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11  little fat lady in More Art, Less Craft: Completed Works by Delectably Deviant on: March 29, 2011 08:18:38 PM

My little fat lady, I made her out of clay.  Chavant Plasteline modeling clay, to be precise.  She's about 13 inches long, and was done for my current sculpture class.  The assignment was to sculpt an anatomically accurate female figure.

I am hoping to mold and cast her in resin at some point, though I'll have to modify her a bit first to get rid of undercuts and such.  Before I do that I need to get portfolio quality photos taken though.

Anyway, comments and crits desired as always.  Thanks for looking!
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12  Valentine's plushies for my long-distance bf in Valentine's Day by Delectably Deviant on: February 07, 2011 07:34:55 PM
A couple of months ago, I got into a long distance relationship - I wanted to make my guy something for Valentine's Day, but I didn't want it to be anything super mushy since the relationship is still really new, and it couldn't be large or heavy because of postage costs.  I made him a cd that's all songs about Canada, since he's Canadian and all, but I also wanted to make something a little more personal, so decided to make him plushies of the two of us, so we can be together in some fashion even though we're far apart.  I made them animals 'cause it seemed cuter - his is an arctic fox since he's up in the wintry north, and mine is a lynx mostly 'cause I like their tufty ears. ^_^

They're made of fleece and felt, and mismatched buttons.  They have velcro on their hands so they can hold some little items I made for them, and they can hold hands.  

Both of us wear glasses, so I made a pair for each stuffie out of pipe cleaners, though I think they look better without them.

I wanted to personalize the gift, so I made little felt items for the plushies to hold.  There's a heart (since it's for Valentine's), a cake, a jar of nutella, and a purple dildo - all stuff that represents running private jokes that he and I share.

So, that's it.  They're very far from perfect and took ten times longer to make than they should have, but it's pretty exciting to be sending them to him for our first Valentine's Day. ^_^
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13  Hit Girl sculpture in More Art, Less Craft: Completed Works by Delectably Deviant on: January 13, 2011 05:51:43 PM
For my sculpture class, one of our projects was to sculpt a human head - I decided to do Hit Girl, from Kick-Ass.  I used the movie actress' face as a reference, but my end result is kinda a combination of the movie and the comic book character. 

Sculpted with Chavant plasteline modeling clay over a core of aluminum foil.

Here's a pic of the character in the movie, in case y'all haven't seen it:

And the comic character:

A pic of the sculpture at my work station, to kinda give you an idea of its size (it's life-size..):

Unfortunately, when I made the tin-foil underlayer for the hair, I didn't pack it down as well as I should have, so when I put the clay on top and started sculpting it, it kept warping and I ended up having to smush it in a lot, which made the hair less big than I had wanted it.  I'm not entirely happy with the way the hair looks anyway, so I think I will go back and do more work on that part after this semester's final's are over. 

Anyhoo, comments and crits welcome, desired even!

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14  Fungus Among Us in Bath and Beauty: Completed Projects by Delectably Deviant on: January 12, 2011 03:02:22 PM

For my special effects class, our mid-term assignment was to do a makeup effect using food and then take photos that could be movie stills.  I had a bunch of ideas, most of them far too elaborate and physically impossible, and I tried out a couple of things that ended up not working.  Unfortunately at the last minute I had to come up with plan C, and I ended up doing an effect where the idea was that its an alien fungus thats spreading up my arm, eventually to consume my entire body and eat my brain in order to use me as a meat puppet.

At that point I had to use what was on hand at home, since Id already spent money I didnt really have buying supplies for the stuff that didnt work.  Crushed red peppers, salt, and black peppercorns combined nicely to make a creepy alien fungus texture.

The effect was made by sponging on a layer of liquid latex and laying the spice mixture into it, then repeating the process in key spots for more variation, then covering the whole thing with a green-tinted layer of the latex.  After that, I applied dark brown creme makeup in the holes and crevices to make them look deeper, did a little mottling with a couple of colors of creme makeup, and voila!  Alien fungus.

My girlfriend and I took about 50 photos, trying out different poses and whatnot, and Im glad we did so many cause the last ones were absolutely the best.

After I turned those pictures in, my teacher said he wanted me to do more with the project, showing more of a story with the progression of the fungus.  So I set out to do something where it would be covering the whole arm and going up my neck to cover part of my face.  I started with my chest, neck, and face.

And then it started burning. In case I didnt mention it before, putting red pepper on your skin is a pretty bad idea.. Now, the burning happened on my arm too when I did the first round of photos, but it wasnt terrible, and this second time around I made sure to lay down an extra layer of latex under the spice mixture.  Well, apparently I missed some spots.  On my face.  o_O

So, I decided to forego doing the arm again, and just get the photo shoot over with.  Cause.. ouch.

Anyhoo, heres the pics I got to round out the series:

It doesnt look quite identical to the hand in the first go-round the color is slightly off and I didnt use as much of the salt and pepper or give it as much attention with makeup.. but I think its a fair job considering the fact that I did it on myself.  And I quite like the addition of the redness around the fungus that looks like skin irritation that bit was inspired by the actual irritation on my face, which funnily enough had faded a bit by the time the camera battery charged enough to take the photos.  Go figure.

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15  Alien Hand in Completed Projects by Delectably Deviant on: January 11, 2011 04:19:22 PM

This was a project done for my Intro to Makeup Effects class we were given a yellow latex kitchen glove and told to turn it into a wearable monster hand using liquid (and/or mask) latex.

Mine was made in two parts the wrist cuff is a separate piece that fits over the glove.

The glove was made by taking every cotton ball I had in the house, ripping them into little pieces and rolling the pieces into different sized balls, then gluing them on the back of the hand with mask latex.  The texture on the palm was made by sprinkling crushed animal crackers onto wet mask latex.

After that was all dry, I coated the whole thing with liquid latex several times, making sure to fill in the deep crevices between the cotton balls.  That part took freaking forever.  I must have done at least 10 rounds of filling the latex kept sliding out of the cracks and dripping down the glove.  Most inconvenient.

Anyhoo.  After the hand was coated with latex, it looked like I had glued Corn Pops cereal all over it.  I probably should have just done that, it would have been faster and probably would have looked the same.  And I would have had some yummy breakfast left over.  Oh well.

While the Corn Pop Monster was drying, I made the cybery wrist cuff.  It took some pondering to figure out what to make it from.  Im a broke-ass student and all, so I really didnt want to buy a bunch of stuff.  I ended up using a piece of felt as the base for the cuff, and glued on pieces of styrofoam, plastic kazoos, stereo wire from the dollar store, and then I stuck bulbs from a christmas light necklace through the holes in the kazoos (they even light up!).  So I ended up spending two dollars on the whole thing, or $8 if you count the burger and fries that came in the styrofoam container. 

The edges of the cuff were finished off with folded duct tape ,then the whole thing was painted with tinted latex and acrylic paint, then glazed and distressed to look extra crusty and worn.  Then I popped in the christmas lights and glued on the stereo wires, and ta-da!

The hand itself was painted with four layers of tinted latex a purple base, and greenish-grey glaze to darken the cracks, a bright green glaze, and more of the bright purple brushed over the high points as a highlight.  Unfortunately, the camera didnt pick up the colors of the hand very well.  In person, the green and purple pop really nicely and it has a nice depth to the color.

Anyhoo, there it is.  Im pretty happy with it, especially because I was afraid, during the process, that it wasnt going to come out the way I wanted.  But it did, and my teacher seemed to dig it, and now I want to make a whole costume to go with it.. if only I had the time.

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16  Bride of Frankenstein Makeup in Bath and Beauty: Completed Projects by Delectably Deviant on: October 30, 2010 08:49:38 PM
I'm going to school for special effects makeup, and in my cosmetic makeup class we did Halloween face-painting.  The goal was to create 3-d effects using light and shadow.  I kinda wish I'd done something a little more dramatic as far as altering my model's face, but I'm still kinda happy with how it came out.

I guess my teacher was too, since he asked me to re-do it as part of a group that was photographed for a newspaper article about our school.  Sadly, my makeup was not actually featured in the final article (which was rather scanty on photos, imo).

Anyhoo, here's the makeup:

The above photos are the third iteration of the makeup.  Here's some shots of the first, practice, version:

I think the overall color of the practice makeup is more dead-looking, but it tickles me that the bluish tones in the shadows of the other go with the model's eyes. XD

Anyhoo, comments, crits, etc. are always appreciated.  Thanks for looking!
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17  Re: Japanese Lolita Fashion Swap Gallery in The Swap Gallery by Delectably Deviant on: September 01, 2010 03:31:30 PM
My partner hasn't posted any photos, so I figured I'd post one to show what I made her: a purse, a mini hat, and a set of fabric-covered bobby pins.

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18  Re: Multi-Themed Steampunk Swap Gallery (Send outs 8/16) in The Swap Gallery by Delectably Deviant on: August 26, 2010 02:33:52 PM
I finally got a chance to take some photos of the awesome stuff GoldfishGirl sent me.

Here's a shot of the lot of it, all the necessities for comfortable airship travel ^_^:

There's the beautiful skirt, reversible "obi", the book box full of trinkets, a patchwork sachet and some great-smelling soap.  GoldfishGirl really went all out, there was a nice letter in the bottom of the box, and nifty little steampunky notes with every item.

The book box is so cool!  I don't know how she managed to glue the pages together without making them weird and stiff on the outside - without opening the book, you'd have no idea at all that it isn't what it seems.

For some reason, it reminds me a lot of something that would be in Fallout 3.  Very cool.

Here's a pic of the inside, with all the nifty trinkets.  GoldfishGirl already posted photos of the contents, so I just took a group shot.

That brooch with the topless ladies is just made of win.  I don't know where she found it, but I love it!!  It's so pretty, and the topless ladies make me grin, and it's also so appropriate for me as a queer chick. Smiley  (It also has "taco" stamped in tiny letters on the back, which just makes it that much more odd and wonderful. XD )

I only managed to get one "action" shot of me in the skirt.  My gf is out of town so I had to take pics with the timer on my camera.  She won't be back til Monday but I'll try to get her to take some more photos then.  (Please ignore the doofy look on my face. Tongue )  

The skirt is so, so pretty and nicely made!  The color is just beautiful, and the skirt is really full and long and soft.

Thank you for everything GoldfishGirl, you're an awesome swap partner!!  
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19  Re: Japanese Lolita Fashion Swap Gallery in The Swap Gallery by Delectably Deviant on: August 09, 2010 10:30:25 AM
I received from slytherchick a few days ago.  She made me a cute short-sleeved hoodie, and a skirt.

I had a hard time getting action shots, since I've been home alone all week - I did manage to get one of the hoodie though:

Sadly, a mysterious stain has appeared on the skirt.  Sad  I suspect my cat may have peed on it.  I put some oxyclean stuff on it this morning though, so keep your fingers crossed for me that the stain comes out!
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20  Re: Show Off Your Hair--Dyed, Cut, or Styled by Yourself! in Bath and Beauty: Completed Projects by Delectably Deviant on: August 04, 2010 05:52:29 PM
I was just looking at photos and feeling nostalgic about my formerly fun-colored hair - I can't dye mine anymore since I got a retail job and am still looking for full-time employment..  Then I came across this thread!  So I just have to share some pics (There's one at the bottom that shows my natural hair color, just for comparison). 

Up until about 5 years ago, I had hair almost down to my butt.  All through high school and college I wanted to dye it but was afraid because of how long it would take to grow out... Then my girlfriend convinced me to cut it short, and I was able to live my dream of having blue hair. XD  The blue is still my favorite, and I've got my jar of "Atomic Turquoise" all ready for when I get to school in October.

Mustachio, I am also a fan or your blue, I like the two different shades!
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