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1  HOME SWEET HOME / Interior Decorating: Discussion and Questions / HELP! Moving in with boyfriend, completely different styles! on: January 25, 2011 06:13:15 PM
First off, the boyfriend lived in this house with his ex-wife, and he told me that he wants me to feel like this is MY place, that he wants me to be comfortable and feel at home, and so he told me aside from his living room furniture, his bed that he bought after his divorce (king size) and his wardrobe armoire and 2 bedroom dressers, anything else in the house I have free reign to get rid of paint, walls paint, decorate, whatever. I ask him what he likes and he only tells me that its up to me, if I want to re-arrange the way he organizes the kitchen, then do it, but he cooks more than me so I'll leave that alone, but he really is being very open. I tell him I don't want to pick colors he won't like or a style he doesn't like, and he said he will tell me if he doesn't like something to the point he can't live with it, but otherwise he wants me to make my mark on this house and make it mine.

Also, he is country, like country country, like hunts, grows his own veggies and can live off the land. I'm a city girl, not big big city, but city girl compared to him. The things I see that he likes seem to be opposite of me, lol. I'm also 1/2 Japanese and like to have some asian influence things around my home.

That said, here are my questions/issues:

1) I am 37 yrs old and have ALWAYS lived in apartments where you can't paint or put holes in the walls, so part of me REALLY wants to paint, but the other part of me thinks maybe I shouldn't do it till after we've lived together a while, ya know, in case it doesn't work out, lol. Opinions? and I dont even know how to begin to pick out paint.

2) The boyfriend is a country boy, and (please forgive the animal lovers, please no bashing) has a deer head mounted...IN THE BEDROOM! He only has the 1 deer head, but he's proud of it, and its in the friggin bedroom. He said if I want it out he wil take it out, but I really don't want it in the living room, and he is proud of it so I don't want it tucked away where he will never get to see it. Any suggestions how to decorate around a deer head? lol.

3) Any ideas how to merge a 3 bedroom house and a 2 bedroom apartment? I've never done that. When my ex-husband and I moved in together, neither of us had much so it was easy.

4) We are also merging our kids, 1 girl and 2 boys. The girl and boy of HIS are twins, age 10, and my son is age 9 (our boys are the same grade and best buds). Its a 3 bedroom house, so the boys are going to share a room. They already know this and have slept over many times, but we all know that's not the same. There are weeks that my son and I will stay with them for 2 weeks in a row, but he knows he has his own bed to go back to, so I know once we move in it will be different. We do not want them to feel like they are giving up personal space, so how do we do that with the 2 boys? Only thing I can come up with is loft beds for the boys, one on each side of the room, but no other ideas. Any suggestions? Luckily they both also love Star Wars, so we are going to surprise them with star wars themed bedroom to help make the transition seem special, and of course the daughter will also get her room painted so she will not feel left out of the 'special" changes.

I think that's everything. I have NO IDEA how to truly decorate as I've never painted, and have honestly rarely ever hung stuff on the walls due to apartment rules, so I have no idea where to begin.
2  HOME SWEET HOME / Interior Decorating: Discussion and Questions / How do you organize a small craft storage space?? on: January 07, 2011 06:54:50 PM
I have searched and searched for craft organizing ideas! Everything I see seems to be for craft rooms or really large spaces, but I won't have that kind of space. See, I'm moving myself and my son (plus a small dog and a cat) over the next few months into my boyfriend's house. He has 2 kids and a small dog. We're moving into his 3 bedroom house, so all the bedrooms are already claimed. There is no basement, and the living room and dining room are already pretty much claimed. (he's lived there 10 yrs, so its pretty much fully furnished, lol).

I'm downsizing from living in my 2 bedroom apartment which was small, but filled with my own stuff, lol. I had my bedroom all to myself (where I craft) with a long closet that went the length of one wall (about 8 ft long) that 1/2 was used for craft storage, plus an old particle board desk, old small dresser, 3 18-gallon plastic tubs and a small bookcase (about 4 ft tall) filled with all my crafty goodiness.

I'm going to need to reduce it to probably 1 small dresser OR bookcase, 1 plastic tub, and my boyfriend is giving up his armoire/wardrobe for my craftiness that's in his bedroom.

I have NO IDEA where to begin! I've joined the destash along and 50 projects in 2011 so I can start to use some stuff up, and I know I'm going to have to get rid of other craft supplies. I haven't gone through what I have for so long that I don't even know what I have anymore, so I know I can get rid of some stuff, but wondering how I can fit the rest into the space available.

Our bedroom that we will share will have 2 dressers, the armoire and my work desk (I work from home) which will double as my crafty space. He has a good sized room, but its a pretty OLD house and the closets are SMALL and he also has a king bed that takes up most of the space.

ANY organizational tips/advice, any pics/inspiration for small organized craft spaces would be awesome! I do all kinds of crafting, learned to knit, learning to sew, scrapbook, and all kinds of odds and ends in between! Smiley

Thanks in advance!
3  KNITTING / Knitting: Discussion and Questions / questions/opinion on should I make a hat for new boyfriend... on: September 16, 2009 01:14:16 AM
Ok, so I'm wordy, be prepared...

I have a new boyfriend, few months now. He just found out I knit and that I'm still learning. I mentioned the other day that I'm knitting something and said he thought it was cool that I taught myself how to knit (via youtube, haha, don't laugh). He just recently shaved his noggin and so when he found out I was knitting something he said "are you knitting me a hat?" and laughed and I said "I actually considered it, but I've never made one before, and I wasn't sure if you'd think it was weird." and he just said "I love you to death girl" and so I don't know if that was him saying he wants me to knit him a hat or not. He did say it was cool that I taught myself and said that its pretty neat that I do that. He actually knows how to sew and I don't so he always tells me its easy and he will show me, and he's made curtains for his house and mends things (he's a single dad) for his kids. He also mentioned once a few weeks ago when we were talking about holidays are coming up and how I try to make something for family, he talked about handmade gifts are the best to him if its from the heart and something someone would actually use.

SO, given all this I'm wondering if I should make him a hat for his baldie noggin? We live in WV, so it snows here and at least gets cold.  Opinions?

Now, if I decide to make this hat, I'm a beginner and never made one before, so I'd want to start NOW...how do I decide if it will be big enough for his noggin without giving it away that I'm making it, and what kind of yarn to use? I don't want anything to itch his noggin to where he wouldn't even wear it. sometimes he lets his noggin get a little growth on it, so I don't want something that will attach like velcro to his stubble when he does that (he goes a few days in between shaving), and other times he has smooth-baby-butt head...haha, I said butt head.

Ok, any opinions/advice anything is much appreciated!  Smiley
4  SEWING IN GENERAL / Sewing in General: Discussion and Questions / question on handsewing.... on: December 04, 2008 08:17:18 AM
Ok, so I have an old sewing machine that I bought at a yard sale years and yearsago, and its not working now, no money to get it looked at.  My step-mom said I can use HER sewing machine, but I can't take it home (btw, I'm 35, so I'm not sure why, only guess is its her baby and she knows I'm not sure what I'm doing so she doesn't want me to break her baby, haha) and she has to show me how to use it, but its been about 2 weeks since she said that, and I need it for making christmas gifts, and she is just so busy herself with her volunteering and working with OT and her own life, so between that and my work schedule and my son's sports and cub scouts...haha, we just can't seem to make the time, and its now December and Christmas is inching closer and closer...

SO, that all being said, I'd like to know more about handsewing.  I've never truly handsewn anything other than a small pull-string bag that went around a gift I made for a group of girls I taught colorguard/dance to one year.  That was about 8 years ago.  I have found some cute placemats that I had planned to make placemat purses with, bought them already with the hope of being able to use my step-mom's machine...but again, she isn't free to show mehow to use it the same time that I'm free...so...what do you think of hand-sewing them?  Do you think its possible to handsew and have them still be pretty sturdy?  I figure placemat purses would be easier on me than trying a full on purse from scratch being my first sewing venture either on machine or handsewing (well, aside from the pullstring bag I mentioned above, and once I sewed a pillowcase for my son, after my step-mom set up her machine and did everything so all I had to do was sew in straight lines, haha).....

I also am working on knitting a small purse or messenger bag type of thing, depends on how it looks when I'm done, but I will need a liner in it...is it possible/ok looking to handsew a liner in a knit bag without it looking TOO wonky?

THANKS SO MUCH for any advice, input, encouragement, etc!!  Smiley
5  SEWING IN GENERAL / Sewing Machines: Discussion and Questions / Where to get parts for a Pfaff 206?? on: November 20, 2008 06:35:23 PM
Well, I'm assuming I just need a belt that can fit on various sewing machines, but I have an old Pfaff 206 that I bought at yard sale about 13 years ago and I have no idea where to look for a belt for it that is cracked on mine.  Maybe I'll ask Santa for a new sewing machine, haha.

Also, I'm a newbie to sewing, so I'm not sure, excuse the silly questions....do all sewing needles fit on all machines, or do you have to get the ones specific to your type of sewing machine?

Thanks for any help!
6  SEWING IN GENERAL / Sewing in General: Discussion and Questions / TEAR!!!...crying...venting...whatevah... on: November 20, 2008 05:54:31 PM
So, I finally was brave today, cleared off a spot on my dining table and pulled out the old sewing machine that I've used once in the years I've had it, and someone else had set it all up for me so I really just pushed the foot pedal.

So, today, I pulled it all out, read the book a zillion times, finally got the thing threaded and was SO THRILLED, hoping to make some gifts for Christmas because I'm running out of knitting time and ideas for men with knitting (dad - doesn't like scarves, likes his work gloves doesn't like wool it makes him itchy, not enough time to finish a throw before Christmas....) things like that, so was hopeful that I could make some gifts with some simple sewing...

Here's the scenario - my job is medical transcription, the company I work for had its controlling stock purchased by a company from India, who is now outsourcing our work so I made $400 less than I need to in this month. I'm job hunting, but in the mean time I have NO MONEY left.  None.  Nada. Savings is gone because of my doggy needing a procedure a few months ago and my car needing to be fixed last month...oh yeah, and this same company that is killing my paycheck, has now announced that as of Dec. 1st we will get 10% LESS PAY, on top of the less money we are making thanks to the "restructuring" going on (i.e. work going to India more and more...)

Anyway, so I've wanted to start sewing with this old sewing machine and slowly got supplies here and there over the past few YEARS, but never had anyone who could show me how to sew, aside from my step-mom who is wicked busy and she isn't patient for teaching, haha.  Anyway, so I figured now that I have no budget, I will have to do my best to make gifts for Christmas with the supplies I have on hand, dabbled in knitting last year, then picked it up again last month, its slow going so I know I can't knit every gift before Christmas (I have about 20 gifts), I can stencil a few things, but only a few as I have no money to buy new shirts, and I have only on hand a few sizes of shirts/sweatshirts available, so I thought, ok, I'll be brave and try to sew and see what happens....

got it all set up...got a practice material pinned to work on....and my thread keeps getting stuck and then the needle thing wouldn't move up and down unless I did it manually, then started stinking and my needle broke...the only needle I had.

Did I mention I have ZERO BUDGET.  Turns out the belt for the mechanism that moves the needle up and down (can you tell I don't know what I'm talking about!) is too old and cracked.  I went online and can't find anything that specifically lists what size belt I need, and I need needles.  Did I mention I have ZERO budget?  Like literally...nada.  Wait, I have $3 in my purse...and I need to buy milk.

so, now I'm in tears from being so excited that I get it set up on my own only for this to happen.  sigh.  I'm sure needles and belts don't cost much, but $1 out of nothing is a lot. 

I suppose I could try to hand-sew, but that's never been my strong point and it looks very very sloppy, and for ME, it takes as long as knitting is taking me haha....


Sorry guys, I just had to vent.  I've had a stressful past month with work, my cell phone was stolen and someone used $300 worth of data/internet/ringtone charges (thankfully that was waived by the cell phone company), my dog got loose and was gone for a few days (thankfully he is back home and safe), work issues which has lead to me making $400 less a month plus next month will be even LESS because of a pay cut back to my rate....all of which unfortunately is LEGAL....so I literally have really had a stressful week, ha, so I was happy when I got the sewing machine set up right, only to hve the belt be old and cracked, and the needle to break. haha.   Angry

I know, its all petty, but I guess it was one of those "straw that broke the camel's back" deals.

I'm ok now that I've vented, ha.  I'll figure something out, I always do....
7  SEWING IN GENERAL / Sewing in General: Discussion and Questions / Where to get help to learn to sew.... on: October 17, 2008 08:00:53 PM
Ok, I live in a small town in WV and I've only lived here for a few years.  I don't know many people and of those people none of them sew.  I don't have a lot of money and I tried learning to sew from pictures and I just can't do it, I'm a visual learner, I have to see it happening in front of me to learn it, like someone righ tnext to me doing the same thing, or showing me first and then I do it next.  I have this sewing machine, an old one that I got from a family friend when she got herself a new one.  Its an old Pfaff 206.  Luckily the book is included, but I"m a complete newbie.  I've had it for 7 years and used it once to sew a straight edge on a pillowcase for my son, which my step-mom cut and pinned and showed me how to pin, and she set up the machine for me and just set every setting then all I had to do was push the foot pedal.  So, I literally don't know at all what I'm doing.  She's not a patient person as far as teaching, which is why she set everything up for me. I tried to watch her to just see the settings, but she went pretty fast, and that was 6 years ago.  Everyone I ask about classes says "take a sewing class somewhere" but where I live I've never seen anything offered in the local paper and there are no sewing machine stores here.  There is one in the city about an hour away, but they will ONLY teach you if you purchase one of their machines, and I dont have the money for that because theirs were not cheap.  I asked about paying for classes and they said they will only teach to people who have purchased machines from them.  That's the only sewing machine store near me, again an hour away.  There is a craft store and I get a flyer from them, but they never have sewing classes, and I do put in the suggestions box for a sewing class, but nothing ever shows up in the flyer for classes.  I'm not sure how much you would pay someone to teach you.  Does anyone know of any good DVDs or online video classes that are slow enough for a very very beginner to learn that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?  I've wanted to learn for years...I'm even considering putting an add in the local paper for someone to teach me to sew, but I'm not sure how much to pay someone for that, so even if you have suggestions that would be great as well.

Thanks so much for any input! 

A hopeful beginner!
8  IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES / Other Image Reproduction Techniques: Discussion and Questions / Good alternative to print gocco or other supplies can use with PG? on: September 03, 2008 05:54:39 PM
I was wanting a Gocco for a while for card printing, and finally asked for one for my birthday which is end of October....only to find out online that they are discontinuing making it and the supplies for it....{tear} so I was wondering if there is another good alternative for making lots of cards with that screenprint type technique that isn't too expensive.  I already do rubber stamping and I don't like always using my computer for printing on cards, and have drooled over some of the gocco creations for a while and finally asked for one only to get this news. haha.

Anyway, any suggestions of inexpensive ways to make multiple cards with that type of style would be great, thanks!

Or, if there is any other supplies one can currently use with a Gocco, i've read online about the stencil pro or photoEZ not sure which that works with a gocco, so anyone who has tried either of those would love to hear about how well it worked, and if you can get the quality of the fine lines as well?

Final question, is there any other inks that are ok to use with the Print Gocco that is good for paper printing?


9  KNITTING / Knitting: Completed Projects / Newbie tried fingerless gloves or wrist warmers... on: December 24, 2007 07:43:56 AM
I'm not sure if I like these or not, they are going to my step-mom who mentioned she has always wanted fingerless gloves...well, I wasn't able to figure out now to knit in the round before the holidays (I just started learning end of September) ,and so I read somewhere on here about someone knitting a rectangle and leaving a hole for the thumb, so this is what I tried....not sure what I think about it yet, at first I loved it, now when I look at the pics its baggy on the wrist a little and maybe I made them too loose.  I kinda guesstimated the whole thing since I don't understand gauges and only have 2 needle sizes and can't knit in the round yet, haha....but all in all, pretty proud I guess.

There are a couple more pics from different sides on my blog, and I have other finished Christmas gifts on my blog in this entry here, some knitted, some not:
10  IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES / Stenciling: Completed Projects / Freezer paper technique christmas gifts 2007 on: December 24, 2007 07:13:45 AM

I admit to being TOTALLY addicted to this!

Here are some things I made for christmas gifts this year:

I didn't have much money, and already had the black screen print paint, and so I only bought 2 other colors.

My dad's T, I cut the freezer paper and ironed, my son did the application of the paint (he's 6), he thought it was cool to peel off the freezer paper and see the design, too.  hehehe  Its supposed to be a coconut tree, but the more we look at it, it looks like a "being" with the palm frons as hair, the coconuts as eyes and nose, and the two lines in the tree as the mouth, hahaha, anyway, we went to Hawaii this past summer for a big family vacation (20 people) and so that's why the tree design.

Shirt for my cousin's husband, who also went to Hawaii with us on the big family vacation.  My dad's family is rather large and so we do name draws for a gift exchange for the adults, so I drew his name.

Onesies for my cousin's new daughter, born in October.

And for my 6 year old son, the Star Wars fan...he doesn't even know I made these, I can't wait to see his face.

The Darth Vader was my very first time ever using freezer paper stenciling, and while its a pain in the arse sometimes, the results are great I think {{patting self on back}} hehe.  I did an entry in my blog with mor details of the freezer paper day, the first time I tried it, because I'm a nerd like that, haha... My blog also has all the other non-stenciling projects I've made for Christmas this year if anyone's interested in checking it out.  http://thisismylife-disway.blogspot.com/2007/12/my-2007-hand-made-christmaswhew.html
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