item under the cloth was Bella's photo album.

(Sideways, sorry. Smiley)

(Text says: "As if I never existed.")

I don't know if there were meant to be no pictures or something... Smiley

Under the photo album was...

Bella's birthday card for...

...Renesmee. Smiley

Under that was...

Then under that was...

I went: AWW~ when I read the note on top.  Cheesy For those who wonder, it's...a box with a magnetic flap on the side which keeps it closed. Smiley

And then there was something inside, which I conveniently lost the photo of. Smiley I'll let you guys guess what it is. Smiley Under that something was...

iSquee. Cheesy


Switzwerland! Smiley This is all going to make sense after I post all the pics. Smiley

Under the box was a wrapped item that said: "Open this first" (This picture got lost too. Which irks me, really. Dang computer.)

And under that was the rest of the chess pieces (and more forks Smiley) and this:

Okay, on to the first item! Smiley

A Twilight inspired messenger bag! Smiley (I know you said this was easy Iggy, however, as someone who cannot sew for her life, I am motherofallflyingcows-amazed. Smiley)

Close up of the hands and the apple...

...which turned out to be a button! Smiley

And then inside I found...

...which is going to be the new home of...(I was going to say stethoscope, but they might steal it at the hospital. Sad) I'll think of something. Smiley

Close-up detail of the zipper:

Intermission: Go on and take a bathroom break or something. Smiley I'd just like to inform you that I actually opened the items first before the photo album and the box. But since I don't have the other pictures to fill in the gaps, I just posted it in the order that they were placed in the big box. That's it. Smiley Thanks for reading all this way. Smiley

So, now for the second item:

A dreamcatcher (Iggy probably didn't know, but I've always wanted a dreamcatcher, and for some reason, I've never bought one for myself. So now I have one. Smiley My partner's Alice-ness level has gone up! Smiley), a bracelet with a wolf charm (did you make it yourself?), and a wooden stick.

Close up of the wooden stick...

Which wasn't a wooden stick but a hidden compartment! Smiley It had a letter inside, from Jacob to Renesmee. Smiley

Okay, on to the third package!

More birthday cards from the Cullen family (and if you haven't guessed it yet, yes, the theme seems to be Renesmee's coming of age birthday. Smiley)

"Hey, Ness. I wish you a blissful coming and halting of age. You know I won't be around all the time to watch over that tempernamental pet of yours, so please do me a favor and make him wear what the humans call a mood ring. We all love you. P.S. I wasn't trying to offend Jacob, but if he did find offense in what I had to say then that's his own personal issue."


"Hey, Nessie! Sucks that you stopped aging at thirteen. You would just loathe taking middle school over and over again; and I didn't need my visions to see that. Well, hope you enjoy the beginning, and well, the end of your teenage years! I love you so much!"

"My dearest Renesmee, nobody in this world could be more beautiful than all of us combined. I love you."

"Nessie, please do us all a favor that your parents forgot to accomplish and save us all the trouble; use protection. We wouldn't want another hybrid of a hybrid. You know I love you."

"To our dearest Renesmee, A pair of voucher tickets for you and Jacob. Part of being one of us is that you get to experience the world to its fullest. So why not start as soon as able with the person you love? Our deepest love on your special day."

"My Renesmee, no inanimate prensent in the world is enough to show you how much I love you, but since your unongrinal mate thought it'd be the greatest idea to get you something your mother already acquire, I thought I should do the same. Your father and friend."

And this is what he gave Renesmee:

Which, combined with what Jacob gave Renesmee, forms:

A Bella's bracelet! Cheesy

I don't have an action shot... Sad But, rest assured I'm wearing it when I go an watch the movie. Smiley

Okay! Group shot! Smiley

Okay, Red is for/from Bella, Blue is for/from Jacob, and Green is for/from the Cullens. Smiley Am I supposed to be Renesmee?  Huh Not that I'm complaining.  Wink



It's very well thought out, and there's a story to it (which I appreciate Smiley).

I got very spoiled, and I love everything, and I'm still grinning from ear to ear.

I'll probably write you a longer letter in a PM, but now I'll stop because this is a waaay long post. Smiley



(and again and again and again and again...and again...)

You are most definitely getting something for Christmas. Seriously.

*virtual BIG HUG and  Kiss Kiss Kiss*
on: October 07, 2008 12:54:02 PM 
Started by mandustries, Message by dip_n_dot
Relevance: 19.8%
Holy vampire fangs Batman, my package is here!!!!

Ps-Used camera phone my bf was going to help me use the new video camera we got that takes pictures too, but he couldn't do it soon enough......sorry.

I received yesterday, but I am now have time to put everything up. I don't think anyone could smack the expression off my face when I opened my package I thought I was bouncy last Friday it could not nearly sustain the uber bounciness I had yesterday......Erica(pardon my language) you are the SHIT!!!!!!

My awesome Cullen Crest bag in GREEN!!!!!!

Inside...my DS and Zune I got for my Bday...i'm addicted.

What other than to go with my bag....an Alice wallet made of Duct Tape!!!!!

Inside is red.......I love Alice!(Alice is my Queen)  Cheesy

My beautiful Poppet. (Haven't named her yet.......probably Bella.)

Her bag that matches mine!

Plus her very own collection of the Twilight Saga!

My Apple Orchard candle.....I LOVE candles I actually make them the one inside the white skull I made the other skull is a candle I got at target!

My super shiny picture frame with the Twilight Cast.....I like shiny things!

My freakin sweet shirt!!!!!!!! I look goofy don't laugh.....

Did I mention how sweet my shirt is?!!?! When the movie comes out i'm sooooooo wearing it when i see it!!!!!!

She also sent my a birthday card.......

I laughed so hard(its so true)!!

Inside was this....she had made it from my wists list using shrink dink the original idea is from this..
I am framing it instead of wearing it as a necklace cause I can't have jewelry on at school.

Group Shot.

i LOVED everything I received thanks for making my first swap and my birthday AMAZING!!!
on: October 06, 2008 01:05:26 PM 
Started by mandustries, Message by semicharm86
Relevance: 19.8%
My turn!
(My photos never turn out that great, I need a new camera and some photo-taking skills hardcore!)

The front of the most amazing shirt ever!

The back of same shirt:

the shirt is way cooler than a regular tshirt, it's got a boatneck and elbow length sleaves! I couldn't get a good action shot.
super awesome hand painted buttons being modeled by my purse:
(the bite me one is my fav)
super awesome picture frames:

(individual shots)

one side of a cute pouch that held my Bella's bracelet (I'm going to use the pouch for change)

other side

My Bella's bracelet!!!

letter and envelope:

and owl charm extra, because she knew I love owls!

thank you so much, idignerfherders!
on: October 11, 2008 02:03:36 PM 
Started by mandustries, Message by mandustries
Relevance: 19.8%
Photos! Got my package from semicharm86 today. Yay for recycling packing materials. Wink

I opened the box to find this:

An amazing, hand-sewn Alice bag. Love it!

Inside the bag was a little surprise:

An awesome necklace with interchangeable resin pieces, one of each book cover and then one of B&E.

Continuing along in the package:

Two awesome plaques with great sayings. I'm hoping to move into somewhere where I can have my own craft room soonish, so these will get a place of honor.

And a really neat photo frame, with another of my favorite quotes.

And then the card. I love chandeliers. Specifically stenciled ones. Pretty sure my partner was channeling the littlest Cullen. Wink

Group shot!

Thanks so much semi, I love it all!
on: October 20, 2008 07:57:44 PM 
Started by mandustries, Message by iggy.boy
Relevance: 19.8%

I hope people still check out the galleries because everyone needs to see the greatness that is lairsa Seriously, what a great package. Anyway, on to the pictures.

I left for Vegas on Friday knowing that my package was in the delivery truck. I couldn't stall my mom a little bit longer so I wouldn't be tortured over the weekend and worry about the condition and whereabouts of my package. Thankfully, it needed a signature so I got around to the post office 2 minutes before they closed.

So, I open the package and the first thing I see is this AMAZING doll Alice stuffie.

No words can explain how freaking adorable this stuffie is and I'm pretty sure everyone can agree with me on this one. In her letter, she told me to "explore Alice". Being both slight green minded, I knew exactly what she wanted me to do and alas, I was right.

NOW NOBODY CAN STEAL THIS FROM ME. Alice has been branded. 'For Iggy From Lairsa 2008'

By the way, these were the letters she gave to me. Including a unwrapping instruction. You'll find out why later.
So, first. She wanted me to open Alice (Not really much to open, but she was clutching a book that had a little story inside.

Then, she wanted me to open her medium package which turned out to be 10 bookmarks. In my questionnaire, I said something about needing a bookmark because I usually just use some random piece of paper like a receipt or money or just crease the page I left up on. Now I can finish the novel I'm reading PROPERLY and NEATLY.

Action shot of the bookmark ... or ten!

Bookmark Quotes[/u]

"I'm the world's best predator aren't I?

Everything about me invites you in --

my voice, my face even my smell.

As if I need any of that!"

Edward Cullen "Twilight", p. 263

"Go play with Edward. I have to get to work."

Alice Cullen "Eclipse", p. 614

"Are you still faint from the run?

Or was it my kissing expertise?"

Edward Cullen "Twilight", p. 283

"It sounded like you were having Bella for lunch, and we came to see if you would share."

Alice Cullen "Twilight", p. 346

"Bella, I've already expended a great deal of personal effort at this point to keep you alive. I'm not about to let you behind the wheel  of a vehicle when you can't even walk straight. Besides, friends don't let friends drive drunk.


You're intoxicated by my very presence"

Edward Cullen "Twilight", p. 284

"Try not to trip.
We don't have any time for concussions today."

Alice Cullen "New Moon", p. 441

"After a century of self gratification, I found self discipline



Jasper Hale "Eclipse", p. 301

And the bests for last! Smiley

"I have to step out for a second.
Don't do anything funny while I'm gone.

Emmett Cullen "New Moon", p. 26

"I'm sure you'll ace your classes ...

apparently there's nothing interesting for you to do at night besides study."

Emmett Cullen "Breaking Dawn", p. 491

"So it's still standing? I would've though you two had knocked it to rubble by now.
What were you doing last night, discussing national debt?"

Emmett Cullen "Breaking Dawn", p. 490

Wow, that was hefty. Anyway, the last and final package!

Jasper!!! Not only that, a keychain Jasper dressed up as a little Asian boy! (Yes, his hair is braided.)

And the two books appropriately titled "Alice and Jasper in Wonderland" had a little story inside!

Ain't that the cutest?! By the way, your mom shouldn't have worried that you were making dolls for a guy because 1) Alice and Jasper for the win, obviously and 2) with craftmanship like yours, who can turn anything you make down? I can't believe how much work you put into this. I recently picked up knitting needles and a crochet hook and see which one is for me. Crochet is definitely the hardest of the two and all hats off for you, missy.

Rest assured, I will not be sending your stuff back, because there's not one ounce of dislike. I love everything. And no need to worry about crafting me the 'side' characters. I really could care less about annoying Bella and her love triangle if it involves my favorite characters of any book series. (Minus Luna Lovegood, of course.) I really had fun being your swap partner and I hope I run into you in other swaps as well. Once again, thank you so much for such an awesome package! Everybody needs to comment on how great she is! She deserves it:)

on: October 23, 2008 05:25:15 AM 
Started by mandustries, Message by Silvana
Relevance: 19.8%
I gooooot my package! YAY!
So here it is in all its fabulous glory.
This is gonna be alot of photos, Smiley sorry in advance.

Sooooo first I had said I would like stuff for the house/cooking.  So she gave me an awesome recipe for sugar cookies, complete with little side notes from bella like "will make 6 dozen cookies [if the pack doesn't get to them first]" and along with it came...

A rack of Twilight themed cookie toppings

L to R - Stars and Moons over Forks, Hair of the Wolf, La Push Sea Shells [I think they look like the stones from the beach], and Vampire Sparkle.
The shells are my favorite.

And then of course the coolest wolfy cookie cutter!

Next came this wrapped up paper with a wax seal, which when I opened revealed a map of Forks!

Then there is my Twilight bling hehe.  I have an inkling her Twilight loving daughter had a hand in this  Wink

She also made me this nifty candle with all sorts of Twilighty images, including the movie poster!

And this last piece is my second only to the cookie kit in my favoriteness hehe
My own Bella bracelet!!!  Wooo wooo!

I think it looks pretty nice with my engagement ring don't you think?
on: October 03, 2008 09:23:30 AM 
Started by mandustries, Message by elwynceltic
Relevance: 19.8%
I went to town this morning to mail my package, come home and find the one from my partner (our resident birthday girl dip_n_dot) sitting on the porch just begging to be opened. I did contain myself long enough to actually go inside before tearing into it. I apologize for the pictures in advance, my rechargeable batteries are dead, the charger is at my grandmothers, and the store brand batteries I have at the house will not even turn my cam on, so for now all I have a webcam pics.

First I have a loverly t-shirt commanding Edward to dazzle me. And since the shirt says so, he must do it!

Then she made me a replica of the first book cover out of perler beads. I am amazed at this, as I can't make things from patterns look right with those darn things Smiley

As well as an apple key chain -

I also received an apple charm, where the red is actually slightly glittery when you look at it up close (which is wonderful because I am actually going to get a cell phone tomorrow and it will have a new home). Beside it is a clay heart pendent for either turning into a necklace or hanging from a rear view mirror. I think I am going to hook it to my book bag so I can have twilighty goodness at school all day.

Finally, I am a proud owner of my own beautiful Bella Bracelet. I didn't really want to take it off to take the picture, but the darn camera wouldn't cooperate with an action shot.

The heart is pretty much what you see, but I just had to include a close up of Jacoby- wolf cuteness

Thank you for everything dip_n_dot!!! I hope you like your stuff as much as I loved mine Smiley
on: October 05, 2008 04:01:02 PM 
Started by mandustries, Message by MissTee_2
Relevance: 19.8%
PREPARE to be jealous people because Avian Flight REALLY outdid herself.

First Off, my Team Jacob shirt...

It says "Imprinted" on the back. It is so well done.

A stenciled Twilight bag complete with crocheted apple.

Handmade stamps that I am going to stamp my books with.

The pretty box my very own bracelet and wolf charm.

A group shot. There is also a picture frame and some magnets.

I cannot beileve how thoughtful this package was. She really outdid herself. Thanks for being a wonderful partner! Ill take an action shot of me in my tee when I get around to it....

on: October 15, 2008 04:54:24 PM 
Started by mandustries, Message by midgidgirl
Relevance: 19.8%
I got my package of Cullenshield and I'm totally in love!
Everything she made is awesome Cheesy
That's whatI saw when I opened the package:

1st thing I opened was this cute bracelet. It contains a small crystal heart, an apple and a bone Cheesy

It's a great Bella's bracelet Smiley
Next I found this awesome shirt, it sparkles like thousands of stars in the sky or like vampireskin;)

It became my favourite shirt immediately Wink
Then there was this supercute wallet with bone lining Cheesy
I love the pattern of thefabric on the outside, I'm going to take it to the next ball in dancing school Smiley

And after that I found another shirt, it says "Team Jacob" and has lovely pawprints on the back Cheesy

And last but not least a picture frame with a foto of th beach of La Push with 2 more fotos to change:)
The fotos are beautiful Cheesy

And a group shot of everything

Thank you soooo much Cullenshield, I really love everything Cheesy
Hope you get your package soon and like what i crafted for you Wink

on: September 28, 2008 07:38:50 PM 
Started by mandustries, Message by Lunamione
Relevance: 19.8%
I receved my goodies today Grin THANKYOU SARZ!!!!

Here is the letter she wrote: 

I also got some cool Alice and Jasper bookmakrs Cheesy

And a nice Twilight box with two keyrings inside!

A Breaking Dawn one and a Crystal heart like Bella has! I'm not sure where I'm going to hang them yet, maybe on my pencil case or on my Ipod.

Next is a lovely Edward quote framed scrapbook page, I think I'll hang it in my room Cheesy:

This one is my absolute favourite!!! I LOVE IT Grin It is a Twilight singlet top. I put it on straight away and havent taken it off all day!

THANKYOU SARZ!!!!! Cheesy Grin
on: October 01, 2008 05:35:53 PM 
Started by mandustries, Message by sarz
Relevance: 19.8%
I received my twilight goodies today! Cheesy Thanks so much Lunamione, it's all really great! Each thing was seperately wrapped really nicely and i was gonna take a picture before i opened them but i was too impatient!

First, a gorgeous Edward as the lion plushie sitting in the meadow! It's soooo cute!

Next is a twilight pillow case! I'm gonna put it on a pillow in the middle of my bed! The front:

and the back: (a cullen family crossword)

A Twilight Headband! Very clever idea Lunamione!

A Twilight Door Hanger! (One side says Welcome and the other says "Not now, I'm too busy thinking about Edward", lol)

Forks High School Student Cards! She made them quite big too so i can use them as book marks! :

Here's Edward's closer up:

A Twilight Apple Pendant! I think I might put it on a chain and wear it to the Twilight Convention in Melb in December!

Thanks so much again Lunamione! xoxo
on: October 06, 2008 06:32:55 PM 
Started by mandustries, Message by t33ng1rlsqu4d
Relevance: 19.8%

i came home from band today and found a package waiting for me.

i was too excited to take pictures before ripping it open, but the things inside were cooler, anyway.

first of all, i want to thank staygolden for a great swap. it was her first and i hope it was a really pleasant experience for her.


now, on to the goodies.

first is an adorable trinket box, painted red and decorated with the cover art of the thai books. (the thai covers are my favorite. they're so colorful and gorgeous.)
lucky me, the box matches perfectly another jewelry box i received in a previous swap!

next is a fabulous bookmark with one of sammie's favorite quotes on it.

one of my favorites too, i might add.

this should come in handy with all of the reading i have to do in english IV AP.

i love the colors.
and i love how the braiding on the tassel is absolutely flawless.
i wish i could braid like that.  Tongue

next are buttons.
these are some of the cutest buttons ever.
seriously, i love them.
especially the edward buttons.
and the jacob buttons.
and the fire and ice buttons.
oh wait.. that's all of them.

next is a pretty necklace with twilight related pendants/charms.

the big pendant is a little frame with two pictures of the cullen family from the movie cast.
i couldn't get a decent picture, but you get the idea.

and oh, how i love the last item.

i absolutely cannot wait for the stupid texas weather to get colder so i can wear the gorgeous hat she made for me.
the color and texture of the yarn are fantastic.
and the buttons are cute.

she made it by loom knitting.

(and by the way, sammie.. i learned to loom knit long before i ever learned to really knit, and i still prefer loom knitting.)

by the way, for you to assume that the last picture is in any way edited, lacking the slightest bit of authenticity, or just plain fake...

is both insulting...
and absolutely correct.

haha, kidding. just thought i'd play around with my photoshop skills.

hope you enjoyed them!
i sure did.

thanks again sammie!

can't wait until you get my package. Grin
on: October 06, 2008 07:02:25 PM 
Started by mandustries, Message by missemily_86
Relevance: 19.8%
I got my goodies Saturday!  This was my first swap and I am so glad it was a Twilight swap.  Thanks to Rebecca for the amazing crafts Smiley

A Twilight Bookmark

A Keychain "When you can live forever, What do you live for?" (Sorry for the bad picture, shiny things are hard to capture!)

This book is amazing, she scrapbooked the lyrics to Muse's song Time is Running Out

Finally a plaque she painted.

Thanks again!  Everything is awesome, can't wait for you to get your package!
on: October 05, 2008 04:24:53 PM 
Started by mandustries, Message by Cullenshield
Relevance: 19.8%
Teasers for Tinka! My flash isn't working, so the teasers are extra blurry for extra mystery!  Wink

Hopefully these pics didn't make you seasick! Instead maybe a little curious?

I can't wait for you to open the package!!!! Grin

on: October 23, 2008 01:17:28 PM 
Started by mandustries, Message by Bunnikins
Relevance: 19.8%
WOO HOO!! I received my package this afternoon!! I had promised to wait until daughter got home from school, so we opened it together. I had to fight her off, because it is such a great package!! You are very talented Silvana!! I love everything. Everything was tied to some of the best quotes in the book: I got a great T-shirt with one of my favorite ideas on it; the coolest and cutest key chain pair featuring a lion and a lamb; a beautiful bookmark that is an amalgam of the Bella bracelet, a journal (which is great because I am a writer!) and a set of magnets featuring the Cullen clan (and one werewolf!!!--he has always felt like family after all!)
I'm sorry if my pictures don't do justice--it was dropped and hence doesn't do close-ups very well!

the whole package

the shirt

the key chain and bookmark

the journal

the magnets--sorry for lame pictures

I wanted to be the swap angel simply for the good karma and I got that and more!!! I love everything! Thanks so much!!
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