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311  OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS / Party Planning / Re: Self catering for engagement party? on: March 30, 2009 10:39:10 PM
We had a dessert party, so... cake, chocolate truffles, trifles, pie, etc.
312  OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS / Baby Showers And Gifts For New Babies / Re: Question for moms who crafted during pregnancy on: March 30, 2009 10:11:49 PM
Contending with nausea, swelling ankles, aches and pains etc., I am sticking with practical stuff that I can't get elsewhere, or that is overpriced/ugly in the stores.  My list includes:

Baby sling or other carrier
Teeny tiny baby dresses!
A mannish nappy type bag for when my husband is out with bub
Onesies that suit our sense of humour Cheesy
Nursing pillows/cushions that will make feeding in bed or the rocking chair comfier
Pretty ribbon dummy (pacifier) clips

I'd like a trolley mate... not that I'm germaphobic, but they're so comfy looking.  I wouldn't mind trying to sew some nursing jammies, etc. for myself because the shop ones are way $$$ and not to my taste. 

A few things I've tackled or started already, but I won't be surprised if half this stuff doesn't get done due to my hormonal apathy Cheesy
313  IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES / Other Image Reproduction Techniques: Completed Projects / Re: Girl Dalek, WoW & Gamer 'onesies' on: March 30, 2009 03:25:23 PM
Thanks all Smiley 

mljohnston - post pics if you do!  I was very tempted myself Smiley

blushingbluegrass - heck YES!

beccas_song - my hubby found it online; something to do with his guild or whatever?  I'm not a WoW girl so I'm not really sure.
314  CLOTHING / Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects / Re: My first SLEEVES! on: March 29, 2009 05:07:15 PM
Well done!   
315  IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES / Other Image Reproduction Techniques: Completed Projects / Girl Dalek, WoW & Gamer 'onesies' on: March 28, 2009 11:51:37 PM
Iron-on transfer paper exists because I *heart* Daleks.  And so should my baby, darn it.  Though if it turns out to be a boy that bow could get awkward.

And for the World of Warcraft nutter in the family (aka the Husband):

Though it's a stretch fabric, which comes with eventual cracking/peeling/fading issues for iron-on transfers, I'm not too fussed as these are all sized for a newborn... baby won't be wearing them for long.  Hubby came up with the ideas for the WoW/gamer images; he just told me what to print so credit goes to him Smiley
316  CLOTHING / Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects / Re: Tule Pettiskirt (or 'Attack of the Girl Monster') on: March 28, 2009 04:19:54 PM
Thanks for the positive feedback, guys!

MissyMafia: Even soft tule is stiffer than chiffon, so it puffs out a lot more.  I think two layers would have swallowed my kid!

craftygem: Tule is easy as pie.  It doesn't fray, barely needs pinning, and doesn't slip around when you're sewing.  I'm kind of a lazy sewer and it worked well for me.   

craftylittlemonkey: I'm working on a tutorial (just gotta add pics) but in the meantime...

*Work from the bottom up (i.e., hem ruffle, then 2nd tier, 1st tier, yoke) and then sew up the back seam.  It's less stressful to sew in straight lines than gigantic circles.

*When you cut out your fabric strips to make each tier, wind them around a piece of cardboard to stop tangles/twists.  So much easier to keep track of, and as you join pieces together it's easier to make sure your seams all point the same way. 

*Also, all that fluffiness makes the skirt look shorter than you might think so consider adding extra length right at the beginning when you're measuring...especially if you're making one for an adult!

I'll update the post once that pesky tutorial is finished Smiley   
317  CLOTHING / Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects / Tulle Pettiskirt - now with tutorial on: March 28, 2009 12:12:55 AM

I love pettiskirts.  I don't love the boutique price tag.  I also really love the soft, floaty chiffon but when your little princess would rather be out slaying the dragon herself than waiting around for some prince on a horse, you need something a little hardier.  More stain resistant.  With an el-cheapo price tag.  Yeay tulle!

I only made this skirt one layer.  Extra fancy pettiskirts have two, but I'm ridiculously pregnant (i.e. impatient) and one day sitting at a sewing machine is quite enough for this mama.  As you can see, it didn't diminish the explosion of fluff.


The girl-monster herself...

(I really hope this makes sense...)

*It's not hard, just time consuming.  Though if you're like me, math = ouchies.
*Read through the entire tutorial first!
*Theres a shopping list at the end.  Fill it out as you do your calculations.
*Finish your seams as you go especially if youre using chiffon.  Its not written in the tutorial, but you know how it goes.  Use a serger / overlocker / sewing machine with an overedge or zigzag stitch so the whole thing is neat and fray-proof.
*When selecting chiffon, buy nylon.  If using tulle, pick the softer stuff.
*If you use satin for the yoke, you may wish to iron down strips of fusible interfacing to the inside edges to prevent fraying.
*I didnt add extra seam allowances to the yoke or tiers; if you wish, add an extra few cms [an inch].  Its not necessary on the hem ruffle.
1. Measure

Waist: ___________________
Length of desired skirt: ________________
All the bounce makes the finished skirt appear shorter; consider adding extra length.

2. Work out how much fabric youll need.

Divide length by three_________________ = (a)
This is the width of the yoke and tiers.  Are you adding extra seam allowance?  Add it now.

2 rectangles of satin, (a) wide and (waist + 4 inches) long.__________________

1st Tier
Strip of chiffon/tulle, (a) wide and (waist x 6) long._____________________

2nd Tier
Strip of chiffon/tulle, (a) wide and (waist x 18) long._____________________

Hem Ruffle
Strip of chiffon/tulle, 5 cms/2 inches wide and (waist x 36) long.  _____________________

Total amount of chiffon/tulle to buy

Answer: A LOT.

Chiffon or tulle will come in widths of anywhere from 91.5cm [36 inches] to 162cm [70 inches].  How much you need will depend on that width.

E.g.    I am making a SINGLE layer, little girls tulle pettiskirt for a 51cm [20inch] waist. 

Adding up the length of the tiers, I need a strip of tulle 12.5cm [5 inches] wide and 1219.2cm, or 12.20 metres [480 inches] long!  The ruffle is going to be 5cm [2 inches] wide and 1828.8cm or, 18.29 metres [720 inches] long.  Thats INSANE!

The store has 132cm [52inch] wide tulle.  How much do I need to purchase?

132cm [52 inches] divided by the largest width I need 12.5cm [5inches]

= 10.56 (or 10.4 if youre using inches)

That means Ill get 10 and a bit strips out of any length of that tulle.

Take the total length of tulle needed the tiers and the ruffle.  For me, thats 3048cm [1200 inches].  Divide that by the number of strips Ill get out of the fabric - 10.56.  Answer?  288.63. Round it up.

I need to purchase 289cm [2.89m, 113 inches] of 132cm [52inch] wide tulle!

If I were making a DOUBLE layer pettiskirt Id obviously double that.
Got all that?  Go you!
Now have a little lie down.  Treat yourself to a hot chocolate and a Tim Tam or six.

3. Cut out strips and yoke.

What to have handy:
Pieces of cardboard, an old box will do
scissors or rotary cutter
nice big pins
ruler or tape measure, chalk

The fabric youre using is nice and thin so you can cut several layers at once.  Fold your fabric over itself a few times.  Pin at the edges so it wont move while you cut.   Measure out your strip widths according to your earlier calculations.  Mark a cutting line with chalk.  Pin occasionally to prevent movement.

Take pieces of that cardboard box and wind your strips around to prevent twisting/tangling.  Use one piece of cardboard for each section i.e. 1st tier, 2nd tier, hem ruffle. 

Sew as you go joining strips together to make up your total length.  Make sure your seams all face the same way!

Cut out your yoke pieces as calculated earlier.

4. Get the yoke ready.

Put your two rectangles wrong sides together and sew the long, top edge.
Make a casing for your elastic: press down the top edge about 1cm [1/2 inch], then another 5cm [2 inches].  Stitch that down.  Give it a press.  Youll have a tube casing with two layers of extra fabric on the bottom.  Set aside.

Constructing the skirt working from the bottom up

5. The Hem Ruffle

Ruffle the entire strip of your hem ruffle, right up the middle.  It needs to end up about half the size it is now. 

You can do this several ways:
*By hand with a needle and thread.  (Good luck, ye brave and faithful)
*By machine, with hand wound elastic thread in the bobbin or a gathering foot.
*With a ruffler tool.
*By machine, just scrunching up the strip as it goes under the presser foot (worked fine for me!  SEE PICS.)

Attach the hem ruffle to the bottom edge of your 2nd tier.  Lay the ruffle on the 2nd tier strip and sew right over the top of your gathering stitch.

6.  The 2nd Tier

Your 2nd tier strip will now have a ruffle attached to one end.  Yeay you! 

Gather the top edge of the strip.  Use whatever technique you used before.

Lay the 1st tier over the 2nd, right sides together, matching edges.  Sew.  Lay out, right sides up.

7. The 1st Tier & Yoke

The bottom of your 1st tier strip now has a very fluffy and ruffled attachment.  Hurrah!

Gather the top edge of your 1st tier strip.  This will attach to the yoke, so be precise.  You may need to switch from machine gathering to hand work. 

Work in sections to ensure accuracy
Mark out the halfway points on the yoke and the strip so you have a guide to match up to. 

Sew the top edge of the gathered tier to the bottom edge of the yoke

If you want a SINGLE layer skirt, you can sew both layers of the yoke, then move on to the next step.

If you want a DOUBLE layer skirt, sew only to one yoke layer.  Then, repeat steps 6-8 with your second lot of strips and sew that to the second yoke layer.  Make sure your seams are all facing the same way!

Simply lay the yoke over the rest of the skirt, right sides together, and sew the appropriate edge.

8. Finishing the Skirt

Turn your whole pettiskirt right sides in.  Join up the back seam and sew, leaving the elastic casing open.

Cut your elastic to fit, thread through the casing.  Stitch the elastic together securely.  Neatly hand stitch the opening.

Cut the satin ribbon (twice the waist length works if youre not sure).  Heat seal the edges (melt with a candle flame, lighter etc) to prevent fraying.  Make a big pretty bow, sew to the centre front of the skirt.

Congratulations, you bundle of gorgeous twirliness!
Youve made yourself a pettiskirt!

Shopping List:

Satin for yoke.............................................
Pettiskirt fabric (tulle or nylon chiffon).............
Fusible interfacing (optional)..........................
Satin preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', 'ribbon................................................')
preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', 'Elastic.......................................................')
preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', 'Thread......................................................')

318  CROCHET / Crochet: Completed Projects / Re: I've been making necklaces! on: March 11, 2009 03:24:26 PM
You've officially changed my mind about crochet.  I've never been a big fan, but these...wow!  I've never seen anything like it.  
319  CLOTHING / Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects / Last day of summer dress on: February 27, 2009 09:00:41 PM
Hubby has this weird idea that long floral dresses = the uber feminine.  Since I won't wear them he's decided to inflict his little flower craze on our daughter.  Even more weird?  She likes them too.  Sigh.

So we have here a dress made on the southern hemisphere's last day of summer.  Hubby picked the cotton, white with tiny blue flowers, green leaves and eensy weensy mustard coloured dots.  He picked the ribbon too; 1 1/2 inch pale blue grosgrain.

It's a full circle skirt (argh, the math!) with a plain button up top and bound edges, decorated with a ribbon belt.  Miss is in love with the elegant twirling and the big pretty bow. 


320  CLOTHING / Clothing for Kids: Discussion and Questions / Re: Dress up clothes on: February 23, 2009 03:39:03 PM
Aprons, pinafores, ribbon or fabric strip tutus, knight's shield and sword, cowboy bandannas/hats/gunbelt/etc, superhero wrist gauntlets and boot tops, wizard or witch's hat, princess hats and crowns, mermaid tails,  butterfly or fairy wings, kimono, fabric Dorothy slippers, pirate hat and eye patch, clown, fabric and ribbon flower wreaths for little girls to wear in their hair...

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