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on: February 02, 2016 07:44:00 AM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by that1girl
Relevance: 63.1%
i found this doll at the goodwill , she was wearing baby clothes that were to big
im giving here to my niece who will be three soon. So i wanted to make clothes that a kinda easy to take off and such. these clothes are by no means fully finished, they have some raw edges exposed. and im fine with that.

i made a top and made the size 12m pant the right size

newborn onesie turned shirt, and a pair of pant

dress is a preemie pattern that i made a little smaller. and the diaper /panties are also preemie made smaller. i had to play around with the patters to make the fit.

have to go post more later

on: April 28, 2016 03:29:44 PM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by that1girl
Relevance: 63.4%
a few mittens for "mittens for cold hands"


i messed up on my counting for this one so i just finished up this small portion and sewed it to a tote bag i found at the thrift store


i made this bag for a new knitter at my knitting group. she was carrying around her projects in a paper bag and it got a hole.



i didnt like the way it looks on me, im going to donate it


It's a Sunny Day Shawl by Annelies Baes

on: April 29, 2016 12:05:58 PM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by yofi
Relevance: 63.4%
Doing a quick dump of items far more in the works but I cant reveal them yet!

22. Pi Daze
Of course, you know I had to celebrate March 14th with a pie-a-palooza at work.  And we did! We had apple pie, butterscotch pie, lemon chess pie, and chocolate pecan pie.  What we did not have unfortunately, was pictures.  L

23. Almond shortbread selection
I did manage to get a picture of some of the almond shortbread variations I made for some friends who cant/wont eat gluten straight shortbread, snickerdoodles, toffee chip and jam thumbprints.

24. Retro dishcloths
I joined the fake craftalong for dishcloths, as I had made any in a reeeeeally long time.  The first turquoise and white one I cast on was rather large, but that just makes it more useful, right? 

I made another set in red and white, using the Mason Dixon Linoleum pattern.  I love it!  A bit more time-consuming to knit, but its very nubby and textured.  Just what you want in a dishcloth!

25. Taco party
We have a lot of interns at work, and we like to do something special on their last day, usually cake or pizza.  But Michelle often brought us cookies and cakes from her job, so we had to do something a little grander. So we threw a taco party!  I made guacamole, salsa, refried beans, chopped lettuce and shredded cheese.  I cooked the beef and turkey fillings before I left the house, and a co-worker cooked lime fish, while another stood over the hot plate warming tortillas.  It was a great time and you would think with all that work, I would have managed to get a picture!

26.Tiny Kodama
Ive been on a bit of a Miyazaki kick lately, and have also wanted to play more with polymer clay.  So, I made a dozen kodamas, the little tree spirits from Princess Mononoke. 

Some of these are headed to a special project, but some will pop up in terrariums.  And some of them have special properties

Hard to take a picture of glow-in-the-dark objects with a little phone camera!

27. Toffee chocolate chip cookies
Still spending time in the woodworkers shop every week, and paying my way in baked goods.  The toffee chocolate chip cookies were particularly popular

28. Chibi totoros
Miyazaki again, in a different medium, these are the little white forest spirits from My Neighbor Totoro.  #4 needles were not fine enough, #2 needles were not fine enough the smallest of these is under 2 tall, knit on #1 needles.  Whew!

29. A skein of snakes
One of my best friends loves snakes, and so Ive been experimenting with snake jewelry.  These pendants are getting closer

30.Gluten free oatmeal raisin cookies
Who knew there was such a thing as gluten free oats?  And that you can make your own oatflour?  And that gluten free oatmeal raisin cookies were so tasty?  Well, my friends do, now!

on: June 20, 2016 09:39:55 AM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by J_Kieviet
Relevance: 63.6%
Here comes a MASSIVE project dump.
4. Nieces birthday cake
5. Owl for arts In the orchard program.
6.winter duvet set.
7. Totebag and dress.

8. Five Hawaiian shirts.
9.embellished thank you cards.
10. Tote bag set.
11.vision board.
12.mom's prd costume.
13.hoody for myself.
14 . blouse for myself.
15. another blouse for myself
on: July 19, 2016 11:17:14 PM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by smileyyogini
Relevance: 63.8%
Lindy that shirt is amazing. Love the shark!

Freakie..HI!!! That sheet is awesome. I tried to make a crib sheet once for my now 7 year old. Did not look nearly as good as yours. There was alot of tucking in. LOL I was new to elastic.

I have been away knitting and teaching myself to dye yarn. I was considering dying some up for an etsy shop but figured I should work on developing a style. Its been a really fun journey. I have more yarn on the way. And more colors. So awesome!

So I have a big catch up post for here. Smiley

I crocheted some fingerless mitts and a cowl. Its in a bulky blue and brown acrylic yarn. Worked up super fast.


I fabric painted a celtic heart onto this book bag.


I knitted this hat. Its colorwork in acrylic yarn. So much fun!

These are felt danish woven heart ornaments on a cardboard background.

This is a red box that I painted and then applied star shaped glitter. I love this glitter. Everything should have star shaped glitter on it, IMO.

I got this idea from KittyKills pinterest. I tried to copy but felt is always harder for me than it looks.

This is some Christmassy fabric garland.

This is a little plastic bauble ornament that I decorated with some glitter and ribbon. (Yep. More star shaped glitter)

I crocheted this dishcloth. Its lily sugar n cream in a seashell pattern. It worked up super fast and it feels nice and sturdy.

Then the undyed yarn arrived. I have been elbow deep in acid dyes. Here are a few of my favorites so far!

This one is light aqua with a grassy green speckle to it.

This is a glitter yarn that I tried to make look "galactic"

This is what I dyed over the weekend.

There is some varigated purple glitter in the back on the left.

And there is a "sunset" themed ball.

And in the back center is just a hot mess. I tried to make it shrimpy pink with some black speckles. My goal was "shrimp on the barbie"...but the shrimp burned. WAY too much black. So I tried to fix it with a nice dip in some dark purple dye. Its not a total loss. It will make some nice warm socks. The colors are a little masculine. Blues and mauves and browns. Maybe for my older son for Christmas? Cheesy

I love the one on the front left. Its purple and fuscia and it turned out very vibrant. Im thinking shawl?

on: August 15, 2016 12:42:32 PM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by yofi
Relevance: 63.8%
I love those colors!  What is the yarn?  It looks very soft and poofy, like chenille.
Heres what Ive been doing Its been a tremendously busy summer, I havent had a lot of time for crafting.  Ive spent most of the weekends out of town, helping my sister get her house ready to sell (doing all the things they never got around to in 25 years!), helping with my mother, and helping my dad recover from knee replacement surgery.  But I have a few things to report!  (Warning: theres a lot of dessert ahead)

24. Scone pudding
My boss is a terminal scavenger.  Most days he makes his rounds of the campus, collecting discarded letterhead, office supplies, fixable equipment.  One day he came back with three huge trays of leftover scones, bagels and croissants from an administrators meeting.  We ate the bagels and croissants for the rest of the week, and then, on a dare, I took home the rest of the scones (several pounds worth!)  and made several pans of bread pudding with a little dark rum.  It was delicious!  (We had a tray at work, and I took two pans worth to families in my neighborhood.)  Recycled food never tasted so good.

25. Fabric journal pages
I had a blast with the fabric journal swap!  (Ill post some of the pages Ive made for myself later this summer.)  My first page was for our own Alwaysinmyroom.  She and I had very similar interests, and exchanged similar pages.  I was really inspired by the gentlework website.  (http://gentlework.blogspot.com/)

I was a little intimidated making a page for Wulf, because he does such beautiful and intricate work.  I ended up scaling back my initial idea tremendously (I may return to it later this year) but I was pleased with the final project.  And he got the Bee-ch visual pun!

26. Pecan pie/rhubarb crumble/sugar custard pie
I warned you lots of food.  I try to make something to take every week to the carpenters shop where Ive been working on Wednesdays.  This skips some of the redundant cookies, handpies and bundt cakes Ive posted before.  But these were pretty good, even to me.

27. Shahada embroidery and framing
These were probably the oldest unfinished objects Ive had.  Im not even sure how long Ive been carting them around just six rows shy of completion!

The design is taking from a mosaic inscription in an (Iranian?) mosque, that I saw once in a magazine article.  In a very stylized script, it is the shahada, the Muslim profession of faith.  Ive always had a tremendous respect for Islam, and Im proud to have these apart from their artistic value.

But theyre also pretty to look at!

28. Lemon sour cream pound cake
Yep.  More food.  What can I say?  The carpenter likes dessert!  This has lemon oil and lemon zest in the cake, and more lemon juice in the glaze.  It was the best kind of mouth puckering sweet!

29. Knitted knockers
This is the first installment of an on-going project.  Last year I learned about the Knitted Knockers project.  Apparently prosthetics for breast cancer survivors are heavy, sweaty and expensive.  Some brilliant person discovered that knitted and stuffed bewbs fill out a bra perfectly, and are lightweight, dont chafe, and cheap and easy to make and distribute.  Last year I made a dozen; this is my down payment on that total this year.

Probably one of the silliest and most useful things Ive ever knit!

Ive just wrapped up a really big furniture project and will be posting that as soon as I can take pictures, but I wanted to share my summers FOs with yall.

Craft on!

on: August 27, 2016 12:32:56 PM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by LadybugsAndBumblebees
Relevance: 63.9%
I'm expecting company to be coming over soon, so I'm going to post as much as I can now, and finish later if I have to.  Here goes:

This box was for my partner in the 'Unbirthday Swap'.  She mentioned on her questionnaire that she liked nesting dolls.  I happened to have some nesting doll fabric in my stash-I had purchased it with the intention of using it to make some TM patches.  I was going to make a nesting doll dottee for her out of it, but the fabric didn't lend itself to that.  So when I was out at Michaels one day with my DD, I saw the wood box and thought it would be a perfect thing to use.  The top is colored with sharpie marker, the dolls cut out of the fabric, and the side of the lid colored with sharpie marker.  I then coated the top with Elmer's glue.  I used the fabric for the sides and used the glue again to both to attach the fabric to the box and a coat over the fabric for durability.  I colored the underside of the lid with orange colored pencil.

This owl was also made for my partner in the 'Unbirthday Swap'.  She mentioned she liked Harry Potter in her questionnaire, so I went with that theme too.  I'm really proud of this.  It's supposed to be Harry Potter's owl.  I studied how a snowy owl looked online several times so I got the way they look done right for this item.  I think I did a really good job with that.  Of course, he has a Gryffindor scarf  Grin, and I used HP themed fabric for the back of the owl.  The pocket holds four pieces of cloth with each of the different Hogwarts houses. They go into the pocket in the back of the owl.  If the sorting hat is busy, then you can just put your hand in the pocket and pull out the name of the house you are supposed to be in!   Grin  (I felt very clever for thinking of that idea as well.  Roll Eyes)

I have a TON of yarn for various reasons, and am very motivated to give back to my Temple, which has done so much for me and my family.  Here's another blanket I made to donate to the Chinese Auction in November.

I don't know if this can count towards the '50 Projects' but I'm going to try anyway!  Wink  My younger DD really ran with the 'Pinterest Mondays' this summer and always wanted to tackle the biggest project she could.  This time, she wanted to make a rainbow layer cake.  As you can see, we used regular white cake mix from a box, and then we used food coloring to make all the colors of the rainbow.  All went well till we baked them.  They seemed to be taking a long time for such a thin cake (you use only 1/2 the cake mix in each pan for each layer, so the layers are thinner than a regular cake).  We did the "crumb" test, and they seemed to be done.  Sadly, they weren't.   Cry  But-there's an upside to this failure....I had used the extra cake batter and put it in a loaf pan and cooked that.  That came out fine so DD used food coloring to color the icing and made a rainbow cake that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on: November 08, 2016 10:01:50 AM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by LadybugsAndBumblebees
Relevance: 64.1%
Trina, I know that you've been thru the wringer over the years, and I'm so happy that you are feeling better and back on Craftster!  Smiley

I am so sorry my friends, but I do have more scarves to post.  Hopefully during next year's '50 Projects' thread, my fingers and hook will want to make something different than scarves!  Roll Eyes  Anyhow, here goes:

These will be donated to a nearby church that has helped us in the past.  They have a soup kitchen that serves the community and inside the building, they have shelves where they place items for the people they serve to take for free.  I thought I would tie the hat and scarf sets together with some festive ribbon and the people who go to the soup kitchen could each take one.  Many of them are homeless or I see them riding a bike in the cold...

The last 'Red Scarf Project' scarf:

TBH, I was getting tired of crocheting using just red yarn.  I also had to limit what I sent due to postage costs and the fact that I was including 2 $5 gift cards with each scarf.

Some TM patches I made for myself:

I love the artistic freedom in making these and how quickly something beautiful can be created.  I also keep envisioning what I am going to make with the end result!

Kittykill and I did a personal swap months ago.  She had posted an otter themed hoopla that I really liked and I asked her if she would swap with me for one.  She did, and enclosed a chocolate bar in the package that had the embroidery in it.  Unfortunately, the chocolate melted and got on some of the fabric.   Cry  Luckily, I saved it by taking it out of the hoop it was in and re-purposing the embroidery into TM patches!  I created it into a wall hanging for DH for Xmas:

Here's some close-ups of the different parts of it:

(DH loves food...especially grilled food and bacon-can you tell?  Grin)

(DH also likes squirrels and I've had this button hanging around for ages, waiting to be used for a project for him.)

I don't know if this type of project can be considered for one of my '50 Projects', but I'm so thrilled with how it came out that I want to post it anyway!  Grin  Here goes:

I suffer from anxiety and depression, and I had had a bunch of what is now on this board thumbtacked randomly on the wall behind my computer; as inspiration and happiness for me as I work my way to improved mental health.  I don't like things being so messy, plus I had so much more I wanted to add to it, so I purchased a huge bulletin board and arranged all my photos/notes/inspirational sayings, etc... that I like.  It has made everyone in the family smile.  Annnndddd....if you look closely, you may see some things that fellow Craftsters have sent me!  I am blessed!

Since this is crafty, and is a craft inspired by a photo we found on Pinterest, I hope that I can post it here.  DD loved the photo I had found and replicated it on her Halloween pumpkin:

And check it out, what happened when DH vaped into the pumpkin!--->

I don't know the chemistry of how this works, but when DH vaped the smoke into the pumpkins we all carved-even the ones with bigger, typical, carvings; the vape smoke came out of the openings in the pumpkins for a good 3 minutes or so.  It was sooooo cool!

I'm so sorry for the project dump, but I just haven't been able to get myself motivated to post till now.  Also, many of the things I make, the supplies were generously given to me from other Craftsters...in swaps or just in friendship...it makes everything I create so much more beautiful and mean so much more.  Thank you!
on: December 15, 2016 06:04:17 AM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by LadybugsAndBumblebees
Relevance: 64.2%
The bumblebee cross stitch is the "bee's knees"!  Grin
I love the HP wreaths!  They are very elegant!
And I have finally watched the HP movie where his mother says: "Always" to him, so now I understand the reference and why it's used on so many HP crafts!

I want to cry  Cry, Craftster logged me out just as I clicked 'post'.  I had uploaded a ton of photos.  Sadness.  Oh well, here we go again:

The fabric used in this TM patch came from what I used during my 12 yo DD's FIRST BIRTHDAY!  Shocked  We had a 'food' themed birthday b/c she liked to eat so much!  Grin Wink  I had found some nifty, small, wooden picnic tables somewhere, and used the fabric to make miniature tablecloths for the tables.

This was a scarf I made for a friend.  The second photo is of the button I attached to it.  You cannot see your previous row's stitches with this type of yarn, so I kept on having to count each stitch I made across so that the scarf would not come out wonky.  My friend loved it, so it was worth it.  And I love those buttons!

The aforementioned DD had asked me to make her a dotee.  She chose the fabric.  I'm pretty proud of how it came out, considering I don't think I'm very imaginative in that way.  The second photo is of the back of the dotee.

Hat and scarf sets to donate to the church.  Much sadness abounded in my heart when I tried on the last hat I had made and realized that it was so small, it would only fit a child.   Cry  I also have wore myself out with the donations I have done this year.  I think in 2017 I am going to focus more on swaps and making things for myself.

Again, the aforementioned DD watches a lot of you tube videos and had seen one on how to make leaf flowers.  So during one of our walks, we collected a lot of beautiful leaves and made a lot of flowers.  The close up photo is to show you that they really look like roses!  Shocked  And we've had them a few weeks, and they haven't crumbled yet either.

And, because I think that creating a person is the craftiest thing of them all  Grin (and I don't think I've ever posted a photo of my handsome son  Wink, here goes:

I crafted him  Grin 23 years ago, on the 21st of this month!
on: December 25, 2016 12:46:18 PM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by lindyv321
Relevance: 64.2%
Oh I love that warmer!!

Here is my Christmas Swap project dump
For the Mini 12 Days of Christmas

And for the stocking swap I did take pictures of everything but got a few

Unfinished TM patches for my partner to embellish

Merry Christmas everyone
on: December 30, 2016 05:17:46 PM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by yofi
Relevance: 64.2%
So many great things!  I love the gelato shirt -- it's so crisp and detailed.  For some reason it reminds me of 1970's pop art! 

The patches on the binder are beautiful.  I'm even more impressed by embroidery than I used to be.  And that little bird is so sweet!

Here's getting close to the last of mine for 2016.  Still a few things I haven't photographed, including some gifts I'm really proud of.  But here's what I've got -- going back to last month!

40.  Pumpkin/banana bread
More experiments with food

Pumpkin spice bread with a sweet cheese layer was a hit, and Im still working on the recipe.

41. Slow Cloth/Boro patches swap
I had a great deal of fun in this embroidery swap, trying out a new craft.  I made three very different patches.  I imagine Ill be posting more better work in 2017!

42. Meringues
Lots of baking in that last few months of the year.  A bad picture of  ginger and chocolate chip meringues.

Not shown, but even more fantastic rose cardamom meringues.  My new gold standard for decadence!

43. Pies
Thanksgiving isnt Thanksgiving without pies, right? We had pecan, rhubarb/ginger, sour cream apple and sweet potato

But they dont always have to be pies  I had enough filling but not enough piecrust for a third sweet potato pie, so I simply poured it into little ramekins.  I left them in the oven a little longer than I meant to, and the edges began to carmelize a little, turning into this wonderful, chewy, crust.  Accidents like that are the best way to move a recipe forward!

44. Thanksgiving slaw

And speaking of accidents you need something to cut all the sweet, rich, tastes of Thanksgiving.  Hence this impromptu slaw, with dried cranberries, and slivered almonds.  I actually wrote this one down, to remember it for next year!

45. Cushy cowls
If you like to knit, be sure to check out the Purl Soho site sometime.  Their yarns are sumptuous, but waaay out of my price range, but their free patterns are always fun.  (And they like bulky yarn!)  I made this pattern:  https://www.purlsoho.com/create/2016/01/04/cozy-cable-cowl/ in alpaca for my sister, and bulky merino for my sister-in-law. 

46. Winter wood duo
Some Christmas knits start with no plan at all.  I had a boring weekend with nothing to do, and an enormous skein of Scarfie yarn. I still have half a skein of that yarn

47. Cookie plates
Every year I make up a dozen cookie plates for friends and neighbors.  I start by making one kind of candies, or one kind of cookies in an evening.  Like this batch of Danish fruit cookies (4 dozen!)

As soon as I have 4-5 varieties, I start putting together plates, and dropping them off as Christmas Eve gets closer.  The plates are all a little different, depending on what I have on hand, which is great.  Every surface in my relatively large kitchen is covered in cookies for several weeks, which is not so great!  Here's some of the smaller plates for my single neighbors...

Im got a few more things I havent gotten pictures of that Ill probably post Monday.  It's been a fun year!
on: December 28, 2015 12:08:24 PM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by Renstar
Relevance: 63%
Bookmarking my place. Hopefully I will be back on form next year.

List tbc

1. 2015 wip. Concentric squares baby blanket

2. Baby hat, started yesterday, finished 3/1

3. 2015 wip. Denim quilt. (fin. 09/01)

4. Skirt (fin. 26/02)

5. Denim pouf (fin 01/03)

6. Phoenix wall hanging (fin 11/03)

7. Mitts (fin 22/03)

8, 9, Prayer flags

10. Baby quilt
Finally finished, this has taken me forever. I messed up the binding and had to redo it, it's not perfect but it's done and just in time to visit the baby at the weekend
on: April 27, 2016 07:40:08 PM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by texscrapper
Relevance: 63.4%
Holy Weather Batman! It has been quite the week and a half around here. Last week we has tons of rain and devastating flood ..... this morning we had a tornado hit our area. Luckily, we only had minor damage, but many were not so lucky. It's devastating around here right now.

With all the crazy weather, I haven't posted pics  Roll Eyes Here are some of the projects I've done this month. I also "officially" opened my business this month - so many of my projects have been for customers!

Swap for DearBlueBird

Swap for UndertheMountain

Mother's Day Gifts - Custom Pillow Covers

Monogrammed Umbrellas & Pillowcases

Doll & Me Shirt

Sewn Bloomers for a pageant princess Smiley

Various Custom T-Shirts

on: May 11, 2016 09:28:04 PM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by smileyyogini
Relevance: 63.5%
Hi! I updated my post over on #943 with my latest things. Cheesy

I have been a dishy knitting machine lately. Right now I am finishing a quick hat for a young lady that we know.

on: May 29, 2016 12:33:36 PM 
Started by alwaysinmyroom, Message by Smeddley
Relevance: 63.5%
16. Crocheted Bird

17.  Crocheted Mushroom

18. Dog Tug for Ray of Hope Dogs
I volunteer for Ray of Hope, a partner with an Animal Control Department in a nearby town that has Breed Specific Legislation.  We try to adopt out a lot of their Pit Bulls (and other dogs) in our town (BSL free!).  While we sit with the dogs at the adoption events, we play with them, or brush them, or whatever.  So I made a toy!  And I didn't get a picture until it'd be played with a bit. D

19. Felt Egg
During the Shop the Swap, I offered a "Mystery Egg" - a plastic Easter egg filled with misc. stuff.  A claim from overseas was made, and she offered to let me not use the egg, so I could flat pack it in an envelope, and save on postage. So I made her a flat egg!

20.  D&D Character Peg People
I painted these peg people for our Savage Worlds Superheroes game, they're our characters (I'm the Frost Maiden, powers of ice, and there are times I wish I had the Wolverine-like ice claws in real life!). 

21. Crocheted Ballerina

22-23. Tea Wallets

24. Crochet Jareth

25. Crochet Mouse

String of Origami Stars

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