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1  Re: Pets or weird people doing weird things to your craft.... in Stitch And BOTCH by quillian91 on: October 07, 2007 07:30:12 AM
Lately, I have been really into sculpting from fimo, and have been making tons of characture heads from movies and such.

Well, last night, I was harmlessly bent over my Faun head (From the movie Pan's Labyrinth) and I get hungry. So, I set my work down carefully and go get some chips to munch on.

I come back and find, to my deepest horror, that my beautiful little purr-ball::

Decided to SIT on my sculpture and take a little snooze. She never fails to ruin something I worked very hard on. She is very lucky I adore her to peices, because I had to spend a good half an hour picking the hair from the clay and the next good hour re-shaping it. Still isnt as good as my first one..

Stupid kitty Cat.
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2  The Grim Visit (First ATC challenge and first ATC!!!) in Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) by quillian91 on: October 03, 2007 10:47:31 PM
This is my first trading card ever. In fact, I just read about ATC today for the first time. I thought I would give it a shot, and I must say, it was fun! This isn't the best, and I have not been able to print it out due to printer trouble (I think it's done what it has been threatning to do and bit the dust... time to get a new one).

Anyways, I hope you like it! I worked very hard for it, and it took FOREVER to hunt for pictures!!!  Tongue They were all very basic and plain, (Which didnt suit me at all!!) and so I spiced them up a bit by adding the pumpkin, the pumpkin carving, the Death guy, the skull, the rose... so on so forth. Before it was just some strange woman camping out on a bench....

I decided, "What the hell! Why not!" It dosent really matter if I win or not. I had fun making it and so thats all that I care about! I discovered that it is REALLY fun to make these cards, and I am planning on makeing tons more (Mostly morbid ones, since I love how meaningful that can be)

Here it is englarged so you can see it better.

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3  The Grim Visit (Slight nudity, First Artist card ever!) in Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) by quillian91 on: October 03, 2007 03:51:16 PM
This is my first trading card ever. In fact, I just read about ATC today fpor the first time. I thought I would give it a shot, and I must say, it was fun! This isn't the best, and I have not been able to print it out due to printer trouble (I think it's done what it has been threatning to do and bit the dust... time to get a new one).

As I said, Its my first trading card ever, and I have never done something like this before. Its all done on the computer, and it took me most of the day, as I am quite picture editing-illiterate  Wink.

Anyways, I hope you like it! I worked very hard for it, and it took FOREVER to hunt for pictures!!!  Tongue

Thanks. Tips and feedback would be nice!!!

Here it is englarged so you can see it better.

Thanks for checkin it out! I thought about using it for the Vintage Halloween ATC challenge, but I am no where NEAR as good as you all!
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4  Re: MY DOG EATS YARN in Stitch And BOTCH by quillian91 on: October 02, 2007 03:43:28 AM

My cat will sit on ANYTHING I am focusing on on, be it crocheting, knitting, fabric, Laptop, book, paper mache... This very moment she is on my kneck since I am laying down with my laptop on my lap. She already tried to lay on the laptop, but I kicked her off, so she layed where I cannot see the screen. Luckily, I can restmy head on her back and still read and type. She also likes tearing up the paper I need, such as coupons, homework assignment, unsent letters.... She also has a thing for sitting in boxes... It is like an OCD....

My dog will take whatever stuffed toy I am making 9Of which I make tons of) and will tear them in less then a minute. I have lost many things to that animal.  Angry Crocheted Amigurumi and felt stuffies are her favorite. She will also randomly grab paper plates, napkins, muffin papers, ect off the table and devour them.

And worst of all!!! WORST OF ALL::::

Sin... My snakelet. It is suprising what damage this small adorable serpent can d, obut believe me, it is shocking. I often take Sin out while I am crocheting or something, since she needs the excersise and I like having a companion I can randomly talk to. Well, When I am crocheting, she decides to slither around my fingers, so I cant move them without her scaly body getting in the way. She'll wrap around the crochet hook, my wrist, distract me by wrapping around my ear and flicking her tongue at it...

And one time, Sin crawled into the center of my skein of yarn for a scarf I was making. Apparently, this serpentine darling wanted to bury and so she nedged her way through the layers of yarn and wrapped around it all. Suddenly, I couldnt pull anymore yarn out through it and I peek and see what the problem is and this snake head is poking out from the side of the skien. I check and see that she has managed to tangle herself in it so badly that I had to carefully cut the yarn from around her. That scarf was trashed shortly after, since I had destroyed my yarn in attempt to get at my sweet snakeling!!  Angry

She is very, very lucky I love her!!!

Dante, my Bearded Dragon, will trapise his way through my yarn prjects and the yarn will cling to his spiky fat back and unravel. He also has a thing about sitting on Staplers. I swear he has a weird dragon Fetish for them, or something. When ever he is out and he spots a stapeler (I always have one near me, since I use those more often than pins) he will climb on it and get mad at me if I try to use it. I put an old one that dosent work in his cage once and it was his main 'hang out' spot...

Did I just get all the strange, mentally 'out-to-lunch' animals, or do they jsut get transfomred the moment they step claw (Or scale) into my house?! Roll Eyes
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5  Predator? My god, His skin is... wow.... in Halloween Costumes by quillian91 on: September 21, 2007 06:15:02 PM
It isnt really for Halloween... I am going as Pyramid Head for halloween, but for fun, I am making a Predator costume!!!!

I am fully depressed about the fact that Halloween is only one day of the year, and that the only day you can really dress up. My friend is too. So usualyl, once we complete a new costume, we dress up, and take a walk around our neighborhood wearing that. Last year, The Phantom of the Opera and V (V for Vendetta) graced the streets.

This year, I want to make a Predator costume!!!

I am not worried about the armor, its his damn skin that I am worried about. For the armor, I shall be using the Craft Foam tutorials I found somewhere on here. Armors taken care of.

Now, I just need help with the skin so I can dress up fully.

I am a 16 year old girl on a budget (A very tight one...) and so I need an inexpensive way to make this great Pred's skin!!!! I was Thinking about using plain Muslin and dying it with tea a few times to get the color, and then painting ont he spots, but I am not sure it if would work.... It might, and it would be very warm...

Any ideas?

Here is what he looks like, there arent many good shots of him...:::

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6  Re: Craft My Pet swap? in New Swap Theme Ideas by quillian91 on: September 20, 2007 02:27:55 PM
Indeed it would be!! ^_-

Of course they're pets!!! They cost tp much to be decorations!!!  Grin

It would be a good challenge for someone to craft for a snake or lizzie!!!



This swap would be awesome, but my pets would be pretty hard to craft for! I hope someone would be up for the challange!!!

Decorations for their cages are alway nice! You can never have to many of those!!!
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7  The spawn of Chuckie!!! in Stitch And BOTCH by quillian91 on: September 16, 2007 03:54:33 PM
It was my first attempt at a cloth doll... my first attempt at a pattern...

When My pattern was acting up, I knew... I knew something bad would happen. I ignored this terriable feeling and I went ahead to sew my doll. All was well. I had the head pinned and ready for sewing.

I went to my machine... And I saw I was out of thread. This was okay. No problem. Relax. I searched high and low for some white. All I found was green. No anything, not even black. Just green.

So I try to calm myself, thinking, hey, I love green! But deep inside me, my heart clenched, I should have stoped then, but no. No. I kept going.

I began to sew this small muslin doll...

My sewing maching suddenly decided to go on strike! the thread tangled, the muslin ripped, the pins fell onto the floor, there was sweat, there was blood, there was tear, and there was masses and masses knotted thread. But I kept going, in the small hopes that this doll would be salvagable. If I tried, I could do it!!!

I pulled the doll from the machine, and gazed upon it with tender eyes. With its thin white skin, and its crooked seams... this was a creation of love!

I pulled it from the machine, grabbed a bag of stuffing, and took it to my bed, where I began to turn it inside out...

And I got my first suprise. I turned it inside out.. only to find it inside out. I turned it inside out again, but once more, the seams were sticking out...

My heart was thumping wildly in my chest as I stared with confused eyes at this creation of mine. Perhapse when It was stuffed.. Perhapse this was just an illusion... Too much caffine, perhapse.

I stuffed it carefully. I shoudl have abandoned this doll then, and thrown it away. As I was stuffing it, I had to hold the neck to get the fluff inside. The seams began to rip wherever I touched it, the cloth skin tore in the most irreparable places, and When I was finished stuffing...

I found to my greatest horror... that this dfol, this product of love was neither that....

It was a monster.

This souless, eyeless, ripped and crooked thing I tried so hard to love was nothing but evil. I couldnt even look at it, so reminded by my failiure... It lays burried underneath yards of fabric, hopefully at rest, but I know, deep down, that it someday will come back to haunt me...

This... this thing...

And thus, I live in fear...
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8  First Crochet Project Ever!!!! So thrilled... in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by quillian91 on: September 16, 2007 03:28:43 PM
I recently learned to crochet (I actually only made progress the last two days...), and so far, the only thing I have made is the practice square of the different stitches. Not at all attractive, and very wobbly and uneven. I love it though...

Well, today, I decided, what the hell, no time like now, right?

And I made an adorable little bird. I am soooo proud of how he turned out. It didnt take long at all! I was very suprised. I started him at the beginning of the movie Troy (I crochet while watching movies... I listen to them...) , and I was done before the movie ended...

As my first project ever, I cherish him! Bless his little beak!!! He is going to have a special place on my pillow tonight! I named him Edward, for the hell of it.

Anyways, I somewhat used the pattern here http://bittersweetblog.wordpress.com/2007/02/19/birds-of-a-feather/ , but I deviated slightly (as I always do... I am INCAPABLE of following patterns without adjusting them...).  He was very easy to make.

Anywho, Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!!

I am working on an octopus next!!!  Wink I LOVE crocheting! It is so.... easy! Or at least I have picked the easy things to do... get farther involved, and i'll be tearing my hair out...

Anyways, I have shared him with everyone else (Forceably, as in, shoveing it in front of their face...) and I thought I would share him with you!!   Grin I am so proud!

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9  New Snake Dress in Pet-Related Crafts: Completed Projects by quillian91 on: August 27, 2007 04:41:38 PM
I have another thread with My snake clothing, but I just made this last night.

The lovely model is my Corn Snake, Sin, who sportingly agreed to try to clothing on and actually stayed in it a while, befoe I had to put her back in her cage. Its made from Fleece, I think, so its warm and snuggable...


I hope you like it!!!!

Thanks for looking!!!!  Kiss
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10  Nightmare Before Christmas Knitting Needles!! in Knitting: Completed Projects by quillian91 on: August 23, 2007 11:37:56 AM

I have been very into knitting lately, and I only have one pair of needles, which are currently engaged in a WIP scarf that has taken me months to do (Off and On).

Sooo... I wanted to knit a cat, but alas! No needles! So I went onto the vault of knowledge that is Craftster, and I found the Knitting Needle out of Chopsticks tutorial. It just so happens that my sister for christmas a few years back, gave me a pack of 200 chopsticks for whatever reason. I have been using them for crafts, but I still have loads left...

I followed the tutorial, and Violla!!! Nightmare Before Christmas Knitting Needles!!!

I am a huge Tim Burton fan, and I have been doing alot of Tim Burton crafts lately. Like A sleep mask designed after the Wonka Goggles... So on so forth.

Anyways, I hope you like them! I need to touch up on them a bit more, and modpege it alot more, but they'll look pretty spiffy! They are of Jack and the swirly hill!

Thanks for looking!!!!!!!
 Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy
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