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on: July 05, 2011 01:32:08 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by rorriM_esoR
Relevance: 47.7%
After much impatient waiting, the mailman finally came and delivered my package from AugustBell today.  Good thing my mom went to check the mail when she did, because the silly postman shoved my package in the mail box, and it was already quite warm when we got it in the house, fortunately nothing melted.  Smiley

So first a group shot.

AugustBell sent me an Accio t-shirt, an adorable Honeydukes box filled with goodies, a tiny embroidery kit, and my favorite item - an adorable crocheted bag in Slytherin colors.

The first thing I pulled out of the package was this t-shirt made by AugustBell with my favorite spell, which I think I told her at some point, I can't recall we exchanged quite a bit of information.  It is a tad bit too large, but I have a friend who is a genius at taking larger shirts and making them adorable by cutting and tying them.  Action shot may come later, but couldn't get one right now.  Also I am seriously tempted to add "boy" at the end because my "love life" has been lacking for the past few years, and I know my friends would get a kick out of it.   Tongue

Next thing I pulled out was the Honeydukes goody box filled with all kinds of goodies for the premiere.  

How cute is that box?  With all the little witch hat stickers, adorable.

And inside I found Quidditch Match Snack Mix (looks like trail mix), Ton Tongue Toffee (which looks suspiciously like peanut brittle, but I won't know until the premiere Wink) and Dementor Attack Relief (Slytherin colored M&M's) which broke out of their bag and fell all over the box.  Either that or the poor postman had a run in with dementors and needed some chocolate, in which case I can forgive him, since he protected my package from those nasty dementors.   Wink

Then I found this cute little Harry Potter tin box (which I have to say were it in my possession, it would have never left) which made the blank embroidery hoop make complete sense.  AugustBell sent me a small embroidery kit with Slytherin colored thread, needles, scissors and extra fabric to keep my occupied while I stand in line.  This might come in handy since I will probably be there way before my other friend I am going with and I don't know him all that well, so should things get awkward I will craft.   Tongue

Last, but certainly not least, at the bottom of the box was this adorable bag in Slytherin colors.  I really do love this, though I have to say it will be staying home during the premiere, it is not quite large enough to smuggle in all the snacks I plan on bringing.  Sad  

And a close up of the little keychain attached the bag.

And at the very bottom of the bag I found this cute little guy, who I suspect escaped off the keychain on the bag.  I may or may not add him back, he could be the first charm for a charm bracelet I have been planning for a while, but just haven't gotten around to ordering the parts for.   Undecided

Again thank you for the package AugustBell, I love everything.  And I sincerely hope you like your package half as much as I love mine.  It truly was a joy swapping with you.  Cheesy
on: July 05, 2011 01:53:16 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by ZombriNation
Relevance: 47.7%
I got spoiled!! I mean, I really got spoiled! PirateColey is amazing!! My post might be picture obese so sorry!!!

The box! My boyfriend felt the need to put Perry in my pictures.

The first thing I opened

((if you can't read it, it basically says I named him Snout))

Chocolate frogs and Candy wands! Keeping these alive around my sister and boyfriend is going to be a task!

A close up on the frog in the bag! I really can't wait to eat it!

The coolest earrings I now own! The main thing is now which pair I will wear for the DH2 premier!

The first shirt I saw.. my jaw dropped!! I wanted to put it on right then and there!

The second shirt! Super amazing!!

The glow in the dark Wizards are already on my walls and ceiling. And those tissues will get so much use!

That picture of Hogwarts is a real picture that she took from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The last thing I opened, and possibly one of the coolest things in my room now.

You can't see it because of the words, but there is a snitch in the corner.

Snout ridding in the car!

PirateColey went above and beyond for me! Thank you so so so much! Best swap ever!
on: July 05, 2011 02:16:05 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by ntrebleagain
Relevance: 47.7%
Alright class, prepare your wisting/pinning buttons!  Cheesy

I received from padfoot this afternoon! She has spoiled me rotten. Multiple squees ahead. (You have been warned.)

First are some prezzies from Hermione. She sent a replica of her wand, a Whomping Willow pendant, Alohomora bracelet, and Wingardium Leviosa feather earrings. They along with my presents from Luna (below) were all in a cute Monster Book of Monsters tin. He had bands holding him together, so I risked possibly having my fingers chomped on to get the goodies.  Wink Cheesy

Next are my gifts from Luna. She has included a Hallows necklace and matching earrings, a Butterbeer cork necklace and raddish earrings! I am starting to have trouble deciding which earrings I am going to be wearing on opening night!

From Gred and Forge I was gifted my very own Pygmy Puff! I almost didn't want to take him/her out of the package, it was just too cute! I am taking suggestions for names...  Wink Grin

From Harry I was given a baby Hedwig (from my Wist!  Grin), a crocheted snitch and a cinch bag in my house colors. To my geeky pleasure I found that my dice fit in it, too!  Cheesy

Hagrid had sent me a bag with the Hallows on it. I must admit, knowing who sent it I was a little cautious to open it! What if it had been a blast ended skrewt?!?! Lucky for me it was a Common Welsh Green Dragon.

Last, but most certainly not the least, I was given Butterbeer candies from Ron and some Lemon Drops from Dumbledore! Dumbledore has also sent a baby Fawkes that I am continuing to squee over!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU padfoot for the awesome package. I am ever so grateful for the time and efforts you have put into all my goodies. They will be cherished for many years to come!  Smiley
on: July 05, 2011 03:02:45 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Audania1
Relevance: 47.7%
My oh my! I go to check the mail and come back to find a ton of picture posts! Fantastic packages everyone! I love the Monster Book of Monsters! That pygmy puff  and Hedwig in a bag are too cute! And, though not at all from HP, I adore Perry. Who wouldn't?

Ok everyone, as if your wisting fingers werent' tired enough, get ready to click some more!

My partner was a first time swapper and I just can't believe what a wonderful job she did! She spoiled me rotten (better hope you get her next time, right? Wink )
Here's a shot of the whole kitten kaboodle:

It's so hard to choose where to begin. I think I'll start with Luna, as she is my absolute favorite. NewDay2morrow sent me this fabulous Luna skirt that she copied from one Luna actually wore. I love the t-shirt! That is one of my favorite lines! And the little bunny is just too cute!

 How long it must have taken her to paint it all, I have no idea, but I'm super glad she did! Along with the skirt were a pair of Spectrespecs and dirigible plum earrings (shown closer later). Action shot:

Here are a close up of the lovely afore mentioned earrings:

I've wanted a pair of these for sooooooo long!

This little guy was attached to my flashdrive straight away:

And Harry's snitch. My gosh, I love it. I think I will make him a Christmas ornament, but for the rest of the year, he'll hang on my mirror Wink

All the delicious candies! Oh, you Weasley twins - you just get me!

Now, i was seriously jealous reading the thread and all of you guys were talking all about Entertainment Weekly and 50 pages of Harry Potter. Well, I'm not jealous anymore!

She also sent me an official Good vs. Evil collectors tin with two decks of cards. I'd say that I'm "Decked Out for Deathly Hallows" now! Hahaha *lame chuckle*. Love it, though, since I'll totally have a fun game to play! Smiley

And this I didn't see until the very end. Kind of made me a little sad, yet I love it still:

I think it's gonna get me every time.
Thank you so much NewDay2Morrow! You utterly spoiled me. I truly hope we can craft for eachother again in another swap. Anyone who gets you will be truly lucky! Thank you again!!
on: July 05, 2011 03:32:25 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by NewDay2morrow
Relevance: 47.7%
Alright fellow HP fans get ready to geek out on the amazing package I received from Audiana1.

First and foremost the nummies!! I got acid pops and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans in this adorable crocheted pumpkin.

Next up Molly's favorite tea!! Perhaps it was the secret of her sanity while raising 7 kids!

Next up my very own prophecy contained in a vial in a well protected wooden box.

A letter from Atticus Flemming explaining why I got it in the first place. Here's what my prophecy was:
What you've read and what you've dreamed
You've imagined, but yet to see
The time draws near for one to live
You know his story, what he will give
Though happiness will surely come
'Tis bittersweet, when said and done
A thrill will fill you at the apex
And sadness follow: nothing comes next
Truth be told, you will be fine
As long as you open up your mind
To read those words, or watch again
It will never truly be the end.
(Which is so true! HP FOREVER <3)

A Weird Sisters shirt that Tonks herself would be jealous of.

And finely the most epicly amazing bag anyone has ever seen!!!

Everything is hand stitched!!! Amazing! Not only the wolf but all the wording. Including all the words stitched as the border and on the shoulder strap. It must have taken her tons of time and patience!

Audiana1 you are truly talented! I was so lucky to be paired with you!! Smiley My package is wonderful and I can't wait to show off everything. I had such a great experience for my first swap and can't wait to do it again! Smiley Thanks again Audiana1 for such an amazing package.
on: July 05, 2011 03:47:04 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by edwards1
Relevance: 47.7%
I got the most amazing package today!!!!! You would never believe my partner was a first time swapper, she did amazingly! My husband and I were like kids on christmas opening these! I wish I would have gotten a picture of how awesome she wrapped everything and packaged it, but I was too excited that I....well....forgot!!!! Sorry for the really horrible cell phone pictures =[

Every item came from a character in the book, which made it even better!

First is a deathly hallows bag, I already packed it for the premiere with my other goodies!

Next is a Polyjuice Potion bottle with really pretty smelling wax inside. This was my husbands favorite, he loves the bottle!

Next is this little guy, who I might put on a keychain so I can always have him with me, he is oh so adorable!!!

A plush padfoot so I can always remember my favorite character=]
And I couldn't resist this: Here is my dog Lupin, with the Sirius plushy. Padfood and Moony are reunited once again!!!! It took me FOREVER to get this picture! haha Lupin tends to think that anything plush is his, so I am going to have to hide padfoot! lol

A cute little key chain to show off my house pride!!!

And these adorable bow clips!

Some yummy wands. Upon seeing that there was two of each edible, my husband decided that she must have made some for him too. haha so spoiled!

And lemon drops,Dumbledore's favorite!! haha

Adorable Radish earrings! Which is so funny because I sent her a pair as well =]

And (warning photo heavy!) this amazing box with swoon worthy pictures, and favorite quotes. Even a quote that I am about to get as a tattoo! =]

Inside the box was a great trivia game for me and the hubs to play while we are waiting for the movie to start!

My second favorite thing, my Gryffindor necklace! sooo pretty! And the perfect length!

And my favorite speaks for itself!

Thank you thank you thank you! I cant wait to see how you liked your stuff!!!!!!

on: July 05, 2011 03:57:57 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by kelesaii
Relevance: 47.7%
I have received my package, and it is awesome!
It came with a letter from Headmaster Snape, explaining everything I would need for my last year at Hogwarts.

First, some wonderful treats!
Edible Peruvian instant darkness powder, butterbeer cookies, and acid pops(they only need a freezing charm before eating)
The cookies smell wonderful, but i may need the recipe. There won't be any left by movie night!

Next, a bag to carry all my goodies in! My favorite spell on one side, my owl patronus on the other.
And in my favorite colors of purple and green too! (That green matches the green on my studio walls! Grin)

A frame in Ravenclaw colors. I'll have to get a picture taken with my friend at the movie and put it in here.

But wait! There's more! Ivory wasn't kidding when she said the box was packed tight.
A monster book of monsters!

And on the inside...

Sour Licorice Wands, A set of potions (all carefully labeled), Muggle Studies puzzles, "Magical Photography" coloring pages with color "quills"
Divination prediction sheets, History of Magic quiz, Marauder's map, owl parchment sheets, extra quills, quick reference books
and I hope I haven't missed anything!

And a group shot!

I Love Everything, Ivory. Thank you so much!
on: July 05, 2011 05:39:28 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by AugustBell
Relevance: 47.7%
I received the most fantastic package today from rorriM_esoR!!! I am so extremely lucky to have had such a wonderful talented partner.  I love everything you made me so very much!! You are so awesome!

First is a group shot...it's not that great...the flash on my phone messed it up a bit.

She made me a beautiful music box, owl crayons, a Ravenclaw Quidditch magnet and patch from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a house unity necklace with owl pendant, three pairs of earrings, loaded Ravenclaw charm bracelet, Italian wafer cookies, and lots of chocolate frogs!

First up, the awesome magnet, patch, and owl crayons! The magnet is already in it's rightful place on the fridge. My husband is super impressed with the owl crayons and has demanded that I do not use them and "ruin" them.

Now on the the amazing edibles! She made me some Butter Beer Pizzelles which are Italian cookies that she drizzled with melted butterscotch and they are so yummy! She made three large chocolate frogs and several mini ones. They are a mixture of milk and dark chocolate and have POP ROCKS mixed in. So amazing!

rorriM_esoR made me som absolutely stunning jewelry. I can't pick my favorite. First up the three sets of earrings: A pair of cute little owls, Ravenclaw Quidditch snitch earrings, and Ravenclaw pride knowledge earrings. Fabulous!!

She also made me a Ravenclaw charm bracelet that is out of this world! It's two layers, one is strictly charms and the other is blue and bronze only. It's so wonderful I can't even say how much I love it! I adore all the charms, but my favorites are the wand, rabbit, owl, and mirror!

This necklace is simply stunning. It's a subtle house unity theme with an owl/watch pendant. I absolutely adore this necklace!!!

Action shot:

And finally the Mirror of Erised music box. I love this so much!!! It has three compartments. The center one holds the music component which plays......the Harry Potter theme song!!!!! I couldn't believe it when I heard those first few notes! I am so in love with this box! It is going on my dresser straight away. The two faces represent Dumbledore's saying that men and women have wasted away in front of the mirror. LOVE!!!

I can't say thank you enough for this amazing package! I love everything so much.  I can't wait to wear my necklace to work tomorrow and show off all my great stuff to my other Harry Potter fan friends!

Oh and PS - when I came in the door my cat Neville was all up on the box and all in it when I was taking everything out. He KNEW your kitty had been on there Smiley
on: July 05, 2011 07:12:15 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by SapphireGypsy
Relevance: 47.7%
I came home from a rather long day to find my lovely package, which I wasn't expecting until tomorrow. Thank you KraftyKT for everything and I'm thrilled that you liked your package. Cheesy

Sorry for the less than stellar photos, we're in the middle of moving so lots of things are everywhere and the only place I can get internet to post is the old house... ugh I hate moving.

I hate that I flipped these around on photobucket but they apparently flipped back. *sigh*

on: July 05, 2011 08:45:50 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by bananaleg
Relevance: 47.7%
When i was assigned Opaka, i knew i was in for a great package. And i was so right!

Edibles first. Butterbeer Chips! It was her first time making candy, and it is so good!

I mentioned how much i love cinnamon (by far my favorite of all spices), so she made me some "Cinnamon Squash" cookies! (Also delicious!)

I commented on a painting earlier in the gallery, and she was inspired to paint me this tiny deathly hallows painting.

I actually have a tiny easel that is the perfect size for this! I just need to remember where i put it... I adore the deathly hallows symbol, and the colors are great!

I've had this necklace on my etsy favorites for a looong time now. And then wisted. And now pinned. I can finally take it off!

Her first time making wire jewelry. Can't even tell. It turned out so well! I have been wearing it since i opened my package 4 or 5 hours ago.

I've been wanting some handspun yarn ever since i started knitting (only 6 months, but it feels like forever). Her mom spun this, and the colors were inspired by the Common Welsh Green. I love it and can't wait to use it!

And just wait until you see my wand! Holy crap!

The vines! Are you seeing this? She said it's the first time she'd carved anything like the vines. And it turned out so awesome!!

Group shot:

Thank you so much, Opaka! As always, you were an amazing partner!
on: July 06, 2011 07:47:14 AM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Mistress Jennie
Relevance: 47.7%
My dear partner amor_fati asked me to post pictures of the package I sent her, so here goes...

amor is a vegetarian and prefers store bought foods, so I sent some of Honeyduke's very best Vegan certified chocolate, and some Puking Pastilles from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes (Panda brand vegan licorice bites).

amor really wanted a charm bracelet that represented each of the characters who have died throughout the series.  I thought that if I was making a memorial to them, that I'd prefer it to be serious, but not sad, so I went with black, silver, white and clear beads, with tiny touches of red, yellow, blue and green for each of the Houses, since all of them lost members in the Battle of Hogwarts.  I also tried to have the charms commemorate the best and happiest parts of each of the characters we lost.

The charms include: a full moon for Lupin, wolf for Tonks' patronus, the Hallows symbol, owl for Hedwig, vial of Snape's memories, Hogwarts castle, wizard for Dumbledore (how Harry always saw him, venerable and old in magical robes), courageous token for the trio's journey, socks for Dobby, cemetery gates for  Godric's Hollow, glass eye for Mad Eye Moody, stag for James and a doe for Lilly, Claddagh (symbol of Love, Loyalty & Friendship) for favorite Hufflepuff Cederic, motorcycle for Sirius, and a mischief managed charm for Fred.

To go with the bracelet, a pair of Phoenix Tears earrings:

And to hold her jewelry, a woodburned Order of the Phoenix box:

The pattern was transferred with clear markers, then wood burned.  Stained it in birch and brilliant cherry with wood stain markers, and sealed it with poly.


For the accessory, amor requested a messenger bag to take with her when she goes out bringing her jewelry to shops and boutiques.  She has a very steampunk vibe, so I wanted the bag to represent that, but also look like something that could have fallen out of the Potterverse.  She mostly wears black and brown, so I used black canvas duck for the body, and brown faux-leather for the flap.  It's lined in an antiqued gold, and has burgundy zippers.  The findings are antiqued gold, including the snap on the side cell phone pocket.  All the zippers have charms or tokens attached to the pulls, and the front has a clockwork owl on it, made from various metal bits and bobs.
Front of the bag:

6 pockets on the front of the body:

Detail on zipper pulls, including a Courageous token and a brass lion.

Detail of the clockwork owl:

And since everyone needs a bit of sparkle on their accessories, this is a little piece of purse jewelry to hang off her bag.  Again with a steampunk meets Harry Potter vibe, clock, owl and key charms, red freshwater pearl, red glass heart, and a gear:

Somehow I forgot to get pictures of the tissue holder I made to go with the bag, the Quick-Quotes Quill, and set of HP Puzzels to do at the theatre, or the Hallows bottle cap magnet & Wrock the Vote pin from the HPA.  But I did send similar items to Pinkleo as a thank you for being a wonderful co-organizer, so perhaps she could snap a picture of the Quill and magnet for me.  Wink

If anyone wants copies of the the puzzles I can post them.  I turned them into a PDF and uploaded them to Google Docs, so they are free on the web.  There are word searches, cross words and a sudoku puzzle in there.
on: July 06, 2011 11:51:12 AM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by starryeyeddiy
Relevance: 47.7%
Woop woop! The Owl Post is on the ball this week. I got my package from Minathia that she sent on Saturday:)

Here are my lovely goodies:

Deathly hallows cookies! Super yummy paired with frozen yogurt!


A Death Eater mask, the cookies, and the box that a loaded charm bracelet came in!


Pumpkin juice mix! Can't wait to mix some up:)


And Hermoine's charm bracelet! Love it, and will be wearing it opening night:)


Thank you so much Minathia! I hope you enjoy your stuff as well. I LOVED crafting for this swap and I am kind of bummed it's over now. Guess I will have to craft myself up some goodies to keep me busy lol.

on: July 06, 2011 02:45:02 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by KatMonstah
Relevance: 47.7%
I received alst friday but have only just got round to putting the photos up (it's prodcution week at school Smiley)
So here's what I reveived from mpemporium:
I said I wanted a Pygmy Puff, and here he is! I named him Eugene (school play = Grease and Eugene is my favourite character):

Also a beautifully carved Neville's wand - I wish I had those skills!:

My wearable is a (shiiiny) Ravenclaw Quidditch supporters shirt:

And last but not least for foodsies I got Cockroach clusters, ice mice and fizzing whizzbees (they're very nice and it seems unlikely they'll last another week...):

Thanks for being such a good partner mpemporium, and I hope you enjoy your parcel as much as I like mine! Smiley
on: July 07, 2011 09:35:04 AM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by Quinndustrious P.
Relevance: 47.7%
I received from Skookum on Tuesday--check out the awesome package she sent me!
It started out with a really sweet note addressed to Molly Weasley, who I'm going to the movies dressed up as!
Check out what was in the package--

Lots of edibles!

They contain yummy theater candies, like cookie dough snacks and Jolly Ranchers, disguised in really cute packaging--No-melt ice cream, a Skiving Snackbox, and owl food for this adorable owl charm that I seem to have misplaced my picture of. Oh, and Red Vines--what the hell can't they do?!? (a AVPM joke)
The Chocolate Frogs (chocolate + pretzels) and Chocolate Owl Pellets (chocolate + coconut) were handmade treats! Unfortunately they both got pretty melted in transit, but I stuck them right in the fridge, and I think they're definitely salvageable! Also, I am not above eating melted chocolate with a spoon, hahaha  Wink

Check out the great packaging on the Skiving Snackboxes from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes!

Next up, a glittery DA badge, with interchangeable pictures!  I can't decide which one to wear to the movies, they're all great!

For the game portion of the swap, she provided Horcruxes for me to hide around the house for a scavenger hunt!!
Check 'em out!

I gotta say my favorite of the Horcruxes she sent me was Tom Riddle's diary--Skookum aged it really well, and even carved his name into it!

Next up, a wand that just amazed me! I can't even tell how she made it, it's amazing! Can't wait to bring it to the movies!

And last, but most DEFINITELY not least (In fact, this might just be my favorite thing in the package) is a "Weasely is our King" shirt!
It fits like a glove, and the crown and words are done in this awesome rainbow metallic stuff! IT's got a great little Snitch detail on the shoulder, too. Love it!

Thanks for Everything, Skookum, I loved this awesome package! Can't wait to bring all this crafty goodness to the premiere!
on: July 07, 2011 12:09:59 PM 
Started by Mistress Jennie, Message by dinkime
Relevance: 47.7%
icebyrd67 received on tuesday -- i hope she has some better pics to share, but for now i will show some of what i sent...
gred & forge -- a pair of twin owls

shrinky dink earrings -- fawkes & gryffindor crest

beaded radish earrings

i also sent a jar mix for butterbeer cookies Smiley

it was all from molly weasley

Dear Julie,
   What a whirlwind of activity at the Weasley house this summer!  Even with the insanity that we always have here, we wanted to make sure you had a wonderful package to remember our family by in celebration of the latest Harry Potter movie (he is such a nice young man!). 
First, my twin boys, Fred & George, created some magical friends for you at their joke shop, Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes.  I never could have imagined how well they would do!! The names of your new friends are Gred & Forge.  You can tell which is which by their scarves (like my sweaters for the boys each Christmas), so I would suggest they wear them at all times.  They have been packaged in an exclusive WWW window bag for safe travels.
Next, my youngest child and only daughter, Ginny, used her muggle jewelry making skills to make you a small earring collection.  Now, two pairs used the interesting muggle craft of shrinky dinks (I let Ginny use her magic wand to shrink them).  One pair is in memorial of Albus Dumbledore and his dear pet phoenix, Fawkes.  Another pair is to show house spirit for Gryffindor.  The last pair she crated to honor her friend Luna Lovegood, who lives just round the bend from us..  My son Ronald and his dear friend Hermione (I think they are perfect for each other) helped decorate a small storage box for Ginnys creations..
Last, but not least, is a special treat I made for you!  You will, however, have to do some work to enjoy it as I was not sure how food items would do in the muggle post.  It is a jar mix for butterbeer cookies my own recipe!  A few small additions and you will be on your way to some delicious treats for the movie.
                  Love and best wishes,
                  Molly Weasley
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