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1  COOKING / Dessert / Bagelcakes!! on: November 27, 2008 09:53:04 AM
Ok, crafty cookin' ladies, bare with me here, for I have invented...something...awesome!

Backstory: Long ago, I decided to spike my hair with Knox unflavored gelatin.  So I bought a box, used a packet, success! Blah blah blah.  There were 3 packets left.  I observed the box, noting the jello juice blocks [bleh, not a fan of jello], and the supertastically easy no-bake cheesecake recipe.  And it occurred to me - fathers day was coming up! And my dad likes cheese cake, and cream cheese, and all kinds of cheese-oriented things, so, no-bake cheesecake it was.

And it was good.

But while eating this yummy sno-cap-covered treat, it occurred to me [many things seem to occur to me ><] that the cheesecake tasted an awful lot like cream cheese ['cause, well, it was]. 

And I got to thinkin' - cream cheese tastes good on bagels!

So I plotted and schemed and a year later experimented with it, and I got it.
I call them bagelcakes and this is how they're made:

-1 box Knox unflavored gelatin
-Listed ingredients for no-bake cheesecake [sans-crust]
-2 packages of [6] plain white bagels [or, y'know, just get a pack of 12 if you're into that sort of thing]

Step 1: VERY CAREFULLY open up each and every bagel.  Try and get them even as possible.  Scoop out the bagelguts, leaving a nice shell.
Step 2: Lightly toast the bagelshells.  Don't bake 'em til they're crispy, just...kinda..let 'em firm up a bit, lightly crunchy is what you're going for ultimately. With that yummy toasted aftertaste.
Step 3: While you're toasting your bagelshells, blend up all the ingredients for the no-bake cheesecake
Step 4: Pour "batter" into toasted bagelshell canals
Step 5: Let set in fridge [doesn't take very long at all]

Voila! Bagelcakes!
Now, I told people about this, and so far every single person I've told thought it was genius.  Then I tried it, and it was genius.

I've only made plain ones thus far, but my then-assistant and I were brainstorming ideas to switch 'em up a bit:
-Using strawberry cream cheese instead of plain, for strawberry cheesecake!
-Using blueberry bagles
-Serving drizzeled with chocolate/caramel, or toped with your very most favoritest cheesecake topping

And what to do with the MASSIVE amount of bagelguts you havfe sittin' around the kitchen?
I have no idea.
We fed ducks.
2  COOKING / Recipes and Cooking Tips / Not-So-Sweet cakes and icings? on: July 29, 2008 09:25:45 PM
Hullo, cooking board folk!

Sometime between now and September 11th, I'll be seeing my long-distance boyfriend for a few days, and more than likely he'll be coming here to visit me.
His birthday is in August, so I thought I could make him an early or belated birthday cake!

Now, I work in the bakery at a grocery store, so y'know, I could just order a cake and have it decorated and all that, easy stuff, but

A) He's 1/2 Japanese, and always complains that American cake [and ESPECIALLY icing] is too sweet
B) It'd be cuter if I made the cake myself

My big thing is the frosting/icing.  He hates sweet American icing [I believe it's the buttercream that he hates so much].
And then I was going to get some toy airplanes from the dollar store to put on top 'cause he's a pilot and a little kid at heart :p

My question to you-all is: Would anybody have any recipies for less-sweet icing and/or cake? I mean, it can have sugar, sure, but not TONS AND TONS.  Like when I baked him cookies one time I only used 1/2 the sugar. And he adored them.  If that gives any indication of what I'm talking about.

Thanks much
3  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: General / Nighties are cuter than sweatshirts and pants. on: April 03, 2008 01:13:53 PM
This is a fact my boyfriend hasn't let me forget :p

So after seeing ladykat's awesome little nightie, I had to make my own!
But I didn't have a giant t-shirt, nor the fundage to purchase one.
What I *do* have is a very, very LARGE collection of fabric remnants that I impulse buy with no actual reason to own 'em, and I want to use up as much fabric as possible before summer, so I figured I could get a few things accomplished at once, and tried my hand and nightie-makin':

Simple black I-don't-know-just-how-to-describe-it-non-t-shirt-material that's super stretchy and light, with a comfy thicker-type-cotton-y gray band around the top.  There's a purple and black heart button in the center of the top band for interest, and the straps are super-soft braided purple yarn.

Yay the back! It was a little too tight in the chestal area before, and I think this way is more visually appealing.

There's the detail.

I'm going to visit my boyfriend tomorrow and take this along, think he'll like it?
Please comment/ask questions/criticize as you so please
4  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / The Pink Spiders!! [Now, with added pinstripes and extra-girly-goodness!] on: March 21, 2008 02:09:11 PM
..and I don't even usually DO girly.

But, being girly every now and then is no crime.
Especially when you're, y'know, a girl.

Anyway, pictures, PLEASE excuse mirror smudges and stupid faces?

So, I saw the Pink Spiders, and this particular t-shirt design was by FAR my favorite for no reason at all, but he's all, "I only have XL in that one!" [apparently it was quite a few others' favorites as well] and I'm all "Psssssssssh ok" and he's all "I like your style!" and sold me this huge t-shirt:

Yeah, I know, huge.

Anyway, totally different story that'll be relevant in a line or 3, this girl in my building gave me like 5 bags worth of old clothing to chop up as I so desired..and one of these things happened to have pink sleeves.  Now, I haven't worn pink since I was 5, but I wanted to add pink to it. And after being inspired by this by TrickyMcVomit....well, see for yourself:

I swear those sleeves are a pale pink, but not as pale as in these pictures.  Just trust me.

And the back is some kind of super dark blue-y black fabric with purple and blue pinstripes that doesn't match at all, but somehow manages to look alright regardless:

Now, you can't see in these pictures I don't think, but there are hot pink buttons [my mom wins at Christmas, I kept raping shirts for their buttons so she bought me huge packs of multi-colored buttons, that happened to come with the previously offensive pink color].
On the back, there is one button on each part of the black t-shirt scrap.
On the front, there is one button practically in each armpit.
My roommate likes them though.


So thank you for looking and stuffs.
Comments/questions/concerns/complaints please and thank you~?
5  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / Thrice off-the-shoulder halter hoodie...thing! on: March 06, 2008 07:41:26 PM
Practical? Not at all.
Do I care? See above answer!

So usually I don't buy shirts of bands I've never seen live, buuut.
This one was.
A dollar.
So of course I had to, right?

But the problem was.
A) I have too many shirts that are dark, and black, and dark black and gothy.
B) For some reason, t-shirts as they are make me look 16, and though 18 isn't much different, I've finally made it past being called "jailbait" so the last thing I want to do is go BACK IN TIME.

And I wanted to try out this design, which I thunk up in my head one day.

There are little buttons on the kanga pocket's upper corners btw.

My solution to EVERYTHING..if it's too short/small/tight, just lace it up!

First lined hood evar. Its so warm and soft and cozy comfy awesomeee.

The back.

The stripy awesome stuff was discounted at JoAnne's, and I had a giftcard, so I really did only spend a dollar on this thing.
And I don't know why people say stretchy knit is soooo hard to work with, it cooperated with me? Maybe I lucked out.

Thanks for looking!

6  OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS / Valentine's Day / "I Don't Believe In Valentine's Day But I Still Love You" Gift on: February 04, 2008 12:21:42 PM
Basically, I don't believe in V-day.
[Not trying to ruin the holiday for the rest o' you folk, I'm not one of those people who goes around openly protesting and such. I'd just prefer flowers on some arbitrary day, or chocolates when I'm sad or something instead of Feb. 14th.]
My boyfriend, however, does.
And he's a little girl about it, too, which I do understand -- all his friends are getting stuff and he feels left out if he doesn't too, I guess.
He's busy this weekend, but he'll be here next weekend, and I do love him to bits and such so I'm going to give him a "February 15th Gift" instead of a V-day one.
The cool thing is he won't be here 'til the 15th, which means discounted candy!
[I'm a very broke college kid, and he understands that.]
But I don't want to buy a Valentine's heart candy box and just give that to him, it defeats the whole purpose.
This is where I need your help, my craftanistas:

If I buy some V-day chocolates [the specific kind can vary depending on the ideas we come up with], what do you think would be a cool, non-Valentine's-Day way to repackage them?

A bit about the boy:
+Loves the color BLUE [which is very un-Valentinesy, score one for me!]
+Likes dark and milk chocolate
+And minty things [especially those..peppermint patty..things..which aren't Valentines Day chocolate, and therefore, won't be on sale Sad]
-Not a fan of white chocolate
+Is a pilot/gee-taw masterrr [in case you wanted a theme for packaging, I don't want to hinder creativity!]

[And remember, I'm poor, as in, almost unable to pay my cell phone bill through the end of the semester poor]

Plus, whatever the chocolates get put in will have a little tag on it or something artfully explaining that it is NOT a Valentine's Day gift, but a February 15th gift because I love him.  In nicer words than that.  And by nicer, I mean more, because they won't necessarily be nice.  Well, the "I love you" part will be.


Any ideas?
7  PAPER CRAFTS, SCRAPBOOKING & ATCs (ARTIST TRADING CARDS) / Paper Crafts: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / I collaged my BIKE [TOO MANY PICTURES] on: January 10, 2008 09:00:27 PM
It tells a story.

"The Death And Destruction Of Hardcore."


The beginning:

The turmoil:








The Aftermath:

The Bottom [not actually part of the story, just...there.]:

There are a lot of very important scenes and specific pictures, but the bike is already loaded into my car, ready to make the trip from the most western side of Colorado to the most eastern side of Missouri [it's a hellish drive, I swearz].

PLEASE tell me what you think?
8  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / Strappy...leopard-y...pirate-y? [Cue the camwhore!] [Shirt -> Much Cooler] on: November 06, 2007 09:29:52 PM
Alright, so.
Phathom is a pretty cool band, and I bought a t-shirt of theirs...larger than myself, of course.
On to the shirt! It's a bit different than my standard.
And remember, I currently have no machine, so everything was handsewn, including the sides. Bleh, huh?

So, side one. It's flowy, loose-fit, nice straps to accent the words...but definitely not my usual style. What am I up to?

Side 2.
Didn't see THAT coming, did you?
...well, lets just say you didn't.

From the front, you ask?
Time for stupid faces!

What a diva.  Just the littlest bit of leopard for embellishment, and a nice tie-in for the grey in the shirt's graphic.

Speaking of the shirt's graphic...

And now, drumroll please...
Yes, I'm sorry, my face looks silly, but I couldn't help myself.

I'm sorry these are all cell phone pictures, my camera COMPLETELY broke so I'll be waiting a few months...my parents got me one for my birthday/Christmas, though, I already know

Please please please.
Or else..
*le gasp*
So, go for it!
9  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: General / LIME GREEN, FUZZY hoodie. Hand-stitched =O on: October 10, 2007 10:51:07 PM
Hey Completed Projects: General forum!
Usually I recon things, but I found this amazing fuzzy lime green stripey fabric in the remnant bin at Walmart [I hate Wally World, but, sometimes you just gotta deal with it] for $5, and bought it, knowing I had no machine and having not a clue about what I'd do with it.
I was thinking, you know, recon a shirt, make fuzzy sleeves and accents or something. Or maybe make fuzzy hotpants, for a rave or something like that.
And all of the sudden I thought - hoodie? Oh hell yes.

So, now that we've gotten past the wordy introduction and backstory, I present to you my first ever made-from-scratch article of clothing!

I'm probably going to put pockets on the front. And I've been on-and-off debating sleeves, probably won't make them, or if I do, maybe like..detachable ones or something.

Oh, and, I have enough fabric left over for a pair of hotpants after all =P
10  HOME SWEET HOME / Crafty Housewares: Discussion and Questions / Music-themed wall decorations? on: September 25, 2007 03:26:11 PM
Alright, so, my boyfriend.
He's a pilot, a fantastic musician, a great cook, [insert more boyfriend whorage here]....
But the boy cannot decorate a wall to save his life.

So he asked me to do it, because my walls are all awesome [granted I live in a dorm, I have a little less than 1/2 a room to decorate =P].

Also, he says he has a lot of airplane stuff [he really does], so he specifically asked me to decorate his walls music-y. Preferably guitar-y, because even though he planes 4 instruments [and is learning piano~! <3], guitar is his number one favorite [and he is amazing, and I swear I'm not even being biased].

-I don't have much money, he doesn't like spending much money
-He lives in an apartment, so no painting
-I can't paint anyway, I'm artistically challenged in many ways, drawing/painting/sculpting being the worst...
-I don't have much in the resource department, seeing as I live in a small dorm..
-My ginormous box of magazines [I can collage, YAY] is in Colorado, and I am not, nor am I remotely close to it

Any ideas for cheap things I can do?
Oh, and even though he loves most rock music, he thinks emo is really retarded and loves metal more than anything, and isn't really a fan of punk, and I'm not too sure about ska...
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