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1  Just a few . . . in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Jayed on: April 21, 2007 10:00:38 PM
the man. the legend. its john Lennon. i got this XL shirt at some store that sells a whole bunch of band shirts for like 5.99 a while ago and now i finally made something out of it

i made this one last night and i love it. my sister told me to use a contrasting colour but i got to of these oversized shirts from roots. they were just lying there at my work place left there and my boss told me i could take them. somebody's loss my gain.

i was debating whether or not to put little bows on the front with the same ribbon(s) i use for the straps and the back of the straps. what do you think?

i made this last week . . . ? i think just an old blue shirt - it was nice but i never wore it- and a large white t-shirt

a bag that i mad out of some fabric someone gave me in a large back of scrap fabric most of which are pretty unuseable (is that how you spell it??) anywho here it is

another dress for another friend. again she bought the shirt a while ago and was upset when i made the dress for my other friend cuz she had asked me to make her one first. i still have to sew the straps to it. but i need her to do so

meh i'm not a weezer fan anymore . ..

and thats about it . . .  until next time

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2  A Dress for a friend in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Jayed on: April 03, 2007 11:36:11 PM
this is the first time i made something for someone else.
She bought the shirt but it took me a while until something came to mind. so here it is.

i like it. too bad i couldnt keep it . . .
i need to buy more over sized ring tees
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3  6 New things - can't wait for summer to wear them in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Jayed on: February 22, 2007 11:20:53 AM

ok well this isnt exactly summer apparel (??)
but i had this cropped jean vest that i made smaller a while ago and then there was this green sweater i had but the body was fleece and i HATE fleece so i FINALLY cute off the sleeves and hood which was the only thing i liked about the darn sweater and came up with this. it looks kind awkward at the shoulders but if the hood's down then it doesnt look so weird..

i made this a few days ago. the green part was from a tube top i found at value village that i would never wear but i liked the pattern. my sister got mad that i cute it up. i'm having fun with lace too these days hehe and the little cropped little shirt thing on the left. its the top part of a grey shirt i used the bottom for the middle of the tank top

Prretty in pink . . . ?
Molly Ringwald not included.
another tank i like this kind of pink. its from an old halter that was once a friend of my sister's. i liked the fabric pattern.

this is soo not! even though i made this dress its just so not me. by that i mean the colours and everything their too light and just reminds me of easter.

i did this one last night took me a couple hours cuz i couldnt decide whether to use a dark or lighter blue with the royal blue ( is it royal) well anyways i went with the darker one. and uh ya dunno what else to say

this is by far my favorite one. Had this t-shirt and didnt know what to do with it for a while. this is the third tank top i made this week and its my all time fave. i can't WAIT for summer (once again) HURRY UP!!
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4  Its Been a while hasn't it . . . in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Jayed on: January 26, 2007 08:32:01 PM

Well . . . it is what it is. not the greatest look dress but oh well.

I found this housecoat kinda thing at value village and i knew what i wanted to make. kinda came out like i planned. i like it

For the longest while i didnt know what to do with this creamed colour (or off off white) XL guy's shirt from value village. and saturday i finally came up with something. . . .

ok i made this vest um . . . last week. from scratch too. one of my mom's friends always gives me fabric and i used it lol. mmk it looks cool on.

My fave of the stuff i did these past two days. i did this today or rather yesterday its 12:48am on monday so i did it on sunday afternoon. it flows  . . kinda and its not too short and not too long. still debating whether or not i should sew the back of the straps down or just let them hang back and have them be able to do w/e.
tell me what you think. . . it looks better in person lol
i think its fancy . . .

yet another vest that i am definately not crazy about, the pattern i mean with the stripes and all but i do like the red fabric i used it to make a bag i posted a while ago
and a blazer in grade 12.

not too crazy about this one as i am the black one but its ok. it has a corsety back as you can see and uh . . .ya

my fave is the black vest and the gown and the cream dress
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5  What did i do today? I'll tell you in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Jayed on: August 25, 2006 08:33:49 PM
actually i'll show you

This was also a shirt of my moms and i just made it into a long tube top dress. i dont like that saying "tube top" i dunno it just doesnt . . . sound right to me. STRAPLESS is what it is. but ya you can see all the little quotes on the front and back

and i finally have GAUCHOS. the first time i made them they were crooked.
i made this from a shirt i won when i was at the movies - first time i won something there its freaked me out when they called my number i wasnt even paying attention. i also won 4 cds from Broken Social Scene - anyone heard of them? they're a Canadian indie rock band. emily haines (?) from metric is a part time member. but yaa. . .

this was an old "Vancouver Art Gallery" tshirt my mom didn't want or i think she was going to get rid of.
i dunno how old it is its pretty old. as you can see there's heart shaped buttons there . . .
mmk so the pic is a little crooked but the whole shirt was crooked and it already looked weird but w/e

ok so i did this one a few days ago. I  made it using my sister's shirt she didnt want. It tied at the side i didnt like that so i shortened it and sewed it together. . . Its short (like a shrug) you'd wear over a tank or something.

and thats about it
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6  i've been busy (part 2) in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Jayed on: August 21, 2006 08:55:00 PM
So after watching Jackass i was like "i want a shirt that says Johnny on it" and so i made one. Just used a blue tank i had and i got letter stencils from the dollar store and i already had the fabric paint and voila! I was tempted to write jackass on the back or knoxville.

Most likely a long top for me. My sister doesnt like it cuz she doesnt like the flowery print but that like my fave part but w/e. i like it
i'd wear it with jeans.

I had a long time debating whether that silky fabric went with the non silky fabric but i thought what else am i gonna do with it? At first, where the white part on top is, it was goign to be the silky fabric but THAT wasnt working so i added the white and started to make it up as i went along. It looks better on (again)

Ok so i've shown this before (i think) but it had ugly straps so i took those out sewed up the inside and added that flowery thing WHICH I'M ALL OUT OF  and now its my new laptop case as you can see my laptop is the perfect size and i didnt even measure it. Its 12' smaller than most i like it that small. . . .thats all

Love is . . . this bag! i made it from old jeans and fabrics from old shirts and i love love LOVE it. hehe at first i was iffy about putting green and blue together dunno why they're two of my fave colours but they look awesome together i think. what do YOU think. i dont care cuz i love it lol

dont mind the bad sewing of the heart

btw i did part 1 and 2 throughout two weeks! yay me
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7  I've been busy (part1) in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Jayed on: August 21, 2006 08:40:01 PM
so lets start:
Violet? light purple? w/e
ya this is another one of my faves. I had the top for a while (that i made) but didnt know what to use it with) finally this dress came to mind. again i think its kind short to wear by itself but ya. you see the top is white (duh) and the 3 panels in the front are white and the band and the 2 panels in the back at a lighter purple from this old zippered hoodie one of meshe's friends gave me. and the darker purple is from a pair of pants i havent worn since . . . ugh . . . FOREVERbut ya there ya go

mmk i made this last week it looks better on, than just hanging there (its looks bigger than it is) trust me
ya there really isnt anythign special about it. I made it out of an old shirt. i put elastic in the arms but they're a little too tight for me hahah gotta do something about that.

again something that looks better on, together or seperate. The top looks good with this white dress tank top i have and the tube top looks good with this black top i made which you will see.
For the longest time i didnt know what to do with this i was gonna make a drop waist dress but that wasn't working. I made it from a L mens shirt from value village.

So this is from my sister's old peasant shirt it lost its stretch so she didnt want it and i was going to wear it so i stuck it in my drawer until i finally had something to do with it. so i cut it in half i made tha back back of the top become the front and i added straps made the back lower and that blue fabric. oooh i forgot to do a close up there IS some of that blue in there just do yo udont think its random. i dunno if you can tell

MMMK this is one of the most awkward looking but looks WAAY better on. just trust me on this one lol.
ya it was a plain pink tshirt and i just made it . . . unplain. i dunno if i'l wear it in public that pink is just a little tooo . . . .i dunno pink. i prefer light pink but oh well you never know.

This is one of my FAVES that i made in the last two weeks (the first week my mom was away) only took a few hours most of my stuff doesnt unless i have "fashion designer's" block *raises an eyebrow* lol
Well you have to wear something underneath because it doesn not cover ANYTHING and its not suppose to so ya. or you can wear the back as the front which in that case it covers everything except the back so unless you want your bra showing (which i'm sure you wouldnt) than i guess you better wear something underneath lol.
and like i sai the red tube top looks good underneath it and also my van helsing top i made it looks like a good outfit cuz you cant see the "van helsing" and the grey is long than the top so it looks cool (i was experimenting haha)
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8  My latest in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by Jayed on: August 06, 2006 09:28:50 PM
well i made this dress today when i got home from work (well after i had shower after coming home from work) ya so it took me about 3 or 4 hours (that includes my dinner break lol)
ya i made it from a skirt i bought but never wore (like last year only) from the MMC thirft store and the grey part is from a shirt. i was gonna use black cuz it looked like it wouldve gone better with it but it just looked too dark for it (you may not agree but i have my reasons for it) and yeah. . . . its my first real RECON in a while i mean i completely altered that skirt (welll not really) the reason i did it is cuz i broke the zipper and the hook never closed properly and it was really see through for my taste even with the slip underneath. . . yup . . . ok i'm done

do you like the pattern? from a far it looks ok but up close its just a meh for me

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9  James Dean among other things in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by Jayed on: July 31, 2006 10:50:40 AM
So a while ago I fixed this old hoodie of mine it was a L long sleeved one with holes at the end of the sleeves (I'd put my thumb in each of the holes lol) so i resized it and shorten it. But a few weeks ago i found this AWESOME James Dean t-shirt at value village and I wanted to make a dress or something out of it but i was too scared cuz i didnt want to ruin the shirt. I noticed the gray matched the one on my hoodie (its like this blue-gray) so i cut out the picture and sewed it on and i love it

Then there's this pink dress that makes me feel like a ballerina when i wear it lol. got it from a thirft store. i WISH i made it though its sooo pretty i just adore it.

and this is just from a tshirt i caught a few weeks ago. its awesome. it totally works cuz I AM LEFT HANDED and love being one. lol
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10  Over the weekend . . . in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Jayed on: June 19, 2006 07:36:07 PM
i made a couple of things
first off

I've been really into stripes lately and found this L mens shirt at value village a while ago and made a girlyish shirt out of it with puffed sleeves and everything. Well kinda puffed i justed put elastic in them. I used a black shirt for the middle.

then. . .

i wanted to make pants out of this shirt but i decided against it cuz then the star part would be cut in half so i decided to make a dress, using the red from another shirt. i couldnt decide on a tp part or even straps so i made it a tube top dres (mysisters idea) it looks small cuz i put elastic in the back so it would stay up so its gathering at the back and i added lace on the top front as you can see, i may need to sew the bottom of the lace, looks like its coming up.
you cant wear it by itself its kinda short unless you like that sort thing- i'd wear it with jeans with someone on top of course, a shrugs maybe??

and theses shoes that i got last week, i just wanted to share hehe i LOVE them- bought them at a vintage store and they were MY SIZE  Grin
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