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11  seeing red - charm braclet in Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: General by SquidPrincess on: July 19, 2007 02:03:28 PM
I totally hit the post button by accident. Anyway, quite a few people have posted these awesome mega load charm bracelets on here, so I figured I'd give it a shot--

The big glittery thing in the middle is a red gummi dino, painted with sparkle nail polish. I think I'll go back and do the same to the gummi bears, or maybe wet and then varnish them so that they're extra shiny--currently they've only been dried out.
What else? Uuh...a few poly clay charms on there that I made, a handcuff key, some crosses (why not? okay, 'because you're totally not religious' is a good answer, but, dude. they look cool), some awesome dice beads, some fake pearls, some bells, a silver tone bone charm...
And shells. I like shells.
Whachoo think? Is it too much? I dig it--action shot later because I think it looks cool layered.
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12  Re: Have you been in China as vegan? in Vegetarian / Vegan by SquidPrincess on: July 06, 2007 11:30:21 PM
Yo! I was just in China--well, I was there for most of May, anyway, kicking around Yunnan.
Let's see...I'm not vegan, because although I don't eat meat, I do the dairy thing now and then for the sake of cheese...but there isn't much cheese in China, so that's not something to worry about. As a vegetarian in Yunnan, I was fine for the first week or so until I started desperately craving a freakin' taco.
I don't think it should be too hard, if you're going to wander around--Asia is pretty good about meat free alternatives, what with Buddhism and all going on. The places that do the tofu thing do the tofu thing WAY better than most US places.  Uh...it depends a lot on what part of China you're in, though. Most street vendor food won't work for you--it's mostly meat on a stick. In cities, there's American food to be had...not that KFC or so on will help you much. In Yunnan, there was a remarkable selection of mushroom dishes. Lots and lots of mushrooms, although one mushroom place was a hot pot place with chicken feet in the pot...so, I didn't eat dinner that night. Smiley
So, yeah: don't go to hot pot places, if you can help it--hot pot nearly always has a beef broth base, and the ones that don't...meh. Pretty flavorless.
To be honest, I brought a whole backpack full of filthy American snack food  for me and my boyfriend, just in case--dried berries, peanuts, almonds, and triscits. Mmmm, triscits. Actually, it was mostly filthy hippie style  snacks, but, y'know.
If you speak Chinese or have someone with you who does, you'll be fine. If you don't, learn how to say "no meat" or similar. There is the occasional Chinese tendency to spoil perfectly good veggie dishes with hunks of meat, ala southern US style food--so be careful of that, even if it doesn't happen often. Oh, and do not eat the pale yellow jello-like substances; they are animal fat. Which is gross.
Anyway, have fun in China! Take lots of pictures! Buy random stuff for your friends just because it has chinese characters on it! And so on!
Also, there are small boxes of condoms in every hotel room, which cost about one US dollar, if I remember correctly. I gave some of these to my friends, too, although I kept the one with the picture of--I swear--a cartoon condom on it for myself.

And, uh, if I may...

yay china.

also, if you're not opposed to eating bugs (I find it hard to think of a bug as meat, but that's just me), there's a fair amount of that going on. I tried some, for novelty's sake, and they weren't bad...

anyway, have fun. again: do not eat the jello, even even you've been on a plane for ten hours and you're bloody hungry and you're thinking, oh, that can't be animal fat. It's far too cheerfully yellow to be lard.
But it is, it is. Beware, unless you don't mind spitting stuff into your napkins abruptly.
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13  pink ninja necklace in Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: General by SquidPrincess on: June 29, 2007 01:29:11 AM
I spent nearly a full day worrying over what the caption on this would be, but nothing could top the simple, pure, beautiful statement of fact:

pink ninja. yo.

and action shot:

Cute plastic ninja thing I got after the boyfriend and I went on a totally old school americana arcade/minigolf/bumper cars date--these "ninja paratroopers" (?!?!) were prizes you could get with tickets you'd won. The lady behind the counter gave me a yellow one first, but I...I wanted the pink one in the display case...pink. Must have pink.
On second thought, though, I could've spelled out 'yellow fever' or similar if I'd gone with the yellow one, which would've been great as I am all about the hawt asian boys. And the half chinese boyfriend is all about the hawt latinas, so that works out very neatly.
On that note, I love harassing him about ninjas. Which are Japanese. And he's Chinese. And the fact that people sometimes don't know or care that there's a difference annoys him to no end.  Grin

The action shot is from the day after I cut off all my beeeaaauuutiful hip length hair. I miss it. I'm still whining about it a lot. Incessently, in fact.

Oh, and I'm going to restring it so that the letters don't move when I go back home to my pile of craft supplies, whenever that may be.
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14  pink panel pants for when you feel like an old school raver in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by SquidPrincess on: April 27, 2007 04:03:30 PM
I turned 20 on the first of the year and started dressing in sensible black sweaters, skirts, and dresses, but I made these a long time ago and every now and then I have a day when I want to look like a kid:

As you can see, this was before I had a sewing machine/any idea what I was doing, so there are holes there now. Luckily, I've gotten better, though I didn't craft much this semester.
I remember that when I made these I was furious about the skinny pants fad, and was doing to deck them out with pockets and hot pink skull stencils as a statement against skinny pants. Possibly some pink squiddies, too, because, you know--why not? Then I gave in and bought a pair of leggings...so the idea kind of died. And now I dress like a boring old person because I feel ancient and obbess over my own mortality, etc. And by "boring old person" I mean "once a week at least I'm in fishnets."

I made this necklace to go with it:

and promptly broke it. Cheesy woo! I put it together twice and then decided i seriously needed to figure out a better way to thread stuff together.

Anyway, I hope someone is amused by these. Ta!


PS: I've never actually gone to a rave, but I do love synth pop, trance, and house...and when I go to clubs dudes come up to me and ask, "are you rolling?" and I have to be like, nah, straight edge, get away from me, you creepy old man, ignore the hotpinkandpink thigh high stockings, i want no drugs.
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15  Creepy Skull Doll / Purse (pic insane) in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by SquidPrincess on: October 15, 2006 03:02:11 PM
how would I get anything done without craftster? seriously.

Okay, so: if you haven't seen iciclegirl's skull doll post, you totally need to because it is super rad: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=54105.0

Since I saw this, I have been consumed by waves of OMGWANTWANTWANTMUSTHAVE, etc...so, and I hope very much she doesn't mind, I put my mind to making myself one, once the perfect excuse of HALLOWEEN came up. I have a snake, so at first I wanted to dress up as something with a snake, but...I realized that he's too small for that this year (still a baaaaby snake! his name is Salvador), so I decided that I would dress up as La Santa Muerte, thus pretending to me way more ethnic than I actually am (my family is Colombian, but by way of Spain): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Muerte

And I decided I wanted a doll to go with it.

So! Off I went, discovering that Toys R Us is much less cool than it was in my youth, and that it did NOT in fact stock some sort of generic little girl doll. Grumbling, I eventually found what I was looking for at Walgreen's...a baby doll, not a baby girl...good enough, however--but since the body was made of cloth, and not plastic...

I decided to make it a PURSE. Obviously. Because even dressed up as La Santa Muerte, I am going to need some way of taking my cell phone, debit card, and student ID with me.

I basically had absolutely no idea how to do any of this, so I posted on the super fab polymer clay board, because I have never sculpted anything before in my life:


and the awesome people there explained to me what supplies I needed.

SO: here is a before shot.
(mmm, supplies)

here is a little photo set I would describe as me being creepy--sequence is important:
the doll is marketed as having some kind of realistic eyes, and I must say that they do photograph well as wide eyed looks of terror. Anyway. Halloween photo ops are fun, right?! Right...ahem.

I then gutted the doll:


made sure my stuff fit (barely):

and added a zipper:

Then the real hard work started, ish. If anyone wants details on how I managed to make a hollow skull out of a huge mass of clay, I guess I'll try to explain, but honestly: I don't know. I just sat there until 4 AM, stuck it in the freezer, went to sleep, and finished it the next morning.

So then I had this:

and it was time to stick it in the toaster oven.

Then, bam--painted, aged, baked:

Sadly, these pictures don't show you how yellowed and stuff it is. Also, you can't see it, but it has a rocking nose cavity because I think including a nasal septum is important. Also, the back of the skull needs to be huge. Anyway.

This is my new favorite picture of me in the world:

(note squid necklace. made that in like ten minutes before I headed off to my one social break this weekend.)

So, NEXT step: actually getting the doll head off. MAN. This was MUCH more work than it sounds like, dude.

but eventually:

And then I spent a day going, "AUGH, I forgot a NECK WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WHAT AM I GOING TO DO..."


So that was my adventure! By "adventure" I mean "dang, there went my whole weekend, pretty much, minus homework and food/sleep breaks." I've also made lots of little fiddly doll jewelry  (metal crosses, shells, red dice, fake pearls), and I need to make it a costume to match mine...which means that I need to MAKE MY COSTUME OH MY GOD RUNNING OUT OF TIME. kdsksdsdsjsajhdsaaaaaa, panic. (and I don't even KNOW how to make a long poofy skirt) Ahem. Anyway, so I'm not done yet, but I am all super jazzed and very happy to have gotten the basic idea (skull headed purse doll) down...

So, I think it's recognizably a skull on a baby body. Right? Errrr. I hope so, anyway.

Let me know what you think, guys! Suggestions for what else to do to it would be very appreciated! Or what I should do differently, or anything...
Oh--I will be gluing rhinestones on the forehead to suggest a tiara soon, as well.

And thank you, craftster, for being the most awesome resource ever!
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16  Re: bone? in Polymer Clay: Discussion and Questions by SquidPrincess on: October 14, 2006 11:24:23 PM
So here is my skull, thus far. Sadly, the flash washed out all the yellowing...

It is hollow! It was MUCH MORE WORK than I anticipated, hahah... furthermore it's basically the first thing I make out of polymer clay. Still, I think it's recognizably a skull? I wasn't going for realistic, anyway...(hence the cartoony teeth)

I used white and translucent fimo, so, thanks, guys!

This is the doll body I want to attach it to...

except I just realized I did not in fact make my skull a neck, so I am a little stumped about how to attach it. Hmm...

For size:

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17  Re: A cute typical tiny blue teddy...OR IS IT??!? [lots'o'pics] in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by SquidPrincess on: October 08, 2006 07:09:50 PM
Eeeeee! He's adorable! I totally approve.

Are any of you guys familiar with the Unfortunate Animal of the Month club?


Great artist; wonderful place to click around for inspiration. She does stuff with two heads:
or a head with two bodies:

Or my personal favorite, skullyheads:

and lots of other stuff, as you can see if you scroll down that first link.

*swoon* I want one SO BAD. I guess one day I'll have to just order a skull and make myself one of those bad boys...I've been putting it off.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that link. Smiley it's one of my favorite internet things ever! plus, as I said: very inspirational.
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18  help with evil asian man hat and what to be with a snake as an accessory? in Halloween Costumes by SquidPrincess on: September 26, 2006 05:55:46 PM
Hi, all you wonderful people out there in craftland! I have some questions that hopefully you guys can help me with...

My half chinese boyfriend has been growing out a fu manchu mustache for nearly a year, and he has decided to go as Lo Pan, the bad guy from Big Trouble in Little China, for Halloween this year. So, of course, he wants some help in putting a costume together... I've never seen the movie, but as I understand it he's an evil wizard type dude. Anyway, he wears this outrageous hat. The rest of the costume seems pretty easy--fake nails, eyeliner, long wig, beard to go with the fu, and I'll probably just stick the boy into a long black robe and say it's close enough--but the hat, which is what pulls everything together, seems triiiicky. Plus, I have totally never ever even attempted to  make a hat or indeed head covering of any kind before, ever, although I am willing.
Here is the evil asian guy in question, with his hat:

Basically, I have no idea how to do it.  Huh  Help? Please?
I mean, I figure I could make the gold stuff on it out of sculpty or something, the symbol is a standard marriage symbol, so that, while time consuming, isn't the issue...but the shape of the hat itself has me stumped. How to make something stand up like that? Is there fabric interfacing stiff/strong enough? (i've never used interfacing before)  So, um...yes. Help!

And, less important and perplexing than the evil hat, is the matter of what I should go as this year...maybe you guys have some suggestions there?

I love Halloween. Usually I know what I want to dress up as months in advance...
Last year I went as my favorite voodoo death/sex god, Baron Samedi...presumably Samdedi in drag, because I cannot actually pull off looking like a tall skinny black man in skullface:

At the time, I was fairly put out by not having a pet snake to go with the skeleton in tophat look, since snakes are big in voodoo. Since then, however...

Baby Salvador has come into my life! He's a few months old, two feet long, and an absolute sweetheart. So, this year, I would like to go as something besides The Baron that still...um, includes a snake. Salvador's super well behaved; I've taken him out to various places and he's totally chill...ball pythons are frequently the snakes belly dancers use, because of their convenient size (usually around five feet, full grown) and sweet temperament. I've taken him dancing; I was in a fashion show recently and had him on the runway... I don't take him smoke filled places that will be noisy, so I don't take him clubbing, because that would be bad for him...but whatever gathering I'm attending for Halloween will be smoke free, snake friendly, and pretty laid back, so a costume to go with Salvador would be fantastic. I don't want to go as just your run of the mill snake charmer...I'd like something spookier. Any suggestions?

Anyway! Thanks to everyone who took the time to read the long post--sorry, I'm wordy.
(and, yes, the snake is named after the painter.)
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19  Chubby Elephant: first project post! (image heavy) in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by SquidPrincess on: July 21, 2006 05:26:19 PM
Green fleece, black thread, purple cotton print, buttons, one heart bead, and several squid hours of labor last night produced:

A tubby elephante who I think should go by El Chubbychubbo by night, and perhaps Henry by day.

Back view!
He has a tail with a button to cover up the fact that I did a terrible job sewing it on:


Here's the heart bead on his trunk.

And here's me, stuffing Chubs into my mouth, because I'm a kid:

I used the super nifty tute and pattern here:


Although I kept it small and made it tubbier and shorter and gave it bigger ears.
Sorry for the excessive pics...I dig my camera. We're in love.

Anyway, bits of him are kinda wonky (the trunk, for one, the lopsided ears)...but he's my first finished stuffie ever, actually, and even though doing all of that by hand was a pain, it was really fun. I've never managed to really finish one before--all previous attempts have been asbolute disasters. I think I've gotten better!
Suggestions for modifications, however?
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20  help with a super ambitious first project? fluffy, the tentacle wonderdog! in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Discussion and Questions by SquidPrincess on: May 27, 2006 10:52:48 PM
No, seriously. Imagine a big wolf (a big cuddly wolf), with two or four tentacles stuck on his back or sides. I have to make this thing. I've done lots of drawings and whatnot, but I have decided that my life will not be complete without Fluffy in plush form. I've looked everywhere on line for a wolf or big dog type pattern, but all I find are cute Japanese puppy things that sit up, or life-size dachshunds, or flat greyhounds. While these things are ridiculously cute and I hope to make some of them in the future, they don't help much with Project Fluffy. I've tried to find a pattern for a pony or something with the idea of adjusting the proportions some, but that idea makes me kind of nervous and doesn't help me get the wolf type face (triangular, but not TOO long or pointy), which is what I'm going for. Furthermore, I can't hit up my college library right now because--*cough*--I owe them money for overdue-but-turned-in-books. I've also considered going out to Toys R US or something and buying a wolf plushie and then tearing it apart to see the shapes, but since I am, as I mentioned, a college student, I am chronically mildly broke. I'm also not at all experienced in the plushie department--clothes recon and suchlike, sure, but not plushies--so I haven't the slightest idea of how to draw my own pattern.
So I suppose my question is...does anyone have a wolf pattern or suchlike around? Any suggestions? Help help help of any kind? Ideas?

here's a quick doodle, done before I wanted him  in 3-D:
but of course the plushie could be far more stylized/cuddly (he could be flopped out, not standing), and the tentacles wouldn't be quite so impressive.

Uh, this is also probably the wrong board for this, but Ive seen other people post questions here and its far more active than the other boardbut my apologies, nonetheless, if this is a bad place.

[RPG dorks: Fluffy, a creation of mine, appeared in a D&D game as a dire wolf with a breath weapon and displacer beast tentacles. He was a cohort who ended up becoming a god of chaos, which was fun times.]
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