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1  rRRAARGGHH, first embroidery in Needlework: Completed Projects by SeeMe on: December 14, 2007 07:20:19 AM
My first embroidery! It's terrible. My satin stitch is horrid. It's unevenly placed and rather crinkly. In my defence: It's about zombies! It's okay for it to be wonky and uneven.

Anyways, I was browsing the archives of completed projects, and saw a title that made me gigglefit: "Zombies love me for my brains!". It was an embroidered... an embroidery? ... a picture of a brain, and that's it. It put a bug up my butt that then lit a fire and I had to stop everything I was doing to embroider this idea. I used... oh, I don't know, some fabric with holes in it...  sewing thread, and sewing needle. I fail at embroidery floss.

Before this I had done some embellishing on a bag using the chain stitch, and I am sort of working on a project (a bunch of leaves) where I'm using chain stitch to outline and fill in the leaves. So I came into this project only know that I wanted it to be 8"x10" (So I could easily find a frame), say "zombies love me for my brain", have a picture of a brain, and have the word brain be wonky. I consulted The Readers Digest Guide to needlework, and found out about the 'whipped running stitch'. I used this for the outlines. I'd previously tried to use satin stitch, but it was horrid, so I decided to give it another try. Still horrid, but it's much better than it was before.  The heart is filled in with chain stitch, and the rest is filled in with satin. I'm very, very glad I had enough of the bluish grey to do the word "zombies". it reminds me  of the bluish grey that most movies paint their zombies up to be. I got the outline of the brain from online, just googling "outline drawing of a brain." and the words I did using Paint, a bit of paper, and some... um, 'dressmakers carbon' to transfer it.

 Anyways, enough jibberjabber. Here is some picturs!

and one more shot of it all:

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2  Re: HPIYP - Harry Potter Invite Your Partner Swap! in The Swap Gallery by SeeMe on: December 14, 2007 06:43:01 AM
Oooh, finally! I recieved this like, forever ago, but ouldn't get pictures up. First I was sick, then the camera had to go on vacation with my mum, dad, and brother, then the cord went missing-- I'm blaming Fenrir. Fenrir: Killer of sewing machines, hider of camera bits.

Anyways, I looove this bag! I'm afraid to use it, because it's so nice!

Sooo much vinyl involved, it's no wonder the machine broke! Thank you so much for this swap, and for this bag! (I have been wanting a bag like this forever!)
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3  Potterpuff Murder Purses! in Knitting: Completed Projects by SeeMe on: November 06, 2007 10:22:33 PM
wow, I hope this is okay! I  made these a while back ago. There's two purses, but I'd like to count them as "one" or a set... although they belong to different people!  Both were made for swaps. Both feature characters from Harry Potter, as drawn in powerpuff girl style. They're called Potterpuffs, and they're found here:  http://potterpuffs.livejournal.com/  I made the graphs myself, and sort of half-assedly designed both the bags. I hope that ourglasslake and bethiej don't mind too much that I borrowed their pics-- see, 'coz I'm an idiot and don't take my own pics. Blah.

However, if anyone wants them, I have the graphs available for download. I've linked them because they're HUGE (BMP) and I don't want to clog up the arteries of Craftster.

 Please don't sell these charts, or anything y'make from them. Unless you get permission from the Potterpuffs creator, I guess. Yeah, anyways.

Both contain Harry Potter Book 6&7 spoilers. If you don't want to be spoiled, go away! Anyways..,

(PS: If the mod would be so kind as to use the last photo as the voting photo, I would be very, very happy.)


My First Intarsia, from The Flight Of The Half Blood Prince:

There's also a painted on Dark Mark, and a green "spell" that's leading from Severus' wand to Dumbledore's chest. It's a crochet chain, because I sucked at embroidery. I loathed doing Dumbledore. Batty old coot has too darn many colours!


My god, I love the Bellatrix panel. Anyways, all knitted except for the Avada Kedavra (embroidered) and the handle (crocheted) and, of course, the lining. (sewn)
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4  My first yarns! in Spinning: Completed Projects by SeeMe on: June 04, 2007 12:50:28 PM
So, a couple of months ago, I bought a Louet s15 (I think!) for the amazing pice of 10$ canadian. When I got home I spun...

And spun

And spun...

And spun!

They're in order from first to fourth. Corridale wool (te first time I made yarn!), unknown wool, unknown wool, and "massam" top. I'm proudest of the white one, of this batch.

All together;

And then I was out of fiber. Arrggh! There are like, no fiber shops near me, so I put inan order of a pound of Corridale from copper Moose fibers and waited. And waited. Finally, fifteen minutes after I placed that order, I placed another one with shpherder (on eBay) for um... 6 pounds of superwash merino. (It was 4.00 a pound!)

And then I waited. And waited. And after ifteen minutes of waiting for my orders to arrive, I grabbed some yarn I had recycyled from a sweater and began to ply it up.

This is after I washed it. Before, it was... like, a fingering to sport weight. It BLOOMED. It's about a worsted weight now!!

Then, finally, my Merino arrived. (it arrived on the same day as my corridale, but I have yet to crack that open!)

I am really pleased with it.  I spun about half a pound of it, and it's mostly worsted weight, with a few big slubby spots thrown in. But yeah.

The Merino and te recycled (lambswool, angora and nylon) together. I think I have enough of the merino to make a scarf for my stepdad, and the angora-mix? ... No idea what to do with that. I was going to use it for socks, then it bloomed like crazy.  No idea.
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5  Re: Hogwarts Favorite House Swap Round 2 in The Swap Gallery by SeeMe on: June 03, 2007 07:24:18 PM
Toriaa and I just swapped today! (we met up in person) and you know what? I have you all beat. I got the coolest partner ever.

Why do I have the coolest partner ever? Well, we decided to meet up. Which meant, what? NO SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS!!!!!1omgponies
. Now, I might have gone a little mad with this freedom, but she went absolutley NUTS.

A broomstick. An actual, really big broomstick!

Cat and tree included for scale. The tree is about six feet tall. The cat is not. Not only that, but since I told Toriaa that I'm scared of heights, a little "muggle potion" was included to help me overcome that.

There's a big ol' story behind all of this (Toriaa was so damn creative! I felt like running away and coming back later with much more, much cooler stuff!), but it's... of a delicate nature.  Not of a delicate nature is how shocked i was to find it was actually mine! I thought it was just Toriaa's way of getting noticed! (trust me, when you walk into a coffee shop with a broom, you get noticed!) And, lol, how our neighbours reacted when I (just finished taking pictures of the broom) crossed the street to check the mail! The uber conservative reformed Dutch lady across the street nearly hit her mailbox with her car, she was staring at me so hard!

But that's not all. Lord no, that's not all!

A crocheted bag! With the Dark Mark on it! (one can never have too much Dark Mark stuff.) And it's so cool, the little snake coming out of the Skull's mouth is the handle! It's really neat--she even sewed in a lining (!!) and the button is to die for. shiny. shiny.

Now, the next stuff, I had to work for. (It was part of the sort-of roleplaying we ended up doing!) I had to perform magic for her. Of course,  I couldn't just pull out my wand and really wow her. And the silly little Muggle Magic things that Severus (again, sort-of roleplaying, here!) were... well, confusing. The directions are tiny!! (those aren't the directions, that's Snape's letter to me.)

So I ended up doing the lame "Pulled off the tip of my thumb" trick, and Toriaa was satisfied, and emptied her pockets. (Which were in her shirt... it was... it was kind of odd.)

Here they are:

I love them all. I'm going to use that pin all the time! And the two snake pendants... I was reallyshocked to get those! For those of you who don't know, they're based off of Auryn, the magic necklace from Neverending Story. I think I might have squeed inside. (I know I bragged to my mom about it; "Look! I got Auryn!") Also, Auryn is on my wist! I was like, eee!

 Just to show them off, I put them on the Mardi Gras beads I also got.  These are really lovely too-- the thread they're on is actually silver. I didn't even notice that until I got home!  (her friend asked her how she got the beads. Me, I wanted to know how Snape got the beads!!)

Here's a groupshot of eveything that wasn't the boom: 

And last, but certianly not least, is this adorable little snake. He's made out of felt (which always impresses me-- how on earth do you hide your stitches like ya did!?)

This was just sooo much fun to do!
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6  Re: Ongoing Pick Your Partner Swap - Round 3 Gallery! in The Swap Gallery by SeeMe on: May 05, 2007 02:11:53 PM
Hooray! I got my package from Heini. She also sent some other stuffs, but it's for a gift for a certain craftster so, yeah, I'm not posting it until her birthday is over, if that is okay!

Here's what she sent me!

Needle felting supplies! I was so stoked about these that I made something as soon as I got home with it!

  A ball! Yay!



A crochet hook roll! Gorgeous, eh? it gets better.

So many textures! Sparkly things! Oh man this is awesome!

And. because Heini wanted a picture of this gorgous flower she made to post to a craftalong she's doing, I took a bunch. Choose whatcha want, heini!

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7  (In celebration of long pork) Remember! Every Tuesday is... in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by SeeMe on: May 05, 2007 01:44:29 PM
SOYLENT GREEN DAY!!1!!!11oneyay

I didn't want to do this contest. I wanted to do the Art one... 'swhat I voted for!But then, suddenly, I had an Idea. (inspired by the fact that, at the time, the food challenge was winning the vote.)

I could make...

Soylent! Soylent Red, Soylent Green, and Soylent Yellow! Mmm mmm. The bloodied hand is inspired by the last scene of the movie, when they're carrying Charleton Heston out on a stretcher. His hand is all bloody and he's reaching for the police captain, all like... "You have to tell them! You have to telll everyone!"

Tell us what, Charleton Heston?


I won't tell you, but hey, if you can't figure it out... Go rent the movie. It is wicked good. And also, sad.

And look! More pictures!

And this one is for Vanillalight, a nice small picture to put in the voting thinger... unless ya wanna use something else.

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8  Re: He's Got The Beaver Fever! (So DAM many pictures!) in Crochet: Completed Projects by SeeMe on: February 17, 2007 09:52:14 AM
omg this post seriously just made my really-bored-because-Im-at-home-sick day. I dont know which picture I'll pick when I put up the voting poll!

Complete awesomeness

I do not envy you this decision! It was hard enough deciding which pics to put in!

Though, maybe this might be a good canidate, although it didn't make it in..

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9  He's Got The Beaver Fever! (So DAM many pictures!) in Crochet: Completed Projects by SeeMe on: February 17, 2007 08:04:55 AM
(Haha, 'cause Beavers live in dams, yeah?)

Welcome to Wild, Wild World! I'm your host, SeeMe, and today we will be travelling to the snow-drenched world of Ontario, Canada, to search for the rare and elusive North American Anthromorphoid Beaver.

A rare, misunderstood creature, the Anthromorphoid Beaver has what appears to be two heads! Of course it doesn't. It merely looks as if it is so, in order to fool predators. The top 'head', if you will, looks to be a crocheted hat made of double-crochet, with earflaps and a tail neckwarmer. However, this is the true head. The 'second head' is merely to warm the hearts of craftsters. (Take that, adorable babies!)

Wait! Wait, what's this!?

Why, it's the Anthromorphoid Beaver! We appear to have frightened it. Let's be quite for a few moments and see if it will come out of the tree. Usually these creatures are very friendly. Aha! Here he comes!

Here he is, establishing his dominance as lead Beaver.

Now he's showing the "Second" head! Look closely. See how appealing it is?

Very good camoflauge, isn't it? Once they've been lured into the open with green peices of paper, the anthromorphoid beaver is very friendly. He is posing for us, so that we might see his beautiful plumage.

Startled by a flock of birds, the beaver decides to make his way home to his dam, carrying his axe (for the teeth are entirely ornamental) behind him.

Oh no! The beaver has come onto a problem! The enterence to his dam is frozen over. First he tries to dig it out.

However, he is very cold and tired, so now he will make a new way in.

Goodnight, little beaver!

Oh my! I almost forgot! The Anthromorphoid beaver is also quite literate. However, don't take my word for it. Please, view the picture below!

(It says Beavers Rule!)

Goodbye everyone. Join us next time for another Wild, Wild World!

Hehe, that was fun. Anyways, here's the deets on the 'beaver hat'. It's made out of yarn. Brown, black, pink and white. I did it with a crochet hook! And also knitting needles and a yarn needle! Hooray me!  The nose is the only knitted thing. I could not figure out how to make it work in crochet. Anyways!

The neckwarmer, although not shown worn that way, is meant to go under your coat and keep you warm. The snow is just for pretty picturin' purposes. The teeth, although they do look funky, are AWESOME for glasses wearers. 'cause you know, you can't wear a regular hat down that low or it'll push your glasses arms into your temples and make them explode...but this stays right where it needs to. Warm forehead!

My little brother is modeling. It was my only way to combat the adorable babies modeling hats! He's adorable. He used to be a real adorable baby, too! However, the hat is not "his". As soon as I finished it, my mom laid claim to it! But my mom wouldn't model...

Anyways, yeah, I did bribe my brother (YOU try getting a 14 year old to play in the snow wearing a beaver hat and carrying an axe without laying down some cash!) but about halfway through, he started having so much fun with it. The Beavers Rule! pic (along with many others) were his idea.

Unfortunatly, I knew I could not fit all the lovely pictures we took in one post. So... um, here is my photobucket:  http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v331/SeeMe/  (I think.)  There are quite a few more pictures there. Enjoy!

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10  A plethora of purses! Image totally heavy, dude. in Purses, Bags, Wallets: Completed Projects: General by SeeMe on: September 10, 2006 02:26:56 AM
So, I finally sat down at the sewing machine. "Machine!" I cried, "Activate!". After a few hours of this, my mum finally came over and told me how to turn it on. Three days, two broken needle-tips at my face and a whole lot of sweating (and swearing) later...

Yes, seven bags. Four Jordys, and three Sha-Sha Dream bags, and a couple of wallets. (I actually sewed five jordys and four sha-shas, but the fifth jordy and fourth sha-sha have been buried in Giants Stadium.)

 The first Jordy. It is made of a strawberry print cotton I done founded over to the Liquidation world. Huzzah! It's line with... fabric. White fabric.

THe silkiest jordy. Mmm, shiny thing.
The inside is purty too!

This one is trippy and I like it that way. It's lined with a tye-dye blue bandana and it closes with a bigass button. Yeah, baby, yeah. It groooves.

Quickly, 'coz my camera was dying, the three sha-shas. The first one (from left to right) is made out of two cotton bandanas, which have chinese characters and their meanings. It also has a little coin pouch thingy. Huzzah!
 Next is one I call "So Long And Thanks for all the fish." You can't see 'em, but there are dolphins on there. It is lined with baby blue velvet. What a bitch that was.  Also, it ties shut with blue ric-rac. The dolphin print was originally a wraparound skirt/tank top set I had and done got too fat for.
 LAst is my favourite. I LOVE the outside fabric. and the liner fabric. I couldn't capture it on camera, but the liner fabric is a magic red that looks utterly divine when you look at it from the right angle... trust me. Magic. ANd the liner fabric is this wicked sweet stuff I got. It's like upholstery fabric, I guess, and I have like a zillion yards of it. We bought it at a yard sale. It was like sewedinto furniture covers, or something, so it even has its own lining and yay! (Although the lining is not what I used in this pic.)

Finally, I saved the shiniest for last.

I call this "All that Glitters is Jordy."  Yes. That is that shiny-arse fabric. I actually sewed it. It sucked.

This is how it closes. A pretty bowtie,, and the strap is the same ribbon and wait, what's that peeking out?

The silver lining!

This bag damn near drove me crazy. It took me most of the day to sew. Blarr.

Anyways, I enjoy comments. They are tasty!
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