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1  CROCHET / Crochet: Completed Projects / Cloche Hat and Accessories on: January 02, 2009 07:51:48 PM
So...I just participated in OWS 41 and I decided to claim someone for a cloche hat.  I found a pattern that helped a lot, but it didn't get me 100% there (different yarn, different tension - I don't know).  So I had to wing it and change the pattern.  This is what I came up with:

And from the side:

I also included a bunch of different ribbons to change out and make the hat look different as well as a bunch of little crocheted flowers to tie on in various collections to change it up again.  Here's the hat with a flower tied on:

That might show you the shape of that hat.  And here are all of the flowers:

I found the original idea/pattern at https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=225422.0;all

I can type up my pattern if enough people seem interested.  What do you think?  I'm really proud of it...I like it so much, I'll have to make myself one.  Wink

Oh...and I'll probably remove the pics with my mug on it fairly quick, but I'll leave just the hat up so...make sure you check out what it looks like on a head.
2  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Completed Projects / Where's the Meat? on: December 19, 2008 05:33:40 PM
My boyfriend loves meat.  It doesn't matter what kind.  If it comes from an animal, it is fair game (except organs, which he objects to).  I think he'd be the healthiest person alive if sausage was a food group.  He won't even try all of the turkey based products I am fond of or <gasp> a veggie burger.  So...I made some magnets for him...with his favorite thing on them...meat!  I apologize for the glare in the pics.  I was closeted in the dining room so my boyfriend couldn't see what I was taking pictures of.  The dining room doesn't have the best lighting options and my flash washed everything out too much.  Sad

Here's all of them together:

A closeup of the bacon (I love turkey bacon):

A closeup of a few different ones:

The USDA label:

And here they are all wrapped up in butcher's paper and twine:

I love them.  You can see an up close of a sausage link in one of the pics.  I think that'll be his favorite.

What do you think?
3  GLASS CRAFTS / Glass Crafts: Completed Projects / Star Trek Glasses (Image Heavy) on: December 19, 2008 04:57:36 PM
My boyfriend loves the original Star Trek so I decided to try my hand at glass etching.  He also likes beer so I etched some pilsner glasses.  I also posted pics of the packaging incase some of the rest of your are fans.

Top of the Box:

Front of the Box:

Inside of Box:

Star Trek Glass:

Star Fleet Insignia Glass:

Enterprise Glass:

Live Long and Prosper Glass:

So...what do you think?
4  UNITED STATES / Maine / Lakes Region? on: November 28, 2008 05:38:33 PM
Just curious.  Are there any crafters in the Sebago Lakes Region area?
5  ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS / New Swap Theme Ideas / Magic Yarn Ball Swap Round 10? on: November 26, 2008 07:47:12 PM
So rather than doing my grading like I should be, I have been roving around craftster.  In my wanderings, I came across the Magic Yarn Ball Swap.  What is a Magic Yarn Ball you ask?

Magic Yarn Ball Demystified - http://whipup.net/2006/04/25/kids-yarn-project-the-magic-wool-ball/

Round 9 Thread - https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=265388.0
Round 9 Gallery (so you can look at all the goodness) - https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=267300.0

So.....this would be a great swap for knitters, crocheters, and anyone who likes fiber.  Anyone up for this.  I think it sounds like a blast, but I can't swap by myself.  And....I probably couldn't organize since I have only done 1 swap and to organize I would need 2, but I would be super helpful to anyone who wants to organize if he or she wants my help.

What do you think?  Any takers? 
6  KNITTING / Knitting: Completed Projects / Custom Illusion Knitting Tutorial on: June 16, 2008 05:23:59 PM
So...I decided to put this as a new post so everyone could check it out.  This is my first time doing a tutorial so be patient with me.  First off...This is the scarf that started it all...

You can read all about it at my other post (https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=248899.0).

So...I started out by figuring out what I wanted to make.  I decided on the Patriot's logo because:

1.  If he went to a Pat's game, he might need a scarf and he's too manly to wear a hat (I'm working so hard on that). 
2.  It was simple and would look good in two colors.

With illusion knitting you are just making fancy stripes so make sure you K.I.S.S (keep it simple sweetie).

I am a child of the digital age and like doing things on my computer.  This is mainly because I lose stuff like mad and this allows me to have a backup.  So, once I decided what I wanted, I went out and found a picture of the Pats logo.  I am sure you could scan in your own image.  I saved it to my computer.  You can save it as a GIF, JPEG, or PNG.  I think mine was a JPEG.  I'll check once I am back on my other computer. 

Once you have your picture go to Knit Pro (http://www.microrevolt.org/knitPro/).  If you haven't used this, start.  It is an awesome free program that will convert your picture into a chart for crochet, knitting, cross stitch, or needlepoint.  I, of course, chose knitting.  Knitting has two options (portrait or landscape) and I went with landscape.  I can't remember which grid size I chose, but that depends on your gauge and how large you want the finished project to be.  With a 6'4" bf, I wanted a pretty long scarf.  Now, all you have to do is click where is says browse and upload the picture from your computer.  After you do all of that, click okay...and magically a pattern comes up.

Now...the slightly tricky bit and time consuming bit.  There were a couple problems:

1.  Even though my picture was navy and white, I had some squares that were inbetween colors.  Remember, this is a two color project.

2.  Since I had never done illusion knitting before, I really didn't want to rely on my memory to make sure I didn't miss rows.

Now, if you aren't as nuts as I am skip this part!  Seriously, it took a while.  Granted, now I have a pattern forever.

I opened excel and made the squares really small.  I color coded so I wouldn't botch.  I'll put a mini design up to show you what I mean if you need.

Basically, with your pattern, you just keep repeating four rows.  It is like stretching your knit pattern out into four rows so it ends up being a lot longer and really lends itself to scarves:

1.  Knit across in background color( on mine this was blue).  Remember how I told you that you had to pick two colors?  Well, one is the background color and one is pattern color.
2.  Follow pattern using in the background color.  The places that are going to be background in the end are knit (because we are on the back of the work, they will be raised up when we flip the work) and the ones that are going to be part of your awesome illusion are purled (so they will be overshadowed by the second color when we get to it).

Hope I haven't lost anyone.  You should have two rows knit in your background color now.  DO NOT CUT YOUR BACKGROUND COLOR!  Just string it up the side as you go.

3.  Knit across in your pattern color (on mine this was a natural color).
4.  Follow the pattern using the pattern color.  This is the reverse of step 2 above.  Where you purled above, you'll knit now and vice versa.  This is all about getting certain stitches to stand up and others to lie down in a pattern.

Wow....You just finished the first row of your pattern.  Now, repeat steps 1-4 for row 2 and so forth.

I am a little nuts about some things so I took my pattern and put it into excel.  Basically, I made the squares in excel really small and color coded where I was supposed to knit and purl with my background color and where I was supposed to knit and purl with my pattern color.  This took a lot of time, but I think it helped me where it was my first illusion piece.

So...I hope this wasn't too confusing.  I will be happy to answer any questions.  I also found, as I was trying to come up with clear directions this site (http://www.instructables.com/id/Shadow-or-Illusion-Knitting/) that had nice picture directions. 

Get as creative as you want with this.  Remember, the point is making it your own cutom design.  Well, thank you for keeping on reading and hit 'this rocks' if my tutorial is at all good and or inspiring.  Grin

I forgot so I am editing...You might want to knit a few rows just in stripes to start....and remember to do some in garter stitch on the edges if you don't want it to roll.  Although, that only matters if you'll have parts that are plain stockinette....Sorry about the rambling.
7  KNITTING / Knitting: Discussion and Questions / What's Your Needle Preference? on: June 02, 2008 06:10:35 AM
So....just out of curiousity and procrastination...What needles do all of you use and like?

I love bamboo needles, but recently bought the Denise needle system.  I know they have convertible systems for bamboo needles, but at twice the price, I couldn't bring myself to buy them.  I love the Denise needles and still can use bamboo for my socks.  And speaking of socks...double pointed or circular?  Any preference?  I have been using dpns for my socks, but would like to learn how to do two circulars.  Is it easy?  Anyone want to teach?

So...I guess that's a bunch of things to comment on.  Let's get a good discussion going.
8  KNITTING / Knitting: Completed Projects / Knitting for the Sports Enthusiast (Patriots Illusion Scarf) on: May 30, 2008 09:21:23 AM
So I don't always get around to posting the stuff I make.  Somehow it seems so hard to snap a picture and upload it.  I know it only takes five minutes....but I digress...I just entered a craft contest and entered this project so I figured it was about time to get it up here.  Hope you like...

I made this scarf a while ago (over a year) for my boyfriend for our first Christmas together.  As a knitter, of course I just had to knit him something, but what.  Socks....I was a little nervous about making socks and only recently got over my anxieties (they are so fun to knit....seriously, give it a try).  A sweater...no way.  A scarf....hmmm....the idea had merit.  So I searched and searched and none of the "manly" scarves seemed right.  Most seemed so blah.  So...I took it upon myself to design a pattern.  This can't be that hard.  I mean, it is only a scarf.  I wanted to incorporate something he liked into the knitting.  Now, he is a huge sports fan...baseball, football, biking, tennis, golf, hockey, basketball, etc.  I think if it is a sport and on TV, he will watch it.  Being from New England, we are also very loyal to our teams.  With the idea of doing something for a New England team (Red Sox, Celtics {keeping my fingers crossed about tonight's game}, Patriots, and Bruins), I embarked on my journey.  I wanted something he could wear while the team was actually playing so the Sox were out.  I settled on the Patriots.  I figured it was simple and single color.  Using my computer, I finally ended up with the pattern below.  Simple stripes....

Or maybe something more...

So...what do you think?  This is the first pattern I have designed so I am super proud of myself so be nice (even if you think it is miserable Wink).
9  FIBER ARTS / Spinning: Completed Projects / Woohooo - SPinner in the making! on: April 19, 2006 01:43:25 PM
So...I have been dying to learn to spin (and some people are giving me two entire fleeces so I had to learn how).  I finally went out and got a drop spindle.  I know...I know...slower than a wheel, but I'm getting there.  So it came with a tiny bag of roving that I spun up.  I think I did a pretty decent job considering it's my first time (I feel like Madonna  Wink)  I have more at home to practice on and I am going to order up some mill ends (although...I am getting those two fleeces...)  So...hope you like...and aren't too cruel to the new spinner.

So here it is laying on my front steps...

And here is a closeup for detail...

Well, I hope you enjoyed...the next stuff will be dyed up because the rest of my roving is white...  Smiley
10  FIBER ARTS / Felting: Completed Projects / Felted Goddess (rated R for nudity) on: April 12, 2006 02:20:26 PM
Well, I am a recent needle felting junkie.  How can you not like a craft that alows you to repeatedly jab a needle into something.  Hello stress relief.  Anyway, I recently felted a goddess and since she is a goddess she said "I don't need no stinking clothes."  So here is my new naked addition to my knick knack area...

Here she is pretending she is Aphrodite...such a kidder.  A girl does need her modesty though.

Here she is from the side so you can see her curves.

Here's the booty...

And again with the booty.  Her butt came out great.  I couldn't help myself.  Sorry this one was blurry, but you get the idea.

And here she is in all of her glorious, womanly, nakedness.

I love her!  I think she is beautiful and I hope you all do, too.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated (especially since I am a craftster fiend and am on here all the time).  I'm sure you'll at least appreciate her more than my mom who spied her on my shelf and prmoptly asked why she was naked and when I was going to add some clothes.  Smiley  Oh and sorry about a little blurring on a couple of picture.  It was windy outside and she kept moving.  Smiley
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