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1  Re: Superhero and Comic Fans Swap Gallery in The Swap Gallery by Moriwen on: June 03, 2013 03:22:34 PM
Hey guys! So I'm finally feeling a lot better and wanted to put up pictures of my package! Behold my brand new Rogue coat and Delirium plushie! (Disregard the Clary Fray cosplay in progress on Natsume, my dress form.) >.<

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2  Re: Whedonverse Swap round 9 gallery in The Swap Gallery by Moriwen on: August 29, 2012 09:09:12 PM
Here's pictures of one of the most beloved swap packages I've ever received! My Betta George plushie was my best friend in the hospital and he even got to wear my doctor's stethoscope! I love every single part of it, and I'm so grateful to have had Eiseldora as a partner!!! <3<3<3

So behold the most Rainbowtastic Sparkly Joss amazingness EVER!

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3  Re: Whedonverse Swap round 9 gallery in The Swap Gallery by Moriwen on: August 23, 2012 06:09:26 PM
Have received! My mom just sent me the text to let me know. Pictures will be incoming!


A quick teaser shot until I go home and take all the pictures ever of my goodies!

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4  Re: Dieselpunk swap gallery in The Swap Gallery by Moriwen on: June 28, 2012 04:55:07 PM
Very (unforgivably so!!) belated pictures of the AMAZING DieselGoodies I got!!! I needed to have the boyfriend take the pictures, as I've been feeling blech lately so they're a little wobbly and blurry, but... Behold the EPIC!!

I'm starting this bad boy off with my super awesome shiny extra, THE COOLEST HAT EVER!!!

There's a cameo and pearls and look at the awesome buttony bits! I love it soooo much, it looks so fantastic with my rainbow hair and it's become my new Chemo hat on days I'm fighting with my hair. I can't explain how much this makes my hair look fab and behave! I've got some finicky tresses, lemme tell you... And to have a hat that fits and is versatile makes me so flipping excited! And this was the shiny extra!!!! ^w^

Do not adjust your computer screens, fellow Craftsters.... that is in fact A FLIPPING RAINBOW OCTOPUS SUIT JACKET WITH FUR AND CHAIN EPAULETTES!!!

I. Died.

I hit the dang ceiling!

My mother has dubbed this the "Hands down best package my baby's ever received"! It fits like a dream and have planned an outfit around it (I've already got a corset backed pinstriped pencil skirt and leather buckle corset outfit with seamed tights and yes, the epic hat o' Doom), and I couldn't be happier! In fact, Close Up! Close up on THE FLIPPING RAINBOW OCTOPUS!!!!!!!

And, if that's not amazing enough.... I GOT A STUFFIE ROBOT!!!

I've Named him Sonny because he does not have to follow the Three Laws of Robotics if he doesn't want to (Serious Nerd Alert on my part... ^^;; ) and he dreams of one day me joining a Whovian Swap so I might beseech a K9 friend for him. (Sonny says "AFFIRMATIVE!") And as an update on him, he's loves his new friends! A sheepie collection whose leader is Bastian, my Noodle Spike from a previous swap, a stuffie wooden stake from the same swap, and a black troublesome cat named Nubbin who has taken to snuggling him until he falls over! I'm thinking that all of my Swap stuffies are going to be my chemo day stuffies; and he asked me to say that while he is worried about the big scary hospital, he wanted to thank Alchamy for sending him to his new home!

And behold, all of my gifties in all of their glory!

This was incredible, and from the depths of my heart, Thank you!! <3<3
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5  Re: Hunger Games Swap Round 2 Gallery in The Swap Gallery by Moriwen on: June 18, 2012 06:39:54 AM
Belated pictures since this has been not the best of weeks!

So I received the day after my darling partner, and patty_o_furniture can only be described as a Craft Goddess. I have never had such a wonderful package arrive for me, and I can honestly say I spent the better part of opening it and taking out every treasure (cause that's exactly what they were!) with tears of grateful joy doing the makeup ruining thing they do!

These are in no particular order this time, just a slew of incredible! Guest starring my Cat: Salem or 'Nubbin' getting into everything!

A squishy pully tracker jacker! <3<3

Katniss's arena backpack!!!

With a surprise inside! A syringe pen!! (This has become my doctor visit and chemo trip pen and Wallet already!!)

A Two-part picture awesome....

A Nightlock jewlery set!!! My mom has already attempted 'borrowing this indefinitely' twice! <3<3 I love the illusion necklace, it lays across the collarbones flawlessly. And look at the little leaves!!!

Another two parter...

Mellark bakery bread, for all my nummy snacking needs! And the teeniest tiniest little copy of the Hunger Games, I dunno how or if I can open it (I'm too afraid to try! >.<) But it lives inside my Arena backpack now.

Nightlock!! Nerds Nightlock! Must... not... nom....

Another stunning set of jewelry, this time all Katniss in archery and mockingjay. I have this one on right now and I don't want to take it off for the world! It's so gorgeous!

Hunger Games key chain!!!! I collect keychains, s this was flipping perfect! ^w^

What's a HG swap without a bow and arrow, I mean really? :happy bounce:



And then... the Piece de Resistance!!! Feast your eyes on the Incredible Epic and Otherwise Full of all the Win powers of my partner!!


After my cat checked to make sure if was safe and legit...

....Still checking it out...

Had Burn Ointment inside! Like, actual healing ointment! With notes and included a list of ingredients!!!!

See?!?!?!? :giddy:


All the goodies!

So there you have my everything! I am speechless and so grateful and just otherwise humbled by the caring and beautiful swap that I received. I haven't ever had anyone do something so wonderful with me in mind and it truly means the world! I'm so glad the stuffie was a hit, FaerieCyn and I were joking about tracker jackers the size of pandas and well, behold a snuggly was born! <3<3<3<3

Time to go rest and let this fever chill out. Night Craftster! :pass out:
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6  Re: Dieselpunk Swap Signups closed, send by 6/13/12 in ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED by Moriwen on: May 05, 2012 02:07:04 PM

Had to! <3 Alright, back to my sketchbook!


And all planned out! Heading to the store and starting crafting when I get back! This is going to be PERFECT!
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7  Re: Whedonverse Swap round 8 gallery in The Swap Gallery by Moriwen on: April 16, 2012 07:08:28 PM
Alright, this took way too long and I feel like a wretched person, but it's been hands down the worst possible week. (Family drama at the party, the chemo and attempted break-in made it so this package was my only highlight!) So belated yet spectacular, behold my pile of epic shinies!!

My Spike Noodle!!

This lil stuffie has not left my side since he came out of the box. Yes, that means I chatted to the police about the break-in with a plushie William the Bloody friend. He's the perfect nuzzly size and the perfect snuggly fabric! I LOVE HIM, SO MUCH!!! <3<3<3

The next one, is a four-fer...

I got Russian Core Four dolls!! I swear, I have never seen something so absolutely fantastic! The detail on these is Incredible! And look at the little Giles! LOOK AT HIM! Luffles Him! He's so cute, wif his lil glasses!!!!





And next we have, MY FIRST HOOP!!! OMG, and it's a Spike hoop! It's hanging over my bed next to the pic I have of James and me at the Skyline Lounge in NYC. <3<3<3 I love it, I love it so hard!

And a new journal! With a picture from one of my favorite episodes, Hush!! :pictures Buffy gestures wildly at not being so frumpy looking: Oh, and it needs to be stated... my journal IS A STUFFIE!!!

And last, but far from least, A plushie Mr. Pointy!!! It's the exact size of a stake with actual wood graining on it!!! I'm stunned and super giddy and I love every single piece!

Hands down, best Swap ever! I feel so spoiled! <3
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8  Re: Repo! The Genetic Opera Swap Round 3 Gallery in The Swap Gallery by Moriwen on: February 16, 2012 08:56:02 PM

Okay!!! So I was stranded at the boyfriend's going absolutely nuts until I got home and finally got to see the package full of amazing that Raven sent me!! My first swap couldn't have been more perfect!!

First thing, the box came decorated by our ever so beloved GeneCo! It made my mother excited to the point of leaving a day late for her vacation just so she could be home when I opened it!

Inside, there was a lovely scroll with a delicate black wire holder nestled in Z-Blue leopard print! It was really swet and It's currently in a place of honor next to all of my theater director's gifts. In fact, the entire box of goodies was wrapped in all sorts of amazing Rainbow-ness that matched me and my hair so perfectly!! And that was before I even unwrapped it!! Fair warning.... I will be hyper bouncy for most of this post. Apologies to all for being a sugared up faegirl.

Now then it must be stated these were all handwrapped in epic bright animal print paper and tucked into a pretty bright bag!! I couldn't get over how cool it all looked! Plus, it matches my jammie pants!! (Oh, and Sorry if any of the pics suck, as I was too giddy to keep still let alone hold a camera! The boyfriend had to help!)

The first thing I unwrapped were these GORGEOUS Z-Blue wire heart and skull necklaces! They look fantastic on and match my bubblegoth-tasticness! I love the fine detail on the wire and the sparkly beads so much! They are the perfect length and my mother couldn't get over how well they pop against my hair!

Next surprise (specifically because I love rainbows!!!) was this adorable beaded rainbow star bracelet that fits like a dream!! I was prancing around my living room in it and my unicorn hat for awhile! (those pictures cost extra... ^w^) I especially love how asymmetrical it is with the giant orange star!! It makes it look like so much sugar candy!!

My next awesome was this Z-Blue Zydrate wire script necklace! FaeCyn and I were mutually drooling over a design of a written out Zydrate necklace oh so long ago but could never figure out how to do it! I would feel bad about having one, but it's far too pretty to let faux modesty get in the way! Wink (Besides, it matches my awesome earrings!!)

The next awesome surprise has it's home on my Shilo bag already (and I am such a happy shadowcaster for it) was this old school block necklace that says 'ZYDRATE[coolredsparklebead]ANATOMY', 'LEGAL[skullbeadbluewireheart]ASSASSIN', and 'SCALPEL[heartbead]SLUT' with neat blue beads on either end! It NEEDED to live on my bag, despite it being a bracelet proper! And I've even been stopped already and had people check it out AND RECOGNIZE IT!!!!!

Now this prezzie was a super awesome threefer: Three wire rings that couldn't be more SeventeenShilo if they got up and emulated Joan Jett!! The firs is another Z-Blue hear/bead epicness that fits perfectly on my ring finger. I love how it matches all my other shinies. The other is a cute Z-Blue star ring that again fits perfect, this time on my lil finger nestled all adorable and perfectly next to the first! The final is a purple and Z-Blue duel heart ring combo that seemed so teenage 'I <3 me some Graverobber' it's not even funny. And surprise, like the awesome she is it fits like a dream on my other ring finger.

Theme of all of this BTW, was how much my partner ROCKED!!

Next, and it matches both of our morbid brains, was this nifty Z-Blue beaded black wire bracelet that looks like it's covered in blood spray. And we both agree, it's totally post-'Didn't Know I Loved You So Much'!!I cannot get over how well this fits and the hand detail in making the clasp and jumpring/headpinny combo nifty!

Now next in the epic, there was this stunning silver bracelet with Z-Blue crystals! It matches all of my other pretties, fits perfect (I can't get over that, since jewelry never fits me well!) and looks like it glows in the light!! I was flabbergasted when I opened it, and nearly cried at how pretty it was...

And then, came the actual tears.

This seems like such a silly thing to cry over, but Raven made me buttons. A Repo Man, REPO logo that I thought were so cool. There was also a Mag button (which was my love's role in our Shadowcast), a Shilo button (which was my role...) and then... the tearjerker. Our shadowcast's logo (The Repo!ssessed)

Our cast broke up some time ago, painfully and it means so much to have something to remind me of when we were all friends and still lived near each other. This meant the WORLD to me and I have never, ever was given something so incredible in my life. And so, they also live on my Shilo Army Bag.

Assorted pictures, come in many flavors! Me with my cat, Salem and everything out before me as well as the bottom of the box, and it was still full of awesome! YAY PINK!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! You are a goddess and amazing and I am sending all of my love down to Tennessee in the box I'll be shipping out tomorrow! <3

 Oh, and I'm designing up a new club outfit to match! Shilo's going to the Mardi Gras party at our fave hotspot!
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9  Countess Elizabeth Bathory Portrait in More Art, Less Craft: Completed Works by Moriwen on: October 28, 2011 06:41:17 PM
So, I was rather proud of this piece and figured I should get her up. This is a portrait of the Blood Countess: Elizabeth Bathory, and any fans of Stay Alive will recognize the inspiration. So... yeah.

Oil on an 18 x x24 in, I believe. (I can't remember off the top of my head... badkitten)

And a close up...

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