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1  HOME SWEET HOME / Crafty Housewares: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / Q: Who lit the fuse on your tampon? on: May 22, 2010 12:10:03 PM
A: Who ever took a lighter to your tampon candle!!!  LOLZ

First let my explain how i came up with this amazing idea...

Completely by accident!  Haha!

I recycle old taper candles by putting them in some melted wax and letting the wax just melt off.  Then i have more wax and i can reuse the wick!

Well, i threw a white taper candles into some red-ish wax and let it melt.  All of the bottom wax had melted off.  But i was left with a very long wick on the bottom and the top inch and a half that was too tall to go into the wax, so it was completely unmelted.  So i flipped it over and threw it in the wax and cloths-pinned the long wick to the side of the container so i wouldn't lose the wick.  Then for some reason, a minute later,  i pulled it out of the wax.  And VOILA!  I say to myself "oohhhh myyy gaawwwddd...it looks like a tampon!  hahahahaha!"

Now you really can light the fuse on your tampon!!!  Maybe do a little meditating with your tampon candle so your PMS don't kill your boyfriend/hubby/family?  HAHAHA

The only way i can think to burn it is to set it inside of a clear bottle and letting the string hand down inside...anybody have some (more ironic) better ideas?   Grin
2  Halloween / Halloween Costumes / Steampunk, post apocalyptic-ish...with loooootsa pics :P on: November 03, 2009 04:10:06 PM
Edit: i added some extra info about how stuff was made   Grin
I know, I know...its a bit overdone?  But i had yet to do it, so why not?

My inspiration was an old purse i found while cleaning for garage sales...

I decided that it would make a great corset!  Cut the bottom out, take it in a bit and Voila!

So i planned a whole outfit around it...
I wore my hair falls i made a couple years ago and got a stripey thrift store shirt and cut out the neckline so it went off the shoulder.  i wore it to our local goth club's Halloween party...
Action shots:

Here's a bigger version of the full body shot:

Hair pin:
Made from a broken hair clip, frills from a partnerless ripped up bee costume arm warmer (haha) broken jewelry and chains and a cheap-o feather mask!

I painted a Power ranger gun on post Halloween clearance, attached a paintball gun remote (the big spiral thing) and hung some metaly bits  Tongue
Plus a cheap half cut up holster fixed up and attached to a belt and thigh strap

Almost forgot to credit this one!  I used the tute from threadbangers loosely...for more or less the baseball leather and the Gatorade cap eye parts, but then i just winged it.  so i used softballs cuz i wanted them bigger and i used random caps, not specifically Gatorade lids.  i used two different lids cuz i liked the asymmetry.  and i painted cross hairs one one lens...and i hotglued some washers and nuts on the edges for flair  Wink

Scarf and pin:
Easiest thing to do ever!  just sewed a rectangle with two different fabrics on each side the fit my neck how i wanted.  turned it right side in, and sewed on a snap.  The pin is actally bits from the inside of a white out pen painted and hot glued together!

And my ruffley bum bag:
Just an old bum bag ive had around forever!  i sewed some ruffles to it and VOILA!  its the perfect club purse!  lots of room for your stuff and doubles as a bustle!  hahaha!

I hope you all like!
3  REUSING/RECYCLING/RECRAFTING / What the heck can I do with THIS? / Isnt my new computer SWEET?! on: June 10, 2009 07:04:08 PM

so i need to show off my booty from my dumpster diving today  Tongue

i was driving home from work and passed by a house very neat to ours and i saw a HUGE pile of trash!  one trash can was full of JUST skis?!?  very random...so my mom, my sister and i drove on by and i came back with a few things...

first, the sweet computer...which, by the way, i REALLY want to know what happened...since they definately had ANOTHER tower in the same can...and a lot more broken computer parts...did someone get really angry?

...i dunno...i plan on taking it apart and using the innards to do random things...

i also got some speakers...which were still in the bag!

and last but not least....this amazing.....thing!

its a mirrored head....thing...with a rod going through it...i have NOOO idea what to do with it but its still UBER cool....any ideas?? Huh ??
4  Archive of Past Craftster Challenge Entries / CHALLENGE 39 ENTRIES / Ikea Ikebana on: June 02, 2009 07:37:47 PM
This is my first time trying one of the challenges!  Tongue  so i guess here goes:

Ikea Ikebana!

The first thing i thought of was paper flowers...but i didnt want the usual "put on a pipecleaner and crumple into a ball" flowers...i wanted something a bit more.....sleek, i guess?

Ikebana (which is, for anyone who doesnt know, Japanese flower arranging) was something that had caught my interest a lil bit ago...so i figured, why not give it a shot?

Add one thrift store pot + an outdated 2007 Ikea catolouge =  fun times!

The branches were made by taking some wire and wrapping masking tape around them.  Then i wrapped strips of pages around them all paper mache like, dipping them in gluey water and such.  i tried to use wood like and/or brownish pages so they looked more branches.

I cut out little leaflets, poked some holes in them and attached them to some green wire, then i wrapped the wire around the branches (after they had dried of course Grin )

The flowers were made my cutting out some circle...petaly shaped...thingies.  I used some of the title pages which were mostly the same color so i could get mostly blue flowers.  i made them bigger to smaller and threaded some more green wire thru the middle of those...and made a little circle twisty part out of the access wire for the stamen.  

I hot glued some leftover floral foam (from the original ugly flowers in the thrift store pot  Tongue ) into the bottom of the pot.  i arranged all the bits, hot glued the sticks in there so they wouldnt come out.

for the "dirt" i admit i didnt use a catalog...what i did use was newspaper and add papers...which are almost the same thing  Tongue  i used one of those "paper mache clay/paste" recipes (not really one in particular...i kinda mixed a few together and improvised) i just spread that on the bottom...its still wet in the pics and i imagine it will be for a while...that stuff is SOPPING!  

hehe...so then i went ahead and stabbed the wire "stems" of the flowers into the foam/dirt....and voila!

sorry theres no "making of" pics...im too ADD to remember to take them...but heres the "aftermath"....not as messy as it usually is...i remembered to clean a bit as i worked this time    Roll Eyes

5  HOME SWEET HOME / Crafty Housewares: Discussion and Questions / To paint or to leave it as it is? on: May 30, 2009 03:40:00 PM
i got this kindof amazing mirror from the salvation army for 10 bucks...i love it to death!

problem is that i was thinking of spray painting it....but i think the gold might be growing on me...especially cuz my comforter (which is the color inspiration for the room) has little goldy flecks on it...thats the comforter that the frame is laying on in the pic just in case you were wondering   Grin

its going to go into my bedroom (when its done being built anyway  Tongue ) which has kindof a modern/Hollywood regency/glamy kinda feel

the colors are going to be black, gray, and white with a few splashes of teal and plum

ok...now to the REAL QUESTION!

should i paint the frame of the mirror?  i was thinking either a glossy white or black...or should i leave it the gold color?
6  CLOTHING / Shoes: Discussion and Questions / whats best way to adhere soles to fabric? on: March 08, 2009 02:41:30 PM
The most ive ever done to shoes is paint them and glue leaves to them for a poison ivy costume...but i REALLY would love to take some old shoes and revamp them!  i just cant throw things away  Tongue

so my big question is:  what is the BEST way to adhere the soles to the fabric...i've heard liquid nails, staples, glue...

but what are the pros and cons?  do some things only work with certain materials?

what has your guys personal experience told you?

7  BATH AND BEAUTY / Bath and Beauty: Discussion and Questions / candle dying question... on: March 04, 2009 03:24:09 PM
Does anybody know what random stuff i can use as dye for candles?

im not all into buying dye...im cheap like that  Tongue

so im just wondering of anyone has tried or heard of dying wax with anything random that may be lying around the house...

like some sort or paints...acrylic, watercolor, tempera...food coloring...random inks maybe?  Cheesy
8  HOME SWEET HOME / Pet-Related Crafts: Completed Projects / Paper mache kittah bed... on: February 25, 2009 06:02:07 PM
So i made a bed for mah kittah cat... cardboard mold, paper mache'd the outside and inside...and im yet to sew a pillow...im waiting untill i know im satisfied with the outside, so i can be sure they'll match...

but im nooooot to sure that i like how i painted the outside...i really just dont know what i think... its probly gonna go in an Asian living room ... im just not sure of my opinion about it...

so i want your opinions!  honest ones   Grin  what do you guys think?

9  HOME SWEET HOME / Crafty Housewares: Completed Projects: General / My version of an inkblot lamp (with tute and mucho pictars) on: January 29, 2009 06:06:34 PM
So i saw this thread a lil while ago


and i fell in love

1) because im a science nerd
2) my sister is just finishing her thesis in "dance therapy" (psychology thru movement and such) and i knew i needed to make her one
3) i'm in love with Watchmen, (the most highly acclaimed graphic novel ever) and one of the characters name is Rorschach and his mask has changing ink blots on it.

hence i started n my own! and i figured out that this is a pretty cool way to make any type of lamp shade.  pic your own pictures, print things off, whatever paper you want!

so here's how i did it......

First of all i googled Rorschach and ink blots.  i found some highly used ones and used photoshop to tweak them a little.  upped the contrast and darkened them a bit.

i printed them out and got to constructing.

i didnt get any photos of the panel construction, so i went back and faked some with leftovers  Tongue

i took some balsa wood, painted it black (or whatever color your little heart desires) and made a square.  (NOTE: the pieces of wood are all the same length, so when you put them together like i did its a bit taller than it is wide.  you can cut them to be exact squares if you want, but i liked the taller look and thought this would be easier)

i cut the paper to the exact measurements of the square by taking a scrap piece of paper and tracing the square. 

then i taped the square to the picture (folding it in half to get it centered, which is easy to do since the pictures have very apparent middles).

i traced the paper onto pictures

then cut it out and you have a paper panel! (NOTE: this panel is an oopsie because i cut it out horizontally instead of vertically.  make sure you remember that everything is a little rectangular so nothing goes sideways, unless you decided to trim the wood to make everything square Tongue )

now you have a panel, YAY!

then we glue on the wood (NOTE: as these are faked pictures, the wood is not painted...the ones you'll glue on at this point should have already been painted.)

the way that worked best for me was placing the paper on a flat surface (that also wont be ruined if a little glue gets on it) and placing all of my wood so its all angled right and such.  use masking tape on three of the four pieces to keep them in place.  place glue on the back of the free piece and put it in its place.  tape that one down.  it may take a few pieces of tape on each end and the middle because the wood likes to bow a little bit, so it make stick up a little on the ends or whatever.  so taping it makes it stay flush on the paper.  pull the tape off another piece and glue and tape down again.  i liked putting pieces right on the corners so it keeps them down and the corners together.

now that all the panels are made, its time to make your cube.

masking tape is very much your friend in the project.  this part it a wee bit annoying just because you have to put the pieces together and balance them like a house of cards before you glue them.  balance them however you choose and then tape the corners together.  once you have your cube, you can start gluing. 

set it on its side and glue up and down each corner.  feel free to go back once its fried to glue some more so make it more secure.

i left it on its side and placed 2 boxes (that i knew were straight) against its sides, that way i knew it would dry straight and not be all parallelogram-y.

while waiting for that to dry, start workin on the base.  i got mine at a thrift store for 6 bucks, and it came with a lampshade that i didn't feel bad about tearing apart.  it was wooden, so i knew i could just sand it and the spray paint would stick well.  and of course i forgot to take a pic until i had sanded half of it already  Tongue  and a lovely pic of it masked and ready to spray paint.

when it comes to adding the shade holder...thingy... it may take some planning since it really depends on the shape of your lamp and what you have when it comes to lampshades.  on mine there was a little lip where the base and the electronics met.  i figured that if i placed the (un torn apart) shade there, then it fits perfectly.  that meant that i could tear out the metal part and install it into MY lampshade at the same place and my shade would hang the right way as well. 

Now, sometimes there are spots where you can screw on the lampshade, but mine had no such luck.  the metal part just sat there and wiggled around.  and i realized that if i glued the metal part down AND to the shade i'd never be able to change the lightbulb!  soooooo...i figured id glue the metal thingy to the lamp and make something on the shade to sit on the metal thing.  BUT i'm gonna wait till after i make the top so i can use the metal thing to measure stuff.

now that the cube has dried you'll use it to make the top panel

two pieces of balsa wood will fit perfectly in the top of the cube, but you'll need to trim the other 2 sides of the cube to make it fit.  (technically i guess you could just make it to sit on top of the cube, it may be easier, but i dunno, i make it so it sat inside the cube...had cleaner i lines i liked  Tongue  ) make sure everything's trimmed by putting it together (and taping it if you like) and putting the cube on top of it.  it should fit perfectly inside the cube.  now go ahead and glue it together using the same tape and glue method so nothing starts moving around while you're trying to glue.

now's the time where you get to be creative...or not if you want.  i made mine kind of an Asian geometric type shape.  if you want to make a fully covered top, or an abstract shape or whatever, go ahead, have fun.  only thing you have to make sure of is that there's a shape in the middle that you can make into a "stand" for sitting on top of the metal thingy.  set the metal part in the middle of the top and make sure it can fit, whether you want the metal part to show, whatever.

now for making it sit on the metal holder thingy.  set the metal thingy on the top youve made, right in the middle.  set some pieces next to the base so you can make a little "lip" that the metal thing can sit in.  take the pieces of balsa wood and cut them down to fit my shape (in mine, its the square in the middle.  i made my square big enough so you cant see the metal thingy cuz its ugly and gold).  now glue them on sitting upwards to create the little lip.

now paint the thing and the top's done.

to attach it to the cube, glue the sides of the top (where it'll attach to the cube) and set it down bottom side up.  now set the cube right on top of it (making sure you place it upside down so you don't glue the top onto the bottom of the cube  Tongue  ).  you may want to tape the top to the cube, as you did with the other parts.  this makes it a little bit more flush.  it may be a bit messy, but you can always repaint any little spots for finishing touches.

now that the shade is done, you can install the metal thingy.

yay for hot glue...i used a level my dad had sitting around.  i taped it to the top of the metal thing and set it on the lamp to make sure i could get it so the shade wouldn't sit cockeyed.  i hot glued the lamp and set the metal thing on it, while making sure it was still level.  i reinforced it with a little bit more glue and there we go. 

now that the glue is all dried and the tape has been pulled off, place the shade on the lamp and TAH DAH!

and lit up (tho the pic doesn't do it justice)
10  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Discussion and Questions / how to make a cheap candle mould? on: January 28, 2009 08:10:31 PM
i want to make some candles of weird objects, problem is that i'd need a mould, now wouldnt i?   Cheesy

what would be the best (and cheapest...items already around the house maybe?)  way to make a mould for a candle?   would paper mache work?
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