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1  Halloween / Halloween Decor and Parties / My UBER-CRAFTED Halloween Party of Greatness!! on: November 11, 2007 02:39:52 PM
Yes, I loaft with posting. I'm just getting over my post-Halloween burnout. This party and my having been planning it since June is why. Hopefully it shows!
Evil lady cut-outs by my wonderful friend Talia who also did Mr. O-Lantern here:

Yeaaa picture this without the beer bottles... Old shipping crate, spray-painted by moi.
MY FAVOURITE! <3 The flesh Wall! This is actually floor-to-ceiling, made entirely of plastic skulls from dollarama, newspaper, kleenex and papier mache! Here's another shot of it, in the foyer where it stood, and an action shot avec party-goer:

The hallway which I like to call "A vagina of spiderwebs" Complete with many-a-sheet of rasturbated trees!
Some of the down-the-stairs graveyard with my home-made gravestones which was supposed to look a lot cooler than this...
A view of the whole front with some idea of the fog machine's effect... and my friend's highly offensive priest costume Smiley
At the end of the hallway is the food side of the kitchen, black-lit and full of delicious

My meat-head, which PEOPLE ACTUALLY ATE THIS TIME! yay!
Thorax cake by my friend Bon! Highly delicious ribs, better than Tony Roma's!
The Dungeon side of the kitchen! With walls that promptly fell down once the party started  Angry You see, we had to change the location of the party last-minute and this house required no holes in the walls from thumbtacks or peeled paint from strong tape, so we did all we could, but some things ended up crapping out prematurely...sigh
6-foot mummy from michaels! not crafted, but still cool
hanging and shaking dungeon victim #1 - made of coat hanger, newspaper, duct tape and paper mache, and a re-purposed $3 shaking skull decoration for the head. I kind of heart him.

hanging and shaking dungeon victim #2 - blucky skeleton, with head replaced with another re-purposed $3 shaking skull decoration, corsified kind of crappily with plastic wrap and spray paint.
another silhouette
Some of my many corpsified skulls, scattered about the grounds:

with another Michael's buy, skeleton in a cage!

Cheesy Aaaaand I'm so relieved to have pulled it off. I told myself that was the last time and there's no way I'm doing it again next year... but I already have some plans for next year... sigh... Hope you've enjoyed!
2  Halloween / Halloween Costumes / My 2007 costumes! on: November 04, 2007 06:13:15 PM
So it all started when I went to my local Party Packagers and found one of those latex prosthetic pieces that you glue to your face with spirit gum, called "Sightless" which was freakin amazing and I knew I needed to base my costumes for this year on. Traditionally, my friend and I always do 3 costumes - 1 for the house party on Friday, 1 for Saturday's clubbing, and one for actual Halloween night and Trick-or-treating! Here they are!

Friday: The Sandman
based on a story by ETW Hoffman from 1817 called the Sandman where the story goes:
"Oh! he's a wicked man,
who comes to little children when they won't go to bed
and throws handfuls of sand in their eyes,
so that they jump out of their heads all bloody;
and he puts them into a bag
and takes them to the half-moon as food for his little ones;
and they sit there in the nest
and have hooked beaks like owls,
they pick naughty little boys' and girls' eyes out with them."

Now, see, clearly I am more of a "Sand-woman" but I figure the job of Sandman isn't like a one-time all-eternity gig, right, like the guy's gotta retire sometime, so I am actually just one in a long line of Sand-men, or Sand-people if you will, and I could only assume that the successors in line for the title of Sandman are a select few of the victims themselves; having potential, one is taken under wing and trained by the current Sandman into a life of makingtheeff sure that kids go to sleep. Kind of like a "Saw"-type lineage. So that's who I am!
Make-up (rushed as hell and not that great) by me, dreads made by me, eye-mask by me, and cape made by my mom! Dress recycled from formal several years ago, rope recycled from a Halloween costume in grade 6, bag of gold sand from dollar store and teddy bear with eyes ripped out(hanging next to bag, can't really see him in the pic) found randomly outside said dollar store, sad and alone in the rain (clearly he needed to be rescued and made part of my costume, a token from my previous life as a bratty no-bed-wanting little kid!)

Saturday: Little Dead Riding Hood
Originally I wanted to do "Evil Dead Riding Hood", more of a zombie feel and a wolf's head as a purse, ya know, vengeance from the grave and stuff, but frankly I got lazy and cheap and didn't wanna shell out an extra $15 for a wolf mask. So I just went for the victim side of things.

These pictures do not do the awesomeness of my make-up justice, I loved how it came out. I had random bruises everywhere and when I first put the hand-shaped neck-wounds on, (pre-made latex gash for the middle finger, liquid latex[which i ended up liking a lot more] for the others) they looked awesome. Then rapidly deteriorated throughout the night Sad Cape the same as yesterday but on the flip-side, by mommy, corset-top from Scotland for like 5 quid (wicked!) and tulle skirt made by me in all of 5 minutes (tulle skirts for halloween are kind of my favourite thing to make Smiley )Also, please notice the make-up I did on my friend in about 2 minutes because he decided RIGHT before we left that he wanted to come to the club too and didn't have a costume. Luckily he was wearing a red t-shirt! Also, in the last picture, in the middle, another home-made last-minute deal entitled "Tonight's Forecast".

HALLOWEEN NIGHT!: Mental Patient...
who got free from the straight jacket and ripped out my eyes!  Grin

I think this was the all-around best blending of the latex eye-piece. I made the straight-jacket, again, in about 5 minutes with safety pins and krazy glue, because I ran out of time and had to get to school to do a presentation in class (in costume, because it was about engagement of the non-visual senses (har-har) in Halloween attractions!) but it looked okay in the end. Oh, also I made that necklace that I'm wearing in this and the sandman costume! Also, notice the forecast friend once again in her home-made masterpiece "Snakes on a Plane"! (making use of left-over snakes from her Medusa costume the first night!)
3  MORE ART, LESS CRAFT / More Art, Less Craft: Completed Works / Keep it Together - Acrylic on canvas on: August 02, 2007 02:14:38 AM
So after being inspired by the lovely paintings on craftster last night, I finally decided to finish the painting that I I.O.Ued to my friend for Christmas... 2004, possibly 05... somewhere around there. I have a love/hate relationship with painting, you see. But I actually finished it, much to my surprise, so right now I love.

Here is "Keep it Together"

and some details:

This painting is somewhat part of a series, the first painting "Dreams are made winding" done some 6 years ago in high school, inspired by System of a Down's song "Spiders". I kept some of the themes, metaphors, and (obviously) colour scheme in this design. Just for fun, here's that one:

Hope the pictures aren't hard to see, I had to use flash, they're not the greatest.
4  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / makeover makeover, makeover makeover, MAKEOVER! cha cha cha! on: July 18, 2007 11:40:46 PM
So this isn't as much a "reconstruction" as a "makeover".

See, I bought this hoodie yesterday. I love the fabric it's made with, it's got these cute little skulls all over it. And it was $5 dammit. The graphic on it was vaguely wearable even, but I knew I could not bring myself to wear a hoodie saying "rock and Roll Queen". It's not that I'm not a rock and roll queen per say, it's just, well, Disco Stu doesn't advertise and I'd rather not either.

Here is the before, with the offending graphic highlighted:

Since that whole deal was a big sewn-on patch, I took it right off. I would have been happy with the hoodie plain with the patterned fabric, but alas we had some screenprinted bits under the patch:

So I got to thinking of a picture that would incorporate the shapes and go with the skull theme. Voila:


And an action shot for no reason:

I free-handed the branches, and then drew a bird skelly and made a stencil and stencilled it on. Woot, a productive day! And I actually like this and kinda wanna go buy a million more hooides and make all kinds of them!  Grin
5  Halloween / Halloween Decor and Parties / Last Halloween! on: July 13, 2007 01:05:02 AM
So it's July now and I'm well into preparations for the upcoming Halloween when it occurs to me that I never posted pictures here from last Halloween!! This, of course, is blasphemy, so I will right my wrong this very minute:


ps - flash sucks for halloween pics, so imagine all of these as dark and spooky with thriller playing on an endless loop in the background.

Preeeetty much all of this stuff was homemade by myself and my SUPERTEAM of awesome friends. Crafted items include, but are not limited to:
- the half-assed scarecrow and 'vacancy' tombstone
- the lobotomizing of the babydoll and the corpsifying of the 'Blucky'
- all the corpsified skulls
- the monster hand (from scratch)
- the delicious cuppycakes
- the wire tree
- the 10-second last-minute-guests-are-ARRIVING! coffin bowl for the nachos
- my personal favourite - the skull fountain!! which has been thrown out at this point and I am not impressed  Angry


I was a... doll? of Halloween? ... it didn't really have a title. It is crafty in that I made the skirt, shredded the stockings to my liking, and made the mask AND the dreads!

Here's what it looked like under the mask, and also my boyfriend Waldo (I FOUND HIM!) which he also made himself!:

Woo! All in all, a sexy time. and SOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR NEXT YEAR!!!
6  OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS / Party Planning / Midnight at the Chocolate Factory - A formal! (LOTS of pictures!) on: May 28, 2007 01:19:41 AM
So I just spent the last month or so crafting for the York University Faculty of Education Year-End Formal! I was the Social Director, so it was my partner's and my job to put it all together! I guess it's like a prom but for the (soon-to-be) teachers!
I chose Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a theme, but to class it up a bit we called it "Midnight at the Chocolate Factory"! It turned out really great and I'm proud of it, so I thought I would share!

The centrepieces:
Someone on the council had the great idea to make each centrepiece correspond to a particular character in the story. Here's what I came up with:

Table 1 - Violet Beauregarde

Miss Violet's piece was made with a light fixture glass sphere from Value Village ($1), covered in blue with the old grade 2 crafting technique of mod podge and tissue paper. The face was cut out in pieces of tissue paper and glued on. I then used a blue votive hollder that I had at home, put some blueberry runts in and e6000ed the sphere on. Inside (I forgot to take a pic, argh) Was a bubble gum pink votive candle surrounded by actual pink bubble gum.
As you can see, we used nerds, gobstoppers, and runts (as well as sparkles) as table confetti on all the tables. That was a big hit, most of it was eaten by the end of the night!

Table 2 - Charlie Bucket

I went with old-school Charlie for this one (some were inspired by the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory and some by the Burton version - both equally awesome in my opinion) It was made up of a champagne flute that had little bubbles in the actual glass (not sure if you can see that here though) and a bowl with clear marbles and floating candles glued on top. hanging from the bottom of the bowl on fishing line is a floating shrinky-dink Charlie. the 3 marbles in there WERE hanging with him, but I guess they were a bit too heavy.
In the first pic, you can see the table number card. I made one of these for each table as well, with the number and a stencil image of the character/thing that the table is themed (that was barely a sentence) and on the back of these cards is the title of the theme and the lyrics to a song from one movie or the other which corresponds to it too, in case people haven't seen the movies or read the book, they can get some vague idea of what's going on there Smiley

Table 3 - Veruca Salt

"Veruca Salt, the little brute, has just gone down the garbage chute."
A floating-candle holder with "garbage" at the bottom - ribbon, bits of fabric, and a shrinky-dink fish skeleton, tin can, banana peel, and upside-down Veruca. Here are some details of the garbage and the fish bow. I also used etching cream to put on those swirls so it would look a little more like the garbage chute in the Burton movie cuz I'm neurotic like that:

Table 4 - Mike Teavee

2 glass cube things stacked on top of one those led ornament base things, and a clear cube vase with a tv screen and wee little Mike etched on. Black cube candle inside.

Table 5 - The Pink Sugar Boat

Entirely from the Burton version - but the song on the card was entirely from the original crazy acid-trip boat ride (even better when sampled in Pendulum's "Through the Loop"!) Made of model magic cuz I was too lazy to paint, and then placed on a brown fabric "chocolate river' Then filled with gobstoppers cuz it makes it THAT much better!

Table 6 - Augustus Gloop

Glass sphere bowl, mod-podged on some red stripes. Floating candles in instant hot chocolate mix, and a polymer clay Augustus hand reching out! I absolutley love this one because of that little hand. It was my VERY FIRST polymer clay creation, even though I have literally had Fimo sitting in my house for about 8 years now, I've always been too afraid to bake it cuz I was sure I'd screw it up. It's pretty much my new favourite thing ever. More shots of the hand:

Table 7 - The Oompa Loompas

I originally wanted to etch the oompa loompas on the little glass candles, but it just didn't look good enough th be worth the work. Plus when they were etched on they looked like little nazis for some reason. So i mod-podged! The base is a glass rectangular vase turned on its side, with a light-up led wand and tissue paper inside.

Table 8 - Willy Wonka

(Don't tell the others - this is kind of my favourite!) Mr. Wonka's hat is made of a glass vase e6000ed (actually pretty much EVERY centrepiece is e6000ed in one way or another - I LOVE this stuff) to a glass plate, tissue papered and mod podged to all its purple glory. Then filled with runts and a purple pillar candle with swirls cut out of it that glow as the candle burns (see next table for better pic of the candle) The hat-belt or what have you is brown fabric and a polymer clay (piece #2!) W

Table 9 - The Great Glass Wonkavator

Because I couldn't find a good enough rectangular vase, this is 4 5X7 and 1 5X5 picture frames glued together. The buttons are clear stickers and the backing they came on glued on (e6000 of course!) Those are silver ribbons on the side btw, not tape. The base is a upside-down sphere candle holder dealie on top of another led ornament base. The Candle, like table 8, looked awesome at night:

Table 10 - The Wonka Puppets

By special order of my friend, our table was of the melting puppets (in the Burton version) I used a glass vase that holds a tealight on top and opens from the bottom to fill it with pretty things like pot pourri and flower petals. I filled it with butchered and charred baby doll parts and fake tealights so it actually looked like it was on fire from the inside. Then I dripped red candle wax along the top. Did I mention the last big event I planed was a Halloween party and Haunted House? Smiley To make a bit less "gothic" as my mom said, I printed out the scene from the movie of the puppets on stage and glued it around the base of the vase.

Table 11 - The Golden Tickets

Not gunna lie, this one was last minute as people bought tickets last minute and we needed another table. It actually looked really nice though cuz this candle was insanely bright. It was already in my house, and I printed out some golden tickets and stuck em on. Done and done!

Speaking of golden tickets -

The Raffle

We had a raffle for some prizes, so we kept the theme going and did some "Golden tickets" I wrapped the raffle tickets and 5 raffle ticket sized golden tickets in "Wonka bar" wrappers. We gave each guest one as they came in, and then we all opened them together. 5 people won the biggest prizes, and others were raffled throughout the night for other prizes. It was fun!

The Factory

So there was another table that was SUPPOSED to have a drink fountain (which was dead once I set it up, grrrr!) and it was supposed to look like the inside of the Chocolate factory. This kind of fell by the wayside though, but whatever, it still looked good. *shrug* I had some grass, wire trees, lollipop flowers, a crappy punch bowl that is NOT a fountain, a mist bowl for no reason and a cut-out of Mr. Wonka!

Here it is at night:

And no crafting on my part here but I need to mention that OF COURSE we had a chocolate fountain! :

Also (you can see it in some of the pics) each person received a Wonka bar as a favour!
Hope you enjoyed the huge amount of pictures and thank you Craftster for all the lovely ideas my head has collected from you over the years that have come together to create all this stuff!

*edit* - Yay, I've been published! http://www.craftycrafty.tv/2007/05/party_theme_the_chocolate_fact.html
Thanks, randomsynapses at craftgrrl!
7  JEWELRY AND TRINKETS / Beads: Completed Projects / Some really simple jewelry on: July 05, 2005 01:03:43 AM
which I'm still pretty proud of because I have only recently discovered things like crimp beads and nylon-coated beading wire and the right kind of stretchy elastic to string beads on! I know, I'm a huge rookie.

Bug-pearl! close-up

Just some beads on elastic string, and a close-up of the patterns on the beads.

I got four of these cool blinds-looking square beads in a pack for $3.60!

These I like lots. The beads aren't quite so glowy, they're those reflective beads, ya know? I also made the necklace in the background.

A generally unimpressive bunch, but they'll offer me some wearing pleasure! =)
8  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / For darts, SCREACH by my desires... a SOAD tank top! on: July 04, 2005 11:43:26 PM
A t-shirt surgery that I finished today! I had this System of a Down t-shirt that I love except it was a little short and my boobs stretched out the graphic in a weird place. I figured if I lowered the whole thing, it would fix both these problems, so I made it a tank-top!


and after:

I cut across the top seams, and cut the sleeves off. Then I added darts so I didn't have those weird flappy-do bits of fabric hanging out from near the armpits, and sewed in the sides just a bit cuz it somehow magically became too big when I brought it down. Then I just hemmed the top until I like the shape, and then I folded a ribbon in half over it and sewed it on, and sewed on ribbon as straps. I left the front black with the original collar of the t-shirt. I like the spotted ribbon cuz it matches the red and white spots of the mushrooms on the graphic, but I think the dots are going to wash off the ribbon  Sad Oh well, good thing I took pics now!
9  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / SpongeBob AssSkirt! on: July 04, 2005 11:16:28 PM
This is a skirt made out of an okay-fitting t-shirt that I didn't think I would wear very much. I just cut the top straight right under the neckline, turned it inside-out and sewed up the sides (without cutting off the sleeves first) so that it fit, then put an elastic in and made a waistband. It was pretty basic, but I like how it came out! I also put green rickrack at the bottom that matched Spongebob's spots!


After (as part of my "mullet" outfit, also featuring the Deftones shirt, which was my very first t-shirt surgery!):
Business in front

The skirt in action at Wonderland:

and a close-up so you can see the rick-rack:

This is my first post, so any suggestions as to the skirt or anything wrong with the actual post, let me know!  Cheesy
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