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on: January 04, 2008 05:04:19 PM 
Started by Star217, Message by feralfeminine
Relevance: 5.8%
Pretty amazing stuff this week! Some yarns that really jumped out at me were Lufah's Big Pink, Miss Violaceous' bamboo, the Vintage Post-Apocalypse (great name!), and the bruised banana yarn is GORGEOUS. I also like Algae, Polar Nights, and Brown Cow. Whew.

My yarns this week:

Greenery - really bulky organic cotton with sections of  shiny lime green bamboo. I'm so glad I tried this, because bulky cotton is awesome!

Nestling - Spun from chemical-free falkland (merino-cross) wool, farm wool, kid mohair locks, tencel/linen, mohair, and bits of sparkle plies with tan thread strung with about 5 felted "eggs" in white, pale blue, grey, and pale grey-brown.

Panama Jack - crazy patchwork yarn. Yay!

Dollbaby - this is actually two separate but sort of matching skeins. Super chunky 2-ply spun from handpainted merino-cross wool and my own handcarded batts, with lots of bamboo and sparkle and big shredded muslin bows. I'm going to spin more for myself, because I thought up a good pattern for it!

Clara - self-striping yarn spun from soft chemical-free merino-cross wool. The colors stripe once and don't repeat, but there are two matching skeins.

Castle of Ice - spun from pale seafoam bamboo with hints of blush pink, grey and purple sparkle, and white ingeo puffs that I got at JoAnns - it was being sold as eco-friendly fake snow. I don't know if I recommend it for spinning, but I was intrigued by the texture, which is very fuzzy and almost wool-like.

on: January 04, 2008 08:06:27 AM 
Started by Star217, Message by Lufah
Relevance: 5.8%
One of my new year's resolutions is to spin at least one skein of yarn a week - I've got to work through my stash somehow!  So far I've done pretty well.  Here's this week's goodies:

High Plains Drifter - mainly BFL roving I got from my friend Katie (Etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=111769 ), with a little Lincoln wool and berry colored mohair mixed in for shits and giggles.  140 yards, 8 3/8 oz.

Bertie Bott's Everyflavor yarn - I have no clue what is in this yarn.  I must have combined a bunch of rovings together and then lapsed into amnesia, because I have no memory of combing these roving balls at all.  I know it was done recently though, so that's a little disturbing.  All of the Christmas Chaos must have gotten to me.  Anyway, this is 4 3/8 oz and 156 yards.

Big Pink and Emergency Back-Up Pink - I wound up with 2 skeins of this because it wouldn't all fit on one bobbin.  I combined some wool, mohair, tencel, and tussah silk and spun the big fat ply, and then decided to ply it with some of the tussah silk spun thin by itself.  Because of all the silk and tencel in this, it's really shiny, and it's cloud soft.  Total of 170 yards and 8 5/8 oz. (Gomerriffic, my Big Pink yarn wants to come play with your 80s yarn!  Smiley )

Also made a little owl out of some woven handspun:

Currently working on a pair of socks out of Lufahsman's handspun:

And Lufahsman and I got our nifty handspun yarn display unit mounted to the wall in our hallway!

Woo!  That's it for right now.  Yay productivity!
on: January 04, 2008 09:04:01 PM 
Started by Star217, Message by determinedimprovisation
Relevance: 5.8%
My first Fiber Friday, woo!!!

In short, I found a beautiful antique wheel on vacation over the summer, bought her, shipped her home, and had to wait until Christmas to use her.

Estelle is very proud to be in tip-top shape again.

This weekend I gave her a good cleaning, rubbed her down with mineral oil (so lusterous now!), and got this whole double drive thing figured out.  She threw the drive band a couple of times, but she seems to have warmed up to me now.

I present her first yarn in decades, and my first "real" yarn ever:

First bobbin of singles

Plied, and very full

Modeled by Estelle


Details: approx. 40 yards, worsted to super bulky, mill ends with some pinkish shiny bits I believe are angora.  I don't know if I'll dye it or not.
on: January 04, 2008 08:32:11 AM 
Started by Star217, Message by Miss Violaceous
Relevance: 5.8%
I got a wheel for christmas and spent the days off between christmas and new year's simply churning out yarn!

First, some bulky plan ol' wool to get used to the thing:

Then, some bamboo roving. It's navajo plied out of necessity because the fricka fracking single wouldn't stop breaking:

Also, I spun up some lovely Fleece Artist 65% merino/35% silk roving into a two-ply worsted to bulky weight.

I have one more, but the pics aren't uploaded. Oops. Smiley I'll post it later on.
on: January 04, 2008 07:13:32 AM 
Started by Star217, Message by Star217
Relevance: 39.2%
How-do all my fiber addicts, its the first fiber Friday of '08. I have three to share this week
280 yards mohair worsted weight singles spun using a modified long draw

I love the way it looks but hate the feel of mohair any ideas on what to do with it?

300 yards of Merino/Tussah Silk 50/50 spun short draw and 2 ply.
"Tactile" - Named for the feel, not the look

I love merino/tussah and would sleep and snuggle up so warm in tons and tons of it.

160 yards 2 ply Merino X from batts from Mandalinn pulled into roving and spun with a modified long draw
"Mermaid Dreads"


And finally a FO crocheted from this alpaca that I spun cleaned and prepped myself awhile back

Even with the holes its super warm cause its alpaca!
on: January 04, 2008 06:44:25 PM 
Started by Star217, Message by Tinkerbellforever
Relevance: 5.8%
feral feminine:

aah. Dollbaby and Ice were my favorites this week. looovely.
 I pretty much love everyone's yarns this week. so much gorgeousness.

here are mine, finally!
didn't get the wheel up and running yet [last part is on it's way, I think, though! yay!] but I couldn't wait any more, so I spun up what I had. I honestly don't know how anyone has a fiber stash..must have more money than I do. I run out of fiber far too often.

this week's three are all natural, yay [I'm in love with natural colors at the moment]:

first we have chocolate baby:

a bit blurry, sorry about that. I was eager to share and missed the sunlight, so these pictures will have to do.
chocolate baby is dark brown llama from a baby llama's first shearing. it's wicked soft and so light! it's a very airy yarn, about sock weight though it varies a bit more than I'd like. haven't set the twist yet, and I'll probably try to get it to felt up just a bit so it's a little stronger...the roving was so airy I'm kind of afraid it will break. Undecided

next we have hay and snow:

that's what the colors made me think of, anyway. hay bales covered in snow.
this is light brown baby llama roving plied with some of my natural white that's been laying around begging for something to be done with it. so I used part of it to attempt cabling for the first time, and the rest to ply with this. it's very squishy. Smiley

and the last one is mystery grey:

so named because I ordered a wheel part [one of a couple necessary to fix my baby!] and this was thrown in as a freebie. I've no idea what it is but it's lusciously soft and spun up really really evenly and smoothly. I adore it and want more, so I'm going to email and ask!
I would imagine it is merino, but I'm still limited in my fiber experience, so who knows? it feels a bit lighter than merino. ah well, we shall see.
love all the yarns this week and hopefully by next fiber friday I'll have wheel spins to show you guys! I love my little spindle but I'm ready to upgrade. Smiley
on: January 04, 2008 10:33:34 AM 
Started by Star217, Message by phantomssiren
Relevance: 5.8%
oh great start to the new year everyone! I love Mermaid Dreads and Big Pink especially Smiley

This is my only offering this week and my first vaguely successful attempt at plying a yarn with anything.

"Vintage Post-Apocalypse" spun from Earth Goddess by [email protected] then plyed with dustygrey thread and various beads. Theres a LOT more sparkle in there than the photos show.

on: January 04, 2008 11:17:25 AM 
Started by Star217, Message by Lyme
Relevance: 5.8%
I have a few this go-round:

I think I already posted the stuff on the left, but I'm not sure. Anyway, more superwash merino. Intended for socks, but I think I ended up spinning it thicker than usual the past 2 weeks since I'm getting less yardage.

The one on the left here is all 'scrap' superwash. Basically, I had one colorway I dyed up that only had about 2 1/2 ounces, so I ripped off chunks from other colors I'd dyed to get it up around 4-5 ounces.

And some sheepshed mill-ends dyed light yellow with hints of maroon, although the maroon does not want to show up well in pictures. It kinda looks like a bruised banana. This came out thick-and-thin overall bulky.

on: January 04, 2008 04:16:28 PM 
Started by Star217, Message by tristitia
Relevance: 5.8%
I'm not sure I've ever posted in a Fiber Friday  Huh  But I'm always stalking them!
I got a drum carder for Christmas, and immediately carded together the few solid colored wools that I could find:

I made 5 batts, about 2 ounces each.  I've spun three of them so far:

Heavy worsted weight.
I thought the yarn would be scratchy, because the green and the red are both just kinda low-grade wool blends that I was experimenting with dyeing and felted a little - but it's quite soft and very very squishy!
on: January 08, 2008 01:27:23 PM 
Started by Star217, Message by mullerslanefarm
Relevance: 5.8%
This is from Carol Lee's #1 wool roving.  A deeper burgandy than what shows on her page.  Paul fell in love with it immediately and asked for a toque.  There is 366 yards of double ply, about 16 wpi:

This is 481 yards, about 25 wpi. I carded about 50/50 corriedale with the blue from Carol Lee's #1 wool roving.  The pictures don't show the true color, which is more a purple than a blue.  These will be knitted into socks for me:

A bulkier weight, heavy worsted double ply, about 220 yards.  It is Carol Lee's olive green #1 roving carded with Carol's black mill ends (that she always throws in for free).  The bits of yellow, orange, red are randomly placed soy silk:

on: January 04, 2008 01:22:00 PM 
Started by Star217, Message by bananasplit
Relevance: 5.8%
I haven't posted in a while.  I've get so excited spinning something that I go and knit with it before the next Friday, so can't show any skeins.  But I've been so busy, I haven't knit anything with my yarn lately.  This is Corriedale spun into singles; I named Polar Nights; I think only about 80 yards, but I really like it.

Star217 - Do you have any tips on spinning mohair?  I just bought some and am not sure what to do with that tangled, clumpy mess.

As usual, I love everyone's yarns.  How can I not?

on: January 04, 2008 03:12:00 PM 
Started by Star217, Message by nicolassa
Relevance: 5.8%
Lovely yarns, as usual!
I think my favorite this week is actually Star217's finished object.  That hat is just to die for, chica.  So wish I could knit worth a whit. 

Anyway, I only have two yarns for the week:

Paintbox Merino/Targhee/Rambouillet wool mix.  Nice 'n' lofty.  210 yards, 3.2 oz, 9 wpi.  Kinda bright and orangey, but I think I like it!

How Now Brown Cow  Reminds me of a cow chewing its cud under a blue sky.  100% 80s merino, 133 yards, 4.0 oz., 7 wpi. 

Happy New Year, everyone! 
on: January 06, 2008 06:18:38 PM 
Started by Star217, Message by Thenutmeg2000
Relevance: 5.8%
Ok- so I know it is way past friday but I am going to include my pic for the week anyhow. I spun this up over the last week on the drop spindle and then used my wheel to ply. Long story- wheel goes only one way because I can't seem to figure out how to keep the stupid bolt  that was used in the correct place to go both ways- It tightens the opp. direction-whatever-The fiber was from a yummy swap "Can you make yarn out of this.." and my buddy was Christy_Cooper. Go Christy!! Also- I have never made a plied yarn so it's my first. I used the top of the spice jar to seperate the plies..

Here is what I started with- a neato assortment of wools and a silk cap, some tussah silk
and here is the finished product

the pics are also on the Swap Gallery but I am sorta proud of it so I wanted to share it... Grin
on: January 04, 2008 07:39:43 AM 
Started by Star217, Message by Gomerriffic
Relevance: 5.8%
I was so excited last night finishing this up because I knew I could participate in Fiber Friday!  Grin I got this roving in the 12 days of christmas swap. It's superwash, silk, a bit of mohair and sparkle. I love it! Plied back on itself 475 yards, sport weight.

I call it  I love the 80s. These were some of the colors I was obsessed with in the 80s, that and checkerboard. You can't see the sparkle so much but it's super sparkly.
on: January 04, 2008 12:09:46 PM 
Started by Star217, Message by ivycircle
Relevance: 5.8%
Phantom- I love that yarn! I spun Wonkaville this week.

 It's 65 yards of Super Bulky Merino in Brown, Burgundy, Pink and Purple. I'm saving this one for a DS cozy for my new Nintendo DS. Grin
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