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21  Re: Sewing Machine / Serger Q&A in Sewing Machines: Discussion and Questions by sapphire_distortion on: September 07, 2008 08:38:33 PM
So my serger has been doing this thing where when it trims things, sometimes it gets caught up in the serging. I'll post a picture later if I can get one, I think it happened once or twice in something I was just making. Is this caused by the knive(s) being dull or is it user error? If I get a picture tonight I'll edit it in. I haven't had this problem with my other serger so I'm inclined to think it's a dull knife (probably the lower one, apparently the upper one on this one doesn't need replaced much according to the manual) but I'm not for sure. Thanks Smiley

edit: ok got a picture (with helpful little arrows!)

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22  Re: Let's see your sewing machine!! in Sewing Machines: Discussion and Questions by sapphire_distortion on: September 06, 2008 05:07:45 PM
That's what I hear too! I haven't got a chance to give it a whirl yet but I'm excited to! The woman I bought it from said that there seems to be some kind of short in the wire - that the presser foot only works when positioned just right - but eh, I'll fix it.

You guys aren't going to believe this...talk about luck...I was in the Salvation Army today (got a roller chair for my sewing room, a sewing machine table that should fit my Singer 15 clone, and almost three yards of this really unique greek print cotton fabric for $20!) and as we were leaving I saw someone unload a desk w/a sewing machine inside. I took a look at it and it was a Singer 503A Slant-O-Matic...I wasn't going to pick it up but asked the guy how much it'd be, and he goes "hmm, for you? $20!"

So of course I bought it  Grin Some pictures(ignore the mess - I decided to take pictures in the middle of moving it into the sewing room):

There's a manual in the drawer as well as a ton of thread and some really cool vintage buttons.

I'm probably going to keep either the 500A or the 503A, but I don't have the room to keep both, so any input as to which one? I'll take a look at the manuals...it looks like the 500 has many more built in stitches but the 503 has a left/center/right option with the needle positioning, which the sewing machine I learned on had and I miss! Of course, I poked at it and it feels like it's kind of stuck right now...

Also, here's the desk I got for my S15 clone:

The opening in it is the same width but a little longer(by about 3") than my sewing machine. Any ideas how to make it fit?

Thanks guys Smiley

edit: jeeeeeeez the inside of that desk was almost kind of scary. I found lots of stuff, including the crazy pointy threadball of DOOM

lots of these (no idea what they are - anyone wanna clue me in?)

and all of this (excluding the tape measure and jeans in the background, all of that was inside the desk!) I'm not sure about keeping the thread as it appears to be pretty old but I gave it a few yanks and it held up alright...

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23  Re: Let's see your sewing machine!! in Sewing Machines: Discussion and Questions by sapphire_distortion on: September 06, 2008 09:38:11 AM
Here's pictures of my new Singer 500! And Giles, who is obviously wondering why I was paying more attention to the hunk of metal than him.  Cheesy as cats will do...

any ideas what to name her? she even came with a manual and a case. sah-weet!
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24  Re: Am I overreacting? (about a purse someone made for me) in Stitch And BOTCH by sapphire_distortion on: September 04, 2008 05:35:21 PM
Here's more pictures of the purse (the photos I sent to the Etsy crew)

And here's the message I'm working on - suggestions? I am trying SO hard to bite my tongue here. And don't have any idea how to end it.

There are several issues at hand here. Number one, I don't see how your assistant could have shipped the item when your signature is on the package, and regardless of that, you are responsible for her actions and must be held accountable. It was shipped a full WEEK later than I was told it was shipped and that is ridiculous and inexcusable. Not to mention it wasn't even the right bag! I didn't make the agreement on making this bag with your assistant, I made it with you, and if she is acting in your stead you have to accept responsibility for her actions. I think it is ridiculous to not give me any kind of compensation for receiving the bag a full week later than I should have and receiving the wrong bag at that. Number two, as it stands, I can't leave you any kind of feedback for this transaction whatsoever. I refuse to send this bag back until that problem is fixed as a measure of protection for me, the buyer. I also won't be sending the bag back until I see pictures of the correct bag, and I'm sorry, but if it doesn't look up to my standards I will continue to take this up with Etsy and Paypal. I paid $55 for this bag and I expect high-quality work. I think it also stands to be mentioned that I was told the bag would be made out of PVC patent leather or pleather, NOT denim. I am trying to be patient and understanding but this whole situation has gotten a little ridiculous.

I want to throw a snide remark in there about how "embroidered sugar skull" probably means "tacky glued on patch" (like the ones on this bag) but I know it's probably not a good idea. I probably DO need to go in and put "detailed and well lit" in front of "pictures". And something about being talked to like that! Sheesh, I recently dealt with a PITA customer on eBay and I did EVERYTHING I could to make her happy and NEVER talked to her like that.

Sigh, this is such a mess.
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25  Am I overreacting? (about a purse someone made for me) in Stitch And BOTCH by sapphire_distortion on: September 03, 2008 04:45:51 PM
So I'm having a REALLY bad day. Like, $105 in charges for a $15 overdraft that shouldn't have even happened bad day. Although I got $35 of it taken off. Anyways, this is kind of the icing on the cake. By this point, I had no choice other than to just laugh, instead of getting upset. I got my purse that someone on etsy made for me today. The purse that was supposed to be inspired by/similar to something like this:


The purse that I paid $60 for (which I know isn't a lot to some people - but it's a lot for me), specifically 'cause I'd rather get something handmade than buy something mass-produced.

Yeah. This purse.

Nothing is sewn on except for the sequin trim along the bottom - the rest of it is glued on (except for the pins obviously, which are...pinned on). It's vinyl, but extremely thin vinyl (like something that would be MUCH better suited to a top rather than a purse, even if I was planning on keeping it I'd be afraid of putting anything IN it), no kind of interfacing or anything. It's something that I could make in 30 minutes with $20 worth of material. There's no "depth" to it, it's just two flaps sewn together. The fringey stuff is not cut evenly(meaning, the actual strips are cut crookedly and not all the same width) and isn't all the same length either. The braided strap is braided WAY too loosely, and there's a hole by where it's attached to the bag on one side. THE PIN SAYS "BAD MONKEY" FER CRYING OUT LOUD. It looks like something a fourteen year old would buy at Claire's for $15 IMO.

Seriously, am I overreacting here? I don't even know how to word the email to the guy because I don't know how someone could ACTUALLY make this and send it to an unsuspecting customer, for money! I also don't know if I set myself up for this, because he responded to the alchemy request, had some really nice dresses (or so the photos made them look) in his shop, and seemed nice/intelligent, but didn't have any buyer feedback. I figured what the heck. Well, now, his "assistant" has responded to the last two emails (about when the purse was getting shipped) and everything in his shop is gone, saying that more stuff will be up in September. Crap. I might just be paranoid but it all seems kind of fishy to me, and I just hope I can get my money back.
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26  Re: How many machines do you have? in Sewing Machines: Discussion and Questions by sapphire_distortion on: August 25, 2008 07:17:33 PM
I have three sewing machines and one serger. Two are vintage (one is a Viking 6440, which is from the late 70's, and one is a Mercury Singer 15 clone from the early 50's) and one is a plastic Brother my grandma got me a few years ago. My fiance and friends tease me but I find it perfectly justifiable to keep them all because the Brother does a few stitches the Viking doesn't do, but can't even sew through three layers of denim, so the Viking is my main machine, the Brother is for a few stitches, and the Mercury is just GORGEOUS and could probably sew through anything (I'll be making a leather jacket soon so this will come in handy). And its straight stitch is just gorgeous, so I use it for straight-stitching.

If I see a good vintage machine and I have the money I have no hesitation about picking it up - most of them are so pretty! I'd still like to have one of the cool looking Dressmakers (not all of the ones of this style are the Dressmaker brand, but most of the ones I've seen are) from the 50's or so that look like cars (not literally - but have a very retro car feel) and have the speedometer looking dials and the big R button and such.

Like these:

Um yeah. The summary of all of this is that you're not alone! Cheesy
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27  Re: Let's see your sewing machine!! in Sewing Machines: Discussion and Questions by sapphire_distortion on: August 19, 2008 06:52:53 PM
Yaaaaaay I have more pictures of my "new" sewing machines (just got them used)

Here's Vivienne, the Viking (named after Westwood of course...I thought it was suiting since they were made in the late 70's from what I understand)

and here's the as-of-yet unnamed Babylock (which OMG OMG OMG is SO MUCH BETTER than that crappy old Singer serger I had. Holy CRAP. The difference is unbelievable, just in the way it handles and everything)

I was going to name it Leonardo after Da Vinci, and the turtle - but since it's got all the pink that seems a little feminine to be named after a male. So yes. I have no idea how old it is, I got it used off eBay for $80(!!!), it needed a new foot pedal when it got here but that was $20 from a local shop. Darn good deal as far as I'm concerned.

I already posted pictures of my 50's sewing machine. I think I'll name it Bettie, after Paige  Tongue

Oh and here's my sewing machine table, $40 from the Salvation Army!

Ignore our kitty, Giles. He is fascinated with the sewing machines and everything around them. The top is collapsible too, so that the back half is higher than the front, and there's room to take out a space so the sewing machine surface is level with the table, but none of mine fit in it. Oh well. It's still freakin' nifty. Though it's a heavy SOB, it sucked getting it up two flights of stairs...and next week we're going to have to take it back down  Cheesy
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28  Re: Show Off Your Hair! in Bath and Beauty: Completed Projects by sapphire_distortion on: August 17, 2008 04:54:57 PM

how I'm wearing my hair lately.
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29  Re: Let's see your sewing machine!! in Sewing Machines: Discussion and Questions by sapphire_distortion on: August 03, 2008 02:11:23 PM
I'm so excited to post pictures of my new sewing machine...a vintage Viking 6440. Got a steal on it, $50 w/shipping for it, like...six cams I think? and a ton of feet. WOO HOO! I'm psyched. Right now, I also have a vintage Mercury sewing machine (singer 15 clone, it is soooooo pretty)

Here's a picture from the auction of the Viking:

I just wish it was black instead of dark brown. Which I know is totally stupid and nitpicky hahaha.

Here's the Mercury (haven't decided what to name it yet)

And I also still have my first machine, a Brother LS-2125i. Which despite being relatively cheap and plasticky, has always been a decent machine. I'm hesitant now to sell it or anything because my gramma bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago.


I should get some pictures of my sewing machine table - it's HUGE and real wood, has storage compartments inside and a way I can set the sewing machine so that it's level with the top of the table and was only $40 at the local Salvation Army. SCORE.
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30  Re: Need info on a Vintage Kemore in Sewing Machines: Discussion and Questions by sapphire_distortion on: July 25, 2008 09:39:49 PM
Hey, I have a similar machine (actually I have one with that exact model number and one that's a 17032, I think, they look pretty much the same except different color accents...) and from what I can tell they're awesome machines. Like this?

The 1803 is one of the most coveted machines on the vintage Kenmore yahoo group (which I'd recommend checking out - vintagekenmoressew? something like that, and there's a group dedicated to Necchi as well) I'm in. I think they're early 70's models(the Kenmores, dunno about the Necchi), I've got the cams for mine and they can do some neat stuff - once I get another foot pedal in for the 1803, I'm going to try some sewing on both of them and see what I think. That's what I'd recommend, try sewing on all three and see what you think, keep your favorite. Heck if you don't want the Necchi I'll take it Wink Wink

As for the manuals, I found a pdf file for mine on eBay for $5 and got it printed at office depot for another $5.

I'm EXHAUSTED right now, so if this isn't too coherent I apologize and I'll try and be of more help in the morning when I'm well rested  Cheesy  You can post with any specific questions you have and I'll try and explain things based on my manual/machine. Hope I helped a little and didn't just ramble incoherently.
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