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on: September 04, 2013 11:30:37 AM 
Started by loves2experiment, Message by Zalphinian
Relevance: 57.8%
Okay, I think I've finally figured this all out. So, Im starting with my first house to receive, the one from Teag, which I think of as my little mini castle. Smiley

When I first opened my envelope, this is what awaited me. Isnt the holder just ingenious?

Heres what the house looks like when completed. Arent the front door and little window just adorable?

I love the little picture frames she put in for windows on each side. Totally made my day when I saw those!

Finally theres the back of the house and another one of those awesome handmade windows.

Next we move on to the house made my Allwaysinmyroom. Surprise, surprise, I loved it! Its got a nice little sea side theme. First, she made me this pretty little case to protect the house in the mail.

Next we have a close up of the sea shell walk way she made. Yes, those are real sea shells. How cool is that?!

Heres the front of the house once its all assembled. Isnt it gorgeous?

Heres what the right side looks like. Notice the awesome wave roof she made? I thought that was a perfect addition.

Yes thats another real sea shell. I also want to point out the hand painted scallop edging.

I have to say this is my favorite side. Why is that? Its because I simply adore watching Koi swim around in their pond. Its so serene, and I love having that incorporated into the house. Its like Alwaysinmyroom is psychic!

on: September 03, 2013 08:29:26 AM 
Started by loves2experiment, Message by Sarcastra
Relevance: 57.8%
Fellow Craftsters, I present my Rancho Mariposa!

All of my tiny houses together. First, from Doctor Whaddayoudoinghere, the gingerbread house. Second, from Loves2Experiment, a poetry cottage. Third, from Ninaprettyballerina, a (remodeled) seaside house. Fourth is mine; the only salvageable house from my first batch and fifth, one from the batch I sent to partners, plus tiny critters.

In order of arrival:
From Ninaprettyballerina, who had the minor misfortune of printing out her template at 150%. I really hope you don't mind, but I "remodeled" your house. I took it down to inchie size and reattached all the interior decor. It is really cute!

Front view. The party banners ended up on the roof, but I think it was just that kind of party!

This is the only new piece I added; this side of the roof. The rest of the original roof became a cozy rug inside. This wall previously was all large windows, now only one. Still a good view for the ocean.

Had a heck of time getting this shot, but the inside is all furnished! A full bookcase, a big bed with a runner at the foot, some art on the wall. The party place is decked out.
Thank you, Ninaprettyballerina!

Next in the neighborhood came the lovely poetry cottage from Loves2Experiment.

Front view. I really like this red door. I want this door on my real house.

An Emily Dickinson quote for the side. [Not sure if you knew, Loves, but I am quite a poetry fan.]
Isn't this roof great? It has a wonderful texture.

More celebration! A party banner along the back of the house. My Rancho is rocking.
Thank you, Loves2Experiment!

Third, from Doctor Whaddayoudoinghere, the gingerbread house!

It has been mentioned previously, but the gingerbread is a craft foam so it has a thickness like you would think of for a gingerbread house. The white paint icing is kinda giving me a bit of a sweet tooth. He enclosed a nice card and note, too (not pictured). This cute house came with its own landing pad. Now, all it needs is a witch and a giant oven and I can put it in a dark forest!
Thank you, Doctor Whaddayoudoinghere!

My excellent neighborhood; it is very sweet. Thank you all for the great houses and the great swap. This gallery thread is tiny eye-candy.
on: September 03, 2013 07:24:22 PM 
Started by loves2experiment, Message by Ninaprettyballerina
Relevance: 57.8%
Here are the 2 gorgeous houses i received first from sarcastra!  A gorgeous house with clean lines - i could definitely live in this house!! Loving those inset windows!

The 2nd is from loves2experiment with gorgeous colours and lovely bunting out back!!

check out the tiny little number and the awesome phrase

love em both!!  Thanks guys!! x
oh and of course i dont mind that you trimmed down my in appropriately huge house Wink your neighbourhood is amazing!!

i'll just add to my post so i also received from doctor whaddayoudoinghere - my very own ginger bread house!!

And here is my village temporarily in my herb garden Smiley

on: September 06, 2013 02:04:20 AM 
Relevance: 57.8%
Here's a picture of the neighborhood in it's entirety!  From left to right, we have Sarcastra, NinaPrettyBallerina and Loves2Experiment.

Here's a deconstructed view of Sarcastra's inchie house.

I really love the tiny little details in this little house!  The brick pattern on the side continues uninterrupted all the way around the house, to a degree that is seriously like 1/32 of an inch wide!  It's very impressive, and the color palette gives it a smart classic feel.  Very nice!

Here's a deconstructed view of NinaPrettyBallerina's inchie house.

Here's the deconstructed view of the art gallery side.

Here's the deconstructed view of the residential side.

Here's the tiny line of trees.

Here's NinaPrettyBallerina's inchie house!  It's a duplex, a combination apartment/art gallery.  It looks like a lot of the details are in watercolor, and the paper has nice texture.  My favorite part of this little guy is the tiny windows you can peer through to see the little art gallery's wares.  My second favorite part is the line of trees that accompanied this, it really spruced up the neighborhood!

Here's a deconstructed view of Loves2Experiment's inchie house.

And last but certainly not least is Loves2Experiment's inchie house!  The textures she packed into this house are great!  The walls are a crinkly blue, with a layered brown roof and bold colored windows and door.  Also there is a quote on the side, "Where thou art, that is home - Emily Dickinson".  Also on the back there are tiny little pennant wedges that really compliment the colors and give it a flair of celebration.

I really can't express how incredible these little houses are!  You all outdid yourselves!
on: August 22, 2013 09:44:35 AM 
Started by loves2experiment, Message by blupaisan
Relevance: 57.7%
bushbaby made a wonderful house from Scotland, the land where I plan to retire!
I have pics in abundance but my camera broke about 10 minutes before opening the package...arg!!!!! So here are nasty pics from my camera. Bushbaby, pls repost if you have better (hope you do.)

Scottish tablet yumyum (well, of course it has a bite out of it!!)

Balancing act during glueing time

I will do whatever it takes to make this glorious house come out right. My left thumb does not work, so I did not get the roof perfect...

Done! Soooo bummed that you have to wait to see the awesome watercolor details (hint hint bb!!)

Think it sooo interesting that the wee wall goes only 3/4 of the way around. Artistic or realistic?

I actually sighed when I looked at all the stonework. Makes me long for the days when I was a youth in Scotland

Windows are not perfect which makes them absolutely perfect if ya know what I mean.

Thank you so much, bushbaby. I ADORE this gift!!
on: August 27, 2013 01:59:27 PM 
Started by loves2experiment, Message by blupaisan
Relevance: 57.8%
moniqueramsey made me a cat house! I love it!
Here it is, unassembled. (so sorry for bad pics, my camera broke just days ago)

She enclosed 3 treats from her region (southwest) and there are only 2 pictured here....wonder why!!

Oh, it was a yummy treat! I may break down and let DH have one this eve if he does the dishes.
So the base of this house is a litter box complete with real litter in it!!  Absolutely awesomesauce!

pic of the glueing of the 4 corners
I have been acused of being an artsy fartsy space cadet, but this tops the cake. See how the bottom is constructed -

I put all 4 sections together at the same time, and put a peso in the house to weight it down. Worked very very well. Til I glued the roof without taking the peso out! so there is a permanent bit of money in the house!!  Ah well, works pretty well to stabalize it.

Really am bummed about my camera, as you cannot see the wonderful details here, like kitties peeking out of bushes and windows.

Combo of turquoise above lime green has my heart soaring. Just love it!

Giant fishies by the front door are so cool. So is the corrugated roof.
thanks so much monique for paying such close attention to what would make me really happy and for a great job of crafting.
on: August 27, 2013 07:07:09 PM 
Started by loves2experiment, Message by onecrazymom
Relevance: 57.8%
I received from both blupaisan and moniqueramsey- the final two of my neighborhood!

First- blupaisan:
Directions had me a little worried.... But it came together just fine!

I love that its on a piece of bark- everything came from her property- how cool!!!

Other side- I just love the shingles and the front door- I'm expecting a fairy to pop out of this wee beauty!   Cheesy

Thanks so much blu! 

I got this cutie from Monique!   Plus she sent me some local goodies, too- my kids are getting spoiled as well  Cheesy

I love that she made it a circular house- thinking outside the 'box'!   Wink. I also love the swirls and colors.

Here's the front and entrance.

Here's my whole village- such a variety- I absolutely am hooked! 

Thanks everyone- I'm definitely in for round two 
on: September 09, 2013 10:00:06 AM 
Started by loves2experiment, Message by blupaisan
Relevance: 57.9%
Finally! I got my last inchie house from onecrazymom. Here is what the package looked like upon arrival, courtesy of our USPS

Guessing the thing went to Hell and back, but miraculously the contents were intact!
Here is what was inside...

And here are some shots of it after assembly

I love everything about this kitty house! The paw prints on the base, the wee door that opens (there is a clear barrier with a kitty there) the cool round window, the trees, and all the seriously tiny tiny kitties around the bottom!! onecrazymom, if you have better pics, we would love to see them. My camera broke last week so these are lousy phone pics.
Thank you so much, onecrazymom.

And here is a shot of the neighborhood

What an awesome swap this was!! Please please, let's do many other rounds!!
on: August 10, 2013 06:02:22 AM 
Started by loves2experiment, Message by 85%confusion
Relevance: 57.6%
LimeRiot sent me such a beautiful little inchie house! Thank you, so much!

The front!

The back!

Side 1

Side 2

Even the bottom was decorated...

Check out the sweet little base!

I really love the colors she used, and all the detail in such a tiny space. And did you see how tiny the writing on it was?! Amazing!

Thank you!
on: August 19, 2013 06:31:56 AM 
Started by loves2experiment, Message by Wise One
Relevance: 57.7%
Prepare your fingers to hit the 'THIS ROCKS' button.  Get your drool bibs.  Cause this house designed and created by YOUPIDOU for Woodbury Woods is...  what is it fellow craftsters???  I'm lacking for adjectives.

Inside the envelope is this along with an architectural plan on how to construct

I can tell how cool something is by the husband's reaction.  "MINE.  MINE.  MINE."  He sounded like the seagulls in Finding Nemo.  He quickly read the directions and found the glue.  

The inside is fully designed with various elements designed to be viewed from the open windows and door:
Can you see:
the kitty cat on the table?  
The bookshelves with the ladder?
The woven rug on the wooden floor?
The strand of prayer flags?
the couch with a quilt?

The stained glass is truly a work of art.  Check this out with the light shining through.

See the thatched roof?  That's all individual pieces of thread.  And the cedar shakes?  Again, all individual pieces of real wood.

A wooden ladder.  A rope swing.  Again, all crafted meticulously.  

Youpidou, I can't thank you enough for this amazing piece of art.  Yep. It is one of the coolest things ever made for me.

edit to add:
HAH!  The 'Welcome' sign on the door is so tiny, I can only read it in the photos.  Plus other items.  I keep going back to the real treehouse and looking at more stuff.  Incredible level of detail Youpidou.
on: August 22, 2013 07:33:21 AM 
Started by loves2experiment, Message by alwaysinmyroom
Relevance: 57.7%
I think the swap mods are slacking...flip that Tim Burton house so we oldsters don't have to crane our necks to see!! Grin

I love the colors and the wee trees!

Oh, and the miniature of Squirrel Inn is adorable!  I would love to know how to do the dormer as well!

and, while I admire the other "hoods"...here is the first house in my hood, Cypress Farms! My partner was the fabulous kosmicgirl...and the wee house made it all the way from Germany!!

At first panic set in...whoa, instructions! and what the heck is in that little baggie?

Flat as a pancake...can I do it?

No worries...may I present "The Observatory"!!! Notice the lovely barrel roof!!!

The back--love the clock!

One of the sides; teeny stars! ha ha:

And, this made me laugh so much...adult beverages and tiny houses really DON'T belong together! Grin

Thank you for such a fun and interesting little house...I just adore it! Thanks for swapping with me, kosmicgirl!
on: August 17, 2013 10:08:53 AM 
Started by loves2experiment, Message by Ludi
Relevance: 57.7%
Here's my fascinating house from StickerChic.  Thank you StickerChic for the first house in my Weavers Hollow tiny neighborhood!  Cheesy

on: August 18, 2013 09:49:37 PM 
Started by loves2experiment, Message by goatgoddess
Relevance: 57.7%
got a super cute house from LimeRiot - love the art - thank you so much!



and just got this one - super cool house from 85%confusion - so very nice - thank you so much!



on: August 20, 2013 11:38:43 AM 
Started by loves2experiment, Message by StickerChic87
Relevance: 57.7%
I received two houses today!! Smiley

First, from dfabbric, a Jane Austen period inspired house. It is complete with lace curtains, a tiny seed bead doorknob, and a little lady behind the front door. I love the little detail near the roof peak as well!

Next, from rackycoo, an inchie haunted house! There is a little star near the roof peak, some neat edging around the roof base, and a teensy owl and pumpkin hanging out around the back.

Thanks so much to you both! Smiley

Also, what are you all using to assemble your houses? I've been using adhesive mounting squares cut in half, but my houses keep popping back open. I might try some sort of glue next. Undecided
on: August 23, 2013 12:46:12 PM 
Started by loves2experiment, Message by yoopidou
Relevance: 57.7%
I have received an awesome mossy little cottage from Cackle.

Hey, look at the see through window!

In the beautiful card she sent me, she said it's found in the deep damp heart of an ancient wood.

She drew a beautiful tree on the side.

The shingles are wonderful with their wavy edge. They also are beautifully embellished with an artistic use of colors and drawings.

The front even has a creepy cute spider web.

Thanks Cackle. I love the colors, the graphic designs, the roof "shingles", the huge open window. It's an enchanting addition to my neighborhood.
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