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21  Ruffle T-scarf! Rufflicious! --NOW with puppy and bonus RAINBOW version!!1 in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by skullseamstress on: April 21, 2010 03:34:40 PM

After seeing the T-scarfs here: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=342502.0 made by the lovely lindsycarranza, I wanted to give it a try! I am in need of scarves for the first time in my life, since this winter I decided I like them for warmth, and also I have a wool coat that is very nice, but is a bit scratchy about the neckline. I have a fun white spotty circle scarf I bought in honor of my little dalmatian dog I have, but it is, well, spotty, and I'd like more to choose from than just that.

I like the look of this style of the above linked t-scarf, but I was wanting something more "fluttery" than just squares or circles could give. I decided that big half-circles might do the trick! I tried it out with my "ugly" jersey fabric first, just to make sure it would go over well, since I have very little black jersey fabric right now!

Half-circle clearly 'eyeballed' on my cutting mat:

Held up!  Looks good.

I cut out several, and pinned them together, but apparently too far staggered, I wanted more 'all ruffles, all the time" than this.

Ah ha! Pinned more closely together, this does the trick! Time to switch to the real fabric!

I ran out of fabric after around 10ish pieces, would it be long enough! I pinned it together and tried it on, risking my neck in the process! Mind those pins, Sy!

Sewed them together with good 'ole stretch stitch, and viola! Ruffle scarf! Even the side that hangs upside down looks good!

If I wear it thrown over my shoulder, it gives a nice "petal" look, I like it.  Note also the In Living Color "Hated It!" tee I threw on for the photo shoot *giggle!*

Fun project, useful to wear, and took me like 20 minutes start-to-finish! I love me some instant gratification. ^_^

Thanks for looking! If Craftster was a movie, those guys would seriously have to give props. Tongue



EDIT:  I just can't leave good enough alone! Had to make a rainbow version. Many T-shirts gave up their lives to produce this scarf, RIP!

First I cut the pieces out, and laid them on the carpet to be pinned together:

>_> And puppy.

After stretch-stitching it together, I found that I had actually sewed the pieces with not enough overlap! (Too far apart for "full ruffles"):

So I decided to "ruche" it a little, (Or would this be considered gathering? Tucking? ehhh whatever) Like so:

And the result was good!  Here's a pic of the ruched area showing:

And not showing!

And here's another gratuitous picture of my puppy:  ( I can't HELP it, he was being adorable all over my project! There are MANY more photos I'm not posting.... Oh, the restraint!!) (PM me if you have questions about teh puppy, I loves to talk about him, but is off topic, kthx. ^_^)

My scrap bag just got a helluva lot more colorful! XD

Here's where the scarf will live when I'm not wearing it, it's too pretty for the closet! We recently painted this mirror black, it used to be white. 

WOOT RAINBOWS! I love me some priiiiiiiimary colors.  <3333
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22  My Neighbor Totoro Fleece Hoodie from scratch!Pic "big boned"-Mod choice 4/20/10 in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by skullseamstress on: April 20, 2010 01:14:25 AM
****MODERATOR CHOICE 4/20/10******

IT'S FINISHED!  FINALLY!  I've been working on this thing nearly every night for a week, and often during the day, too, WHEW.  I'm very excited about how it turned out! =D

So it occurred to me to sew a Totoro Hoodie. I sketched up an idea!

I didn't have any grey fleece, but I had blue and white, so a Blue Totoro it is. Hubby demands a grey one by Autumn. ^_^

First order of business was to find a pattern, or something like it, which is what I found over at CraftStylish, here: http://www.craftstylish.com/item/30695/how-to-make-a-mens-fleece-hoodie   it's not so much a pattern as a go-by. It got me rolling!

I cut out some pieces, basted them together, tried it on.

Not bad! A good start. I tore it apart to get the applique and embroidery done.

I cut out the belly and markings pieces, they fit well!  

But how to get them appliqued.....  I didn't want to do it by hand, I thought satin stitch would be pretty, from my sewing machine.  A test was in order.

EWWwwww ok so it really warbled the fabric badly. Satin stitch was a no-go. I experimented with some other stitches...

Oh hey, zig-zag doesn't warble, looks good.  

I'd better try this with the right color applique piece...

Yeah! Much better, not too bad.  Markings to Tummy piece first:  

Then Tummy to Hoodie front!  I also cut out the eyes, ears, & Nose pieces, and laid out some black string to plan the face. Note the size and shape of the ears.

I also tried these ears:  

And settled on smaller versions of the initial ears. After I sewed the ears on, I noticed that several places hadn't been sewed on that well, and were "popping out":

Then I looked at the Tummy piece, and found about 7 or 8 places that were similarly not really sewed on very good.  I got a needle threaded and overstitched to repair. Took forever! =P  Repaired ears:

I imagine that after the first washing, there will be more 'popping' repair to do.  Needle will be at the ready.

Then it was time to map and plot out the positions of the face items, which I did with blue washable marker.

I hand-stitched these items on/in.

Time to start piecing the hoodie together for real! I decided that I didn't like the way the shoulder seam was way off my shoulder like this:  (In retrospect, I wish I'd left it alone! But I suppose I learned some good stuff about arms from this experience. )

So I figured that I'd just sew the arms in a bit closer to the neck hole, and then the arms would attach right at the shoulder, and everybody would be happy, right?

WRONG.  The way It was now pieced together produced some horrible puckering at the upper-arm-meets-hoodie-front area.

The pictures above don't do justice to just how unacceptable the crazy puckering was. Where to turn for help? Craftster, of course! I'm a really beginning seamstress, so I was having trouble visualizing what I should do to fix. I went to the boards, and Nostrum from down under came to my rescue! She said "Your arms are pointing slightly upwards, no! They need to be pointing downwards. Take a section out of the armpit area, etc" and gave me some visual examples.  Well, DUH, I should have known that! I knew that the arms pointing slightly upwards was somehow just wrong.  SO! I fiddled with this for HOURS, and finally got the arms pointing the right direction, got the arm holes on the hoodie body cut curvy enough, and serged the arms in.  Success! Except somehow I managed to sew in one of the arms inside out.  Had to re-do that, and it did leave a 4" section of visible serge seam in black under one armpit. Oh, the growing pains of experience.....

So! It was time for the hood! I had lots of pretty plans for the hood.

I used some jersey fabric to mock up some prototypes, which didn't end up being very helpful to me...

And the first version of the hood looked like this:
 Hehe, I just like to slap "FAIL" on stuff

Completely wrong. Perhaps someday I will be able to make a good looking fairy-pointed hood, but this is not the project for it, apparently. Hubby saw my design idea above on paper, and proclaimed he didn't like it, thought it was wrong for the style and subject of the hoodie. I decided to go with a more 'normal' hood, and after several tries, finally got it the way I wanted, and sewed it on.

Oops. The front was supposed to go down into the hoodie, not end abruptly like this. Details, details...

Here was my rather graceless fix, I hand-sewed the end bit down.

Then it was time to hem the sleeve cuffs, and break out the hand sewing needle again for more machine-applique-gone-wonky that needed fixing.

I was finally finished! Beaming with delight, I had my hubby snap some pics. =D

Inside-out to see serged seams

YESSSS Now I can craft OTHER THINGS! XD!  I am so pumped to be done with this project, it took WAY longer and was lots more difficult than I'd imagined! But it was good for me, both the bigness of the project and the things I had to learn along the way, it was valuable! Plus now I have a hoodie that I can wear as soon as it starts getting cold! In..... November!  *laugh* really, this hoodie is VERY warm, I think it's Blizzard Fleece, and I get hot just looking at the thing. X)  It'll be real nice next winter though.

Two last bits: I'd intended to sew on a white totoro and a soot sprite to the back of the hoodie, near the bottom. Not sure if I'll do it, but I've already made the bits, so here they are:

The white totoro and the print-out I used to shape it.  I stole the eyes from the soot sprite for the pic, so they don't look quite right.

Thanks so much for looking! I had so much fun making this, I forced myself to "enjoy the journey" instead of just wanting the final product immediately. I did a LOT of slow-making things, like basting, fitting, testing, pinning, and those things really took a long time, and tried my patience, but I'm so glad I did them! Builds character!  Cheesy


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23  Re: Miyazaki-san Movie Swap (Spirited Away; Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo) in New Swap Theme Ideas by skullseamstress on: April 17, 2010 11:50:34 AM
astrangeone, just for you, I post:

I made him with black fun fur and white fleece!  Just yesterday! =D

As for when and how big, I'm not sure, --I'm not qualified yet to organize. But I'd imagine that signups would be late may at the very earliest? and I'd love it if it were a big swap, one lg, one med, and 3 smalls?  Something of that nature? I dunno. Cheesy

Anyone wanna organize?  =D

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24  Miyazaki-san Movie Swap (Spirited Away; Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo) in New Swap Theme Ideas by skullseamstress on: April 17, 2010 12:35:52 AM
Spirited Away
Howl's Moving Castle
My Neighbor Totoro
Princess Mononoke
Porco Rosso
Kiki's Delivery Service

Are you a fan of these films? If so, would you be interested in a swap related to the characters therein?  I know I would.  I am not currently in a position to volunteer to organize, but I will be this year, or someone else could spearhead it, I am indifferent to which.

If you'd be interested in perhaps joining such a swap, please post! Thanks!


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25  Re: Why make regular popcorn when you can make... RAINBOW POPCORN! in Dessert by skullseamstress on: April 16, 2010 09:34:05 PM

hehe, here's mine! Really bright: I used Wilton gel colors, too!

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26  Fleece hoodie problems - Arm bulges at front seam HALP in Clothing: Discussion and Questions by skullseamstress on: April 15, 2010 11:12:01 PM


Ok, so here's some images of how it was before I ripped all the seams out (gently!)

When I'd basted it together and tried it on, the shoulder seam on the top of my shoulder seemed like it was too far away from my neck - - it was 2-3 inches down my arm, so I decided to try and counter that by sewing it higher up, hence the weird looking flaps on the hoodie front and back corners.   I've already decided to probably trash that idea, and just sew the arms in to the edges of the front and back pieces.

Everything seemed fine when flat -

But Holy Bulgies!, when I put it on. I decided to rip all the seams out, because not only did it hug my armpits too much (And I wasn't even wearing a shirt underneath, ack!), but it wasn't quite wide enough for me, either. So I did, and serged the hoodie sides and shouldertops and, separately, the arms. Now I have the challenge of putting them back together more successfully.  (Also, Yey Totoro! But that's a separate post for later. ^_^)

HALP!  I'm thinking perhaps I could make the arm holes more rounded? Just in front? Umm.  There's hardly any roundness to the sleeves/sleeve holes right now. I'd hate to do anything that will make the arm holes *smaller* as I'm hoping to have as much room in there as possible. But I admit, I have a bit too much room currently, at least in the front area. I forgot to take a picture in the back to see if it was doing the same thing, drat.

I'm happy to take any suggestions or help I can get, this is my first top to sew ever, so I have very little to build on.

The hoodie is based on this advice: http://www.craftstylish.com/item/30695/how-to-make-a-mens-fleece-hoodie - Hmm, it's a man-hoodie, maybe that's part of my problem.  >_>

Thanks tons!
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27  Re: Steampunk Airship Jacket - First Mate - Bleached w/Stencils in Stenciling: Completed Projects by skullseamstress on: April 13, 2010 02:11:05 PM

Speaking of Airship Pirates by Abney Park, I wore this to my first ever Abney Park Concert on April 11th, Last Sunday night! It was super cool, I'm definitely attending all the Abney Park shows I possibly can, now.  I'm quite lucky to be located very near their home base of Gig Harbor, WA! Here's an action shot, their costumes are super-sweet:

If you are into steampunk, but haven't heard of them, be sure to look them up, they go to steampunk shows nationally!

Question answering:

I got the jacket from a store called H&M in a really big mall

No compressor for the airbrush, its a small setup with canned compressed air, I got it at Michael's craft store

Outfit plans: yes! Not quite sure what to do about it yet, but I did get a pin for it at the steampunk show I went to, they had steampunk vendors, it is a big brassy looking metal gear shape, and it says "Tesla Rangers" on it, hehe! makes me happy. ^_^  I definitely need a good skirt and some better goggles/aviator cap too!

Thank you all so much for your nice words! And go check out Abney Park!  =D

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28  Red and Black Checked T-skirt in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by skullseamstress on: April 07, 2010 11:21:08 PM

Here it is! I didn't know this morning that I'd be ending the day in a skirt, but here it is! It just sort of popped out of my serger, and I'm lucky that the needle didn't break until the last seam, or it would be unfinished until I can get to the store for another!

The big squares are "pretty much 7 inches" square, and the half panels are just eyeballed "half". It would be sort of silly to call this a pattern, so I won't. The waistband is from a black jersey skirt that I didn't like, and all the black squares are cut from that skirt as well. The red jersey comes from a set of red jersey bedsheets! (those are fab for great swathes of jersey fabric, craftster gals and guys!)

I do NOT recommend that you put it together the way I did, which resulted in the "stepped" look of the unfinished skirt in the pic below. Yuk. Figuring out how to fix that was brain-wrenching for my very not-seamstress (yet!) mind. Use a real pattern or something.  >_>

But all's well that ends pretty much ok, and I'm happy with it! It looks good inside out and right side out, but it sure is more comfy inside out! it'll be great for kickin' around the house! ^_^


My fix, and gratuitous pet shot:

The front:

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29  Simple pet necklaces - for your inspiration! in Beads: Completed Projects by skullseamstress on: April 07, 2010 02:01:45 PM
Hello there! These are some very, very simple necklaces made with beads and stretch beading plastic. My little doggy has no propensity to eat small non-edibles, but just to be safe, he never wears them when unsupervised. I love the way some of them are so reflective in the sun! Really catches the eye.  Thanks for looking! They're nothing fancy, but I put them here to show you that it's possible that your dog might wear them, and perhaps inspire you!

Pixel's favorite time to wear these are when we're out for walks in public places. =)

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30  Bleeding heart Tshirt too small? Not any more! Simple inserts....inserted. in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by skullseamstress on: April 05, 2010 07:37:21 PM
Here's a simple t-shirt fix, this shirt was waaay too small for my 'new and improved' girth, so I serged in two red panels on the sides! I love that I don't have to hold onto this beloved tshirt until I'm skinny enough someday to wear it again, I can wear it now, and if I lose inches later, I can simply serge the panels skinnier, or out! Hubby's asking me now if I can 'fix' some of his shirts. ^_^

Big props to marieC, who inspired me! https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=265039.0



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