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1  Re: Hat from a defective granny square in Crochet: Completed Projects by jutybo on: June 25, 2010 12:38:53 PM
Wow- thanks, everyone!   Kiss  Here's a very rough outline of what I did.  I made this hat about six months ago, but I will try to look at the rounds and figure out what those stitches were. Unless noted, all yarn was worsted-weight, basic scrap (Red Heart or similar acrylic), using an H hook, and with US terms:
Round 1, dull white, from the book Better Homes and Gardens Crocheting & Knitting copyright 1977, was trying to make the cover afghan, specifically the square pictured at the very bottom left corner. 

Round 2 and 3, light green, from same book (makes the star shape)
Round 4, dark turquoise blue, from same book- this is the round where I missed the chain stitches in between the shells.  What a great oops!

Round 5, noticed my error, picked up some light yellow yarn and made some shells (hdc up to dc and back)
Round 6, dark red wool yarn, single crochets and spike stitches into the hdc of Rnd 5
Round 7, khaki/tan, row of single crochet
Round 8, same yarn, another row of sc
Round 9, same yarn, hdc shells of some type (Huh) looks like I did three in one stitch, skipped one stitch, then three more in next sc
Round 10, bright lavender, looks like dc into back loops only (so that a ridge is formed on the outside of the hat)
Round 11, mustard yellow wool yarn, hdc with the occasional spike stitch into Round 8/9

Round 12, same yarn, hdc row
Round 13, dark brown wool yarn, shells in sets of 5, hdc up to triple crochet
Round 14, pea soup green wool yarn (darker than Rnd 2's green), same shells as previous row
Round 15, same yarn, hdc in each stitch
Round 16, white (slightly brighter than Rnd 1's white), sc in each stitch, occasional small spike into triple crochets of Rnd 13
Round 17, 18 and 19, Swiss blue, sc (I think).  I thought I was finishing off the hat.  Then I tried it on... which brings me to...
Round 20, heather gray wool yarn, row of sc
Round 21, same yarn, hdc, but I put the hat on and marked with a piece of yarn where my ears were and put a single shell at each point in the round
Round 22, black wool, more hdc, then where the shells of Rnd 21 were I skipped the four or five stitches before and after the shell top and did 10 triple crochets into that one stitch.  I think I was losing my mind by this point and just wanted to be DONE (I'd been working on it all afternoon).
Round 23, rust-colored, sc with ridiculously giant spike stitches into Rnd 19.  That's four sc, then a spike stitch, four sc, spike stitch, etc.
THEN I was done.  I hope this helps!  

And here's looking down into the wrong side of the hat- you can see where I roughly tied off the yarn as I switched colors.  You can't tell from the outside:

Thank you for your wonderful comments!!
p.s. to bluedisaster- Your dad sounds like a wise man.  Smiley
and to Teeta- I actually did laugh out loud reading your post! 
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2  Hat from a defective granny square in Crochet: Completed Projects by jutybo on: June 10, 2010 05:44:00 AM

Started out making a granny square with a star in the middle of it, but apparently skipped an important chain stitch somewhere in Round 3 or 4 and started noticing a bowl shape...  So instead of frogging and fixing, I made a hat with lots of scrap yarn and random stitch patterns.  Hope you like!
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3  Re: Infinity shoes!!!! Img Pleasently plump /w Tute in Shoes: Completed Projects by jutybo on: June 12, 2008 09:32:08 AM
Finished mine!   Grin  Ignore the bright pink toenail "polish"... and the other places where I forgot to paint over my paint-chipping toenails:

I think I actually strung my elastic too tightly- I used black oval cord (instead of round cord... which I will be using on my next pair) and pulled it as tight as I could, and as a result I have to use the flat end of a metal spoon to push the ribbons through.  On the pair that's mismatched, those are indeed belts- very comfy, but not exactly my look.
Thank you so much for the wonderful idea and tut!!! 
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4  Re: Cold Feet and however long it takes ya! Tutorial added! in Crochet: Completed Projects by jutybo on: October 27, 2007 06:14:45 PM
Thank you so much!!  I just whipped these up for my daughter's first birthday present- she loves playing with them, but won't keep them on her feet.   Tongue 
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5  The PDQ Hat... aka Carrot Top for a carrot-top in Projects from The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller by jutybo on: October 19, 2007 09:54:30 AM
Wheeeee!  I was going to do the stripes, but since this was my first time switching colors, I chickened out.  Then I got bored and bold and went a little silly on the earflaps... et voila, I present you with Carrot Top!  He waves hello.

I didn't bother with the buttons since the yarn stays up itself (the hat is just slightly tighter than what I was going for, not too bad, but I will use the I-hook instead of the H next time), but I'm thinking I might add some leaves or something at the very top for even more ridiculous effect.

I like it best flaps down, anyways:

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  The orange yarn is Red Heart, but the white and the green were thrift store finds of unknown content... I think they're still worsted weight, tho.  I fear if I make it in solid grey it will look like a metal helmet...
What do you think?? 

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6  Thanks, dooney! My QnD *ruffly* romper :) Big pics in Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects by jutybo on: August 14, 2007 05:17:30 AM
Major, major thanks to dooney for the tut for this easy romper! 
I had this old, drab shirt lying around that I bought for cheap, wore once, and realized it looked TERRIBLE on me, but was such soft and lightweight material that I kept it around for some unknown reason... and now I know why.  Here's a before pic (didn't think it would turn out decent, so I didn't take a plain before pic) of the only time I wore it:

Sorry it's sideways!
It had buttons about halfway down the front, so I used those as the front closure of the romper instead of snaps/velcro/what-have-you between the legholes.  I also left it pretty roomy to get over a cloth diaper, and since the fabric's so stretchy it's still easy to change my babe in:

I had to resize this shirt to a smaller size first, and in doing that I ended up with a seam down the front and back of the romper, and goofed up the back, so this is what I did to cover the mess-up:

I have also since fixed the neckhole, which was HUGE, by adding some elastic for some quick n' dirty (in this case, more functional than fashionable) ruffles.  Don't have a pic of that yet, but here's an action shot:

Since the original shirt was so long, I just left the legholes unhemmed and it's not fraying or anything... feels almost like a tissue jersey type of fabric, I think...
Thanks for looking, and thank you again, dooney!!   Grin  Comments/critiques welcome!
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7  Farmer Friendly *fixed pics* in CHALLENGE 20 ENTRIES by jutybo on: August 05, 2007 11:15:43 AM
What better way to answer the supermarket question "Paper or plastic" than with one word:  Neither!
So meet the Farmer Friendly bag, since what's good for Earth is also good for the farmer (and thus the rest of us)- growing and using cotton vs. tearing down slow-growing trees or putting plastic into landfills. 
...but of course, the irony is that the bag's design is based on a plastic bag (that says THANK YOU), and contains bias tape in the familiar brown color of the traditional paper bag.  I hope you like it:

The color's more of a tan... and the writing says:  Neither paper nor plastic... I'm Farmer Friendly  (get it? farmer-friendly...  heheh)

Closeup of Sharpie-drawn design:

Before picture, with plastic bag used as a pattern:

And closeup of the brown bag bias tape and lining:

Thanks for looking!
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8  Thanks, Cheytown! My first button-down to baby dress :) in Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects by jutybo on: June 18, 2007 08:03:13 AM
Here's my first shirt-to-dress recon for my wee one!  Sort of a father's day homage, since the shirt was one of my dad's from the '70s (hub didn't have any to spare).  The shirt collar looked like it could be the brim of a hat to me, but it was WAY too small (even thought said wee one has a very wee noggin).  Here 'tis anyways:

You can see how small the hat is in that first one... oh well.  It was fun to make!  I was planning to put the button back where it would have been at the base of the neck of the shirt, but once I saw how small the hat was I didn't bother (hence the *something missing* feeling).  And here's the back:

Thanks for looking!  Happy crafting!
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9  *Recon* Fleece vest to... baby car seat cover! *TUT ADDED 01/17/07* in Baby Showers And Gifts For New Babies by jutybo on: December 28, 2006 07:28:07 PM
I'd been trying to find one of these car seat covers for awhile, but they're either expensive and nice-looking or cheap and not-so-nice looking... so I made one out of an old fleece vest I had in the closet.  Took me about a half and hour!   Grin  I love instant gratification.
For reference, here's one that I liked the style of (since it didn't go under the baby) but not the color: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2501237&cp=2255983.2256187.2256192&view=all&parentPage=family

And here's the one I made:

That's an infant head rest that you see inside the head opening (the cream-colored part).

I guess you could use the pockets for a pacifier or something, but I just liked how they looked.   Wink
What do you think?  Comments welcome!

HERE'S THE TUTORIAL!!   Grin  Took me long enough...
1. Start with your vest all zipped up; it will make things easier for you.  Cut each side seam from the bottom of the armhole to the bottom of the vest like so:

2. Open up your vest so it looks like this:

You'll probably have armhole ribbing on only part of the sides- if you're lazy like me and just want the cover to be functional NOW, fleece won't fray so you can leave the vest sides as is... or, if you'd like the edges to look better, you can sew on some hem tape or something right over the cut egde as well as the existing ribbing and no one will be the wiser.  Here's what it will look like if you leave it as is:

... a little unfinished, but you (I) can always go back and add the hem tape later.

3. Lay the vest out over the carseat (if you're lucky enough to have one handy, otherwise, scroll down for my ridiculously OCD list of measurements), and cut off the extra back portion like so- just make sure to leave a few extra inches, since you'll eventually make a casing for the elastic to go through:
As far as the bottom edge goes, you have two options: 1. as you can see from the above professional illustration, I expertly cut out the corners to fit around the front of the carrier (just eyeballed it) and then sewed the cut edges Right Sides Together to make a dart (somebody help me here- I think this is a dart, but I'm not exactly sure...).  Or 2. Don't cut anything; just pull the elastic drawcord tight (if you have one already in the vest, if not, make a casing and put in some elastic) and sew it in place or make a knot or something so it can't get lost inside the casing.  Here's what the "dart" looks like from the outside:

and what it looks like from the underside:

4. Make a casing for the elastic in the back by just folding under the back bottom edge and sewing a tube just wider than whatever elastic you have on hand (no need to double hem fleece since again it won't fray, but you can always fold it under again if you don't want the raw edge to show).  I just pulled out the draw cord that was in the discarded back of the vest and threaded it through my tube, then put the little plastic thingies back on that were originally on the sides of the vest... hard to explain, easy to show:

And the finished back edge (with the little drawcord tail tucked back in the casing):

Voila!  That's it!  You're done!! 
And for you spatial learners, to give you an idea of how the vest fits *now*, here's the front, side, and back view to help you see the difference vs. how a vest fits before you alter it:

 (sorry for the blurry pics... but you get the idea)

*NOTE: after having made this, I've decided to forego the darts in the future and just run an elastic casing in the front the same way it's done in the back.  It's much simpler and gets the job done just as well.*

Ridiculously OCD List Of Measurements:
-Length of front edge (same as back edge) stretched out: 20 inches.
-Length of back edge NOT stretched out: 12 inches (would be same for front if you did a casing vs. darts)
-Length from back of neckhole to center bottom edge of back: 9 inches.
-Length from front of neckhole to center bottom edge of front: 20 inches.
-Length of dart seam in each front corner: 5 inches.
-Width of fabric on either side of the neckhole: 6 1/2 inches.
-Open space of neckhole: 7 inches.
-Length of entire cover, back edge to front edge: 35 inches.

Happy Crafting!!!   ...hope this helps!!
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10  Re: onesies, changing mat, and hat :) - With Tute for EASY HAT in Baby Showers And Gifts For New Babies by jutybo on: December 23, 2006 04:29:39 AM
Really cute stuff!!  And thanks for the hat tute- I just made one yesterday for my little girl:

It's a little snug on her, so I traced around it a little bigger on the same shirt that I made this one out of, and now she's got one that will fit her in a little while when she outgrows this one, too. 
Thanks again- I think like five of my friends are pregnant at the moment, and now I know what I'll be adding to their homemade gift stash!   Grin
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