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21  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / Men's button shirt -> Cute cap-sleeved top *DETAILED TUTORIAL!* [image obese] on: November 19, 2006 11:29:35 PM
Sooo, I made my first tutorial. I sorta made it outta the blue, I am on holidays and I made this top and was very very excited (although I didn't really get that much feedback from Craftster on it...Grin) so  decided that everyone should be able to make one! So I sat down with trusty ole Photoshop in my pyjamas (I'm still in them and it's 5pm...hehe, holidays are great)

Here is the orginal top (link https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=133739.0 ) and a photo...

Now onto the tute. I have tried to explain this so that people with little or no sewing experience can do it. All you need is a sewing machine, a big button down shirt, some matching thread and a needle and thread for gathering!

1. Find a nice simple button up mens shirt, preferably too big (thrift stores and brothers are great!). Turn it inside out (with the buttons done up!) and lay it down nice and flat, smoothing out any wrinkles.

2. Get a nice sleeved shirt that fits you well and lay it down on top of the button shirt. Carefully pin around the edges (dont be afraid to use lots of pins so that you get the curves just right!). Make sure you keep it all smooth and centred and that you are pinning both layers of the shirt together. Dont pin the t-shirt to the button shirt! Look at the pic for where I pinned.

If you want to see if you like the fit around your waist and stuff, unpin the pins at the sleeves and unbutton the shirt and try it on (you can try it one inside out and/or right side out, be careful of the pins though!. Try and ignore how the sleeves look sorta funny at the moment (^_^).

3. When you are happy with the position of the pins, its time to sew the side seams! Move the t-shirt to the side and sew up the sides only (NOT the sleevesor you wont have any armholes! hehe)

Time for some more trying on. Make sure you like how it fits.

4. When you are happy with the fit, its time to cut! Weeee! Cut the along the pinned and sewed lines, leaving a nice seam allowance (I do about 2-2.5cm). Zig-zap (or overlock/serge if you have one) along the sewn edges so that the fabris doesnt fray much when you wash your shirt.

5. Now it looks like this! You can try it on againcheck that you have cut it all nice and symmetrical and all that jazz. I guess if you like the look of it how it is you could finish off the edges and wear it sleeveless.

6. Put it back on again, and fiddle around with where you could put darts to make it fit you better around the boobs. Put it on inside out and pin the darts in. Make sure they are symmetric, and at the same angle and all. (Ive drawn in where I put my darts, but everyones boobs are different so your darts might be in a completely different position, just as long as it makes it fit you nicely!

7. Sew the darts. Turn it right side out and try it on. If you are happy with it, cut of the fold of fabric carefully, leaving about 1cm fabric. Zig-zag/serge/overlock edge. I guess if you like the look of it how it is now you could finish off the edges and wear it sleeveless. If you want cute little puffy/cap sleevescontinue!

8. Now we will make the sleevesI will give directions with the measurements I used. I have toothpick arms, but the fit it very generous and it should fit most people BUT I highly recommend making a mock sleeve out of some scrap fabric first, that way if you need to make adjustments, you wont have wasted your precious matching fabric.

Anywho, get the sleeves that were cut off and cut them so that you have 2 nice flat pieces of fabric that have one hemmed edge.

9. Using your mock piece of fabric, cut out this shape (seam allowances are included in my measurements). Fold it across in half and pin the half-way points at the top and bottom. Unfold.

10. Now you need to get your needle and thread. Use a thread that is easily seen against your fabric (it will be removed later) and tie a nice big knot at one end. Sew where indicated in the pics.

11. Pull the thread so that the fabric gathers and fasten the thread so that the gathered fabric measures 9cm in length.

12. Using the sewing machine, sew the gathered edge flat (as indicated in pic). Remove gathering thread.

13. Now is the time to check that this sleeve fits you and your shirt. I tried the shirt on and held the sleeve on with my hand and wiggled around and looked and stuff. Remember that the sleeves are cap type sleeves so that means that they wont go all around the shirt sleeve edge (see pic).

14. When youre happy with your mock sleeve, make the real sleeves, using the hemmed edge as the long straight edge on the semi-circle. You should then have 2 cute little puffy cap sleeves! Pin the top centre of the sleeves (so you will be able to match them to the shirt evenly)

15. Time for attaching the sleeves to the shirt. Put the shirt the right side out. Taking one sleeve, match the pinned centre to the existing seam across the top of the shoulder and pin together (in pic = centre pin) with right sides together. Pin the rest of the top edge of the sleeve onto the shirt.

16. Sew it on, making sure you sew on the other side of the line of machine stitching used to hold the gathers in place (Step 12).

Repeat Steps 15 & 16 for the other sleeve. Wow, were nearly finished! Try it on just for fun to see how it looksyay!

17. Now we finish the edges of the armholes. First, zig-zag/serge/overlock along the raw edge.

18. Now we need to hem the zigzagged edge to make it nice and neat. This is kind of hard to explain how I did it. It is a bit fiddly. You need to fold and sew the zig-zagged edge over (inwards) so that the edge is on the inside. Before you sew it down, make sure that it will sit flat at the point where it meets where the sleeve is sewed on. I cant explain this well, it is easiest for you to fiddle around and figure it our yourself (sorry I cant make this step easier!)

19. If you need to or would like to neaten up the bottom hem, you can do it now (no pic for this step, its pretty simple, isnt it?...just fold, pin and sew)

20. Tadaaa! Congratulations! You should now have an awesome cute little top to wear wherever and whenever you like!

So there you have it...the most detailed tute ever. I would LOVE to hear what you guys think of this tute, and if you have any suggestions. AND I would LOVE LOVE LOVE you to post pics here of what you make!

I hope it works!
-Rosie Cheesy
22  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / Men's button-up shirt to cute fitted girl's top with cap/puff sleeves! on: November 17, 2006 12:15:25 AM
There has been a lot of recon's of men's buttoned shirts lately...sorry to add to them! I got a bit of inspiration from...what katie did's post here https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=127996.0 and from a shirt I bought (I copied the sleeves from it!)

I don't have any before pics...but it was a shirt that my older brother got from a thrift store and now he's all grown out of it. It was a very shapeless shirt and it was also really simple...no yoke! But I liked the fabric and I had been thinking bout making this baby for a while so last night when I was ecstatic due to finishing all my exams I got stuck into it. Now for some pics...

Here it is from the front. Sorry it's not in focus, I got sick of fiddling with the timer on the camera and just decided to use this one. It looks a lot smoother in real life...

And here we have the back. Not much to see here...I just wanted see what it looked like from the back. It looks sorta tight here...but it doesn't feel tight! And my shoulderblades are sorta pokey out-y. Hehe.

And here's a shot to show the darts I did to make it fit me better. It's probably hard to see, but there is a dart three...I am vaguely pointing to it (and not at my small boobs!..but I love my small boobs...they mean less darts.) This is the first time I have ever done darts! I am proud of myself!

And finally, a close-up of the sleeve and fabric. I love the sleeves...

So, there you have it, my second EVER recon. I was bouncing around last night cos I was so pleased with myself! It was very simple to make and it only took me a few hours (it would have taken less but I made a mistake when I was finishing one of the sleeves and I had to unpick it with scissors and a pin (I don't have a seam ripper. I'm not sure why...I just keep forgetting to buy one!) AND as I was finishing the hem on the bottom, when I got to last 3 cm or so my bobbin thread ran out! I was so annoyed, and I didn't have anymore white thread on any other bobbins so I had to refill my bobbin for a measly 3cm! But luckily it all worked out!

Woow, I sure can blab on about not much! Congrats if you read all that! Anyway, enjoy! I'd love to hear some feedback!! Cheesy

23  QUILTING / Quilting: Completed Projects / My first ever patchwork project...I love it! on: November 15, 2006 06:22:20 AM
So, this here is my first piece of patchwork I have ever done. I did it about 2 years ago...it is very well loved by me, it holds my bible, my hymn book and my notebook and all my various pieces of paper I collect at church and stuff...my mum helped too!

My mum went through a bit of a patchwork phase and she bought some lovely books. I went searching through them and found a cushion piece. I think it is 'seminole' patchwork (I modified to make the size I wanted...I made up the black and pink checkered bit too). AND I reallly wanted to make me a new case for my bible and my church related things. So I got down to it and pieced all this together. It was so fun and it took me about 2 days to do the pieceing. Then came the task of making it into an actual case...then I got sick with a tummy virus so Mum finished it for me  Embarrassed She made the bias to put around the edges and she lined it and put in two awesome zippered pockets (I keep some random farside comics in there from my old desk calendar...go figure.) I had to have pink zips and black and white polka dots! Cheesy And then for the closure we attached a toggle and a loop made out the bias. I am so incredibly in love with this...that it has started to fall apart... Cry I fiddled with the pieces a bit while sewing witht hem so I may have helped to fray them...I think I will have to fix it with some handsewing but I want my mum's guidance first (she always knows what to do!) It's also a bit dirty...but due to it's fragility i am scared to wash it.

Soooo, it's not all my doing....I just the did the patchhworking and mum did the rest. 

So onto the pics...
Here it is from the front. You can see the toggle closure and stuff...you can also see that it looks like it doesn't sit flat...it really does, it's just that it's stuffed full of goodness at the moment! I haven't done my spring cleaning...I collect lots of random snippets from church and youth group activities and talks!

And here it is from the back...you can see where it's dying...waaaah! But I will fix it!...one day. You can also see the polyester batting on the inside. I just wanted it to be soft, and washable. I love it's squishyness!

And finally, here is the inside view. You can see all  my lovely books and my paper and stuff and the two zippered pockets AND the awesome lining! MY mum is magic!

So there you have it! Please enjoy! I'd love to hear what you think of it...I love it to pieces (obviously Grin ) And if you have any suggestions on how to mend it's wound...I'm all ears!


ps. For a first project I was incredibly happy with this baby!
24  NEEDLEWORK / Needlework: Completed Projects / Itty pink worm, an anatomically correct skull & some dino-LOVE! on: November 09, 2006 07:27:08 PM
Howdy all!

I was feeling like putting my newfound embroidery love to the test with some actual 'planned' pieces. So I went searching through my sketchbook and found a few images that I thought would look good embroidered. I just embroidered them onto this sentimental old calico tote that I have (I got it at a youth group thing and I scribbled on it with coloured pencils and I want to keep it and use it so I thought I'd make it a little more interesting...I plan of jamming it full of random embroidered rubbish over a long time. It'll sorta be my practice piece. Anywho here are the three bits I did last night and this morning, all together...

Annnnd here, up alittle closer is my anatomically correct skull. After two years of studying anatomy I can't make myself simplify skull images. So I thought, why not do it with more detail? SO I DID. It is worked in backstitch with a teeny bit of satin stitch in the left orbital fissure (yes, I am a geek) Grin

Next up, coming in as my least favourite is the worm. I think I did the satin stitches too long and now he has this stupid furrowed brow look going on. But he's still cute though.

And coming in as my favourite, the first part of my current embroidery binge, my dino-love. This is my first ever dino craft project. I got the idea off our DDR sim, Stepmania...but I simplified it...and cute-i-fied it. I love him. I wanna put him on a bag or a shirt or the butt of my jeans or anywhere! He's also my neatest. Hooray!!!

So, that's it for this round! Please do enjoy! I am gonna get back into my free-hand embroidered pointy kitty to be friends with my U-G-L-Y smapler dude.

Feedback would be muchly appreciated!
25  NEEDLEWORK / Needlework: Completed Projects / My U-G-L-Y embroidery sampler creature...he has a friend! Morty! See page 4! on: November 07, 2006 04:18:30 PM
Soooo, the other day I was bored and tired of studying (3 exams down, 3 to go! Yay!)
and I have a nice little stash of felt and embroidery thread so I thought I'd do a bit of free-hand. I cut this little weirdo out freehand (that's why it's shape is so strange) and sewed him up and stuffed him and then started embroidering. I know it is hella ugly and strange, BUT I love that stitch, the Vandyke stitch I think it iwas called, it makes this cute little braid down the centre of the line, I zoomed in on it in photoshop for y'all to see.

So, to all ma fellow crafsters, please, enjoy! Let me know what you think of it!! (I called it a sampler cos I read once that samplers have a certain amount of stitches on them and this little baby has...7? I think. I bought this needlecraft book once at a thrift store and I used the embroidery pages to help me out...

Here is the front, haha.

And here is the back, held in my hand for scale...

And here is a close-up of my new favourite. I think I will use it to do the edging on my next project (when I decide what my next project will be!)

So there you have it, please give me a little feedback! I don't really want flames and I know that this embroidery is nothing compared to the awesome neatness I see on this board, it's just a bit of fun!

(it's eyes make me laugh AND they creep me out)

Ps. I've edited this to add that U-G-L-Y now has a friend! His name is Morty and you can read about him and see him on page 4! Enjoy!
26  PAPER CRAFTS, SCRAPBOOKING & ATCs (ARTIST TRADING CARDS) / Paper Crafts: Completed Projects: General / I made a book...it has a felt cover & it's full of TROGDOR!!! img heavy on: October 27, 2006 06:46:04 PM
Meheeh! It's true!

Yesterday I was fussing about because I felt bad because I didn't have a birthday present for my best bud (she knew and as fine...we're both poor students!) but I am going to go to her place for their family dinner/birthday celebrations and I wanted to have something!! (other than this random coaster I made for her...) And I was wandering about the internet wondering (hehe) and it hit me...TROGDOR! We are both rabid Trogdor fans! (And Strong Bad too, ooh ooh there'a a new sbemail...check it out!) And I had been looking at this papercraft board so I came up with this...
This is the front of the book. There's a nice heavy cardboard cover inside the felt and I embroidered a lovely trogdor on the front!

Here is the spine...

...and here you can see the corresponding stitches on the inside of the book...you can also see some lovely trogdor pictures I googled. I filled 'er up with 'em! There are some awesome Trogdor related things that people have made out there in the wide world...

This one shows the iniside cover and the back page...

And here are some random pages...

I left this page blank so she can print off this photo of  us with our Trogdor sandcastle we made...(I don't have a copy of it Sad)

So there you have it, my first ever book (if you don't count the little bitty ones I used to make during class in school with glue and pieces of paper...)
It has 12 pages and it doesn't close very well. I tied it shut with a ribbon for the moment...

Enjoy! ...I'd love to hear some feedback!

-Rosie Grin
27  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / My first ever recon...shapeless yellow tee INTO DRESS! [img heavy] on: October 20, 2006 11:56:42 PM
Hokay! Here is my first ever recon...ever! (I know I know, I said ever twice Cheesy ) It's only just a recon...I used a yellow shirt and some fabric I had lying around (thrift store find!!)

Here is the before shots...The shirt on me...and yes, that is my bra. You now see why I don't wear it. My aunt gave it to me when she was sorting out her wardrobe. I can't remember why I took this one, although I did use it once as an ungly 80's shirt in a costume (over another shirt of course!)

Here it is lying flat on the floor. It truly is shapeless...the definition of the word.

And heeeere it is in progress! I cut it to the shape of another tee that I liked the fit of (but I made it longer too) and then gave it sleeves (hehe, I tried puff sleeves but man, wrong!!!) Then I decided I wanted pockets! Yay! LOVE-HEART POCKETS!! I have wanted loveheart pockets for a while now...(I'm obviously fascinated by them here! Grin ) I left the neckline as is.

AND then I decided I wanted it to have a skirt! Yay! I researched making circle skirts...on craftster and it was helpful, but I also used a tute I found on whatthecraft.com quite a bit. Despite all that, I still made the waist a little big, but I remedied that by adding a sorta little pleat thing at the back...you can' really see it though..,front (those pockets...they captivate me!!)

circular skirt? Let's hope its not windy tonight when I wear it!!

and the back. It makes my shoulders look a little wider, but that's ok.

And here's a detail shot of the pocket and the lining of the pocket.

Yay!! So there you have it! A little crazy weirdo dress. I like it. It's a bit shorter than most of my skirts, but I plan on wearing it with tights..or my bikini at the beach! It'll protect my shoulders!! Yay! (I have fair skin and summer is coming up!! Yay!!)

Enjoy, I'd love to hear some feedback!!
28  PURSES, BAGS, WALLETS / Purses, Bags, Wallets: Completed Projects: General / My first ever bag!! Yay!! on: October 14, 2006 12:46:12 AM
Wow! I just made my first ever bag! I used a pattern I found in a magazine (the only reason I bought the magazine!) It was very simple to make, but I had a little bit of trouble with sewing the base on, but it turned out ok. I wasn't sure how the bag would turn out as the picture they had didn't show the inside, so I wasn't sure about what the lining would look like, and surprise, it has a messyish base. I think I can figure out how to modify it so I could make it reversible...

So, with no further ado, here are the pics! So here it is laid out on the table. The base is an oval and it is sorta not shown in any pics, mostly cos I hate it, it looks ok, but I still hate it.

And here is a detail of the front and the fabric. I love love the fabric, I found it in a thrift shop, and got 3m for $3! Yay! It's brushed cotton. I got the lining at the same time too, it's a smaller piece though.

Whoa! And here is the inside. I don't really like the inside that much, but no-one will really see it, so I don't care! I will figure out how to make it reversible and I will make one for my sister for christmas! Yay!!

And here is the kicker, the worst photo. I thought I'd get an action-shot sorta thing, but nay, the mirror is smudgy and the flash is....flashy. But you get the idea Cheesy

And here is a waste of time shot...it's just me holding the bag. You can see the way the lining the outside fabrics work together (or not Grin )

Soooo, there you go! Please enjoy...I'd love to hear some feedback! Or suggestions on how to do the lining...

I think I'll make the next one bigger, so it'll fit books and textbooks for when my sis moves down for uni! This size just fits in one a4 notebook

-Rosie Cheesy
29  TOYS, DOLLS AND PLAYTHINGS / Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects / A cute typical tiny blue teddy...OR IS IT??!? [lots'o'pics] w/pattern on p.2! on: October 08, 2006 12:48:37 AM
Ok, so I wanted to try my hand at making a teddy, with all the pieces and stuff. So I found a pattern in an old magazine for a bear that sat about 30cm tall and so I scaled it down to quarter size and cut out my little pieces and started putting him together...legs, body, arms and then when I got to making the head I did it and it just looked too small. Here is a dumb dumb useless pic of some bear pieces stuck in my pinless pincushion.

So before I assembled the whole bear I made another bigger head and put the bear together like that. But it looked boring...and just too teddyish. AND I had this spare head. I was wondering whether to hang it off my phone or maybe stick it on a skewer cut in half and make a victory staff for the other ugly bear (he has a gross chin/jaw/grandpa-forgot-his-falseteeth look happening). But that seemed to morbid...AND THEN my dear brother Ben suggested this...

Hehe...here are some more pics...from the left...(look at his chin!! Shocked )

And from the rightish...

And from the back...

Sooo that's my mutant tiny blue bear. I got quite frustrated with this little dude, what with the ugly jaw and messy stitches and the too small/too big head stuff. But I sorta like his absolute weirdness now, even his dumpy chin doesn't look too bad when he's a mutant bear!

Sooooo enjoy my fellow craftsters! And thank you, Ben, for your great idea!

-Rosie Cheesy
ps. I'm not sure why he's sitting on the pincushion. I also put pins in my pincushion! Yay! Aren't they lovely and colourful?
30  TOYS, DOLLS AND PLAYTHINGS / Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects / My second tiny dolly! With pics! on: October 02, 2006 02:38:46 AM
Here is my second little dolly, as yet un-named. I'm thinking an old timey name...and I'm up for suggestions Cheesy Anywho, I made this bubby the same way I did my last but with a different (far more complicated) dress and also different hair. I don't think her hair is quite as cute this way but I still like it...looks kinda like dreads! And my girls are barefooted....so as to make it easier and more fun to frolick in the green grass!
...here she is from the front. Her cheeks are little pink hearts...but I guess they're kinda hard to see.

And this is her from the back. Exciting huh? (o.O)

Here she is out in the sun. Can you see her uber-felt fuzziness?

I even made her little underpants! Polka dotted ones at that!! Cheesy

And here she is (unfinished) with Milly (my first dolly!)

Enjoy my dear craftster friends!!
I had a lot of fun making this one, I was a lot better at turning out the arms and legs. BUT, the dress was a lot more difficult! I love the fabric, I found 3 metres at a local thrift store, it's brushed cotton. I haven't decided what I want to do with the rest...maybe I'll make a skirt for me. I dunno! Cheesy

ps. All handsewn as usual for my felt stuff!
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