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1  Lucky Duck :) in Halloween Costumes by starlight1221 on: November 04, 2008 08:25:27 PM
This Halloween I went as a Lucky Duck. 

I used felt for the feet, tail, and dress embellishments, with pipe cleaners to straighten and provide support.  I made a necklace with 7 horseshoe charms, and wishbone charm earrings.  This pic was from work - I ditched the white shirt when I went out that night. Smiley

Thanks for looking!  And a parting tip - don't attempt to look for a rabbit's foot the week you need it!  They're not as easy to find as you'd think, which is why there isn't one in my costume. Sad
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2  Lucky Duck in Halloween Costumes by starlight1221 on: November 04, 2008 08:22:14 PM
This Halloween I went as a Lucky Duck.  The dress is from Kohls, the leggings from Wet Seal, the headband from Forever 21, the beak from Target, and the gloves from a costume shop.  All the rest came from Joann's.

I used felt for the feet, tail, and dress embellishments, with pipe cleaners to straighten and provide support.  I made a necklace with 7 horseshoe charms, and wishbone charm earrings.  This pic was from work - I ditched the white shirt when I went out that night. Smiley

Thanks for looking!  And a parting tip - don't attempt to look for a rabbit's foot the week you need it!  They're not as easy to find as you'd think, which is why there isn't one in my costume. Sad
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3  A misunderstanding, a bad pun, a paper bag, one hour, and a pow-wow in CHALLENGE 30 ENTRIES by starlight1221 on: September 05, 2008 07:37:33 PM
So I really have no desire to win the challenge (I couldn't care less if I even make it into the poll), but since a post here inspired my idea I wanted to post what I came up with.  It's bad, no straight lines and only took an hour, but since I love my idea I'm going to make a new one eventually.

I saw phaedra 2's A Tee Pee (toilet paper) Cozy post, and misunderstood and thought it was going to be a TeePee (for TP, get it?).  Since hers had nothing to do with Native Americans, I had to run with the idea. 

And thus, the TP's TeePee: 

Next to the tp for size:

and supplies:

The sticks are bamboo skewers, and I also used markers and hordes of tape and glue.  The yarn is helping keep the skewers from sliding around inside. 

Thanks for looking, I hope it makes someone else smile. Smiley

ETA: I apologize for the poor photo quality and the squishiness of the supply pic, don't know what happened with that one!
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4  Star Trek Blanket in Knitting: Completed Projects by starlight1221 on: October 22, 2007 10:16:35 AM
um, hi.  I made a Star Trek blanket.  It's still not finished, as I still have to sew a lining on the back to cover up all the loose ends.  

Colors in the second pic are more accurate.  I used about 10 balls Bernat Satin on sz 7's for the blanket and Lion Brand Glitterspun (two gold, one silver) for the logo, which I duplicate stitched because my gauge was totally different for the two yarns.  You can't really tell from the pics, it's stockinette with a 2" seed stitch border.  It ended up being 42" wide x 56ish" long.  If I had to do it over again, I'd switch the silver and the gold so the writing would stand out more.  My initial plan was to have the circle in the middle and a small communicator from each of the series in each corner, but alas, the charts weren't working out so well and by the time I finished the middle circle, I wanted to kill the thing so I decided to quit.  

ETA: fixed the pics.  It took me about 3 months or so....I was unemployed at the time so it didn't take too long Smiley
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5  How do I make this hat? in Knitting: Discussion and Questions by starlight1221 on: September 14, 2006 09:03:38 AM
Or more precisely, how do I make the crown of this hat?

I'm trying to duplicate my mom's hat for her friend who gave me a crapload of needles.  She loves my mom's hat and has arthritis now and can't make the hat herself. 

Basically it's a two layered hat, the inside is a simple 1x1 rib. The outside is in brioche stitch.  I'm getting the same gauge as the hat (whoopie!!) so that's not a problem.  I've got everything figured out...

Except the crown.  Which is the important part, the part the friend loves.  I've got pictures down below, although I couldn't get a good shot.  Instead of decreases, it looks gathered somehow.  It looks like, somehow, the parts that poof out have been gathered seperately from the parts that indent in.  Like the yarn has been run through the poofy parts' last live stitches, but just over (and not through) the indented parts' stitches. But there's yarn running through the indented parts' last live stitches too, just not the same yarn as the poofy part.  The inside looks the same as the outside, except on a much smaller dimension, so I think there might be some decreases on the inside part crown (or increases at the switch to brioche stitch, but I can figure that out pretty easily once I've knitted a swatch of brioche and see how it compares to the 1x1). 

I know this is probably making no sense, but short of taking my mom's hat apart (of which the consequences would not be pretty), I'm at a loss. 

Any help, suggestions, links, etc. would be greatly appreciated!!  Thank you in advance!

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6  A Series of Cautionary Tales or What NOT to Do in Knitting in Knitting: Completed Projects by starlight1221 on: August 31, 2006 06:42:13 PM
I taught myself to knit about a year ago.  Unfortunately, this has meant I've learned a lot of things through trial and error.  To help other knitters not make these mistakes, I am making this post, including pictures(!).

Please add your own cautionary tales as you see fit.  Hopefully this will turn into a fun topic for everyone and people can get some use out of their disaster FO's.

Cautionary Tale #1: Always mark the top of your felted swatch

I drew up a pattern for a remote control holder.  You know those long things with the pockets that lay over a chair arm?  I bought the wool, I got a few metal washers to make the end heavy so it wouldn't slide off the air when the remote was in the pocket.  Took all the measurements.  Double checked the math.  Then I felted my swatch, so I could figure my gauge.

Except, of course, I forgot after felting the swatch, which way was up.  So I hazarded a guess.  Big mistake.  I give you the completely useless, extra wide, super short, remote control holder. 

Cautionary Tale #2: There's a reason there are no knitted trinket boxes out there

Again, I drew up a pattern.  Took all the measurements.  Double checked the math.  Then I felted my swatch, so I could figure my gauge, and this time, I threaded a blue piece of yarn through the top so I'd know which way was up.  Spent a lot of time figuring out a beaded scheme for the lid.  The result?

Cautionary Tale #3:  Do NOT work on two projects at the same time in the same area of space

This one, I used a pattern.  It's Sesame from Magknits.  Love the yarn (Merino Style, Knitpicks).  I had to redo the button edge, which is why there aren't any buttons on it yet.  Everything was working out just fine.  Looks good, right? 

I was also, at the time, working on a red sweater.  Sitting on the same couch, with the yarns relatively close together.  Caron Simply Soft in that Autumn Red color.

See all those safety pins (there's about 20 on the back too)?  They're marking big pink blotches that you can't see in the photo.  The fibers of the simply soft got on the sweater, and when I washed it (by hand, in the sink), the color from the fibers transfered to my nice, vanilla sweater.

Cautionary Tale #4:  Do NOT work on a pattern that does not list a gauge

Seems pretty obvious right?  Well, when you usually get gauge with the recommended yarns and needles, you figure that it will probably work out for the best.  I am taking an internship soon working as a penguin keeper in the zoo, and when I saw the pattern for webbed feet in Wild Knitting by Angela Jeffs, I immediately thought, "Halloween Costume!!".  But there is no gauge for the pattern.  But I used the same size yarn and needles.  And before you ask, they definately look like adult feet in the photo.

First, it was too small, so I frogged then used bigger needles.  Then it started to work.  I followed all the measurements.  Until I went to put it together.  The toes aren't wide enough to stretch across the web.  I couldn't get it together no matter what I did.  And to top it off, it wasn't long enough for my foot.  So this is now a yellow ball of yarn. 

Cautionary Tale #5:  Do NOT work a purse strap in seed stitch

I *love* this purse.  I based it on that cabled handbag that's on here that's so popular, except I made sides for it, deepened it, got those magnetic clasps for it, and made the strap so I could wear it over my shoulder and across my body (otherwise I lose my purses). 

But I made the strap in seed stitch, thinking it wouldn't stretch so much.  And I made sure not to make it too long by flipping it across my body every two seconds. 

But when you put something weighty in the purse, it stretches to all hell.  The purse comes down past my knees.  I haven't gotten up the motivation to fix it yet.

Cautionary Tale #6:  Do NOT put your heart and hours on end of your life into a knitted object hoping it'll be appreciated by men

This was the hardest one to learn. 

A few months ago, my aunt got tickets for The Price Is Right.  In case you're not familiar with the show, it's a game show on CBS in the US.  Contestants are picked out of the audience after an interview with the producers.  Bob Barker has been hosting it forever.  Our tickets were for August 22nd, it was last week (show will air in October).

I wanted to do something for the show no one had ever done before.  Everyone makes shirts, you know?  But I wanted to be on TV.  Didn't even want to get picked, so much as just have my face on tv, being recognized for something cool I did.  Not even 15 minutes of fame, just 15 seconds.

So I learned intarsia, and made a Bob Barker purse based on the one in SnBN.  I came to the boards and asked for help from the stencil gals to get a good pic of him.  I frogged a million times. First time because I had the boxes on the graph paper the wrong way.  Tried again and  I finished only to have him look like an ape, so I changed the colors and re-knitted (to off-white and navy, it looks black in the pic), and it looked okay.  I made two different linings because the first one didn't fit.  I didn't learn from Cautionary Tale #5 and I spent about 10 hours knitting the sides and strap in seed stitch (which again, although only two feet long, stretched down to my knees, forcing me to knot it at the shoulder).  I seamed, I ripped, I reseamed.  I worked my butt off.

The other members of the audience really liked it, really seemed to understand what went into it.  The producer interview dude said, "cool, you'll have to show that to Bob"  During a commercial break, I held it up to show to Bob.  He told me (quotes are from memory, not word for word) "that's nice, did you make that?"  Yes.  "You must have used a younger picture of me."  Some laughing from the crowd.

And that was it.  He moved on.  I was so excited that I was going to get to show the world my craft, an FO that I had spent 2 weeks almost non-stop working on.  Other people's things had made it on TV before (like a belt that was like a store sign, lit up with words running across it), so I thought, "duh, no one has done this before and it's actually GOOD! I'll get on tv!  A Bob purse!  He'll get a kick out of that!".   


I have no hard feelings for Bob or the Price is Right.  I mean, he's a man, it's a male run show, and the majority of men don't get the time and effort it takes to do this.  I'm still watching the show, and if I go to California again, I might go to it again.  But I was crushed.  I still kinda am.  I wanted to frog it when I got home, but I don't think my relatives and my mom's friends would let me because they like it so much.  Too much time and effort I should have been spending with my family before I move out next week.  But that's what this post is about, live and learn. 

So there are my cautionary tales.  Tell me some of yours, or I'm sure I'll eventually make the same mistakes Smiley
ETA: I put this here because these are (except one) all FO's.  If it should be on the discussion board, I apologise).

ETA #2: Took me a while to find my post on the stencil board (the search thing wasn't working for me for a while), but now that I have, I can give credit where credit is due.  The wonderful gal who stenciled Bob Barker for me was distimica.  Smiley
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7  Red Crew Neck in Knitting: Completed Projects by starlight1221 on: May 13, 2006 07:33:59 PM
I'm so proud of this sweater, it's the first one I've made that I don't feel dumpy wearing.  Posted about this in discussion a week or two ago, the basic structure (increases and decreases and their location) is from Hip To Knit by Judith Swartz (the dreamy turtleneck), but everything else like CO #, yarn, neck, etc. I revamped thanks to that awesome sweater adjustment chapter in SnBN.  The yarn is Caron Simply Soft.  The white thing on the back of the collar is supposed to be there, I wrapped some thread around a stitch so I'd know which side is the front without having to think about it.  The lighting in my house is way bad so please excuse the pic quality.   And there's no unoccupied flat surfaces in my house at the moment, so the first pic is it draped over my mom's covered sewing machine Smiley

(the pooch of fabric on the right is because of the way I'm standing, not because of a weird stomach deformity Smiley )
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8  Re: Projects from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" in Knitting: Completed Projects by starlight1221 on: May 08, 2006 03:01:57 PM
My mom collects hippos, so I modified the bear to make a hippo.  I just CO 32 sts, and knit a bunch of rows in the round, then I decreased 6 stitches somewhat evenly, then used kitchener to bind off and stuffed and stitched that onto the face in a hippo-like shape.  Smiley

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9  Re: Most of my FO's (pic heavy) in Knitting: Completed Projects by starlight1221 on: October 31, 2005 10:52:29 AM
Wow! You just started knitting in July?! You're doing great!!! I love the dog sweater. Especially the trim at the top. Your dog looks so cute in it!

Lol, the "trim" is actually her collar.  We buy about 5 inches of fabric, sew them into tubes, and slip her collar through them.  She has one for every holiday Smiley

I tried to write a pattern while going along with the purse, but the purse is not perfect so neither is the pattern Smiley  It's done entirely in garter stitch.  For the sides, I made two rectangles, casting on 60 stitches and stitching 56 rows each.  The sides I c/o 22 stitches, gs rows 1-46, then decreased 1 stitch each edge row 47, 49, 51, 53, 55 so 12 stitches remain.  Then I knit even for how long I wanted the strap to be, then I reset my row counter to start at row 1 and  increased 1 stitch each edge to mirror the decreases on the other side (row 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10) until I reached 22 stitches then knit even through row 56.  The bottom, I really can't remember, but I believe I cast on 60 stitches and stitched however many rows so the short side of the bottom rectangle was the same width as the width of the side of the purse on the strap.  Then I stitched the two sides to the bottom rectangle and stitched the sides of the sides to the strap.  I had to make little squares which I sewed to the straps and the top of the sides of the purse so I would have something to sew the zipper to.  I knit up a square with a button hole at the top and stitched three sides of it to the purse to make a pocket.  After felting, the zipper flappies made the purse too wide for the zipper, so I cut out a triangle and sewed the sides of the triangle together to make the purse less wide.  Then I sewed on a button for the pocket, lined the inside, and sewed on the zipper Smiley

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10  Most of my FO's (pic heavy) in Knitting: Completed Projects by starlight1221 on: October 31, 2005 08:46:20 AM
I started knitting in July and here's some of my FO's.  I've also made a sweater out of polarspun and a couple mp3 player cozies, but I forgot to take pics of them when I had access to a good camera.

SnB's Windy City Scarf, out of Paton's Be Mine:

Purse, my own pattern.  You can't see the pocket on the front really well, but it buttons closed and the main pocket zips shut.  Felted, in Cascade 220.

My pasha, she has some issues but my mom likes her Smiley

Fingerless gloves, I used Magknit's Urban for the hands and kinda made up the cap as I went.  Ignore the unweaved end Smiley  In knitpick's Elegance and some black TLC (I ran out of elegance and didn't want to pay $5 + shipping for 1/3 skein of knitting)

Dog sweater for my Whimsy, I made it up as I went Smiley  She's a miniature dachshund and when she gets cold she shivers.  My mom put ground beef wrappers in the trash, that's why she's trying to get in it Smiley  It's in Lionbrand's Jiffy, can't beat a dog sweater for less than $1.50.

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