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on: March 07, 2008 07:28:18 PM 
Started by ghilie, Message by Eliea
Relevance: 33.3%
Fixing Pointy Toe Syndrome or Poppet Plastic Surgery:
If your poppet all ready has toes scroll down the where the bold text is and start from there.

Ok you will want to load your needle with thread and knot the end. Trim the tails off the end so you only have a knot on the end and then follow my directions:

Ugly pointy toes. Now Insert your needle about a half inch from the edge from the bottom of the foot up to the top. This will keep the knots on the bottom of the foot where they won't be as noticeable:

Bring needle all the way out of foot then back down to where you put it in in the first place when pulled tight this thread across the foot will create the toe. I like to reapeat this step at least once more for security.:

Now poke your needle back in the same spot at the bottom of the foot, but this time bring it up on the opposite side. Your needle will be on an angle. Don't pull the thread tight here:

Now repeat the same process used earlier to create the toes. bring your thread across the front of the foot and down to the bottom. Poke the needle in directly under the same place as the top thread entered. And bring it back up through the foot:

see cute toes are starting to form:

Now we can start to fix the pointy toes!
If you have all ready made your toes start from this point!
Poke needle into bottom of foot where toe was formed and bring it up in the point.

Now poke through the point:

Pull tight on the thread.

You'll notice the point comes down forming a nice round toe!

Now keeping tension on the thread fasten the point down.

When you are satisfied with that point move to the other point. Here's how to do that. Insert needle from point to bottom of toe nearest this side of foot:

don't pull the thread tight! now insert needle from that same spot to the top of the toe on the opposite side:

Now Insert needle from top of toe to point.
You can now fix this side in the same way you did the other. knot your thread when you are finished then insert needle from and angle to bottom of to nearest this side of foot. Clip thread

 and admire your now cute rounded toes!

See the Difference? Smiley
Hope that's helpful!
on: December 07, 2007 10:40:26 PM 
Started by ghilie, Message by craftewoman
Relevance: 33.3%
Tutorial for Cherry's dress.
*note* Pantaloons tute can be found in Leonardo's thread on making pants. Just make top and bottom longer, so that it can be gathered.

Lay your poppet on a piece of paper. Mark 1 inch above waist and 1 inch below where you want the first layer of skirt to fall. Cut out rectangle of paper, and mark on the side to place on fold.

Lay first paper onto second paper and add 1-2 inches along bottom (depending on how long you wan the second layer. Mark fold like and label piece.

Lay poppet on new piece of paper with base of neck even with top edge of paper. mark waistline and 1 inch on either side of waist. Make a rectangle, connecting lines. Cut out rectangle. Your rectangle should have the longer edges at the top and bottom.  Make a diagonal line to cut across the top left and right corners. If you wish you can fold your paper to make this symmetrical. Make a shallow curved line at top edge, and another for the armholes at the sides stopping approx 1/4 inch from the bottom edge of the paper to allow for seams. This is your back bodice piece.

Place folded back bodice piece onto new piece of paper. Trace around, adding 1/2 inch on straight edge. this allows for seams and overlap when dress is put on.

When assembling the dress, sew with right sides together, the bodice pieces, lining and shell, around the neck and armholes leaving bottom, underarm and shoulder pieces open. Turn and iron. Sew shoulder and underarm pieces with lining pieces facing each other.

Hem both skirt pieces. (I did a scalloped edge on my top skirt.)

Right sides together, sew sides of skirt pieces. Zig zag edges. Turn and iron. There will be a  small piece of the under skirt that will need to be cut across and turned the opposite direction as the overskirt and then tacked. This is difficult to explain. You'll know what I mean when you get there. Gather top of skirt. Sew to bodice with right sides together. Add a ribbon sash or not. Dress can be worn both ways. If you put the opening in the front, I suggest ironing the collar down so that the lining show.

So how was this tute? Clear as mud? Well, sorry I tried. Feel free to PM me with questions.
on: February 28, 2008 05:33:22 PM 
Started by ghilie, Message by ClonedBravo
Relevance: 33.3%
AlwaysInspired- Maybe feathers instead of yarn hair?

I also made these dresses (Ghilie's design)

this dress is similar, but the bodice doesn't have a curve.

My sister's poppet, still unnamed

 My lady based on craftewoman's Elenore

and my poppet wearing the asian inspired wine bottle cover (She barely fit in those arm holes!)
and Saffire in a new top and skirt

sorry there are so many pictures, couldn't resist!
on: June 09, 2008 08:41:18 PM 
Started by ghilie, Message by graverobbergirl
Relevance: 33.3%
Okay...I'm a little bit of a latecomer to this awesome group of poppet-makers. Personally, I had been resisting, having numerous other projects to tend to. But my friend came to visit and I made the mistake of showing her ghilie's ingenious and supercute creation, and she fell in love with them.

A trip to the thrift and dollar stores, $3 and a couple days later...

A Poppet was born!

Nekkie Poppet

Nekkie Poppet Silhouette (with more accurate depiction of hair color).

Dollar-store hair doodad dissected and recycled as Poppet hair (sported by friend)

First Outfit (based on Simplicity pattern for full-sized people)

Second Outfit (jean skirt, blouse, and brocade duster-thing)

This was a collaborative project. My friend cut them out and machine-sewed most of the pieces (I did the tail) and we bother stuffed them. I sewed up the body parts, sculpted and attached them. I also embroidered the eyes, attached the hair, made the dress, shirt and finished the brocade jacket with bias-tape. My friend cut out and pieced the jacket together and made the jean-skirt (all by herself! Have a biscuit!)

I believe that she still has not named her and would appreciate recommendations...

on: February 02, 2009 09:15:08 PM 
Started by ghilie, Message by Seraphina_de_Sangre
Relevance: 33.3%
Hey guys, Littlezo asked me to write up a tutorial on how to make a crocheted poppet top, and so here it is. I hope it will be helpful for others too:

1.) Start out with a chain a little bigger than your poppets stomach. I recommend a g hook for most yarn but if you only have bigger/smaller hooks you can use those if you want.

2.) Crochet into the second stitch, all the way to the end, turn and repeat. IMPORTANT: Make sure that after the first two rows that the chain reaches all the way around the poppets back and touches.

3.) Keep going until you reach one row before your poppets waist. If you started at the waist skip this step. You can, if you want, make the shirt a little more fitted by decreasing a couple of stitches for 2-3 rows and then when the waist starts to widen again go back to the original number of stitches. Continue until you reach the underarm/bust and end.

5.) Now you should have something that looks like a smaller square-like shape, on top of a rectangle. I used hdc here. Continue turning, you may want to decrease every now and then for a snugger fit, until you reach where the top of the bust would be. At one end, pick up about 3-4 stitches to make the strap, continue in the same fashion of crocheting and turning until you get a length that goes up to the shoulder, I decreased once. Leave a long string when you finish and cut the yarn and repeat for the other strap. You wont have to end and pick up a new yarn for this strap but you will for the other.

6.) You're done! Use the same colored yarn to weave into the back and tie the sides together like a corset and tie the stings that you left hanging off of the straps behind the neck. You can add sleeves, in theory (a little difficult, I haven't attempted to yet).

on: March 24, 2009 07:28:43 AM 
Started by ghilie, Message by ClonedBravo
Relevance: 33.3%
Hope these pictures help, if only a little bit!

Got your fabric? How about your poppet?

Cut out the pieces. I didn't line the top, but you could if you wanted to. And I only cut out 2 for the skirt, not 3 like the pattern directions say to. Since your poppet has no tail, I'd just cut out 2 pieces for the skirt, like 2 fronts. I placed the top parts on her chest to see where'd they go to allow me enough room for the snap.

Give the top pieces a very narrow hem, stitch together right in front, and gather the bottom edge.

Sew the skirt pieces together, adding elastic on the back and leaving open on one side for a snap closure. Makes it easier to get the dress over her hips.
I gathered the skirt front top to fit the bodice gathers and sewed together.

Plenty of room for a snap!

And room here behind the neck for a snap!

I didn't hem the dress because the piece I used I got in the poppet swap R3 and it already had a selvedge edge. It'd be pretty to hem and add lace or ribbon tho!

Hope this helps, Guinivere is a bit of a camera hog, so noe I've gotta make her twin, Genivive, a new outfit. (Nezbutt made them both for me. SHE ROCKS THE POPPET!)
on: October 30, 2009 04:13:01 PM 
Started by ghilie, Message by teag
Relevance: 33.3%
Here's my third poppet- I used a polyester one way knit with silver flecks that had a former life as dress- here's her head

her body

completed poppet

I sculpted her lips, I would have liked them to be a little thicker but I am really pleased with how they came out

I am really excited about her dress and hat

they started out as this

a child size witches hat bought at the dollar tree
on: November 10, 2009 02:11:33 PM 
Started by ghilie, Message by teag
Relevance: 33.3%
My First poppet was born in November 2007 , and at that time I had trouble with the hair (shown here)
as a result her second photo shoot with her poppet left her without hair

after reading through this thread I was both happy and sad to realize that I was not alone, but I knew there had to be a better and faster way to accomplish this

I recently completed my third poppet featured on page 1051 and really liked the hair much better than my first poppets, but I still struggled with the methods I used and felt it was too fussy and time consuming, and while I am usually a patient person who lives to craft,lol, some methods just seem to frustrate me,This last time I used the book  and tape method as I didn't have any freezer paper and unfortunately the tape won, for a little while,

 At a recent trip to JoAnn fabrics I came across this book:
Doll Fashionistas: Beautiful Dolls and Ultra-cool Fashions You Create With Needle and Thread  by Ellen Lumpkin Brown
in there she created a loom for making hair wefts, that turned out to really good with just a two step process: wrap and sew

I was inspired to create my own loom based loosely on her idea

 I made this loom out of regular corrugated cardboard and an Axacto  knife with a sharp blade

using packing tape I sealed the two edges running vertical to the sewing guide to aid in removing the yarn from the loom after sewing, just make sure you save the guide piece you cut out you will need it during the wrapping process
The finished loom, simple, huh?

to use: replaced the sewing guide piece so you have a solid piece of cardboard,this will keep you from bending the cardboard as you wrap, ensuring your wefts are the same length as when you started wrapping, Begin by first tying your yarn around loom as shown about 1/2" down from the top of the sewing guide (held as shown in the first diagram)

start wrapping the yarn firmly but not tightly until you get to the bottom of the loom and tie your yarn at one edge of the loom

carefully slide out the sewing guide piece to sew your weft begin at the closed end of the sewing guide and sew in the sewing guide channel to the open end of the guide

 after sewing your weft this is what it will look like

carefully remove the yarn from the loom

fold weft in half at thread line and sewing 1/4" from your folded edge

The finished weft measures 6" length-
you can vary the fullness of your wefts by varying how closely you wrap the yarn- closer together will result in thicker hair, a little space between your hair will be thinner, allow the yarn you use and the look your after to decide how to wrap

 if you desire longer or shorter hair you can make a larger or smaller loom just make sure your sewing guide is 1" wide to accommodate your sewing foot

with this method I wrapped and sewed my hair weft in less than 5 minutes
I hope this helps anyone who has struggled with hair, If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'd only be too happy to help

on: August 10, 2010 10:38:36 AM 
Started by ghilie, Message by beth8144
Relevance: 39.1%
meleriffic - There are patterns I have come across from all sourts of crafters here who have been so great about sharing thier patterns Thankyou. Here is the pattern I use for my male poppets. I dont change the head but I do put the stretch side ways. I also if making a strong man I add a little more curve in the bicep and thigh area. But you might want to elongate it slightly for a Abraham Lincoln Doll.

 For the clothing for the Ringmaster poppet I made (not the body pattern I used for the male poppets I have made.) I altered these patterns.

Hope this is helpful.
on: December 12, 2010 01:48:26 PM 
Started by ghilie, Message by ghilie
Relevance: 41.9%
Hi!  First, I'd like to say welcome IsikkahJai and SheRa and Sirius are both awesome-sauce.  

I should be writing my ten page final story for my class, or finding my books for next semester, but I am putting it off and trying to make an alien instead.  I'm working on a three piece head for it right now.  Note that after this week I have plenty of time, but apparently I prefer to neglect my studies.  Roll Eyes

My original sketch.

First usable iteration (the others have become dog toys.  i have stuffing all over the floor.)

same pattern pieces, but the grain is now side to side instead of up and down

the second one looks more like the sketch but it still isn't quite right.  Also, I like that two very different results come from the same head.  You could make cute aliens or traditional aliens.  

I also made a punkin.  I made it out of this incredibly soft and unforgiving fleecy stuff I got at Joanns.

on: May 28, 2008 01:19:47 PM 
Started by ghilie, Message by nezbutt
Relevance: 33.3%
I had a half made head sitting here with me so I finished sewing it and took pictures.

First you want to take the two head pattern pieces and trace them onto freezer paper and cut them out. Then you iron those pieces onto your fabric(no pictures yet) and sew around the front of the face(where the nose is) and the back of the head(leaving the spot open for turning later). Cut out the pieces and they will look like this:

With right sides together pin the front and back head pieces together matching the seams


Sew all the way around with a 1/4" seam allowance.

Turn inside out from the hole in the back of the head(ooooh look at the pretty deformed head!)

Does that make any sense? I cant always tell. Sometimes I talk and all that comes out is jibberish
on: April 01, 2009 02:14:18 PM 
Started by ghilie, Message by amigurl55
Relevance: 33.3%
I made a quick photo tutorial.  I'm a visual learner myself, so stuff like this really helps.

1) Cut your yarn and place it together.  Make sure its as close together as you can get it so you don't end up with gaps in your hair.

2) Cut a strip of fusible interfacing.  Make it so its the same length as your, um, hair grid(?).  Place it fusible side down onto the yarn.

3) Fuse

OK, I admit I wanted to show off my cute iron.

Make sure the interfacing is fused onto the yarn

4) Sew.  I like sewing interfacing down so I can see what the yarn is doing as I'm sewing, but it may be better for some machines if you sew interfacing side up.

5) Tear off interfacing and attach hair to poppet

I hope this helps somebody.

littlezo- interfacing helps make fabric more sturdy.  Its used a lot in purses and stuff.
on: January 04, 2008 10:20:57 AM 
Started by ghilie, Message by 1CrazyStitch
Relevance: 33.3%
Here are some pics of my dolls (finally) sans arms, eyes and clothes. I'm waiting on my delivery of eyes and joints arriving today. Sorry about the quality of the pics. I'm buying another digital camera with a week and will post better pictures.

on: January 14, 2008 05:29:54 AM 
Started by ghilie, Message by hello vera
Relevance: 33.3%
Introducing my very first poppet, who is as yet un-named.
Shes full of mistakes, but that makes me love her even more.
I couldnt find most of the materials (being in the UK) and so improvised- not the best idea!

Please ignore the loo roll in the background, I have a cold and am full of snot (I know, Im such a classy bird!)

As you can see, my lack of suitable materials have resulted in a wonky faced ET/feline looking head. The poor thing is crying out for eyelids, but I just cant get the material to jam down the sides of the eye fixings. Am half tempted to paint them on!

...which looks fine from the side.

As I could not find any doll joints (damn being in the UK) I used the eyes to joint her, which resulted in biiiiiggg hips which stuck out too much so had to be sewn around the joint to pull them in a bit. 

Crappy mobile phone shot without macro, (Ive no idea how to flip the photos the right way around).

Finally, thankyou Ghille for sharing the poppet pattern, the woman is a goddess.

on: January 17, 2008 04:19:09 PM 
Started by ghilie, Message by AlwaysInspired
Relevance: 33.3%
Introducing Ollie and Ellie BFF's
These little girls are for my little sister (for her 7th Birthday) and our cousin. They are best friends so I thought they needed best friend poppets!
Ollie is the green one she is for my sister and Ellie is the brown one she is for our cousin.
They like to tell secrets

Ollie is outspoken (like my sis) She likes to dance in her tutu and she always wears blue polkadotted boxer short under her tutu. My mom made both of the girls maryjanes thanks to the tute on the poppet along thread!
Here's Ollies backside so you can see her hair, boxers, and tail better.

Ellie is a bit quiet, but still a little wild girl  Wink She likes her bumble bee dress and her little white eyelet pantaloons. She has a headband of purple roses too.

Here's Ellie's backside too.

Both girls have 4 finger and 4 toes. I'm a newbie seamstress and I found this pattern to be a snap. The tutu is made from a tute on crafster (sorry can't find it), The boxers and pantaloons are a modified version of Craftewoman's pants tute. Ollie's halter top is my design. Ellie's dress is also my design. They each have a pearl necklace on to show that they are best friends forever. Ollie has blue roses and tulle hair ties and Ellie has a purple rose headband with braids in the front of her hair.
Hope you all like them.
Any comments/questions welcome!

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