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1  BATH AND BEAUTY / Bath and Beauty: Discussion and Questions / Another lovely question about those fragrance oils :D on: July 06, 2012 11:58:52 PM
Okay, so specifically the ones that you use in soap... So now we know I can't use it in lip balm or anything like that, but can I use it in laundry detergent (I had this as a random thought?) or in deodorant? Im thinking of trying to make deodorant next.... I hope this hasn't been asked before? Google wasn't very helpful for anything other than essential oil, and believe me, if I had EO I'd use that instead! But I'm still curious haha Smiley
2  BATH AND BEAUTY / Bath and Beauty: Completed Projects / Fullmoon's Adventures with Laundry Detergent! on: July 06, 2012 12:13:15 AM
Sometime last year I saw someone had posted a post about making their own laundry detergent, and in late May, early June, I went to Hermiston for a couple days and watched my aunt make some laundry detergent, which rekindled my fire for wanting to try it.... Unfortunately my grandmother, who I live with, said no because she doesn't want me doing much in the way of soaps or making my own anything past chainmaille/knitting/sewing. (And I quote "Alison, if you want a bar of soap, go buy it for a dollar at the store!! There is NOTHING wrong with it. Besides you have too much soap anyways, you don't need to make any. Besides, I don't want lye anywhere near here!") However, I briefly dated this amazing guy who shared my love of wanting to make everything.... He made me 5 tubes of super amazing chapstick in exchange for me sewing some buttons back onto his shirts, and then I decided to make laundry soap to give him cuz he'd been wanting to try some, and y'know, Gran can't stop me if I make it for him in the middle of the night and y'know.... End up with way too much and /have/ to keep some myself Wink Bwa hahahahaha.....

For the powdered detergent, I shredded 1/3 bar of soap (in this case Fels-Naptha, but you can use any castile soap or homemade soap!) and I used either 1/2 cup or 1 full cup each of Borax 20 Mule Team and Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (I believe it was 1/2 cup each because I was making a very small batch). The soap was finely shred, I used a cheese grater from the dollar store for it. Cheesy I mixed it together into the jar, and closed the lid on it and shook it up to mix it after mixing it around with my hands. It was further mixed after this picture.

For the liquid detergent, I used 1/3 bar of soap, I think 1 cup of Borax and 1 cup of washing soda, plus I believe I boiled 4-6 cups of water and mixed the ingredients to make basically a soap soup until it literally looked kinda like a soup.... (see picture below lol)

Then, I tried to add it to like 1.75 gallons of water at least because I didnt quite have enough to do as much as i wanted (I wished I had a bucket, but I could only hide small things, not a full bucket, yknow?) but I divided it up between a laundry jug and two glass containers and one small laundry jug. I spooned the mixture because pouring it wasn't going well, after I filled the containers with the amount of water I wanted in each, and with the lid on each, gave them some good shakes. I let them sit for 24 hours, but really, mine sat for more than 24. >_> They sat for a couple weeks.....

Here's a picture of all the mixtures together after I'd finished the batch. Smiley The small green laundry jug and the container of powdered liquid went to my ex and I kept the rest. I think my grandma found my stash of laundry detergent, seeing as she seems to have thrown out my peppermint shampoo-y stuff my ex made me, and she also jacked my box of Borax and washing soda, but at least I know where they are.... I actually /finally/ had a chance to try said laundry detergent recently, because I did my laundry in the middle of the night. If I plan on doing my laundry she like purposely does it while I'm at work or school, and I'm like "Augh, I just wanna wash my own clothes and try my soaaaaaaap" @[email protected]  For the record, when it settles, it goops up into this liquid awkwardness (but that may just be my batch being slightly shorted on water) so after giving it a good shake and then pouring it into the little cup, i squished it a bit before pouring it into my washer and squished up the goopy glops in my container a bit too. It worked AMAZINGLY well, definitely comparable to Tide and all of those other ones! (And came out much cheaper than me buying bottles of Seventh Generation cuz I like that better than whatever my grandmother uses that I might be slowly developing an allergy to...) It took out blood stains even! And my legs didn't get all itchy and/or break out from the clothes being washed in it (unlike whatever my grandmother uses on my clothes when Im not home. I think it's Tide) So I'm really pleased. Smiley Next time I'll use a little more water though and see if it goops a bit less.
3  COOKING / Recipes and Cooking Tips / Lentils and Barley and Stevia! OH MY! (Ideas? :D ) on: March 05, 2012 09:14:17 PM
Soooo..... Guess what silly girl went on a shopping spree at New Seasons out of love and adoration and a hunt to buy more Just Strawberries? LOL (Please note, I am thoroughly addicted to Just Strawberries)

Anyways, as I roamed the bulk food sections, I was super excited to find barley as I LOVE barley, so I bought 2-3lbs of barley, and then another probably 2lbs of those reddish orange lentils as I've never eaten lentils before but rumor has it they're delicious in everything. I plan to make some soup this week with lentils, barley, red pepper (the sweet kind), maybe some shredded carrots or potato, and beef. Maybe also some delicious sausage c: But seeing as I bought so much barley and lentils.... What are other delicious things I could make with them? Especially considering that I'm so very picky, and am just discovering that food is actually delicious at times haha....

Also, I discovered Stevia last night. >///< I really want to try it in a dessert of some sort, unfortunately I can't think of ANYTHING that uses sugar or is sweet that would be fun to make right now. I'm drawing a blank, please give me ideas. ^_^

Thanks guys! Cheesy
4  CRAFTY BUSINESS ADVICE / Get Product and Website Opinions / Website questions.. Advice? on: February 21, 2012 06:09:02 PM
Hi, I really hope this is in the right area... If it isn't please feel free to move it :s

So, apparently I'm even more rusty at web design than I thought. I'm also a bit slow on doing chainmaille or art or anything lately due to my school schedule constantly changing and lately most of my art is work related (I worked as an artist assistant briefly and was involved in a large gallery showing that was fun but a very sleep deprived experience that my doctor has banned me from repeating for various reasons, and right now I'm doing various illustration things for a dentist... )

But despite all this craziness (Which should calm down some between March and April I presume) I've been wanting to have a website or something thrown together that would work better than just relying on my Facebook fan page... A portfolio more or less, y'know? Maybe add in a web shop type thing? Or one of those nifty things that shows your Etsy or Store Envy or ArtFire(?) store?

Now here's where the questions and things come in.... So I have someone who has a great price on websites and I've seen his work. He's fabulous... But I'm wondering if I should have one site, or two, or one big site that branches off into two separate things more or less?

Area one: Luna Estrella

Luna Estrella (Or Luna Estrella Chainmaille Designs) is for my chainmaille. I make chainmaille jewelry, dreamcatchers, floggers, etc. I keep this separate from everything else I do. However, I'm going to be taking up casting and silversmithing soon... When I start expanding further, should I have it all just be into Luna Estrella Designs? Or branch off any other type of jewelry making and oddities into it's own thing?

Area two: Myself and my art

I'm an artist and I want to display this. I want to show off the art I do, what I can do, things I've done on commission, maybe even what we did when I worked as an artist assistant.... It doesn't tie into Luna Estrella really... Well, I guess it does since chainmaille is definitely an art, but I want to divide the two because they are different. For this, website especially, but also in general, what am I to do name wise? In high school I always signed things 'A Mack 'xx ' (xx being the year), in college most things you see will either be Alison Mack or Alison Renee Mack. My student email for one college is [email protected] (I don't want to throw my student email out there), my student email for my other school is [email protected] I've always lightly considered doing a legal name change (or just adapting it for things like this) to have my name as Alison Christian-Mack, as Christian was my last name prior to my adoption, but I feel like that's too much of a mouthful AND I worry about upsetting anyone in my family by taking my old last name on along with my true blue last name, y'know? I also worry about if I get married. I like my name, I don't know if I want to take on someone else's name (I could always be like my biological mother and take on my last name alongside my husbands) but I thought that maybe for art stuff, I could just use "Alison Renee", my first and middle name. Then I don't have to worry about my last name, if it changes, if I need a new identity, etc. I noticed the guy (I go to school with him, he's a junior I think) who I will probably have do my website(s) doesn't full on use his name on his stuff. It's a different, cooler sounding, last name that seems somehow so perfect for what he does.

Would it be strange to just use Alison Renee for art? or would I also have to start signing every piece as "AR" or "ARM" or "A Renee" or even "AR Mack" ?

Then, when it comes down to domain, one website, two, etc. how do I go about this?

Do I just use like one big domain, like say, alisonrenee.com for example, and then have it branch off? Like a splash page, and then it has one side where it goes to maybe lunaestrella.alisonrenee.com and then maybe I don't know, designs.alisonrenee.com? Should I just do two separate sites, like lunaestrelladesign.com and alisonrenee.com (alisonreneedesigns.com? alisonmack.org? ETC ETC) ?

Now I'm worried that I'm not making any sense in this post :s If you understand what I mean, can you please send me in the right direction about how to go about this? Please give me all your knowledge on this topic!

5  BATH AND BEAUTY / Bath and Beauty: Discussion and Questions / Oil??? ((Lip balm)) on: November 02, 2011 03:42:31 PM

I wanna try making my own lip balm. I got nifty lil containers, varying types of butters, beeswax beads, fragrances if needed, etc. (I also have stuff for candles Cheesy ) But then I noticed that homemade lip balm recipes all seem to call for varying oils, whether it be coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc. All I have is maybe olive oil (Which I have seen in one of the recipes) or and/or vegetable oil.... Is the oil a necessity to make the lip balm? @[email protected];; I'm still really new at all this bath and body stuff :s
6  BATH AND BEAUTY / Bath and Beauty: Completed Projects / I made soaaaaap :D on: November 02, 2011 03:35:08 PM
I got bored one day and decided I wanted to make soap. It's not super fancy soap because it's melt n pour stuff and the stuff came from Michael's (Thank you MareMare for details of Shay and Co! I bought a bunch of cool stuff there and I'm gonna buy more when I'm not broke as I spent my last 50 bucks there XD ) but I'm happy with it. It was really fun to make these. Smiley I gave a few to my mom, one for a swap, two will be going to my silly boyfriend tonight, and I have one I for sure wanted, but I may keep a few more for myself as well. I haven't decided what I want to do with them all yet. They're all shea or goats milk, depending on the bars. Sorry my pics kinda suck, it was night time, I was in the kitchen dining room, and ended up relying on my handy dandy iPhone. xP Some of these have oatmeal in them, and the scents for them are orange, light rose, orange/light rose mix, or cucumber and green tea (Varying in scent depending on how much I put in)

I ended up with 16 bars of soap all together.

7  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Completed Projects / Celtic knot woodburned box :) on: October 31, 2011 01:04:02 PM
Grandma bought me a woodburner Cheesy I promptly proceeded to burn my hand on it >_>

Then I did this box Cheesy It isn't perfect, but my boyfriend will like it. It's gonna be part of his Christmas present.

8  Calls for Swap Angels / Swap Angel Archive / WWP Round 30 - Mabon 2011 -- FOUND on: October 02, 2011 07:35:12 PM
Discussion Thread: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=388286.0
Gallery: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=389759.0

Hello, we're in need of one angel for WWP Round 30 - Mabon... The requirements are two smalls, with one item being either an outdoors-y item or a Harvest recipe.

If you feel you're a match, please PM me and let me know. Thank you. Smiley



holistic knitter is located in Wales of the United Kingdom. You must be willing to ship outside the US.

What is your philosophy/religion/branch/etc.?
Buddhist but with a strong pagan slant! (odd I know - but that's what I am!)I celebrate the turning of the year, have a close infinity with nature and with goddesses, something of a hedge witch and kitchen witch as well

What deity/deities/etc. is/are special to you?
Varoius female goddesses, especially Welsh ones.
re this swap:
Modron the Welsh Mother Goddess associated with Autumn, the harvest and fertility (similar to Ceres / Demeter) She was also responsible for magic and ritual.

Are you out of the broom closet? (Do your friends and/or family know you are Pagan?)
yes they know what i'm like!

Are you ok with tasteful nudity?
yes if female

Do you have favorite colors, stones, herbs, etc?
Favourite colours - olive, duck egg blue, damsons and plums, autumn colours, sea greens and blues, deep red and burnt orange
Stones- moonstone and rhodolite are two of my  favourites at the moment, also love amber, lapis, etc etc.
Actually I love all semiprecious stones and collect & wear silver  jewellery in them, as well as use stones in my holistic healing
happy with any herbs

Are you attending any Pagan festivals or outdoor rituals this summer? Will you be camping? Is there anything that would especially help you make outdoor magic this summer? Anything else you would like to receive?
- Won't be going to any festivals -but intend to vist some local holy wells / sacred springs
Happy with most things -  love bookmarks, jewellery (silver or bronze), notebooks, wall quilts, lap quilts, candles and candle holders, soaps,  etc...
Love Celtic motifs, jackdaws / crows/ ravens, moon gazing hares, wolves, owls,bats, trees and nature...

Are you growing and or harvesting crops this summer? Would you like something to assist in this?
yes - but don't need anything thanks

Is there anything you do NOT want?
altar cloth
anything made of animal products
male dieties

Would you be willing to learn about and craft for someone else's traditions that may be different from your own?
yes of course ;0)

Is there anything you wouldn't be willing to craft for because of your beliefs?

What kinds of crafts do you do?
Knit, sew, crochet, quilt, card crafts, altered art, jewellery, cross stitch....

Do you have any allergies or aversions to anything? What are they?
Allergic to wool and all other animal yarn
Please no animal products

What allergens are in your environment?
two lovely dogs

Please list the avatar names of your last three WWP swap partners if applicable.
eeyore-witch, mangospanker, the maniccrafter, FinRaziel

Anything else you want to add?

You can find out lots more about my tastes on this page on my blog: Information for swap partners

Here is my Wish List

here is my craft Blog

Anything else you want to know please ask
9  HOME SWEET HOME / Crafty Housewares: Completed Projects: General / Chainmaille Dreamcatcher on: September 29, 2011 11:50:48 PM
I started making this dreamcatcher with the intention of actually keeping it, but my mom saw it as a work in progress and fell in love with it, so she's gonna get it for Christmas now that it's done haha. It's wrapped and in my Christmas/WWP storage/oddities cabinet Cheesy

Picture doesn't entirely do it justice. It's much brighter and better looking in person. It's a 3 inch craft ring for the base. The hanging bit is a simple 2-2-2-2-2 chain in 18g 3/16" anodized aluminum rings with an 18g 1/4" AA ring on top, the bottom decorations are 19g 5/32" AA in a byzantine weave with 18g 3/16" AA mobius balls hanging from the bottom. The outter inner part is 18g 1/4" AA rings connected together inside with 20g 1/8" AA and connected to the ring with 18g 3/16" AA rings. The inner weave is Japanese 12-2 in a mixture of 19g 5/32" (they're purple, but you can't really tell) AA rings and 20g 3/32" rings with the outter bits being another 2-2-2-2 chain. I'm working on a larger one right now that's comissioned. It's driving me a bit nuts. This one drove me nuts too. I love it though.
10  ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS / New Swap Theme Ideas / Tai Chi / Yoga Round 3? on: September 28, 2011 07:36:31 PM

Would anyone be interested in doing a third round of this awesomeness?

Round Two:
Discussion: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=355195.0
Gallery: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=359678.0;all

Round One:
Discussion: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=176940.0
Gallery: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=187335.0
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