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1  Adding to the Booty, Pirate Stencils, Savvy? **Updated** in Stenciling: Completed Projects by TheBrutalBamf on: July 10, 2006 07:19:41 AM
**One new Jack stencil, and an edit of one of Jack and Will.**
I decided to get off my behind and add to the current overflow of Pirate stencils on the site.  So here is my addition to the Pirate Booty! 

Jack Sparrow, Savvy?  Wink

Elizabeth Swan, Curiousity anyone?  Grin

Jack Hiding from Norrington,  Grin Grin Grin Possibly the most adorable stencil I've ever created. Grin Grin Grin

The swordfight action- its a party scene.

Jack and Will... Having a philosophical disagreement.  I replaced the earlier image with a touched up one.  Will's neck now looks human!!  Or at least more human.  I'll probably tweak this image another few times in the next couple days.  I think it has more potential than its letting on...
Jack and the Chest- "Where is the thump thump?"

Thanks to everyone for the compliments!  I'll be making more stencils as screenshots become available, so check back every once in awhile!  ...And I'll probably get a little compulsive with that one image of Jack and Will  Roll Eyes.  It has yet to please me...  Thanks, and stencil happy!   Cheesy
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2  Killing The Man just got easier! (New Suit Bag spin...) Tutorial Added! 9/17 in Purses, Bags, Wallets: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by TheBrutalBamf on: April 25, 2006 04:20:34 PM
I killed The Man... and made a prize of his suit!
Once upon a time, I said I'd do a tutorial.  I finally got off my bum, stole my friend's digital camera, and got to it!  Yay!  Beware, its my first tutorial.  Let me know if I can make any improvments.

The Man (In all his original glory...)
       To, uh, boost popularity of my Man Bag, my friend the Dali Llama is helping...  Mr.Llama is wearing a smaller version of the bag.  The turorial makes a messenger sized bag.

              Thank you, Mr. Llama

Part One:  Matching Men's Clothes

        Typically I suck at matching clothing, so I always hit the thrift stores with friends that have a flare for colors.  For this project you will need a men's sports jacket, a men's undershirt (I will call a blouse, despite it's masculinity), scissors, a sewing maching, and a few pins (more if pins make you happy.)  Here I have lined them up all pretty to make sure the lengths match.  Notice the folding, this is how you're bag will look in the end.

Part Two: Sewing the Butt Flap
      Lots of men's jackets have openings at one or more points of the back, to allow movement for the wearer.  You're bag doesn't need these, sew 'em up!

Optional Part Three:  The Zipper from Doom
     Being a really bad seamstress, I never follow basic rules.  Such as pinning before sewing, etc.  I like to eyeball.  Sure I moan and groan when I need to break out the seam ripper, but hey, if it doesn't kill you the first time... try try try again. Heh.  Here I added the zipper.  I bought a non-descript zipper from a discount store that appeared to be my desired length.  I lucked out, and was correct.  Attach the zipper to ONLY the jacket.  Begin on the back of the suit, where the bottom of the jacket reaches the shoulders.  Attach to the shoulders first, and then line up the seams of the back piece to ensure a straight zip.  See picture below for alligning the seams of the back and front of the bag.

Part Four:  Blouse-y McBlousenton
     Now set the jacket aside for a little while we attack the blouse.  First, remove his arms.  Neatness doesn't count, but you do want a semi-straight edge.  Next sew the holes where his arms used to be.

No Arms...

No Holes...

Part Five:  Alligning Your Man
     Now is the time to allign you're man.  Insert the blouse into the jacket, and try to make the blouse lay flat.  Tidy up the suit (closing all buttons and what-not), and once you have a picture of a clean cut man- pin his shoulders.  You want at least one pin per shoulder, penetrating both the jacket and the blouse.  Repeat this for the bottom of the jacket, with at least one pin on each side.  This will keep your man from flailing around while you try to sew him together.

Part Six: Holding Your Man Together, When All You Want is to Throw Him Out
     Isn't you're man looking sexy?  Won't he look sexier when you pop his collars?  Go ahead and do it.  Now making sure your man is at an asthetically desirable point, and relatively well-pressed, begin to sew near the collar.  This part is slightly tricky.  This seam will go through to what will be the inside of your bag, but will be hidden on the front by your man's lapel (aka jacket collar.)  Try to follow near the crease of the lapel, without overstepping it.  If you sew over the crease, the collar won't fold properly.   Believe me, I've done this.  Its not sexy.  You don't have to have a complete seam here, just make sure you go as far as you can BENEATH the lapel.  Make sure after securing both sides, that he looks okay when in the folded bag position.  These seams hold the blouse and jacket in place, and also allow for a nice CD player pocket.
Notice the pins from Step 5, VERY IMPORTANT!

Part 6, part 2:  Holding His Butt In Place
         Fold your man into the bag position for a second, and hold him facing away by his shoulders/coat bottom.  See how the center of the back falls out of place?  I normally leave the suit part alone, if only because I can't secure it without a visable stitch.  I do prefer, however, to attach the blouse to the back of the jacket.  Unbutton the jacket and in an area the jacket covers, make a straight stitch simply to hold the blouse down.  I do this once on either side of the jacket flaps.

Step Seven: Your Man is secure, so now its time to bag 'em.
      At this point you have sewn beneath the jacket collar of both sides, hopefully without a massive catastrophie (I've broken blouse buttons before from not sewing straightly.)  Now its time to actually start forming the bag.  This isn't the easiest to write about, but hopefully I can explain it decently with the aid of my pictures.  Fold the jacket into the bag position (if you attached a zipper earlier, it might help to zip it together.)  Look at how the jacket sleeves hang from the ends of your bag- not pretty.  Now envision the sleeves flat against the bag sides- as if someone were wearing it.  The sleeves should naturally want to fold this way.  See how little sewing is required to attach the sleeve to the bottom front of the bag?  Turn the bag inside out, and mark the bottom with a pin (I just use my finger.)  Sew from the sleeve pit to the marker.  Do this on both sides of the bag.  Now when the bag is folded right side out, the sleeves are attached straight to the bottom.  Now flip the bag back inside out.  Here is where you'll have to try to envision something that may seem difficult (It could be fairly simple to people who sew more often than me.)  Beginning at the back of the bag visualize how you would attach the sleeve.  Pull the sleeve towards the back of the bag so the inside-side is fairly taught. Allign the sleeve to the back of the jacket, and sew before you loose your vision.  If its wrong, you'll see it and be able to back track with a handy seam ripper.  As you near the bottom you'll have to go over the sleeve to attach securly to the bottom.  I suggest being on a heavy-duty level of your sewing machine- just to make sure you penetrate all layers of jacket.
Here are some pictures of finished seams...

Imagine the blue being the seam from the pit to the bottom, and the green being the seam from the back- across the bottom.  You may have a desire to detach the sleeve prior to sewing, I suggest against that.  My first bag had a hole because I cut the sleeve to short before sewing.  After sewing, feel free to detach the sleeves, getting to within an inch of your stitch.  In the pic, mine still has a stub.  Oh and say hi to my mom!

This is how the corner looks on the outside of the bag...

Repeat step seven for both sleeves.

Step Eight: Strapping Your Man, because you need to hold on to him somehow.
         Right now I haven't finished making the strap, as I will face impending doom if I don't do my French homework.  I will update this part once I get the time- and don't worry it won't be another half year wait.

  Here is what I have of The Man II so far...

His lack of strap means he isn't usable yet, which saddens me greatly.  I also have no knowledge of how to knot a man's tie...  So I have to wait to get a friend to do it.  The Man can wear any type of necktie/bowtie you wish.  On my original I had a tie, with a small string of fake pearls beneath his blouse collar.  I told my friends it was his "Night-time" preferred dress style.

I first thought of the Man while trying to make a bag themed for The Godfather.  It was going to be a pin-stripe suit with bullet holes, and a bullet casing strap.  I'm actually still thinking of doing it when I find the time.  In fact I've been toying with the possibility of a multi-themed Man line.

Please let me know what you think of my Man.  If anyone dares try my first tutorial, let me know how it goes.  If you have any problems with it, feel free to pm me or leave a question in a review/comment thingy. 


What do you say Mr.Llama?
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3  Rented brain? Rent Stencils Abound...*Updated 7/10* in Stenciling: Completed Projects by TheBrutalBamf on: January 20, 2006 02:35:22 PM
*****Edited with responses- check out bottom!*****
In a world of Rent Stencils, I thought I'd throw mine out there... Just for the heck of it.  Some of them are inverted color-wise, but I don't think that will really bother anyone.

My Pride and Joy- Angel

Angel in Drag:  Not her best, but the suit is a little odd to work with...

Maureen, Kiss Pookie?

Roger and Mimi, No Day But Today

Roger and his frickin' Glory

And I can't seem to get that Handcuff line outta my head-

That little dance is so dang cute.

I'm working on stencils of Mark, Collins, and Benny (if anyone cares about him... I feel bad, the movie rocked-but they made his character the ultimate enemy...)  For some reason all the stencils I make of Mark look ridiculous, I can't seem to get the lighting in the pictures right.

If you like what you see so far, go to www.craftster.org/pictures and do a search for RENT.  You'll find my entire Rent stencil collection ( periodically being updated ), including many stencils that didn't make the original posting.

Lemme know what you think!  I respond to questions by modifying my post!

the wallaby- RENT!!! I loooooove Rent! The one of Angel is real nice. Are these for takes? (Can I use them?)
      - Sure thing!  Feel free to post a pic of your projects in the thread.  My camera is broken so I can't show, any of my results!  I feel that anything put online, whether its intended to be or not, is up for grabs.  So long as they are credited where credit is due, no harm, no foul.  Graci for asking!  Mucho points to the wallaby!

alyek- okay so RENT= my favorite
              :] if you ever make some Roger stencils, post them pretty pretty please
      - I do have some more Roger stencils, besides whats posted here.  Go to www.craftster.org/pictures and do a search for RENT.  You'll find all my Rent stencils that way, and all the ones with Roger are labled so.  I'd post them for you, but I'm trying to keep the number of pictures in the post down for the slower computers out there.  Thanks for showing an interest, I love hearing feedback, or even just a note from another fan.

melon_overlord- Woot, sister! Woot!  BTW- I lovett!

mutatedk- I love them! Okay, so I know this is like over 4 months later, but I was wondering if you were ever planning on making a stencil with Angel in his/her Santa drag...? Because that would be pretty damn groovy.
            -My laptop isn't sick anymore! YAY!  It was something with cat hair in the charger...?!?  I dunno, but I'm going to try not to let it happen again!  Grin  I made that stencil of Angel in drag, but I don't know how great it is.  It looks alright, but I'm going to keep working with different screen captures of the scene.  I don't quite feel it's at it's best.  Let me know what you think of it, suggestions are *always* welcome!   Smiley
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4  Lost in class? LOST Stencils *Updated 1/18* in Stenciling: Completed Projects by TheBrutalBamf on: September 26, 2005 07:02:10 PM
Lost Stencils Galore-

I've removed my original stencils from the post, but they can still be found at www.craftster.org/pictures.  Just do a search for the word LOST and you'll come across my work.  **Cough** Sawyer **Cough**

All the stencils you see are ones I've made from screenshots from the show Lost.  These screenshots are available in the lost-media.com galleries.  Woot.

New Stencil Time
Charlie... Because one can never get enough "You all everybody"

This stencil of Shannon is one of my 1st works, I just never got around to posting it.... eh.

Anna Lucia- The one we love to hate.

Another Shannon.  Because shes just Stencilrific.

I'd like to apologize for the length of time its taken to update,  but I'm also in my first year of college and stenciling time has become sparse.  On the upside, I get to learn all about John Locke (the original philosopher).

RubyFlame-  how do you photoshop it to be completely black and white?
   At the top of Paint Shop Pro (its all I got... *sigh*) lies a toolbar.  Click Colors and then Grey Scale.  That will put your picture into shades of black, white, and grey.  Click Colors again, but this time go to Adjust.  Here you'll find the Brightness/Contrast option.  Slide the Contrast Bar to 100%, and play with the Brightness until you are satisfied with your picture.  TADA, you've made a stencil!
If you are using another program, or would like another explanation the Discussion and Questions board is a fabu place to find tutorials.
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