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131  Yarn basket in Crochet: Completed Projects by Naantje on: August 01, 2013 02:13:15 PM

Recently, I was feeling a little uninspired. My house was so messy that my crafting juices stopped flowing. Cleaning up helped, and I also crafted something to help me clean up: this yarn basket to put my working yarns and active projects in. I hooked it up with a crochet hook that was actually a couple of sizes too small, with two different yarns. A blue,beige&black blend, and a grey,beige&white blend. The yarn is reclaimed from two of my late grandmother's cardigans. They were far too large and bulky for any of us to wear, and I like that this way, she's still here.

Naturally, our little kitten was very curious as to what was inside this new basket!
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132  Three toy mice in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by Naantje on: August 01, 2013 01:59:18 PM

After one of our cats passed away in June, we adopted a little kitten because our second cat was complaining a lot because she was lonely. Little Shireen needs quite a lot more stimulation than our old ladies did (we adopted the first two cats at age eleven!) and she's losing her toys left, right and center. I found my trusty crochet hook and hooked up three toy mice for her. Freehanded, I didn't have a pattern around.
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133  Knitted coat hanger cover in Knitting: Completed Projects by Naantje on: August 01, 2013 01:46:19 PM

I've recently covered a wooden coat hanger with a crochet cover (no splinters in your clothes and theyre less likely to slip off!) and now I've made a second one, but with a knitted cover. It's just plain stockinette, 10 stitches wide and many, many rows high, and stitched up around the bottom.
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134  Re: HP Craftalong ~Summer Semester 2013~ *Join at any time!* in Craftalongs by Naantje on: July 25, 2013 03:53:57 PM
Class/Challenge/House Pride: Quidditch - Portkey Challenge
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Yarn-bomb the festival!
Brief Description:
My hometown Gent annually hosts the Gentse Feesten, a 10 day happening that has been around in some form or other since 1843. In its current form, they have been around since the summer of '69. The Ghent Festivities are a FREE city festival, with musical acts on 11 squares and in 1 park, but it's about more than just music! There's the international street theater festival MiraMiro, the international puppetbuskersfestival, the youth circusfestival (all are free of charge), and a couple of paid events such as the Gent Jazz festival (only partial overlap), Ten Days Off (electronic dance music) and the Comedy Festival Gent. There are free dance initiations in the park, cultural walks (generally paid), tons of theatre (again, most shows you need to pay), street performers, there's a fair, another park is filled with bounce castles etc. for the kids, there is historical events and it just keeps on going. Everybody who lives in the city should be able to find activities to their liking! With over 2 million visitors in 10 days, it's the third biggest city festival of Europe. (Belgium is home to about 10 million people, Gent has just a bit under a quarter of a million inhabitants!) It's in full swing right now, we're on day six (and I have tendinitis in my ankles from walking, dancing and standing too much!) but I have kept crafting. With temperatures of over 35C during the day time, I just really didn't feel like heading into town for the afternoon activities, instead opting to go only after 21.00, when it's starting to cool down (though we still have 23C around midnight!).

When I was thinking of a good spot for my portkey, it was pretty obvious: nobody would notice a gathering of oddly dressed wizards in such a large and diverse crowd, and it'll be a lot easier to notice a couple of people disappearing when there's only 10 people around as opposed to 250.000 thousand (number of unique visitors on top nights of the festival). Even if somebody was eyeing your good looking self and noticed you disappearing, they'd probably think you had disappeared into the crowd or that maybe it was time to switch from beer to soda.

I knit a test strip (18 rows high, 30 stitches wide) from new yarn I bought, I wanted to create a zig zag pattern, but it didn't come out very well in this variegated yarn. It was perfect for a yarn bomb though! I quickly stitched it to a temporary fence in the street of the Belfrey, which you can see in the background of the third picture if your screen handles colors well. I must say, I was very nervous while attaching the yarn bomb, because I was in plain sight, but nobody really seemed to notice, and if they did, they probably thought it was part of an art project, because yes, there are art projects going on in the city too!

After a whole night of partying, I can easily walk back to the the fence and portkey myself to the quidditch cup, to climb into my tent and catch just enough rest before the matches start!

Project Picture:

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135  Re: HP Craftalong ~Summer Semester 2013~ *Join at any time!* in Craftalongs by Naantje on: July 24, 2013 04:28:15 PM
Class/Challenge/House Pride: Apparition
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Experimental expired can curry
Project Page Link: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=425870.0#axzz2a0Wme4ai
Brief Description:
I'm staying at my mum's, doing chores for her while being on hand to fit my wedding dress. Today, I sorted through her pantry, finding all the expired / soon to expire cans and mystery cans without labels. I hate tossing food though and it's a fact that most canned goods remain perfectly edible for quite a while after passing the expiration date noted on the tin. I opened all cans to check which goods were still edible, and while I had to throw out some food (bamboo shoots that expired in 2007!) I did find plenty that was still okay. I let those canned goods inspire me to make this curry, supplemented with some bell peppers that shouldn't spend much more time in the fridge and some chicken. It was definitely experimental cooking, but the end result is very tasty, I'm pleased with myself. The expired cans have disappeared from the pantry, a large pot of curry and a pot of rice have appeared in the fridge to last us the rest of the week, simply microwave it! (Good thing too, as we're having a heat wave. Normal temperatures for Belgium in summer range between 18C and 25C, but for over a week now, we're way past that. The last five days, we've had temperatures above 34C in the shadow. Two days ago, we measured 48C in the sun and 36C in the shadow! Probably peanuts for Texas-dwellers, but we're definitely not used to this heat!)
Project Picture:
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136  Re: Summer Nerd Games --May15, 2013-September 2, 2013-- JOIN ANY TIME! in Craftalongs by Naantje on: July 24, 2013 04:01:40 PM
Challenge/Battle/Alert: July Wordy - Proverb "Necessity is the mother of invention."
Team/Ninja: Team Fantasy
Project Geekdom (if any): /
Bonus Points: Discovery, Engineering
Project Name: experimental can-curry
Project Page Link: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=425870.new#new
Brief Description:
I'm staying at my mum's because she needs me on hand to fit my wedding dress, and in return I'm doing chores for her. Today I sorted through her pantry, looking for the expired products. I found a jar of bamboo shoots that expired in 2007! I opened all expired and unlabelled cans to check if they were still edible (many canned goods remain safe to eat after their expiration date) and quite a few of them were! I made lychee-grapefruit salad for dessert, and this experimental curry that should last us the whole week! I also used up fresh bell peppers that needed to be consumed quickly.

I'm claiming the discovery bonus because I invented the recipe from what I had and I've never used spinach and tomatoes in curries before, I've only ever made fruit based curries so far. Also, some of my ingredients came from mystery cans. I hope my recipe is detailed enough to qualify for the engineering bonus! The saying "necessity is the mother of invention" really rings true, this dish was really formed by the moral need not to throw out perfectly edible food.

Project Picture:

Read more: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=423319.msg5030831#msg5030831#ixzz2a0PRhzND
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137  Experimental curry in Recipes and Cooking Tips by Naantje on: July 24, 2013 03:27:09 PM
I'm staying at my mother's because she needs me on hand to fit my wedding dress, and I was going to cook tonight. I dived into her pantry and sorted out the cans that were close to expiring or already expired and base my cooking around them. Canned food that is expired is often still good to eat! Some expired goods had really gone off and I threw out. Apart from that, I also found a couple of unlabeled mystery cans, so I opened those too to look what's inside.

I found that these were still perfectly edible:
- an expired can of coconut milk
- a small mystery can that turned out to be spinach
- a can of tomatoes al arrabiata (=with pepers and chili) that was about to expire
- a can of expired lychees
- a can of about to expire grapefruit wedges
- two mystery cans that turned out to be green beans
- a mystery can of mushrooms
- a mystery can of peas and carrots

So I cut the grapefruit and lychees into pieces for fruit salad desert and made a curry for supper. Enough portions to last us the rest of the week! It was highly experimental, but I really like the end result.

I used:
one regular can of coconut milk
one regular can of tomatoes arrabiata
two regular cans of whole tomatoes
one tiny can of spinach
two tablespoons of honey
two tablespoons of brown sugar
two tablespoons of freeze-dried koriander
one tablespoon of freeze-dried lemon grass
two teaspoons of red curry powder
two teaspoons of garlic paste
one cube of chicken stock
the juice of one lemon
four bell peppers
four chicken filets in small cubes
ramen noodles

I basically started by throwing the first four ingredients into a pot and gradually adding all of the other ingredients except for the last three, stirring and tasting often until I liked the taste. I then blended the sauce. I sauteed the bell peppers and the chicken and then added them to the sauce. I had my first portion with ramen (because it was already after 10pm!) but I also cooked rice for the rest of the week. Just microwave and munch Smiley Probably going to add some green beans to the microwaved portions too, for extra veg.
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138  Re: HP Craftalong ~Summer Semester 2013~ *Join at any time!* in Craftalongs by Naantje on: July 13, 2013 03:40:27 PM
DragonChilde, my deepest sympathy for your loss. My own grandmother passed away on May 17th, so she's been gone nearly two months now, I understand what you are going through. For me, too, it's therapeutic to craft things in her spirit and to keep her memory alive.

I've got some more classes to turn in!

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Astronomy
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Crochet coat hanger
Project Page Link: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=425619.0#axzz2YxwaWQnk
Brief Description:
There were a lot of coat hangers to divvy up between the grandchildren when my grandmother passed away, and I volunteered to take the slightly rougher wooden ones which my cousins didn't fancy. I'm not a fan of the modern plastic ones, because my clothes slip off too easily, and for the risk of splinters or damage by the slightly rougher surface, I could just spy with my eyes and dig up a vintage technique my grandmother herself had used in the past. I forfeited the hangers she had crocheted herself (there weren't many left of those) and made my own.

It fits right in with the coathanger cluster assignment for astronomy, especially since the variegated yarn forms nice clusters of different colours.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Transfiguration - Chinese Fireball
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Rabbit security blanket
Project Page Link: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=425620.0#axzz2Yy0Wkwd8
Brief Description:
I'm afraid I haven't scored Slytherin good points with old McGonaggal. I have been a bit distracted during her classes, and I knew I missed one of my homework assignments. For summer, we were supposed to be focussing on the draconifors spell, but I was still playing catch up from last semester, when we were taught the lapifors spell. Distraught by fear of reprimands of being behind on my studies, I didn't get the focus required for a good transfiguration, and transfigured my ball of yarn into a toy that does have the colour of my assigned subject (the Chinese Fireball), but that is decidedly rabbitlike, even if its ears are rather wonky... I don't really mind what the Gryffindor lady has to say about my work though, I think this rabbit blanky is a lot more cuddlier and thus better suited as an addition to the birth present of my godchild who is due to be born on Harry Potter's birthday!
Project Picture:

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139  Re: --Battles & Challenges-- in Craftalongs by Naantje on: July 13, 2013 03:01:19 PM
Challenge/Battle/Alert: July Multimedia - Companionship
Team/Ninja: Team Fantasy
Project Geekdom (if any):/
Bonus Points: Discovery
Project Name: Crochet coat hanger and knitted soap sachet
Project Page Link: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=425619
Brief Description:
Still on a grandma inspired crafting kick, I am continuing my vintage style crafts. This time, I made a crochet cover for a wooden hanger from my gran's closet. I prefer these hangers over the more modern ones, because dresses are less likely to slip from their moderate bend. I want to avoid splinters though, so I did what my grandma did decades before me. I had to invent the pattern on my own though, this is the third technique I tried before I was happy with the result.

As a companion for the hanger, I made another soap sachet. This time, I knitted the little bag. These sachets really lend themselves to try out new stiches. I had mastered the rib stitch in a previous project, but this is my first go at stockinette, seed and basketweave stitch. It really is a sampler bag Smiley
Project Picture:

Challenge/Battle/Alert: May Wordy - Haiku
Team/Ninja: Fantasy
Project Geekdom (if any): /
Bonus Points: /
Project Name: Rabbit security blanket
Project Page Link: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=425620
Brief Description:
I'm going to be a godmother! My brother's third baby is due on Harry Potter's birthday, and I get to spoil the little one with handmade goods. I've already hooked up a baby blanket and matching hat and since I still have plenty of leftover yarn, I crocheted a security blanket from the same red boucl linen. Keeping with tradition, I made it to be a rabbit, as I gave my nephew and nieces rabbit security blankets too (store bought at the time). It's ears are a bit wonky, but I don't mind. I stuffed the head with a plastic bag so it would make crinkly noises when gripped.

Little baby dear
Always will my love be near
Rabbit hugs come here!

Project Picture:

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140  Baby's cuddle blankie rabbit in Crochet: Completed Projects by Naantje on: July 13, 2013 02:39:36 PM
I'm going to be a godmother soon! My brother's third baby is due July 31st and naturally, I've got to spoil the little baby with handmade good, don't I? I previously hooked up a baby blanket and a little hat in red boucl linen yarn, and I expanded the set with a rabbit cuddle blankie. The diameter is just slightly bigger than my underarm, and I stuffed the head with a plastic bag, so it makes a crinkly sound when gripped.

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