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1  Hair Clippies and Tutorial in Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: General by Ryoruki on: April 02, 2009 04:00:41 PM

My cousin has two daughters, one is 2.5 and the other is 6 mo. old. I'm planning on making a bunch of these in different colors and ribbons to send them for Easter. i noticed that there wasn't a tutorial for these, and although they are easy i figured that some people might like to know :3

I got pretty small clippies since these are for younger girls, i got my clippies at sally beauty, they're made by "salon care" and you can buy them in packs of 12 or boxes of 80 or 100. They are in with the curling items and are called "Metal all purpose clips.

I use E6000 clear adhesive and 3/8 of an inch width ribbon, about 8 inches of ribbon with make a plain clippie of this size.

1--First take the end of your ribbon and on the wrong side of the ribbon coat it with some E6000. Then you insert that onto the topside of the bottom of the clippie. i held the end in place with a bobby pin

2--flip the clippie over, add some more E6000 and fold the ribbon over the backside of the bottom of the clippie. again i held the ribbon on there with a bobby pin. You can also just press your finger down on top of the clippie on any flat surface.

3--now you should have the bottom of the clippie done.

4--put a good dab of E6000 where that hole is and pull the ribbon around over the hole

5--now you should be able to measure and cut your ribbon off. then coat the remainder of the ribbon's wrong side with E6000 and fold it over the top and bottom of the clippie. Again i held the end of the ribbon in the clippie with a bobbypin.

6--tahdah! you now have a plain clippie.

you can embellish with rhinestones, buttons, etc or leave it as it is. You can also put bows on the top as seen in the first picture i posted.

If you make the bows you'll want to start on the opposite side that you'll be wearing up. You can wear clippies 'Top' side up, like this...

or 'Bottom" side up, like this...

either way you wear them you make the flat bows the same way, you just put them on the side you'll be wearing up. So you'll start making the clippie on the opposite side.

Lets say that you're going to wear them the first way. then you'll want to first cut off about an inch of ribbon. then follow through step 4. Do NOT cut your ribbon yet.

5--put a dab of E6000 down on about half the clippie and then You'll want to make the first arch of the bow by folding a S pattern

6--then you'll want to hold that first side down with a bobby pin and then dab E6000 on the rest of the clippie and fold a Z pattern this time for the other half of the bow.

7--you'll want to keep something between the clippie so your glue doesn't get on the other side of the clippie, i used a q-tip

8--now you'll want to put the band around the bow. take that inch of ribbon that you cut off before starting and put E6000 all over on the wrong side. center it on the bow area, E6000 side down, and press down, flip one end behind the back

9-- now flip the other side behind, at this point you can measure off and cut the ribbon off the spool

10--flip the entire clippie over and coat the rest of the loose ribbon on the wrong side with E6000

11--open up your clippie and flip the rest of the ribbon under, apply pressure as needed and you're done!

Hope this helps :3 let me see your clippies!!
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2  Re: Twilight Replica ::Bella's Mittens:: With Pattern in Knitting: Completed Projects by Ryoruki on: December 09, 2008 10:26:41 PM
Please forgive my lowqual camera phone pics...

apparently i have mutant-like fingers and had to add a round during the 7th and 8th pattern repeat so that the top of the glove wouldn't cramp my fingers. (strangely the thumb was ok...apparently it's stubby xD)

i also crocheted around the bottom of the glove (which you can't really tell in the pics but meh.) i haven't blocked them yet but I LOVE THEM. They're made out of Rowan Plaid in the blue/grey colorway. each mitten took about 4-5 hours to do (aka time i should have spent writing my term papers)

I'm not a fan of Twilight, Vampires, or High-school drama...But show me some cabled mittens and a few days and i'll be as happy as a kid in a toy store.
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3  Milliner? me? the making of a church hat. in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by Ryoruki on: November 21, 2008 05:11:37 AM
So shortly after last thanksgiving my great-grandmother died, she left money to her church to rebuild the kitchen. So the church decided that since they've recently finished rebuilding the kitchen that they'd invite all of the family members to attend service to inaugurate the new kitchen in time for their thanksgiving dinner.

My great-grandmother was a lover of hats (she had at least 20) so the women in my family are all donning hats for the occasion as a nod to her. Sadly i have a large head and can't wear any of her old hats, so off i went a shopping and for less than $5 i made this chapeau, hope you like :3

i know the pictures are rather grainy (i took them on my phone for lack of a camera) and i look thrilled to death in the first picture xD but it was taken when i was about to nod off to sleep~

the materials were,
1/2 yard of brown sparkly netting
1 fake 'fall' rose
1/2 yard of wired ribbon
1 large woven doll hat (base)

hope ya'll enjoy~
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4  Re: "My Country/Region Doesn't Have That" Round 10 - GALLERY in The Swap Gallery by Ryoruki on: April 10, 2008 04:52:35 PM

oh is that pocky coming out  of the box?

nope! it's a pocky notebook! Cheesy
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5  Re: "My Country/Region Doesn't Have That" Round 10 - GALLERY in The Swap Gallery by Ryoruki on: April 09, 2008 04:19:56 PM
a HUGE thanks to lilyla19 :3 she sent me tons of cute stuff!
[img width=100
oh look it at what's in the box!! :OOO ( i live in a dorm and hardly ever get mail, so getting stuff makes me really excited xD)

 all the loot spread out on my (kinda) clean desk!

there's just so much stuff! all the food has already been devoured :3 and my kitty-bell-phone charms are on my phone as we speak Cheesy the little red one has the cutest expression xD <3 thank you so much!!!

mirchita, i'm glad that you liked everything :3

a huge thanks to psyche & javede for organizing!!!
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6  Re: Tips for making pleats? in Clothing: Discussion and Questions by Ryoruki on: April 03, 2008 05:51:50 PM
i think it all depends on what kind of pleat you want? Knife and box pleats are the most common for "school girl"-ish skirts

Knife pleats form a smooth line rather than springing away from the seam they have been gathered to. The pleats have a 3:1 ratiothree inches of fabric will create one inch of finished pleat. Knife pleats overlap in the seam.

Box pleats are knife pleats back-to-back, and have a tendency to spring out from the waistline.They have the same 3:1 ratio as knife pleats. Inverted box pleats have the "box" on the inside rather than the outside.

i think that the easiest thing to do is use a yardstick to make the folds. it's about an inch thick. after you make the fold just pin it. this'll take awhile, but i don't think that it's too overly involved o.O... in a month or so i'll be whipping out some pleated skirts for an anime con :3 i think that they have a certain charm to them. for me box pleats>knife pleats Smiley
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7  Re: Postsecret Swap Round 3 GALLERY!! in The Swap Gallery by Ryoruki on: March 02, 2008 07:01:18 PM
My last two secrets!

"i slept with a man that repulsed me for over a year because he took me on trips and bought me expensive gifts"
--well as long as you thought it was worth it...

"I hatelove that you live with me now"
--i'm kinda confused by this one? but as long as ya'll get along
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8  Re: Postsecret Swap Round 3 GALLERY!! in The Swap Gallery by Ryoruki on: February 24, 2008 11:14:53 AM

" My Birth Mother stole my identity and ruined my credit forever...I HATE HER!! DIE BITCH, DIE...." :O i had my credit almost stolen at the end of last school year. Thankfully my bank at the time found out that someone else was trying to use my account and i was able to verify my SS# D: it was a big pain in the ass though especially since my parents had moved and my account was under my old address etc etc. i hope that you get it all sorted out soon!

" I have had a friend with benefits for over 10 years. we've gone as long as 2 years without hooking up but we always come back to each other. he has cheated on every girlfriend with me and that includes the mother of his 2 beautiful sons. i have NEVER felt bas about our arrangement." Back--"I feel like i should have added that i never cheated on anyone i was with" wow, i think that it's a good thing that you haven't cheated on anyone that you were dating, but at the same time i don't think it's a good thing that he has. I have been hurt by people cheating on me and it's a horrible feeling. but if you're happy with the arrangement then that's good for you

"i only really like electric dylan--I feel like such a heretic!!" Cheesy this one made me giggle! It's ok i'm sure that you're not alone  :3

"Dear old friend: i did write that letter and i'm not sorry" this card was really nifty! and i can relate to doing something to a friend and not feeling sorry about it :3 they'll understand eventually.

"dad was always going to be a business owner. Dave was always going to be an artist. I was going to be a Really Good Wife and a Really Good mom...Now What?..." i was going to be an industrial manager. i had my heart set on it, i knew everything that i needed to do and i knew that i had the mustard to do it. but. it just wasn't for me. i gave up on that dream and pursued another one. just because things work out for other people doesn't mean that they'll work out for you, or that they should. I'm not going to tell you what my parents told me, "god has better plans for you" because i think that's a load. but it's ok to not succeed at things, and it's ok to be upset about not succeeding. But there are always other things that you're good at and there's tons of things that you can do and be happy doing. you just have to find what works for you and go for it. i hope that you are successful with your new dream and who knows, maybe somewhere down the road you'll be the good mother and wife that you want to be. or maybe you already are and just don't know it! sorry for rambling @,@

"sometimes i think life would be better if i looked like her" ok while some people might find skin and bones attractive, to me this screams "egyptian mummy that's been brought back to life" and personally, zombies just aren't my thing. while it may seem like everyone around you is a size 0 that, in life, isn't really important. as long as you're a healthy, happy person, that's really all that matters.

Back--"i love rainy days and the feeling they  bring" me too!!! and you sent me this adorable card!

i only have a few left to receive! sadly i won't be able to comment on all of the cards since this was actually one of my non busy weeks, and starting next week until the beginning of may i'll have oral reports, papers, tests and tons of other things keeping me busy. D: gah college.
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9  Re: Postsecret Swap Round 3 GALLERY!! in The Swap Gallery by Ryoruki on: February 19, 2008 03:05:54 PM
8 cards!! :O

"i think anime girls are hot" this one made me giggle because i'm really into anime and all things Japanese :3 it's ok i have several crushes on anime guys xD I love me some bishies

"names of men i have had sex with: James Derrick Jarrod Jason Timothy Ben Brian Michael William Max Chad Aaron Rickey Stephen Steve Andrew Phillip. Names of the men i have sex with that i loved: Chad." and along the bottom the picture says "Sex without Love" i think this is the reason i tend to stay away from relationships, i'm afraid that i'll have sex without love and then end up questioning myself even more. In our day an age it's looked down upon to not be sexually active it seems but really, why hop into bed with someone that you're not interested in? wouldn't it be 10x better to wait for the guy that you love? i'm not even sure of the answers myself.

A picture of "the complete pleasure kit" and the words below say "i want to do dirty things to my husband (he doesn't know)" ;3 well ya'll ARE married, maybe you should bring it up that you want to try out some new things in bed...

" i thought it was just a summer fling and he'd forget about me when he went back to school, but he didn't" Back--"and that's a good thing" :3 i'm glad that it went well for you then!

" i want to go on a great adventure... Something no one would expect of me"
this is probably my favorite from the ones that i've received! I LOVE to travel, and let me assure you sender, you will never regret taking a trip to a place where you think is interesting. Even if it's just within the country there's so much to see and do and so many wonderful people to meet! Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in my life and i hope that you too have some great adventures!

"i go home almost every weekend because i'm afraid if i don't She will die and i'll never get to see her again" sorry for the glare on this one. I've never been able to keep pets at my house due to my parents being allergic. But everything dies. i know that death is a hard thing to deal with, especially with pets because you care for them so much. But at least when she does pass you'll know that you've been able to spend a lot of time with her and you'll have a lot of memories for her to live on in.

"i enjoy 2nd hand smoke"even though i'm a staunch advocate against smoking, at the same time there's nothing that smells as good as pipe tobacco. So i can see how others would find cigarette smoke enjoyable

" i really do hate you!?!" back--"even though i tell people i don't" haha! i know how this is!!!! i'm kinda forced into other people's company due to being in the same club, and i wish i could tell them that i really don't like them and that i wish they'd keep their distance. But at the same time they're kind of 'people that i love to hate'

Thank you to all senders for sharing your secrets with me :3 i hope to get around to commenting on the other ones that have been posted since my massive list xD someone called me their hero? i think i need a costume xD can i have the ability to find and recover any lost object? that'd be a rather nifty power to have :3
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10  Re: Postsecret Swap Round 3 GALLERY!! in The Swap Gallery by Ryoruki on: February 12, 2008 04:21:57 PM
 Shocked i forgot how fast this swap picks up!! i'm going to try to comment on all of them but that'll have to wait til tomorrow since i have an oral interview for Japanese tomorrow morning @,@ gah!~

anywho... i received again today :3

Card #18

Text reads: I am so full of myself. but you would never know because i make a point of never ever bragging.

on the back it says (i'm brilliant!!)

this one made me laugh since i'm the same way. I constantly compare my self to people and decide in what way i'm better. But i never really say anything about it haha! sometimes i get caught up in it all though and realize how silly it really is to compare yourself to others in the first place since in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter. Thank you for sharing your secret with me sender!
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