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1  Create your own Boye Needlemaster interchangeable cables! in Knitting: Completed Projects by Rheatheylia on: September 29, 2010 04:54:32 PM

So I bought the Boye Needlemaster set a while ago for a few reasons:

1. Price (cheapest set available, especially if you have a 40% off coupon, heh)
2. Tons of tips (2-15! no other set has this range of sizes)
3. Pretty colors (yeah, this is silly, but they're so purty!)

The cables that came with them, however, sucked. They're stiff, have a stupid bend at the start, and when you attatch two together it forms a "Z" bend in your cable that is hard to get your work to slide around.

So in a fit of insanity, I decided to make my own. I'd heard about people tapping the boye tips to fit the knitpicks cables, but not only would that mean buying knitpicks cables, but it sounded way easier (and cheaper) to make my own cables than to tap the metal tips (and probably destroy them).

I hesitated making a tute for this since it seems pretty extreme, making your own cables, but I figured if people are willing to take a tap and die to metal needles maybe someone would be interested in how to make their own cables. Plus they're easy to make, seriously, the only real skill you need is sanding/snipping a few things, and some measuring.

So after lots of measuring, trial and error, trying to find perfect materials, I got it, and let me tell you, these cables are awesome. They use weed whacker line (seriously) and are super super bendy. Plus since you're making them yourself you can make any length you want, I even have a cable short enough to make 16" circulars, and ones long enough for magic loop, so I pretty much can make any project that uses a needle size 2-15. You can make a cable the perfect size for making yourself sweaters in the round, and no need to screw two together to make a long cable, just make a long cable!

These are really easy to make, seriously. The hardest part is sourcing the materials, I got everything that wasn't laying around my house off Amazon.com, which was like 2 bucks for 10 feet of tubing and 100 screws, but now the price has gone up and it'd be around $10 (as of writing this) for the tubing and screws. The screws should be easy to find in a hardware store, not sure about the tubing though, if anyone knows if you can get it at a hardware store let me know so I can update this.

So not including the stuff laying around the house I spent probably 8 bucks total on this, and that's including 200 feet of weed eater line (that's a lot of interchangable cables!)

One more note, do not deviate from the required measurments (screw type and diameters of line and tubing) If you do you'll end up with useless cables. Plus this will only work with the Boye Needlemaster tips, the Knitpicks use a different size screw.

Items Needed:

1. Nylon Tubing - with an inner diameter of .075" and an outer diameter of .125"
  You don't need a ton of this, just a few inches for each cable.
  I'm not sure if you can get this at a hardware store or not, I got mine from here: http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Nylon-Semi-Rigid-Tubing-Length/dp/B0013HUEYQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1285791230&sr=1-1
2. Weed Eater Line - must be ROUND and must have a diameter of .065" or else it won't fit in the tubing
  Again, length isn't super important, a regular package will probably have enough line to make tons of cables.
  One cool thing about this is that it comes in different colors, so you can customise your cables (as long as it's round and has an diameter of .065")
  I got this off Amazon too, here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000CBIFG/ref=wms_ohs_product

3. Screws - 2-56 screws of at least a 1 inch, head style isn't important since you'll be cutting that part off
  Each cable takes 2 screws, so get at least enough for the amount of cables you want and a couple extra for mistakes.
  I'm sure you can get these at hardware stores, but I got mine off Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000FN1VUA/ref=wms_ohs_product
4. Superglue
  Can get this pretty much anywhere, super cheap too.
5. Medium/Fine Sandpaper
  I used a 150 grit I had lying around, grit isn't super important though since you'll be polishing with the nail buffer thing.
6. 4-Sided Nail Buffer/File
  These things should be pretty cheap, they have 4 different sides that gradually get finer, meant for buffing your nails to a shine but I find them really useful for smoothing/shining things.
  You should be able to find these at any drugstore/grocery store.
7. Wire Clippers
  Used for cutting the screws off, I used the pair from my husband's toolkit.
8. Ruler
  Used for measuring how long to cut the Weed Eater Line

With your sandpaper file the nylon tubing down so there's a gradual taper from the tube to the edge, you can cut a few inches off to make this easier.

Now use the nail file/buffer to smooth the taper you just sanded, do the first step until it feels uniform in smoothness, and continue for each of the "stages" of the nail file until you complete the "shine" or "polish" stage (the fourth stage). At this point the tubing should come to a nice, smooth, tapered point.

Next cut the tubing so your tapered bit is about 1" long, doesn't need to be perfectly that length, if the clippers flatten the hole in the tubing a little just gently squeeze it back into an "o" shape.

Lightly sand the cut edge to prevent any snagging that may happen while knitting.

Now sometimes the sanding of the tapered end will fill in the hole

if this happens just thread the weedeater line in the opposite end to push out the shavings

after pushing the shavings out you'll probably need to sand the tip a little more

Cut a length of weedeater line 9" shorter than you want the circular needle to be (each tip is 4 inches, each nylon tube is 1" minus 1/2" for the amount of line that goes in each nylon tube)

When you cut the line try to cut it at a slant to make inserting it into the nylon tube easier.

Insert the line into the tube to make sure it fits and the join feels smooth, if it doesn't, take the line out and sand the nylon tube again, if it does, put a drop of superglue on the tip of the line, and insert the line halfway into the tapered edge of the nylon tube.

Once the glue is completely dry take a screw and screw it into the opposite end of the tube, you can use a pair of pliers to make this easier, just be sure not to damage the threads of the screw. You can use glue on the screw, but you'll have to screw it in really fast before the glue dries. I don't glue the screw and I've never had one come loose, just screw it in a far as you can get it to.

With your wire clippers cut the screw head off, leaving only 1/4" inch of threaded area sticking out from the tubing. Your clippers will probably leave the cut end rough, this makes it hard to screw into the needle points, so take your sandpaper again and just file the edges of the cut end of the screw until it looks smooth and screws into the needle point easily. Be sure to get it nice and smooth before trying in in the needle though, don't want to strip your needle tips!

Now repeat for the second end (omitting, of course, cutting a new line and such, heh)

Now you're done! Revel in the awesome cables you just made!      

Maybe I'm crazy for doing this, lol, but if anyone has questions/needs help/wants to try this, let me know how it goes!
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2  Chubby little penguin guy-pattern link too! in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by Rheatheylia on: January 18, 2009 11:23:54 PM
It's been a really long time since I've made amigurumi, so I thought something adorable was in order. I wasn't sure what to make but someone suggested I do a penguin through my website. I'd been considering one for a while, due to the winter and all, so I went for it. So here he is, all chubsy-wubsy and cute!

I'm thinking he maybe needs a scarf or something, maybe a little santa hat for next Christmas? Dunno...

Edit: Scarf!

Here's the pattern link, enjoy!
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3  Lattice Crochet hat, and link to free pattern in Crochet: Completed Projects by Rheatheylia on: November 03, 2008 10:07:51 AM
I love crocheting hats (which is probably pretty obvious, heh). I like taking a stitch pattern and trying to work the increases into the pattern itself so the design is seamless, it's a pain sometimes, but I enjoy it. So when I came across a lattice pattern in one of my stitchionarys I knew it needed to be a hat. The lattice pattern itself is modified, adjusted to work and the round, plus I removed these weird looking bobbles from the center. Anyways, the pattern is probably one of my more complicated ones, hopefully it's understandable, heh.
Only one picture for now, will put more up later with the hat on once I'm clean and presentable (spent all morning typing up the pattern, heh)

Pattern is at my website:
If anyone gets a chance to look at it I'd appreciate feedback on my description of the LTC stitch, does it make sense?

Oh, and I'm thinking of making a matching scarf pattern, would anyone be interested in this?

Sorry for all the chatter! Enjoy!
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4  Flapper hat! Pattern link included :) in Crochet: Completed Projects by Rheatheylia on: October 25, 2008 06:53:03 PM
I've always loved flappers, so feminine and sexy while challenging views about what females were supposed to be. The makeup, short hair, amazing hats, what's not to love? So when I really wanted to make something new, it had to be a flapper hat. I turned to google to look for pictures of flappers, and there it was: A lovely black lace hat from the 1920's, for the low low price of 275 bucks, heh. I knew I had to make it in crochet, it had to be mine. So here it is, in all it's coy and adorable glory:

Backpost double crochet makes ridges along the front, which is longer than the back:

Pattern is on my website:
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5  Husband pants! or the most complicated thing I've ever made in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by Rheatheylia on: September 06, 2008 08:12:57 PM
I love to sew, problem is I usually don't end up loving what I sew. So I decided I needed to make something I could be proud of, something that would prove to myself that I actually can make stuff more complicated than a poorly constructed skirt.
So I decided to make my husband pants, not just any pants, cool pants, pants without a pattern. I also asked my husband what he would like, which meant my project ended up more complicated than I would have tried on my own, heh. But I did it, first I made a pattern off his favorite pair of jeans, next I made a mock up in some cheap fabric I had (good thing too, they ended up turning out huge) so I scaled down the pattern and set out to make the real pair.
I used microsuede (the fake suede microfiber stuff) leftover from pillow making/chair covering. The body of the pants have the microfiber facing inwards, so they're nice and fuzzy inside (and comfortable from what I hear) whereas the grey detailing has the fuzzy on the outside. I did contrast stitching of rectangular zig-zags around the pockets, on the other pockets, on the side panels and knee patch dealies.
Started the pants project on Monday and finished them up yesterday (which is pretty amazing for me, usually it's start something and leave it for a month or so until I get around to finishing)
Sorry for the really long intro, I'm just really proud of myself for finishing these, I know it's really no big deal, but to me I proved to myself that I'm not a crappy sewer. I'm actually quite nervous about posting these, hopefully they actually are good and I haven't deluded myself into believing it because of all the time/effort invested in them, heh.



Cuff Detail, the idea for this came from an old Star Wars binder I had, heh:
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6  Fuzzy Bodies: Bear Amigurumi with Pattern link, Kitten added! in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by Rheatheylia on: June 19, 2008 09:18:38 PM
Kitten added:

I've gotten quite a few requests for a pattern for the fuzzy bodied kitties and monkey I have on my site. I've avoided trying to write one down since fuzzy yarns are so different, however with gauge and a few tips about yarn types I finally wrote one down (or typed one out rather, heh). If I were going to go to all this trouble to standardize a pattern and such, it wasn't just going to be for one animal  Grin and since the "peanut" shaped body type is so versatile I'm planning on adding different ears/tails/faces to come up with a whole slew of Fuzzy Bodies.


Pattern is on my website:

Oh, and if anyone has any certain animals they'd like to see for this pattern in the future, let me know

Sorry for all the blathering, and enjoy the pattern!

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7  Purely Puffs hats (large & small puff versions) and Mesh Hat Free Pattern Links! in Crochet: Completed Projects by Rheatheylia on: February 02, 2008 03:47:46 PM
Just finished writing up patterns for two similar, yet distinctly different hats. Similar in that they're both made solely of puff stitches, different in that one is very understated, the other is...not. They look a lot different from each other when worn, though they do look pretty similar in the pictures.
Small puff hat:

Pattern Here:
Large puff hat:

Pattern Here:

I really like the way the small puff hat came out, very classy imo. While I find the large puff hat cute, it's a little too much for my liking, I think it may be just the color though. Any comments are appreciated!

Added pictures of the two hats on, plus a new hat pattern:
Mesh Hat:

Pattern Here:
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8  Re: Black Sweater: First real wearable! in Crochet: Completed Projects by Rheatheylia on: January 15, 2008 08:53:34 AM
Here's a close up of the yarn, not a great pic, but the best I could get with available lighting. You can see my kitten's paw in the corner, she is so nosy Tongue

I made a quick picture tutorial on how to do the top part, it's kind of confusing, but hopefully someone will be able to understand it, heh:

Sorry that the text is hard to read, pictures got resized!
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9  Black Sweater: First real wearable! in Crochet: Completed Projects by Rheatheylia on: January 14, 2008 08:34:21 AM
So my MIL got me five skeins of Yarn Bee's Icelandic Jewels in marbled onyx. It's black fuzzy yarn with this shiny variegated ribbon running through it, very pretty. I was getting pretty tired of working single crochet on this pair of gloves I'm making for my father (with sock yarn and a size one hook Tongue) So I decided to make something out of my new yarn. I was surprised how fast it went, probably because I was used to using that teeny hook, hehe. Started it one evening, and finished the next. I'm pretty proud of it, it's the first wearable that I've made besides hats and scarves. Speaking of which, I have one skein left, so I think I'll make a matching hat! Sorry for all the chit-chat, on with the pics!

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10  Shrinky Dorks in Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: General by Rheatheylia on: December 21, 2007 02:45:00 PM
I love all the awesome shrinky-dink stuff I've seen on here, so as an early Christmas gift to myself I bought some, and a giant set of permanent markers. So far I've made mostly earrings for myself, some keychains for my hubby, and some earrings for my sis for Christmas. They're mostly videogame themed, hence the thread title.
Click the thumbnail to view fullsize image:

From left to right and top to bottom they are:
Horde symbol post earrings for sis, rabbite from Secret of Mana post earrings for sis, Aperture Science logo from Portal, Half Life 2 Logo, Team Fortress 2 Logo, Icon from Portal, Kuro from Katamari Damacy, Undine from Secret of Mana, Horde symbol from WoW, The Cheat from Homestarrunner.com, Portals from Portal, Rebel alliance and Empire logos from Star Wars, random hoops that I fused, Koi from random googled image, and a cake icon from Portal.
I apologize for the crowded picture, my camera doesn't do close ups at all, so I figured I'd squeeze them all in there. Most of the earrings are around 1-2" tall. Any questions or comments are appreciated, and thanks for making it to the bottom of this post, hehe.

New Stuff!
Got a new Camera for Christmas so I added a few new things that I've made:
Virus Stud earrings from Dr. Mario:

Katamari Pendant and Earring set (I Love Katamari!):

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